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Baldor profile Baldorninetails_by_drayna-d5l5akn


Name: Baldor Nyhad
Nicknames(s): None
Alias(es): None
Gender: Male
Race: Human/Elven hybrid
Sexuality: Bisexual
Age: 17
Birthday: 3rd of March 2008
Star Sign: Pisces

Physical/Material Facts

Hair: Mid length and blonde
Eyes: Silvery green. Faded from blindness.
Build: Thin
Clothes: Often wears light elven clothing.
Notable Features: Short, pointed ears.
Accessories: A black crescent pendant around his neck.
Other/Etc: Has the ability to get around despite his blindness through developed psychic abilities.


Likes: Tani, his elven heritage, travelling and pokemon training.
Dislikes: His level of awkwardness towards Tani, his blindness, Kali.
Favourite Food: Anything vegetarian friendly.
Favourite Possession: Doesn't believe in material possessions.
Favourite Pokemon: Ninetails
Hobbies: Has an average ability in music, but doesn't play around others.
Dreams: To be able to gain his vision back.
Personality: Kind, gentle and friendly, but is somewhat of a pushover and is not assertive of himself.


Friends: Tani, Silvia, Vivian
Family: Mother: Drayna
Father: Giovanni
Sister(s): Kali, Lily (dead).
Brother: Silver (half)
Childhood: Spent the majority of his childhood raised in Team Rocket's world headquarters.

Pokemon Related

Starter: Vulpix
Team: Donphan, Gallade, Espeon, Lucario and Ninetails
Back-Up Pokemon: Xatu, Froslass, Liligant
Box: Togekiss, Masquerain, Altaria
Favoured Type: Psychic
Battle Style/Strategy: Knowing the opponent well enough to foresee their strategy.

Team (Main)

(M) Donphan Baldor profile Spr_4h_232_m
Fire Fang
Gyro Ball
Notes: None

(M) Espeon Baldor profile Spr_4h_196
Future Sight
Morning Sun
Notes: None

(F) Ninetails Baldor profile Calico_ninetails_by_drayna-d5l1cm8
Notes: Has calico marking as a result of genetic engineering. Was rescued by Baldor and his mother from the lab it was born in.

(M) Gallade Baldor profile Spr_5b_475
Psycho Cut
Focus Blast
Notes: None

(F) Lucario Baldor profile Spr_4p_448
Dragon Pulse
Aura Sphere
Flash Cannon
Notes: None

History/Back story: When he was three years old, his family was attacked by dark wizards and when a glass window was shattered, his eyes were exposed and shredded by the shards of glass. As a result, he became blinded and has stayed this way his whole life.
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Baldor profile
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