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 Heymi (Start of the story)

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PostSubject: Heymi (Start of the story)   Heymi (Start of the story) I_icon_minitimeFri Dec 07, 2012 7:25 am

Name: Heymi
Age: 13 (At the beginning of the story)
Gender: Female
Hair: Caramel brown
Eyes: Blue/Green
Skin: Olive
Alignment: Neutral good
Nationality: Southern Water Tribe
Element: Water bender (combat/healing)
Appearance: Short and thin with some developing muscle tone. She has mid length wavy hair, some of which is braided at the back and the rest is left to flow down her back, and often keeps a flower in her ear. Has large, bright eyes, a small nose and a heart shaped face, making her look child-like most of the time. Despite the cold she doesn't rug up as much as the others as she is always working and often overheats.
Personality: Though somewhat shy and timid in nature, Heymi has some strength at heart and often pushes herself beyond what she can usually handle, expecting better of herself than others as a compensation for her weakness in bending. She doesn't trust others easily but is loyal to the friends she has.
Main weapon: Hand to hand combat
Skills: Has some knowledge of southern style water bending, but focuses more on her acrobatic skills and being able to fight with her hands.
Weaknesses: Is too scared of water to use her bending to its full extent. This is sometimes used against her by other water benders.
Other: Found Ai floating into the southern shores when they were both babies.

Heymi (Start of the story) Heymi11
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Heymi (Start of the story)
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