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 Non canon couples 1

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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 1   Non canon couples 1 - Page 40 I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 05, 2013 10:23 am

Gypsy: -standing behind them- Oh yeah? You sure about that? >/ 

???: -takes her into another room- I think most parients feel better when there is some sort of kindness... 

Isabelle: ... No thanks. -takes Vivian and teleports away-

Alejandro: o.o!! ... Wow. What a twist! :O 


Zara: ... -sighs- Perhaps I should've jut stayed on the surface... 

Jason: ... Okay... Come on lets get into town... -races off again- 


Elle: ... Iunno... What if I get in trouble... 

Shark: >.>... -heads towards Shea and Tyrel's tent-

Mapiya: -sharpening her weapons not noticing him- 

Tess: Please look... After the kids... Okay...? -strokes his fur- 

Alejandro: Through a friend actually. She helped my niece back a while ago... And i instantly fell in love with her <3 

Maria: Well if its too difficult why dont you ask your maids to brinf up some here...?  


Aurora: -sighs- Oh i hope so... I really want things to turn out alright... I want him to see the wonderful man j know and love... 


Link: ... -cuddles her- Hey now... I'm your dad now. There's no reason to call me mister Link. 

Elle: ... -sighs- |c i spose so... 

Ruto: >C You stop being a meanie poo! And don't come here again! I can see why no one loves you! 

Tani: They are at my parents home for some fresh air :/ I'll pick them up later... 

Aurora: ;3 Well come on then... Off to the bedroom... <3 

Eleanor: >/ No. I want my pokemon back. Ill go elsewhere to get him the help. 

Gardevoir: ... I guess that's one thing we have in common... Though our situations are different... We're still living creatures who's hearts beat together... -places a hand on his paw- <3 


Madeline: -opens her eyes- Hmm...? Oh... Okay... -slowly sits up and rubs her eyes- 

???: |3 You learn so fast... <3 -kisses him gently-my good boy.


Zara: ... A bit. But i doubt you guys are vegan friendly... 

Alejandro: -kisses the top of Rose and Fox's head- There... This is nice... <3 

Celestia: -squeezes her hand gently- Itll be okay... Sad We won't lose another one mihan... -kisses her hand-


Aurora: Oh please if i didnt do anything you would be up to your shoulders in paperwork >/ -turns and walks away- 


???: Nah... It was coming to an end soon anyway :/ You two are more important. 


Lily: Thanks guy... -takes G's arm- Let's hurry. I'm sure dad would like to have a go at him now... -teleports to HQ-

Proton: >/ -growls and heads to the door of the cafe- 


Elle: o.o!! ... >.< Ew... -slowly opens her mouth up, closing her eyes tight- 

???: No... He is going to enjoy watching this >J -moves ontop lf her-
(I feel so horrible T^T) 
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Non canon couples 1 - Page 40 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 1   Non canon couples 1 - Page 40 I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 05, 2013 11:26 am

???: >.> -glances over his shoulder- Pretty sure-- o.o !! -yelps in shock and jumps out of his chair- W-what the fuck are you?! D8

Bobby: ... -sighs and looks away- So you do think of me as a patient. Great... -pulls her hand away and moves into her room- Well thanks. G'night... -sits down on her bed-

Vivian: o.o !! -looks a little surprised and glances up at her- ... I-Isabelle? D:

Drayna: -ears flatten- Don't leave me here... T^T

Fox: o.o Woah. You're telling me. ... >w> Oh at least she's still down there. |3 -noms on some popcorn-

???: ... >C -growls and eyes glow red- <You will not... essscape...> -spreads her wings and takes off into the sky-


Jinn: You really should've... -looks her over- Did they hurt you?

Lexi: -huffs a bit and follows him- ... Don't you ever get tired? Running like this all the time from the scary demons and that?


Kanti: Sad Well that wouldn't be fair. They're just clothes.

Tyrel: |3 -snoring a little, cuddled up close to her- .... Mmn... -shifts a little and sighs happily in his sleep- <3

Bruno: -looks over at her and grins- >3 ... -crouches in some grass and slowly stalks over closer to her-

Blade: o.o The kids? Look we can both look after them when you're better...

???: >.> Oh. So you weren't set up or anything? ;3 You're not.... obligated to follow through with anything?

Fox: -bristles- >C ... Not in the slightest... >.> He's not like you girls. He's not being forced into having to marry girls like you. |3 He actually wants to be with someone like me. -hugs his arm-

Harold: Oh this is no place to have drinks... it's not proper.


G: I could understand where he's coming from if he had actually known you before now, but... you've just come into his life. I can't imagine why he would be so unyielding towards something like this.


Medli: o.o -looks up at him for a moment and smiles faintly- ... Y-yeah... thanks daddy... -rests her head against his chest- <3

Fawn: D| -sighs a little in relief- Thankyou sweetheart... Sad Come on now... just sit down and relax. I'll make you some tea...

Slate: -shakily wipes some blood from the corner of his mouth- Y-yeah... well... o.o -ears perk and looks up at her- ... Are you serious?! D< Don't come back here?! -snarls viciously and his fur bristles- I was trying to leave, and you had your fucking guards chase me down and give me a concussion! Of course I wasn't going to come back, why would I?! I was lost! >C -huffs a bit and glares at her- No man would ever fucking come here willingly! They all get suckered into a shotgun marriage!

Silver: Mkay... -scoops up Laetri and heads inside- Lily? We're back... :/

Parker: ;3 Yes mistress... <3 -pulls away from her and backs into the bedroom-

Joy: >/ Now you listen. This poor thing was never yours to begin with. When you brought him in with no pokeball I was a little afraid you might have stolen him, but now I know that must be the case! Well... -straightens up and tries to calm down- We'll just check and see if he has a microchip. >.> And we'll just settle this now won't we?

Mewtwo: -shuts his eyes as she does and sighs a little- Yes... I suppose we are...


Adam: :/ ... Come here... -gently scoops her up and helps her out of the car- We'll come back for your suitcase later. You must be tired after a long day like this... -gently kisses her forehead- <3

???: -shuts his eyes and kisses her back- Yeah yeah... >.>


Thrall: No. >.> Don't worry... you'll get used to eating our foods. We've only had a few elven servants voluntarily starve themselves. |3 -laughs a bit-

Rose: -sighs happily- It is... thankyou sir... <3

Fox: >.> ... -cuddles up to him and rests her head against his chest- Night babe... <3

Kali: |c God... I couldn't handle it if we lost another child Mihan. I-I just couldn't... -tears up a little- Later on... I want Drayna down here. Maybe she can... pray for us or something. |c -shakily wipes her eyes- She knows how these things work.

Healer: -looks back over at Eldora and Reynard- Are you two still here? >/ I said we are very busy taking care of Kali! Go find help somewhere else.


G: Yes thanks again for your vote of confidence. -.-'

Ivy: -bumps into her on her way past- >.< Oof! Watch where you're going-- D< ... o.o Oh Aurora. D: Is that you? ^^; Man I'm so sorry... -backs away- It's been so long...


Baldor: -smiles faintly and bows his head- I owe you one sir... thankyou.


G: >/ I swear... if we didn't have to go after Laetri I could have killed him right there.

Seth: -flicks his wrist and makes the doors slam shut- >C Oh are you forgetting about us?

Kihja: -ears flatten- We're not done with you... >C


(Just gonna skip for both these guys.)

Vlad: |3 Mmn... -holds onto her head and slowly eases away from her- Ohh.... you see girl? This is so much better when you just behave... <3

Fawn: -cries and lays limp under him afterwards, looking very hurt and tired- Ahh... DX -sobs and tears run down her face, trembling a little- I-I'm sorry Rayurn... >.<
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 1   Non canon couples 1 - Page 40 I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 06, 2013 7:17 am

Gypsy: |3 Well I'm not that guy who is from that made up gang... Along with my other boys.  

???: >.>... our first session is tomorrow morning... Goodnight. -shuts the door- 

Isabelle: Yes... I had to quickly get you out of there. I broke the barrier so that Scruff can help Drayna... Are you  okay? 

Scruff: D: Shit Drayna I'm coming!

Alejandro: You know what? A lot would pay to see this show. >.>


Zara: Nah... Just got nipped on the neck... Are you okay? 

Jason: I dont notice... When you're dead you're tired all the time ... D|


Elle: ... I guess... -picks up some pants and a shir- 

Shea: Mmn... -rubs his chest and snoozes- |3 <3 

Shark: <.<.... -quickly moves forward and bites onto Tyrel's ankle- 

Mapiya: ... >C -snarls and throws a spear out where Bruno is- 

Tess: I-Iunno... Iunno if ill be able to make it...  

Alejandro: Yes... I am happy i found my true love... <3 -cuddles her and kisses her cheek- <3  

Maria: Well... We can bend the rules a little... Who would know? 


Aurora: ... I guess finding out that i was his daughter... Emily's daughter he got really happy... And doesnt want to lose me so soon... :/  


Link: ... -sighs a bit and cuddles her- Come on... I'll take you to this place...  -walks out of town- 

Elle: Mkay... -sits down- ... So whats been happening here ...? 

Ruto: >.>... i just wanted to mess you up first. Shoo.  

Lily: ... -is sitting in the bathroom with Lucky- Maybe if i get rid of it he'll come back... 

Aurora: -follows him in- Lay down on the bed ;3 ... <3 

Eleanor: o.o;; Well ... Fine! Go and get the device to scan the chip >/ But you wont find one!   

Gardevoir: ... -looks at him for a moment and means in, kissing his cheek gently- <3 


Madeline: |c i just want to stay in bed forever...  

???: <.< Awh what's with the yeah yeah? My boy is impatient.


Zara: >.>... -thinks for a moment, making a berry bush appear- |3 Luckily for me i wont have to do that. -picks off the berries, starting to eat them- Mmn. <3

Alejandro: Night dears ... |3 -sighs and starts to doze off- <3

Celestia: Ill call her... Shh now... -looks at the healer- Dont just stand there >/ Help her out. If it wasn't for him Kali would be dead!  


Aurora: >.<!! Argh! Just stay out of my way! D< -keeps  walking-  


???: Hey you owe me nothing X3

Chelsea: So now what do we do? :/ 


Lily: Yeah well lets just calm down and figure out how we're going to help him... -sighs- He shouldn't be going through this ... 

Proton: o.o;; hey... Arent you peaceful elves...?

Kihja: -ears flatten- We're not done with you... >C


Elle: >.< -gags a bit, wiping her mouth- Uhh....  -sniffles a bit- That wasnt good... 

???: -grins and sits up- Why are you sorry? |3 did you enjoy it...? 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 1   Non canon couples 1 - Page 40 I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 06, 2013 7:48 am

???: D< What, you think.. you think I'm just going to give in to threats like these? -takes a step back- Just calm down! She'll be out of here in the morning!

Bobby: -glances up at the door- ... Yeah thanks. |c -sighs and lays down, resting her head on the pillow- I wish you were here Chels... -sniffles a bit and starts to doze off-

Vivian: They... they hurt me pretty bad... >.< -shivers a little- Are you sure this was the best thing to do? Sad That demon. She... she'll be after me...

Drayna: >.<; -pulls away from the demons and races over to him- The things I do for that girl... -hides behind him- Don't let them hurt me. Sad

Fox: >.> Yeah. A lot more than what we get from working the bar...


Jinn: I'll be alright... though... >.< Being bound like this isn't so good on my old bones...

Lexi: Sad ... It must be hard. I... I can't understand it. I know you're dead, but... this is hell, right? You're so nice to me Jason... how did you end up in hell?


Kanti: X3 There you go. >.> I bet warriors never wear dresses anyway.

Tyrel: -sighs a little and cuddles her gently- <3 ... >.< !! -yelps a little in pain and quickly wakes, trying to draw his leg away- AGH! What the hell?! DX

Bruno: o.o !! -quickly steps out of the way and narrowly avoids it- D: Fuck. D< Oh you're gonna get it now! -barks and leaps at her, teeth bared-

Blade: Be quiet... just.. save your energy. You will.

Fox: -giggles a bit and cuddles him back- <3

???: ... Hmph. Well now... we really must be on our way. <.< We hope we can see you at the wedding... -bows her head- Good day.

Harold: Well... why not? >.> -slowly gets to his feet and goes to the door- Dearest, fetch me some glasses. I would like to have a drink with Maria.


G: Yes... -glances down at her- You should speak with him when we get back.


Medli: -idly plays with the ends of her pigtails- Where are you gonna be taking me daddy? Is it some place secret...?

Fawn: Oh things have not been near as eventful as it's been for you dearest... -tries to smile- You must be having such a wonderful time at that school of yours. Are you learning anything exciting? -holds onto her hands- I want to hear all about it. Smile

Slate: >C ... -ears flatten and snarls- You fucking stuck up little bitch! D< -barks and leaps at her, pinning her to the ground- I'll mess you up good! -rakes his claws across her face several times and bites at her-

Lucky: Sad -ears perk and looks up at her- ... You can't mean that...

Silver: -looks around- Lily?

Parker: <w< Yes mistress... on my back? -steps over to the bed and lays down- Or would it be easier for you to punish me if I laid on my stomach...? <3

Joy: We'll just see. Hmph. -quickly leaves the room-

Persian: D: ... -slowly sits up- Eleanor. I do have a microchip. Master gave it to me when I was a kitten.

Mewtwo: o.o; -ears flatten and watches her carefully- ... -looks a little confused but doesn't say anything-


Adam: Alright. That's ok... you can stay in bed and I'll bring your stuff in... -takes her inside-

???: >.> Course not. I wouldn't dare be impatient with you.


Thrall: ... -ear flicks, looking irritated- >/ Hmph. Now that's enough, I don't want to see you using any more of those tricks around here.

Fox: Mmn... -shifts a little in her sleep later in the night- =^= -slowly opens her eyes a little and looks over at Rose- >.> ...

Rose: |o -sleeping peacefully, cuddled up with her arms wrapped around Alejandro- ... <3

Fox: ... -frowns a little and nudges her- >/

Rose: Mmn... -slips a little and falls off the bed- o.o !! Ah! >.< -whimpers a little in pain-

Healer: o.o; ... -bows her head- Yes your majesty. -goes over to them- >/ Alight what's your problem?


Ivy: o.o;; -bites her lip and watches her for a moment- Aurora... D: Wait, please... -follows her- Don't you remember me?


Baldor: We try and avoid Kali for the time being... -glances down at Chelsea- I know you haven't been home for very long, but maybe it would be in our best interest to return to the colony. We can be kept safe there.


G: Well we have to figure out where he is first and why in the hell he was sent here. Can't you get in contact with him?

Kihja: >/ We are...

Seth: Until someone harms us. >/ There is no evil in defending ourselves and our loved ones... -eyes glow and lifts him into the air-

Alassea: D< Yeah get him daddy!


Vlad: |3 Don't be ridiculous. This is perfect... -pulls her to her feet and cuddles her close- <3

Fawn: -trembles and shakes her head quickly- N-no! >.< No I... I've never enjoyed it.... -cries- Please let me up...
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 1   Non canon couples 1 - Page 40 I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 06, 2013 9:53 am

Gypsy: -moves forward- Not soon enough >/ Open the cell now. 

???: -comes in again in the morning- >.>... Bobby? It's time to wake up...  

Isabelle: >.> well she has never fought me... -starts to heal her- ill protect you.

Scruff: D: Shit... Just let's get going... -backs away- 

???: D< Hey give her back!

Alejandro: <.<... -conjures a sign- Lets do this. 


Zara: Sad What are we going to do...? Theres no way we can get out...

Jason: ... I made some mistakes on the surface... -looks away- 


Elle: -gets changed- <.<... What warrior would wear a dress? That'd be ridiculous. 

Shea: o.o!! -sits up- Tyrel what's going-- O.O -backs away- D-Dad?!

Shark: -growls and rips more flesh looking up- ... Did you miss me dear? >J 

Mapiya: -growls and grabs his mouth, holding him to the ground- The hell are you doing back here? D< 

Tess: ... -slowly closes her eyes- Mmn... 

Eloisa: Well if you like maybe another day you can come and help my friends set up the wedding area in the garden... >.>... those buff spanish men would love to meet you all. 

???: o.o... Oh uh... Yes sir... -quickly heads off- 


Aurora: ... I will. -sighs- I hope he settles... I don't want to lose anymore family... Especially for the little one... I want him to have as much family there... -places a hand on her stomach- 


Link: It's called Romani ranch. It's a little place out on its own... There's a little girl there you can play with...  

Elle: Its been okay... I think this has been a relaxed year. Nothing huge has come up and we didn't have to fight anything...  

Ruto: >.< -yelps in pain and pushes him away with a magic force- Thats it! You will pay for hurting the sage of water!! D<   

Lily: Well how else would he come back? Sad 

Aurora: Mmn... Oh i do like what i see on the front... <3 -moves on top of him- 

Eleanor: I know but its bought us some time. -takes the IV bag and scoops him up- I know where we can go to get you rested... -quietly sneaks out of the centre- 

Gardevoir: ... Did you like it...? 


Annette: ... -looks at Missy- Her parents are the ones i put in jail. 

???: <.< Well good. Cause impatient boys will get a rough treatment.


Zara: Why? By the looks of things here you need a tree or six. Heck even a whole new forest.  

Alejandro: Huh... =^= -sits up a bit- ... Awh Rose did you fall off the bed? :/  

Reynard: >/ She got destroyed by Shawn. She is all bloody and that down there... Not to mention she is pale and sick to the stomach. 


Aurora: I do >/ I just have shit to do okay? 


Chelsea: Its okay... Is it alright for my dad to come? :/ 


Lily: Im trying too, but something is blocking our connection. I get the feeling dad already knows he is there and is making sure he cant escape. 

Proton: o.o!! ^^;; hey I'm sorry... I would've let you go... Oh god put me down D: 


Elle: ... Yeah... Perfect ... |c -shivers a little- 

???: <w< ... Fine... -gets up- I spose ill have to find a place for your little husband... 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 1   Non canon couples 1 - Page 40 I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 06, 2013 10:25 am

???: You don't... >/ You don't scare me... -shakily reaches for a gun-

Bobby: =.= -looks very tired with heavy bags under her eyes- Mmn... -mumbles a little in her sleep and hugs her pillow- |c

Vivian: -whimpers in pain as her cuts and welts heal- Ahh... DX Ow they really hurt me bad... -tears up a bit and shivers- ... W-why are you helping me? Sad

Drayna: D: -nods and backs away with him- Y-yeah...

Fox: >w> -teleports behind them and holds onto her arm- Hey hey... don't be scared. |3 Al and I are here to help you guys.


Jinn: We'll just have to wait until one of them comes back for us... when they let us out is our only chance to try and fight them...

Lexi: Sad ... You can tell me. What happened...?


Kanti: >:T Exactly! >.> If you're in the middle of a really epic battle, you don't want your enemies to see your undies! D:

Tyrel: -yelps in desperate pain and tries to pull away- What are you doing?! DX Let me go! -starts to bleed everywhere-

Bruno: Bruno: -grins a little and looks up at her- >J M'here with a friend... wonder if you know him? Ever heard of Shark...?

Blade: -looks her over for a moment- ... Tess..? -looks up at Xavier- Can't you see you're losing her?! D< Hurry up and fix her already!

???: owo Ohh! That would just be splendid! ^//^ We'll be there. <3

Harold: There... now what do you take dearest? -looks over at her-


G: -looks her over for a moment- ... Alright now let's not get all upset... -takes her hand and gently kisses it- Let's at least have fun while we're out. <3


(... Nice one autocorrect... XD)

Medli: Sad Can Leoni come with us? If it's a ranch he'd like it...

Misfit: -rubs the back of his head- Yeah it hasn't been that bad... :/

Fawn: >.> ... And has a certain somebody been doing his homework?

Slate: >.< !! Ugh! -falls back and lands on his side- Yeah right. >/ Like a prissy little bitch like you could do anything.

Parker: ;3 Awh. -wraps his arms around her waist and stays laying back- Does that mean you're not gonna smack me like you promised? <3

Persian: -cuddles up to her and gets comfortable in her arms- Where are we going? o.o

Mewtwo: -looks her over for a moment and slowly nods- ... Yes...


Missy: o.o; -looks up at her and covers her mouth- ... You're joking?

Adam: -gently sets her down on a bed- Hope it's alright with them if we use this room... I really should get a tour later. :/ You comfortable?

???: -sits up a bit- >.> Well I get treated rough anyway don't I?


Thrall: -growls a little and takes her into his house- That's impossible. >/ Nothing grows outside in the wastelands. We are lucky to be able to grow things here.

Rose: >.<; -rubs her head- I guess I did...

Fox: -looks up at them and opens her eyes again- Hmm...? >.> Oh. That's too bad. Told you there was no room.

Eldora: Please... it... it really hurts... >.<;

Healer: Alright fine, set her on a bed and I'll take a look.

Kali: Ah... >.< -holds onto her side and moans a little in pain- G-get Drayna...


Ivy: o.o; ... S-sorry ma'am... -backs away- Sorry...


Baldor: -smiles faintly and turns to him- Of course... -bows his head- It would be an honour to have you as our guest sir...


G: I'll have to have a talk with your father then... he's starting to really need some sense talked into him.

Silver: -plays with the ends of his claws- So Laetri... >.> What made you think you could come back here?

Kihja: Coward! D< Look what you did to my Mihan! -strikes him hard in the jaw-

Seth: >C And if you ever think of coming near my family again it will be the end of you. -rams him hard into the wall-

Alassea: Yeah! D< Lemme at him! I'll get him for sending away Laetri! -jumps and tries to reach Proton- Lemme at him!


Vlad: -strokes her cheek gently- Look at you... >.> You're such a mess... C'mon. We'll get you all cleaned up. -drags her upstairs-

Fawn: Ngh... >.<; -shakily tries to get up- o.o Rayurn... D: N-no... >.< No please, just let him go back to the tribe... Crying or Very sad

Misfit: -heads into the tribe- Hey Elle I'm back.... from.... o.o -looks around a bit- Elle? -goes up to one of the other werewolves- Hey uh... what happened here? Have you seen Elle or her parents around at all? D:
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 1   Non canon couples 1 - Page 40 I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 06, 2013 11:25 am

Gypsy <.<... Go ahead. Shoot me. I dare you >3 

???: Come on now... -nudges her- Lets get up- 

Isabelle: ... No one should suffer like that... And besides Silvia would want me to keep an eye on you...   

Scruff: >/ Oh please you're a terrible liar. -pulls Drayna back- 


Zara: Iunno if they will come any time soon. They are out searching for a human who escaped... 

Jason: ... I murdered a few people... Let just leave it at that okay?


Elle: o.o... Well I don't wear undies. Even they feel weird. 

Shark: -lets go and grins- Mmn... If i didnt have a job to do i would eat you up... |3 -turns human and grabs Shea- 

Shea: >.< Let me go! 

Mapiya: >C -growls- You don't realise what you've done... -grabs him by the scruff of his neck- You're going to pay for what you've done and hopefully you'll never return. 

Xavier: Someone get him out of here while i try and do my job! D< 

Eloisa: Alright. X3 See you soon then. 

Maria: Oh I'm not fussed. -smiles a bit- Nothing too strong... Otherwise i wont be able to talk to you... 


Aurora: ... -smiles a bit- Yeah... We'll have fun... <3 -kisses his cheek- 


Link: X3 Of course. Thats why i have him here... -kisses her cheek- It'll be okay. -looks up at the sky- ... It... Looks purple the sky o.o 

Elle: <.< Its been better than what it once was. 

Ruto: >8C -growls, eyes glowing and makes all the water in the den rise up- 

Aurora: ;3 Oh no... You'll still get it... I just want to have some fun first <3 

Eleanor: -races off outside- To Pallet Town. Its quiet and hardly anyone lives there... 

Gardevoir: .. X3 Heh. -rests her head on his chest- Good <3 


Annette: Im not. So i got a bad feeling they might be a part of this... 

Madeline: Yeah i am... -takes her shoes and glasses off- ... 

???: <.< want it to be rougher?


Zara: Its not impossible. Ive made forests in worse conditions. -thinks for a moment- If i made a forest would i gain your trust?  

Alejandro: -helps her up- maybe we should invest in a bigger bed :/  

Reynard: -gently places her down on the bed- Thank you... See Eldora...? You're going to be okay... 

Celestia: D: Shit i called her... Iunno why she isn't here yet... 


Aurora: -huffs a little and tears up- ... Don't you have work to do? 


???: X3 Well let's get going. I would love to see it. 


Lily: I doubt that we'll do much talking in this... I think we have to get in his mind. -conjures a book in her hand- I think he is having the same problems as grandpa Dark did... 

Laetri: I didnt want to come back. Proton sent me here >C ... Where is mum?  

Proton: Argh!! >.<... Uhhh D| 

Nightshade: ... No little one... -goes and scoops her up- Stay out of this...


Elle: >.<... -follows him up- Can i get some clothes...? 

???: -goes over to him, ignoring Fawn-

Rayurn: -eyes tear stained and red- You fucking bastard.. >C 

???: -bandaging Oiryn's arm- Vampires came and attacked us...

Oiryn: One called Vlad took Elle and someone else took Fawn... Rayurn ran off to help them... 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 1   Non canon couples 1 - Page 40 I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 06, 2013 12:12 pm

???: >C -carefully aims at him and keeps backing away- Look this isn't worth the trouble mate... don't make me have to do it.

Bobby: =^= Mmn? -slowly opens her eyes and starts to wake- Chelsea...? -rubs her eyes and looks up at him- ... Oh... it's you. -sighs a bit and looks away again- |c

Vivian: -sighs a little- Thankyou... |c Seems like nothing's been going right for me... I'm glad I've still got some people looking out for me. -wipes her eyes-

Fox: >.> Oh come on now, don't be like that. People would pay a lot of money to have a go with her.

Drayna: D: !! Fox! How could you? After everything you've gone through, you should know what it is like! D<


Jinn: Could be here for a while then... -looks up- ... Is that other guy still here? Isaac?

Lexi: o.o ... You're... you're just a kid... D:

???: -rises up out of the ground and looks over at them- ... >C There they are girls. Master Isaac was clear... show her no mercy this time.


Kanti: Even more of a reason to wear pants. Very Happy Now c'mon, we can finally go take that test!

Tyrel: >.<;; -tears up a little and tries to get up- S-shea... Agh! DX -stumbles and folds onto his leg- Oh god... -trembles and bites his lip- L-let her go you monster!

Bruno: >J Isn't that what you told me last time? And here we are...

Deo: Alright you're not helping, get out. >/ -grabs him by the scruff of the next and drags him outside-

Blade: >.< !! -barks at him- Let me go! D< Let me be with her! -snarls viciously and whips around, biting hard into his hand-

Deo: DX -yelps in desperate pain and tries to pull away- Blade! F-fuck get off me!

???: X3 -giggles a bit and leaves with the other women-

Fox: >.> ... Alright. D| Can I take off this corset now?

Harold: Yes you really should take it easy... >.> -crosses over to the other side of the room and pulls a bottle out of a cabinet- ... Ever since my wife became an alcoholic she insisted on keeping something in our room...


G: C'mon, let's get you something nice... -takes her into a jewelry store-


Medli: o.o -looks up and holds onto him- .... Yeah... D: W-what does that mean daddy? That really doesn't look good...

Damien: -looks out a window- ... Zelda... I think you should see this.

Misfit: ^^' Heh... yeah I'm getting better, I swear.

Slate: o.o !! -ears perk and looks around- Shit... D: Shit you're insane! >.< Ruto I can't fucking swim!

Lucky: Well... I... I don't think he's coming back either way Lily... Sad

Silver: -looks around- ... Keep Laetri down here. -goes upstairs and goes over to the bathroom door- Lily? Are you in here?

Parker: Well by all means mistress... ;3

Persian: -ears flatten- .... That sounds familiar...

Mewtwo: -holds her close and thinks for a moment- .... -leans down and gently kisses the top of her head- <3


Missy: Oh dear.... D: W-what kind of people are they like? They wouldn't... hurt Adam or Madeline would they? Sad

Adam: -sighs a bit and gently kisses her cheek- Need anything else?

???: Sorry. ^^' Drinks it is then...


Thrall: I didn't ask you to make me a damn forest girl. I asked you to serve me, and that includes listening. >/ You want me to trust you... you do as I tell you to.

Fox: -rolls over- Or maybe pint size can have her own little doggy bed in the corner of the room. |3 -shuts her eyes-

Rose: Heh... -climbs back up onto the bed and cuddles up to Alejandro- Good one ma'am... |c

Eldora: -whimpers a little- Y-yeah.... -holds onto his hand- Thankyou... -smiles weakly-

Healer: -sits on the edge of the bed and lifts her dress up a bit- Just try to ignore me, I need to take a good look at you.

Kali: >.< It's really hurting... -tears up a little-

Drayna: -teleports there and looks over at Kali- o.o ... What's going on? D:


Ivy: o.o;; Y-yes ma'am... D: I'm sorry ma'am. It'll get right on it... -shivers a little- I'm sorry...


G: -glances down at her- Why? What happened to him?

Silver: Well that makes a lot of sense. >.> -looks him over- Your mother's busy. >/ Unless you've come to apologise for the way you acted young man you can just go on back home. I have no need for you here if you're just going to be the same as before.

Alassea: >/ Hmph. -folds her arms and pouts-

Seth: ... -drops him- >/ You'll be going to the police station now... I hope you'll remember what a mistake it is to be bothering us and our family...


Vlad: Later. >.> You need to be cleaned up first. Your face is a mess. -takes her into the bathroom and fills the sink up with water- If you're good I might find you something to wear later. |3 But you won't be wearing it long. <3

Fawn: N-no... >.< -cries in pain and slowly gets up- Leave him alone... Sad -staggers over and holds onto his arm- P-please...

Misfit: o.o !! ... How the hell did I miss this?! D: They're all captured by bloody vampires?
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 1   Non canon couples 1 - Page 40 I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 07, 2013 5:47 am

Gypsy: It is to us when you've got one of our members >/ Now let her go. 

???: ... Come on now. Sooner this is over with the sooner you can go back with her >.>

Isabelle: Theres still so many who are here to look after you... Never forget that... Now lets get you some proper clothes... 

Scruff: D< Hey stop this! A young girl is in danger and all you can think of is money?! 


Zara: Yes... He still seems pissed about losing the girl... 

Jason: My situation was a bad one... I had no choice... 


Elle: Yeah! Very Happy let's go! -races off to the tent, holding his hand- 

Shark: >.>... sorry... >3 My friend needs her... -drags her away into the forest-

Mapiya: >C Oh that is it. -takes him over to a tub of water- Now where is he taking Shea?

Grace: D: Blade! -races over- Let him go! If you hurt him who will help save Tess?!

Alejandro: D| And these pants? They are itchy...

Eloisa: Here Fox. -goes over and helps her untie the corset- Thanks for doing this... 

Maria: ... :/I'm sorry to hear about that. Alcoholics aren't the best of people...  What caused her to be one?


Aurora: -fixing up the final touches of her hair- ... Are you sure the dress looks okay on me...?


Link: ... This mask is coming back for revenge... I can tell... -looks at her- You promise you will never leave the ranch when I'm gone okay?

Zelda: -goes over- What is it dear...?

Elle: He just needs some more study time... So we'll use our private tent... <.< 

Ruto: >C then you shouldnt have been so mean to me? 

Lily: ... -conjures a book in her hands, ignoring him- I can only try... 

Aurora: -smiles and kisses his chest gently- Mmn... <3 I still cant get over you body... 

Eleanor: -heads into the town- I need to talk to the professor... Maybe he can heal you up.

Gardevoir: o///o... -sighs- Thank you... <3 


Anette: Iunno... For money or booze that will do just about anything :/ 

Madeline: ... Just stay and cuddle me... Sad 

???: <w< Good boy... Hmm... I wonder what our little girl is like now.
(Okay I vote Madeline's father is abusive to her since he is pussy whipped by the mum.)


Zara: ... Fine... -finishes her berries- So what's first...? 

Alejandro: Fox why are you being so mean? :/ 

Reynard: -kisses her hand and strokes her hair- Shh... It's okay...

Celestia: It's the baby D: something is wrong! 


Aurora: ... -looks her over, face softening- ... Sorry... Sorry... -looks away- Things have been rough lately... 


Lily: Well you know of course about his background. Before he settled he was Hyrule's number one enemy. A great shadow demon. But after meeting Kihja he wanted to get rid of his demon once and for all... You see us shadow creatures have one inside of us. They usually take their own minds and that and can control that person... I think thats what might be happening to dad. 

Laetri: Good. I wanna go back to grandpa. >C I have no reason to apologise.  

Proton: o.o.. Nah uh D< The fucking police wont take me! 


Elle: ... -sighs and starts to clean her face- Don't you ever get tired of this...?  

???: -pulls away- Oh shut up. With him gone youll br more obedient |3 ...

Oiryn: Yes and now if we go back for them our tribe will be no more... 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 1   Non canon couples 1 - Page 40 I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 07, 2013 6:24 am

???: >/ Look I can't do that mate, I'm just here to keep an eye on her. If I let her out I'll lose my job.

Bobby: Alright fine... -fixes some of her hair and sighs a bit- But only cause it's you...

???: -swoops down by them and walks over to Vivian- >8C <Ssstupid... little bitch...> -hisses- D< <Come back to me! Now!>

Vivian: o.o !! Shit! >.< Stay away from me! -tears up a bit-

Fox: >.> Hey mate you'd be surprised how little money I get from being groped by those demons. >/ I didn't figure you'd be so quick to defend Drayna when that nasty demon thing's gone after your girlfriend. Who are you really going to want to help here?


Jinn: ... Better hope it's not him that comes down here for us then...

Lexi: -slowly draws her hand away- I don't get how you could be put into a situation like that...

???: -eyes glow red and goes over to them- We're not messing around this time girl... >C If you don't fight, maybe we won't kill you...

Lexi: o.o;; -jumps a little- S-shit... -looks around at all the vampire girls- J-jason what do we do? D:


Kanti: X3 -holds onto her hand- You're the best friend ever. Very Happy We're gonna make the best team of warriors together.

Tyrel: Agh... DX N-no, Shea! -stumbles and falls over trying to get to her- Shit... >.<; -tears run down her face- No please!

Bruno: >.> -ear flicks- ... Oh what are you gonna do? Bathe me into submission? >C

Blade: >C ... -looks between them for a moment and eventually lets him go-

Deo: >.< -holds onto his hand- Fuck.... >/ Keep him out of this damn tent while we do our work. -growls and heads back inside-

Fox: -gasps for breath as she does- T-thanks... D| Oh man. <.< -ear flicks and looks over at Alejandro- Itchy? Oh you poor baby.

Harold: Oh I'm not too sure myself... we were quite distant before she left. Didn't speak much...


Abigail: The dress may as well have been made with cash for how much it cost you guys. >.> Of course it looks good. And quit messing with your hair alright? You're stressing out too much. -looks her over- ... Did your dad say he was coming?


Medli: ... -looks him over for a moment and nods- I promise daddy. I won't leave.

Damien: There's something weird going on out there. The sky's all purple...

Misfit: >w> ... Well that doesn't sound so bad. <3 -cuddles up to her-

Fawn: ^^; Heh... well you guys go ahead and enjoy your studying. I won't stop you...

Slate: D< You crazy bitch! -backs away from the water- Cut it out or I'll fucking drown! >.<

Lucky: You... you can't kill it. Sad It's not right. What if your parents had done the same thing...?

Silver: Lily what are you doing...? -knocks- C'mon open up! I'm serious!

Parker: |3 Mmn... -blushes a bit- You really like it that much do you...? <3

Persian: -looks around a bit- You sure he'd do that for me? I think I've been to this town before. The professor might remember me... he certainly didn't like master.

Mewtwo: -looks her over- ... What are you thanking me for...?


Missy: That's very scary... Sad T-they sound like Jude. You don't think they'll come looking for her, do you?

Adam: :/ Alright... alright. -climbs into bed next to her and cuddles her close- I love you... -gently kisses her cheek- <3

???: Mmn. >.> It's been a while...
(Good call.)


Thrall: My house needs cleaning so get to work. There's a bedroom upstairs you can stay in, I expect you to wear the clothes that are in there.

Fox: >.> M'not. It's not my fault the shrimp can't control where she sleeps.

Healer: -looks her over- ... Ok this is really gross. You're going to need a lot of stitches and probably a course of antibiotics. By the looks of this discolouration and pus, my guess would be that these tears have gotten pretty infected. >.> -looks up at Reynard- You probably won't want to touch her for a while.

Eldora: -shuts her eyes and goes red- >//< God... this is so embarrassing...

Drayna: Alright calm down... calm down. Kali's taken a lot of iron exposure and has a few broken ribs so it would be strange if she wasn't experiencing some sort of pain. Sad There's no reason to panic yet Celestia...


Ivy: I... I figured it had been... -sighs a bit and starts to relax a little- You guys seemed pretty stressed. :/ Would it be too bold of me to ask what's going on ma'am?


G: Well that shouldn't be difficult... we just need to get Laetri away from here before we can do anything. How did he get the demon taken out of him?

Silver: Then I don't see why you came here to begin with. >/ -gets up- Get going or you'll really regret it. -eyes glow red-

Seth: -grabs him by the scruff of his shirt- Oh I think they'll have a very keen interest in you. >/


Vlad: No. If I tired of it, I would stop. Now hurry up girl. >/ -grabs her by her hair and shoves her head into the water- I don't have all day. -starts to scrub her face to get her clean-

Fawn: Crying or Very sad No please... please don't hurt him! I-I'll be obedient... I will.... >.<

Misfit: D< Bullshit! You're just gonna leave them to the mercy of fucking vampires?! Fuck... -takes out his wand- I'm going after them then if you're not gonna do anything. >/
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 1   Non canon couples 1 - Page 40 I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 07, 2013 8:47 am

Gypsy: <.<... What's worth more... A job or your life? 

???: ... >.> Thats good... We'll have a talk In my office for a bit then you can go into the sitting room with the patients that are here. 

Isabelle: >/ -holds her protectively- Stay back beast... You will not harm her... 

Scruff: ... -looks at Drayna and then at Fox- I know Vivian is safe with Isabelle... And she'd be upset if the only mother figure was captured like this... >/


Zara: Im sure he will...

Isaac: -comes down and looks them over- Well... <.< this is just sad man... 

Jason o.o;; D< Cant you just leave us alone?! -holds Lexi protectively- 


Elle: Yeah! Nothing will stop us! >w< 

Mapiya: >.>... -shoves his head into the water- Hmm hmm... |3 -pulls it back up after some time- l

Grace: ... -looks at him- Come on... We can wait back at the tent... 

Alejandro: <.< Oh shush.

Eloisa: >.>... -moves back to William- Well now you can go back to hell...  

Maria: No wonder the marriage ended... :/ Im really sorry for what has happened.. Looks like you really did need the company... 


Aurora: ... I haven't heard anything... I really thought he'd be here with me... -sighs- 

Jane: :/ I'm sure he'll come soon... He has to...


Link: Good girl... -heads to the ranch-

Cremia: ... -looks him over for a moment- o.o... Oh Link. Its good to see you again ^^ Who is your little friend? 

Elle: Great... ^^ -takes Misfit's hand and heads out to their tent- <3 

Ruto: >C Hmph. I don't care...

Dark: -teleports next to him- >.>... Well well... If it isn't the home wrecker >/ 

Lily: >.< Just leave me alone okay?! -flicks through the pages-

Aurora: Well i do... I love everything about you... -strokes his cheek gently- You're blushing... X3 

Eleanor: Yes but with whats happening right now it'd be best to befriend him... -knocks on the lab door- 

Gardevoir: ... Just... For the kiss... It made me feel better... -blushes and cuddles him- 


Annette: I think so. Its obvious that they wanted to find her in the house. Ill be putting up some protection... 

Madeline: ... -tears up and holds onto him- Never leave me... Please... |c 

???: -gets up and pours some drinks- She looked pretty dorky though... >.> Wish she would dress up a bit.


Zara: Oh i can have clothes? I feel lucky. -heads upstairs- -.-'

Alejandro: There you go calling her names. Dont be like that... :/ 

Reynard: Hey it's better to get it fixed up now ... :/ -kisses her cheek-

Celestia: Well we don't want to lose another baby here! D< I'm worried as all hell... 


Aurora: ... Mum died... Giovanni and I are taking over... 


Lily: Drayna used her elf magic as per usual >.> But he had to be tied down and that. We need something more powerful. One that can deal with vampires...  

Laetri: I told you i was sent here by Proton! D< Fuck! Open your ears! 

Tani: -enters the room- Whats going-- o.o... Laetri D: my baby... Sad 

Proton: ... Pfft... Whatever... >C ill be out in a few hours. You just wait and see. 


Elle: O.O!!! ughgl!! >.< -pulls her head out and backs away- I was almost done! What the hell?! -coughs a bit- 

???: <.<... fine... Just to make sure this one is going in a cage... |J 

Oiryn: Kid it is too dangerous! D< 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 1   Non canon couples 1 - Page 40 I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 07, 2013 9:19 am

???: ... -swallows nervously- I... I really need this job...

Bobby: Well what's to talk about? Can't you just hurry up and figure something out that'll make my mother happy? That's what you said you'd do... -runs a hand through her hair- I thought you didn't see me as a patient anyway. You said I wasn't sick...

???: D< -hisses and flicks her tail- <I am more powerful.... than you...> -eyes glow and flicks her wrist, throwing Isabelle to the side with a psychic force-

Vivian: o.o !! S-shit... D: Stay away from me... >.<;

Fox: >.> Wow you seem pretty certain about that. You know how powerful they make those demons right? That thing could take Isabelle easily.


Jinn: -looks up at him- ... Oh shut up. >/ It's not my fault you never trained that little monster properly. If it weren't for her I wouldn't be here... -growls a little-

Lexi: >.<; Just go away!

???: Fine... if that's the way it's going to be... >J -grins a little- We should get the boy out of the way at the least, don't you think girls? Maybe Cassandra needs a friend down in the depths... -steps closer-


Kanti: X3 -laughs a bit and races into the tent- >:3 We're back! And I'm ready to take my test!

Bruno: o.o !! Fuck--! >.<;; -coughs and splutters, gasping for air- You... you fucking bitch... D< Let me go right now! -snarls viciously and tries to pull away from her-

Tyrel: >.< Ngh... -struggles to get himself up and slowly makes his way out to the healing tent- Agh... oh lord... -bites his lip and looks down at his leg for a moment- >.<;; Xavier please... -trembles a little- I-I need help right away!

Blade: -ears flatten- Fine. -walks past her and heads back to the tent-

Fox: >.> .... Why? |3 You've got a nice place. Aren't you gonna show us around? >w>

Harold: Yes... well I very much appreciate you coming here. -pours her a drink-


Abigail: Hey well don't stress it too much, try and think about everything else. This is meant to be a good day for you.

Snape: -steps in and looks over at her, clearly not dressed for the occasion- ... Aurora.

Abigail: >.> ... Guess we should get going, huh?


Medli: o^o ... -looks up at her and plays with the ends of her pigtails- I'm... Medli. Link's my daddy... -cuddles up to him-

Misfit: X3 -follows her- Do you think it bothers your mum that we're... you know...?

Slate: >.<; -backs into a wall and starts to panic a little- F-fuck Ruto... cut it out already! W-what do you want from me?!

Silver: o.o; ... Lily? D: What's going on? -tries to open the door-

Parker: X3 Couldn't have anything to do that you've taken our clothes and pushed me onto the bed... <3

Oak: o.o -looks up at the door- Eheh... ^^; Just a minute! -manages to make his way out of a pile of papers and research and opens the door- Yes? Can I help you? Smile

Mewtwo: .... -leans down and kisses her gently again- <3


Missy: Good... Sad Oh I just couldn't bear it if the poor dears got hurt.

Adam: Hey hey... I'm not gonna leave you... :/ -gently wipes her eyes- Never...

???: I don't see why you're so surprised. >.> She always was sort of dorky and awkward. I told her she needed to build character.


Thrall: >.> ... -flicks his tail irritably- I'd like you to remember how lucky you are when you see what the clothes are like. >/ -growls a little- I could just as well like you have no clothes.

Fox: Oh I'm just making fun. >.> She doesn't mind it, do you shrimp?

Rose: -ears flatten- No ma'am... |c

Eldora: -speaks quietly- Thanks for taking me here... before it got worse. |c Shawn just said I needed a thicker skin...

Kali: Look you gotta do something... >.<

Drayna: o.o; -ears flatten- Alright... alright please calm down. Let me see... I'm sure the healer told you to check for spots of blood... -sighs a bit and sits on the edge of the bed- There's no reason to panic until we start seeing something like that.


Ivy: o.o;; The boss... -covers her mouth- Oh my god. D: When did this happen? How long have we... not known?


Baldor: X3 It is good to see you so excited sir... -teleports them to the colony- There is more than enough room for us all at my home.... and servants momentarily come by to see if I need anything. I'm sure they would love to see there are guests here they can serve. Smile


G: Alright. There are more than enough of us who can deal with his level of power. We can figure something out. -looks around a bit- Let's go find your brother...

Silver: >.> -glances up at Tani- Don't get your hopes up. >/ He's not staying. -grabs him by the scruff of the shirt and holds him in the air- You just get back to the cafe with your worthless sister. >C You hear me boy? Don't get yourself in more trouble than you can handle.

Kihja: D< This time it's different. >C You've got nobody that'll bother bailing you out...

Seth: -glances over at Nightshade- ... I won't be long my love. -gently kisses her cheek- Make sure Dark is healed up... alright?


Vlad: Stop your whining. >/ It wasn't that bad.

Fawn: Sad No... no I meant let him go back to the tribe. He doesn't deserve to be here...

Misfit: D< Fuck you! I'm not leaving them out there! They're the only family I fucking have! -races out into the forest and out towards vampire territory-
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 1   Non canon couples 1 - Page 40 I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 08, 2013 6:42 am

Gypsy: <.< ... -pushes him out of the way- Wuss.

???: Well the only way we can make your mother happy is if we both work together... you gotta see why she is acting like this...

Isabelle: o.o!! >.< -quickly tries to get up- D: Vivian!

Scruff: I... I... -thinks for a moment and sighs- I'm sorry Drayna... -teleports to Vivian-


Isaac: |3 This is exactly how I've trained them. I want them to be tough fighters... you're just too old... -looks at Zara- And now I have my own elf |3

Jason: o.o;; No... N-No you can't send me there D<


???: -looks them over- <.< Excellent. First thing is first we want to see what you can do with a sword... -hands them two wooden ones- These are important to use when going out to battle.

Mapiya: >.>... Not the answer I want... -shoves his head back in-

Xavier: O.O!! D: Deo take care of Tess! -goes over and helps him onto a bed- Fuck Tyrel what happened?!

Grace: ... -follows him back into the tent- She'll be okay Blade Sad

Eloisa: >.>... I'll be blunt. I want to have sex with William. Shoo now.

Maria: ... -gets up and goes over to him- You know I felt really special that you were talking to me at the hospital actually...


Jane: Yeah lets go... -takes Abigail's arm and heads out-

Aurora: o.o... Dad... -stands up and goes over to him- ... You're not ready...


Cremia: o.o... Oh my...

Link: Can you please take care of her while I'm gone...?

Cremia: Yeah of course... -takes her from Link- I don't mind... :/

Elle: Iunno X3 I don't even think she knows... -kisses his cheek-

Dark: >.> -sighs and grabs him, teleporting him out into the forest-

Lily: >.< Nothing alright leave me be!

Tani: -comes up- D: Silver what is going on?

Aurora: Heh... -leans in and kisses him gently- Mmn... I love you... so much... <3

Eleanor: Professor... It's me Eleanor. You knew my father... look I need a place to stay... and a place where this guy can get healed up... Sad

Gardevoir: o///o ... -kisses him back gently- Mmn... <3


Annette: Hey nothing will happen to them... -puts an arm around her and kisses her cheek- <3

Madeline: ... Good... You're really all I've got left... all I've got...

???: Yeah well that didn't turn out well now did it? <.< -gets changed into her clothes-


Zara: Okay okay... -goes in and starts to get out of cut up clothes-

Alejandro: Iunno... she does seem upset. Can you tone it down?

Reynard: Hey I wasn't going to ever leave you with him... I love you so much...

Celestia: Well there isn't but... Sad Oh god we need help... >_<


Aurora: ... she died last night... We had to pull her life support... |c -tears fall down her cheeks-


Chelsea: X3 It's true dad. And hey maybe you can get another tattoo. They do a good job there.


Lily: ... -looks at him- You know I always got mad when Laetri praised you... but I can see why he does...

Laetri: >.< Let me go! -squirms-

Tani: D8 Oh for god's sake Silver you're hurting him! >_<

Proton: >/ I don't need anyone elses help...

Nightshade: I will... you just be careful yourself darling... :/ -kisses his cheek-


Elle: I couldn't breathe! D< -dries her face- F-Fuck...

Rayurn: F-Fawn... No! I'm not going to leave you!

Oiryn: Misfit!! D< ... Fuck that kid is an idiot...
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 1   Non canon couples 1 - Page 40 I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 08, 2013 10:40 am

???: >.< -shakes a little- I-I warned you! -fires a couple of shots at him-

Bobby: -frowns a bit- She's acting like this because she can't comprehend that this isn't some sort of stupid phase. >/ -moves away from him- I thought you were on my side here.

???: -growls and grabs her by the throat, pulling her close- <Sssshhh....> >3 -backs away a bit- <Now don't come any clossser....> -looks between her and Scruff- <There isss.... nothing you can do...>

Vivian: DX !! -coughs and chokes, trying to pull away from her- L-let go! I... I can't breathe!

Drayna: o.o !! -ears flatten- S-scruff-- ... Shit... -bites her lip and looks around a bit-


Jinn: >/ What interest do you have in owning a fucking elf? Let her go.

???: >3 Oh but we can... hand the girl over or we'll do it. No skin off our nose...


Kanti: o.o ... -looks it over- Alright. Well how hard can that be? X3 -laughs a bit and pokes Elle with the end of it-

Bruno: >.< !! Gllb! -chokes and struggles, trying to get out of the water-

Tyrel: >.<;; I-I don't know! Something came and attacked Shea and I! It just chewed it right off! -bites his lip and tries to look away from it- Sad L-look you gotta do something to fix it, whatever that monster was it took Shea. I-I have to go after them. >.<

Deo: Shit... yes Xavier. -races over to her bed and looks her over- I-I'm not sure if I have the right skill yet for this... D:

Blade: ... -doesn't say anything and just walks inside-

Fox: >w> ... -smirks smugly- I dunno.... as your aunt I'm pretty sure I should be disapproving of this. What do you think Al?

Harold: Oh? And why is that...? -hands the glass to her-


Abigail: -follows her out- Shit that was awkward... you reckon they'll sort things out?

Snape: -looks her over, focusing on her swollen stomach for a moment- ... No. I had told you before Aurora, there's no part of this that I'm supporting. I'll ask you again... are you really willing to go through with this?


Medli: -shifts a little in her arms- ... Please be careful out there daddy. Sad

Misfit: I dunno, judging by how uneasy she looked back there... she might. X3 -wraps an arm around her and kisses the top of her head gently- ... So uh... ;3 What're we gonna be studying?

Slate: >.<; ..... o.o -ears perk and looks around- What... happened?

Silver: D: She's locked the bathroom door and won't let me in or tell me what's going on.

Parker: -shuts his eyes and gently kisses her back- Mmn... I love you too... <3

Oak: o.o Hm? Oh yes... yes I remember your father alright. Come in now, come in. -looks over Persian- And what happened to this guy? -gently strokes his fur-

Mewtwo: ... -pulls away after a moment and looks her over- Is that... what you had wanted...?


Missy: -cuddles up to her- I hope not... -sighs happily and rests her head against her chest- ... Thankyou so much... <3 For helping me find my baby... -shuts her eyes and smiles faintly-

Adam: Yeah, I guess so.... -sighs a bit- I'm really glad we bumped into each other. It would have been... pretty bad for both of us... if we didn't.

???: >.> We'll see. It's not to say she can't still change.


Thrall: >.> .... -flicks his tail and follows her up, just leaning against the doorframe and watching her like the old perv he is-

Fox: Fine. -hugs her pillow and turns away from them- G'night.

Eldora: I love you too Reynard... I couldn't imagine my life without you... -smiles weakly-

Drayna: I assume the healers have done everything they can to help already... -sighs a little and places a glowing hand on Kali's stomach- It may just be a matter... of... o.o -ears flatten- ... Oh... Elune... D:


Ivy: o.o; Oh my god... D: Kid, I.... I'm sorry... Sad That must have been so hard on you...


Baldor: Yes I think Chelsea got one while she was here... the experience would be very different compared to what you're used to sir. The process does not involve any pain at all.


G: -glances down at her- ... Because I want to assure my family is taken care of? -thinks for a moment- ... We can talk about this later. -teleports them there-

Silver: >/ I wouldn't have to if he had enough sense to stay away. -glances up as they teleport in and slowly sets Laetri down- o.o ...What... D< You're supposed to be dead! -hisses and his eyes glow red-

Seth: I will... -puts him in and armlock and drags him outside- Look I don't want to hear it. >/

Kihja: Sad -races over to Dark- Oh my poor Mihan... look at what he did to you... -tears up a little and gently kisses his cheek- <3


Vlad: >/ You're fine. -grabs her face and makes her look up at him- ... Do you have a problem with any of this? >C

Fawn: Sad ... -cries a little and goes over to himm- >.< I want you to be safe and ok Rayurn... -tears run down her face and nuzzles him gently- Your safety is more important.... p-please... go back to the tribe and maybe they'll leave all of you alone... |c

Misfit: -looks around carefully- <Elle... Elle it's me, where in the hell are you...?>
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 1   Non canon couples 1 - Page 40 I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 08, 2013 6:23 pm

Gypsy: ... -goes shadow- >.> Nice try.. -let's Chelsea out- You know I think we should take you down to hell. 

???: >.>... I am. But there are some things you need to understand as well...  

Scruff: D< Let her go! Give me back my girl!

???: >3 Well well... All alone now...


Isaac: <.< And why do you care so much? 

Jason: >/ I stay with Lexi... 


???: This isn't a joke <.<... The one still standing is the winner... 

Mapiya: -pulls his head out- Talk now you fucker... D< 

Xavier: You can do it. Trust me. -looks at his leg- ... Shark... -frowns- Tyrel I'm sorry but I don't think I can save this... It'll have to come off... 

Alejandro: <w< Oh i agree Fox dear.

Eloisa: -.-' let me have sex with my fiance. Otherwise ill super glue that corset to you. 

Maria: ... You've always interested me Mr. Blackmore... You are the perfect example of a true gentleman... -takes a sip-


Jane: ... I doubt it. Professor Snape never backs down... 

Aurora: ... Dad no... I love him. I'm going to have his baby... He was so upset when he thought I was going to leave... 


Link: I will little one... -kisses her cheek- You be good.. :/ for me? 

Elle: >.>... isn't it obvious? Anatomy of course ... |3 <3

Dark: >/ I saved your ass. Which i shouldn't have... 

Tani: Oh here. -hands him Laetri and goes shadow. Goes inside and opens up the door- And ill take his. -takes the book-

Lily: Give it back! D< 

Aurora: .. Heh... Iunno if i can do the dominating thing now... Im getting all giddy X3 <3

Eleanor: He got caught up in the fire at Team Rocket HQ ... Its... Actually Giovanni's persian... Sad i came here  because we had to leave the centre. They were going to take him away from me >.<  

Gardevoir: .. Y-Yeah.. Yes of course... <3 ^///^


Annette: -smiles a bit- You know i want you happy... -kisses the top of her head- <3  

Madeline: Yeah... We'd be in such horrible situations ...

???: >.> Hope not. Get your pants on dear.


Zara: ... -ear flicks and looks at him- ... You mind? -finishes putting her clothes on- 

Alejandro: ... -sighs and pulls her on top of him- Please dont be upset... I just got you back y'know... -brushes some hair back behind her ear- 

Reynard: Same... -kisses her hand- And that's why I want to marry you... 

Celestia: o.o... What? What is it? D:  


Aurora: ... -looks away and frowns- I don't need your sympathy... >C 


???: Oh well this place just keeps getting better and better X3

Chelsea: <.< ... We should warn him that a slightly buff middle age man who is tattooed is probably going to be a target for the elves...  


Lily: >/ dad you leave Laetri alone. We've come to put an end to all of this.

Laetri: D: Mummy... -races over to her- your hair is white... Sad

Tani: Sad Laetri... -scoops him up and cuddles him close- <3  

Proton: You know a drow like you will get captured out here >/ 

Dark: -winces in pain as nightshade heals him- I'm okay... I've had worse remember? If I can survive a stab in the chest I can deal with this... Don't cry... -wraps an arm around Kihja's waist-


Elle: Ah! >.< ... N-No... <Misfit dont come after me. Its too dangerous...> 

Rayurn: No Fawn... Sad im only coming back with you...

???: >.>... then you can rot in the dungeon |3 -walks away with him-  
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 1   Non canon couples 1 - Page 40 I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 08, 2013 11:44 pm

???: -grumbles and runs a hand through his hair- Fine, take her down to hell then. I suppose there's no stopping you. D|

Bobby: -glares at him- >/ Like what? I am not the one that needs to be educated here.

???: >3 <No... She musssst be tortured...> -rakes her claws across Vivian's cheek-

Vivian: Ah! DX -cries out in pain and tries to pall away, blood spilling down he face- S-stop! >.<;

Drayna: o.o; No I... Don't think I can't fight you...

???: -scoffs- >3 All of us? Don't even try girl...

Fox: >.> Shall we set up that sign now?


Jinn: The girl's helped me before. >/ Why do you give a fuck if I care or not?

???: D< -hisses- Then it's the depths for you! -grabs his wrist- Let's send him down girls... >3

Lexi: o.o !! Jason! D:


Kanti: o.o ... What, you mean we gotta fight each other?

Bruno: >.<;; -coughs up some water and tries to catch his breath- I don't know where he's taken her!

Tyrel: o.o; -looks up at him- You have to... Remove it? D: No, but I have to help her! >.< I have to go after them, I don't have time for this!

Fox: >.> ... You know that's really cruel. -holds onto Alejandro's arm- Fine, c'mon let's get back to the bar. ;3

Harold: -raises an eyebrow and looks her over- ... Is that so? |3 Well thankyou my dear, it does mean a lot to hear that... -steps over and gently strokes her hair- I must say you are a stunning example of a proper young lady...


Abigail: Fuck she's gonna be pretty upset. We should go tell that guy what's going on.

Snape: You are not obligated to do anything for this man Aurora. >/ .... -looks her over and sighs a bit- Do not force... my hand... If you go through with this wedding I guarantee you will regret it.


Medli: I will daddy. Sad I'll be good. -reaches out and hugs him tight- I love you daddy... <3

Misfit: Heh.... |3 Well I'm not gonna complain about that... -takes her hand and pulls her into their tent- ;3 So... are you gonna be teaching me? -pulls her close and wraps his arms around her waist- <3

Slate: o.o; Shit... D| Not you... what are you doing here?

Silver: -takes the book and looks it over- Sad ... Lily what is this? What was so bad you had to hide from us?

Parker: >.> ... Well then my mistress... ;3 -gets up and pushes her so she's laying on her back- Will this work for you? -moves on top of her and gently runs a hand down her side- <3

Oak: o.o Ah... -draws his hand away- Yes I see... Calm down now Eleanor, they must have thought you were stealing... Come in now, set the little guy down. Heh... X3 Seems you've dodged a bullet, as it were... eh little guy?

Persian: >.> .... -flicks his tail a bit and watches him-

Mewtwo: ... -looks her over again and nods- Then... you should have said something. I want for you to be happy... -cuddles her close-


Missy: you do make me happy... |3 -sighs- You make me so happy... <3

Adam: Yeah... Yeah it's be pretty bad. Do you think they would've.... hurt you too? If you were there....?

???: >.> Yes dear... -pulls his clothes on-


Thrall: Not in the slightest. >.> ... Those clothes do not fit you so well. Hmph... I suppose I'll have to buy more.

Rose: -gets moved away from him and onto the side of the bed- o.o ...

Fox: Oh I know... -blushes a bit- I'm sorry darling... <3 -leans down and gently kisses him- Mmn... <3

Eldora: o.o -looks up at him, seeming stunned- ... You... you do? <3

Drayna: ... The... The child. Oh god it's so weak... -shuts her eyes and tears up a bit- It's heart wrenching... W-we truly need help...

Kali: Oh god Mihan... Sad -holds onto her hand- What do we do...?


Ivy: o.o; S-sorry... look I know this must be really hard on you but I really didn't do anything Aurora. D: Don't be mad at me.


Baldor: Oh dear. o.o I almost forgot. ^^' Uhm... you may notice customs are a little different here sir. Our people may come on as very... d-different, when it comes to courting.


Silver: You have no right... either of you. >C You can't do anything to me, you have no power here!

G: We are here for Laetri. >/ And that's it. You... we'll deal with at another time. -moves over to Tani and looks her over- ... You know we can take you away from here as well.

Seth: -pulls a hood over his head- It is only a short walk. >/

Kihja: Sad But it still hurt you... |c -sighs and gently squeezes his hand- I love you Mihan.... <3


Misfit: o.o <What? D: Elle why not? I have to come after you... are you hurt?>

Vlad: ... -looks her over- >C Who are you talking to?

Fawn: Crying or Very sad Rayurn... >.< Rayurn no... -cries and follows them- Please sir don't lock him away!

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