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 Non canon couples 2

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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Sun Apr 28, 2013 5:31 am

Bobby: -swallows nervously- I love you... -sighs a bit and slowly hangs up- ... What do I have to see him for now?

???: >.> ... We're going to discuss your reconstructive surgery. Come now. -leads her out of her room-

Fox: Y-yeah... -sighs and kisses him gently- I want to make it up to you though...

Drayna: Sad Eldrin please don't be like this...

Eldrin: o.o; Hey! D< No that's not fair! You can't stop me from going to demon school!


???: -doesn't notice her and heads upstairs- I think she'll learn her lesson after her help her cool off... >.>

Jinn: -struggles a bit- N-not this... not this please... >.< I can't stand the cold...

Lexi: |c -sniffles and doesn't fight him- ... I don't want to be here...

Lulu: -nods- He would have taken her back to transform her... make her more appealing for him.


Kanti: Sad ... -stops and just watches her leave- Ok, I.... I'll see you later...

Fawn: -sighs a little and wipes her eyes- You're right... |c She'll just need a little while...

Bruno: |3 Mmn... that might be right. -wraps an arm around her waist and pulls her close- But you know I'm a little better and a little more experienced in something else. ;3 -runs a hand down her side-

Blade: -ear flicks and glances over at her- ... You said you had things to do. -sits down and turns his back to her- I wasn't going to intrude on that.

Harold: Ssh... -helps gently wipes her eyes- I know, but this is how it has to be... -strokes her hair- I promise things will be better once we see each other again... <3


Persian: <.< ... |3 <Heh, you're not so bad.> <3 -nuzzles her gently and licks her cheek-

Abigail: -laughs a bit- Hey he really likes you. X3

Baldor: -nods- I will mummah... -looks down and thinks for a moment- ... I've been thinking, and I wanna ask him something when I get there. It's a secret right now.


Slate: X3 Mkay... -just lets her- You're pretty gentle... I should let you play with my hair more often. <3

Misfit: ... -rubs the back of his head and sighs- Man this is gonna make it awkward living with you guys... D|

Parker: -leans in and kisses her gently as they land at the train station- I love you too... I'm so glad you came into my life. <3

Persian: -shrugs- They were more worried something like this would happen. They didn't care about you, just trying to look out for themselves.

Mewtwo: -flicks his tail- I'm warning you boy... >C Let your curiosity get the better of you again and it will be the last time... I have no reason to trust you or any other creature here...

Benoni: -snarls- <Back off man. >/ He's trying to help.>

Clayton: X3 Alright. -wraps an arm around his shoulder and hugs him tight- You'd better be.


Adam: o.o; ... It must be pretty disturbing for you to be able to sense those sort of things... D< Oh god how can they do that when Madeline's in there?


Thrall: -ruffles her hair gently- We'll see. >.> -heads back into the city and looks around a bit- ... You know people are going to freak out a little seeing the dead king walking around the city again.

Rose: -looks away- |c Yes sir... I'm sorry. -heads over to another table- Sad Can I get you anything boys?

Kali: |3 -rolls onto her side and watches them- <3

Correntine: >3 I am your master my dear... I am all you need. In fact I think you should get rid of your girls... |3 I think you've grown insolent... you don't deserve to keep slaves. -nips at his neck gently- Come now... let's go home. <3

Anudor: ^^ -smiles a little and shrugs- Guess it just comes naturally. Smile


Ama: o///o R-really...? ^///^ -giggles a bit and plays with the ends of her hair-


G: Alright. >/ You were eager to pick up from where I was doing such a horrible job. How long did it take you Aurora? Can you honestly tell me you weren't just a little bit stressed out?!


???: o.o !! -backs away and stares at her- ... Holy shit... <3

???: -glares at her- Don't make another move, elf. >/ Our other men are already headed to your hiding place to deal with your family... unless you want them hurt stand down immediately.

Cameron: -shrugs and gets up- Course not. -pulls his shirt off, messing his hair up a little as he does- <.< ... Satisfied?

G: -looks her over- No. >.> Nightshade has already scolded me once before for drinking so early in front of other people. I'm sure she'll be able to sense it if I try.

Darunia: I just hope-- o.o -ears perk and gets up- D: Tani...

Kihja: o.o -ears perk and looks over at them- Tani! D: -races over and takes her from abigail- >.< My precious baby girl... are you alright? Sad


Fawn: ... O-oh no... no we can't go there...

Misfit: ... Why? What's so bad about this island?
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Sun Apr 28, 2013 7:48 am

Chelsea: ... -sighs and looks down, hanging up the phone- |c

Alejandro: Hey you don't have to do anything... -kisses her back- I'm just glad you're back...

Malladus: >/ Then you will stop being cruel to your sister. Got it?


Zara: >/ -quickly follows them upstairs- You get her go right now or I'll make you suffer.

Isaac: Oh...? And where else do you want to be?

Jason: But she is already beautiful... Sad ... -growls and eyes glow red- I'm going to kill him >C


Elle: |c -sniffles and just wanders through the forest-

???: Ohh.. please do show me... |3 <3

Tess: ... Look I... have things to do... I just... thought we'd be doing them together... :/

Maria: ... How it has to be... -sighs and rests her head against his chest- I hope it does get better...


Jane: Yeah... Smile I never really bond this well with animals... >w< -giggles- Ah! It feels so weird when he licks me!

Aurora: -looks down at him- ... Why is it a secret right now? You cannot tell mummah?


Lily: <.< What did you think I was doing while you were sleeping? X3 -finishes and moves back in front of him- There...

Elle: -comes back some time later with bloodshot eyes- |c ...

Aurora: -kisses him back- Mmn... <3 -looks over at the train station- ... -smiles a bit- Heh...

Eleanor: Oh I don't ever believe they care about me. Team Rocket is always about themselves...

Elean: Shh... -gets on Benoni's back- Calm down... -looks up at him- We do mean you no harm... :/ But we'll be on our way...

Eshwin: o///o ... -slowly hugs him back- ... Yeah... -smiles and holds onto him for a bit-


Annette: You really think they care if they beat her kid? >.>


Zara: Probably... But they'll be happy. -looks at Damien- Things are really terrible here. There have been pointless executions by Kinak... You'll fix it right?

???: |J Iunno... what do you have to offer? -pulls her into his lap-

Isaac: -shakes his head- No... >.< Please I don't want to have sex with you mother...

Derek: Smile You'll be a good parent... I know you will. <3

Celestia: -comes in- ... Heh. I see she is taken care of... Smile


Paul: X3 Really. Now what food is safe? >w>


Aurora: No! Not from the work! You know what stressed me out? Having to babysit you D< Now get yourself dressed and get back to the base. I'll take over for today. You rest in bed and try to get your head back on.


Nightshade: >C My family are protected. -grabs him by the scruff of his shirt and holds him up- Get out of here right now. Before you all get killed. Im not like the other elves...

Lily: ... -runs a finger down his chest and down his stomach- Perfect... <3

Aurora: <.< ... -flicks her wand, conjuring a glass of firewhiskey- Well I won't tell if you won't... X3 Here.

Tani: Mmn... D| Silver... I need to get to Silver...

Laetri: Oh god she looks so sick... Sad


Elle: ... It's where the Jaakrufu live... Sad They guard the island and look after the dead...
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Sun Apr 28, 2013 8:31 am

???: >.> -brings him back to the doctor's office- I brought him for you doctor... sit down now.

Bobby: |c Mmn... -hesitantly walks in and sits down-

Fox: -plays with some of his hair- But I want to... anything... <3

Eldrin: >C -huffs a bit and just glares at him- ...

Drayna: Sad ... Come on now Eldrin... give your little sister a chance. I think you'll like her...


???: >C ... -hisses a bit- Take Jinn while I tie down the blood slave...

Lexi: |c W-with Jason... -sniffles a bit and wipes her eyes- ... Did you transform me yet? Sad Do I look much different?

Lulu: Sad -shakes his head- Master is too strong, he can't be killed...


Kanti: |c -rubs his eyes and just heads back to their tent-

Bruno: >3 Glad to. <3 -grabs her butt- Hope you don't mind love... Shark's taken the tent already. Guess we've got the ground. |3

Blade: ... -turns back to face her- Then why didn't you say that? >/ You made it sound like you were hiding things from me and didn't want me involved.

Harold: Maybe... we'll just have to see... -cuddles her close- You just get some rest now, and I'll call a carriage in the morning...


Persian: |3 -purrs and nuzzles her more- <I like you.> -nudges her with his nose to knock her down and curls up in her lap- <3

Abigail: o.o; .... Alright that's a bit much.

Baldor: -shakes his head- D: I wanna ask both of you.


Slate: X3 -plays with the end of it- Thanks... that should help a little bit. -leans in and gently kisses her cheek- <3

Misfit: o.o -looks up at her- ... Elle... D: You've been crying... Sad -gets up and hesitantly walks over to her- Babe I'm sorry I upset you...

Parker: C'mon... <3 -takes her hand and helps her off, returning his pokemon- It's a long trip to Kanto, you might want to have a nap on the way there.

Persian: ... -thinks for a moment- When do you think your father will be getting out of prison?

Mewtwo: >/ Good. And make sure this is the last time you disturb us...

Clayton: .... -tries to pull away after a while, looking a little awkward- Uh... Eshwin...


Adam: -growls a little- >.< Don't say that... ugh...h-how can they be so horrible to her? >/ I should kill them myself...


Damien: Kinak won't have any power once I return to the throne. >.> -wraps an arm around her shoulder- |3 Perhaps you would like to return with me. <3

Rose: o//o; U-uh... >//< -squirms a little-

???: -laughs a bit- Look at her squirm. |3 You a bit uncomfortable girlie?

Correntine: Ssh... quiet now. You know master doesn't want to hear that... <3 -gently uncuffs his wrists and holds him close to her- |3 Let's just get you home. -teleports back to celestia's old abandoned castle-

Anudor: X3 Heh... I hope so.

Gaileth: o.o -ears perk and sits up a bit- Very Happy Ehhh -reaches out for her- <3


Ama: ^//^; -giggles a little and motions to a few other stalls- Those over there... uhm... w-where would you like to go after this sir?

Baldor: D| Please Elune... don't let her take him to a bar...


G: I don't need you doing anything else for me Aurora. >/ -pushes past her and heads outside-


???: o.o; ... You really gonna risk it girl? >/ Trust me... your family is far from safe...

???: -looks between them for a moment and slowly pulls out his tazer- Forgive me... >.< -pushes it into her back and shocks her-

Cameron: >.> -rolls his eyes and sits back in his chair- If I'd known you were just gonna get your hands on me I would have said no.

G: >.> ... Thanks. -takes it and sniffs it- ... What is it?

Kihja: Sad It's gonna be ok baby...

Darunia: -goes over and sniffs at her- Tani... Sad You look awful... -licks her cheek- Hang in there...


Misfit: o.o Oh those guys... shit... D:
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Sun Apr 28, 2013 10:14 am

???: >.> Ah good... |3 Now Bobby in a month or so we will get started on some surgery to help you look like your normal self again.

Alejandro: ... I think you've already got something on your mind... -leans in and kisses her neck gently-

Vikke: :3 -gently brushes the end of her tail in his face-


???: >C With pleasure... -takes Jinn from her-

Zara: >.>... Oh... yes that's what I am... -exposes her neck a bit- ... take a bite |3

Isaac: Oh you do look different... but I still see a bit of you in there... We can fix it up if you like?

Jason: Then what can we do? D: He needs to be stopped...


Rayurn: -looks up at him as he walks in- D: Kanti... is Elle okay?

???: Oh I guess we... -sniffs the air- Ew. >.< It smells like piss.

Tess: Well I do have one thing that is private... :/ But I do want to stay around you... -slowly moves over and strokes his fur- Besides... I wanted to help you with something...

Maria: ... Okay... goodnight sir... |c -closes her eyes-


Jane: o.o!! -yelps in shock- Ah! What happened?! >.<

Aurora: ... Alright. You can ask us both. -stops at the prison- ... -sighs a little and slowly heads inside- Stay close to me Baldor dear...


Lily: -blushes a little- Heh... ^///^ ... Wow... Slate you're making me feel all giddy... <3

Elle: >.< Leave me alone... I'm still mad at you...

Aurora: T^T Yes. There is something good out of this train ride. I mean... >.>... You'll cuddle me right? <3

Eleanor: He won't be getting out for a long time... Being with Team Rocket... doing illegal experimenting... and already being in jail before... It's not going to look good...

Elean: ... Come on boy let's get going.

Eshwin: Hm? -looks up at him- o.o;; Oh jeez... ^^;; Sorry. -let's him go- I was thinking about something...


Annette: Just calm down ... Alright. I'll guard and make sure they are still having sex. You quickly help Madeline out. Alright?


Zara: o.o;; ... Oh uh that's very kind of you your majesty but I am Thrall's servant... ^^;; I have to stay with him...

???: Awh calm down... |3 We won't hurt you... -gently runs his hands up and down her body- <3

Isaac: o.o... -wrinkles his nose- Why have we come to this filthy place? >/

Celestia: X3 Hello my little baby... <3 -scoops her up gently-

Derek: o.o.. Well that was quick. I thought we'd have to do a whole family rescue mission...


Paul: Well where would you recommend dear? X3

Chelsea: Iunno... >.> I don't think she'd make it there. It looks like she is going to pass out any minute.


Aurora: >/ -follows him- Oh? And if I don't help you out who else is going to? Don't say you don't need help because you clearly do.


Nightshade: ARGH! DX N-No! -falls to her knees- Sh-Shit... D|

Lily: Hey I can't help it. Everyone touches everyone on my home planet. >.>... Besides, you got the perfect body. You should be in the higher ranks...

Aurora: It's firewhiskey. Don't worry, it's just wizard's alcohol. It's a little stronger than normal human alcohol but you'll still enjoy it... Smile -takes her cup of tea and sips it-

Laetri: ... -looks up at Abigail- o.o... Wow. You have cool piercings.


Elle: >.< I gotta get this curse off of me somehow...
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Sun Apr 28, 2013 10:40 am

Bobby: -rubs her arm and looks away, frowning a bit- I like how I look now... I don;t want to go back to looking how I did before.

Fox: -shuts her eyes and tilts her head back- Ahh... <3 Y-yes... -sighs a little- Oh Al I missed this... nobody can compare to you...

Eldrin: >.<; -sputters and tries to swat it away- Would you cut it out?! D< -yanks hard on her tail-


???: >C Tie her down in that bathtub and fill it with ice. -looks over at Zara and growls- Insolent little bitch. -pushes her up against the wall- Oh that's right... you're gonna get it. >/ I should suck you dry...

Lexi: I wanna look how I did before...

Lulu: N-nobody can... D: He can't be stopped sir. Sad He's too strong. .... Except...


Kanti: -shakes his head- |c She wanted to be alone and ran off into the forest.

Bruno: >.> -glances down at Shea- >/ Yeah you can thank this thing.

Blade: -ears flatten and watches her carefully- >/ ... With what? I don't need help with anything.

Harold: -sighs a bit and dozes off with her- ... <3


Abigail: o.o -shoos persian away and helps her up- ^^' Cat thought you'd be a good place to sleep.

Baldor: -holds onto her arm and looks around a bit- I will mummah...


Slate: Heh... great.... -cuddles her gently- It's nice to see you smile and blush like that after so long... <3

Silver: -comes back in with Tani and looks around a bit- :/ We're back Lily!

Misfit: Sad I know, but... please don't cry. Are you alright...?

Parker: X3 -laughs a little bit and takes her to the train- Of course. You can rest your head in my lap if you want.

Persian: -ears flatten- ... Did you ever consider the possibility he may not come out this time? Your father may get life. Or... worse.

Benoni: ... -nods and turns around, heading back to the colony- <Are you gonna take no for an asnwer THIS time?>

Clayton: :/ What were you thinking about?


Adam: Alright alright, I'll try and be quiet. Just be careful... you're right, they probably are armed with crosses.


Thrall: <.< Well technically if he wants you that badly he has the right to buy you off me. And I would have to accept his offer.

Damien: -plays with some of her hair- |3 What do you say? I always did like keeping you creatures around... <3

Rose: >///< -shudders and tries to pull away from him- I-I have to... I have to go... -gets up-

???: >.> Woah hey... |3 -grabs her and sits her back down on his lap- Where do you think you're going?

Correntine: <w< Because it's nice and quiet.... and isolated. <3 Now are you going to be a good boy for me...? >3

Gaileth: X3 -cuddles up to her- <3

Anudor: o.o Yeah what happened? You don't look hurt...


Ama: Very Happy Ooh there is this lovely little bar not too far from here. ^^ Sir you must try some of our drinks if you are to stay here.

Baldor: >.> ... We spoke too soon.


G: Don't Aurora! D< I can handle this just fine, better than you can and with more on my mind. I don't know what your problem is but I am here to handle operations now, by myself. I don't need you.


???: Sad -gently scoops her up- I'm sorry... I didn't want to hurt you. -tucks some hair out of her eyes- <3

???: Alright I'll wake this one up and we can go get the ones he needed. >/ The rest of you, round up these elves and send them back to Silver.

Cameron: >.> Well around here we rise through the ranks through hard work, not by how good our body is.

G: -shrugs and takes a sip- It's ok, I'm used to the strong stuff now. ... What did you say your name was, girl?

Abigail: <.< Hm? |3 Thanks kid. -leans down and ruffles his hair- You know I reckon a couple of these and some good tattoos would look really good on you.


Fawn: Sad -looks up at Rayurn- I can;t believe we have to go to that awful place... how do we get there?
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Sun Apr 28, 2013 11:34 am

???: Now come on. You know who you really are Bobby. This'll be good for you. 

Alejandro: ... -frowns a bit- Exactly... How many people... Did you sleep with? ...

Vikke: O.O! -cries out in pain- >.< Ehhh


???: >C -takes her up and puts her in the bath- You'll pay for what you did to me...

Zara: ... |3 You don't have the guts.

Isaac: Hush now. You look so much better <3 

Jason: o.o... Except what? D: 


Rayurn: ... -sighs- We should go and search for her Sad 

Shea: Not my fault someone wouldnt take me to the proper bushes <.<

Tess: Well when taking care of these pups you'll need to learn how to hold milk bottles... And that means youll need to be human. :/ 

Maria: -is up and dressed in the morning before him- ... -kisses his cheek gently as he sleeps- Ill see you soon... -sighs and heads outside with her things- 


Jane: Oh ... ^^' sorry... I must've looked like a weirdo... 

Aurora: -goes up to the desk- Im here for a family visit... To see Giovanni please... 


Lily: o.o... And just like that happiness is over T^T Oh jeez they'll kill you... 

Elle: ... No... Im hurt you would save your own skin and not try to help me... Sad I don't mean that much to you...?

Aurora: ^^ You are the best... <3 -hugs his arm- 

Eleanor: ... Always... |c -brushes some hair back behind her ear- I just wish someone could help me...

Elean: >.>... just give it some time.

Gardevoir: ... You know that was a kind gesture... :/ 

Eshwin: ... My wife... And just how she used to hug me...


Annette: If anything happens though you try yourself and Madeline out first. Got it? 


Zara: o.o;; ... N-No D: -hides behind Thrall and shakes her head- Thrall you can't do this... Sad 

???: -kisses her neck gently- Stay a while... <3 

Isaac: >/ You know this is wrong. You have other boys to go to. 

Celestia: Well... Isaac's mother came in and kinda saved the day o.o... 


Paul: Oh that sounds good. Haven't had a drink in ages Very Happy 

Chelsea: D| Oh no... 


Aurora: Fine >/ Deal with this... -tears up- People keep saying i should try and make up with you but whats the point? ... You're not the same boy i met hears ago... 


Nightshade: Mmn... -tears up- M-Mihan... Seth... |c .

Lily: And I'm sure you would make it... Dad would praise people like you... 

Aurora: -looks up and smiles faintly- My name is Aurora Bellamound. Smile

Laetri: X3 nah. As a doctor i gotta stay all neat ... o.o... -frowns a bit- There is trouble outside...  


Rayurn: Usually a portal but... Its just so dangerous D: We cant go... 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Sun Apr 28, 2013 12:00 pm

Bobby: >/ T-this is who I am... you can't tell me that.

Fox: -ears flatten and looks away, looking ashamed- Three... four I think... I'm sorry...

Drayna: D: !! -holds her out of his reach- Eldrin! >.< How could you hurt your newborn sister like that? She was only being friendly... -cuddles her gently and kisses the top of her head- Ssh sweetie... ssh...

Eldrin: D< She did that on purpose!

Drayna: -looks up at Malladus- Mihan please do something... he can't keep hurting her, she's just a baby...


Jinn: >.< Let go of me! Don't do this, please!

???: >3 Oh don't I? -plays with some of her hair- ... You should stay in this form you know... |3 -kisses her neck gently- Mmn, so pretty... <3

Lexi: |c -sniffles a bit and tries to shuffle away from him- I-I hate you...

Lulu: D: Well there was this woman who took his favourite away... Annette. But I don't know where she went.


Fawn: Sad -nods- She won't be safe alone out there...

Bruno: -kicks her again- >/ Shut up bitch. -holds onto the girl and leads her a little into the woods- We'll get away from there then... |3 -gently presses her up against a tree- Is that better...? <3 -runs a hand down her side-

Blade: ... -looks away- I don't know how to do that...

Harold: =.= Mmn... -mumbles a little in his sleep and searches the bed for her-

???: -bows her head as she heads out- Good day madam... :/


Abigail: X3 It's all good... I'll try and be quick enough to warn you next time he tries that.

???: ... -looks them over- >.> I see. Usually we don't allow visits like this so early...

Baldor: Sad Please...?


Slate: o.o;; ... Oh man. D| No it's ok... whatever they're gonna do I gotta face it...

Silver: -looks around a bit- Lily? ... Where are you? -glances at Tani- For god's sake go check the bathroom. D|

Misfit: D: But... the death eaters are a very serious issue right now and... T^T Elle c'mon babe I didn't mean it like that, don't be hurt. Sad You'd do the same!

Parker: X3 -kisses the top of her head- Heh... yeah I know. <3

Persian: :/ .... -nuzzles up to her- We'll figure something out...

Benoni: -rolls his eyes- <You don't give up do you?>

Mewtwo: >/ Hmph. If it was genuine it would be considered kind. -glances down at the basket- ... Anything could be in there. We'd best dispose of it.

Clayton: Oh, yes... -sighs a bit and looks back out over the forest-

(Oh man we forgot about Quinn and that kid.)


Adam: ... -looks her over for a moment- ... Yeah... alright. -slowly climbs through one of the windows and looks around a bit-


Thrall: Relax. -wraps an arm around her- You'll be ok.

Damien: >.> Oh that's adorable... come now. |3 Follow me girl. You'll make excellent company around the palace. -heads inside-

Thrall: -nudges her- You'd better go.

Rose: >///< Ahh... p-please sir... I don't want that... -bites her lip and goes very red-

???: >w> What were you saying earlier man? |3 Something about she's too short to take your stick?

Rose: o//o N-no... no we don't need to know that... >//<

Correntine: |3 None quite as good as you my dear... -runs her hand down into his pants- Oh I missed this so very much... <3

Anudor: o.o His mother? ... Wow I know this is kinda stupid to say but I didn't know he had one. .__.


Baldor: D| Sir I have to warn you--

Ama: Very Happy Yay! -holds onto his hand- Oh yay, you're going to love this place! >w< C'mon! -races off to one of the bars nearby-

Baldor: ... I am a terrible host. D|


G: -glares are her for a moment, looking a little hurt- ... Aurora.... -pauses for a moment- ... You know what the deal with that is alright? I can't be the same. I... I can't be Sakaki. Don't ask that of me.


???: Sad Ssh, ssh... -wipes her eyes gently- It'll be ok...

???: -kneels down by his body and nudges him- C'mon wake up. -.- If you want to retrieve this creatures you gotta do it now.

Cameron: ... -sits up a bit, suddenly looking interested- Yeah? He would?

G: Well... it's a pleasure to meet you miss Bellamound... despite the circumstances.

Abigail: X3 Well aren't you just adorable? o.o -straightens up- ... Yeah you're right.

Kihja: o.o; What's going on out there? D:


Misfit: D: No we have to! Look at Elle, we can't just leave her like this. Show me where the portal is, I'll go show Vlad what for. >/
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Mon Apr 29, 2013 5:05 am

???: Oh Bobby we can't go through this again. Your mother has already paid for the surgery anyway >.>

Alejandro: ... -sighs and just hugs her close- Hey we can forget about it now right?

Vikke: -whimpers and cuddles up close to Drayna- |c

Malladus: Right that's it >/ You're grounded kiddo.


Zara: >.> ... Oh my. Sorry but I have to help my friend... -spits in her eyes-

Isaac: -pulls her back close to him- Don't be a brat dear... >.>

Jason: ... Lulu you gotta help me look for her... please... Sad


Rayurn: Come on we'll go and get her... God only knows what is out there...

???: Mm... Much better... <3 -runs a hand down his chest-

Xavier: You seem to be getting the hang of your foot quickly... :/

Tess: That's why I'm going to teach you ... -smiles a bit-

Maria: Good day... thank you for coming so early... :/ I do appreciate it sir.


Jane: Thanks sweetheart... -kisses her cheek gently- <3

Aurora: I called up yesterday. I needed to come early because I get tired on my feet later in the day... :/ They said it was all fine...


Tani: ... She isn't. She is upstairs... With... someone else...

Lily: ... I'll go talk to them first... -kisses his cheek and quickly heads down- Mum, dad... D:

Tani: o.o... Lily your hair D:

Elle: No! I would try and get you back! That's what I'd do because I love you... >.<

Aurora: -sits down in the train with him and cuddles up close to him- So what are we going to do after you pass your exam? <3

Eleanor: -looks him over and smiles faintly- Yeah... I'm glad you're here with me. -strokes his fur-

Elean: >w> They taught me never to give up |3

Gardevoir: It just looks like fruits... and tools. o.o... There's nothing wrong with it :/

Eshwin: ... -sighs- I get so lonely sometimes you know...


Annette: ... -goes shadow and stands near the door, keeping guard-

Madeline: |c -sleeps in her room, tears still falling down her cheeks- ...


Zara: ... -ears go back and tears up- But... I thought you'd still want me with you... Sad -looks away- ... |c -slowly follows Damien into the palace-

Alejandro: ... -frowns and tries to ignore it-

???: |3 Now we can really test that theory.... -slowly slips her dress off- <3

Isaac: o///o;; -squirms at her touch- P-Please... C-Can't you just not do this mother...? Sad I really dislike this....

Celestia: Well people have to come from somewhere... :/


Chelsea: D| Now what do we do?

Paul: X3 -laughs a little and follows her- So what are the drinks like here?


Aurora: You can be... Sad ... I do care about him... more than anything.... I don't like Giovanni... >.< -starts to cry-


???: Ugh... -slowly sits up and rubs his head- D< Right... after this she is going to pay... -gets up- Let's get this finished up.

Lily: Yeah I think he would... -sits down and looks away- He likes the determined ones...

Aurora: ... -smiles a bit- It's nice to meet you too... Trust me. I usually meet good friends though terrible situations...

Laetri: o.o... Rocket grunts... and police. D: They have Nightshade!


Elle: I-Im coming too... I want to go with Misfit...
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Mon Apr 29, 2013 5:47 am

Bobby: Then pay her back... I'll attend your stupid fucking sessions but I'm not letting you butcher me.

Fox: -nods- I'd like to... It was a pretty stupid mistake Al. I really only want you...

Drayna: -strokes her fur gently- ssh... it's alright. You poor little dear...

Eldrin: -folds his arms- >C Fine. Just keep that thing away from me.


???: o.o !! -yelps in sudden pain and tries to wipe her eyes- Oh god! >.< Oh god it burns! DX Get it off me!

Lexi: -shivers a little in fright- Y-yes sir... |c Yes sir, sorry...

Lulu: but she could be anywhere... i don't know sir. D: The only ones who may know would be the demon queens, but... but they don't like us. Sad They hate us... they hurt one of my sisters. -shivers a little-


Fawn: Oh she could be so hurt... Sad Come on we have to go right away. -holds onto his hand and heads outside- Kanti stay there alright?

Bruno: Good... |3 Now... just relax sweet cheeks. -leans down and gently kisses her neck- Mmn... <3

Tyrel: -nods- Y-yeah... i think I can handle walking on my own. -looks up at him- ... I want to go out and look for her now Xavier...

Blade: -looks her over- .... I'm sorry. I thought you were keeping something from me...

???: Yes well... your parents are very concerned for you madam. They wanted to make very sure you would be there on time to meet up with your fiance.


Abigail: It's no trouble... <3 -cuddles her close- so what do you wanna do while we wait for Aurora to get back?

???: >.> ... -looks through some papers- I don't know about this. You may have to come back a few hours later. I'll have to talk to someone and see if this is all ok.


Silver: o.o Oh my god Lily... D: What happened? Who... who was up there with you?

Misfit: Sad Elle... darling I love you too, please don't misunderstand that... -holds onto her hands- I do love you...

Parker: -shrugs- Tell the rest of the gym and celebrate, I suppose. X3 Maybe that's something you can think about on the way there. -strokes her hair gently-

Persian: -purrs and nuzzles her hand- Let's just get this done before the creature has a chance to cause any damage. :/

Benoni: D| <I didn't think so.>

Mewtwo: .... -growls a little and looks away- fine. Give it to the others and see if they can find any use for it. >/

Clayton: -sighs a bit and nods- Yes... as do I. Sometimes Aiki is the only company I have when I go out on trips... -looks down- I suppose that is just the way things are...


Adam: -slowly sneaks into her room and whispers- Madd... o.o Madd wake up... D: -goes over and gently nudges her- Quickly now.


Thrall: ... -ears flatten and watches her for a moment before following them in-

Kinak: -looks over at them- >/ There you are, and don't think-- o.o !! -hisses a little and takes a step back, looking Damien over- ... S-shit...

Rose: -tears spill down her cheeks- P-please... >//<

???: No use crying yet girl. >3 It's gonna hurt a whole lot here in just a second... you can cry all you want then.

Correntine: Oh but you used to so love it... you've just been away from me for too long my darling. |3 I'll make sure you learn to love it again... every... bit... of it... <3

Anudor: ... Well that's true... o.o So what'd she do?


Baldor: D| I guess we should just keep an eye on them and make sure ama doesn't do anything stupid.

Ama: X3 Well uhm... a little stronger than what you'd be used to. ;3 Sit down, I'll order something for us.


G: -sighs a bit and runs a hand through his hair- Don't cry aurora... look, this is why I wanted to send you away. I can't be who you need me to be. And I certainly don't want to see you cry and get hurt anymore...


???: >.> Finally. -straightens up- >/ Your shadow creature is staying up over there, being guarded by family. But they'll all be very easy to subdue with the use of iron. Just be careful, got it?

Cameron: X3 Cool... I've really been working hard hoping someone would notice. Very Happy

G: That seems to be the way things operate with our family... >.> -sips his drink-

Seth: >.<; Mmn... -mumbles a little and shifts in his sleep-

Darunia: o.o; -looks out- They're attacking the colony! D< We have to go help people!


Misfit: You're too weak Elle... you need to stay here and let me and your parents go find him alright?
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Mon Apr 29, 2013 7:06 am

???: >.>... youll change your mind. Ans maybe thisll sort out your engagement. 

Alejandro: ... -buries his face gently in her hair and breathes in- ... You still have that beautiful smell to you... 

Malladus: Keep talking like that and you'll never be a demon >/ 


Zara: -races upstairs- D: Jinn!

???: -conjures some ice- Now... >3

Zara: >/ -races over and quickly melts the ice-

Jason: ... Maybe we gotta talk to some people in the town... :/ Surely someone knows where they have gone... 


Rayurn: Be here in case she comes back okay? :/ 

???: Ohh... -tilts her head back- Oh my... <3

???: -screams and races out of the tent- Oh god! >.< he bit my arm!

Xavier: ... If you are up to it then we shall go. I'll come with you... :/ 

Tess: I wouldnt... -cuddles him grntly- I trust you... 

Maria: ... -sighs and gets in the carriage- He isnt here yet... Is he? 


Jane: I'd like to cuddle up on the lounge for a bit... <3
(Persian: Pussy blocker showdown.) 

Aurora: -rolls her eyes and puts some money on the desk- Now can we visit? -.-  


Lily: ... -sighs- Can we please sit down and talk... Also... Promise you wont get upset or mad... Thana is asleep... 

Elle: Sad ... Not enough to save me... 

Aurora: ...-smiles- Yeah... We can have a big celebration... -closes her eyes- Just for you... <3 

Eleanor: Yeah... Itll be a big journey... We might have to camp out a bit... :/ youll be okay? 

Gardevoir: ... -straightens up- Calm down... You know I think this is the nicest thing a boy has done... -scratches under Mewtwo's chin- 

Eshwin: ... -sighs and closes his eyes- Forgive me... -leans in and kisses Clayton- ... <3 


Madeline: Mmn... -slowly wakes up- Adam...? A-Am i still dreaming...? 


Zara: ... -looks him over and takes a step back- I told you i could do it... 

Alejandro: -growls and slams a glass on the table, smashing it- ENOUGH! D< no sex in my fucking pub! 

Isaac: Nngh... No mother... I never liked it... Sad ive always hated it... C-Cant you leave me be?  

Celestia: .__. Chained him up and whipped him... Fondled him a lot...

Derek: Eugh. >.< our kind is sick. 


Chelsea: ... You want to get drunk and do it in the flower fields? 

Paul: Oh... ^^; uh... How strong are we talking about? 


Aurora: ... But who else do I have...? Sad ... -hesitantly moves closer to him- Ill be alone...


???: >/ Got it. -quickly heads up there- 

Nightshade: -tears fall down her cheeks- Seth... Alassëa... M-My family... |c

Cameron: X3 Cool... I've really been working hard hoping someone would notice. 

Aurora: ... -looks him over for a bit- So... Just being curious... As a demon do you still age? 

Laetri: >/ -looks at Abigail- Think you can take them on? 


Elle: No! >.< -slowly gets to her feet- I am going... My parents will stay here... 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Mon Apr 29, 2013 9:35 am

Bobby: >C There's nothing to sort out. I will get married to Chelsea...

???: Hmph... -scribbles something on the clipboard- Well... as long as we're not going anywhere with this, shall I just sent him straight off to shock therapy, sir? >.>

Fox: Mmn... -tilts her head back and sighs happily- Y-yeah...? <3

Eldrin: >/ Well maybe I don't need you to do that. I'll find my own way to be a demon.


Jinn: >.<;; -struggles against the ropes- N-no... please! o.o Zara! D: T-thankyou... T^T

???: -cries in agony outside and holds onto her face- Ahh... DX S-sister help me...

Lulu: Maybe... -plays with her fingers- Annette has many enemies sir... you don't want to ask the wrong people about her sir...


Kanti: Sad -nods and just sits down- I will...

Bruno: Mmn... Mmn, you like that, do-- o.o;; -turns and looks over at her- ... Bloody figures. D| Just can't help himself. >.> Don't worry about them darling...

Tyrel: -looks him over- ... Shark is very dangerous... you have a family Xavier. You do not want to come with me...

Blade: o.o; -stills for a moment- ... Thankyou... -slowly wraps an arm around her and hugs her back with one paw- I... do trust you... -gently licks her cheek-

???: He will have arrived at your parents' home before we do madam.


Abigail: Sure thing. -holds her close and guides her over to the lounge- Here you go... <3 -helps her sit down-

Persian: |3 -jumps up into Jane's lap as soon as she sits down- <3

???: >.> ... -flicks through some of it- Yes, everything seems to be in order. |3 Come with me then. -heads down a hallway and takes them to an empty room- You can wait in here for just a moment while we go and get him.

Baldor: -holds onto Aurora's arm and looks around, shivering a bit- ...


Silver: We're not gonna yell at you Lily, we just want to know what's going on...

Misfit: Look Elle it's just... it's just empty words. You're not going to get pulled into the situation. Sad I'd never let them take you in the first place. Look... -sighs a little- What's got you so worried about this sort of thing?

Parker: Oh I dunno if it should be that big... ^^; I don't even know if I'm gonna get it yet...

Persian: -ears flatten- It'll be something to get used to. I haven't been outside this much before now.

Mewtwo: >/ It could still easily be-- ... |3 Mmn... -ears flatten and purrs- <3

Clayton: o.o !! Mff... -looks very stunned for a moment and just looks Eshwin over- ... -eventually shuts his eyes and leans into it a little-


Adam: -shakes his head and whispers- No I'm here... -gently takes her hand and helps her up- Ssh... we gotta get going, quickly.


Damien: >.> ... That won't be a problem... will it now?

Kinak: ... -eyetwitch- No... >C Of course not... your highness... -bows his head and growls a little-

???: o.o !! Woah calm down man. >w> We were just having a little fun. |3

Rose: -cries a bit and squirms- P-please sir... >.<; Make them let me go...

Correntine: >.> No... -moves his face up to look at her- You should love it. >/ You have no right to say you hate this... you know how things are Isaac darling. You can never change that... >3 -strokes his cheek gently- Come on now... don't make master mad. Tell me how much you love it...

Anudor: .__. .... You said this was his mother... right?


Baldor: o.o -looks a little surprised- ... Sure... X3 Where did that come from?

Ama: Well... -hands him a glass of honey coloured alcohol- <w< Give it a try.


G: -watches her carefully- ... It's better that way Aurora.


???: Sad Please don't cry... Ssh... -gently wipes her eyes and heads into the forest and away from the chaos- There we go, it's all quiet now... -sighs a little and gently lays her down in the grass- I'm sorry I had to hurt you... -looks her over-

(Messed up Lily)

G: As far as I can tell, no. But I haven't been a demon for very long. >.> But I can do this. -shapeshifts to make himself look younger-

Abigail: -gets out her wand- Course I can. >/ I bet they just came equipped to fight elves, they didn't count on me being here.


Fawn: Sad S-sweetheart.... we can't let you go on your own. That place is awful...
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Mon Apr 29, 2013 11:38 am

???: yes yes hurry up now. >.> She has other things to attend. Then we have to focus on Jessie. 

Alejandro: ... Yeah... -closes his eyes and sighs happily- You're so beautiful... <3 

Malladus: Good luck kiddo because the only ones who would help you would listen to me >/ 


Zara: -quickly unties her and helps her up- Oh god... Thank god you're okay... 

???: D: -quickly heads down- Oh sister... -helps her up- Let's wash your eye... Sad 

Jason: Hey if anyone tries to hurt you ill protect you :/ 


Rayurn: Good :/ -quickly heads out to the forest- 

Elle: |c -keeps walking around the forest, drying her eyes-

???: o.o!! -squirms and tries to pull away- D: Oh go! Im not sticking around! 

Xavier: But Shark and Bruno ... You cannot fight them both :/ 

Tess: -smiles a bit and explains to him how to change- And ill get you some clothes to wear... You think you can try now? Smile  

Maria: ... -signs and looks out the window- Great... |c 


Jane: o.o... Heh... It didnt take you long X3 -strokes his fur gently- <3 

Aurora: Alright... -looks down at Baldor and cuddles him close- Stay close to me little one... It'll be okay... 


Lily: ... Slate... Has come back to look after me and Thana... And he does mean it... He got so scared before...

Elle: ... I cant tell you... -sighs and looks away-  

Aurora: I believe you can... -rubs his chest gently- I know you can... 

Eleanor: ... X3 So do you like being outside? 

Gardevoir: X3 You gotta relax you know... 

Eshwin: ... -pulls away after some time- ... Sh-Shit... >.< Clayton I'm so sorry... 


Madeline: N-No... If i try to leave... H-He'll hurt me again... |c 


Zara: ... |c -rubs her arm a bit and looks over at the exit- ... -backs away a little- 

Alejandro: ... -looks them over- Just... Let her get to work... You can get her later...

Isaac: ... -sighs- I love it mother... |c please... -chokes up a bit- Give it to me...

Derek: Anudor sweetie you have to understand. Vampires... Like the elves are horny as hell... But will go into all sorts of disgusting things ^^;; 


Chelsea: Iunno. >.>... i just want to see you drunk really. X3

Paul: ... -looks it over and takes a sip- o.o... -coughs a bit- Woah... Thats strong... o.e


Aurora: ... F-Fine... You wont hear from me again... -tears up and walks away from him- 


Nightshade: Nghh.. Y-You're not sorry... You shouldn't have done it... In the first place... -tries to get up- 

Lily: Well... You seem like a great worker. It's a shame no one really has praise you... 

Aurora: o///o... Wow... Thats impressive...  

Laetri: Good lets hurry. -looks at Kihja- Take Alassea and Seth to your treehouse! -races outside- 


Elle: I know... But i can go... I can do it... If worse comes to worst i can transform... 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Mon Apr 29, 2013 1:18 pm

Bobby: >/ Hey you leave Jessie alone.

Fox: -cuddles up to him and gently rubs his chest- ... I'm really sorry I hurt you... You still sound so upset...

Drayna: Plase... please no more arguing. Sad Eldrin this is silly... your baby sister is only a few minutes old. The first things she hears doesn't need to be arguing...


Jinn: >.< t-thankyou... -hugs her tight- Shit we have to get out of here now while we still can... these girls are fucking nuts.

???: -leans against her- I-I can't see... >.<;; That bitch burned my eyes.... -cries a little- It hurts so much...

Lulu: ... -sighs a little and eventually nods- Ok... I trust you sir...


Fawn: -holds onto his arm and looks around- Sad Oh god I hope the little one's alright... w-who knows what kind of awful things could be out here? She could be so hurt...

Bruno: -growls- >/ Hey! -pins her against the tree- Look there's nothing to be scared of. Now I said relax girl... -tugs at her clothes and starts to pull them off-

Tyrel: I can try. It's not safe for you out there though...

Blade: I... I think I can. It's a little confusing... -shuts his eyes and thinks for a moment, trying to transform- ...

???: :/ ... -sighs a bit and drives the carriage off to her home-


Persian: |3 -cuddles up to her and purrs-

Abigail: >/ Oh damn it cat. Move, you're stealing all my cuddles.

Baldor: Yes mummah... -holds onto her tight- <3

???: >.> -shuts the door behind them as they go in-

Baldor: -looks up at her- ... Mummah how come you had to pay them to see daddy?


Silver: o.o !! What? D< Lily are you an idiot?! How could you let Slate back in here? >C -grabs a pokeball- I'll show that bastard...

Misfit: ... Then... -sighs a bit- Elle how am I understand this? C'mon you can trust me with anything. At least... Sad I thought you could...

Parker: -smiles faintly and cuddles her close- Thanks babe... I know I'll do well with you there.

Persian: -sniffs around a bit and nods- Yeah... i like the fresh air. And seeing new things... it's really cool.

Mewtwo: |3 Mmn.... I am relaxing... <3

Clayton: o.o;; ... -edges away a bit- Eshwin... h-how long have... you...?


Adam: o.o .... Madd... D: No c'mon I'm not joking. We gotta go... I'm not leaving you here.


Damien: >.> -ear flicks and looks over at her- ... C'mon now. We've got a lot to do. |3 -holds a hand out towards her-

Thrall: -looks between them- .... I suppose... I should be on my way then your majesty. -sighs a bit and bows his head-

Rose: o.o; ... W-what? D: Sir...

???: >.> ... Fair enough. |3 -helps her down- Get going now girlie. -strikes her across the backside-

Rose: >//< !! Ah! -yelps a little and hurries away from them, tearing up again-

Correntine: >3 -grins cruelly and strokes his hair- What a good boy... -gently pushes him down into the big throne- Sit down now... -straightens up and conjures a few viagra pills in her hand- So you can take your medicine. ;3

Anudor: o.e But I don't understand... she's his mother! -shudders a little- Eugh... >.<


Baldor: Heh... ^^; In all honesty I don't really drink... I'm not sure how long that would take but it cant be long.

Ama: >w< -giggles a bit- You're so cute. It's good right? Very Happy


G: -frowns a little, looking hurt- Fine... goodbye Aurora. -sighs and heads back to the base-


???: D: Woah hey... take it easy. -gently pushes her back down- That must have really hurt.

Cameron: ... -shrugs and leans back in his chair again- Yeah well.... I dunno. Maybe it'll pay off soon enough.

G: >.> -looks her over- It's about all I really know how to do at this point. -shrugs and turns back to normal- I suppose I will learn more impressive tricks later.

Kihja: o.o; Oh man I hope I can move him without hurting him... D:

Darunia: >C -races outside with him and Abigail-

???: <.< -takes him up into the treehouse- |3 See there's your shadow creature. With a whole lot of other valuable things...


Misfit: No Elle I'm serious... you're too weak. If you're coming i'm carrying you. You're not talking or moving, you're just conserving your energy, alright? -gently scoops her up and looks up at Fawn and Rayurn- C'mon... show me where the portal is.
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Tue Apr 30, 2013 5:20 am

???: Thats not your place to say. >/ 

Alejandro: ... Im not... You're back so i shouldnt be upset right? 

Malladus: Don't be mad at her okay?

Vikke: ... :O -ears perk a bit and turns into a little elf baby- Very Happy

Malladus: o.o... I... Didn't know she could do that... 


Zara: Well we better hurry D: They're coming up again... 

???: Shh... Sad Here... I'll take you up and wash your eyes... -heads upstairs-

Jason: ... -takes her hand gently and sinks into the ground- ... -shakes his head- I still can't believe you did that... 


Rayurn: Calm down Fawn dear... -looks into the distance- ... I think thats her over there...  

???: >.< No! -tries to push him off- Let me go i want to go home! DX 

Xavier: ... Get them good :/ And hurry back so I can help Shea... I'm sure she is injured... 

Tess: ... -watches him- You can do it...

Maria: ... -sighs and just watches the house disappear in the distance- Goodbye Mr. Blackmore... |c 

???: -waits outside- I hope she come here soon... If I find out Mr. Blackmore hasn't sent her off... >/


Jane: You're not jealous are you AJ? >.> 

Aurora: Well sadly some people are too greedy dear... And won't do anything unless they have money.


Lily: D: Dad no! -holds his arm- I didnt want him back at first! The real reason i let him stay was for Thana! Sad she wants him here...

Elle: Well i just... I promised a friend i wouldnt... Sad I do trust you Misfit...

Aurora: -sighs happily- |3 You're amazing... <3 

Eleanor: Well thats good... -looks over at the prison- ... Hey you wanna make that visit? 

Gardevoir: X3 No. Now come on. Let's give the kid a chance... 

Eshwin: ... -ears go back- Its... Been a while... When i lost Lynthia and you came to comfort me... Th-thats when it started... 


Madeline: >.< But he is going to hurt me... He is going to hurt you and your family... 


Zara: -looks up at Thrall for a moment- ... Goodbye... |c -looks away and takes Damien's hand- 

Alejandro: ... -sighs and gets back to pouring drinks- Cmon. Customers are waiting.

Isaac: Oh no mother.. Not my medicine again... |c I hate it so... 

Derek: Sweetheart... Most vampires are sick creatures <.< 


Chelsea: >w> Heh. Now I really have to see this |3 -heads inside- 

Paul: Yeah its not bad... Ill just have to be slow with it... ^^;; 


Aurora: -stops for a moment- ... -trembles a bit and races back to him, hugging him from behind- No! >.< ... I cant do it... I cant stay away from you... |c I cant hate you... I love you... 


Nightshade: Stop it! D< -pushes him away and gets to her feet- Stop pretending to care... I'm not going to take it easy when people are taking my family away!  

Lily: ... :/ -moves to the bars again- ... Heh... Its funny to think ive actually had an okay conversation with a rocket member... -smiles a bit- You're not bad... And I really do admire your dedication to something you love...  

Aurora: Yeah... -looks down at her tea, brushing some hair back behind her ear- So uh... Do you have anyone with you down in hell...?  

Dark: o.o... D< Get out of here now. Leave everyone alone! 


Elle: ... -sighs and cuddles up to him- |c

Rayurn: ... Alright come on... -heads outside- We have to be so careful... 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Tue Apr 30, 2013 7:04 am

Bobby: >C I don't care, there's nothing wrong with Jessie, and you better not hurt him.

Fox: No, but... I wouldn't blame you if you were... :/ -rubs his chest gently- If you are still mad with me Al you can say it... it's healthy. I wouldn't want you to hold it in...

Drayna: o.o ... Heh... Smile Wow look at you... -cuddles her gently- X3 Aren't you so clever? <3

Eldrin: D< ... How... -grumbles bitterly and just gets up, leaving the room and slamming the door behind him-


Jinn: -holds onto her and teleports outside- Sad Where can we go? We're not safe anywhere...

???: -follows her up- >.< D-does it look... bad...? Crying or Very sad

Lulu: -looks down- |c I'm sorry sir... I panicked. He was yelling at me, and... -starts to tear up-I-I wasn't thinking, I'm sorry...


Fawn: Sad -looks over- ... I hope so... Elle? Elle darling is that you?

Bruno: >/ -keeps her held down- Now cut it out. You can go home later... nothing's going to hurt you unless you give me a reason.

Tyrel: -sighs and nods- I will... I'll try. -moves away from him and heads out into the forest-

Blade: -slowly transforms into his very exposed human form- ... Did I do it right...?

???: >.> Relax now. She'll be here... she knows how important it is for her to be here today.

???: -pulls up at their home a little later and opens the door for her- ...


Abigail: >/ Of a cat? No, that's stupid. -huffs and folds her arms-

Baldor: Oh... That doesn't seem fair...

G: -steps into the room and looks over at them, very hurt and bruised- ... Aurora...


Silver: He is not staying here just because of that Lily. >C Now unless you actually want him here he is leaving right now, or I'm selling him to the market myself.

Misfit: ... I see. Fine well... I guess I'll see you at the food tent later. I better go help everyone with the hunting...

Parker: -smiles a bit and plays with her hair- Yeah...?

Persian: -ears perk and looks up at it- ... We're on a time limit. We'd better make sure the creature is taken care of first...

Mewtwo: He could be trying to... Mmn... |3 Fine... <3

Clayton: o.o Christ Eshwin... I... I had no idea. All this time...


Adam: No we'll protect you. Sad Madd I'm serious...


Damien: |3 -walks past them and heads to the throne room- I'd like to thank you personally, for helping me back into power. ;3 -sits down and pulls her into his lap- What is your name, creature?

Rose: Sad ... -looks hurt for a moment and nods- |c Yes sir... -sniffles a bit and takes drinks to other tables-

Correntine: Ssh ssh now... |3 It's so good for you... -forces his mouth open and gives him the pills- Don't be difficult now... >3

Anudor: >.> Yes I know that now... well at least you're both ok. :/ Gaileth seemed pretty worried.


Baldor: >.> You know I think you just enjoy being cruel to me.

Ama: o.o Alright then. -downs her drink in one go- ^w^


G: o.o !! -stumbles a little and steadies himself- ... You love me...? -slowly turns around and hugs her back-

???: D: I'm not the one taking your family away! I want to protect you... they would have taken you to the market and sold you for your parts... Sad I couldn't let that happen...

Cameron: Yeah you're not bad either for a fugitive. <.< I just can't believe Silver is having you locked up like this. You're his daughter...

G: Besides my cat? ... My daughter and daughter in law. That's about it though. >.> Most everyone keeps their distance from me.

Alassëa: o.o;; No go away! >.< Don't hurt our family!


Misfit: I know... this place sounds pretty bad..
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Tue Apr 30, 2013 9:49 am

???: Oh i wouldnt dare Bobby >J But the young ones are more fun... 

Alejandro: ... Im just... Still mad at myself... For hurting you like that... 

Malladus: D| ... You know he gets the stubbornness from you... 

Nightshade: -looking around in the healers and sees him- Hello Eldrin Smile ... Hey why the frowny face kiddo? :/ 


Zara: >.< No where is safe... |c -holds onto him- I just want to have a home where i can relax... 

???: No... It's not that bad... Sad -goes in the bathroom and gently washes her eyes- 

Jason: Well if that happens again... You gotta stand up to him... 


Elle: -looks up- >.< Go away... 

Shea: Bruno leave her alone! >/ she is scared. 

Tess: o.o... -gently brushes some hair out of his eyes- ... Yeah ... You did... here... -goes over and picks up some spare pants, handing it to him- 

Maria: -slowly comes out of the carriage- ... -walks over to them- Hello mother... Father...


Jane: X3 You know you can sit behind  me and cuddle me that way. 

Aurora: o.o... -looks up at him and tears up- Giovanni.. Sad Oh look at you... -moves over with Baldor and lightly touches his face- Who did this to you...?


Lily: I want him here. I dont think this is an act. When he looks and holds Thana he... Is a different person... He is so happy... 

Elle: ... Misfit dont be like this Sad if i tell... Some people could be hurt... And that includes us... -holds his hands gently- And you know i dont want that... 

Aurora: Yeah... -slowly dozes off in his arms- <3 

Eleanor: ... Yeah. Course... -sighs and keeps walking- :/ I just thought you'd really want to see him.

Gardevoir: <w< -stops- Man... If I knew you were a pushover like that 8 would've done that earlier. 

Eshwin: ... I didnt say anything because i didnt want to ruin our friendship... I'm sorry...


Madeline: ... -trembles a bit and holds onto him- |c I dont want you hurt... 


Zara: o.o!! ... My name is Zara... Zara Moonbeam... -looks away- Im a Yoiufu elf... |c 

Alejandro: .. -sighs- Rose ... Im thinking you really dont belong here... Down in hell :/ 

Isaac: Nghh >.< -coughs a bit but eventually swallows the pills- Th-There... Are you happy now? |c :

Celestia: Oh i know... The poor thing... :/ I'll have to get back to your mother, she is getting healed again... Thanks again for babysitting Gaileth. 


Chelsea: |3 -cuddles up to him- Me? Nah. No way. 

Paul: o__o;; ... I guess... Its not that strong to you... -takes another small sip- 


Aurora: |c Of course i do... -buries her face in his shoulder- 


Nightshade: And that's what will happen to the others! D< -slowly staggers and heads back- You've just made things worse! 

Lily: ... Yeah well... Im not exactly the best daughter hey? -sighs and looks away- 

Aurora: :/ I cant see why... -looks up at him- I really think you're alright...

???: Shut up... >C Im here to sell you and take your little family along with me... -smirks a bit- And most of these elves will go to Team Rocket... 


Rayurn: -heads back into the forest and looks at a portal with warning signs and skulls- ... Here we are... This portal is one way... We go in but we cannot come out from the island back here... 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Tue Apr 30, 2013 10:47 am

Bobby: D< How dare you... you disgusting bastard! Don't you fucking touch him!

Fox: o.o Oh Al... D: Sweetheart, please don't. I had that coming... I really don't blame you.

Drayna: D| Oh Elune... You're probably right. Sad What will we do about this?

Eldrin: >C -grumbles a little- ... Mum had her new baby and they like her better... -folds his arms- They don't care about me.


Jinn: Sad Maybe it is time to go to your planet... -sighs a bit- I want us to be safe from these bastards... D|

???: >.< Nn... oh sister it burns horribly. I hate these fire demons... Sad

Lulu: Sad But I dunno how... he really scares me...


Fawn: o.o ... Sad -tears up a little- Darling please... it's not safe out here.

Bruno: She can deal with it. >/ C'mon now darling. -pulls her clothes off and holds her close to him- If you don't fight I won't let Shark near you... >3

Blade: Thankyou... -slowly stands up and pulls them on- o.o; ... This feels very strange.

???: <.< ... You certainly spent a long while with Mr. Blackmore last night Maria... you really worried us.


Abigail: -grumbles a bit- Yeah I suppose... -.-' Stupid cat... -sits behind her and cuddles her close-

Baldor: o.o ... Daddy... D:

G: -winces a little- >.< Ah... just about everyone. This isn't the worst of it... -sighs a bit and holds into her hands- It's so good to see you Aurora.


Silver: >/ You're just going to be hurt Lily. you're desperate and you don't know what you're doing.

Misfit: -looks her over- ... I know Elle. I told you, it's fine. -pulls his hands away from her-

Parker: -looks up as they arrive in Kanti and gently nudges her- Aurora, we're here... c'mon now... -gently kisses the top of her head-

Persian: Yeah I suppose. This is just more important.

Mewtwo: >/ This doesn't change anything, I'm not a pushover.

Clayton: Eshwin it's ok... I promised you, nothing will ruin our friendship... -looks up at him and tries to smile comfortingly- It's fine, now don't apologise.


Adam: -hugs her gently- Annette's here to back us up... we won't be hurt, I promise... -kisses her cheek and gently scoops her up- <3


Damien: Interesting... |3 -runs a hand down her body- I love that you're already dressed for your job here Zara. ;3 You must be so eager.... <3

Rose: o.o ... Sir, you... you're getting rid of me...? D:

Correntine: |3 Oh I will be soon... -leans in and kisses him gently, moving down on top of him- Good boy... good boy Isaac... <3 Mmn... -starts to pull the rest of his clothes off-

Anudor: ^^ Oh it's no trouble. She's such a little sweetheart...

Gaileth: |3 -sighs happily, having dozed off- .... <3


Baldor: X3 I think you are. Well fine mistress... Guess I better go get us some drinks. ;3 What would you like?

Ama: :3 Nope. -watches him curiously- ... <3


???: No, please! Sad -holds onto her hand- Please stay... I've really been wanting to meet you...

Cameron: Can't see why. :/ What makes you think that?

G: -laughs a bit- That's refreshing... meeting someone who hasn't heard of my reputation.

Kihja: D: !! ... No... no this was Silver's doing! >.< You're the police, you're supposed to help us!


Fawn: >.< Oh god it smells awful...

Misfit: Alright well... how do you get out?
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Tue Apr 30, 2013 11:37 am

???: Psh. Get him out of my sight >.> 

Alejandro: But it still wasnt right. I always tool pride in how i treated women... I never thought i could do this... 

Malladus: I don't know. He is just so upset that he isn't a demon like her... :/ 

Nightshade: :/ Ah jealousy... Look kiddo... I know Drayna, she never plays favourites. And Malladus has had many sons... But has really only cared about you... They still love you so much. Why would they like her more?


Zara: Y-Yeah... -teleports them to the forest- ... -sighs-  im thankful that i got a strand of your hair so i could transform... 

???: They'll pay... Trust me... When I find them they will suffer >/

Jason: Just think... If he tries anything ill be here to stop him... :/ 


Elle: I wanna be left alone! >.< i dont wanna go back...

???: >.< -trembles but stays quiet, too scared to move- 

Tess: X3 Heh. Youll get used to it. -takes his hand- Now come on... We have some work to do Smile 

Maria: ... I was just taking care of him. He had been shot... 


Jane: -kisses her cheek- X3 Hey you're the one who said he was nice and alright... 

Aurora: Sad -sighs- I cant believe my father did this... I-Im so sorry >.< 


Lily: Look... Just give him another chance.. I trust him... Sad

Tani: ... -looks upstairs- ... You know I thought he'd never come back... 

Elle: Sad Oh Misfit please dont be sad... 

Aurora: Mmn... =^= -slowly wakes up and rubs her eyes- ... We are...? 

Eleanor: ... Mkay... :/ -keeps walking to the base- 

Gardevoir: <.<... -scratches under his chin again- 

Eshwin: ... G-Good... Good. -tries to smile- Um... I guess we should go back now... 


Madeline: |c Im glad you came... Im glad...

Annette: <Better hurry kid... They're finishing up now.> 


Zara: -squirms at his touch and doesnt look up- ... I just got changed like Thrall told me to... Plus my other clothes were torn... 

Alejandro: I just want you in a safer place... Thats all :/ Away from these demons... 

Isaac: |c Mmn... -just puts his arms around her- glad I could please you mother...

Celestia: Yeah... She is... <3 Well I'll see you soon... -sinks into the ground-

Derek: ... Man, I miss her already... 


Chelsea: ;3 Surprise me boy... -grabs his ass- <3 

Paul: X3 -takes another sip- Are you just waiting for me to get drunk? 


Nightshade: Well I don't want to meet you >/ -pulls her hand away- 

Lily: ... -shrugs a bit- I wasn't one to listen to rules... Always did things to try and do what i thought was right... 

Aurora: Oh i've heard of the things you've done... I just look past them... 

???: Oh it's so cute how you think we are still all nice and innocent... |J Now come--

Laetri: -quickly rises up and tackles him down- D< Leave my family be!

???: >.< Oh come on not again! 


Rayurn: You have to catch a boat from the island to get back to shore... :/
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Tue Apr 30, 2013 12:41 pm

???: >.> Yes doctor... come now.

Bobby: -growls and gets up- Just you fucking wait! D< You can be as smug as you want now but we won't be staying here long! We are ditching this place and we're going to tell everyone we can about you, you filthy bastard. >C

Fox: -holds onto his hands- Al I forgive you... I had it coming... -leans up and kisses his cheek gently- Besides... you know I always liked it when you hurt me. <3

Drayna: -sighs a little- He's not ready to be a demon yet... he would be out of control if he got his powers now. I don't know what to do so he can understand that...

Eldrin: >/ Cause she's a demon and I'm not. She's only been here for a few minutes and she's already better than me!


Jinn: Yeah... damn lucky... D| -sighs a bit and looks her over- You know you don't look bad as a fire demon.

???: T-they deserve it... >C -straightens up and leans against her- S-sister... I still can't see..

Lulu: I'll try sir... I'll try for you...


Fawn: Sad No darling there's nothing out here but awful things that can hurt you...

Bruno: >3 That's better... -leans in and gently kisses her neck- Mmn... -runs his hands down her body- Now why don't you spread those lovely legs of yours... <3

Tyrel: -slowly and carefully makes his way up to the camp, looking around a bit- <Shea... shea are you there...?>

Blade: Yeah alright.... -holds onto her hand- Thankyou for this. You've done a lot for me...

???: >.> Hm. Well you don't need to be going over there again now do you?


Abigail: Well I changed my mind. >C -pouts and just cuddles her gently- Fucking cats. I bet you wouldn't see a dog doing this.

G: Please Aurora calm down... -pulls her into a gentle hug- Ssh... don't apologise. You didn't know... -looks her over- ... Did you and Baldor make it there alright? You're safe...?


SilveR: >/ There was a reason we thought he would never come back and that's because he's a deadbeat. I don't like this...

Misfit: M'not. I'm going out with the hunters alright? I'll see you later. -sighs a bit and heads out into the forest-

Parker: -nods- C'mon we gotta get going or we'll miss our stop.

Persian: -looks up at her- ... What do you plan on doing once the creature is subdued?

Mewtwo: |3 -puurrrrr- ... Mmn.... alright.... <3 -melts-

Clayton: Yes you're right... -slowly gets to his feet and his back cracks a bit- T^T Oh I'm too old to be hiking like this...


Adam: o.o ... -nods- C'mon we're going. Your parents are gonna hear us pretty soon. -heads for the window and slips her outside-


Damien: |3 Wish I could have seen that... <3 So... -looks her over and runs his hands all along her body- What do you think your duties will be here? <w<

Rose: Sad I heard you talking with Fox... she's making you get rid of me. -trembles a little- P-please don't listen to her sir, I want to stay! I want to stay with you... please... -ears droop and tears up a little-

Correntine: -runs her hands along his chest and glances down- >w> Oh look darling.... the medicine is starting to work. <3 -runs her hands down lower- Now let's see what I can do to make you squirm, boy... >3

Kali: -ears perk and looks up- Awh.... there's my little baby girl... Smile

Anudor: :/ Hey it's ok Mihan... we don't see your parents all that often but we can go and visit them again soon.


Baldor: ^//^ !! Oh... yes ma'am... -goes very red and heads over to the bar to get them drinks-

Ama: >3> Maaaayyybe....


???: But I... i really like you. I've seen you come by the town before and I think you're really beautiful. Sad Nightshade... it's Nightshade isn't it?

Cameron: -shrugs- I think you should always do what you believe in.

G: >.> ... That's a first. Why's that?

???: ... -sighs a bit and rolls his eyes- Pathetic. >/ -grabs laetri by the scruff of the shirt and puts iron handcuffs down on his wrists- Right. Line up all of you, or the kid gets more iron.

Alassea: o.o !! -squeaks a little in terror- Laetri! D8


Fawn: -holds onto Rayurn's hand and trembles a little- Oh Rayurn I'm scared.... Sad I've heard awful things about this island...
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Wed May 01, 2013 4:19 am

???: >.> Well Bobby... With that attitude you're going to be sent to the solitary confinement room. Take her away and keep her there for 48 hours. 

Alejandro: Yes but that is just harmless spanking... Nothing like what i did...  

Malladus: ... Maybe I should show him the ones who couldn't control their blood...

Nightshade: :/ Just because she is a demon doesn't mean she is better than you...  And you'll be a demon soon right? 


Zara: -blushes a bit- Really? ^///^ 

???: We need to go and see a healer Sad I'll be your guide...

Jason: ... Thanks. -pulls her into a hug- And i promise you we'll find your parents... 


Elle: |c ... You're going to pull me out if i go back... 

???: >.< -shakes her head quickly- L-Look maybe we can do this another time... 

Shea: o.o.. <Tyrel? Oh god... Are you okay? I-I'm in his camp tied up..> D: 

Tess: Smile Its okay... I always knew that there was a nice person in you... 

Maria: ... I guess not |c I'll just go and unpack my things... 


Jane: X3 Dogs are more playful. I kinda want a cat now... -rests her head against Abigail's chest- <3 

Aurora: -nods- We got to the house... -hugs him back- We're all safe... |c But we miss you so much... 


Lily: Just... Give him a chance... :/ 

Thana: =^= ... -slowly wakes up- Daddah...? 

Elle: Sad ... -watches him leave- |c if only you understood... 

Aurora: -slowly sits up and rubs her eyes- =^=... That nap was too quick...

Eleanor: ... Iunno. I want to just show that i dont want to harm him... And that there are some good people out there. 

Gardevoir: X3 -kisses his cheek gently- You're so cute. 

Eshwin: ... X3 -helps him up- I still think you need that walking stick you know >.> 


???: <.<... do you hear something...?

Annette: D: Jesus... -helps Madeline and Adam out- Hurry! 


Zara: -ears go back- By the way you're touching me i can sort of guess... -moves his hands off her- Im sorry but i don't do that... 

Alejandro: Look Fox is hurt... She is upset at what you did to her :/ 

Isaac: >///< Th-This is enough... -squirms a bit- 

Celestia: X3 She is fast asleep and has been fed... All happy and good. <3 

Derek: ... You know I get worried... :/ My mums never got to have me as a baby... What if something happens and Gaileth gets taken away...


Chelsea: |3 -follows him and kisses his cheek- You're blushing so much... <3 

Paul: <.<... -puts an arm around her and cuddles her close- Look you're a sweet girl Ama... But I'm just coming out of a divorce :/


Nightshade: >/ It is. And I don't care what you say to try and impress me, I dislike you.

Lily: Yeah... -sighs- So I'm just stuck in here for a while? 

Aurora: Well you're helping out your family... There must be some good in you... :/ 

Laetri: Ah! >.< -tears up- D-Don't... Get out of here now... 


Rayurn: Just stay close and don't talk... They'll listen to me and Misfit because we're men :/ 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Wed May 01, 2013 5:02 am

Bobby: D< No! I won't go, you can't force me!

???: >.> Hm... -picks up a syringe and sticks it in her arm-

Bobby: >.< !! Ah! -holds onto her arm and backs away from them- F-fuck... stay away from me.... D| Stay away... -leans against the wall-

Fox: Darling it's ok... I'm not hurt that badly. Please don't worry...

Drayna: ... That might not be a bad idea... is it safe?

Eldrin: No... -rubs his eyes and frowns a little- |c They don't want me to be a demon now...


Jinn: X3 Yeah... -leans down and gently kisses her cheek- >.> But you gotta be careful if you're gonna stay that way going up to the surface. Don't touch any trees or grass or... well anything flammable. .__.

???: But sister... Sad There aren't any healers. Only in the castle, and... and Celestia would never help us. Even if we tried to go there master would punish us so bad for betraying him...

Lulu: o.o You mean it...?


Fawn: Sad It's only because we're so worried for you my little darling... -kneels down to her level and gently strokes her hair- I couldn't bear to lose you Elle... please understand that I'm not doing this to be mean. It's because I care abut you, you could do so much better with your life than to reduce yourself to the level of those fighters.... you don't want to be like the men from the club do you?

Bruno: Quiet. You're not gonna change anything... and if you try and resist I'll give you back to Shark afterwards, and you'll end up like that other girl. >3 Only you won't be running away...

Tyrel: o.o <Oh god you're alright... D: You're alright, thank god...> -sighs in relief- <I'm fine... I'm sorry I couldn't come sooner. Sad Are you alone, is it safe to come out into the campsite?>

???: >.> Have the maids dress and bathe you for your fiance's arrival, we'll be having brunch with his family.


Abigail: >.> What's so great about cats? Look at this fat thing, I bet it never does anything.

Persian: -ears flatten and looks up at her- >/ -huffs a bit-

G: I know... I know I miss you too... -glances down at Baldor and gently scoops him up- How about you little guy? :/ You're taking good care of mummy aren't you?

Baldor: -nods- Yes daddy... -sighs a bit and cuddles up to him- |c I wish you could come back... <3


Silver: ... -sighs a bit and runs a hand through his hair- Fine... But I'll be watching him very carefully. >/ Your mother and I are staying here still until we know he's responsible enough to look after you and Thana.

Slate: o.o ... Yeah? Heh... yeah that's me little one... -leans down and gently scoops her up- Daddy's here...

Fawn: o.o -goes over to her- ... Elle darling... your father was telling me you were upset, what's the matter?

Parker: I know the train's pretty quick. C'mon now I can't miss my stop or I'll be late for my exam.

Persian: >.> Oh well you'll do a wonderful job using that thing then.

Mewtwo: >.> Mmn... -flicks his tail a bit- Then what do you want me to do? Talk to the boy?

Clayton: Give me a walking stick and it'll just be another advantage against you. <.< My back may be going but I am still quick as a cat my friend. |3


???: -shrugs- >.> Probably just Madeline. She was crying when I put her to bed.

Adam: -quickly hops out of the window- C'mon let's get going before they hear us. D:


Damien: >.> ... -ear flicks and looks her over for a moment- Oh that's adorable. |3 -laughs a little- Come on now, don't be like this. You'll make a nice little mistress. -plays with some of her har and gently kisses her neck- <3

Rose: Crying or Very sad I won't do it again sir... -ears droop a little- Please don't send me away, I'll be good...

Correntine: -laughs cruelly and watches him- Keep going boy. >3 Oh look how red you're going... -runs her fingernails lightly along it- Are you enjoying this, you little whore...? >w>

Kali: Awh.... she looks so sweet when she's sleeping. God I was so worried Isaac might have hurt her. Such a relief to see her all happy and well... <3

Anudor: That child was blessed... :/ I could sense it myself. I'm sure she will be under very close protection by Elune...


Baldor: ^//^ I can't help it when you keep grabbing me like that... <3 -hands her a glass-

Ama: o.o ... -looks up at him for a while, looking crushes- ... What are you saying...? D:


G: -holds her close and gently runs his fingers through her hair- Aurora.... -sighs a little- You should have said something before.... I had no idea...


???: But please. Sad You don't even know me. I'm sorry I hurt you but I was doing you a kindness... you would have been taken away with the rest of them and sold off like an animal. I don't agree with any of this but I can't stop all of them... I-I had to save you...

Cameron: Yes I suppose so. Not sure for how much longer, but you might be grouped in with the other elves we're about to have brought in. If that's what Silver wants with you then you'll probably just be for research. :/ Nothing too bad.

G: ... Yes... -looks away- I suppose so.

???: >/ No, don't move. C'mon now, line up, all of you.

Darunia: -growls a little and backs away from them- >C Put him down...

Kihja: Sad -raises his hands- Y-yeah don't hurt Laetri anymore...

???: Alright get the rest of them taken care of. >/ -backs away still holding onto laetri- And be careful with the shadow creature.


Fawn: Sad ... -just nods and holds onto his arm- I-I won't...

Misfit: -cuddles Elle close and slowly steps through the portal- Same for you... just stay quiet and we shouldn't get any trouble.
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Wed May 01, 2013 8:27 am

???: >.>... Cute. -goes over and grabs her arm- Come on now.

Alejandro: ... -sighs and cuddles her close- I promise i wont do that again... 

Malladus: Of course... Scary but safe :/ 

Nightshade: :/ -scoops him up gently- Maybe you need to calm down and talk to them. If you go off getting angry like this they'll be upset too. Just remember though you can do this but there are rules... And if you want this sometimes you'll just have to follow along and listen to them.


Zara: .___. ;; then maybe teleporting to the forest wasn't such a good idea...  

???: ... Maybe we have to go to the surface... Sad

Jason: I made a promise didn't i? -smiles faintly- 


Elle: It wouldn't be senseless fighting... It would be something to help protect myself... To prove i am strong Sad    

???: o.o;; N-No... Dont >.<  

Shea: <My dad is chasing another meal... And Bruno is having sex somewhere... I'm alone at the moment...> 

Maria: ... Yes |c -sighs and heads upstairs-

???: ... I feel... She is hiding something... 


Jane: Well he was kept indoors as a pet right? :/ That's not his fault that's Giovanni's fault. -cuddles Persian- Besides there is more to cuddle X3 

Aurora: Sad -strokes Baldor's hair gently- ... o.o... Sweetheart. Here... -takes G's hand and places it on her stomach- The baby is kicking... 


Lily: Fine... :/ You want to go upstairs? Thana is just sleeping... 

Thana: Mmn... =^= -cuddles up to him and dozes off again- <3 

Elle: Oh... Its nothing... I guess |c -looks away- 

Aurora: Mkay =^= ... -holds onto his hand- You all set? Got your pokemon... >.> Is your hair fine? |3 

Eleanor: ... -sighs- You know i do feel sorry for him... He went through a lot... 

Gardevoir: <.<... well that would be a start. Who knows you might become friends. 

Eshwin: <.<... not if you were sitting down. |3 


???: ... I don't trust her... -gets up and opens the door- o.o!! D< Hey! Get back here!


Zara: >.< I said no! -pushes him back- No!  Go find another mistress!

Alejandro: ... -sighs- Well either way we need to go up and see a friend there. 

Isaac: I... I...>///< -bites his lip- Mmn... Mother... 

Celestia: Yeah... Thank god his mother came. I mean sure she is crazy... But we owe her a lot o.o 

Derek: ... I hope so... :/ -sighs and cuddles up to him- 


Chelsea: ;3 I can't help it if it's so sexy... -takes a sip- 

Paul: Look i just don't want to rush into something right now... :/ 


Aurora: |c -buries her face in his shoulder- I got too upset of what you had become... 


Nightshade: I could've stopped it D< You could've helped me... I'm not staying. -heads back to the colony- ???: But please.  You don't even know me. I'm sorry I hurt you but I was doing you a kindness... you would have been taken away with the rest of them and sold off like an animal. I don't agree with any of this but I can't stop all of them... I-I had to save you...

Lily: o.o... More elves..? >.< oh god... -tears up- This is wrong... 

Aurora: :/ ... -puts her cup down and moves closer to him- You okay? 

Laetri: -hisses- D< Let them go! Do not harm my family! -squirms a bit-


Elle: I won't ... -holds onto him- ... I hope he is too weak... That he doesnt fight... 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Wed May 01, 2013 9:31 am

Bobby: N-no... |c -leans against him- Mmn... I hate these drugs... -tears up a little- You can't put me there for... for so long... please...

Fox: Alright... alright as long as you promise also that you won't feel bad about it. :/ I don't want you to think that I'm fragile now... or hesitate if we get a little rough again. I don't want anything to change...

Drayna: Alright... That sounds like a good idea. But whoever it is I want to meet then first and make sure it won't be too scary for him. -sighs and cuddles Vikke close- ... >w< Oh you are such a little sweetheart. <3

Eldrin: Hmph... I thought being a demon meant you could do what you want. Those rules are stupid.


Jinn: ^^' Maybe so... but at least we're safe.

???: Sad ... But... We need master's permission first. And he's busy breaking that human girl again...

Lulu: -smiles a bit and blushes- Y-yeah... you did. C'mon, we'd better figure out where Annette is...


Fawn: Darling... Sad You're not strong. You'll just get hurt...

Bruno: -finishes up and looks her over- ... >.> You little bitch... |3 -cuddles her close- I can't believe you tried to fight me. Well you know what? Now... you get what was promised. -slings her over his shoulder- Let's see if we can find Shark. >3

Tyrel: <Alright...> -slowly sneaks into the camp and kneels down by her- Oh Shea... Sad -starts to untie her- You look so hurt...

???: >.> Oh you never trust anyone dear. She was just doing her job and caring for Mr. Blackmore.


Persian: |3 -licks her cheek- <3

Abigail: >.> Alright but we're getting a regular cat, not something as huge as this thing.

G: o.o ... -gently runs a hand over her stomach and smiles a bit- Oh I... I feel it... Aurora this is incredible... <3 -sighs deeply and holds her close- .... I... I'll sort something out so I can be there with you... on the day...


Silver: >/ And you left just him to keep an eye on Thana?

Slate: -smiles faintly and cuddles her close- You sweet little thing... <3 -gently kisses the top of her head-

Fawn: Sad Little one you can tell me anything... I hate knowing you're upset...

Parker: Yes. X3 C'mon now we can make jokes on the way. -holds onto her hand and heads outside-

Persian: >.> He didn't have to go and blow everything up and kill everyone.

Mewtwo: I don't need one of them as a friend. I only need to ensure they intend no harm towards us... >/ My real friends.

Clayton: <.< You just keep getting funnier don't you?


???: D< Hey! What are you doing?!

Adam: o.o;; C'mon! -holds onto her hand and races back to Annette's house-


Damien: >.> ... Come now. Nobody says no to me elf. |3 Now come... <3

Rose: Alright... I'll come with you... |c But please don't get rid of me master. Sad I love you...

Correntine: Mmn... |3 Yes let it out my darling... Does that feel good? <3

Kali: >.> We should visit her and thank her somehow. |3 That woman is fantastic. Did you read her mind, she was fucking insane.

Anudor: -cuddles him back and kisses his cheek gently- I love you Mihan... <3


Baldor: You know you gotta promise me you won't make me do anything stupid when I'm drunk... X3

Ama: N-no I... I understand... |c I only showed you all my love and... you only lead me on the whole time. I understand...


G: Aurora I don't know what to tell you... I need to be like this. Mother taught me this for a reason... -cuddles her close- I wish you had told me sooner Aurora...


???: D: No please! Don't, there's too many of them! You'll just be captured!

Cameron: Why, what's so bad about it? I've heard they're really good for research.

G: I'm fine, frankly I just met you... If I weren't I wouldn't be discussing it with you anyhow.

???: >C Quiet child. -holds an iron bar close to him- Go on, get them dealt with.

Alassëa: -tears run down her cheeks and holds her wrists out to be cuffed- >.< Please stop hurting him...


Misfit: Yeah me too... he just died, I can't imagine he would... -looks around- How do we know where he'd be?
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Wed May 01, 2013 11:39 am

???: If you be good you will be sent out earlier >.>

Alejandro: I wont :/ -kisses her cheek- You're still my strong girl. <3  

Vikke: -giggles a bit- >w< 

Malladus: X3 She is cute... Even in her beast form... 

Nightshade: Well kiddo if they didn't have rules, demons would hurt so many people :/ 


Zara: -sighs and rests her head against her chest- Im just glad we're all okay...|3

???:  we can break the rules for just a second... -teleports to the surface-

Jason: Yes. We must hurry... -heads into the demon town- 


Elle: I am strong! >.< im good at it! I can swordfight!

???: o.o!! N-no! >.< i did what you did! Please let me go! D:

Shea: Oh Tyrel... Sad h-He... He hurt me so much... >.< : 

???: ... >/ I'm still sure something has happened... -heads inside-

Maria: -comes down some time later- ...


Jane: >.>... iunno. I like this one. |3 

Aurora: -smiles a bit- I hope so... I need you to be there with me...  <3 -rests her head on his shoulder-


Lily: If you came up and saw you would've woken her up... -goes into the bedroom- 

Elle: ... -sighs- |c i think i made Misfit upset... Because... Something has happened i cannot tell him... 

Aurora: -follows him- So whats in the test? :/ 

Eleanor: I know but he got angry... :/ something must've really hurt him...

Gardevoir: :/ Alright...  -takes his hand- This might be good for all of us you know.. 

Eshwin: >w> Eh. Its a special talent i have. 


???: D< I knew you should've stayed to watch her!

Annette: -races out- Shit... Theyll definitely be coming back ... 


Zara: I just did! >/ -folds her arms- I want to go... 

Alejandro: ... -sighs- I love you too... But you  eed to learn to control your anger... :/ 

Isaac: Nngh... Y-Yes mother... Yes... -tilts his head back a bit- Ohh... 

Celestia: I dont want to give her too much praise... :/ she might get crazy ideas... 

Derek: Mmn... I love you too... <3-strokes his hair gently- Well ... It's just us two again... 


Chelsea: >w> Oh no. You're going to be doing so many things in the flower fields. <3 

Paul: o.o... Ama i wasnt leading you on D: I was just trying to be kind... Sad -cuddles her close- Dont be upset... 


Aurora: Be like that with the workers... Dont be like that with me... |c 


Nightshade: D< I have to try! Just leave me alone! 

Lily: ... Thats disgusting. Those elves are my friends. We're not research experiments >/ -turns away- 

Aurora: ... I guess so... :/ -rubs her arm- I just wanted to make sure... 

???: -starts to handcuff them- The boss will be pleased about this... |3

Laetri: Alassea D: No! Don't do this! Argh! >.<


Rayurn: Difficult to say... Surely one of the elves would've taken him... But he is smart... He might've befriended them...
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Wed May 01, 2013 12:26 pm

Bobby: N-no.... I... I'm not giving in... D|

???: -picks up a straightjacket- Here, doctor. >.>

Fox: -sighs and smiles a bit, cuddling up to him- I love you Al... -kisses his chest gently- I really do... <3

Drayna: X3 I honestly never expected her to be like this... but it's so cute. -sighs and strokes her fur gently- Welcome to the family my sweet little one... Smile

Eldrin: That happens anyway. >/ What's the difference?


Jinn: -strokes her hair gently and breathes a sigh of relief- Yeah... I think we'll be alright for a little bit. -looks around- So you know this planet, where are we?

???: Oh dear... -tries to look around and shivers a bit- I hope we're not caught...

Lulu: -bites her lip and searches the town a bit- ... Oh. That vampire bar over there... I remember master taking me there once. We fought Annette there.


Fawn: >.< No Elle you can't! You're not a fighter!

Bruno: >.> I warned you girl... and you didn't listen. |3 I hope you taste good...

Tyrel: I'm sorry... I'm so sorry Shea... Sad -helps her to her feet- We have to leave quickly before anyone sees us... we'll be safe as soon as we can get you back to the tribe.

???: >.> .... Oh there you are. Good, that looks acceptable. Now listen we're going to show you yours dress that we ordered after the brunch, we're having your wedding day pushed up a little earlier.


Abigail: >.> Well I know for sure you can't have it. |3 That's a good thing at least.

G: I'll be there.... somehow... -strokes her hair gently- I promise... <3

Baldor: :/ -tugs on his sleeve- Daddy? I've got a question...


SilveR: >/ -grumbles a bit and follows her up-

Slate: -cuddles her close and looks up at them- o.o;; ... Please don't yell... ^^; She just got back to sleep...

Fawn: Oh I see... don't you trust him with it darling? Sad

Parker: Well of course a major part of it will be my skills in battle, they'll want to see how I implement different strategies... but they'll be wanting to test my physical fitness too. That's why I was focusing on my own training yesterday.

Persian: -shrugs- I don't know what goes on in that creature's twisted mind. Could have been nothing, I wouldn't be surprised if it was always just mentally unstable. Could have been any number of problems with the cloning process.

Mewtwo: Fine... -squeezes her hand gently- Let's just go and speak with him...

Clayton: <.< I've noticed. -heads back to the elven colony- Listen Eshwin, about what just happened...


???: D< She was sleeping! Look this isn't my fault, I made very sure she wasn't just going to get up and go. The little bitch was crying when she went to bed. >C If it wasn't for that boy she would have stayed.

Adam: -follows her- D: Well where are we going to go? They know where we live now!


Damien: -laughs a bit and gets up- Oh you are so cute... |3 Now come here. -wraps an arm around her waist and pulls her in close to him- <3 You pretty little creature... -leans down and kisses the top of her head-

Rose: Sad I... I don't have problems with anger. -frowns a little and looks away- She has a problem with physical abuse.

Correntine: -leans in and kisses his neck, nipping him a little and leaving hickeys- Mmn you're such a good boy... -moves on top of him and pushes him back against the chair- >3 Now take master's clothes off... hurry now. <3

Kali: You reckon? -sits up a bit- Like what?

Anudor: Ohh... so we are. ;3 Did you have any ideas as to what we could do together...? -bites his lip and blushes a little-


Baldor: X3 You know I should be able to trust you. -sips his drink-

Ama: |c -pulls away- No I understand. -wipes her eyes and quickly gets to her feet- I'm sorry for trying to show you a good time sir... -bows her head and sniffles a bit- Sad I-I won't come onto you like that again, I promise. -starts to tear up and quickly leaves the bar- >.<


G: ... -sighs and slowly nods- I'll try... for you... <3


???: >.< No please! -holds onto her hands and pulls her back into the forests- I'm not going to let that happen to you. Sad I'm sorry... look I can't let you get hurt like this... -grabs some handcuffs and puts it down on one of her wrists, and the other cuff on a tree branch- I have to go and help them... I'll be back for you when it's safe, ok? -sighs deeply and gently kisses her forehead-

Cameron: >.> But they're being used for good. They're so close to humans that we can use them for medical experiments without having to test on pokemon, and with more accurate results. I figured you would be against pokemon testing.

G: Well-- ... -stops and thinks for a moment- ... This doesn't sound good.... Lily isn't our main concern anymore...

Abigail: >C -stands at the base of the tree and looks around carefully- <Aurora... Aurora you better get your ass over here right now. What are you doing, fucking sipping tea or something? You sent me over here at the worst possible fucking time, these donkey eared whores are in the middle of this huge invasion! I can't defend the family here on my own alright!>

???: -cuffs Tani and scoops her up- Yeah he'll probably appreciate getting this one back. >.> The others are just being sold off I suppose.

Darunia: >.<; -whines and struggles as she and the pups are muzzled- Tani! No stop this! -tears up a little-


Misfit: ... Fuck you're probably right. He'd know what to do...

Fawn: -whimpers a little and holds onto Rayurn- >.< Oh I hope we can just find him quickly... this place is so awful...
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Non canon couples 2
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