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 The Secret Of The Aerisan elves.

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PostSubject: Re: The Secret Of The Aerisan elves.   Thu Feb 12, 2015 5:34 am

(Haha. It's so cute.)
Zara: o.o!! -quickly moves away and begins to run-

???: Coloured hair? -looks over at Zara- o.o It's fucking pink! It's the bloody elf girl you idiot. Call out for the other guards in the surrounding area. We need to get her back!

Tasar: S-Sorry... I thought someone had run out here and I went looking for them... -keeps the book hidden- Thank you... -quickly heads inside-

???: >.< Look! We talk! We talk! Your child... we did not know. The priest kept her in... It something else...

Quinn: -sits up and rubs his head- Ugh... =^= .... Th- There was a jirin... we were going to follow him...

Tani: -frowns and look at them- The same one that stole from the temple? >/

Vikke: ... >C -huffs and gets up, moving away from Eldrin-

Nightshade: I'll take you up to our house so you can rest on my bed... -looks at the others- And in the mean time can we just figure out what we're going to do about this jirin stealing from our precious temple? >/ No more fighting. -slowly takes Giovanni to the treehouse- I'll help you up so you don't have to climb...

Derek: -sniffs a bit- ... I know... And I feel fortunate enough that I was a lucky one and had a good home... It's not why I'm upset... -sighs and closes his eyes as Baldor touches his face- ... I fell in love with a human... but the only way he wanted to be with me was when I was in my girl form... I decided to keep myself as a woman... until one day the spell stopped working... and he just decided to leave...
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PostSubject: Re: The Secret Of The Aerisan elves.   Mon Feb 16, 2015 11:49 am

(It is, especially seeing as it's usually directed at kids that are still clumsy. XD Like literally tripping over their own tail.
... I want this guard to lose his job and get in trouble and be saved by Zara. They can bond over dying his hair pink and he can join the rebels. :3)
???: D: !! Shit! D< We need backup! -chases after her- Stop elven animal! >C

Guard: Hmph. Fine, you just- -ears perk and looks up as Zara runs off- o.o; Watch your tail kid. >/ -growls and joins the chase-

Thrall: -ear twitches a bit and glances out a window quickly- ... What's the commotion out there...?

Parker: -frowns and relaxes a little- Let them go Elle. Dumb bitches don't know anything about Lily.

???: -sits up a little and rubs her head- We show gesture of good faith, yes? Help you find friend. Priest would not hurt, good man. Servant of Elune. Only helping your friend.

Silver: >/ You owe us at least that much from stopping them.

Priest: -returns to the temple and locks the front doors- No matter... We have something... truly special now. -approaches the room Lily is locked in- Don't be afraid my child. Elune is with you. She has great plans for you...

Eldrin: >3 -pokes his tongue out to her- Nyehhh!

Drayna: -flattens her ears and looks back at nightshade- Yes... precious things kept in temple. Only malicious intent jirin beasts have.

Giovanni: Thankyou. -.-; They had better not still be up there.

Kali: -pokes her head out of a window- Aww but why would we have left? We would have missed out on all the fun. Besides we still gotta stick around for the elf blood. ;3

Seth: >/ Then feed elsewhere.

Baldor: I'm... sorry. Humans can be selfish. -places a hand over where Derek's heart is- They do not feel the way we do for our partners. You have elven blood in you... You... -pauses for a moment and brushes some hair from Derek's eyes- Share a stronger connection than they could hope to comprehend. They are focused on looks. You should not feel less valued because he did not care for your heart.
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PostSubject: Re: The Secret Of The Aerisan elves.   Mon Feb 16, 2015 3:37 pm

(Oh of course. <3 But she'll still be in trouble. I can see him telling Thrall how to sneak in the castle and that.
Also now I'm imagining all these cute Jirin babies learning to walk and tripping over their tail. Oh god. <3)

Tasar: o.o!! -watches Zara run off- >/ Oh no you don't... -grabs his tail and pulls him back-

Zara: >.< Shit shit shit. I can't run fast in this form... -quickly changes back into her elf form, speeding up-

Elle: -moves away from her- >/ How is he helping her by locking her up? -moves closer to them- What about the blue thing? You know where he is going? >C

Tani: Look that jirin is probably in the desert by now. The other elves are working on a plan to get him... we need to focus on Lily.

Lily: -is sitting on the ground, leaning against the doors- o.o -ears perk and gets up, knocking on the door- Let me out of here right now. >/ You have no reason to lock me up.

Dark: -moves next to Drayna- Now how do we exactly get this book back? By now if he hasn't died from the desert he is probably in the city? And from what I've heard from the stories people have told me, Kihja and I will get beheaded for our choice of lifestyle, any girl will be a slave and Malladus will be a floor rug <.<
(You can tell I miss this?)

Malladus: Motherfucker shut up D<

Vikke: >C -strikes him with her tail and walks away- Twerp.

Nightshade: >/ Girls leave okay?

Celestia: |3 Sorry~ You're going to have to give us something in return for us to leave.

Nightshade: ... -groans and looks at Giovanni- You better not bitch after we fix you up. -.- -looks over at Seth- Mihan please take Giovanni upstairs... -looks back at the girls- If I give you some of my blood, will you go and pillage someone else's home?

Derek: -looks up at him, going red in the cheeks- ... Th-Thank you... You're a very nice person Baldor... -wipes his eyes- Sometimes I forget that I have the elven blood in me... living with demons and having one as a parent... you kind of always think the worse... -smiles a little- I'm glad I could open up to you.
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PostSubject: Re: The Secret Of The Aerisan elves.   Tue Feb 17, 2015 6:47 am

(Jirin babies are the sweetest little things. That's why they're illegal pets. X3 We must get one. >:T)

Guard: o.o !! -yelps a bit in shock as his tail's pulled- Aye! D< -pulls a sword and whips around to face Tasar- Don't impede a guard in their duty! Now let go or it'll be your hands, boy! -growls and bares his teeth-

Dimas: -pants and tries to keep up with her- Stop! You... -leans against a wall to catch his breath- Stop her!

Thrall: -little mental lightbulb- o.o; Zara! D: -flicks his tail- I have to go out there... -quickly looks around before jumping out the window and running after her-

???: D: Not locked up! Priest good, not harm friend! We show. -carefully gets up, watching elle- Look, we help. -climbs up into a large tree hanging over the roof of the temple- Up, up. Here are sky windows, you see friend through here.

Priest: Now now, don't think of it like that. This is for your own good. It is a miracle of mongarme that Elune has brought you here. You are something very special, you will help... You'll learn this, in time. Don't worry now child. We have plenty of time.

Drayna: o.o; -ears flatten- Maybe you right. -looks up at Malladus- Jirin city bad Mihan. D: Made of all iron, bad very bad for elves.

Seth: Of course. -_- -helps him up and into the treehouse-

Kali: >w> Oh no, that would be way too easy. Where's the fun in that? -ears flick and looks down at Dark and Malladus and that- owo Oh look Mihan. >3 Let's go fuck around with them next.

Baldor: Well I too am glad I could help you. No soul deserves such rejection, especially not... not someone such as yourself. -takes his hand gently and kisses it- I think you should stay here, at least for the holiday. The spirit of mongarme is truly a wondrous thing and heals all wounds. I sense... you are in a better place already. -smiles warmly-
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PostSubject: Re: The Secret Of The Aerisan elves.   Tue Feb 17, 2015 7:09 am

(Let's steal them all. And some hot adults.)

Tasar: >/ Should've watched your tail. -hits him across the face with the giant book-

Zara: >.< -quickly scrambles up to the roof of one of the buildings-

Guard: D< To the roof men! Don't let her get away! -quickly climbs up some stairs-

???: Come this way D: Please. -gestures to the tree-

Elle: ... -nods and looks at Misfit- C'mon. >:T Let's show them what we can do. -begins to climb up the tree-

Lily: I may not know much but I know Elune wouldn't want this. >/ And I'm certain I have friends who are wondering where I am and are bound to be coming here to look for me. Now let me go. And I may leave without saying a word or breaking your face.

Malladus: Well then maybe the men have to go into the city and try not butt fucking some >.>

-At this point of time everyone is looking at Malladus with a disapproving look-

Malladus: ... Well why are we relying on ideas from me? D< Someone else suggest something!

Celestia: Ooo >3 Let's do.

Nightshade: >C -teleports right in front of them and grabs them by the scruff of their shirts, holding them in the air- Now listen. We're in the middle of a problem here. If you two don't leave or stop bothering us, I'm telling you now I'll hang you to some iron crosses and bathe you in holy water. You got that?

Derek: o///o ... Uh... Y-Yeah... sure... I'd love to stay here... Thank you so very much... -looks away a little-
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PostSubject: Re: The Secret Of The Aerisan elves.   Sun Feb 22, 2015 2:02 am

(We're gonna need to start brainstorming on how the hell annette ends up in any of this.)

Guard: >.< !! -yelps and falls over, knocked out- x.x

Thrall: o.o -looks up at the roof as she tries to climb- Shit... Don't do anything stupid. -looks around and darts into the building to head for the roof-

Dimas: -notices Thrall- Oh. o.o Good idea. -follows him up and climbs up into the roof- >3 Good idea friend, we'll head her off.

Thrall: -ears flatten- No you- ... Fuck. -grumbles under his breath- What now?

???: -helps Silver and Tani into the tree-

Silver: -carefully climbs along and peers down into the room lily's in-

Priest: -frowns a little- You don't understand yet... but you will. Perhaps you just need a little more time alone. <.< When you are willing to be more cooperative... -moves away from the door-

Drayna: -looks around- No other choice really... Must risk it. -turns around to speak to eldrin and vikke- Young ones, you- ... o.o Hrmph. >/ Gone already.

Kali: D< -hisses and pulls away- You wouldn't dare. >3 You're too vulnerable. Touch us again and we'll eat your mihan and drag your child to hell.

Baldor: -laughs a little- Please, relax. You are so nervous Derek, you have not yet noticed where you are even.
(I just found it funny Derek had like nothing to say about Baldor's fancy royal treehouse. XD)
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PostSubject: Re: The Secret Of The Aerisan elves.   Mon Feb 23, 2015 8:14 am

(I have a plan!!)

Tasar: >/ -puts the book away and drags the guard into the alley, taking his sword-

Zara: -looks around- ... Maybe if I could jump... -prepares to run and jump off the edge of the building to the next one-

Guard: -grabs her arm before she jumps- Aha! >J Finally!

Tani: -looks into it- ... Sh-She doesn't seem hurt...

Lily: -thinks for a moment- ... -knocks on the door- Can... can you help me understand?

Dark: >.> -raises a hand- I think I have a little idea. -goes over to Drayna- Someone who isn't afraid of iron... is tough...and would actually make men rethink about women <.<

Malladus: ... You don't mean...

Dark: Oh my dear Malladus I mean. We call one of the greatest bounty hunters the world has to offer. We call Annette.

Nightshade: >C I've been to hell before and I can easily come back down. If you dare fucking touch my child or Mihan you will suffer.

Celestia: >/ -holds onto Kali- Theres nothing you could do to hurt us...

Derek: ... -looks up at the room a little- o.o ... -moves the hair from his eyes- ... I really do need a haircut D: God damn this is the most fancy treehouse I have ever seen. -looks at him- How am I suppose to not be nervous now?
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PostSubject: Re: The Secret Of The Aerisan elves.   Tue Mar 03, 2015 11:16 pm

Thrall: ... -ears flatten and hesitates a moment-

Dimas: >3 Good job comrade! -grabs a hold of her other arm- The king will pay handsomely for your hide.

Thrall: -hisses- Let the elf go. >C And be on your way. -pulls a small knife hidden from under his shirt-

Dimas: -looks at him in disbelief- You cannot be serious? D<

???: -smiles a little- See? ^_^Priest very very helpful. Just teaching.

Misfit: But... she was calling for help.

Priest: -stops and looks back at the door- Of course I can... -moves back over and opens it up- You will learn everything my child.

Kihja: D: Demon world just as bad!

Drayna: -nods- Much much bad. She needs convincing, you have way?

Kali: >/ Just don't get in our way bitch. And we won't harm anyone you love. -sinks into the ground with celestia- Promise. >3

Baldor: -laughs more- Please, do not. The people of this colony gifted me with such a home. While I am flattered to have received it, do not think me as one to choose such an extravagant lifestyle. Would you feel more comfortable outside again Derek? -gently moves some hair from his eyes-
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PostSubject: Re: The Secret Of The Aerisan elves.   Thu Mar 05, 2015 3:26 am

Zara: >.< -tries to pull away- Let me go! I'm not going back to him!

Tasar: -makes it to the roof as well- >/ -holds out the sword- She isn't worth your time! Let her go!

???: >/ Psh. -looks at Dimas- Back up is heading this way. Take the girl. -looks back at Thrall, letting go of Zara and taking out his sword- I'll deal with this traitor...

Tani: ... Something is still wrong... I can sense it...

Elle: Yeah. D: Lily hates religious stuff. She wouldn't want to stay and learn anything!

Lily: ... -looks up at him, arms folded- How long will this take?

Dark: Eh. She and I go wayyyyy back |3

Malladus: -.- You were on her list. She wanted to take you for money.

Dark: >.>;; None the less, we are good friends now. I just got in contact with her. She's in space so she can easily travel to this planet in no time. All we gotta give her is something worth her wild. Like money or something.

Malladus: ... -face palm- They don't use money here idiot... D<

Dark: o_o;; ... well we better think of something quick D: She--

-Suddenly a space pod shoots down and lands in the forest, close to the colony-

Nightshade: ... -sighs and heads into the treehouse- ... -looks over at Giovanni and Seth, moving to Seth and kissing him on the cheek- Thank you Mihan... -looks at Giovanni- Are you feeling okay?

Derek: o///o... N-No... It's nicer up here... More quite and away from other people... I rather be here with you like this...
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PostSubject: Re: The Secret Of The Aerisan elves.   Thu Mar 05, 2015 9:11 am

Dimas: -looks between Tasar and Thrall- ... -nod- Be careful comrade. -takes Zara's arm and backs up- >/ Now don't do anything stupid, vile traitors, or it's a knife in the elf's back. -darts down the stairs again, dragging Zara along with him-

Thrall: You let her go! D< -growls and lunges at the guard with his blade-

Silver: >/ So why not just jump in and get her out of there?

???: No no, temple warded. Safest place.

Priest: -places a comforting hand on her shoulder- You should stay. You would help our people so much. There is something... so special about you. -frowns a little- If you do not, there will be... consequences.

Misfit: D< !! I knew it!

Priest: Your whole family has come together to celebrate, have they not? >.> It would be such a shame if something were to happen to any of them...

Kihja: Mihan you did not? D: -looks up, ears perking as she lands- How pay her? We have only sex!

Drayna: -hisses- D< Incompetent. Deal with this later, must have something she want.

Kali: -pokes her head up out of the ground- o.o Look Mihan, a spaceship.

Seth: -gently kisses her back- As long as you are not harmed.

Giovanni: I'm fine. -glances outside- As a matter of fact now that everyone's well aware I'm here, I'd like to not be cooped up outside. I think I'll go for a walk.

Baldor: I agree... You should stay. Are you here long Derek? You should stay the night here, unlike the other elves here I sleep during the night. I hope it does not seem too forward of me, but while their intentions are good you may not be safe.
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PostSubject: Re: The Secret Of The Aerisan elves.   Sat Apr 04, 2015 8:50 am

Zara: >.< -tries to pull away from him- Let me go please! Sad You seemed so nice. Why would you do this?

???: >C -dodges Thrall- Just remember old man... You trained us all from when we were younger... Do you think we don't know your moves? -swings his sword at Thrall-

Tani: o.o -covers her mouth- N-No...

Lily: -looks at him with wide eyes- ... -glares at him- You wouldn't dare harm my family... It's against the religion. >/

Dark: D: She doesn't have sex! She doesn't think it's great!

Random Elf: o.e What kind of--

Dark: Look maybe we can make a deal... She's the only hope we've got... All we can do is ask...

Celestia: -pokes her head up too- o.o... How about that... Seems awfully familiar...

Annette: -opens the door of the spaceship and climbs out- ... -looks around and presses a button on her bionic arm- Air is breathable here... No signs of danger yet... This planet is unique. I will bring some examples of the plant life to you after I finish this... mission... -sighs and frowns a little- Damn it Dark... -.- -starts walking through the forest-

Celestia: O_O Yep. I remember now D: It's her!

Nightshade: o.o... Oh of course... :/ We will be going back outside too for the celebrations. But enjoy some time to yourself...

Derek: Yeah... I know the kind of stuff they get up to... >///>;; And right now I really don't want to be a part of that...
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PostSubject: Re: The Secret Of The Aerisan elves.   Thu Apr 09, 2015 2:23 am

Dimas: -ears flatten and snarls- King's orders. >/ Wait, why am I even giving you an answer? You just be quiet if you know what's best for you. Dumb elves.

Thrall: -steps back from the swing- Exactly. >C I trained you. Go on whelp, show me if you've learned anything.

Priest: -scoffs a little- There is much you don't know... just like everyone else. -eyes harden- Listen to me child. >/ If you know what is best for you. They will disappear. -glances at a wisp floating by and smirks- It... has been done before. Now are we clear?

???: D: -mouth hangs open- Cannot be...

Silver: >C You see, dumb bimbos? This is what your precious priest has done to our daughter and he's gonna come after us. Is that enough evidence now for you to show us how to get in?

Kali: o.o;; Christ. D: Ok, now we can go!

Kihja: >C You owe good sex. Bring her here after stories you told.

Giovanni: Yes I will. -gingerly climbs down the ladder and wanders into the forest-

Alassea: -comes riding in on persian's back- D: Mumma mumma! Something came in from the sky and a ROBOT came out of it! Surprised

Baldor: -laughs a little- I didn't think so. Well... it is a large home, there are many beds. Please, make yourself comfortable.
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PostSubject: Re: The Secret Of The Aerisan elves.   Tue Apr 14, 2015 11:47 am

Zara: -frowns- I-I am not dumb... I could've easily hurt you before but I didn't. Doesn't that show that I am not a threat to you?

???: D< -growls and charges at Thrall, raising his sword-

Tasar: >/ -quickly moves in front of Thrall, blocking his attack- Go Thrall! I'll hold him off! Get Zara before she gets to the castle!

Lily: -looks at the wisp- ... -face softens and looks down, tears streaming down her cheeks- If you promise you won't hurt them... I will stay... >.<

Elle: D: No... Sad -jumps down from the tree- >.< We gotta save her! We gotta let the elves know!

Tani: Silver... The kids... They're going out with some of the followers to learn about the festival... Laetri might be there with them...

Dark: D| ... Fucking... Alright who is going to come out and talk to her with me?

Celestia: -ear flicks and looks out- <.< ... Shhh... -goes shadow- Stay hidden... I think I'm sensing some fun... |3

Annette: -walks through and looks up at Giovanni- ... >/ Hm. -walks over to him- You there. Human I presume? Rare to see one still alive on another planet.

Nightshade: o.o... Sweetie I don't think robots would want to come here... :/ Maybe it was just an animal in the forest... not a... roooboottt...
(I miss Nightshade's cluelessness to technology)

Derek: Th-Thanks... -stomach starts to gurgle- o.o!! ... Whoops... >///> M-Maybe I should go find some lunch first...
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PostSubject: Re: The Secret Of The Aerisan elves.   Fri Apr 17, 2015 11:41 am

Dimas: Lies. >C A small woman like yourself would not have a chance.

Thrall: o.o ... -nods- Thankyou comrade. >/ -quickly moves down the stairs and approaches Dimas from behind- ... Don't move. -slips his knife over Dimas' throat and pulls him away from Zara- Or make a noise, nobody's seeing the king today.

Priest: A smart choice...the preparations must be made. For now, some solace will do you well. -turns and leaves, locking the door behind him again-

Misfit: D: -jumps down with her- We gotta get her out!

???: o.o; -ears perk and follows them- Little ones! Take care, none will hear it.

Silver: Oh no... no we'll have to find him.

Eldrin: -pokes his head out of the trees, hanging upside down- Very Happy I'll go.

Kali: >w> Oh? Don't get yourself hurt now, I need you in one piece.

Giovanni: -looks up at her and recoils- Ugh... >/ Keep moving, I'm sure whatever you're here for it's not for me.

Seth: -furrows his brow- ... What is a robot, little one?

Alassea: It was all scary looking with metal in its body!

Seth: -laughs and scoops her up- Bodies aren't made of metal. Smile What an imagination.

Baldor: Then allow me to accompany you. I'm sure you'll need a guide through the festival. -extends his arm- Here, take my hand.
(I can't tell you how much I love Baldor being such a flirt.)
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PostSubject: Re: The Secret Of The Aerisan elves.   Tue Apr 21, 2015 7:14 am

Zara: o.o !! -backs away a bit- Thrall don't hurt him Sad

Lily: D< hey wait!! -bashes at the door- You fucking bastard! >.< -tears run down her cheeks- Bastard...

Quinn: ... -looks out at the forest- ... Guys... Maybe there's more to this than we know... What if that Jirin took that book for a reason... And it's connected with Lily...

Tani: -takes his hand- Cmon D: we gotta get him and let my parents know... If a whole group is behind us we can stop them!

Dark: ... Kid if I bring you she will kill us all D| If you behave and help me if I get killed then you can come.

Celestia: |3 Just watch...

Annette: ... -picks him up by the scruff of the robes and scans him with her arm- ... Hm ... Elderly... Name is Giovanni... Used to control Team Rocket... Big drinker >.>... And you know of Dark... -puts him down- sorry that you know of this idiot but I was sent down here for some sort of emergency. Pray tell where do I find him?

Nightshade: x3 now come on little one. Why aren't you playing with your friends?

Derek: ... -gently takes his hand and gets up- ... Uh... Iunno if you wanna be there when I feed... I know you can't see it but it doesn't sound nice...
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PostSubject: Re: The Secret Of The Aerisan elves.   Tue May 05, 2015 4:58 am

Thrall: o.o; -ears flatten and growls- >C Why shouldn't I? He'd turn you in for the money if I'd let him.

Dimas: D: -goes pale and very still- P-please... I need this job and this money. They took my home and my family we were so poor. >.<;

Thrall: D< -hisses and digs the knife in further- Don't let him sway you. They are trained to tell you any lie you might believe. He sees no difference between you or any other filthy Aerisian, he'd kill you himself if it weren't for the reward. >/

Parker: ... I don't know, the book is gone, and Lily's in more danger right now. We've got better things to focus on Quinn.

Silver: -looks around- You're right. We have to all stay in one group, if anyone goes missing we may not see them again. Those priests could have any of these elves convinced to do what they need.

Drayna: o.o !! Eldrin too young! D< Too young! -tugs on Malladus' arm- Say something Mihan!

Eldrin: -drops down from the trees and lands on Dark's shoulders- >w> I'll behave.

Giovanni: o.o;; ... -straightens out his robes and clears his throat- Don't do that again. >/ I don't know where he is and I plan to keep it that way. Likely joined the rest of these airheaded creatures in their ritual of fucking in flower fields.

Kali: |3 Oh I like where this is headed.

Alassea: >O It is real! -squirms in seth's arms- I'll show you! It came from a space ship!

Seth: ... -blinks and turns to Nightshade- Do you know those words mihan?

Baldor: You cannot help what you are, it is not my place to judge such things. Relax... -pauses for a moment, leans in and kisses him-
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PostSubject: Re: The Secret Of The Aerisan elves.   

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The Secret Of The Aerisan elves.
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