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 Non canon couples 1

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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 1   Non canon couples 1 - Page 38 I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 27, 2013 7:12 am

???: ... -stops the car- ... I can't do this... I just... 

Hanson: -grabs her face- Put me in hell and I'll make Vivian's life worse down there... Do you want that? >C

 Scruff: o.o!! D< Hey don't do that! -pulls Vivian back-


???: >J My sisters helped me out in my little situation...

Zara: o.o;; iunno about you, but im going to run. 

Jason: Itll be okay. I had to sew a lot of things in the past... -gets a needle and thread from his jacket pocket and starts to slowly sew it up- 

Isaac: <.<... -lifts her head up- Now come on... No sulking... <3 


Elle: <.< But you didn't. You're the chicken king. 

Pip: Mkay Very Happy -licks his cheek- Ill be right back... -heads over to the others- 

Shark: I just hate children all together. >.> Luckily she is my only one... Always was a tough little prat... 

Eloisa: ... Super D| Ill fix myself up and start the ...tea.  

???: Really? o.o... Okay. Okay yeah... -shuts the carriage door- 


Aurora: ... Alright.... And hey... Maybe once the little one is born... We can sort out maybe... Having a little honeymoon of some sorts... -plays with the collar of his suit- <3 

Jane: o.o... Isn't that the little one she was looking after? 


Link: Heh. X3 You're getting it... 

Zelda: ... I ... I suppose so... |c 

Lily: Im just... Im scared Lucky... Im so scared >.< -cuddles him close- 

Elle: D: Shit ... -gets her clothes on and gets up, going to her bedroom- 

Aurora: >.>... Nah. |3 Come on now. Let's get started.

Gardevoir: ... Sorry then. We cannot allow humans... I hope you two find your own way... 


Annette: |3 -rings up Adam's mobile- I know it is babe.. -kisses the top of her head- <3 

???: >/ Roll your eyes again. I dare you. -grabs him by the scruff of his shirt- We need to stick together through this... But hey... -rubs his chest a little- At least now we can have a drink... <3


Zara: But I'm not Aerisan... I'm a Yoiufu elf... D:

???: ... -snarls a bit- Fine... >C -backs away out of the cells-

Zara: ... -looks up at Thrall- 

Alejandro: We put your soul in a new body... -looks her over- So you'd get all your memories back and... Everything... -tears up-
(okay in all honesty I cannot see him with Rose. Him and Fox are just made for each other.)

Reynard: Ill find her... She has to be somewhere. Im sorry i dragged you through all of this. Its no place for women here... But i will always owe you for trying to help me... 


Aurora: You know I will... |c -heads upstairs into their room-


???: Yep. Being a biker and that, you have the tendency to pick up a lot of things. Stories about the market and that... I'm not a supporter of those kinds of places... 

Chelsea: o.o!! DX Argh!! ... Uh... D| y-You bitch...


Meri: D: Drayna!! >.< Oh god someone help her! -tries to break free-

???: o.o... -A child, looks her over to a moment then stands in between Drayna and Islanzadi- D-Don't D: Don't hurt her! 


Lily: ... Why do people constantly try to lie to mind readers? 

Tani: ... Will you be coming to bed soon? 


Elle: o.o!! -dodges them, the talons just snipping off some of the ends of her hair- ... >/ -stands up on her broom- Thats all you got?

???: <.<... <Nah man. She looks like a little wimp...>

Rayurn: D: Fawn I gotta get you out of here... -races off with her-

???: ... But the chase is always fun >3 -chases after them-
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Non canon couples 1 - Page 38 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 1   Non canon couples 1 - Page 38 I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 27, 2013 7:47 am

Bobby: o.o ... -looks around- Hey why are we stopping?

???: ... -grumbles darkly and whispers- >C What are you doing? If you're not going to drive there then get out and walk home.

Drayna: o.o; .... I didn't think about that.... >C I'm not going to just let you walk free of this. >.< -tries to pull away from him- L-let me go.

Vivian: >.<;; -shivers and holds onto him, tearing up a little- D-don't let me go Scruff... -buries her face in his shoulder-


Jinn: o.o; -backs away a bit- I really think you should... I think I might uhm... get going too...

Lexi: -watches him carefully- ... W-well.... thanks Jason... I thought it was gonna be ruined for sure this time...

???: -rests her head against his hand and looks up at him- Of course not master... I'm sorry... -sighs a bit and places a hand on his- I love you... <3


Kanti: D< Nuh uh! -growls playfully and pounces her again- Raaawwwr! >D Imma really get you this time! -chew on her ear and tugs at it-

Blade: -watches him leave for a moment, then steps over to Tess- ... What did you know about that one, before bringing me here?

Bruno: Only one kid? -scoffs- You can't have been in the clubs that long then. X3 What, did you eat the others?

William: That's my girl. -kisses the top of her head- Oh and best not go around telling them you chose to get a mixed breed horse. It just doesn't look good. Maybe sometime later we can get another that we can actually talk about and show to people, a real horse.

Harold: <.< ... -just gonna skip to when he gets back to his house and that cause I'm bored-

???: -opens the door for him with the other maids- D: Help him inside... quickly now, we don't want him mad with us again.


G: Of course, we wouldn't want you to miss out on anything like that... -plays with some of her hair- Is there anything you particularly wanted? Some place you had in mind to go... or anything like that?

Abigail: o.o What she's got another kid now?

Silvia: You know I'm not sure. :O She really confused me with that. >w< But c'mon, you gotta see him anyway! -takes their hands and races upstairs-


Medli: -grins a bit- Very Happy Yeah I am! X3 This is so cool!

Damien: Please... don't be upset... -sighs and kisses her cheek, taking her into the orphanage-

Lucky: |c -whimpers a little and cuddles her back- <3

Misfit: -pulls on a bathrobe and follows her up- D: Lily! Lily what's going on?

Parker: <.< .... Alright then... >3 -runs ahead of her-

Persian: >C Fine. -huffs a bit and flicks his tail-

Mewtwo: Let's go. -takes a hold of Gardevoir's hand and teleports to the island-


Adam: ... Hang on a sec babe, Missy's probably worried about me. -answers it- Yeah?

???: o.o;; ... Calm down... D: I won't roll my eyes again.


???: >C ... -huffs and drops her, walking back into their cells-

Thrall: -looks her over- ... >/ You're coming with me elf. -opens the cell and drags her out of it-

Fox: I can't believe it... I... I never thought I'd see you again... >__< -races over and wraps her arms around him, trying not to cry- Oh god Al... I love you so much... <3
(Yeah she'll be all upset cause she'd be like a third wheel. >w> I love it.)

Kali: Mmn... |c -sighs- We shouldn't have given her away... it was nothing but trouble...


G: -pulls away from her- Just uh... sit down and try to relax or... something. -pours her a drink- I'm sorry, lately I've only been keeping the strong stuff with me.... scotch ok with you? -holds a glass out for her-


Baldor: -sighs a little- That's a huge relief sir... we have lost a fair few of our brothers and sisters to the market. Sad And it is such a horrible place.

Kali: Not such a tough little girl now.... are you? >J This'll teach you not to mess with my operations. -pulls her back down and rams her into the wall a few times- Fucking bitch... >/ And you know... you're not gonna see my weak fucking brother again. I'll make sure he's taken care of as well. -drops her-


???: o.o;; L-little one! D:

Islanzadi: -doesn't stop in time and accidentally whips them across the face- o.o ... You stupid thing! D< Look at what you made me do! Out of the way, or I swear by the light of Elune.... >C You will regret it...

Drayna: >.<; -tears run down her face and trembles- L-leave them mother...


G: There's not much use in trying to understand the logic of children. -looks Kihja over- ... Or... farm raised tree monkeys. >.>

Kihja: >8C -huffs and folds his arms- Yeah well I always hated having you come over anyway.

Silver: Soon. I have things to do.


Vlad: >3 Oh I've plenty more darling but you never handled my best very well in the past... now have you?

Fawn: o.o;; -holds onto his hand and runs with him- >.<;; Oh god why is it chasing us?! -tears up-
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 1   Non canon couples 1 - Page 38 I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 27, 2013 10:08 am

???: No. I can't do this. I'm turning this car back and going to the hotel. >/ 

Hanson: -slaps her hard across the face- Try anything and I'll kill you next >/ 

Scruff: Its okay... Ill never let you go... Sad -looks up and frowns- D< Get out of here you beast! 


???: >J get him girls...

Zara: o___o;; -grabs his shirt ad teleports out into hell with him- D: Shit... 

Jason: Hey its only a small tear ... Nothing big. -gives it back to her- Here... -smiles a bit- 

Isaac: I love you too... -kisses her forehead gently- You girls are everything to me.. 


Elle: XD Hey!! -squirms- Come on we gotta get to the tent! 

Tess: Pip? Well i knew he was your son. I just never said anything since I felt it was his place to tell... The poor thing though... Being attacked by Shark... -sighs a bit- 

Shark: >.>... yes actually. |3 I was too dangerous so the didn't let me around the women anymore. But I've been there for a while...

Eloisa: ... But why? I don't want another. Why do we have to impress everyone? We should be happy with the way we live.  Beside Pedro is a real horse.

???: Here sir... Sad -helps him in- Your bed is all set up and that...


Aurora: Just somewhere quiet where we can spend some time together... <w< And a place where you wouldn't have to wear your suit all the time X3 

Jane: o.o!! You think we should disturb him...?  


Skullkid: X3 Yeah! Very Happy Hey you wanna go and play?

Link: Yeah you can show him your horse if you like Medli dear. Smile 

Zelda: ... -sighs and heads inside- 

Impa: -looks up- Hello your majesties. -bows her head and smiles warmly- What can I do for you today?

Lily: |c -doesn't answer him- 

Elle: ... -looks around- Where is Slate?  

Aurora: >w> ... -teleports quickly to the end- |3 

Eleanor: ... I guess we should go find a pokemon centre for the night... 

Gardevoir: -looks around at all the Pokemon- This'll be your new home... Together we'll look out for each other here... 


Madeline: -rests her head on his chest- Mmn... |c

Annette: Hey kid it's Annette. Just wanted to see id things are all fine there. 

???: Good. -kisses his cheek- Now lets go find somewhere to hide.


Zara: >.< -ears go back- Where am
I going exactly...? 

Alejandro: -hugs her tight- I love you too Fox... More than anything... -kisses the top if her head- ... But... We have another problem...  

Reynard: -places her gently in the boat- :/ You never thought this would happen... Just rest okay? Ill keep you updated...

Celestia: -gets in with her- Thank you... Sad i just hope the baby is okay... 


Aurora: Its fine... I need it strong... -takes it and has a huge sip from it, sitting down on the bed-


???: I know...  I really do dislike the people from the towns who do such horrible things... That's why I decided to build the cabin when I was young. 

Chelsea: You leave him alone... >.< Touch him and ill kill you... Ill fucking kill you... 


???: >.< -cries as their cheek gets cut open-

???: -races over to them- That is enough! D< You cannot harm children!


Lily: <.<... oh cute doing the-- o.o!! ... -ears go back- ... Grandpa. Another private talk... Please. 

Tani: ... -ears droop a bit- Dont be too long... -heads into bed- 


Elle: ... -growls and get out her wand, shooting stunning spells at him- >/ 

Rayurn: I dont know but just stay close okay? D: 
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Non canon couples 1 - Page 38 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 1   Non canon couples 1 - Page 38 I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 27, 2013 10:56 am

???: >C You will not. -gets out and goes over to his side, pulling him out of the driver's side- Go back to the hotel if you must but I'm not letting this happen to our son. -gets back in and shuts the door behind her-

Bobby: o.o !! ... Uh... guys? D: What's going on?

Drayna: >.< !! -yelps a little in shock- Ah! N-no! No I won't let you just walk away! D<

Vivian: -shivers a little and looks between them- Sad ...

???: >C -huffs a bit- ... <Ssstupid human... you may only have her.... for one day.> D< -tugs on her leash again and pulls her away from him- >/ <Any other essscape attemptsss.... she will be punished for.>


Jinn: o.o; -looks around- Shit sounds about right... D: We better split up, they can't follow both of us, get to the surface.

Lexi: -looks it over- It... it's all fixed. You really fixed it... -tears up a bit-

???: -sighs and shuts her eyes- And you are everything to us master... <3 We would do anything to make sure you are always happy...


Kanti: >w> Not till you admit I'm the best zombie mud king ever! >3 -paws at her face-

BladE: You should have warned me in advance. Are there any others I should know of?

Bruno: >.> Huh. I should've thought of that. -lays down- So what now? We just sit here on the edges of the forest chewing on bones for the rest of our lives?

William: Yes but it's not a proper horse. C'mon Eloisa you know all of this stuff, I want them to have a good impression of you. You remember how my parents treated you... if people are impressed by us then they won't be the same.

Harold: Good. >/ -leans against her a little- Take me there.... and bring me my phone.


G: -looks himself over- o.o What? What's wrong with it?

Silvia: ^^ Yeppers!

Abigail: -.-' Why do I get the feeling this'll end us up at the bottom of a lake with concrete shoes?

Silvia: :3 -takes them into Baldor's room- He's sleeping in his cot. >w< You gotta see it, he's so sweet.


Medli: Very Happy Sure! o.o Hm? -looks up at him- ... Oh yeah! >w< You gotta come meet my bestest buddy! -takes his hand and races over to where Leoni is-

Damien: -squeezes Zelda's hand gently- Uh... we were just considering adopting someone from here.... :/

Misfit: -sits on the edge of the bed- D: Lily...?

Lucky: |c -sniffles a bit- ... He left...

Parker: >w> -glances over his shoulder as he comes up to the end- Heh... I can't even see her behind me. |3 This is gonna be so-- o.o;; -stops and looks her over- .... What... but... D: But you...

Persian: .... That might be a good idea... -paws at her leg- Could you carry me? I don't really feel so good... :/

Mewtwo: -just walks away from them and doesn't say anything, looking out over the ocean- ...


Adam: o.o Oh Annette. Well uh... -glances down at Madeline- Look there's something that's come up actually. I might be later back than I expected. But Madd's definitely gonna need a place to stay...

???: >.> Alright well let's just go over there. You wanted to talk to Madeline anyway.


Thrall: -growls and strikes her across the face- Quiet. >C You can save the talking for your actual interrogation.

Rose: -plays with her fingers and just looks away- ...

Fox: What do you mean, Shawn? Look we'll just stay away from him from now on...

Kali: |c -lays her head down in Celestia's lap and sighs deeply- Me too Mihan...


G: Hey, I said take it easy. Waking up with a hangover won't help you with this.... -slowly goes over and sits down next to her- ... Just relax... it'll be ok, we'll take care of each other.


Baldor: -smiles faintly- Well sir.... I must say I have a lot of respect for having built your life here. I can relate... when the elves were freed from their humans masters we all had to come together and rebuild a place we could stay together....

Kali: Doll.... >J I don't think you have the strength for it. -walks over and steps on her face a little, digging her heel in- You're gonna stay here with your mother now... got it?


???: >.< Enough! Enough! He did nothing wrong! -tears up and quickly scoops them up, cuddling them close- Get away! Just get away from them both and drop the whip! Y-you have no right! Crying or Very sad

Drayna: -ears droop a little and watches them- ... Y-you see mother...? They know what is right... you won't be able to do this to our people for much longer....


Kihja: o.o Hm? -ears perk- Me?

Silver: -comes back about an hour or so later- >.> ... See? I didn't take that long. I don't know what you were complaining about.


Vlad: -swoops and dodges them with ease- Heh. >3 Face it love... I'm a natural in the air. Born for it... you creatures were not meant to fly... -grins and quickly moves forward, trying to knock her off her broom-

Fawn: >.<;; -just nods- I'm not letting go of you... -holds onto his arm tight-
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Non canon couples 1 - Page 38 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 1   Non canon couples 1 - Page 38 I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 27, 2013 12:15 pm

???: o.o!! D< You get out of this car right now! 

Hanson: -growls and aims his wand- Crucio! D<

Scruff: Stop fucking speaking snake language! She is not yours! D<


Zara: No... They would want us split up. Here, I know where to go. -takes his hand and teleports to Xanintum- .

Jason: Course i did... Smile 

Isaac: Mmn... I know you would... -kisses her neck gently- You're such good girls...  <3 


Elle: XD Never!! 

Tess: I don't think so... It's just Pip really :/

Shark: You got a better idea? <.<  

Eloisa: Well I don't want another one. -goes into the kitchen- Ill impress them another way.  

???: Yes sir... -takes him up and helps him into bed- Who shall you be calling? 


Aurora: Well it covers you up too much... <w< 

Jane: Uhm Silvia... It's hard for me since I am blind. >.>


Skull kid: Surprised is he as cool as mister Link's horse? 

Impa: o.o... Another child...? Well sure... Little ones! We have some adopters here today! 

Elle: ... -frowns- He ... But...

Lily: |c Misfit... Call Drayna and my parents... Please... 

Aurora: >w> There you are servant. |3 

Eleanor: Yeah sure... -scoops him up and cuddles him- We'll get you checked out there as well... 

Gardevoir: ... -goes over and hugs his arm- Are you okay darling? 


Annette: ... What exactly has happened? -sits up a bit-  

???: Not straight away you idiot. If we show up she'll freak. 


Zara: >.<!! -yelps in shock- ... -tears up and stays quiet- 

Alejandro: No uh... Darling this is Rose... -gestures to her- 

Reynard: Take care you two... -pushes the boat out in the water- 


Aurora: Yeah... -rests her head on his shoulder- ... Im always so thankful... About the day we met...


???: -hands some logs to him- Is it a nice place your colony?

Chelsea: Mmf... So i can kill her? Okay... But then I'm getting Baldor and dad... >C 


???: >/ -goes over and unties Meri and Drayna-

Meri: Ugh... -moves away from the tree and to Drayna- Drayna...


Lily: -shakes her head- No... G... 

Tani: -ties her hair up- I wasn't complaining... -lays down in bed- 


Elle: o.o!! -slips off and holds on by one hand- Shit! >.< What will it do to make you leave?!  

???: -comes up and grabs her leg- Got you >3 Heh... 
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Non canon couples 1 - Page 38 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 1   Non canon couples 1 - Page 38 I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 27, 2013 12:49 pm

???: >C No. We'll talk about this after I get back from the institution. -locks bobby's door and speeds off-

Bobby: o.o !! Hey! D: Hey stop, what's going on?! What institution?! >.< Mum where are you taking me?!

Drayna: >.< !! -cries out in pain and struggles, trying to get away from him- Ahh! DX -ears flatten and tears up- P-please! Please not this! Ngh... >.<; s-stop!

???: <.< .... -ignores him and drags Vivian by her leash, going outside-

Vivian: o.o !! No! No no, please! DX Let me go! -cries a bit- Scruff!


Jinn: o.o; ... -looks around a bit- What is this place...?

Lexi: T-thankyou.... so much... >.< -wraps her arms around him and hugs him tight- You're the best...

???: Ahh... <3 -tilts her head back a bit- Mmn.... I don't know what we would do without you sir...


Kanti: Then we'll never get trained~! >3 Mwahaha!

Blade: .... I didn't know Shark was nearby. How close to the tribe is he? The two of us.... never got along. >/ -huffs a bit and ears flatten-

Bruno: Yes. >C I don't want to do nothing after they fucking kicked me out. I want revenge, especially on her.

William: Well no offense sweetheart but there's a big difference between how we do things and how you do things. If you're trying to impress these girls you really should stick to proper traditional stuff. Not your demon history or bareback horseriding skills or the fact you spent almost a year with another woman. It's just not normal.

Harold: >.> -sits up a bit- Just some people from the hospital...

???: I'll do it sir... -heads downstairs-

Harold: Good. -looks over at the other maid- ... >.> Be a dear and take my shirt off. My shoulders are aching so, I need a good massage.


G: -laughs a bit- Is that so? Well we might be able to arrange something else.... tell you what, I've got a few errands to run while we'll be out, so.... why don't we find each other something that doesn't cover us up so much? -cuddles her close-

Silvia: o.o No foolin? -tilts her head a bit-

Abigail: >.> ... Bright one, isn't she? -peers over the edge of the cot- So what? It's just a baby. All babies look the same, so how is one supposed to look any cuter than another?


Medli: Very Happy The coolest! -runs up to Leoni- X3 Leoni Leoni! Look! >w< I made a new friend!

Damien: Uh well... -ears flatten- Maybe no right at this second but... that works too...

???: o.o .... -comes out with some other children and looks up at them- Really? Very Happy

Misfit: o.o Yeah... yeah sure... D: <Uh... Tani and Silver? Drayna? Lily... really needs you here right now. Sad It's urgent.>

Parker: D: But I... I don't... -looks back behind him- How'd you do that?!

Persian: -nuzzles up to her- ... Thanks for helping me... <3

Mewtwo: -ear flicks and glances down at her- .... I can't fathom why.... why the persian would stay with that... human... >C


Adam: It's her grandmother... we came over to find she'd been murdered. Sad

Missy: o.o -sits up- ... What is it?

???: D: Then where do you want to stay? D| Christ woman... you should just make the decisions if I'm gonna get in trouble all the time.


Thrall: >/ -flicks his tail- Better. -pulls her into another room and shoves her to a chair, strapping her arms to it-

Rose: -ears flatten and tries to smile- H-hello...

Fox: o.o ... -looks her over- But that... who is she? She looks like... -looks between her and Drayna-

Kali: Yeah... |c You too.... -shifts a little to get comfortable in her lap- ... Mihan... I don't know if I could handle losing another child...

Eldora: -sitting in her wolf form- ... I hope you find me my love.... |c Please... -ears run down her cheeks-


G: -nods- Yeah... if... if I hadn't met you... -runs a hand through his hair- I probably would have died in that place...


Baldor: -holds onto them- Yes... Smile Yes I love being htere. It has such a wonderful energy to it.... there's nowhere else in the world I would rather be. -glances at him- ... Maybe one day I could show you.

Kali: Couldn't give two shits what you do with your dad. >.> But I can guarantee you won't be seeing baldor again. |J Maybe that'll keep you in line you little whore. -kicks her in the jaw-


Drayna: -trembles a little and falls to her knees, looking pale and weak- Oh Meri.... y-you shouldn't have been hurt for me... |c -tries to cover herself a little-

Islanzadi: >C -huffs, looking very thoroughly pissed off- How dare you.... how dare any of you. ou can't question me! D<


G: .... -nods- Of course. Come... we'll go back outside. -helps her back out-

Kihja: >:T Showoff. -pokes his tongue out-

Silver: Whatever. |3 Doesnt matter. -sits on the edge of the bed and strokes her cheek- We've got no reason to be mad with each other right now. <3 -runs a hand down her side-


Vlad: >3 You know what I want. I told you... all this destruction could have ended.... but you had to be stubborn, didn't you?

Fawn: o.o !! -screams and tries to pull away- NO! DX Let me go! Please! -tears run down her face and holds onto Rayurn- Rayurn help me!
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 1   Non canon couples 1 - Page 38 I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 28, 2013 8:09 am

???: D: Bobby!

Chelsea: -comes speeding up on her bike and stops- Get on now >/ I knew this was suss.

???: o.o;; -hesitantly gets on and holds onto Chelsea as they speed off after the car-

Hanson: Will you stop bothering me then?! D< Will you?! 

Scruff: D: Vivian!! -quickly chases after them- Give her back! D< I won't lose her again! 


Zara: Its my home planet... The only place i could think of quickly. We might have to camp out a bit until we reach a town... 

Jason: -kisses the top of her head and helps her put it on- Awh. X3 I'm nothing special.  

Isaac: Mmn... |3 -straightens up- Now sort out the boy... 


Elle: >:T But we must train! 

Tess: We're not sure... We've been searching for him actually... To make sure no one gets eaten... 

Shark: Well then... Think about what we can do boy... |3 

Eloisa: ... -sighs- I wasnt going to mention my demon side and questionable sexuality...

???: ... >.< -sighs- Yes sir... |c -takes off his shirt and starts to massage his shoulders- 


Aurora: -smiles faintly- Now that i would love... -leans in and kisses him gently-  Mmn... <3  

Jane: ... AJ just... Help me run my fingertips on his head...


Leoni: o.o... Awh really? Very Happy lets just-- o.o!! D: Ahh! A Skullkid?! 

Impa: Yes... They just want to see you all. 

Tani: o.o... <Okay we'll be over> D: Silver... Our little girl... 

Aurora: >w> Iunno... I guess o have the magic touch |3 

Eleanor: Anytime... Smile -starts to walk off- ... I wonder how the boss is doing in prison... 

Gardevoir: Somehow she takes care of him... :/ And feels safer with her... 


Annette: o.o... Shit... D: You need us to twleport over there? 

???: lets just stay somewhere quiet until a little later. Okay? And maybe we can get a drink.


Zara: ... -ears go back- What exactly are you going to do? 

Alejandro: I tried to fix up another clone to be like you... But it didn't work... Rose is her own person... A lovely one ... 

Celestia: We're not going to lose another one... -strokes her hair gently-

Shawn: -strokes her fur- And that's how I got her >.>... She listens to me pretty well... 


Aurora: ... -finishes her drink- ... I guess I'm thankful that i still have someone to hold me at night... 


???: Well id like to see it... If its alright for me to come. You said it was a secret... 
Chelsea: Mmf! >.< -holds onto her face, bleeding-  


Meri: -kneels next to her- shh... Lets just go to the healers... Get you fixed up... Sad -helps her up-  

???: >/ You're not fix to rule this kingdom. We need a new leader! 


Lily: ... I had a vision. Do you remember a worker called Proton? 
(Hm. I just imagined a ship where Lily has this messed up relationship with a tough Team Rocket worker.)

Nightshade: >.> hey you wanted them to talk. Its the power of love and friendship~ 83 

Tani: ... Mnn.. -turns onto her side and closes her eyes- Night... 


Elle: ... If i come will you stop this? 

Rayurn: o.o!! D8 Fawn! >.< -tries to pull her back up- Hang on!
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 1   Non canon couples 1 - Page 38 I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 28, 2013 8:37 am

???: -looks up at the mirror- ... Shit. >C That girl of yours has a lot of nerves.

Bobby: -turns around and looks out the window- Chelsea... D: Look why are you doing this?! D< W-where are we going?!

Drayna: -tears run down her face and quickly nods- Y-yes! >.<; Ahh.... yes! Please I'll do anything! DX

???: <.< -glances over at him- ... If that is how you will be... >C -grabs a hold of Vivian and smashes her face into a nearby wall-

Vivian: DX !! AH! -cries out in desperate pain and blood runs down her face-

???: -rolls his eyes and follows Scruff out- >C Back up mate. Don't get involved. That thing was created to torture her, and she'll only make it worse if you try and do anything to interfere. Don't you know how these things work?


Jinn: ... -frowns a bit and backs away from her- Hold up. There's no need to make camp or anything like that, alright? >/ Yeah, thanks a bunch for getting me out of there but I'm going back to the demon world. I never wanted this to be more than a one night thing and I certainly don't want to spend any more time with you.

Lexi: -blushes a bit- No... you are. You've really helped me... nobody ever helps me...

???: -nods- Yes master... and Lexi will be alone for you... -gets up and walks out of the room-


Kanti: >w> Then you better admit defeat.

Blade: ... That's not a reassuring statement, Tess.

Bruno: >/ -huffs a bit- I'm not sure... they said they'd have the army waiting for me if I ever came back. I know the two of us wouldn't be able to fight all of them off...

William: Good, don't. Just be calm, kind and pleasant. Be a normal woman for once and they'll love you, I'm sure. -kisses the top of her head like a pompous dick-

Harold: -sighs a bit and shuts his eyes- |3 I did miss this... <3

???: Sad -comes upstairs and hands him the phone- Here sir....


G: Mmn... -pulls her close and cuddles her, gently kissing her back- You're going to look so lovely in your dress... -gently strokes her cheek- <3

Baldor: o.o -ears perk and looks up at them curiously- .... ?

Abigail: >.> ... Uh.... alright... -takes her hand and gently moves it down to Baldor's head-


Medli: o.o !! -steps back a bit- D: What? What's wrong with him? -hugs Skullkid's arm gently-

Damien: -glances at Zelda and whispers- .... See anyone that catches your eye?

Drayna: -teleports there and walks in- D: What's going on with Lily? -looks between them-

SilveR: o.o Hm? Lily...? -gets up- What's the matter? D:

Parker: o.o .... You... >:U You cheated! You can't use magic!

Persian: -ears flatten- ... Master did not do so well last time in prison...

Mewtwo: -looks down at her- >/ ... Is that not the same way you felt about the human that kept you?


Adam: Well uh we called the cops... but I think Madd just needs some space right now. :/

???: D| Good. I really need one. -heads outside-


Thrall: -flicks his tail and circles her- That depends really. On how much information you're willing to divulge. Are you... ready to admit you were caught as a spy? Or are we going to have to work on your stubbornness from there? >/

Rose: It's... it's nice to meet you...

Fox: -ears flatten- ... She looks like a child. -looks back up at him- ... You were going to replace me...? Sad

Kali: I hope not Mihan... |c I really hope not...

Eldora: >.<; -shivers a little and whimpers-

???: >.> Yeah we can see that. Stays pretty quiet and doesn't fight at all... |3 Doesn't it get weird fucking a dog all the time though? -laughs a bit-


G: ... -takes her glass- Hey I said take it easy. Don't want you getting hung over in the morning.... have some water now.


Baldor: Well you seem like a very nice person sir... I would definitely trust you to see our colony. And I think Chelsea would like it very much if you came back with us. X3

Kali: >J -grins cruelly- Heh... enjoy your old life back here. You should thank me. -straightens up and walks away from her-


Drayna: -leans against him- Y-you need the help too... Sad

???: We should have seen this coming when you banished our king! >C

Islanzadi: ... -takes a few steps back- D< You have no right! You can't! I am your leader and you can fucking deal with it or face the whip!


(... How messed up are we talking here? >w>)
G: Yes I remember, what about him?

Kihja: -folds his arms and pouts- >C Oh shut up.

Silver: >.> You're not planning to sleep yet, are you? -rolls her back over so she's laying on her back- I know.... I'm not quite sleepy yet. |3 -moves on top of her and plays with her shirt- <3


Vlad: |3 Oh there's my good girl. Yes... if you are compliant and obedient for me, then yes... I won't hurt your tribe. >3

Fawn: -tears run down her face- >.<;; I-I'm trying! I'm trying... oh god... -hand slips a little- D8 ... D-don't let go! DX
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 1   Non canon couples 1 - Page 38 I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 28, 2013 11:59 am

Chelsea: -drives up to the window- D< Stop this fucking car you psycho bitch!

Hanson: >/ -stops the curse- ... Follow me and it'll be worse... Stupid fucking elf... 

Scruff: I want Vivian back! Isn't there any other way to stop it?! D< 


Zara: Fine. But do you really want to go back to a bunch of bum raping vampires? <.< I have my own things too. I dont want to spend time with you but i want to help.  

Jason: ... -smiles a bit- Im always here to help you... 

Isaac: -gets up and follows her out- Good >.>... 


Elle: <.< No. Cause I'm a true warrior! And a warrior never admits defeat! >:U 

Tess: I know... But its all i can say... 

Shark: Then we cause a scare... To get the army out of there... >J  

Eloisa: ... -frowns s but- Yeah huh...-.- And what happens if this just doesnt work out? 

???:  |c Mmn... Glad you like it sir... 


Aurora: -blushes a bit- Well... Maybe... I think I might have a bit of a baby bump when the time comes...

Jane: ... -strokes his hair gently- Heh... It's so soft... He seems so sweet... -moves her hand away- 


Leoni: Those things were sneaking into the farm back in Hyrule... D:

Skull kid: >.>... Could've been anyone. 

Zelda: -looks around- ... -shakes her head- Iunno Damien maybe this was a mistake... 

Lily: ... I might be pregnant... |c 

Tani: Iunno D: -teleports into the room- my girl... Sad -sits on the edge of the bed and strokes her hair- You poor thing... 

Aurora: Uh uh >.> You said around the gym. Never said I had to run |3 

Eleanor: ... You think we should try and visit him..? 

Gardevoir: ... -looks away- I felt more... Differently... But we both liked our owners... 


Annette: ... Okay. But when all that stuff is sorted come right back okay? :/ 

???: -takes his hand and walks off- ... Man... The fresh air is so good... |3 And its good to feel your touch again...


Zara: I'm not a spy. Im not lying but either way you will still beat me up. Iunno how I can prove it to you but i am telling the truth. I got lost and I am seeking some help.

Alejandro: I just wanted you back... And I would've done anything... |c 

Celestia: |c -cuddles her gently- We'll have our child... We'll finally have the  chance to be proper parents... I promise you... 

Shawn: Oh really? Nice joke. >.> Too bad it was so predictable.

Reynard: -sneakily peeks through the window- ...


Aurora: No.. -shakes her head and holds onto his shirt- ... Please. I want another... 


???: Well alright X3 Id love to see it sometime... Smile now let's get this back to the girls.

Chelsea: Mff... -tries to get up, soitting some blood- F-Fuck... You bitch! Get back here! 


Meri: You're more important... -heads into the healers- 

???: We want our king back! D< 


(What? Theres a level on how messed up it has to be? X3 I just can see it being with a dedicated worker who loves TR and she would still be trying to take it down)
Lily: ... He has Dark. The guy is using him against mum...

Tani: -ears go back- Silver please... I'm really not in the mood... -squirms underneath him- 


Elle: Yeah yeah. -.- Just get me down from here... 

???: >/ Let go! -pulls her in the ground completely- 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 1   Non canon couples 1 - Page 38 I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 28, 2013 12:55 pm

???: >C ... -glances at her and glares a little, but doesn't say anything, pulling up at the building-

Bobby: o.o; ... This is a mental health institution... D: You haven't changed at all! >.<

Drayna: -ears flatten and cries a little- Ngh... >.< Y-you fucking bastard... -trembles a bit and wipes her eyes-

???: >C No. She's dead, and the dead in hell are here for eternal torture, she's no different.

???: >3 -plays with Vivian's hair and keeps her pinned against the wall- <Sssuch... beautiful sssskin....> -takes her talons across her back slowly- <Even more beautiful oncccce it ssscarsss....>

Vivian: >.<;; -blood runs down her back- Ahh... Oh god stop! DX I-it hurts!


Jinn: >.> I'm not an idiot, I don't need your help. I'll be staying away from them this time. -sinks into the ground-

???: -walks in and stands over Jason- ... C'mon boy. I need something to feed on. >/ -picks him up and slings him over her shoulder- >3 And then the girls and I can break you in... make you a nice little pet. <3

Lexi: o.o !! Hey! D< Put him down you ugly bitch!


Kanti: >3 Then you'll never be trained! >w> ... At least not before me! >D -gets up and races into the tent-

Blade: Well it doesn't help. -looks over at pip- ... He's scared about him coming back. Getting hungry again...

Bruno: >.> -ears perk and raises an eyebrow- ... That... isn't a bad idea... >3

William: Well we better hope it works, or you'll pretty much be by yourself in the house when I'm working. It's not like you can go out by yourself. -sits down and picks up a newspaper- Now why don't you go ahead and make the tea, get the place fixed up and that.

Harold: >.> -takes the phone- Thankyou dear... now don't you stop. -calls up the hospital chick-


G: You'll still be beautiful... <3

Abigail: >.> Yeah just wait till it starts crying.

Baldor: o.o ... Very Happy -reaches up and takes her hand, hugging it close- >w< <3


Medli: o.o -looks over at him- ... You steal stuff? ... -looks back at Leoni- Irregardless! >:U He's my friend and he's been kind to me!

Damien: -ears flatten- ... Too soon... you think?

Drayna: D: Oh my... Slate really should be here with you then. Listen just explain it to your parents and I'll go get him...

Misfit: Look he's not here...

Silver: o.o Huh? Lily what is this...? D: -sits with them- Why does he need to be here?

Parker: -stammers- But... but that's not... D: -sighs a bit- T^T Slave for a day then?

Persian: ... I don't know. They don't just let people in like that...

Mewtwo: >C The point is that you were hurt by the human... we were not meant to be close with them. They only abuse us...


Adam: ... Yeah. Yeah got it. I'll see you around...

???: <.< You've been like this ever since we got out. Is there a hint I should be picking up here?


Thrall: >C -growls and punches her hard in the jaw- Just how THICK do you think I am?!

Fox: ... -sighs a little and runs a hand through her hair- Shit Al.... how long have you had her? Do you love her? Is... she staying here?

Kali: |c Yeah... for real this time. Seeing then grow up and... everything. -sighs deeply- Let's call Derek when we get back...

???: >.> But seriously. What do you do if you wanna screw her but she stays like that?

???: -scoffs a bit- I don't see the problem here mate. X3 A hole's a a hole.

Eldora: >.< Ugh... -turns away from them and shudders a little-


G: o.o ... -looks down at her- ... Alright... -pours her another- Just be careful. :/ You don't want to get hooked...


Baldor: -picks up the rest- Right... Smile Thankyou for being so hospitable to me sir... during my stay here. I was honestly a little nervous. ^^' That I wouldn't make a very good impression...

Kali: <.< ... -hands glow and pushes her back to the ground with psychic, then just walks out- ... Ah... There you are brother... >3


(Well why the fuck not? X3 Alright, I'll have her run into someone.)
G: He does? o.o ... Not surprising if he was there alone, Proton would certainly have the capability to keep him captive... -runs a hand through his hair- We should get back there quickly then to get your family to safety.

Silver: >.> Of course you are Tani. -pins her there- Now don't be like this... |3 -leans down and nibbles at her neck- <3


Vlad: |3 -grabs her wrist and pulls her into his arms, cuddling her close- There's my good girl... <3 -gently kisses her cheek- I'll be taking you two far away this time... >3

Fawn: D8 NO! DX Rayurn! -slips and gets dragged down without him- H-help me! >__<;;
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 1   Non canon couples 1 - Page 38 I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 28, 2013 2:02 pm

Chelsea: -stops the bike and hops off- You let her go >/ -races over and gets up into the mother's face- The fuck is your problem you old hag?!

Scruff: D: ... Vivian... Sad ... >/ -pushes her off Vivian- You wanna punish someone, punish me! 


Zara: ... -sighs- I just wanted to help....

???: >.>... Well girls... Pin him down... |3 

Jason: o.o!! Shit... -looks at Lexi- I'll be okay. Don't worry... :/ 

Isaac: <.<... yes dear... Don't worry...


Elle: XD No fair! -gets up and races after him- 

Tess: I know... Ive given him and the pups the best protection... 

Shark: |3 Well this old man still knows a few tricks. 

Eloisa: ... -sighs and starts to fix up some tea- |c 

???: -answers the phone- Yes can i help you? 


Aurora: ... -sighs and cuddles him- To think before we had this hate between each other... 

Jane: o.o... -is stunned for a moment, but smiles more- ... Heh... You're a cutie... Smile


Leoni: I don't trust them >:T ... -sniffs at him-

Skull kid: <.<... -sniffs back at him- 

Zelda: Well ... What if this one doesnt like us..? And will want a new family... 

Elle: She is pregnant... Look don't bother Drayna >/ He won't want to come back. The reason he left was because she is having a child. 

Aurora: >w> Yep... Now what to do with you... Maybe you should wear a maids dress |3 

Eleanor: Theres only one way to find out... :/ and you might cheer him up a bit. 

Gardevoir: ... Well... He'll find out the hard way... 


Annette: -hangs up- ... Madeline's grandmother has been murdered...

???: >.>... Well after not having a certain something for so long I thought you'd be thinking the same thing...


Zara: >.<!! -yelps in pain, spitting out some blood- i-I dont think you're thick! Look please! Read my mind or something! 

Alejandro: I haven't had her long... But i care for her... And her staying here is well... Up to you...  

Celestia: -gets to shore and teleports home to the healers- He said he'll be on his way... 

Shawn: Oh she changes. When I want her to do something she-- ... -sits up a bit- 


Aurora: Thanks... -takes a sip and rubs his chest gently- Ill be fine...


???: -looks up- ... Who is this?


(Sweet X3)
Lily: -nods- Seems like Proton has been fired from his job and is using grandpa against mum and dad... -sighs- We must hurry. They'll be at the magical creature market soon.

Tani: Nn... N-No >.< Silver please stop! 


Elle: o.o... Two...? What do you mean two?  

???: >3 -laughs and moves away from Rayurn-

Rayurn: D8 NO! -chases after them- No come back! 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 1   Non canon couples 1 - Page 38 I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 28, 2013 10:10 pm

???: >C ... Hmph. Don't bother trying to fight this, he's sick and he needs this. Now if you don't get out of the way the security we called to take Bobby in won't have any problem dealing with you as well. >/

???: <.< ... -licks the blood from her talons and pulls Vivian back to her- <You will not sssee her... ssshhe... mussst be punissshhed.> >3 <If you want ssso badly to be tortured... I can arrange that....> -grins cruelly and teleports him back to his apartment, with a little orb now there showing herself and Vivian-


???: >3 -grins- I can't wait to make him cry... <3

Jinn: o.o;; Shit. D: You're all here.

Lexi: But... Sad I-I was gonna protect you... -looks up at Isaac- Please master... >.< Don't let that awful bitch hurt him.

???: >.> Hmph. Well I never liked you either Lexi. I am taking my business elsewhere. -walks out and takes Jason downstairs-


Kanti: X3 -laughs a bit- We're here to become warriors! >:U

Blade: Good... -ears flatten and thinks for a moment- He wants to stay with me...

Bruno: |3 Heh... this'll be great. -stretches and yawns a bit- They'll really fear us after this.

William: -glances up at the kitchen door- ... Something wrong?

Harold: It's Harold Blackmore... >.>


G: ... Almost hard to imagine now, isn't it...?

Baldor: :3 -giggles a bit and noms on her hand- >w< Cutie. <3


Medli: D: You should trust him. He wouldn't do anything to hurt us.

Damien: ... -sighs a bit- Well this time... we don't have Viktor to screw things up. I think this'll be good for you Zelda... Sad

Drayna: D: -gasps a bit and covers her mouth- ... That is the most disgusting thing I've ever heard... Sad He's your Mihan... he can't...

Silver: You'd be surprised how often things like this happen... -sighs a bit and takes Lily's hand- You poor little thing... Sad I swear if I ever see that good for nothing mutt again... >/

Parker: D: ... If the other guys at the gym saw that I would never hear the end of it. T^T

Persian: ... -rests his head against her arms- Alright... we can try...

Mewtwo: -huffs a bit and looks away again- >/ Well if he does not learn before we have our army together there will be no differentiating between him and the humans...


Adam: ... -wraps an arm around Madeline- That was just Annette... She said you're welcome to stay with us... -kisses the top of her head-

Missy: o.o !! -gasps a bit- No... D: Oh how awful...

???: -shrugs- Well sure. >.> Why not. But we still need a place to hide.


Thrall: No... >/ I would much rather the pleasure of beating it out of you myself. If you keep refusing to say what we all know is true here... >3 We have some much worse... much more humiliating tortures lined up for you.

Fox: You care for the both of us...? -looks between them- Alright, she can stay. <.< I know nobody would dare move in on my man... |3 -wraps her arms around him-

Rose: D: Oh but... I... -ears droop a little and sighs- Of course not ma'am... |c

Kali: Great... |c I really miss him...

???: >.> ... What's up man?

Eldora: o.o -looks up at the window- ...


G: ... You really should take it easy for a while... In the morning I have to work, but... you really sound like you need to just relax.


Baldor: o.o;; Oh Elune...

Kali: >3 ... -races forward and strikes him a few times in the stomach and face-

Baldor: >.< !! -lets out a winded yelp of pain and falls to his knees, holding his stomach- S-shit...

Kali: -grabs him by his hair and looks up at the father- >.> .... Now... -eyes glow purple- You won't remember... any of this...


G: ... If we're to go to the market you need to disguise yourself Lily. Did Drayna ever teach you shape shifting techniques?

Silver: >.> Ssh. -leans down and kisses her to shut her up- |3 Mmn... <3 -starts to pull her clothes off-


Vlad: You'll see. |3 Just be patient my love. -glances down at the ground, then flies back into the woods-

Fawn: DX No let me go! P-please! Crying or Very sad W-what do you want from me?
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 1   Non canon couples 1 - Page 38 I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 29, 2013 2:30 am

Chelsea: She! Bobby is a she! And if you can't accept that and respect your child's choices then you don't deserve to have children at all.  >C Bring it on. Security doesnt have anything on my gang.

Scruff: o.o!! D< You... -looks at the orb- D: Vivian!


???: |3 Where else would we be? You should've just stayed with your little elf friend... -grabs him by the scruff of his shirt- 

Isaac: He won't be hurt much <.< now come on we have to see the other girls... Get up. 

Jason: -.- You know you would be liked more if you were less of a bitch. 


???: o.o... So I see. Well warriors have to go through some tests before they can be trained. 

Tess: ... Well thats a big responsibility... :/ not to mention that i don't think Grace and that have room for another child... 

Shark: Now I know how to get them out. We just need to say that there is a group of those enemy elves planing to attack. They will all go out. Once they are gone, we can head in. We'll sneak in and grab Shea from her tent when they are all sleeping. 

Eloisa: -doesn't look at him- No... Nothing is wrong. 

???: o.o... -sits up a bit- Oh uh... Hello sir... What can I do for you?


Aurora: It really is... Some would say I am so crazy... But i know I'm making the right decision... <3 

Jane: ... AJ I want a baby. 


Leoni: >.>... i got my eye on you. >:T

Skullkid: <.<... Your horse is a stick in the mud. 

Zelda: ... I know... I know it would be... |c Im just scared... 

Elle: Drayna you have to understand that this is nothing new for someone in a fight club. Slate has many kids. He just doesn't want anything to do with them. 

Lily: |c I thought he would've stayed... He said he loved me... 

Aurora: >w> Well there is nothing you can do about it. 

Eleanor: First the pokemon centre... Im sure you're hungry... -heads inside- 

Gardevoir: There will be others like him... You'll have to understand that...  between him and the humans...


Madeline: Good... |c Thanks... -looks up and sees the police cars- ... 

Annette: ... Im worried now. What if the murderer is still out there? 

???: There might be a cabin in the woods or something. >.>... If not we can make do |3 -grabs onto his butt- Mmn.. <3 


Zara: ... Fine. Go ahead. I am telling the truth. You're only wasting your time. 

Alejandro: ... -cuddles her close- Thank you for letting her stay... 

Derek: -teleports over there- D: Oh god mum! Are you okay? Sad 

Reynard: o.o... -gives her the be quiet sign- 

Shawn: ... I sense someone is sneaking around here >/ 


Aurora: Mmn... Its a shame you have to work.... It'd be just nice to stay with you...  


???: -quickly shields his eyes- What the fuck are you doing? D< Leave him alone! 


Lily: Drayna never taught me anything. I learnt on my own. -transforms herself-

Tani: >.< Mmff! -cries but eventually gives up- |c ... 


Elle: ... |c -sighs and holds onto him- 

???: |3 If Vlad can have Elle... I can have you >3 ... >.>... But I know he would take you away... So we won't go back with them... We're going somewhere else >3 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 1   Non canon couples 1 - Page 38 I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 29, 2013 2:59 am

???: -scoffs a bit- Your gang? All I see is a pathetic little try hard slut, and my even more pathetic husband. >/ Just get out of the way.
(Don't forget what we were doing with Bobby. >.> Chelsea can't win yet, Bobby has to be miserable and assaulted by her doctor.)

Vivian: -cries a little and trembles in fright- N-no... >.<; Bring him back...

???: >J <Perhapsss.... this would be more fun in public...> -drags her out into the demon town-


???: |3 This'll be fun... >3 You're gonna see what we do to men who hurt our sisters...

Jinn: o.o;; Oi, get off! D< -tries to shove her away- I'm not letting any of her little bitches near me!

Lexi: .... >/ Hmph. -folds her arms defiantly and just sits here- I want him back.

???: <.< Quite honestly deary I couldn't care less if you liked me or not. |3 -drags him downstairs- >w> Girls... master Isaac says we're allowed to have some fun with our new pet now. >3


Kanti: >:3 -wags his tail- We can do it! Bring it on!

Blade: I didn't think she would. ... It doesn't matter anyway. If this is to be my job I'll be coming here more often. What difference would it make if he stayed or came back with me?

Bruno: <.< There's gonna be a bit of a problem though, Shea doesn't sleep alone. She's got some other fucking guy with her, another one from the club.

William: Oh well good, if nothing's wrong would you make me a coffee while you're at it?

Harold: >.> I think I'll take you up on that offer of yours...


G: Oh that reminds me... have you been seeing ghosts or anything like that at all recently?

Silvia: Very Happy Yes! Name it Silvia Junior! >w<

Abigail: o.o !! You... baby? What, you mean together? D: We can't have a baby!


Medli: >:T Yeah Leoni! Stop being a stick in the mud!

Damien: I'm not gonna force you into this, but... why don't we at least talk to some of these kids?

Drayna: -sighs a bit and runs a hand through her hair- Sad It's alright sweetheart... we'll get this sorted out. Let's just focus on getting you tested first...

Silver: -strokes her hair gently- I know Lily.... I know, but you had to have seen this from the start. A guy like him from the clubs just isn't the right kind of person to be spending your time with. We went through this with you...

Parker: T^T Man this stinks... fine... D| What are we going to be doing first? -bows a little-

Persian: I am.... I wasn't sure where to find food or anything...

Mewtwo: I know. >/ If they cannot make the right choice then they deserve to be destroyed as much as the humans do.


Adam: -looks up- ... You want me to talk to them, Madd? Sad

Missy: Sad Yes... oh my goodness they could be in terrible danger... We have to go over there and get them back somewhere safe.

???: o.o; -jumps a little- Ah... ^^' Alright... calm down. Look the cops are coming, we gotta move.


Thrall: >.> We'll see. It's a good thing you won't be moving... -crosses over to the other side of the room and picks up a metal pole from a pile of hot coals- It's such a shame we'll have to scar that lovely skin though. |J -looks over the glowing tip and slowly moves back over to her- Last chance... -holds it close to her face but doesn't touch her yet-

Fox: |3 Mmn... well I suppose I gotta be kind. You did work so hard to bring me back. -sighs and rests her head against his chest- I love you so much... <3

Rose: Sad -looks them over and takes a step back- Y-yeah... |c -speaks quietly- Me too...

Kali: -ears perk and glances up at him- Hey kiddo... it's so good to see you again. -smiles weakly- <3

Eldora: o.o ... -quickly looks back at the ground and doesn't say anything-

???: Yeah? >.> -looks over at Eldora- The little bitch saw something. >/


G: Yeah but you know as well as I do I just don't have free time anymore. Even after being here for a few minutes I'm sure everyone will be looking for me. D|


Kali: o.o ... Fuck. D< You want to be difficult? Fine. -growls and her hands glow, moving him up into the air- You'll definitely regret that.... >/ -throws him into a tree and backs away a bit with Baldor- Go back to your fucking cabin. -teleports away-


G: Good. You'll still need to be careful though. -transforms to look less demonic-

Kihja: o.o -comes out- Hey guys you're been out here for a while, is something wrong?

Silver: |3 There's my girl... -bites down into her neck- Mmn... -sucks away some blood- Just enjoy it... <3


Vlad: -lands back at his place and looks around- >.> ... That guy better be back soon.

Fawn: o.o;; He's got Elle? >.< N-no... oh god this can't be happening... -shiver a little- Please let me go! Sad I just want to go back home!
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 1   Non canon couples 1 - Page 38 I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 29, 2013 4:32 am

(I know. I'll have Chelsea get taken by security and then to the police station <.<) 

Chelsea: o.o... D< oh it is on! -tackles her down and starts punching her in the face-  

Alejandro: -looks out the window- o.o... Fox isn't that Vivian? 


???: -hisses- Pin him down! >C And make sure that asshole is ready to tear and bleed... 

Isaac: >/ -grabs her by her hair- Why are you being so rude? You were so good not that long ago...

Jason: -.-... Only because you can't have fun with him. .


???: <.<... alright. We'll test you in human and werewolf form. First human. We'll see what you can do with a sword. 

Tess: Is that when you leave he can come... And will have someone close to while he sleeps... :/ 

Shark: And who is he? <.< 

Eloisa: ... -mumbles under her breath in Spanish and starts to make him one- >C 

???: Really? Very Happy ... Oh i mean... Of course sir... Ill be over as soon as I can... 


Aurora: -shakes her head- No... Everything seems alright now... No nightmares or anything... 

Jane: ... Yeah... Course... -moves her hand away- 


Leoni: >.>... M'not >:T

Link: Hey guys come on. No more fighting. <.<

Zelda: ... -looks them over- O-Okay... Which one would you like to talk to first...  

Tani: But we wont talk about that now... Sad We're here to look after you... -kisses the top of her head- 

Aurora: Shirt and pants are banished from now on. And while you do the rest of your exercises i will be watching. And you are to serve me drinks while i lay down |3 

Eleanor: I would've expected that being kept inside for so long :/ -goes up to the desk- 

Gardevoir: ... -looks away- It still seems cruel to do that... 


Madeline: ... -nods slowly, holding back some tears- 

Annette: Yeah let me teleport us over there... -sits up and gets dressed- 

???: let's hurry then >.>... -quickly heads into the forest- 


Zara: ... -doesn't look scared and looks at him- Scars huh...? -thinks for a moment making a scars appear on her body- You mean like this? 

Alejandro: Well now we can all relax and think about the future... -smiles a bit- 

Derek: Sad Oh mum... -strokes her hair gently-

Celestia: She'll be okay kiddo... We'll heal her up and check on the baby... 

Reynard: -slowly sneaks around to the back- 

Shawn: >/ What did you see bitch? 


Aurora: -kisses his cheek gently, looking more tipsy- Please stay... -puts her glass down and plays with the collar of his suit- 


???: >.< Argh... -slides down the tree- Uhh... D| n-no... -passes out- 


Lily: -looks up- We just have to check something out. It might help out mum and dad... We'll be back soon...

Tani: -sniffles- |c I hate what you've become... -becomes more pale, her hair slowly turning white- 


Elle: And if he isn't...? 

???: -comes up to a place further away from Vlad's- Shh... You are home now... -strokes her hair gently-
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 1   Non canon couples 1 - Page 38 I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 29, 2013 5:26 am

Bobby: o.o !! -tries to open the car door- Chelsea! >.< Chelsea be careful!

???: >.< Agh! -her nose busts and starts to bleed- Stop! H-help! -tries to push her off- DX Security!

Fox: o.o Hm? -glances out the window- Yeah I think so. -blushes a bit- >//> Well she's awfully brave to be walking around the demon world dressed like that... Who do you reckon the other girl is?

???: -looks around at some of the other demons- >w> ... <If I am lucky... my little pet... I may not have to do much at all with you.> >3 -starts to tie her up- <You sssee.... they would ssso love to be involved with thisss...> >J -strikes her across the face-

Vivian: >.< !! Ah! -yelps and tears up- Please don't!


???: >3 -pins him down with the other girls and starts to tie him down- Oh he'll be ready... <3 Girls undress him.

Jinn: >.<; No! Come on this isn't fair! -struggles- I can't fight all of you!

Lexi: Ow! >.< Let go! -tries to pull away-

???: o.o ... You insolent little bastard! D< -throws him to the ground- You're wrong! You see all these fucking cuts! All this fucking blood from the whipping I took?! >.< I took that for him! So I would be allowed to pleasure him! You don't know ANYTHING! -huffs a bit-


Kanti: o.o ... -looks himself over- I can be a human?

Blade: ... -growls a little- Well it doesn't matter anyway now does it? >/

Bruno: <.< Ever heard of Tyrel? Some stuck up old geezer, always going on about his dead tribe.

William: |3 Thanks dearest! -leans back in the chair and puts his feet up, going back to reading-

Harold: Good. <.< Don't be long. -hangs up- ... What an odd girl. She seemed very excited about that....


G: That's good... I got a little worried about you after Vivian threatened to stop whatever she was doing that protected you.

Abigail: Shit Jane. D: Are you nuts? We're too young for a baby. >.>


Medli: D: Well he was being mean! He doesn't like my new friend and it's not fair! >:U He didn't do anything wrong!

Damien: I'm not sure... maybe someone who really needs it... -looks over a few of them- ...

???: -plays with the ends of his tail and doesn't look at them- ...

Drayna: Here... -sits on the edge of the bed- Just lay flat darling, let me look at you... :/

Parker: ... Can I... T^T At least go back inside before I take my clothes off...?

Mewtwo: >C .... Hmph... -turns away from her- Life is cruel...


Adam: Alright... just take it easy... Sad -slowly gets up and opens the front door-

Missy: Mkay... -sits up and pull her clothes on- I can't believe things like this just keep happening... |c

???: -follows her out- You see anywhere we can stay?


Thrall: ... Is this supposed to sway me? >/ I don't care what sort of strange tricks you pull girl... you're not going to get out of this with any other way than admitting what you've done... -presses the hot metal into her skin and runs it down her chest-

Fox: |3 Our wedding and that.... Mmn... everything's gonna be great from now on, right? <3

Kali: Yeah that's what we were meaning to tell you kiddo... -takes his hand- Your mother and I are trying to have another baby...

Eldora: o.o;; .... -quickly shakes her head and doesn't say anything- >.<;

???: >/ Maybe she's not as compliant as you thought she was man... you better start talking girl or you'll really regret it.


G: ... -takes the glass- I'm not giving you anymore now. Listen I want to stay as well Aurora but things need to get done...


Kali: -drags him back into the HQ- >.> Someone take this thing. Contain him properly and set up a slot for me at the market. Maybe this way you won't be interfering with my business anymore, brother. >/

Baldor: >.< Ngh... y-you can't do this...


Kihja: D: Can I come?

G: No. We'll call you as soon as we find any use for farming come up. >.> -teleports himself and Lily to the market-

Silver: >.> ... Don't be so melodramatic. C'mon now... help me with my clothes.


Vlad: Then I'll go looking for him. >.> But you'd better hope he comes back soon. |3 He's got your mother... -takes her inside-

Fawn: -trembles and tries to move her face away- >.< N-no... -tears run down her face, looking terrified- No I know you can't do this... y-you have no right. I'm allowed to say no to you.... -tries to pull away-
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 1   Non canon couples 1 - Page 38 I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 29, 2013 9:44 am

???: o.o... -comes outside- D< HEY! -goes over and pulls Chelsea off- That's it girl. We're calling the cops.

Chelsea: >.< NO! BOBBY!

Alejandro: -squints a bit- .. It... kinda looks like... her o.o... Like it was a clone...

???: -looks over at them- o.o... Well hey boys... |3 Look at this...


???: -starts to pull down his pants- |3 Mmm... still sore and red from last time... -grins a bit-

Zara: Hey! Leave him alone you bitches... -comes up to them- >/

Isaac: >/ Are you going to be a good girl?

Jason: Psh. >.> Yeah. Went through all that. Had sex for the first time in so long. It'll be longer before you have it again.


Elle: o.o... Well yeah. -transforms into her human form- We all can.

Tess: ... -sighs- I shouldn't put my nose into your business. -finishes feeding the last pup- There... now the other girls will take over this next shift... -stands up-

Shark: Oh that old fart? >.>... Yeah I remember him. Has been in the clubs for a while you know... Isn't much of a fighter. |3 He'll be easy to take down.

Eloisa: ... -eye twitch-

???: -comes up to the door later with a few girls- ^^ Oh who would've thought we'd be going to a Blackmore's home... -knocks on the door-

???: Yes... that is very odd...

???: -comes to the house sometime later- ... -goes to the door and rings the doorbell-


Aurora: Yeah... -sighs and kisses his cheek- I got worried myself. But luckily nothing changed... And with Jane and AJ here they can help put up more protective spells so that nothing can spoil our wedding... <3

Jane: I am not nuts... I just think it'd be lovely to have one...


Link: Well Medli sometimes the Skullchildren are known to pull pranks and that... and this one here got into some trouble before in the past... didn't you?

Skullkid: ... -looks away- That was an accident...

Link: -kneels down- I know it was kiddo :/ But hey things are better now. I know you're good and you can show others that...
(Sometimes it's just nice to play Link. ^^ It makes me so happy.)

Zelda: ... -looks at him for a moment- ... -walks over and kneels down- Hello little one...

Lily: Alright... -lays back on the bed, keeping an arm around Lucky-

Elle: ... -looks at Tani and Silver- With all these things happening do you want us to head back to my parents house?

Aurora: >.>... You don't have a say in the matter. |3 Heh. Best bet I've ever won.

Gardevoir: And why should we be the ones to make it even more cruel?


???: We got the call about a murder?

???: -looks around and sees a cabin- Hello... |3 Looks like a holiday home that hardly gets used. Let's break in and take it for a while.


Zara: o.o!! -turns back to normal and cries in pain- >.< ARGH! I am telling you the truth! DX -mutters something and turns the metal into a tree branch with flowers- Oh god... D|

Alejandro: Hopefully... knowing our luck something always happens... -kisses the top of her head-

Derek: Really...? Sad I hope it's okay in there... -ears droop-

Shawn: >/ Eldora you know I'm pretty kind to you but I don't like being lied to ... what did you see?


Aurora: Stay... -leans in and kisses him gently- <3


???: o.o... Are you sure ma'am...?


Lily: >.> You know you shouldn't be so mean to him. Without his advice I would've never come up to you and we wouldn't be talking like this right now.

Tani: |c -shakes her head- No...


Elle: o.o!! D< My mother? No! He can't have!

???: Oh yes you can say no... but you really think I'm going to listen? |3 -kisses her neck gently- There is nothing you can do... <3
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 1   Non canon couples 1 - Page 38 I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 29, 2013 10:48 am

???: >/ I've got this one. -pulls her away- Take the patient.

Bobby: D< I'm not a patient! Let go of my fiance you fucking brutes! Let her go!

Fox: o.o Yeah a little... like a demonised version of her. -looks them over- ... This doesn't look good...

Vivian: o.o;; -squirms a bit and tries to cover herself- >.< Oh god, get me out of here...

???: >w> ... <Go ahead boysss.... >3 Thisss one is meant for torture...>


???: >.> ... Have some fun with him. |3 I'll take care of this one. >3

Jinn: >.< G-give me back my pants! You can't do this!

???: -walks over to Zara and bares her fangs- An elf... >3 You'll make such a pretty little gift for our master...

Lexi: Nn.... >.< F-fine... let go, it really hurts!

???: Sooner than you think boy... >C -picks up a strapon- ... Bend over. -growls a little-


Kanti: o.o I never knew... -shuts his eyes- >.< ... o.o I dunno how to transform. D: How do I take the test then?

Blade: Mmn... -looks her over- Should I stay for the next shift, or...?

Bruno: Oh good. |3 -lays his head down again- So when do you want to get going?

???: Very Happy Oh I'm just so excited to see who William will be wed to. I hear she's not from here. >w>

William: -looks up at the door- ... I hope you've got the house straightened up Eloisa. -goes over and opens the door- |3 Good afternoon girls. So good to see you all again.

???: :/ ... -goes over and opens the door for her- Good day ma'am... -bows her head- Master Blackmore is expecting you...


G: Good... I want it to be perfect for you... <3

Abigail: D: Why? All they do is scream and eat and make mess!

Baldor: -pouts a bit and folds his arms- >:T Meanie.


Medli: -ears flatten- ... What kind of trouble did you get into... before...?

???: o.o -ears perk and looks up at her for a moment- .... -quickly looks away again and plays with the end of his hair-

???: Sad -tugs at Zelda's dress- He doesn't talk your majesty.... don't pick him. There are better kids. We'll talk with you... D:

Lucky: |c -nuzzles her gently- <3

Drayna: -gently places a hand on her stomach and shuts her eyes- Just relax dearest... we'll make everything alright.

Silver: I think that might be best. Lily's going to need some space.

Parker: D| -grumbles- Last time I ever make a bet with you. -slowly takes off his pants- T^T Are we happy now mistress?

Mewtwo .... -stops and thinks for a moment- It may seem cruel... but we are making things better...


Adam: Yeah... :/ My girlfriend's grandmother. The uh.. the body's just over in the house next door. Choked to death...

???: Sounds good to me. |3 C'mon... -goes over and opens up one of the windows-


Thrall: o.o ... -looks it over for a moment- ... >C You... -throws it to the side and grabs her face- Just what exactly are you trying to do here you stubborn little bitch?! D<

Fox: Mmn... |3 I suppose so. <.< So what to we do with the pint size? Think she can work the bar alright?

Kali: Well they broke my ribs pretty bad... I hope it doesn't do anything...

Eldora: -whimpers and backs away from him- >.<;; N-nothing sir... nothing!

???: >C -growls and grabs her by the scruff of her neck- When he tells you to do something you fucking do it! D<

Eldora: -yelps in pain- Ow! >.< Ow let me down!


G: o.o; Mff.... >.< Aurora... -pulls away- What are you doing?


Kali: >.> If I wasn't sure I wouldn't have said it. >/ Fucking move it! Get it done!


G: Is any of what I say to him untrue? >.>

Silver: >/ ... -grabs her face- Did you just say no? Say it again Tani... I dare you. That'll get you out of here and cursed faster than anything.


Vlad: |3 But he did. I wonder how he's treating her.... I know she wouldn't be enjoying it. >w> And my friend doesn't have a very good temper... if she pushes it... she'll definitely regret it. >3

Fawn: >.<; -whimpers and tilts her head back a bit- O-oh god... don't... don', I... I'll fight you! -trembles and tries to push him off-
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 1   Non canon couples 1 - Page 38 I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 29, 2013 11:47 am

Chelsea: D< -tries to pull away- Let me go! 

???: -goes and pulls Bobby out of the car- Oh no. We have a special room for you. >/ 

Alejandro: Well we gotta do something before all those demons have their way D: 


Zara: >/ You wouldnt like my kind. -makes some vines  come out and ties the vampire girl to the ground- 

Isaac: -lets go- ... Be a good girl... Got it? 

Jason: o.o... Nah uh. D: -backs away-


???: You cant take the test until you learn how to transform.

Elle: D: I can try and teach him!

Tess: ... Only if you want to... I just... Have things to do...

Shark: |3 why not right now? 

???:  Good to see you too |3 Now where is this darling fiancé of yours? 

???: Oh yes. -comes in- How is he settling in back home now?


Aurora: -smiles and kisses him gently- We should get going... <3

Jane: But they are cute... And they dont always do that... 


Skullkid: ... -rubs his arm- I almost destroyed the town...

Zelda: ... I'm sure he is just a bit shy... :/ why don't you talk little one...? 

Lily: Mnn... |c 

Elle: -nods- Well we will help out if its needed :/ just give us a call... 

Aurora: >w> now whats next for exercising?

(I think you forgot Persian.)

Gardevoir: Our thing was to help all Pokemon... Not hurt them like the humans hurt us...   


???: You men go and investigate the house.. Ill need to talk to these two and the owner of this home... 

???: -climbs in and looks around- |3 Yeah... I can live here for a while... 


Zara: Ah! >.< trying not to get hurt! Look i just want to leave this place! 

Alejandro: I can teach her... But no maid costume okay? 

Shawn: D< Hey dont hurt her. Alright? 


Aurora: ... -looks him over and tears up- Im an idiot... >.< -gets up staggering- 


???: o.o;; yes maam ^^;; -picks up Baldor- 


Lily: >.> Well no but we dont need to be reminded every five seconds. 

Tani: -yelps in pain- >.< ... -trembles and starts to take off his clothes- 


Elle: -eyes glow red and snarls- N-No... No. >C  

???: >/ -pushes her up against the wall- Go abead and try... Ill fight back... 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 1   Non canon couples 1 - Page 38 I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 29, 2013 12:37 pm

???: >/ Don't get yourself involved girl or you'll be in a jail cell for the night.

Bobby: -tries to pull away- Stop! >.< What fucking right do you have to do this?! -tears run down her face- I'm not sick or anything! DX I'm not a freak, let me go!

Fox: Well what's to do Al? You don't interfere with that sort of stuff, she's probably dead you know.


???: o.o;; ... -hisses and struggles- D< What is this?! Let me up! >.<

Lexi: >.< Fine... -rubs her head and backs away a bit- Look what do you want this time...? -sighs a bit and just looks away-

???: Yeah huh... >3 Don't worry pet, you'll learn to love it eventually... -grabs him by his hair and pushes him into the wall- I bet you have a nice tight little ass... |3


Kanti: Sad ... Nah Elle... You're a better werewolf than me. |c You should just go ahead and do your training... -ears droop a bit and whines-

Blade: -looks her over- ... What things?

Bruno: >w> ... Heh. Why not indeed... |3 -gets up- I like you already.

???: We so can't wait to see her mister Blackmore... >w> -giggles a bit and blushes-

William: Right through here ladies... she should be just in the sitting room. |3 You girls enjoy yourselves now.

???: Oh uhm... good... Our master is very much enjoying being back home. -sighs a bit and looks up at her- Ma'am, if it is not too bold to ask... why were you so interested in coming here?


G: Do you think we should take Baldor with us? -brushes some hair behind her ear- We could always have your friends look after him... assuming they're responsible enough?

Abigail: You can't seriously be telling me you want kids right now.


Medli: o.o; -takes a step back- ... How... do you accidentally... D: -hides behind Leoni's leg-

???: ... -looks between them and slowly points at Damien-

Damien: o.o ... Me?

???: No your highness... he means his father. His father made him quiet all the time... -rubs her arm- Are you gonna look at the rest of us your highness...? :/

Misfit: Yeah we're here to help... :/ Take care Lily. -teleports himself and Elle back to the tribe-

Parker: .... -runs a hand through his hair- Swimming laps mistress. T^T

Persian: Yeah... I never went outside... -slowly climbs up onto the counter and curls up there-

Joy: o.o .. Oh my... you don't look so good little guy. D: What happened here?

Mewtwo: They will be given the opportunity to not be hurt. >/ There is no problem here... if they didn't want to be hurt they would join us, and if they are so mislead that they thing being kept as a human's property is reason enough to voluntarily die... then they deserve it. -growls and flicks his tail-


Adam: Oh uh... the owner isn't here. :/ He's incarcerated.

???: Yeah not bad... >w> I bet they'll never find us out here.


Thrall: >C -leans forward on the table- Get one thing straight here.... whether you confess or not, you will not be leaving...

Fox: >.> Fine by me. As long as she's the one being groped and not me.

Rose: o.o; ... What.. did she mean by that master?

???: >/ You want her to talk or not?


G: Aurora stop alright. -holds her to steady her- What was that about... and what's with the tears Aurora?


Kali: >/ Good. I want buyers on the phone ASAP and I want him shipped out to the market where they can take him as far away from me as possible. -walks away-

Baldor: >.<; Ugh... -ears flatten- You'll regret it sister...


Drayna: -sighs and cuddles up to him- ... I think you really moved them out there...

Islanzadi: >C Your king? -scoffs- He was weak... not fit to rule. You should be grateful I am here to lead you instead of him!

???: D< You had no right to banish him!


G: -looks her over- .... Come, we'd best find him. Look for the biggest crowds.

Silver: |3 Better... -gently runs a hand down her side- See? We don't need all of this drama Tani as long as you're good...


Vlad: >C Don't start this shit again girl. -growls and pushes her against the wall- Because you already know what happens after that. All the others in your tribe are gonna cop it... and this time I'll make sure it's your mother that gets it the worst. If you misbehave... it takes no time at all to tell my friend to beat her senseless.... you understand me? D<

Fawn: >.< !! -yelps a little in shock- I-I will! I'm from a fight club you know! I-I'll do it!
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 1   Non canon couples 1 - Page 38 I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 30, 2013 5:56 am

Chelsea: Fuck you! No jail can hol me! D< -kicks them hard in the leg- 

???: Stop fighting alright?! >C Your doctor will come and see you... -drags her inside and into her room- Hey help me with this one! 

Alejandro: Yeah but... She is just a kid Fox... Sad 


Zara: -races over, pushing the other vampires out the way- Leave him alone! >/ 

Isaac: I wanted you to have a little makeover time with the others...

Jason: Ah! >.< -squirms- Let me go you dumbass whore! 


Elle: >:T No. We're going to do it together... -cuddles him gently- 

Tess: ... Its private. Dont worry about it. 

Shark: |3 You're like the son I've always wanted. -heads off, turning into his werewolf form- 

Eloisa: ... -sighs and stands up as he comes in- Are they here darling...?

???: ... I've just... Admired Mr. Blackmore for a while. I have always wanted to talk to him. He seems like such an interesting person... ^^;; silly isn't it? A person like me wanting to talk to the most popular person in town... 


Aurora: I think my friends could handle it. Besides he needs his sleep. I dont to wake him up... :/ 

Jane: Well... Iunno... I just think it'd be nice to have one... 


Skullkid: D: it wasn't my fault! This mask cursed me... Sad it took control of my mind... 

Zelda: ... I'll see you soon dears... I just want to let him know that it's okay to talk... Your father has no control here... 

Elle: ... -frowns a bit- I knew he would do this... 

Aurora: -hugs his arm- Lets go then |3 

Eleanor: He got caught up near the big fire at Team Rocket... I found him in the forest... Sad -strokes his fur gently-

Gardevoir: ... -sighs and looks away- I should... Go help the others... 


???: Well then who let you in? 

???: <w< ... So uh... |3 You wanna check out the bedroom...? <3


Zara: ... -ears go back- So Im going to rot in a jail cell for doing absolutely nothing...  

Alejandro: ^^;; the people in hell are very... Touchy feely... 

Shawn: >/ -takes her- You just have to get her to talk in another way... -looks at her- Now come on Eldora... Talk... You don't like me mad now do you?


Aurora: I-Iunno... It just felt right... |c -sniffles- but i made a mistake... A bigggggg mistake... 


???: -takes him to a cell- >.>... sorry man but Kali would kill me... I don't want that... 


Lily: -looks around- ... Seems like hardly anyone is in here...

Proton: |3 Thats right ladies and gentlemen. Its the man himself here... The one and only Dark...

Dark: -laying in a cage, chained and beaten up- |c ...

Tani: |c Mnn.... Just get this over with alright... -looks away-  


Elle: ... -growls- Fine... >C But I'm not going to do anything unless my mum is set free...  

???: ... -grins a bit- Go ahead... You cant even throw a punch |3 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 1   Non canon couples 1 - Page 38 I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 30, 2013 6:37 am

???: >.< Agh! -staggers a bit- Fuck, well fine... >/ If you're gonna be difficult.... -puts some handcuffs down on hr wrists- Fucking bitch. >C

Bobby: Stop! >.< You can't keep me here! -struggles- Dad! Chelsea! H-help me! DX

???: -comes in and looks over at them- o.o This one needs restraining and all that I'm guessing? >.> -goes over and grabs a hold of her to steady her- >/ Just get him into the chair here and strap him down for the doctor, they'll take care of the anesthetic.

Fox: Well what do you want me to do? If we get involved we'll probably be facing the same thing.


???: o.o -looks up- D< Shit. Let's get him back home. -holds onto him with some of the others and sinks into the ground-

Jinn: >.<; -tries to pull away from them- Hands off!

Lexi: ... I thought you said I looked beautiful already...

???: No no... |3 You deserve this. This is what happens to bad little pets.... -pulls off his pants and grabs his butt- Maybe if you stop being difficult now... I'll even make it enjoyable for you... <3


Kanti: -nuzzles her- Alright... Smile Thanks Elle. You're the bestest mud queen... >w<

Blade: ... -growls a bit- Fine. I'm going back... -gets up and walks out, heading back to Xavier's tent-

Bruno: |3 -follows him- <.< You know I've heard stories about you in the club... you know how things can spread around and that. Heard they actually had to stop you from fighting cause you killed too many of the other men.

William: Yes they're right here... -goes over and kisses her cheek- You enjoy yourself now. <3

???: -looks her over- o.o ... Oh... Well that's certainly not what I was expecting. >.> Ahem... it sure is nice to meet you, miss...?

???: Well he... seems quite interested in you as well madam. -guides her upstairs- I didn't know you lived in the town... master said you worked in a hospital further out of town...


G: -.- Well I get the feeling with Silvia around he doesn't get a lot of sleep. -sighs a bit and gets up-

Abigail: ... Well... >.> Still, I can't understand why, and it's good cause we can't have one anyway.


Medli: -ears flatten and thinks for a moment- .... W-well... -bites her lip and shivers a little, shutting her eyes- >.< Y-you still shouldn't have done it...

???: ... -looks away again and stays quiet-

Damien: -frowns a bit and leans in to whisper to her- This is really sad to watch, you think the kid was abused...?

Misfit: Sad Calm down... Lily really did love him, I'm sure she had a good reason for that...

Drayna: ... -ears flatten and draws her hand away- It's true... you are pregnant... :/

Parker: ... -tries not to laugh and kisses the top of her head- X3 You're adorable... -heads out over to the beach-

Joy: o.o Oh how awful... we'll get him fixed up right away. Very Happy Oh but isn't it wonderful they finally brought that place down? Everyone feels so much safer already. ^^

Mewtwo: Then do it. -moves away from her and sits at the edge of the island- ...


Adam: Well--

Amber: :/ That... that was me sir... -goes over to the door- I'm the owner's partner... I'm watching the house until he comes out... |c

???: Well you seem pretty excited for it. |3 -takes her hand and leads her into the bedroom-


Thrall: >C ... You obviously don't have any idea what the meaning of war prisoner is... if you don't confess what you're doing, then I'll stop wasting my time here. -straightens up- And you'll be put to use.

Rose: o.o .... -tilts her head a bit, very innocent and doesn't understand- You mean they'll give me hugs...?

Fox: ... -snorts a bit and laughs- Sure. <w< Let's go with that.

Eldora: o.o;; ... -whimpers and shakes her head- N-no sir... >.<; I swear... I-I didn't see anything... -trembles a little in fright and starts to cry-


G: D| Alright I told you this would be too strong for you... just sit back down on your bed and have some water alright?


Baldor: |c Mmn... -leans against the wall weakly and glares at them- ... I can't believe some of you who work here... you're like you have no mind of your own... >/


G: Of course not. They'll all be where your grandfather is trying to buy him. We have to move quickly if we're to find him in time.

Silver: Good girl... |3 -leans down and kisses her gently- <3
(Hey we should probably skip.)


Vlad: D< You'll do as I say or suffer, bitch! D< -strikes her hard across the face-

Fawn: -looks him over and whimpers a little- You... you'll regret it! >.< -shakes a bit and tries to throw a punch-
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 1   Non canon couples 1 - Page 38 I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 30, 2013 11:07 am

Chelsea: >.< No! Bobby! Please! -cries and keeps trying to pull away, starting to get tired- 

???: -sits Bobby down and starts to strap him in- Fuck... Him and his girlfriend are fighters. >/  

Alejandro: ... Would you feel more comfortable throwing Dragna at her? 


Zara: D: ... >/ Oh no you don't! -grabs onto one, going shadow and being dragged along- O.O!! holy shit! >.<

Isaac: You are... Just a little extra style never hurt anyone ... |3 

Jason: >///< -yelps in shock- Hey! I will not enjoy this! Leave my butt alone!


Elle: >w< Anything for the bestest zombie king. <3 

Tess: ... -sighs and shakes her head-

Grace: -looks up- Oh hello Blade... o.o... Whats wrong? 

Shark: Yep... >.> people say Blade was the toughest... They never met me... |3 

Eloisa: ... -bows her head/ My name is Eloisa Blackmore...

???: -looks her over- o.o ... But.. You're tanned...

???: I do. It was the only place I could get a job... -goes up to the room and knocks on the door- Hello Mr. Blackmore...?


Aurora: Surely the girls will see that and sort it out... D|

Jane: ... Yes. So good... -looks away-


Skullkid: D: It wasn't my fault! >.< -tears up- I-I had no one! I just wanted someone to be there for me! 

Zelda: No doubt.... I want to connect with him but I don't know how... 

Elle: Yeah. Loved a fucking bum... If i ever see him again... >C 

Lily: ... |c What will I do? Im not ready for a baby... 

Aurora: >w> Mnot adorable... X3 -giggles a bit- 

Eleanor: ... Yes... But maybe this might cause something else to come... 

Gardevoir: ... |c But I don't want to leave you upset... 


???: Well we just need to know what youve been doing the last dew hours and if you have heard anything... Like screams and such... 

???: |3 Mmn... Now this I have missed for so long... <3 


Zara: ... -ears go back- I keep telling you the truth... Im doing the right thing...

Alejandro: ^^;; No dear... They wont be hugs...ill explain it later ... 

Reynard: -comes in- >/ Give me my girl back! -aims the shotgun- 


Aurora: -shakes her head-
mmnooo... No water... |c 


???: Hey man this job brings in a lot of cash, which I need <.< Maybe when you have mouths to feed you'll understand.


Lily: ... -ear flicks- I hear a huge ceowd over there... And Proton's smig ass voice. 

Tani: -crying afterwards, curling up in a ball- |c ...


Elle: >.< -yelps in shock- Stop that! 

???: ... -laughs a bit- Thats it? You're pathetic... >3 -drags her into the bedroom- ... 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 1   Non canon couples 1 - Page 38 I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 30, 2013 11:37 am

???: >/ -huffs a bit and wipes the blood from her nose, watching them leave- ... Well? Are you happy? After all of that fighting Bobby got what he needed anyway.

???: Just settle yourself. >/ If you're not careful you'll probably end up admitted as well. -shoves her into a police car-

Bobby: >.<; -struggles and tries to pull against the restraints- W-what do you mean anesthetic?! >.< T-they can't!

???: D| Tell me about it. -sighs and straightens up, wiping some sweat from their forehead-

Fox: >.> That wouldn't be a bad idea. Like I care if that whore gets hurt.


???: >C -growls a little- Get her out of here girls. Maybe if we're lucky she'll get stuck in the ground. >3

Jinn: o.o !! Hey! No you can't do that to her! >.<

Lexi: -sighs a bit and looks away- Whatever. Not like I got a choice... -holds her scarf close-

???: Well then... >3 If you're not going to enjoy it I might as well be as rough as possible... -leans in close and whispers in his ear- |3 Would you like a gag my little pet...? I'm going in dry... you'll need something to bite onto. <3


Kanti: Very Happy -wags his tail- so you really think you can teach me to be human?

Blade: It's nothing. -walks past her and doesn't say anything-

Vivian: o.o -looks up from playing with Marianna- ...

Bruno: <.< Man I'm glad they never put me up against you. ... You ever fought Blade before? I never would've figured anyone to be tougher than him.

???: She really looks like she should be the one serving us the tea... >.>

???: -gives a fake smile- Oh well isn't this interesting... Very Happy Young mister Blackmore being wed to... an ethic girl. The girls in town will just have to hear about this.

Harold: >.> -goes over and opens the door- You got here quickly... come in dearest, come in.


G: Let's hope so... if not I'll sort it out when we get back. -kisses her cheek- Let's get going.

Sivlia: >:3 Yeah that's what I say! I don't need a baby either! >:T

Abigail: -rolls her eyes- Would you just shut up for once? >.> Jane... something bothering you?


Medli: -shakes her head and looks away- >.< Stay away from me... y-you're just like them...

Damien: It would probably take a very long time for him to learn that it's safe to speak. Maybe it'd be best if he just stayed here for Impa to work with him.

Misfit: Alright calm down... c'mon, let's just go see your parents. :/

Silver: Sad Oh baby we'll sort it out... You know you've got your family to support you.

Parker: X3 With that giggle you certainly are, there's no question or doubt there.

Joy: o.o ... Hm? -helps Persian onto a stretcher- What do you mean?

Mewtwo: -growls a little- I'm not upset. >/ and why would you be so concerned about that?


Amber: o.o Oh... -glances over at Adam and Madeline- Uhm... Sad Now that you mention it I did see some people lurking around the neighbourhood a while ago... they didn't look like they belonged in this area. And there was this sound of smashing glass and... I think I did hear something but I wasn't so sure... -scratches her head-

???: |3 Has been a while hasn't it? <3


Thrall: >/ We saw what you were doing... you can tell yourself anything you like but we know you are a spy. And you would have been spared if you had just confessed... -looks her over- ... You'll be sent to the barracks now. >.> To become of use to us... perhaps I should show you what you're in for, girl. >3

Rose: Oh... ok... -ears flatten and looks away-

Fox: |3 -cuddles up to him- And when we've got her so she can work the bar by herself... we should have some time to ourselves upstairs and... -leans in and whispers terrible dirty things in his ear- <3

Eldora: o.o !! -ears perk- Reynard! >.< Oh thank god... -tries to pull away from Shawn and whimpers a little- Let go!

???: >C Oi mate... -gets up and backs away a bit- Back off alright, you can't be here. D<


G: You bloody lush. D| You need it.


Baldor: .... I wouldn't expect you to understand the other side of it... the way this place treats pokemon? Heh... I would never expect you to understand the fate that awaits me at the market... -looks away-


G: Yes that does sound very familiar. -goes over and looks up at the cage- ... There he is. He's very weak. Just try and remain calm Lily... I want to see how high they're going to try and bid for him.

Silver: >.> -glances down at her ... No more crying Tani. This is pathetic.


Vlad: No. >C You need this. You fucking deserve it! D< -strikes her again- And I'll keep it up until you fucking learn to just be obedient!

Fawn: D: No... no not this! >.< No! I have a husband! -morphs to her wolf form and just lets him pull her along- ... I... I know you won't touch me like this... Crying or Very sad Now let me go...
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 1   Non canon couples 1 - Page 38 I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 30, 2013 10:04 pm

???: ... -watches them leave and tears up- What have I done...

Chelsea: >C Good. Then I can teach you all a fucking lesson.

???: <.< Quiet okay? Once you settle the sooner we can help you.

Alejandro: <.<... <Hey Drayna? We need you right now.> 


Zara: Nah uh. You see I got some shadow powers too >/ I can easily still follow you. Now let him go! 

Isaac: Now come on this can be a lovely thing... And i will let you keep your scarf... 

Jason: O___O;; Nah uh! D< No way! -elbows her hard in the stomach- 


Elle: Sure. Most of the people from the fight clubs were like you. Even I was. We all got taught to transform.  
(I find it funny how this story has started and when you first bought him in he could transform.)

Marianna: o.o... Uncle D: -goes over to him- 

Shark: |3 Yep. Took a chunk out of him. Then his owner stopped the fight. 

Eloisa: >.> Yes. Might as well tell them that since we're having a small wedding.

???: -bows her head- Of course. -heads inside- You said you really wanted me here. 


Aurora: Alright... -takes his hand- So what do you use as a disguise..? 

Jane: No of course not. Why would anything bother me? 


Skullkid: ... -tears up- F-Fine! You're all the se! You all just want me to be alone! D< -races off into the forest-

Link: o.o... Medli why did you do that? D: how could you...

Zelda: ... -straightens up- Ill come and see you again tomorrow... Alright...?

Elle: ... No. >C i wanna find him. 

Tani: We'll take care of you. -kisses the top of her head- Itll be okay... We're going to look after you and the baby... 

Aurora: >w< Oh just shut up and get in the water. 

Eleanor: ... Never mind just... Make sure he is okay.  

Gardevoir: Because I care about you D:


???: Could you tell me what they looked like? -gets out a notebook-  

???: |3 -pushes him onto the bed and moves ontop of him- Mmn... My big man... -leans down and kisses him gently- <3


Zara: ... -ears go back- No thanks. Ill be getting out of here...   

Alejandro: o///o;; heh... Oh Fox... Uhh wow... -smiling like a dork-

Reynard: I won't leave until I get my girl back okay? >/ 


Aurora: No... Mgoing to bed... -starts to take her clothes off, heading to her bed- 


???: Understand this. If I say no my wife and kids will get killed. You think we just dont care? Well there are other people out there who get effected. So stop thinking of yourself. At least you have a chance to escape with your powes. What do us humans have? Nothing...


Lily: o.o... You cant be serious? We gotta get him out now.

Tani: |c -turns so her back is facing him- It hurts... 


Elle: >.< ENOUGH! -punches him hard in the jaw- 

???: o.o... You little shit. >/ Alright fine. -goes over and gets an iron bar- Ill make you transform back... 
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Non canon couples 1
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