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 Non canon couples 2

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Non canon couples 2 - Page 15 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 15 I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 15, 2013 11:22 am

???: ... She resides in this cave in hell... Look it's dangerous...

Scruff: That was only a cursed and your father took it away... |c  

Mika: Eldrin when you say you do work :/ And Beaides to think you achieved something would be great. 


Zara:  ... Im not sure anymore... |c -tears up and buries her face in jinn's shoulder- 

Jason: Well how Bout Jason like you used to? :/ 


Shea: D< I can look after myself okay? I don't need help... -walks away-

???: ... <She is walking away... She'll be out into the forest...> -hides behind the tents-

Maria: >/ Mr Blackmore is an annoyance and has no right to meddle in my business. I want him gone.  

Eloisa: -looks her over for a moment then at Al-

Alejandro: >.> Its genuine dear. Don't worry.

Eloisa: ... -moves over and hugs her- |c


Jane: ... Look i know you're not. Just... Please calm down... 

Aurora: We haven't actually talked about that... D| 


Tani: o.o... >8C -eyes glow red and hisses- yes... We'll be seeing him very soon...-folds her arms and looks away- 

Laetri: o.o... -looks her over- Another elf..? ... Shh it's okay. Don't be afraid... We can get out of this... I just need you to calm down...


Thana: Well you seem to get annoyed easy by me... Sad 

(... You forgot Reese... And Daryl. o.o)

Lily: he looks weak... Sad-helps him off- Drayna! Drayna I need your help out here! 

Elean: Dude. Mewtwo has been hurt. We need to heal him first >/ 

Eleanor: -leans against him and sighs- I-Im sorry... |c ... Sorry... 


Madeline: <.< Maybe it is... |3 

Sandy: Stay away from me Gordon. >/ I have to go and get the kids. See if i can borrow fucking money from my aunt to just keep going because i know you've lost your job. 


Sandra: No of course not dear... It's just my friends claimed that Jirin penises were so huge... Guess they were exaggerating... I mean it's still big of course. 

Din: Oh wait... I guess this can be a thank you for helping me... -conjures a basket of food in her hand-

Zara: ... -finishes up the tent- I can conjure up all my pillows and beds. :/ its comfortable don't worry... You just get inside and ill try and make us something to eat. 

Shea: >.< F-Fine... Im sorry... -pulls her head away- 

Shawn: :/ Eh... I just wish i could find a girl who could handle it yknow... 

Isaac: <.< kid all the evil guys live here. Do you expect any good people here? 

Celestia: Cant you come with me? Sad 


Paul: Ooh... Sh-Shit... Yes... Just like that.. <3 -slowly starts to pull off her clothes- 

Chelsea: -comes back later- Mihan! :DOh you wont believe it! I... I think i can get your eyesight back! 


Tani: ... >.< No... They are so hurt Silver... They'll fight about this... A-and Laetri is gone. I don't know where he is... 

Zelda: D: He looks mad... -races over- Laetri! 

Laetri: <I'm leaving... I'm sorry I have upset you...> Sad 

Lily: ;3 Well... You'll learn more about me... <3 -backs away a bit- Come get me >3  

Aurora: Well not a lot of people are fond of you :/ Im used to that. But if they really hated you they wouldn't have let you in or served you a drink at the bar.


Elle: ... You will stay... Say it >/ 

Scruff: o.o... <.< Wow Bella. You might have a challenger against who is the favourite death eater to the dark lord.
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Non canon couples 2 - Page 15 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 15 I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 15, 2013 12:25 pm

???: You don't think I know that? >/ I can handle it. Just tell us how to find this place.

???: ... I dunno man. This is starting to sound like more trouble than it's worth.

Vivian: |c -sighs- I can't believe this... this is our only chance and... if only we could get out of these cuffs...

Eldrin: >.> What's so great about that?


Jinn: Don't cry... -sighs and strokes her hair- I just wish I could do something for you... |c

Lexi: ... That... that wouldn't be proper...

Lulu: He's not your master you know. You can call him by his name.


Tyrel: D: Shea... Sad-sighs a bit and runs a hand through his hair- God I hope you're right...

Bruno: <Good... >.> See if you can take care of the old man now that he's alone.> -gets to his feet-

Deo: -sitting out in the forests by himself, looking a little sick and underweight- =.= .... -sighs a bit and doesn't notice her-

???: >/ How dare you be so rude Maria. This is exactly why he'll be getting involved. You could stand to learn some manners young lady.

Fox: D| -sighs a bit and wraps her arms around Eloisa- There you go.... it's gonna be ok kid.


Abigail: D< Why should I?! -growls darkly and looks her over- ... Anything else you've always thought about me that I should know? >C

G: You're joking. D| Well how long are you going to let them stay?


Silver: C'mon get on the pokemon already. -moves back and makes room for them-

Green: o.o ... -looks them over- <.< Where are we going?

Ebele: Crying or Very sad-trembles a little and looks up at him- ... Wanna go back home... >.< -shakes her head- J-just a kitt... just a kitt... cannot fight...

Reese: -smiles a bit and gently strokes her hair- Yeah...? Better than before...? <3

Daryl: Don't be silly now. -covers a hand over her eyes- ^^ Now no peeking my love... you're going to love this. -takes her to his huge library-

Slate: -.-' Don't get like this. I've had a heap of litters and you're the first one I've actually given a shit about. Forgive me if I don't have all the patience your mother does, you should be bloody grateful I'm here at all alright?

Drayna: o.o -ears perk and goes out to them- Lily what's wrong? -kneels down by Parker's side- Oh Elune... D: This is horrible...

Benoni: >.> <Fine fine. But you didn't need me for that, you wanted me to go and find his friend anyway.>

Persian: It's alright we'll figure something out. I'm just glad you weren't hurt worse. :/


Adam: >.> Alright. I accept your challenge. >:U Bring on the strip poker.

Gordon: :(I'm going to find work again soon Sandy I promise you... I would never want you and the boys to go unsupported. Please I'm so sorry... I can't stand to lose you. I love you so much... I missed you and the kids while I was in there.


Kinak: o.o -ears flatten- What? -frowns a bit- There's nothing wrong with it. >/ Your friends weren't exaggerating this is normal size.

???: -gasps a bit and looks at it- :O Woah... owo

Sandrin: Oh goodness. o.o Thankyou. ^^ Go ahead now dears... enjoy.

Thrall: Yeah good. -looks around- ... I guess I have to find a job somewhere here. We'll need the money.

Viktor: >/ Goddamn right you're sorry. Get up you worthless little bitch, you're going back in your cage.

Rose: -starts to wash herself- :/ There's got to be somebody out there, sir...

Gaileth: :(That means I can't be good?

Kali: -sighs- D| Fuck. What's your problem...? You just asked me to go to bed. What do you want...? -tucks some hair behind her ear and looks up at her-


Ama: Mmn... -pulls the rest of his clothes away and looks him over- You're just how I imagined you would be... <3 -leans up and kisses him gently-

Baldor: o.o Hm? -gets up and looks over at her- ... What do you mean? D: Are you serious...?


Silver: :(Oh god... I can't believe this is all my fault... >.< He's really gone?

Tiriaq: D< -hisses and flicks his tail- <Why should I let you leave? I should kill you right here, Aerisian!>

Damien: o.o Shit. -races over with her- Laetri get away from it before you get hurt! ... And what goddamn language are you speaking?

Cameron: >3 -moves closer- Oh I will... -wraps some of the rope around his hand- Just you wait and see what happens when I catch you, elf...

G: Yes perhaps not.... well, if that is what you want then I wouldn't mind it. I've always wanted to see more of this place.


Bellatrix: >/ -pouts a bit and folds her arms- Hmph. She'd better not be...

Vlad: Aaagh! DX Stop! Stop just get it off me!
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Non canon couples 2 - Page 15 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 15 I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 16, 2013 8:45 am

???: Looks lets just go back to comfort her :/ she likes having us as friends...

Scruff: ... -looks over at a knife on the floor- ... If i can get that... Maybe i can pick the locks... 

Mika: Well you can prove to others that you can do a lot. 


Zara: |c ... You think... Maybe there is a place in hell thats away from the vampires... But is still safe..?

Jason: Lexi you're not proper :/ you're a tough loud girl. Thats what made me want to be friends with you... 


Krista: ... -goes up to Tyrel- Are you okay sir? Sad

Shea: -looks over at him- o.o... Deo? D: Shit man... -kneels down next to him- you look horrible Sad

Maria: >/ Why does he have to get involved? There is no reason. Besides, I don't think I should get marriage advice from someone who's wife left him.  

Eloisa: >.< I just want him back... I regret doing all of this... 


Jane: No... >.< AJ please... Im sorry for what I said... 

Aurora: Not for long if they keep this up. But also your cat likes Jane >.> e wouldn't want to let her go anytime soon. 


Tani: -moves in between Silver and Green, holding onto him- We're going straight to Pryce's gym. >/

Laetri: I know I know... Just calm down... :/ I'll figure a way to get us out... But I need you to be calm okay? You'll be alright... 

Elle: Yeah... <3 -smiles slowly fades away- ... You'll ... Probably have to go soon... 

Aurora: >.< Look Daryl don't just-- -pulls his hand away and looks over the library- o.o... It's... A library...?

Thana: ... -ears droop and jumps out of his arms, landing on the ground- ... Im gonna go... -walks away from him-  

Lily: I found him on mount silver D: his Pokemon are weak too... They're all in his pokeballs... :(Looks like he caught up with some fire creature. 

Elean Yes. Find the friend. Don't bother the old gay couple >.> 

Eleanor: But the device is gone... That was our only chance... |c 


Madeline: <w< What does the winner get afterwards? 

Sandy: No >/ Don't bother. I've gone back to work and can support us fine.  


Sandra: Really? They said that they went from your elbow to your fingertips... o.o

???: Thanks magic lady Very Happy

Din: X3 -hands it to them- enjoy. And do share with everyone.

Zara: Ill see if i can find work too :/ -looks him over- ... Here sit down... You need some rest... 

Shea: >.< No... I don't want to go back into the cage... Please... 

Shawn: -washes himself- ... Nah. Maybe I'm just meant to be alone... 50,000 years and i still haven't found the right one... 

Isaac: Iunno... I think you break away from the bad guys kiddo...

Celestia: I thought you'd change your mind or something... Look I'm sick of you going to bed. It was stupid for you to go back and suggest that...  


Paul: Mmn... -closes his eyes and kisses her back- ... <3

???: :3 -whispers- Wow... The human isn't as shy as he was before <3 

Chelsea: Yes! :DI found a friend who does special surgeries! We can do this transplant in no time! 


Tani: Sad-nods- We can try and find him... I know we can get him back... 

Laetri: o.o... Well its his language... What are you doing here? D:  

Lily: <w< Ooh... Im so scared >3 -giggles and moves into the bedroom and onto the bed-

Aurora: Great Very Happy-takes his hand- Thisll be lovely ^^ -kisses his cheek-  


Scruff: <.<... Iunno... She is winning.

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Non canon couples 2 - Page 15 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 15 I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 16, 2013 9:28 am

???: That'll be enough for her. C'mon you're making this way too big a deal.

???: No I'm telling you this is important. >/ Look I'll go without you if you're gonna be like this.

Vivian: ... It seems so far... >.< -strains to try and reach it-

Eldrin: -shrugs- I don't really need to prove to anyone that I can do housework. >.> Besides, that's for you girls to do.
(Does anyone hate Eldrin yet? Anybody?)


Jinn: There might be... we could ask around... -thinks for a moment- Maybe we could find a vampire hunter, keep them with us for a while...

Lexi: -rubs her arm and looks at the ground- Master Isaac didn't like that...


Tyrel: -glances down at her and sighs a bit- ... Yeah. I'm just worried for Shea, that's all... she's so upset and she's gone off on her own. :(Maybe I should send someone who can defend themselves to go after her... make sure she's safe.

Deo: -ears perk- ... Who is it...? -squints a bit and looks up at her- Shea...? -sighs- |c You shouldn't be talking to me...

???: >/ That is enough. How dare you be so rude and disrespectful Maria, we raised you better than this.

Fox: No no, don't regret it. This is going to be good for you. Look we'll stay here a while... let you calm down. You'll see you made the right decision, ok?


Abigail: >C Hmph. -sits back down and slumps in the chair- ...

G: He can be so needy. >.> Well he won't be coming out to the beach with us, he hates going outside.


Green: o.o; Alright alright. >.> Calm down now. ;3 There's no reason to be so jealous... -plays with the ends of her hair and sticks her tongue out at her-

Silver: Good to see we're all off to such a great start. -.- C'mon... -has charizard take off again- ... Hey aren't you supposed to be in prison still?

G: >.> You catch on fast.

Edele: Sad-quickly nods- O-ok... -swallows nervously- ... I... I Ebele... from Kijini tribe...

Reese: ... I know... I'm sorry. They're going to come looking for me if I don't. :(I don't want them to attack your tribe...

Daryl: |3 Yes... <3 -wraps his arms around her waist from behind and cuddles her- I've been putting it together since I first saw you, my love... -gently kisses her cheek- All of your favourites, everything you've loved, and so many more you've never seen... Do you like it my dear?

Slate: -folds his arms- And where are you going?

Drayna: This wasn't the doing of a pokemon... but I know the burns of a dragon when I see one... -starts to heal his burns a bit- These are very bad... bring him inside with me quickly, these can't get infected.

Benoni: >.> <Yeah we'll just see.> -heads out into the forest-

Mewtwo: ... -ear flicks and slowly opens his eyes a bit, looking up at Elean-

Persian: We'll get it back, just relax for now. You're no good to us injured.


Adam: >w> Oh, the sexy nakedness isn't enough for you?

Gordon: What about the kids? :(Please... please don't keep me from them.


Kinak: What? D< No. No this is normal sized, I'm not some bloody freak!

???: >w< You're the best!

Sandrin: -smiles a bit- That was very nice of you... look how happy they are. Smile

Thrall: No you need to stay at home, make sure everything's fixed up and that. -sighs a bit and sits down-

Viktor: >/ Shut up. -pulls her by her hair and throws her back into her cage- You need this. You'll be broken soon enough. Now hold still so I can hose you down... -grabs a hose-

Rose: :/ ... -ears droop a little- I'm sorry, that must be very difficult for you sir...

Gaileth: -rubs her eyes- You think so...? :(I don't wanna be a bad person... I wanna help people.

Kali: Well it was your stupid suggestion, not mine. Just go find the kid... -sighs a bit and heads back to their room-


???: >:U They were holding out on us... she just didn't want to share him.

Ama: -sighs happily- Oh Paul sir... please take me... <3

Baldor: o.o; ... -ears flatten- Surgery? This... wouldn't be one of your friends from the demon world, would it?


Silver: Oh I hope he's safe... -sighs a bit- I'm sorry Tani... I'm so sorry... Sad

Damien: Making sure you're safe!

Tiriaq: >/ ... -backs away a bit and quickly races off back to his tribe- <Help! Fighters! Our territory is invaded!>

Cameron: >w> You'd better be... -follows her in and grabs her wrist- I've got you. >3

G: -holds onto her hand and heads back into the colony- Yes... Isn't this a bit far from your teaching job, though?


Bellarix: >C -huffs and glares at her- We'll soon fix that...

Vlad: -blood runs down his chest and cries out in desperate pain- AGH! DX OK! WHATEVER YOU WANT, I'LL DO IT! MAKE THE PAIN GO AWAY!
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Non canon couples 2 - Page 15 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 15 I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 16, 2013 11:54 am

???: okay fine. We'll go back. But if you can't do this job then you come back okay? >.>

Scruff: >.< -stretched his leg out- Nghh... I-I almost got it... 

Mika: ... Hmm. With that attitude i think you need to talk to a friend of mine. She wouldn't like hearing those comments...


Zara: Thats a good idea... Theres some on the surface too... You know they might even let us live with them...

Jason: Well he isnt important right? :/ who cares what he thinks...


Krista: Oh I'm sure she'll be okay... There are more guards around right after the attack? She might stay with one of them...  

Shea: :(Why not? I'm not going to hate you because of what's happened... I understand the anger outbursts... Look why are you here? You need some medical attention...

Maria: >/ Look if I'm not getting a say in my own wedding then Marco and I will move straight away and have a private wedding somewhere else. 

Eloisa: ...'-sighs and looks away- Okay... |c 


Jane: ... AJ... -searches for her- I'd do anything to make up for whats been said... Sad 

Aurora: He'd hate the water. >.> You know who else likes him though? Toby. X3 


Tani: ... -turns to face her and holds onto her cheeks- Listen here girly... My son has been taken. The one thing i don't need... And dislike so much is a smart ass girl. So, poke that tongue out again... And it'll be gone >/ -lets go and turns around-  

Laetri: ... Im Laetri. I'm connected to the royal family of Ellesmera... Do you remember how they got you? 

Elle: ... -tears up a bit- I really dont want you to go... |c  

Aurora: ... Look Daryl I cannot accept this...  

Thana: Away from you... -heads into the kitchen- 

Lily: -picks him up and helps him inside- Why the hell would a dragon be there? More importantly why would it attack Parker Sad 

Eshwin: -ear flicks and looks over his shoulder- Oh its Benoni o.o... 

Elean: Hey D: You got hurt pretty bad... -takes him into his house- those guys used a thing on you...

Eleanor: |c -holds onto him- Where will we go...? 


Madeline: <w< Oh no... Having someone do something naked is just... So much fun. <3 

Sandy: What? Let them grow up with a criminal father? >/ ... I fear for their safety you know with your connections. I shouldn't have let you go on so many other risky missions like this! 


Sandra: Okay! Okay babe calm down..: -places her hands on his cheeks- Just calm down... I'll still love you the same way no matter what... <3 

Din: Well I have missed taking care of people... -sighs and looks down- 

Zara: I just thought getting two incomes in would help us get a home quicker :/ ... -rubs his shoulders gently- 

Shea: o.o!! -snarls- D< Dont you dare use that on me!! -curls up in the corner-  

Shawn: ... Yeah... -looks her over- You know im glad i met you... 

 Isaac: ... Yeah. I think that comes naturally to you. Your mums would let you grow up to be nice and helpful. 

Celestia: Kali! ... -growls- Fine D< Go be a sad sack of shit. Ive had it! 


???:  owo... Oh I don't care... He has started the show. <3

Chelsea: Yes. He is an old friend of mine who is a professional... 


Tani: Shh... I know. You couldn't control yourself... Its okay Sad 

 Zelda: o.o; -scoops him up- And now we should go >.>;;

Lily/ X3 Ahh! No! -squirms a bit- Let me go master... <3 

Aurora: Thats the best thing about being a teacher. >w> getting the holidays to do things X3 


Scruff: <w< Heh. I actually like you looking jealous. 

Elle: ... -moves it away- Good... >C Now get to your room. 
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Non canon couples 2 - Page 15 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 15 I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 16, 2013 1:49 pm

???: Fine, whatever. Just go back to stripping. And make sure Chelsea's ok. -frowns a bit and heads outside-

Vivian: Sad-watches him- Can you reach it...?

Eldrin: -.-' Fine but I thought we were just going back to your tent.

Blade: >.> Oh this I want to see. |3 -chuckles a bit-


Jinn: We'd probably have to pay up though... and they'd probably see through the demon coin trick...

Lexi: Mmn... -looks away-

Lulu: -leans in and whispers to Jason- Give her time. She's still gonna be frightened of doing the wrong thing.


Tyrel: No she wanted to be alone... -sighs- Maybe Mapiya would keep an eye on her...

Deo: They don't want me back at the tribe... children keep running from me. And I can't pitch in anymore... -slowly sits up a bit- I'm better off out here.

???: >C No. I won't allow it young lady. You'll drop this ridiculous attitude and start doing as you're told, right now.

Fox: There you go. :/ ... So where are you planning on staying, kid?


Abigail: Just stop saying these fucking things... I changed a lot for you, you know.

G: Oh I'm sure Toby does like him. X3 That's cute... it's a shame Persian doesn't like children.


Silver: o.o ... Tani. >/ Knock it off. We don't need this kinda drama right now. Green's here to help us.

Green: <w< -moves away a bit- Oh my, so intimidating... don't let me get in your way.

Ebele: W-was lost... wandered too far... Sad-ears flatten- In this strange world and... and didn't know where I was... they snuck up...

Reese: :(Please don't cry... -squeezes her hand gently- It'll be ok... I'm sorry...

Daryl: Accept it... you can have all of this, everything you've ever wanted that he could never give you. He's not right for you... he doesn't love you and know you like I do... <3

Slate: ... Hey. >/ -frowns a bit and follows her- Fine you can be upset but I'm still your father and you don't talk to me like that, ok?

Drayna: I'm not sure... he can tell us when he wakes, I'm sure. -helps lay him down on the couch and heals his burns- ... Go get me my bag... I think I set it in the kitchen.

Clayton: ... Oh... -.-' Fantastic.

Benoni: >w> -grins a bit- <Well look at you lovebirds...>

Mewtwo: I... know... >.< -winces a little and gingerly follows him- There is nowhere... safe...

Persian: -looks around- We'll figure something out...


Adam: |3 Alright then. So what does the loser have to do then, if you're so keen on it?

Gordon: :(No I swear Sandy! I'm done with all of that... I'm not working for Jude anymore, I'm getting rid of my connections...


Kinak: ... Alright... good. |3 I'm telling you... you're still going to love it.

Sandrin: Sad... -sighs a bit- He makes you do really awful things... doesn't he? He's not a nice man...

Thrall: No you need to stay at home. There's no job you can get here that would be worth the pay.

Viktor: >3 Awh. What are you going to do about it? -turns the stream on her-

Rose: :)Me too sir... you've really helped cheer me up.

Gaileth: ^^ -giggles a bit and hugs him again- Thanks mister! Smile

Kali: Yeah fine... go ahead and keep having it then! -lays down and pulls the covers over herself- Not like I can help it...


???: owo Ohh... <3 -ears perk and blushes a bit- I call him first when Ama's done... Very Happy

Baldor: D: Are you sure about this?


Silver: :(I wish I could show the others... I... I really didn't mean to hurt them. I didn't know what I was doing Mihan... >.< They must hate me.

Damien: D| What the fuck did you do to piss them off?

Cameron: Oh no... I'm not even near done with you. >3 -starts to tie her wrists and pins her down- There's nothing you can do now. |3

G: And what of when the holidays are over? >.>


Bellatrix: >w> ... Ohhhh? ;3 -hugs his arm- <3

Vlad: Ngh... >.<;; -huffs a bit and slumps, a deep cross shaped wound now formed in his chest- Oh god...
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Non canon couples 2 - Page 15 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 15 I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 17, 2013 11:49 am

???: ... D| -sighs- He was always a weird one...

Scruff: Yeah... I... Think i almost...-gets the tip of it and slowly drags it close to him- 

Mika: Oh we will >.> Blade could you go and get Mapiya? 


Zara: ... Maybe we need to offer them something else... By what would they like? Sad

Jason: Okay... But it's creeping me out so much... 


Krista: No. Maybe she needs time to cool down:/ that might anger her more... 

Shea: No... :/ We can sort this out.. You know I bet someone can convince them that you're good...

Maria: >/ No. The attitude won't go until Mr. Blackmore leaves.

Eloisa: ... I-I don't know... |c dad isn't answering... He must be out hunting. 


Jane: I know you did... -finally manages to get her hand and holds onto it- Ill stop... 

Aurora: Oh but guess what? He let Toby sleep cuddled up next to him >.> i thought it was shocking. 


Tani: Well I'm sorry, there is no need for the smart ass happy attitude when a child could be hurt or worse >C 

Laetri: You must've gone through a portal... :/ Its alright. I know some of the portals. Ill help find your one...  First I need to break from these chains to get my powers back.

Elle: ... You'll come back? Right? Sad -places a hand on his cheek- 

Aurora: ... No. Daryl please this is all too much. It's scary that you know so much about me when we haven't really talked... 

Thana: >/ You're speaking mean to me.

Lily: Sure. -goes into the kitchen- o.o Thana? -scoops her up- You should be sleeping :/ 

Drayna: I'm not sure... he can tell us when he wakes, I'm sure. -helps lay him down on the couch and heals his burns- ... Go get me my bag... I think I set it in the kitchen.

Eshwin: <.< ... Did you come just to poke fun? 

Elean: -helps him lay down inside- Hey now, they can't do anything else without this... I think you're safe now. :/ 

Eleanor: ... -tears up and buries her face in his chest- I just want to lay down and be at home... |c


Madeline: <w< ... If I win, you have to spend the rest of the day naked ... And even go outside for a few seconds naked |3 

Sandy: But you'll still have some connection. >/ Look I have to go home. 


Sandra: -smiles and kisses him gently- I'm sure I will... <3 

Din: ... Yes... -sighs- I feel so weak. I am the goddess of power, the one who helped create Hyrule and it's people... And now I'm controlled by him... |c 

Zara: ... -sighs and kisses his cheek- You're so stubborn... -strokes his hair gently-

Shea: >.< N-No! -shivers and bashes at the cage- Just turn it off! 

Shawn: -smiles and kisses the top of her head- Good... You look better when you're happy. <3 

Isaac: ... Yeah... No problem... -sighs a bit-

Celestia: -comes into the dungeons- D< Gaileth! 


Paul: -finishes and breathes heavily- Shit... -lays down next to her- It really has been a while... 

Chelsea: Trust me... You'll be able to see everything... -smiles faintly- 


Tani: Sad They will be upset... But we can sort it out... We can try |c -holds him close- 

Laetri: I had to tell him i was an elf D: he wanted to take me to his tribe! 

Lily: -bites her lip and looks him over- Mmn... I guess I'm going to have to take my punishment... <3 

Aurora: Well... I'd have to go back to Hogwarts :/ 


Scruff: o.o;; No not that way... T^T let me go... 

Elle: >C ... -growls and walks away- 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 15 I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 17, 2013 12:58 pm

???: C'mon let's just get back to the bar. D| Before our boss kicks our ass.

Vivian: -watches the demon carefully- :(Easy... don't wake her or we'll really be in for it...

Blade: >.> Of course... -licks her cheek gently and heads off to Mapiya's tent-

Eldrin: -folds his arms- .... Hmph. Blade's a stupid name anyway.


Jinn: D| -sighs a bit- I dunno... depends on the hunter. -rubs the back of her head- I'll figure something out, love. -gently kisses the top of her head- <3

Lulu: I wouldn't have thought before there was much hope for her, but... hey. Look at me. :/


Tyrel: :/ Maybe you're right... -sighs a bit and looks out at the forest- I'm sorry for all of this drama...

Deo: -frowns a bit- :(Do you think so? ... I don't know... |c I'm probably better off here... -looks her over- ... Why are you out here?

Harold: >.> I'm a little hurt, Maria...

???: >/ We raised you better than this. -huffs a bit and folds his arms- You may think you're too old to take a beating now girl but I'm sure your fiance will be more than happy to oblige given how rude you've been.

Fox: -looks up at Al- Don't you have a place here...?


Abigail: ... -sighs a bit and squeezes her hand- Alright come here... -gently pulls her into her lap and wraps her arms around her- <3

G: >.> I'm actually not sure I believe you.

Baldor: :O No it's true! >w< And it's so cute!


Green: <.< I know what's going on. I don't need a lecture. ;3 Lemme have a little fun, you grumpy old bat~

Silver: -.-' Please... please for the love of Arceus stop talking...

???: >/ You'll go nowhere.... -charges the cattle prod and shocks him again-

Ebele: o.o !! -squeaks in terror and quickly turns away, starting to cry again- >.<;;

Reese: I'll try... :(I'll try of course. But only when it's safe...

Daryl: But it's ok... we have so much time to get to know each other even more Aurora, please just trust me... <3

Slate: >/ See? Thankyou, that's what I said. Hand her here I'll put her back in the cot.

Benoni: >w> <No... I have other things to do.>

Clayton: >/ Then do them.

Benoni: |3 <Oh but poking fun at you two is so much fun~>

Mewtwo: -sighs deeply- That's all I wanted... safety for Gardevoir and for my friends...

Persian: ... -slowly strokes her hair- Look we can go back if you want...


Adam: >//> Hey nobody said anything about outside.

Gordon: Please Sandy please don't leave me... :(There has to be something...


Kinak: -finishes up sometime later and sighs a bit- Mmn... |3 What did I tell you girl? -kisses her neck gently- <3 That was good...

Sandrin: :(That's so awful... There... there isn't anything you can do? Can't you overpower him...?

Thrall: -looks her over- ... You know I never got the chance to say... you're very different in this form... -strokes her cheek gently- I like it...

Viktor: >3 -laughs cruelly- What are you going to do about it, bitch?

Rose: -giggles a bit and blushes- You think so sir?

Gaileth: o.o;; -jumps a little and turns to face her- D: M-mummah I... :(I was just trying to heal him...


Ama: Ohh... -sighs deeply and runs a hand through her hair- Oh Elune... <3 I could tell... -bites her lip and looks over at him, blushing- I never... expected a human to be so good...

Baldor: -smiles a bit- Ok... ok I trust you. :)Wow... I never thought this would happen.


Silver: |c Ok... -holds onto her and sighs a bit-

Kali: -comes down and looks over at them- D'you take his blood yet?

Damien: -.-' Well c'mon we better go before they come after us.

Cameron: |3 Of course... -pins her down and plays with her hair- And just how am I going to punish you, naughty little elf?

G: I suppose you would. -walks into the colony with her and looks around-

Drayna: -sitting up in some trees- ... I don't like this Mihan. I don't like him here. I was tortured for the location of Ellesmera before, he can't just be allowed to come here... -frowns a bit-


Bellatrix: Awwwhh.... >w> You're going to hurt my feelings.
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 15 I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 18, 2013 12:22 pm

???: -heads into the bar- Jeez. Since when he does he care about a stupid human? >.>

Scruff: I'm trying... I just gotta... somehow get it in my mouth so I can try and pick at it...

Mika: Well it's not his real name. They gave it to him at the fight club. >.> But they'd think Eldrin is a silly name. -goes into the tent and sits down, putting him in her lap-


Zara: I know you will... -smiles faintly and cuddles up to her, nuzzling her face in her neck- I know you'll protect me. <3

Jason: Yeah... you turned out alright... -smiles a bit and stops at the wrecked building- ... well... here we are...


Krista: Oh it's okay... Really... :/ I understand... she must be so upset...

Shea: ... I had a bit of a fight with Tyrel. Everyone is giving this girl a second chance when she didn't help me when Bruno took me...

Maria: ... -tears up and ignores them, looking at Harold- I was hurt more...

???: ... What are you talking about Maria?

Maria: I cannot lie... Mr. Blackmore raped me.
(Great liar. Good move.)

???: o.o;; Is this true?! D< You ... you touched my daughter!?

Alejandro: Probably. If they haven't given it away to another family yet. C'mon. We can look around.


Jane: -cuddles up to her and rests her head on AJ's shoulder- ... -sighs- I love you... you know that right? No matter what I could never hate you...

Aurora: X3 It really was. Speaking of which he is probably so very hungry right now. -heads upstairs-


Tani: -growls and yells, making the ground shake- RIGHT THAT IS IT! D< I am going on my own. -jumps down and sinks into the ground, speeding off to the gym-

Laetri: ARGHHH! >.< C-Crap... D| -leans back a bit-

Elle: ... -leans in and kisses him gently- I guess we should just enjoy the time we have...

Aurora: No! >.< I don't want to get to know you and I want you to forget about me!

Thana: >.< No... -buries her face in Lily's chest and whimpers- I wanna stay with mummah...

Lily: o.o... It's okay kiddo. You can stay. We just gotta help Parker... :/ -takes the bag to Drayna- Here.

Eshwin: Really? <.< C'mon Benoni I'm sure keeping Elean out of trouble is your main priority.

Elean: ... :/ I know. You can have it here... we stopped them before... and we can do it again... -starts to heal him up-

Eleanor: But what are we going to do about Mewtwo...?


Madeline: <w< It's my wishes. And you know what? You can have whatever you want when you win |3

Sandy: ... Just leave me alone... -tears up and walks down the path-


Sandra: Mmn... -strokes his hair a bit and sighs- It was... <3 -looks at him and rests her forehead gently against his- Does this mean you want to stay now? <3

Din: -shakes his head- He has the triforce... it has all control over me... The only way I can be free is if my triforce goes back into the Temple of Time... or to someone who is good... -looks at her- You know Zelda... right? My sister Nayru... she has her... she is very lucky...

Zara: -blushes a little- Y-Yeah...? ... I do miss my elf form... but... I am glad you like it...

Shea: >.< Just stop! -shivers and curls up, hiding her head- Stop...

Shawn: X3 I know so... Heh. You have the sweetest giggle. <3

Celestia: >/ -pulls her away from the bars- I said not to go near him. Ever. Do this again and you'll be in so much trouble.


Paul: Heh... Especially this old human... -looks over at her and smiles faintly- I guess it was worth the wait... <3

???: -comes into the room- >.> Okay Baldor. Get on the bed, let's get this over and done with. I have many more clients to see.


Tani: -looks up- Yeah... he is back to normal.. still a bit weak... but okay. -kisses his forehead-

Celestia: >.> Told you  my plan would work.

???: >/ <You talked to an elf? How did one come out here so far?> -looks over at them-

Zelda: o.o... Shit D: -hands Laetri to Damien- Go now. I'll distract them.

Lily: <w< ... I guess you'll just have to fuck me so hard I won't have the ability to walk or run off anymore... <3

Aurora: ... -squeezes his hand gently- You know you can come and see me at Hogwarts. There's no crime against that :/

Malladus: -laying on a branch like a cat- I don't like it either but you know Aurora >.> She hasn't had a lot of people close to her in her life. Only recently has she got more friends and family. She wouldn't want to let go of that.

Scruff: Who cares >.> -helps Vlad up- C'mon kid we'll heal you up.
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 15 I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 18, 2013 2:07 pm

???: -.-' -shrugs- Beats me man. >.> I thought he was gay, now he's off doing all this shit for a human chick?

Vivian: :(Please hurry...

???: -steps in carefully and looks around- Vivian...? Vivian Riddle?

Eldrin: >.> -looks around the tent- ... Where'd he go anyway?

Blade: -noses Mapiya's tent open and sticks his head in- Hey, you busy?


Jinn: I always will... whatever I can. -holds her close- ... He didn't hurt you did he? :(I wasn't too late?

Lulu: ... Oh it's uh... it's nice... .__. Is there actually any shelter?

Lexi: o.o -looks it over- ...


Tyrel: She is... I didn't see what happened at that campsite but it must have been bad. :/ In all honesty I'm just glad the both of you got away from there...

Deo: ... -gives a sympathetic look- and yet you're willing and ready to give me a second chance? -nuzzles her gently- I'm sorry you were hurt back there but I'm sure she was just as terrified and hurt as you were...

Marco: o.o !! He did what to you?! D< -rolls up his sleeve and grumbles darkly- >C

Harold: D< -gasps and steps back- How dare you? I did no such thing!

Fox: Alright... and what about if it has been taken?


Abigail: -holds her close and cuddles her a bit- ... -sighs- Yeah... Yeah I know. I couldn't hate you either... I love you Jane...

Baldor: >:T Alright but after he eats we gotta get to the beach!


Green: o.o !! Oh my god! D8 -peers over the edge- Did you see that?! How did she do that without going splat?

Silver: D| Thankyou Tani... -sighs a bit and rubs his forehead- Just what we need.

Ebele: >.<;; -cries a little and trembles- This place so scary...

Daryl: I could never forget about you my love... ever...

Drayna: Thankyou... -pulls some herbs and that out of it- o.o -ears perk and looks up at Thana- Well hello there you little sweetheart. ^_^ -scratches the top of her head- And what's your name?

Slate: >/ ... -folds his arms and watches them, growling a bit-

Benoni: >.> <Fine. But I'll get you on my way back~> |3

Mewtwo: >.<; -shuts his eyes and hisses a little in pain- No... they're better without me.... they're safe that way...

Persian: Look we'll take you back home if that's where you want to be. I'll take care of it or something...


Adam: |3 Alright. Alright you got a deal.

Gordon: :(Sandy please don't do this... I... I love you...


Kinak: |3 Sure I'll stay for a while. Who knows... maybe one day you can even come back to my kingdom with me.

Sandrin: Sad-nods- I do know Zelda... she's a lovely girl, and a great ruler... Your sister is very lucky to have her.

Thrall: I do like it... you're beautiful this way... -leans in and kisses her cheek gently-

Viktor: >J -grins and turns it off- Heh... just give up. It'll be easier on you...

Rose: ^//^ -giggles more and blushes- You're very sweet to me sir... <3

Gaileth: D: But mummah! :(He's nice... why does he have to be here? Can't we let him out?


Ama: It really was... -cuddles up to him and gently kisses his chest- Mmn... thankyou... <3

???: -looks down at them from the trees- :DSo when do we get our turn?

Baldor: o.o ... Oh sure, of course. -sits down on his bed- So what exactly does this procedure involve?


Kali: Well we'll still wanna keep him contained for a day or so and make sure his powers are well and truly under control. >/ And so he remembers what staying in hell is like if he ever does this again.

Silver: .__. Understood...

Tiriaq: <I don't know, it just came up to me! >/ It wanted to see our tribe, I'm sure it would have hurt us!>

Damien: -.- No. You're coming with us, come on Zelda. You think they'll be any more thrilled to see you?

Cameron: |3 I think I can arrange that... -pulls his shirt off-

G: -laughs a bit- Even if there was it probably wouldn't have bothered me Aurora.

Drayna: Well she's from earth as well. >/ Can't she go back there? Why do they have to be in the colony to be together?


Vlad: -shudders a little- D-don't... >.<; Get off me... -looks pale and weak-
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 15 I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 19, 2013 10:38 am

???: he wanted to share a bed with her <.< besides this is hell. Everyone sleeps with anyone... And anything .___.

Scruff: o.o... -whispers- Shit... Vivian who is that? D:  he is going to wake her up!

Mika: To get our head of the army >.> 

Mapiya: -ear flicks- ... Im napping. Why whats the matter? =.= 


Zara: No I'm fine... He just ripped

Off my clothed ... And removed my braids... And beads |c -sighs- Those beads were special.. 

Jason: ^^;; The room at the back has more shelter... Sorry its the bet we have got at the moment. 

Lexi: o.o -looks it over- ...


Krista: Oh yes... Bruno acted so kind at the start... I guess I should be more careful... 

Shea: Deo we went through the same shit... I understand what you go through... -cuddles him- And you took care of me and Tyrel for years... Her i dont trust.  Why all of a sudden would she be nice and want to be near werewolves after being attacked by one?

Maria: >.< Its true... He said i had to stay. He wanted to keep seeing me and if didnt agree he would kill Marco... 

???: D< You touched my daughter? After all the years we've been through?!

Alejandro: >.>... like sleeping under the stars? ^^;; 


Jane: I love you too AJ ... -kisses her cheek and sighs- I've always loved you... 

Aurora Okay okay X3 -goes into the bedroom-

Toby: |3 -cuddled up to Persian- <3 


Tani: -rises up at the front of the gym- ... -opens the doors and enters- Hello? 

Laetri: >.< J-Just be calm... Look... Im okay. Its okay... Shh... 

(Forgot Reese.)

Aurora: >.< Argh... -pushes him out the way and walks away from him- 

Thana: o^o -turns human and holds onto her hand-

Lily: Oh Drayna.. This is our daughter Thana... -smiles faintly-  

Eshwin: <.< Im sure you will. Go on now. 

Elean: So you will leave the only one who has loved you so much? :/ That's more heartbreaking... 

Eleanor: How are you going to take care of it? Sad 


Madeline: <w< -fixes up her clothes and gets out some cards- Lets dl this |3 

Sandy: ... -tears up- Just... Shut up! >.< Shut up Gordon! 


Sandra: ... Yeahhh. I don't think so. <.< A woman like me would lose all her rights. 

Din: ... yeah. And my other sister is with this man name Link... Our land's hero... They are so lucky... And i had to help that man >.< Help him destroy so many things.. 

Zara: ... -blushes and looks away- ... Thanks... 

Shea: ... -shakes her head- Ill never give up... 

Celestia: He isn't nice >/ He is pure evil and is just using you Gaileth! Try and understand that! 


Paul: o.o;; ... -rubs his eyes and sighs- D| There is no privacy...

???: >.>... -puts a sleeping spell on him- 


Tani: And what will happen to you two for doing all this right from the start? >/ 

???: >/ ... -growls a bit- <Stop where you are!> D< 

Zelda: You keep forgetting i have a goddess on my side D| Just go! 

Lily: -blushes- ... Wow... You really are breath taking... <3 

Aurora: X3 Heh... I guess not... -smiles and hugs his arm- ... -looks him over- You know maybe I can arrange something so you can stay with me. It'd be better than hell...

Malladus: >.>... Drayna... Sometimes you're not a bright girl. What do your people do all day? What does it do to tourists?  


Scruff: Oh shut up >.> -helps him onto his bed and holds out a bottle of potion- Drink. 
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Non canon couples 2 - Page 15 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 15 I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 19, 2013 11:11 am

???: .__. Too right. >.> Hey maybe when we're done with work we can get lucky with that human girl. |3 Not like he's around to yell at us for it.

Vivian: D: I don't know I've never seen him before... -shrinks back a bit and looks over at the demon-

???: ... -shifts a little in her sleep but doesn't wake- =.=

???: -sighs a bit in relief- D| I'm so glad I found you... D: You're Scruff right? Tell me that's you. -goes over and helps them out of their cuffs-

Eldrin: >.> Mkay but I thought he said he was gonna get a girl.

Blade: Oh nothing. <.< There's just this loudmouth kid we gotta take care of that thinks women only clean and that. Mika thought you might wanna meet him.


Jinn: They would have burned with the house... hey calm down, they're just beads. We can get them anywhere...

Lexi: It's better than nothing... thanks for bringing us here sir... <3


Tyrel: You should typically steer away from werewolves that live alone... :/ We have to be a part of a group, there is usually a very good reason why they would be living alone...

Deo: -nuzzles her gently- ... Well... thankyou. I appreciate that there is someone who understands...

Harold: D< No! The girl is lying!

???: How dare you do something like this to our daughter and then accuse her of lying?! D< Get out of my home, now! Before I call the police!

Fox: -.-' Sure I guess it's something I could get used to... -rubs her forehead-


Abigail: ... -looks her over- Always, huh?

Persian: |3 -curled up next to him, purring a bit- ...

G: -folds his arms- .... >.> Well you had me fooled.

Persian: o.o -ears perk and looks up at them- Very Happy-immediately jumps up and goes over, nuzzling him gently- <3 Mreowr.... ^w^


Pryce: -sitting around with his creepy ice sculptures in his wheelchairs- ... Yes hello dear... -smiles faintly and slowly wheels himself over to her- You're the one who called...?

Ebele: Sad-looks up at him with tears still in her eyes- Y-you... you ok...?

Reese: Of course... -sighs a bit and kisses her back- <3

Daryl: ... -looks a little hurt- You'll warm up to me, eventually...

Drayna: ^^ Oh you're so sweet.... aren't you clever? Being able to transform already? :)I bet you can pull all sort of other tricks too, can't you?

Benoni: |3 -flicks his tail and heads out to where Gardevoir and that are-

Mewtwo: As long as she is safe... she deserves more to be alive and well...

Persian: :/ -shrugs- I'll figure something out. So you wanna go home?


Adam: >.> ... Where'd you get those cards? How long have you been planning this?

Gordon: Sad... Please..


Kinak: >.> Rights? That's adorable darling. |3

Sandrin: :(I'm so sorry... you're in such an awful position, but... your sisters understand don't they? That it's not your fault?

Thrall: -looks her over for a moment and gently brushes some hair out of her eyes- Yeah... you're welcome...

Viktor: Well you should. >.> Hey I got a great idea. |3 We'll go for a little walk later out to the brothel. See how your little friend likes her new life. >3

Gaileth: -tears up a bit- But he's not mummah! :(He hasn't done anything! Let him out!


Ama: o.o -blushes- Oh guys... ^///^ H-hey....

???: :DSo whose turn is it next sir? -jumps down with a few other elf girls-

Baldor: What are.... D| Uhh... -lays down and passes out- =^= Mmn...


Kali: >.> -shrugs- I dunno. We're the one in charge of punishments love. |3 Nothing I guess.-looks up at Celestia- Unless you wanted to uh... punish me? ;3

Silver: -.-' Don't... that shit right there is what you did to get me like this is the first place! >/

Damien: D| -rolls his eyes- Bloody stubborn thing you are. -teleports back to the castle with laetri-

Tiriaq: >/ <Where's the other elf that was here before?> -holds his spear out at her and hisses- D< <Speak!>

Cameron: ;3 Yeah? -runs a hand through his hair- |3 Like what you see love? <3 -pulls off his pants-

G: Oh yes I'm sure anything is better. D|

Drayna: >/ -pouts and folds her arms- I still don't like it...


Vlad: >C -grumbles darkly and takes it- Fine... -slowly drinks some-
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 15 I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 20, 2013 7:17 am

???: >.> Iunno. She looks like the kind of girl who could beat you up.

Scruff: -whispering- Yes. But will you bloody well whisper? D< If she wakes up it'll be all three of us chained up. -slowly gets up, helping up Vivian-  

Mika: >.>... That is correct. 

Mapiya: ... -turns into her scary human form and gets up- Lets roll >/ -heads out of the tent-  


Zara: N-No... Some you cant get again... |c they were all y beads from my travels... From all the towns i went to... But some were made for me by my colony when i was born... 

Jason: ... -sighs- Its okay. Cmon. -heads inside, stepping over some rubble- 


Krista: Yeah... I've realised that.. Thank you sir. I really do owe you... May I help you adjust your foot so it feels more comfortable for you? 

Shea: ... Why don't you come back and stay with Tyrel and I? :/ So we can sort things out... 

???: get out now! D< And you can forget about any other deals. I'll make your name blacklisted. Just you wait...

Maria: >.< -cries and holds onto Marco- I'm sorry my love...

Eloisa: ... Im just going to walk and see the villagers... 


Jane: Yeah... I always thought you were special... And there was something about you... 

Aurora: -scoops up Toby and sits down- Told you >.> -helps breastfeeding him- There you are ... Smile 


Tani: ... -looks him over- Yes... My name is Tani. It's nice to meet you. 

Laetri: Y-Yeah... Yeah I think so... D| I've had worse...

Maddie: -comes through the portal with Alassea- So let me get this straight... We gotta go and find Laetri but you don't know where he is? 

Elle: Mmn... -rests her head on his chest, rubbing it gently- ... I love you Reese... 

Aurora: -goes down the stairs and tries to open the doors- >.< Oh come on!! 

Thana: >w< -giggles and hugs her hand- 

Lily: Oh yeah. She has the wicked shadow powers too X3  

Gardevoir: -looks up- D: Benoni? W-Whats happened? I heard something bad out there... Sad 

Elean: ... You don't understand. People do things for love. Even sacrifice themselves. And she has risked a lot to be with you... 

Eleanor: ... I want you to stay with me at home |c 


Madeline: <w< -sits down on the lounge- Ready? |3 

Sandy: ... -shakes her head- I need to go home... >C -wiles her eyes- 


Sandra: <.< Yeah see? I don't like that attitude. -gets up and puts her underwear back on- 

Din: They do... |c i just wish I could help them instead of hurting others... -sighs-

(Imagine if Damien got the triforce of power?) 

Zara: ... Um... Ill see what I can try and make you... I  dont have much food... 

Shea: -snarls- You bastard... >C  

Celestia: ENOUGH! D< -huffs a bit- I'm serious Gaileth. He needs to stay in there. 


Paul: o.o;; uhh... Look girls... ^^;; i... I dont want to do anyone else ...

Chelsea: -some time later- Baldor... Baldor wake up... -strokes his hair- 


Celestia: >.> No. I still got the butt comment in my head.

Tani: >/ -growls- No. Something needs to be done. You almost got everyone sold off! 

Laetri: >.< -holds onto him- Thanks sir... 

Zelda: ... Look we arent here to hurt you. We are just going home okay? -quickly swipes the spear from him- 

Lily: o///o Y-Yeah... Yeah I really do... <3 

Aurora: X3 -laughs a little- Here. There are some spare tree houses over there. We can take on of them. 

Malladus: Look until he actually starts doing something can we just leave them be? They aren't doing anything. 


Scruff: >.> Look kiddo, you want some advice? Try making friends here. 
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Non canon couples 2 - Page 15 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 15 I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 20, 2013 8:05 am

???: -shrugs- >.> She's a human, just how bad could she really be?

Vivian: >.<; -holds onto him tight and buries her face in his chest- Oh god... this is it. Sad We can finally get away from here. Oh Scruff I'm so sorry she hurt you as well... -tears up-

???: C'mon we probably don't have a lot of time, we can do the cheery stuff later. Your friend Chelsea really needs you.

Eldrin: >.> .... Well that doesn't make any sense. 

Blade: |3 I knew you'd be interested. -flicks his tail and follows her out-


Jinn: Zara it's ok, don't cry... Look I'm sorry we can't get them back but they're just beads babe... Sad It's more important you're alive.

Lulu: -follows him- What are we going to do for money? And for Lexi? We can go out hunting easily but we need to get her real food.


Tyrel: Oh no it's ok dear... this contraption is a tricky thing and it's difficult to figure out.

Deo: No... No I couldn't put you in that position my dear. People would look down on you for housing me, I'm better off here. :/

Harold: >C ... -steps away- Very well... but I assure you you'll regret what you've done. Especially you Maria... >/ You lying little tramp, you'll see... -steps outside and slams the door behind him-

Marco: >C -glares at the door for a while- .... Ssh ma cherie... -kisses the top of her head- He will no longer bother you...

Fox: ... Don't get into any trouble alright? Just take it easy.


Abigail: Heh... I didn't notice until we actually... -sighs a bit and kisses her cheek- Thanks babe. You're not the same as everyone else... <3 It's nice to know you actually care about me...

G: -strokes persian's fur- >.> I find it hard to believe now.


Pryce: -nods- |3 Likewise, young lady... now as I understand it you wished to have a match?

Ebele: Sad ... Laetri... what do they want...?

Alassëa: D: Yes he got snatched away! >.< He could be in awful danger and we really gotta find him...

Reese: ... -smiles faintly and wraps an arm around her- I love you too...

Morgan: -pacing- >C He's been gone all night... my brother would never leave like this without telling us. Where would he have gone?

Daryl: -slowly heads down after her- >.> Niw now, don't do that...

Drayna: X3 I bet you do, don't you sweetie? -goes back to healing the burns- Now Lily I can't say for sure yet but I sense he may have suffered a concussion, I'll have to test him when he wakes. :/ Then we can ask him what happened.

Benoni: >.> <Your boyfriend got hurt real bad by the humans. You should probably come check if he's alive.>

Mewtwo: ... I don't think you comprehend what I know of sacrifice.... of what I have for her...

Persian: But then we'll stil be in danger. The creature's gotta be dealt with.


Adam: |3 -sits across from her- I was born ready babe.

Gordon: ... Ok... |c I'll let you go. I'm sorry...


Kinak: You're the one that's giving attitude. >/

(Ooooh. That'd be good but how would he get it?)
Sandrin: |c I'm sorry... I wish I could help...

Thrall: Find something for yourself first. I'll eat when I can pay for it with a job...

Viktor: |3 Awh hush now... I thought you'd be happy to see your little friend... -grabs a collar and leash-

Rose: -watching a few elves going at it- .__. They are quite... public, with their affections... -sighs- Sad I wish I could have had that sort of a relationship with master...

Eldora: -getting wedding stuff seen together and that- Oh Reynard... ^///^ Can you believe it?

Gaileth: o.o !! -jumps a little and starts to cry- I... I... I'm sorry Mummah... Crying or Very sad


???: D: What? Then why did you let us watch?

???: >:T That's so rude!

Baldor: D| Uhh... -ears perk a little- Mah... Mummah...? -slowly opens his eyes-


Kali: o.o;; -looks between them- Shit, but-- Geez one at a time! T^T Mihan I was kidding! And how was I supposed to know he would get all vicious? It's not my fault!

Damien: ... -ears flatten- It's fine kid. You can let go anytime you want by the way. -.-'

Tiriaq: o.o; <Hey! D< Give it back!> -hisses-

Cameron: |3 Oh look at you going all red... -leans down and kisses the top of her forehead-

G: Sure... -takes her over to one- So how long will you be on holidays?

Drayna: I still want to keep an eye on them.


Vlad: >C .... -glares at him sharply- Tell me that was a joke.
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Non canon couples 2 - Page 15 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 15 I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 20, 2013 11:10 am

???: >.> Iunno man. You try her out first since you're so game .

Scruff: Chelsea? ... Shit. Well Iunno if we can. Though we are escaping this demon knows where you are. She would surely come after us and hurt anyone around us...

Mika: -cuddles him- You'll see |3

Mapiya: -enters the tent, standing tall as- ... -looks down- Are you the child? >C 


Zara: >.< No... Y-You don't understand...  Some of those beads belong to my parents... It was all I had left of them...

Jason: We're vampires. Cant we go shadow and swipe some food? 


Krista: -frowns a bit- There must be something I can do... 

Shea: After whats happened they cant look down upon me... they all respect Tyrel and I... Cmon... Give it a try? Sad 

Maria: >.< I really am so very sorry... I must be so horrible...

???: ... -looks at Maria- So this was why you were acting like this... Maria you should've told us... Sad 

Eloisa: ... Dont worry i will. -walks away and looks around the village- 


Jane: -smiles and cuddles up  to her- ... You know...  -kisses her neck- I really like it when you cuddle me this way. I alway feel safe in your arms. <3

Aurora: <.< -looks at Persian- So still like being cuddled up to Toby? 


Tani: ... Yes... Balto come.

Balto: -appears next to her, eyes glowing red- ... -snarls- >C

Tani: <.< Dont mind him. He can be quite... Vicious sometimes... 

Laetri: ... I don't know: whatever it is they need heaps. And they like us being brainwashed. 

Maddie: Okay.. -frowns and thinks- Where do we start ? 

Elle: -smiles and cuddles him- ... You know i know its q bit out there... But your body is lovely. <3 

Hanson: >.> I dont care. Your brother is a sissy. No one cares if he is here or there.

Aurora: ... >C -starts to kick the door down- Open! D< 

Lily: I hope he can remember. Aurora might be in danger. She wasn't on the island but she called Misfit to tell us Parker was injured... 

Gardevoir: D8 Oh god >.< -races back to the colony and goes to Elean'a house- Mewtwo?! 

Elean: ... I guess we have different views... 

Eleanor: >.< I want you to stay with me...  


Madeline: -deals the cards- <.< So what will i do if you win...? 

Sandy: ... -starts to walk back home-

Jude: ... Shit... This is all my fault... |c 


Sandra: >.> Oh calm down dead. Need a drink? 

(Sandrin wants to help and asks her father to get it back and in this battle he gets it?)

Din: Oh it's okay... At least now I can have a break from him... |c

Zara: ... Im not really hungry. I just want to sleep... 

Shea: >C You stay away from me. Im seeing her wen im free. 

Shawn: >.> Alejandro is a push over. Unless you're dominating you wouldn't have had the chance.  

Reynard: I can't it's just... It's all happening and coming together... Smile -cuddles her close and kisses the top of her head- 

Celestia: ... -sighs and scoops her up- ... I don't want you hurt Gaileth... You're my pride and joy... Sad


Paul: D| I didn't know you were there! I didn't want you to watch! 

Chelsea: ... Heh. No it's me... Chelsea... Smile 


Tani: >/ Both of you should've known.  You need to think before you take action.

Laetri: >.>... No. Its nice to hug you. 

Nayru: -comes out from Zelda's wrist and looks them over-...

Zelda: Give them English dear... :/

Nayru: ... -thinks for a moment, giving them the ability to speak english-

Lily: ... -slowly closes her eyes- ... How can you make me feel this way...? <3 

Aurora: About a week. I have to go back in a bit early to get my work for the semester organised. 

Malladus: D| Can't we just go have sex in the flowers?


Scruff: Im serious. We can help you. Look after when you're hurt and everything. >.> Be stubborn and your life will be a living hell..
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Non canon couples 2 - Page 15 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 15 I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 20, 2013 12:44 pm

???: >.> Alright I will. -heads into the back of the bar and steps into the bedroom-

Vivian: -shakes her head- We can't put anyone else at risk... :(She's so dangerous...

???: I don't think you comprehend what this girl's going through. She's completely alone, her girlfriend went all nuts and raped her.

Eldrin: ... -looks up at her- Yeah... >.> Are you the cleaning lady?


Jinn: Alright alright ssh... calm down. Look maybe we can go and find your parents, get new ones...

Lulu: You haven't been a vampire for long Jason but you need to know that there are people everywhere who would want us dead. Hunters... there are people who would want to eat us even. We have to be sneaky and go around unseen.


Tyrel: -smiles faintly- Well if you could help walk me back to my tent, that would be lovely...

Deo: I suppose there's no harm in trying... -morphs back to his human form and slowly stands- Thankyou...

???: D: Oh Maria don't apologise... please, this explains so much.

Marco: It is not your fault... -sighs and cuddles her close- You should have told us sooner ma cherie... we will keep you far from him now... <3

Fox: ... -watches her leave- M'still worried about that girl.


Abigail: Good... you should feel safe. -shuts her eyes and tilts her head back- |3 Mmn... <3

Persian: >.> ... -flicks his tail a bit- <Maybe...>


Pryce: ... I see. What a strange looking animal you have there my dear... >.>

Ebele: :(They... they'll brainwash...? -ears flatten and looks a little confused-

Alassea: D: I dunno! >.< He got taken away by this awful big bird creature... and it was really fast!

Reese: o///o M-mine? Oh uh... ^//^ Thanks... -rubs the back of his head- You uh... I didn't want to say anything, but... you're really beautiful too, you have the most stunning body... -goes very red and looks at the ground-

Morgan: D< I care! He would have told us, something isn't right! >C -pulls on a hooded robe- I'm going to go and find him.

Daryl: -wraps an arm around her and pulls her away from the door- Really now my dear... -gently kisses her cheek- I worked very hard to make this place nice for you... please don't break things.

Drayna: Well he'll be waking soon. -sits back and looks him over- He'll be sore... but hopefully able to recount what's happened...

Parker: >.<; Nn... -moans a bit in pain and starts to stir-

Benoni: >w> ... -heads back out to find clayton and eshwin- <Hey looove biiiirds~> |3

Mewtwo: -shuts his eyes and sighs deeply- I suppose we do...

Persian: Then would you please make up your mind eleanor? -frowns a bit- What is it, home or here?


Adam: >.> I dunno. I guess I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

Amber: 8C This is so sad...

Gordon: |c ... -runs a hand through his hair and sighs a bit- B-bye.... </3 -turns and heads back to Jude's place-


Kinak: ... -flicks his tail and snorts a bit- >/ Yes. Go get it for me.

(Oooh that Damien. Mkaykay)
Sandrin: Yes I suppose so... Sad-ears flatten and glances over at the door- ... Could you please stay with the children for a moment? I need to be somewhere... I'll be right back, I promise...

Thrall: Alright then let's just sleep... I'll look for work in the morning. -lays down and pulls her into his arms-

Viktor: >.> I thought you would have learned by now that you'll do as you're fucking told, or be punished. >C -pulls her close to the bars and fixes the collar down tight on her neck- Now shut up or I'll fucking hose you down again.

Rose: :(But that's what I hated about Fox... she was so awful to him and she even hurt him. I could have never done that to him... it's not right.

Eldora: -blushes and wraps her arms around him- ^//^ I couldn't be happier... -looks up at him- I... I meant to tell you before... :)I went to the doctor a few days ago...

Gaileth: :(I just wanted to help him mummah... shouldn't we be kind to everyone?


???: >:T Ama would you say something? How weird is this?

Ama: Actually guys... :/ We were both kinda hoping we could do this privately...

Baldor: Oh Chelsea... -smiles faintly- Did the procedure.... >.<; Ah... -squints and shields his eyes- Oh Elune my eyes hurt...


Kali: >.> -shrugs- Fine. We'll think before we bite next time.

Silver: >/ Don't you dare just shrug! My family got hurt because of this!

Damien: -groans a little and rolls his eyes- D| C'mon kid this is just getting weird.

Tiriaq: o.o; -ears flatten and steps back, looking them over- .... What did you do? D<

Cameron: Oh I'm not even trying yet... -moves down on top of her and gently kisses her neck- Mmn... just you wait... <3

G: That's not very long. >.> Are you sure I wouldn't be getting in your way?

Drayna: ... Alright fine but just three times.


Vlad: >C I'm already there...
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 15 I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 21, 2013 7:04 am

Chelsea: |c -wipes her eyes and looks up- Oh... Hello... 

Scruff: ... Shit... Fuck Sad I want to go to her... Fuck how could that bastard do this?! 

Mapiya: -snarls and holds him up in the air, upside down- Name's Mapiya... I'm the leader of the army here >C


Zara: No you don't understand! >.< I can't go back there my people will kill me! 

Jason: o.o... Who the fuck would want to eat us? D8 


Krista: Oh I wouldn't mind at all <.< -holds onto his arm- 

Shea: Its no problem... :/ I mean hey you'd do the same for me, right?

Maria: ... |c Thank you... I-I thought you would've all hated me... For losing my virginity... 

???: It wasnt your fault. Sad no matter what we still love you Maria...

Alejandro: I am too. :/ -sighs and wraps an arm around her- I just want her to be happy... 


Jane: -smiles and cuddles her gently- X3 So whats going to happen when Aurora and Giovanni kick us out? 

Aurora: >w> -finishes feeding Toby- You two are cute together.

Toby: Very Happy -reaches out for him- 


Balto: >/ Says the one with creepy ice statues. 

Laetri: It's like... They will change the way we think. :/ 

Maddie: o.o;; L-Like that one? D8 -points up into the air- 

Elle: X3 Why didn't you want to say anything? -cuddles him- 

Hanson: Your parents said to stay put >.> 

Aurora: >.< Let me go! -slaps him hard across the cheek-  

Lily: D: Parker... It's me Lily... How are you feeling? 

Eshwin: ^^; ... Seems like we'll never have privacy... 

Gardevoir: -enters the house- D: Mewtwo Sad -kneels by his side and holds onto his paw- Are you okay? 

Eleanor: I want to go home with you >.< 


Madeline: <.< ... Fine. -deals the cards-

(Who will win? X3)

Jude: D: Mate... Im so sorry... Sad 


Sandra: >.> ... -pours him a drink and hands it to him- Don't be so upset dear... 

(But like once he gets it he can find Zara and bring her back to him and starts a new horrible kingdom. So Zelda and Damien come to fight along with Link who would probably save Sandrin and then Damien the second would take the triforce from him. o^o)

Din: ... Yes of course. Be back soon... -helps feed the children, cuddling some-  

Zara: ... -ears go back and conjures a blanket over them- Mkay... Goodnight... -looks away- 

Shea: ... -snarls and bites onto his hand- D< -starts to tear away flesh-

Shawn: well don't worry about him :/ You just focus on your own life now.

Reynard: o.o Yeah? You're not sick or anything are you? -strokes her hair-  

Celestia: ... No. Because sometimes dear if you do that... The bad people can just walk over you... 


???: o.o... But D: But why?! Ama you're acting like the human! 

Chelsea: Its probably all the light D: You're not used to it... But its okay... -holds onto his hand- You'll get used to it... 


Tani: >C Im talking to the others. They'll think of something for you. 

Laetri: >.> Why? Not used to hugging elves? 

Zelda: Relax. Now we can understand each other. You can still speak your language. 

Lily: Ohh... <3 -closes her eyes and bites her lip- C-Cameron... 

Aurora: No... You'll be lovely company Smile Why do you think you'll be in the way? 

Malladus: |3 Awh c'mon... I can make it four <3 


Scruff: >.> Oh so cute. Thats such a good one. 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 15 I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 21, 2013 8:05 am

???: Oh You're awake. |3 Don't mind me love. Thought you'd just appreciate some company... <3 -goes over and gently strokes her hair-

Vivian: :(That's horrible... I thought Bobby took care of her, what happened?

???: Something about her being brainwashed... I dunno. Look we'll work something out if the demon does come after you, Chelsea really needs this.

Eldron: o.o !! ... -dangles a bit and looks up at her- ... Are you sure you're not a man?


Jinn: Then what do you want me to do?!

Lexi: D8 Who the heck would do that?

Lulu: -shrugs- Beats me. We lost one of our sisters that way. They stuffed her head and put it up in their house, ate the rest of her and that.


Tyrel: :)Thankyou very much dear.... -slowly heads back into the tribe and to his tent- It means a lot, it's still quite difficult to talk on my own now...

Deo: Of course I would... -sighs- I'm not a monster like Xavier thinks...

Marco: Sad-gently brushes some hair out of her eyes- Why didn't you mention this before ma cherie?

Fox: Well once she gets over this she'll start being happy again, I'm sure of it...


Abigail: >.> -shrugs- We'll just go back to your place.

G: Believe it or not it's actually a good thing you two get along. >.>

Persian: ... <Yeah well, just shut up...> -.-' -grumbles a bit and nuzzles Toby-


Pryce: >.> ... What an interesting creature... I didn't know pokemon could do that...

Ebele: :(But that not... that not fair...

(... Am I meant to bring in ho-oh... or...? o.o)

Reese: ^//^; -shrugs- I dunno I just... wasn't sure if that was overstepping some kinda boundary or something... didn't wanna upset you...

Morgan: >/ I don't care, they're pushovers anyway.

Daryl: >.<; Ow! -holds his cheek- Aurora stop!

Drayna: Ssh... give him space.

Parker: Oh christ my head... >.< Lily...? -slowly opens his eyes a bit and looks up at them- What happened...? D|

Clayton: -.-; We could have had privacy if the boy had trained his animal properly...

Mewtwo: -ears perk and looks up at her- ... Gardevoir, what are you doing here...?

Persian: -sighs and gets up- Go home Eleanor.


(Madeline obviously. XD)
Adam: >.> -picks his up and looks them over- ...

Gordon: Look just... I don't want to talk about it. -walks past them and heads upstairs-


Kinak: -takes it and sits up- >.> M'not upset anymore. |3 Thankyou. -kisses her cheek-

(Yeaahhh. >:U)
Sandrin: -comes back a little while later with Damien- Din... :)Din I think I have an idea to help you...

Damien I: >.> -wrinkles his nose and looks around a bit- There'd better be a good reason you brought be here Sandrin.

Thrall: ... -looks her over- Is there something wrong?

Viktor: >.< !! AGH! Fuck! D< -tries to pull his hand away and strikes her across the face- You blood bitch! >.<; -holds onto his bleeding hand and moves away from the cage- Oh you'll regret that... >C

Rose: Yes I guess so. I just don't know what I want out of my own life anymore...

Eldora: -giggles- X3 No... -rests her head against his chest- They said I might be... pregnant Reynard... Smile

Gaileth: |c Mkay.... I'm sorry mummah...


Ama: :(Well maybe that's a good thing...

Baldor: >.< Ngh... ok... -covers his eyes- This is really overwhelming...


Kali: >.> Sure they can go ahead but they won't be doing anything. Now move it girlie so we can keep him locked up.

Damien: Of course I'm not. >/ -puts him down- Look you're fine kid.

Tiriaq: D< Well give me back my spear! I made that! -snarls- And what are you doing on our beaches?!

Cameron: |3 Mmn... -finishes up later and holds onto her- Oh Lily... <3

G: You'll need to be doing your work. And besides which... aren't you supposed to keep all of this secret from non magic users such as myself? >.>

Drayna: >w> ... Mkay. -cuddles up to him and kisses his cheek- <3
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 15 I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 21, 2013 10:49 am

Chelsea: ... Thanks but... I just want to be alone at the moment... |c -moves his hand away- 

Scruff: Alright take us to her. And quickly now. Sad

Mapiya: >C yes. You want to find out the hard way or do you want to take my word for it? 


Zara: >.< I wish you'd just calm down and not set shit on fire and almost hurt me!! 

Jason: .___. well... I don't want to go outside for a while... 


Krista: Oh I'm sure... Here. Come and lay down. You need to rest. 

Shea: :/ Look... I'm sure he doesn't think of you as a monster. That's not Xavier... He is just upset about what has happened... If you were looking after your kids or something special to you and someone attacks it you'd be very upset...

Maria: ... I just couldn't. I thought he'd hurt you all... -looks away- 

Alejandro: ... That  might take a while.  

Jess: -comes up to William's estate and knocks on the door- ...


Jane: Iunno... I was thinking about finding a place on our own. Without my parents <.< 

Toby: >w< -hugs his nose and giggles- 

Aurora: X3 Okay Baldor go get your swim gear, then we can start heading off. 


Balto: >/ Then you're not a great trainer then.

Tani: Balto is... One of a kind... <.< 

Laetri: ... I know it isn't... :/ but we can get out before that happens.

(Well I was thinking it tried to take them, they run off into the gym, blow Tani's cover and shit happens.) 

Elle: Nah... That's alright. -brushes some hair out of his eyes- Thats nice of you to say... <3 

Hanson: Fine >.> But come back soon. I don't want to be in trouble. 

Aurora: -bashes on the door- I need to go! I need to get to him! >.< 

Lily: We found you injured on mt Silver... Sad can you remember anything? 

Eshwin: >.> Is that your excuse for everything? 

Gardevoir: Benoni said you were hurt Sad I had to come...  

Eleanor:  Sad ... But... -sighs and looks down- |c 


Madeline: -puts down her cards- I guess I win again... >3 and you only have your underwear. 

Jude: ... -sighs and runs a hand through his hair- I need to do something Amber... 


Sandra: |3 Well alcohol always seems to make things better... -cuddles up to him- <3 

Din: o.o ... To help me? -looks Damien over- Why is your father here...? 

Zara: ... Well you said I was beautiful in this form... Do you only like me when Im a Jirin? 

Shea: >.<!! -shrinks back and growls- ... Dont try and mess with me... When i have the taste for blood...  

Shawn: Well its only begun really :/ you can do a lot. 

Reynard: o.o... Pregnant? Heh... Very Happy That's wonderful... -cuddles her close and kisses the top of her head- This is great... 

Celestia: ... -sighs- I just want you safe... -cudgels her close- You are my world kiddo... 


Paul: :/ Maybe we should go back to the treehouse Ama... 

Chelsea: It is... But it was successful... You'll finally be able to see Smile 


Tani: >/ No. Silver is coming back home with me.

Laetri: >.> Okay okay... -sighs- Can i go now? 

Zelda: -hands it back to him- Our friend came here :/ He wanted some space. It's shocking to us that there are more Jirin tribes. We've only heard of one... And that's where my husband comes from. 

Lily: Mmn... -pulls on her ropes a little, closes her eyes- That was so perfect Cameron... <3

Aurora: <.< Well they haven't arrested me yet, so it seems okay. -leans in and kisses him gently- Just try to relax... <3
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 15 I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 21, 2013 12:01 pm

???: Oh come on now. >.> -sits on the edge of her bed- I heard you talk about how you didn't want to sleep alone. |3 I'll keep you company. <3

Vivian: >.< -follows them out- Thankyou for helping out out...

???: It's alright. -looks them over- ... What happened to you guys anyway? You look really hurt.

Eldrin: Calm down alright? >.> I'll take your word for it.


Jinn: Look I told you I didn't meant that alright?! Would you quit freaking out about your damn beads? You didn't end up hurt and that's the important thing! >/

Lulu: -sits down- Yeah I didn't think you would. >.> But fact of the matter is that we still need blood and Lexi still needs food.


Tyrel: Thankyou... -heads inside and slowly sits down- I wish I still had my ability to transform, it would be so much easier to lay down and relax that way...

Deo: >.< I know it's just... -runs a hand through his hair- I couldn't help it, the kid just kept going and pissing me off. I thought Xavier understood what it was like for us... I never wanted to hurt anyone, it's just second nature...

Marco: :(Come... we'll get you up to your room and you can lay down and try to relax... would you like me to bring you up some breakfast? and you can just stay there for a while?

???: Yes that would be a good idea, this must have been quite an ordeal.

William: -speaking with Chelsea on the phone- ... Yeah she's gone. I promise. Just come up whenever you like. -looks over at the door- ... I gotta go.


Abigail: >w> Awh really? -plays with her hair- That sounds like a great idea... <3 Nice little place all to ourselves to do whatever we want. |3

Persian: ... -ears flatten- <Nope.> -.- -moves away and curls up on the floor- <I'm staying here.>

Baldor: :DI already got it! -holds up a bag full of beach stuff-


Pryce: Well then... >.> I'm certainly intrigued to see how it will battle. -gets out a pokeball- Shall we begin?

Ebele: :(H-how?

Alassea: o.o; -ears perk- Yeah that's it! D8

Ho oh: >C -shrieks and swoops down, plucking them off the ground-

Alassea: >.< !! No! -tries to struggle free- Help!

Reese: -blushes more and cuddles her close- Well... it's true... <3

Morgan: >/ I really couldn't give a shit if you did. -pulls the hood over her head and heads outside, teleporting outside the tribe- ... -looks around- So this is where you ended up...

Daryl: -holds onto her wrists and pulls her back up to the tower- I'm sorry my love... but if this is how you're going to be you'll just need to spend more time in your room...

Parker: >.<; -tries to sit up a bit- Well yeah... of course. I remember I was there doing some training... for my gym leader test. This bloody great dragon creature swooped in and attacked me...

Drayna: Well his memory serves... that's good. Just let me check your eyes Parker. You don't sound like you have a concussion but I want to make sure.

Clayton: <.< Only as long as it continues to be an issue for me.

Benoni: |3 -walks over and nudges him with his snout- <Sooo.... >w> When were you gonna tell us about this?>

Clayton: o.o;; -stumbles a bit- Now that is enough. >/

Mewtwo: ... -smiles weakly and squeezes her hand- It's good to see you...

Persian: D< Look you can't fucking have it both ways, and this is getting irritating!


Adam: T^T -shivers a bit- I'm cold... This isn't fair, I was hustled! >:T

Missy: -looks up at their bedroom- o.o What's Adam yelling about now?

Amber: :(I don't know if Sandy can be convinced... she was so angry when I went to see her the first time. I don't think she'll ever forgive him...


Kinak: |3 Too right. .... >.> Although I have to admit the drinks you humans serve fucking taste like water. This is the weakest 'drink' I've ever had.

Sandrin: :)Would you mind explaining your situation in a little more detail? I think daddy might be able to help you...

Thrall: ... Look don't be upset girl, but you have to understand that I don't like elves.

Viktor: >C -growls- You obviously don't learn very fast. -grabs the hose again and sprays her down-

Rose: :/ I suppose so... -looks around a bit and sighs- I have no idea where to begin... I'm really glad I found you sir. I'd be all alone here...

Eldora: I know... ^^ -sighs happily- Oh Reynard we'll be a family... <3 I have to go back soon. I don't know why, they said I needed some tests done... could you come with me? Smile-holds onto his hand-

Gaileth: Mkay... |c -cuddles up to her- I'll be good mummah... I love you...


Ama: Yeah ok... :/ Guys I'm sorry but I just want to spend some private time with Paul...

Baldor: T-thankyou for doing this for me Chelsea... -searches for her hand- I'll be able to see your beautiful face... <3


Kali: Look don't be an idiot. This is for your own good, it's best to keep him here until we can get rid of the demon blood entirely. >/ You didn't take all of it and he seems fine now but he'll go right back to being an asshole again soon enough.

Silver: ... Tani maybe it's best if I stay here a night or two. I don't want to hurt you again...

Damien: >.> As long as you promise not to get in trouble anymore so we don't have to deal with this kinda bullshit. >/ Go find your friend, go on.

Tiriaq: You are not allowed here, regardless! D< We hide in the shores to be away from the elves! We don't want anyone else knowing of us... -snarls and ears flatten-

Cameron: It was... -leans over and slowly starts to untie her- There you are... -kisses her forehead gently- <3

G: Mmn, alright... <3 -pulls her closer and kisses her back-
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 15 I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 22, 2013 11:33 am

Chelsea: look really...just leave me alone. I know you want something else. I don't.

Scruff: torture that makes this place look saint like and sexual harassment D|

Mapiya: >/ Someone needs to fix your smart ass attitude boy. I want to kinda throw you now...


Zara: This is important to me! >.< it's my  culture Jinn!  

Jason: Well how did you get food before Lexi? :/ 


Krista: >.>... Well just lay down... I'll help fluff some pillows... 

Shea: Shh... Sad Xavier does understand... But he has. Ever had to deal with his child being hurt... It's okay. :/ this wl be sorted... 

Maria: Thank you... Im so lucky to have all of you... 

Chelsea: |3 Sounds good. Ill see you soon babe. See? Good that you dumped that tramp.


Jane: <w< And you know what? I could walk around naked all the time... <3 

Aurora: X3 -flicks her want and transforms into a beach dress- Then lets get going ^^


Tani: >/ I think a lot have been waiting for a certain battle like this...  

Laetri: ... We just... Need to pray for a miracle... 

Maddie: >.< Wait... Alassea it might take us to Laetri... D:

Elle: -rest her forehead against his- ... -bites her lip- We'd be able to see each other more at school right?  <3

Aurora: >.<-starts to cry again- I hate you... I hate you so much! 

Lily: Parker do you remember anything with Aurora? Sad

Eshwin: We were going to say something when the time was right <.< Okay? Now please. We would like some privacy. 

Gardevoir: Sad You couldn't stay out of trouble for a minte... Please come back with us... 

Eleanor: >.< Stop yelling at me okay! I just want to go back and stay in bed! Fucking cuddle you and not worry about this shit anymore! Im sick of it! -starts to tear up-


Madeline: <.< You said you could do this. |3

Annette: >.> I think he just lost in a bet with a skilled woman... 

Jude: We have to try. If he cant get back to her or the kids... Well he has nothing left to live for... Sad  


Sandra: <.< Theres a whole bottle of vodka in there... But I am curious... -plays with his hair- Think you can make me one of your drinks? |3  

Din: ... Ganondorf is more powerful because he has the triforce of power... That controls me... And gives him my goddess powers... To be free I need someone to get the triforce from him... Put it back in the temple of time... I'd even be happy just to help someone who is... kind... -frowns a bit- How exactly can your father help?

Zara: ... -frowns- Then you shouldn't like me. That's what i am...'nothing will change that... -turns and has her back to him- 

Shea: >.< -growls and tries to move away- Stop! Or you'll be sorry! 

Shawn: Yeah... Im glad i found you. :/ -kisses the top of her head- And don't worry, I'll help you out as much as I can...

Reynard: o.o... Tests? ... Thats a bit of a worry... Of course ill come with you. 

Celestia: I love you too... -sighs-

Isaac: ... -looks away- This is sickening. >.>


???: ... Ama this human has brainwashed you! >:U 

Chelsea: -holds his hand and blushes a bit- And you can see all the performers... And your kingdom. <3


Tani: ... -looks him over and sighs- Okay... Ill try and get Laetri... |c -hugs him- 

Laetri: ... Why are you such an asshole? 

Zelda: Well we certainly won't tell. I promise. :/ either way I'm not an elf.

Lily: -wraps her arms around him and looks up- ... This is insane... Me sleeping with you... 

Aurora: -blushes and plays with the collar of his shirt- So what do you want to do first? <3
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 15 I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 22, 2013 12:41 pm

???: Oh come now, don't be such a bore. Besides... you knew what was coming to you when you decided to stay at a demon bar. >.> Just relax and you might enjoy it... |3

Vivian: D| It was actually a bit of a relief when she dragged us up here away from the other demons... >.< T-their hands were all over me before...

???: So what happened with the demon? Why was she sleeping?

Eldrin: >:T I'm a guest here, my parents wouldn't like it if you hurt me.


Jinn: Why would you care anymore?! They kicked you out!

Lexi: :(The orphanage would feed me before, sir... Isaac hardly fed me after I was taken from there... -sighs and holds onto her growling stomach-


Tyrel: -smiles and nods- Thankyou... -lays down and shuts his eyes- You've been a real help, I really appreciate it my dear...

Deo: -sighs and starts to calm down- Alright... |c You're right...

Marco: -looks over at her parents- I'd like to get Maria's wedding sorted as soon as possible, in the next few days even. I want to fly her out to Europe and away from that man as quickly as I can.

William: -runs a hand through his hair- Yeah... so see you soon... -hangs up and heads over to the door- Who is it? :/ -opens it up and looks down at her-


Abigail: |3 Heh... I wouldn't mind that at all... <3 -kisses her cheek- >.> Now I wonder how many naked butlers I'd be able to hide around the house...

G: -leans down and gently kisses her cheek, wrapping an arm around her shoulder- You look lovely. -heads downstairs and out to the beach with them- Do you think you're up for going into the water?
(This is probably the only guy in the universe that would wear a blazer to the fucking beach.)


Pryce: >.> Oh...? -throws it and sends out a dewgong- You must be very keen to learn...

Ebele: ... |c -ears droop and sniffles a bit, looking down at the ground-Miracles don't happen for our tribe... gods don't favour us. :(We have to find our own way.

Alassea: o.o; Oh maybe you're right... >.< Ohh but I'm so scared Maddie.... -tears up a bit- They could catch us too... Sad

Ho oh: >C -swoops in by pryce's gym and lands on the roof, still holding onto them tight- D< -caws loudly-

Reese: Y-yeah... yeah maybe that wouldn't be a bad idea... Smile

Morgan: >C -whips out her wand and storms into the tribe, blowing tents over with gusts of wind and setting shit on fire- Reese! I know you're out here!

Daryl: Please don't say that Aurora... -kisses her gently- How can you hate me when I show you nothing but love?

Parker: -shrugs- I don't think so... not recently. :/ We were never that close anyway. Why do you ask?

Benoni: >w> <Well that's why I'm here. Cause I knooowww this makes you uncomfortable old man.>

Clayton: >/ Get back to your master you bloody arrogant beast.

Mewtwo: You saw how quickly they came after me... they could have killed you if they wanted. No, it's not safe...

Persian: This isn't about what we want! D< Cut the fucking tears, would you?! You think I wanted to come out here in some stupid fucking jungle looking for master's failed experiment?! No! I'm doing what needs to be done!


Adam: >:U Hey I can do this. ... I've still got my undies. T^T I've still got a chance.

Missy: X3 -laughs a little- Oh the poor dear...

Amber: :(That's so sad... but what can we do for him Jude honey?


Kinak: |3 I might be able to arrange that. You sure you'll be able to handle that?

Damien I: >.> I'm never opposed to gaining more power. |3 I'll take the thing from him.

Sandrin: :)Daddy is a good leader... he wouldn't misuse you. And this way we can be friends and see each other all the time...

Thrall: -sighs and wraps an arm around her- You would understand if you knew... some of us can't help disliking elves Zara. It's what we were made for. But if you were the same as them.... I would have killed you a while back. You're different...

Viktor: >C You're the one who's sorry. You're pathetic! Fucking useless!

Rose: ^//^ -blushes and looks up at him- Really sir? Smile

Eldora: o.o Really? D: What is there to worry about?

Gaileth: -frowns a bit- Sad... I thought you were nice.


???: >:U Don't worry Ama! We'll save you from him! -pulls her away- There's only one way to get you back to normal! We'll have to screw you until you're numb! >:T

Ama: o.o; -ears flatten- Guys really. D: I just want to go home and be with Paul...

Baldor: -slowly moves his hand away from his eyes- Ah... >.< Y-yeah... -opens his eyes and looks up at her- It's... it's still blurry... I guess my eyes need to adjust. -smiles a bit- Does it look any different?


Silver: |c -hugs her back and sighs- Tell him I'm sorry... I love you guys so much...

Damien: >/ Watch your mouth boy.

Tiriaq: D< -hisses- You creatures are awful liars... you share the other's traits. You're so different...

Cameron: |3 Hey well... it was your insane idea. I don't usually do this sorta thing on first dates but... it was fun. <3 -kisses her gently-

G: Well I'll suppose you'll want to get settled in here? Don't you have things that need moving?
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 15 I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 23, 2013 10:10 am

Chelsea: I had just been raped. You think I would want this? >C piss off.

 Scruff: After months of torture she finally got tired D|

Mapiya: >/ Does it look like I care? It's be no skin off my nose.


Zara: Because it's still important to me! >.< okay!? 

Jason: :/ ... -sighs and kisses her cheek- Ill see what I can get. Just something to keep us going until we get some income...  


Krista: >.> My pleasure... -shoves the pillow down on his face and tries to suffocate him-

Shea: -enters the tent- It'll be o-- o.o!! D< HEY!! GET OFF HIM! -tries to pull her away- 

???: ... He still might get a chance to hurt her. We cannot risk it. -paces a bit- ... I'll get you two to Europe. We'll have the wedding there. I'll arrange the details with the guests and have them come over in secret. We need to get you out first. 

Jess: Hello William. :/ Your mother sent me over to see how you were doing...  


Jane: <.< None. Because i'd find them all.

Aurora: I don't think I'll swim. -picks up her diaper bag and places Toby in his carrier- Someone will have to keep an eye on Toby. >.>... Are you seriously going to wear a blazer to the beach?


Tani: ... Heh. There is so much you need to learn first <.<

Balto: >/ -goes shadow and sinks into the ground- 

Laetri: ... -sighs- Im sorry but I do really hate the gods sometimes... -slowly tries to move his hand to hers and holds onto it- It'll be okay...  

Maddie: ... >:T Now is our chance. -bites down hard into it's leg- 

Tani: -ears perk and looks up- What is that? 

Elle: o.o... -peeks a little outside the tent- D: Shit. You gotta go. Its your sister! D: 

Aurora: You've taken me away from the only man I have ever loved >C you hurt him! You've trapped me in this castle. You don't deserve to have a girlfriend!

Lily: ... Never mind. -gently pulls Drayna away from him and whispers- They've been going out for months Drayna. In fact Aurora made the call that he was in danger. 

Eshwin: Benoni please. If you keep this up you can share a bed with Baerthim. 

Gardevoir: It's not safe for you to be on your own Sad This is final. I'm staying with you.


 Madeline: <.< -places her cards on the table- I win again |3 

Annette: >w> I just cant wait to see what she'll do to him X3 

Jude: ... Think you can try and talk to Sandy again? 


Sandra: |3 There's only one way to find out. ;3 

Din: ... Sandrin I'm not sure about this... 

Zara: ... -looks up at him- I know but im still an elf. What makes me so different to the others? 

Shea: -growls and bashes at the door again- shut up! D<

Shawn: X3 Really. You have been the best company.

Reynard: Well I hope there isn't anything :/ it's probably a check up... Iunno... I'm probably being a worry wart.

Isaac: ... You thought wrong kiddo. -doesn't look at her- 


Paul: D: Hey! -pulls Ama close to him- If she doesn't want it you can't force it onto her.  

Chelsea: A bit... I mean these are a whole new set of eyes... But you're still so handsome. <3  


Tani: -kisses him gently- I will... |c -stands up- 

Laetri: Well im just asking. 

Zelda: But I'm not. I'm telling the truth. What reason would I have to lie? 

Lily: -kisses him back gently- ... <3 -looks him over and sighs a bit-its been a while since someone has made me so happy like this ...  

Aurora: o.o... Nope. I just keep everything in my bag. Smile -holds up her tiny ass bag-
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 15 I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 23, 2013 10:53 am

???: Hey look I'm a demon, I really don't give a shit. |3 -pins her down- Now c'mon babe. It'll make you feel better... -plays with the edge of her shirt-

Vivian: That's all we can figure...

???: -takes them into the bar- Well sit down and rest for a minute... take a health potion or something. :/ I'll go wake up Chelsea.

Eldrin: >:T Yeah huh! My mum's powerful, she's a pureblood elf with scary dragons for pets! And my dad used to be kind of the demon world! They'd kill you. |J
(Dear god, I've created the next fucking draco malfoy.)


Jinn: Christ. D| -runs a hand through her hair- Calm your tits ok? It's not even that important, you're making a big deal out of a few fucking beads.

Lulu: I'll come with you. At least for a little while until you can learn to hide your vampirism.

Lexi: o.o So I'll be here on my own...? D:


Tyrel: O.O !! Mmph! >.<;; -struggles and tries to push her off-

Deo: o.o; Hey! D< What do you think you're doing girl?! -pulls her away from him and holds her in an armlock- >C Speak up. Why'd you try to kill him? -growls a bit-

???: Yes of course. I'll have your flight arranged immediately. I assume you already have lodgings arranged?

Marco: -nods and wraps an arm around Maria- Yes we can leave immediately. -glances down at her- Will that be ok with you, my love?

William: o.o ... Jess. Oh wow, uh... -rubs the back of his head- It's been a while, uh... yeah thanks, come in... -holds the door open for her- Why'd she want me checked on? :/


Abigail: >.> Damn. I was just kidding... |3 It'd be great having a place just to ourselves... <3 -kisses her gently- Mmn...
(Am I the only one that thinks AJ would make the most badass mother ever? X3)

G: I'd planned to. >.> I figured I'd be the one keeping an eye on Toby.

Baldor: :c -tugs on his sleeve- You're not gonna teach me to swim?


Ho oh: o.o !! -shrieks and tries to shake her off- D<

Alassea: >.< !! -falls from its talons and hits the ground below- Ah! o.o Where are we...? -looks up at the gym-

Pryce: -looks up at the ceiling- >/ ... It's just a bird. -glances back over at her- Where did your pokemon go?

Ebele: Sad-sniffles and squeezes her hand gently- ... The gods do not favour your kind either...?

Reese: o.o; -gets to his feet and quickly pulls his clothes on- Not her... D: Oh man I told you they'd come looking for me Elle. >.<

Morgan: >C -kicks some pups out of her way- Move it you filthy creatures! Bring me Reese and I won't cause any more destruction! D<

Daryl: How can I make you understand? I only do this because I love you Aurora... you could love me too if you gave it a chance...

Drayna: o.o Is that so? -glances over at Parker- Strange that only a select part of his memory is missing.... I'm sure some type of magic is at work here Lily. Somebody wanted him away from Aurora.

Benoni: >.> -flicks his tail- <Hey I'll just make that a punishment for him.>

Clayton: >C Go.

Benoni: |3 <Fine. But I'll be back.> -walks past them and flicks Clayton with the end of his tail as he goes-

clayton: o.o !! -stumbles and falls over- ... T^T My back...

Mewtwo: .... -sighs deeply- What if you were hurt like this?

(You forgot Eleanor.)


Adam: o.o -looks at her cards- You're kidding. D: Oh man... T^T

Missy: X3 Oh I think I'd rather not see what they're up to...

Amber: :(I could try but she doesn't like me too much either after trying to talk to her last time.


Kinak: |3 Alright. You just sit right there love. -kisses her cheek and gets up, sculling the rest of his drink in one go-

Damien I: >/ -ears flatten and folds his arms- And why is that?

Sandrin: D: No no it's ok. Daddy's a good leader, he could handle it...

Thrall: Well for a start... you're the first elf that hasn't tried to kill me so far.

Viktor: -tugs hard on her leash- Enough. >/ Now we're going out so you better damn well behave.

Rose: X3 -giggles and hugs his arm- Thankyou sir... you've been a lot of fun too. <3

Eldora: Yeah maybe you're right... -plays with the ends of her hair- I am a little worried now though... -bites her lip and thinks for a moment- ... What if it's... not yours...? Sad

Gaileth: Sad... -sighs and rests her head against Celestia's shoulder- |c I healed you and everything mister... -tears up a bit-


???: >:T Oh what do you know about sex, human?

Ama: Really, please... just leave us be guys. :/ Look I'll catch up with you in the festivals later... -heads back to the treehouse-

Baldor: -smiles a bit- Yeah? I am...?


Kali: >.> C'mon, move it. -slams the cell door shut behind her-

Silver: :/ I love you Mihan... -sighs a bit and leans against the cell door-

Damien: >/ I'm not. -flicks his tail irritably- I think you're the one being rude.

Tiriaq: D< So you can tell other elves. We've dealt with your kind before, they slaughtered our people!

Cameron: Sounds like you don't get a lot of people who think you're special... -tucks some hair out of her eyes and sits up- M'sorry babe... I do have to get back to work though. <3

G: ... Are you sure? -takes her bag and looks it over-
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 15 I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 24, 2013 10:36 am

Chelsea: >.< No! Someone help me! -squirms under earth him- 

Scruff: Yeah that's-- o.o!! Chelsea?! D:

Mapiya: >.> Oh good. Elf for entree, demon king for the meal and a snotty little brat for dessert >/ how lovely. I know your parents. Your mother is a kind of elf that doesn't believe in killing and your father is a push over and would listen to what she says.


Zara: >/ -slaps her hard across the face- Its my culture. Its important to me. And you saying all this is hurtful and disrespectful.  

Jason: We cant meave her on her own Lulu that'd be dangerous D: 


Krista: o.o!! ... -frowns and tears up, not saying anything-

Shea: -helps Tyrel sit up- Sweetheart I'm so sorry Sad 

Maria: I dont mind... It seems like the best option. He could do anything... >.<

???: Shh it's okay darling Sad we'll get everything ready. You just pack with Marco and get going. -kisses her forehead gently- Im sorry... That we couldnt help you before... 

Jess: -comes in- Your father's maids have come to work with us now. We just feared that he might come to have a go at you :/ but we also wanted to hear more plans about the wedding. 


Jane: -kisses her back gently and sighs- ... You know i was going to see how Aurora's studies were going... About that cure for the blind... I just really want to see you ...

(Oh she really would X3)

Aurora: :/ We can take turns. C'mon. Baldor has always wanted to spend more time with you. This is a chance for you to be a proper father... -kisses his cheek- You might enjoy it.

(We have to bring in Silver sooooon.)


Maddie: >.< -lands next to her- o.o... It's Pryce's gym. The bird landed here for a reason... Maybe Laetri is in here.

Tani: ... He is still here >/ 

Balto: -jumps into his pokemon's body, making it hit itself- >/

Tani: ... I really think it's me who is teaching you now. 

Laetri: ... It's complicated. The gods on your planet favour the race that I have part of in me... But I don't believe they are the best... They're not helpful... 

Elle: Look quickly get out of here... Ill distract her Sad -kisses him gently- I love you... And ill see you soon... -gets dressed and goes to Morgan- What the hell are you doing?! D< Reese isn't here! 

Aurora: >.< No! I dont! Ill never give it a chance! I can never love you! How the hell can i make you understand that?! 

Lily: But who would want to do this?  ... Maybe we should get in contact with her old school friends. They could help us out.

Eshwin: o.o... Oh my D: -helps him up- Here ill take you back so you can lay down. Sad 

Gardevoir: Itd only be because I would be protecting you Sad -kisses his forehead- You're more important to me... 

(Oh I got an idea~)

Eleanor: Look I'll just go D< and I'm taking the collar. -takes it off his neck- Fucking hell this is the last time I help anyone. -puts it around her neck- I'll keep this fucking close to me so no one can-- o.o!! -gets transformed into a Persian herself- ... 


Madeline: <w< A deal is a deal. Come on, off with them |3 

Jude: Can you please try? Sad We need to try anything... -takes her hands and kisses them- 


Sandra: <w< -finishes her drink and looks him over- ... So you would actually go back to that place? 

Din: I just don't think power like that should be given to him ... Besides it'd cause more conflict... 

Zara: ... We aren't all the same... My people would've been welcoming... -plays with the end of his hair and looks down- 

Shea: ... -growls and looks him over- Fine ... lets just go >C 

Reynard: ... Im sure itll be mine. It couldnt be anyone elses... -frowns- 

Celestia: >/ See? He is just a lonely, cruel bastard... Isn't that right?

Isaac: ... -frowns and looks away-


Paul: -sighs- Im sorry about that Ama... :/ 

Chelsea: -strokes his hair and smiles- Yeah. Of course. <3 


Tani: Sad ... I love you too... -sighs and teleports to the surface- |c 

Laetri: Only because i said the truth. You're being an asshole >/ 

???: -looks at some others coming over- >/ Get the girl

Zelda: o.o;; oh crud D: -backs away-

Lily: Oh ... Okay. -sits up and cuddles him, kissing his shoulder gently- You'll come and see me soon right...?  

Aurora: X3 Muggles are so cute sometimes. -kisses his cheek and sits down inside on the bed-
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Non canon couples 2
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