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PostSubject: Tani profile   Tani profile I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 08, 2012 6:44 am

Original post by Sara

Tani profile Daruniatani_by_drayna-d5l4wpg


Name: Tani Sheisal
Nicknames(s): None
Alias(es): None
Gender: Female
Race: Elven/Shadow hybrid
Sexuality: Bisexual
Age: 14
Birthday: October 31st 2011
Star Sign: Scorpio

Physical/Material Facts

Hair: Dark purple
Eyes: Heterogenous (Left eye blue, right eye black)
Build: Slightly muscular
Clothes: Boyish Hylian clothes
Notable Features: Pointed elf ears, her eyes.
Accessories: The triforce and black cresent on a bracelet


Likes: Silver, adventures, collecting badges, making new friends with other people and pokemon, her shadow powers.
Dislikes: Kali, Kit's obsession with her, the water.
Favourite Food: Has quite a taste for cherries.
Favourite Possession: Her old plush wolf, Nina.
Favourite Pokemon: Darunia (Arcanine)
Hobbies: Archery and baking.
Dreams: To finish all the leagues in the regions and then become a knight in Hyrule castle.
Personality: Tani can be a kind person but she does have a temper. Usually she has to be the assertive one because if she wasn't Baldor would've ruined their lives while travelling. Shes always considered tough and brave but when things really go downhill for her she can start to lose that toughness.


Friends: Baldor, Kit, Zelda, Darunia.
Family: Kihja and Dark (Fathers)
Childhood: Spent her life in the forests of Hyrule and snuck off to hang around with Baldor.

Pokemon Related

Starter: Darunia (Arcanine)
Team: Honchkrow, Aggron, Zoroark, Kingdra and Heracross
Back-Up Pokemon: Walrein and Toxicroak
Box: Leafeon and Alakazam
Favoured Type: Dark type
Battle Style/Strategy: She always observes the opponents steps and movements so she knows exactly when to command her pokemon to make their move.

Team (Main)

(M) Darunia Tani profile Darunia_by_drayna-d5l1fo4
Fire Fang
Notes: Was the first pokemon Tani ever caught. It has the Goron symbol mark on his leg.

(M) Honchkrow Tani profile Spr_4p_430
Foul play
Night slash
Notes: This is technically Kali's pokemon but after a fight Tani took him and made him her own pokemon.

(M) Aggron Tani profile Spr_5b_306
Rock head
Double edge
Stone edge

(F) Zoroark Tani profile 571
Night Slash
Focus Blast

(F) Kingdra Tani profile Spr_4h_230
Dragon Pulse
Ice Beam

(M) Heracross Tani profile Spr_4h_214_m
Rock Slide
Close Combat
Thunder punch

History/Back story: Tani is the child of the greatest shadow demon there is. Even at a young age shes always wanted to stay out and search for some sort of adventure in her life, a need to achieve some greatness.
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Tani profile
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