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 Shadowborne story

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PostSubject: Shadowborne story   Shadowborne story I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 08, 2012 11:32 pm

Original post by Sara

Orecus: I'll be alright... you just take care of yourself... -kisses the top of her head and heads out of the house-

Domais: o.o... Wheres your dad going?

Kurina: -ignores him and knocks on the door- OI! Show me what you got lady >:U You think you're so tough and proud. I CHALLENGE YOU!

Gillianna: -shakes her head- Nope Smile Just make sure the forests are healthy and safe and she should be alright in no time.

Zara: -Looks up and examines around at the other Jirins- ... -tries to pull away again- My people! I do not wish for him to be the new leader! He will try and kill the innocent again! Please!

??: o.o... -frowns- Yeah... I remember! D< You put me in jail for no reason!

Dark: Welp, get ready you two. We will be going to get Kihja's parents back... -plays the ocarina and teleports back into the past in a flash of light. Makes them appear in the city in Ellesmera-

Laetri: -closes his book and looks Eldrin over- And you're just casually talking to me again after calling me an idiot? -.-

Malladus: Oh so this is just some wonderful great gift to actually know that Silver is listening to her? This isn't just about you. This is more for the kids. >/

Shea: Thats not true sweetheart... -kisses her forehead gently- Now please... just try and rest... Sad

Elle: <Don't worry... the way this goes is that the death eaters will come and will lose me. Morgan brought me there. He won't get mad at her...>

??: I'm sure of it... Sad -kisses her cheek- It'll be alright darling I promise you...

Whitney: X3 That's true... -hugs him back- Just don't be to over protective. I know how you can get sometimes... :/

Aurora: :/ Well why don't you have a break and go? -kisses his cheek- The wedding plans can wait a bit. Its not like we're getting married in three seconds.

Chelsea: -sighs- I want to gain their trust first before doing this. I mean hey I wouldn't trust myself if I made them kick Gypsy off and then took the leadership role... :/ Besides those guys have been treated badly by Gypsy... maybe theres a good leader in the pack.

Ruto: -strokes her head gently- Its alright baby... Sad o.o... <Yes! Bring her to me!> Oh they found Nabooru >w>

Nabooru: o.o... Not a chance D< -elbows him hard in the stomach-

Eloisa: We'll take him back to the bar :/ So if he tries to escape there will be big horny demons blocking his way.

Derek: -hisses and jumps onto Jude- D< What are you doing here!? Leave my mum alone!!

Jude: o.o! -growls and tries to push him off- Get off me you little freak!

Honiahaka: The other girl was a liar... :/ But I just want to know... I'm a bit curious thats all...

Abeda: I'm already getting punishments so theres no point in trying to hide it... -puts her head in her paws- |c

Eleanor: But its not safe outside. :/ The house has special protective spells on it...

Nightshade: ... -kneels down and kisses her cheek- How about tomorrow I give you some more lessons on your shape shifting while your father talks to the other elves... how does that sound? -tries to smile a bit-

Imaxle: I'll get it Aldiira... -heads over to the door and opens it slowly, looking up- Yes can I-- o.o;; T-Tyrandes...? W-What are you doing here?
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowborne story   Shadowborne story I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 08, 2012 11:33 pm

Tonai: o.o; ... I dunno. D: Hey Airna, where's Dad going?

Airna: He's uhm... just sorting some things out sweetheart. :/ Now if you don't mind I'd rather you both stay inside for a little while alright? Just to be safe...

Nikita: o.o ... -goes up to the door and opens it, looking her over- Well well... >.> Your whole family has a problem with me Eli. That's cute.

Eli: D| Kurina don't make her even madder...

Nikita: Don't bother weakling... I wouldn't dream of taking up a challenge from you. |3 You'll only get hurt diddums. I mean... -laughs a little- X3 More than you already are.

Thrall: -sighs a little- Thankyou... that's a big relief. Smile We can take care of the forests again no problem.... Thankyou little one. -ruffles her hair- I should get going to help her now...

Kinak: -puts a hand over her mouth- Now now.... you just be quiet. They will take me back whether they want me or not. >/ I know what's good for them.

??: D< -hisses- You know nothing! You tried to burn the innocent, while Zara has done nothing but good for us! You can't be our leader!

Drayna: -looks around when they get there and takes in a deep breath- Wow... it's been such a long time...

Nim: o.o -ears park and looks around- <Woah is this what the city looked like? Very Happy It's beautiful...>

Drayna: Now Dark and I will have to disguise ourselves... but you two can blend in fine as long as you don't speak about why we're here. :/

Eldrin: >.> Well if you'd rather I could just stay here and say nothing... but that'd be weird. -sighs a little- M'sorry I called you an idiot.

Silver: Yeah like I'd expect you to understand. D< This isn't about the kids alright, this is about your whorish mihan swallowing her pride and apologising for ruining my life!

Nidawi: -sighs a little- |c Yes mummy... -shuts her eyes and cuddles up to her-

Mew: <I hope you're right... for her sake.> -looks over at her- Sad ... <She looks sad... I dunno if she's just good at acting or if she really is... Do you think she misses Reese?>

??: >.< -sniffles and hugs him tight, burying her face in his shoulder- I just want all of it to be over...

Mewtwo: -glances at her for a moment- .... Very well... I will make an attempt not to smother you....

Baldor: I know but I want to be able to get everything taken care of for you... :/ I think you deserve a nice wedding...

Bobby: Maybe... :/ So after all this is blown over, what are we gonna do with Violet? Guess she can't go back to that vampire now... you reckon she'd be ok to just go off on her own?

??: >.> The girl who has been harboring your husband? Perhaps we could interrogate her... and even if she does not give an answer, perhaps he would come running to her rescue if she were to be hurt in the process....

??: >.< Oof! -growls in pain and staggers a little- Bloody bitch! D< -grabs her wrist and teleports back to Ruto, then holds her in place- >/ Careful with her princess. She's not going to do this without a fight.

Lucy: Mkay... Shawn, can you help us carry him please? D: He looks heavy...

Missy: o.o !! Derek! D8 What are you doing?! Be careful!

Kali: -races into the room and looks over at him- >C You sneaky bastard! Get off him Derek, I wanna deal with him myself! -growls and bares her fangs-

Deo: .... You want to compare your sample with Tyrel's? :/ Uhm.. alright. I'll need a blood sample. -picks up a syringe and goes over to her- Hold out your arm for me...

??: No but... there are worse punishments.. f-far worse... Sad

??: -nods and sits up a little- You never heard of the girls that got locked up permanently, Abeda? :/

Lupus: The walls feel like they are closing in on me... I want to be outside.

Alassea: -looks between them- ...

Seth: It's alright sweetheart... you go ahead and spend some time with mummy. Smile I'll be happy to go talk with them...

Alassea: .... -sighs a little- Is he gonna be there too?

Tyrandes: -grins a little- Oh look... she's already got you answering the door like a good little house servant... -pinches his cheeks- You're being such a good boy~ >3 -steps inside- I was just coming to check up on you... make sure nothing's going wrong. >w>

Aldiira: -ears perk- o.o Imaxle? Who was at the door?
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowborne story   Shadowborne story I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 08, 2012 11:33 pm

Original response by Sara

Domais: o.o... Safe from what? That scary girl?

Orecus: ... -looks around- ... Hello? Mishka?

Kurina: -huffs and slaps her face- I will beat you >:U In a weeks time we will get together and fight each other. If I win you will lay off my son and be nice to him!

Gillianna: Alright. Smile You take care of her now mister! -waves a little-

Zara: o.o.. Mfff! >_< -squirms a little and tries to pull away, but still quite weak from being sick- D| ...

??: Let her go! >C There is no way we will all let you take over the throne!

Aridrim: -smiles faintly and nods- Of coures... Smile ... -looks around at the city- So where do you think Kihja's parents would be...?

Laetri: ... -sighs- I don't blame you... -looks away- Everyone thinks I'm a bit of an idiot after trusting him again... |c -ears droop a little-

Malladus: Ruining your life hey? Well after all the shit she has gone through she didn't want anyone to ruin hers. >C And besides if you didn't go through what you did you would've never met Tani and you wouldn't have had your family. You think your life is ruined now with them in it? Huh?!

Shea: -strokes her hair gently- ... Never scare us like that again Nidawi... never...

Elle: <I'm guessing so... that and the fact that her family and herself are in so much danger now that Reese has done this... any wrong move and Voldemort could do something to them...>

Whitney: -kisses his cheek gently- Thank you... Smile I better get some rest... You want to come up and lay down with me?

Aurora: I know you do but some couples take years to plan out their weddings... X3 And I don't mind waiting a little more. <3

Chelsea: I'll figure out what to do with her... she just can't head off on her own. She needs to be taken care of for a bit...

Ruto: Wonderful idea Very Happy Yes yes! >w> Well keep her held down |3

Nabooru: Ruto this has gone too far! If you keep doing this you will be taken over and you will not be the sage of the water anymore! D<

Shawn: I'm having trouble getting in with my wheelchair! D:

Eloisa: Oh for the love of... D| Look lets just--

Joseph: ... -slowly goes shadow and sinks into the ground, speeding out of the house-

Eloisa: o.o!! FUCK! He is on the run!

Jude: Oh no. The little freak and I have a score to settle! D< -sinks into the ground with Derek and speeds off-

Celestia: D: -goes shadow and chases after him- D< GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY BABY!

Honiahaka: -holds out her arm for him- Thank you... Its just... I'm not sure what I'm expecting but I feel like I should know...

Abeda: -looks up- ... No... What happens to them?

Eleanor: Well alright... :/ Just be careful okay? I don't want you getting hurt out there...

Nightshade: Well I need to keep an eye on him sweetheart... :/ I can't just leave him alone...

Imaxle: ...-sighs a little and shuts the door- Its Tyrandes, A-... Madam. Shes come for a visit.
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowborne story   Shadowborne story I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 08, 2012 11:35 pm

Airna: ... -ears flatten and nods- Yes... we're afraid she might try to sneak in and hurt you boys. Sad But don't worry, the servants will be looking after you and making sure she can't get in. All you have to do is be careful alright...?

Tonai: ... :/ We'll be careful Airna.

Airna: -looks over at Sunari- And sweetheart... we'll have to postpone you meeting your fiance. :/

Miska: -sitting up in the tree branches outside their house and watches him go past- .... >w> -slowly and carefully climbs into one of the upstairs windows-

Tonai: -sighs a bit- Let's just uh... go upstairs for a bit. D| I wanna lay down and relax for once.

Eli: o.o !! -gasps and covers his mouth- Kurina...

Nikita: -staggers back a little, but doesn't react otherwise- ... -rubs her cheek and grins a little- Very well... and when I win... I will let the rest of the city know what is wrong with Eli. >3

Eli: o.o;; -ears flatten- What?! D8 You.. you can't! What could you possibly gain from that?!

Thrall: -smiles faintly and waves back- Goodbye little one... -teleports away-

Kinak: Now just try and stop me... |J -pulls her along and heads down to the prison- You're going to be put away for a long time your majesty... and that's if you're lucky. Maybe I should have you burned too..

Drayna: -turns herself and Dark into different elves- Well... they'd either be tending to their farm or out with the rest of the army training. :/ But I'm afraid we may have traveled back a little too far... -looks around- The trees aren't tall enough... I'd say at this point Kihja and I would only be very small children.

Eldrin: ... :/ Hey man... don't be upset... I didn't know it meant so much to you...

Silver: D< All the shit she's gone through, are you fucking serious?! She's a fucking drama queen that needs to get over herself! She has not had such a hard life you know!

Nidawi: I won't mummy... I'm sorry... |c I didn't mean to... -sniffles and wipes her eyes-

Mew: Sad ... <Why would anyone get themselves into this sort of mess? I don't understand... If he didn't have so many followers, he wouldn't be so powerful...>

Mewtwo: Of course... -takes her hand and leads her up to their room- ... You're sure you are comfortable with raising a child...?

Baldor: X3 Heh... alright then. -gets up and kisses her cheek- You know I only want the best for my princess.... <3

Bobby: Mkay... -grabs a helmet and puts it on- C'mon, we'd better get going before he suspects something is up. :/ -gets on their bike-

??: -holds her still- Be quiet or we'll have you gagged. >/

??: We'll need to take her back to the Zora domain, princess, or we'll attract too much attention.

Lucy: o.o;; No! D: We gotta stop him! -races outside- ... Eloisa go the the surface quick. You gotta warn Ruth and her mother before he gets there. D: I'll go after him.

Missy: D8 Oh god! No please, let him go! >.<

Kali: Don't freak out alright, we got this. >C -sinks into the ground and chases after them- D< LET HIM GO! He doesn't need to be involved you twisted piece of scum!

Deo: -sticks the needle in her arm and draws some blood- :/ I'm not sure what you're expecting either... it's very unlikely that either of you have any sort of connection.

??: Well when Jacob finds that one of us has too much of an attitude problem to ever be sold... he makes sure that all we're ever used for is the pups... Sad You're permanently tied down so you can't move again and... and all you can do is eat and... and be uhm.. y-you know...

??: -whines a little- You remember Olive? Sad While you were gone she bit Jacob when he tried to take her pups... she's been permanently chained down for it...

Lupus: I'll be fine... -gets up and heads downstairs-

Erina: Sad .... Poor Lupus... do you ever think it still hurts him...?

Alassea: -ears flatten and grumbles darkly in the ancient language- Fine... -crawls into bed and lays on her side-

Aldiira: o.o;; ... Oh. -gets up and comes out into the room- Uhm... hello Tyrandes.

Tyrandes: |3 I just came to make sure my favourite girl's being treated right by her new little servant. -strokes his cheek gently- What are you having him do...?
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowborne story   Shadowborne story I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 08, 2012 11:45 pm

Original response by Sara

Sunari: Yes! Very Happy -jumps out of Domais' arms and races upstairs-

Domais: o.o... She seems excited. :/ Wait Tonai...Look who is this girl? What do you know about her?

Kurina: o.o... You wouldn't dare D< That is unfair! He has done nothing and shouldn't be a part of this!

Zara: -slowly stops trying to struggle, becoming more weak- Ugh... >_< Please... don't you dare do this... Th-Thrall... Where are you...

Dark: Well lets go and check out the farm :/ ... Man... Iunno what I'm going to say to them... I mean I'm nervous Drayna... these is my Mihan's parents... I mean what if they think I'm not good enough for Kihja...?

Laetri: ... It does I mean... hes family... I don't think I could ever hate family like that...

Malladus: -growls and pushes him up against the wall, holding him by the scruff of his shirt- She didn't have a fucking beautiful childhood you know! She wasn't a planned child, her mother hated her and wanted to get rid of her! She would beat her, make her starve, even attempted to drown her! Thats why shes scared of the fucking water! I cannot tell you how many times she has been raped, not just by your fucking father but by others and she was even captured by bloody Jirins! She lost her child at birth! The spirit you saw, Lily's guardian, that was her Lily! And if I'm not mistaken that was the reason why you called your daughter Lily! Right Tani?! -looks at her-

Tani: o.o.. -backs away a little, shocked- ... -sighs and nods slowly- Yes...

Shea: I know you didn't sweetheart... Sad Now no more crying... You just relax... And if you need anything please tell me...

Elle: <Yes... it would've been easier if everyone just went away and not followed him... but the fear of what he could do to others...> -goes over to Morgan- Right are you ready? We'll go straight up to the house. Got it?

Whitney: Yes... I mean its a bit of a huge experience but I rather look after it... I mean what if it turns out like me... no one would want to take it in... they'll judge it before they even get to know it... -sighs a little-

Aurora: -blushes a little and cuddles him gently- X3 You still know how to make me feel all giddy... <3

Chelsea: -puts her helmet on and gets on- Yeah... -starts up the bike- Lets get going guys... -sighs and rides off to Gypsy's house-

Gypsy: ... What is taking them so long... >/

Ruto: Yes yes of course. -puts Iala back in the tank and teleports them all back to the Zoras domains- Now get her tied up and try to get something out of her >w> I'll make a little message for my hubby boo <3

Eloisa: o.o! Lucy its far too dangerous! D: You can't go out there he will hurt you!

Jude: -comes back out and punches Derek hard in the face- >/ There is no way you and your family are going to stop me now...

Derek: Argh! >_< -falls to the ground and holds the side of his face- Ugh...

Honiahaka: I know... but its always good to check... -looks at the stalker werewolf- How is he doing... <.<

Abeda: ... -stands up- I cannot go with this... there must be another way... I mean the outside world is so beautiful... Sad

Eleanor: ... Yeah... I think it does. Sad It really breaks my heart. I mean he is a bit of a tough guy...but he does have that nice side to him...

Nightshade: ... -sighs- Goodnight sweetheart... Sad -kisses her cheek gently and walks out of the bedroom-

Imaxle: ... Shes started me with some cleaning ma'am... -ears go back and moves his head away-
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowborne story   Shadowborne story I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 08, 2012 11:46 pm

Mishka: -sniffs around a bit and she walks around, and sees Sunari- ... -quickly ducks behind a wall and watches her- <.< .... Oh... you're not my fiance...

Airna: I uhm... I don't know if I should... -bites her lip and looks away-

Tonai: ... -growls a little- Airna tell us. >/ We're involved in this too and something's going on. Is she dangerous? Why's she looking for us?

Airna: Calm down... D: You're not in danger, we're going to be taken care of...

Nikita: |3 Well deary me, maybe you shouldn't challenge me then... -leans against the doorframe- What do you say housewife? You can still back down...

Kinak: -pushes her into a cell and shuts the door- I'm not sure where your hubby is... >3 But when he gets back... I'll kill him for sure. You have fun in your dingy cell with the other prisoners...

Thrall: -teleports back into the palace- Zara? Very Happy Zara I figured it out, it's really simple, we just... have to... o.o -looks around at all the dead guards and splattered blood- ... Oh shit... D:

Drayna: ... -smiles faintly- Oh Dark that's adorable... you're nervous to meet his parents... X3 Don't worry, they're really nice people. I'm sure they'll love you... -leads them to the farm- I used to spend a lot of time on their farm trying to hide from my mother.

Eldrin: :/ Well I guess that's what makes you a good person man, but... I dunno... I guess it'll just take everyone else a while to learn to trust him again...

Silver: o.o !! .... -just hangs there, not really sure what to say- Malladus.... just... just calm down alright? I didn't know.... D:

Nidawi: I think I just wanna lay down until I can go home again... please mummy... Sad And can you get Marianna to come back in here to see me?

Morgan: -looks at them and gets up- ... Right. You're sure about this? What if we're caught? :/

Mewtwo: ... -kisses the top of her head- Whitney... any child that turns out as wonderful as you are right now... I can't see why anyone wouldn't want them... <3

Baldor: X3 Good... -cuddles her back- It's adorable seeing you blush like this. I'll never get sick of it...

Bobby: :/ Hey c'mon now Chels... don't be upset. Things are gonna be different from now on.

Violet: I... I don't know master... Sad M-maybe they're having trouble finding Chelsea and Bobby... -swallows nervously and looks up at him- M-master.... I haven't had anything to eat... in a really long time. Can I please have something to eat...?

Iala: o.o -backs into the glass of the tank and away from Rim-

??: -nods- Yes princess. -pushes Nabooru into a chair and ties her to it-

??: ... A message, princess Ruto?

Lucy: D: I gotta learn how to be a demon somehow, just go warn them! -waves and she races after Joseph- I love you!

Anudor: -teleports in front of them with Adam- >8C You leave my Mihan alone, bitch. -growls and bares his fangs-

Adam: D< Would you fucking give it a rest!? Derek isn't even involved in this, I'm the one you've got a problem with! -rushes over to Jude and punches him hard in the jaw- C'mon you fucking coward, fight me!

??: -growls at her a little- >C It's none of your business, bitch.

Deo: :/ He's recovering well, considering he keeps ripping out those stitches. He's not taking it easy like he needs to.

??: -snorts and looks away from them- >/ ...

??: Sad What was it like...? Oh it's always been a dream of mine to leave this place and see the outside...

??: Oh they never buy us... they're only interested in the stronger, fighting wolves... -ears droop- |c

Erina: It's such a shame he never shows it... Sad It's like he's afraid to not be all tough and that...

Lupus: -steps outside and curls up on the ground just outside the door- ... -sighs a little and lays his head down in his paws-

Seth: :/ -follows her out- ... Did you ever think that when we had Alassea, we'd ever have these sorta of problems?

Aldiira: -looks at the ground and ears droop a little- Yes we just... just came back from the market...

Tyrandes: ... <.< -looks between them- Oh my... what's going on here sweetheart? -puts an arm around Aldiira and cuddles her gently- You look like something's hurting you... why don't you tell me? You know I'd do anything to make you happy again deary. |J
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowborne story   Shadowborne story I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 08, 2012 11:46 pm

Original response by Sara

Sunari: o.o... -sniffs the air a little- ... Something stinks in here. .__. -moves around and follows the scent- Hello...? Hell-- o.o;; -looks up at Mishka-

Domais: Then what is it? D: Please tell us. If there is something going on we should know. We can even help out.

Kurina: ... -huffs a little- I shall think about it and call you when I have my answer >C -heads back to the house-

Zara: o.o... No... D: -goes up to the bars- No... -tears run down her cheeks- Don't kill him... Sad <Thrall! Please if you can here me you have to be careful! Kinak has escaped!> >_<

Dark: Hey with your bitch of a mother anywhere is better...

Aridrim: It really its nice... Smile I kinda hope that I have my own farm when I grow up.

Laetri: Yeah... I suppose so... -looks up at him- I'm really sorry for yelling at you. :/

Malladus: -huffs a little and lets him go, taking a step back- Before thinking and assuming, actually try and find out the whole story... >C I know what she did was wrong, but at the time after all the bad things happened she had kids and somehow loved your father. She didn't want that to be broken up. I know it wasn't right... but she was scared.

Shea: Of course... :/ You just rest... -gets up and goes outside- Marianna? Nidawi wants to see you...

Elle: It'll be alright... Trust me. -teleports them in front of the Riddle house-

Whitney: ... -sighs- I just get scared that it'll look like me... I know what you're saying and its sweet but... -closes her eyes- I'm a freak...

Aurora: <w< I can say the same thing when you blush... X3 Come on now. Lets get going.

Chelsea: -sighs- I'm trying not to be... But I guess everything is just getting to me... I just wish things were back to the way they were...when it was all simple...

Gypsy: <.< Maybe... -hears the bikes coming up- I believe they are here now... >J Good. We'll finally get that bastard.

KJ: -goes over to Iala and nuzzles her gently- :/

Ruto: You guys can talk to her but the whole hostage thing is a great idea. Very Happy He will come in an instant! -thinks for a moment- <Oh hubby Kylie poo~>

Eloisa: ... I love you too... Sad -teleports up to the surface at the beach house where Ruth and Mary are staying-

Joseph: -keeps speeding off- Oh you think you can catch up to me? >3 You haven't got a chance!

Jude: Ugh!! -stumbles a bit and holds his face- ... Big mistake boy -eyes glow red-

Derek: -slowly stands up- A-Adam stay back! Hes got shadow powers now!

Jude: -growls and jumps into Adam's body- >J Oh what are you going to do now boy? -makes him slowly suffocate-

Honiahaka: ... Well I hope he learns not to stalk me again >/

Abeda: Oh it was lovely... the air was fresh... the light felt lovely on me... and there trees... there was so much nature... no cages anywhere... -tears up- |c

Eleanor: I guess if he does show it he feels it might be showing weakness... Sad -sighs- Anyway... we should probably get some rest...

Nightshade: ... -sighs- I tried to think they would never happen.... But with all the bad luck we get and our friends get... it doesn't surprise me all this is happening... |c

Imaxle: ... -frowns a bit and puts down the dishrag- I'm going outside for some fresh air -.-
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowborne story   Shadowborne story I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 08, 2012 11:47 pm

Mishka: o.o -ears perk and looks her over, tilting her head a little- ... -sniffs her back- Hello... -grins a little- Very Happy Where's your brother little one...?

Airna: Sad .... -sighs a little and sits down across from them- Alright uhm... boys... the girl who is following you might be... Tonai's fiance. Mishka.

Tonai: o.o -ears flatten- ... Crap I forgot I had one... D:

Airna: -nods- We fear she might not be in a right frame of mind and try to get you you both... she'd hurt you for sure Domais. Sad So... please, stay inside and be safe.

Nikita: -grins and watches her leave- ... Well go on, you better follow her, freak. <w<

Eli: -growls a little and tears up- Yeah... >C Some friend you are. -flicks his tail and follows Kurina- I... I can't believe she'd threaten that.... >.< I'm so sorry...

Kinak: -grins and turns around to leave-

Thrall: o.o <Zara... D: Are you hurt? Where are you? The whole palace... t-there's blood everywhere. Sad I thought you'd been killed...>

Drayna: That would be a lovely way to live... you'd be just outside the town. Not completely isolated... but enough to have a better connection with the forest... and Aeris as a whole. I loved spending time here as a little girl. -smiles faintly-

[Islanzadi]: -pushes past them, dragging a very young drayna by her wrist- >C Out of the way peasants... -glares at her- I told you you little parasite, not to go back to that disgusting place, it's not fitting for a young princess... -growls darkly-

[Drayna]: >.< -cries a little and tries to pull her wrist away- I'm sorry mummy, I won't do it again! Please don't hurt me!

Drayna: -watches them leave- .... -sighs a little- I was lying...

Eldrin: It's cool... I guess you were pretty upset. :/ You uh... spoken to Alassea since then?

Silver: -dusts himself off and fixes his shirt- .... Look I didn't know, alright? It doesn't show. Usually people with those sorts of problems have some sorta mental issue... she sees pretty normal somehow.

Ashkii: o.o -looks up at her- ... C'mon, let's go see her then... :/ I'll come with you... -holds onto her hand and takes her into the tent-

Morgan: -swallows nervously and looks up at it- ...

Voldemort: .... -strokes Nagini- Scruff and Bella... we have intruders.... why don't you go deal with them?

Mewtwo: You're far from a freak... you and anyone else should not base who you are based on your outward appearance... you should be based on your actions and character. -looks at the ground- I learned that a long time ago... and based on the wonderful sweet girl you are... you are not a freak Whitney....

Baldor: Yeah alright... X3 I wanted to talk with her cause I heard she'll be joining the police force soon. She should probably be in on what I've been thinking about.... -teleports to the day care-

Bobby: :/ Maybe it'll be simpler once we get Gypsy taken care of... just calm down, we'll sort things out. You'll need a clear head to deal with this, alright? -kisses her cheek-

Violet: D: But I... -stomach grumbles- Mmn... >.< -sighs a little- Yes master Gypsy...

Iala: Sad -cuddles up to him and hides a little, shivering-

Rim: >C .... Hrmph. -turns away, losing interest-

??: Yes princess. -looks down at Nabooru and presses a sword to her throat- Don't even think of escaping... or we'll kill you both... >/

Kyle: o.o !! <Ruto! D8 What do you want?!>

Ruth: -sitting just outside in the sun, reading something and half dozing- ... This was a really nice idea... -smiles faintly-

Lucy: -frowns and keeps chasing him- >C You're not the only demon you know! And when we get you, we're gonna get the demon queen to put you in the depths where you belong!

Adam: o.o;; -staggers a little- Wait what, what are you doing?! >.< -coughs and chokes a little- S-shit.. -drops to his knees and gasps for breath as he starts to run out of air- S-stop.... I can't breathe... D|

Anudor: D: Are you alright? -helps Derek up and starts to heal him- You shouldn't have gotten involved!

??: -snarls at her- >C Don't push your luck bitch.

Deo: -takes her blood and starts comparing it to Tyrel's- Hey now don't start fighting again you two... I'd hate to have to muzzle one of you.

??: Oh it sounds lovely... |c

??: -sitting in a corner and chained to the wall- ... Don't you see what we need to do, you brainless bitches? >/ -growls a little and slowly gets to her feet, looking sick and emaciated- We gotta get like those other wolves... become fighters...

Erina: Yeah I suppose so... -lays back down and cuddles up under the covers- ... You know... this is the first time I've slept in a real bed. I didn't know it could be so nice...

Seth: I'm so sorry Mihan... -sighs a little and pulls her into a hug, kissing the top of her head- It'll work out eventually... |c It has to...

Tyrandes: No no... why don't you stay? |J

Aldiira: It's nothing Tyrandes. -sighs a little and pulls away from her- It's just... I didn't appreciate the unnecessary affection from Imaxle... nothing to get upset about...

Tyrandes: ... -glares at him- Ohhh... so it's the little servant's fault you're not happy?
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowborne story   Shadowborne story I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 08, 2012 11:48 pm

Original response by Sara

Sunari: o.o;; ... MUMMY!! >_< THERES A STINKY STRANGER IN HERE! -backs away a bit-

Domais: That explains a lot... Oh dear I can't-- o.o -ears perk- D: That's Sunari!

Kurina: Sad Oh don't you be sorry... -sighs- I was foolish and made such a horrible bet... I spose I better swallow my pride and tell her its off...

Zara: <I'm in the prison cells... Look please go and get out of there! Kinak is coming back...> Sad

Dark: ... Are you sure you want to bring her back Drayna? I mean she is horrible.

Aridrim: ... I am quite worried. Now that Ceranthor is taking care of Maddie... if she comes back... I fear that she might be cruel to the child...

Laetri: Nah... the only people I've been talking to is Jessie and James... :/ I really want to talk to her... -sighs- But I don't think she will want to listen...

Tani: ... -sighs and looks down- Shes had a few mental breakdowns Silver... there was one point where she came to stay with my parents, laughing and giggling ... and she had her wrists slit open... it was horrible... Sad

Malladus: Shes been going through some therapy... I mean while she looked way normal she wasn't eating properly... she shape shifted to hide it... If she went into her normal form she was anorexic... and she looked terrible...

Marianna: Thanks Ashkii... -sighs and goes in looking over at Nidawi- Sad Hey...

Scruff: ... -looks out the window- o.o... Its her... What is she doing here? Its so foolish..

Whitney: ... -sighs and cuddles him- I love you so much... -goes over to the bed and lays down-

Aurora: X3 I'm glad shes starting to do something more with her life... But I am worried. Don't you have to give up smoking to join up?

Lily: SLATEEE~ I wanna smoke... 8C

Chelsea: ... -sighs- You know I really am glad you came into my life... -stops the bikes and takes her helmet off- My side come with me now... :/ -gets off-

Nabooru: You won't get away with this >C Once Zelda finds out you will all be in trouble.

Ruto: <Oh well you didn't listen to my message... So I have that slut that keeps trying to take you away from me> >.>... <Shes in my domain...> |3

Mary: -sitting out on a sundeck with her, dozing a bit as well- Yeah... Its so peaceful and relaxing... maybe we should plan on staying for good...

Eloisa: -goes over to them- Guys D: We have a problem... Joseph has found demon powers... Sad

Joseph: -stops and rises up- ... And you really think you're going to get me? You? The prissy little girl who relies on everyone else to fight for her >.>...

Derek: I had to... he was near Mis-- o.o... Adam! D: -jumps into his body and pushes out Jude- D< Don't hurt my brother! -hisses and slashes at his chest-

Honiahaka: Sorry Deo... :/ So what do the results say?

Abeda: Hey calm down... >C -stands up and goes over to her- You know we try so very hard but its hard to become a fighter in these condition... we just have to think of another way...

Eleanor: -smiles faintly- Trust me Erina... a lot of nice things are going to come you way... You have a good nights rest... and if you need me in the night come to my room... -goes out and closes the door-

Nightshade: ... God I hope so... -tears up and cuddles up to him- ... Can you stay with me in bed tonight...?

Imaxle: -frowns- I made a small mistake and I am sorry for it alright? I've done nothing but be kind to her. Now please leave? You're not my master anymore so you have no right to come in and bother us.
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Mishka: -frowns a little and pulls her in close, cupping a hand over her mouth- Ssshhh.... <w< Now there's no need for that. I just wanna know where my darling Tonai is...

Airna: o.o !! -immediately gets to her feet- ... Oh god... D: Sunari! -glancesat them- Go out and find your father Tonai, hurry!

Tonai: -grabs her arm before she can go upstairs- >/ No way, you said this chick was dangerous. We'll deal with her, you go get her. -looks up at Domais- C'mon let's go. -gets up and races upstairs-

Eli: Yeah but... Sad What about Caol? He still needs to pass his test somehow... -sighs a little and plays with the end of his ponytail nervously- Do... do you think you'll really be able to... to win...?

Thrall: D: <What? There is no way I'm leaving. Zara I'm coming to get you.>

??: -ears perk and looks up at Zara from inside his cell- >.> ... What's got you all upset then...?

Drayna: ... Everyone here deserves to be brought back... but... I see what you mean Aridrim. -sighs a little- She really hates him too... she'd probably rather stay away from him and continue to be cursed. -takes them up to a small farm house outside the city-

??: -a middle aged elven main with long, greying blue hair and brown eyes is sweeping the front steps of the house- .... o.o -ears perk and looks up at them, then smiles warmly- Good day... what can I do for you my friends...?

Eldrin: Well if I can listen to you I'm sure she can. :/ Maybe you should get your parents to take us there.

Silver: ... -looks at the ground, looking more guilty now- Geez I guess that's... pretty bad... -sighs a little and rubs the back of his head-

Nidawi: -opens her eyes and looks over at them- ... Hey Marianna... -tries to smile and sits up a little- I really missed you... you... you've really changed since I last saw you...

Bellatrix: -staggers over to the window and looks out at them- ... Ehehe... I don't know what she's doing... but it better be good. >J Otherwise the silly little girl might turn out to be a traitor just like her brother~

Voldemort: -narrows his eyes- Just deal with them...

Mewtwo: -morphs to his human form and lays down, pulling her into a close hug- And I love you too... -places a hand gently on her stomach and kisses her cheek- <3

Baldor: -ears perk- .... Apparently so. X3 -laughs a little-

Slate: >.> I know you do. That's just tough Lily.

Silvia: ... Oh Baldor... how nice to see you again... -tries to smile- What are you doing here?

Baldor: Hm? Oh hey Silvia. We're just looking for Lily. :/

??: Got it. -gets up off his bike and follows her-

Bobby: Alright the rest of you come with me and be careful. :/ You're all armed, just in case?

??: -growls a little- Zelda does not control us... >/ -presses his sword in a little enough to make a shallow cut-

Kyle: o.o;; -gets up- <No.... no no no... D: Ruto you can't do this, leave Nabooru alone! She hasn't done anything wrong! >.< You gotta stop this alright?! You're hurting people!>

Ruth: Yeah... I could get used to that idea.... o.o -sits up and looks up at Eloisa- He... he has? So you mean he can... c-come to the surface and... and find us? -glances at her mother- Oh god no... >.< -clutches at the cross around her neck- Oh what are we going to do now?

Lucy: >/ No I don't! In case you didn't know, I got my demon blood solely to protect myself from people like you! -steps closer to him and growls- I'm not gonna let you hurt them anymore!

Adam: >.< Ugh... -falls on his side and lays on the ground- D|

Anudor: o.o; -ears fatten- >C Stupid demon! -growls and shoots bolts of white energy from his hands at Jude-

Deo: -looks over the blood samples carefully- ... I... I uh... must be reading it wrong. This can't be right.... these samples are so similar... as if you really were from the same tribe... o.o

??: -growls a little, ears flattened- With the way you're going pumpkin, you've got two options according to Jacob. Be sold off somewhere terrible for being a nuisance, or be permanently chained down. Don't you want your best option to get out of this place? .... -sighs a little and sits down- You should do it. It's too late for me...

Erina: -smiles a bit- Smile I will... thank you Eleanor...

Misfit: -watches her come out- >.> Oh hey. You really gonna be taking that Reese kid off our hands?

Seth: Sad Of course... -tries to smile and wipes her eyes gently- You know it's funny... I was just about to ask you if that's what you wanted...

Tyrandes: -growls and ears flatten- D< How dare you, you're even more insolent than you were before! Master or not, you need to show respect to all women! -slaps him hard across the face-

Aldiira: o.o !! -squeaks a little in fright and backs away, but doesn't say anything else-
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Original response by Sara

Sunari: >_< Mmff...Lfft ee go! -moves and bites down onto her hand-

Domais: Call for guards and that too Airna. -races up the stairs with Tonai- Sweetheart you better be so careful D:

Kurina: I don't know... thats why I said to her we would do it in a weeks time... so I can train myself up a bit... |c Eli I really am sorry...

Zara: <Please I don't want you getting killed!> >_< ... -looks over- Things are going to get worse... Kinak has escaped... I'm too weak to use my powers... and now innocent people in the city are going to get killed... I must be the worst queen ever... |c

Dark: o___o;; I... well... uh...

Aridrim: >.> Sorry about our friend. Hes a little special. May we please speak to you inside with you and your mihan?

Laetri: -ears perk- With the sounds of things I think its best if we let them be... they're going to be at that for a while. -jumps from his bed-

Malladus: ... Look she really wants to sort things out. She hates fighting with you two and she missed having Tani as a friend.

Marianna: ... -tears up and races over to her, hugging her- >_< I thought I never see you again...

Scruff: ... Hm. <Morgan what the bloody hell is going on?> -heads downstairs-

Lily: You're so mean Slate T^T Please... just one? -goes out of her room- o.o... Oh hey Baldor. Wassup? Very Happy Did you bring smokes? Because if you did I would love you forever!

Aurora: :/ -goes over to Silvia- Hows things been going for you?

Chelsea: ... -heads into the house with the group- Gypsy? We're here...

Gyspy: Finally. >J Now we can get to work on getting this guy...

??: You think Chelsea is going to do this?

Nabooru: Ughh... >_< Zelda rules all over Hyrule and is the Goddess of Time. Of course she has more power ... >C

Ruto: <Well you better come over~ Otherwise she will be fish food> >3 -giggles a little- Oh he will start to come now Very Happy

Eloisa: Look calm down. D: Lucy has gone to get him. I've come to warn you and I will protect you... Sad We're not going to let anything happen...

Joseph: ... Well come on now. >J Show me ... I'll let you have the first move....

Jude: o.o !! -rolls out of the way, avoiding the energy-

Derek: o.o... I didn't know you could do that. <.<

Honiahaka: -eyes widen a little- o.o... W-We are...? ... Heh... we're from the same tribe... -smiles a little- We are... Very Happy

Abeda: No. If I'm getting out of here, we're all getting out. We just need a plan... and have no one get in more trouble...

Eleanor: o.o... Oh yeah. :/ Hes going to be travelling with us now...

Nightshade: Heh... I guess after being so long together we're starting to think the same things...

Imaxle: >_<... -growls and rubs his cheek- But I see no woman in front of me... >C -heads out the door, slamming it behind him-
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Mishka: -yelps a little- Owww.... >.< -pushes her away- You stupid little brat, that really hurt! >/

Airna: D: But... -swallows nervously and nods- Please be careful you two! -races outside- Orecus! >.< Orecus where are you! She's in our home!

Tonai: I got this shit. Look my dad keeps a gun hidden up here, go get it for me just in case something goes wrong. I'm gonna try and reason with her.

Eli: It's... it's not your fault. Sad You didn't know she'd do that... n-neither did I.... I really thought she was my friend...

??: -shrugs casually- I dunno, most people seem to think you're an alright ruler. >.> But hey, what would I know? So now he's gonna kill your man too?

??: -looks Dark over- .... -slowly nods- Of course, please come in. -opens the door for them and bows- My name is Rolim. Smile Now what can I do for you...?

[Kihja]: -looks around seven years old- o.o -ears perk and looks up at they come in- ... Hello..

Eldrin: D| Ughh... I hate when they end up fighting like this. -slides down the wall to sit on the ground- :/ Well now what?

Silver: Yeah alright.... I guess we should still sort things out... Hey uh, before she comes over, could you ask her to bring something for me? :/ I'd... really like to finally have my pokedex back... -holds out a pokeball with his ursaring- Here... give her this. We'll be even that way.

Nidawi: o.o; ... -hugs her back- I'm sorry... it's alright, I'm here now... Sad Don't cry, please...

Morgan: <I have no idea... this was the girl's idea. You know I'm supposed to be playing as her ally right now.... and this is where she's lead me.>

Bellatrix: -follows him- >3 <Are you sure deary...?>

Baldor: o.o Why would I want to do that? Quitting's probably the best thing you can do for yourself right now, you were poisoning yourself before. Hey is it true what I've heard, you're joining the police force? :/

Slate: >.> That's only reason why she'd quit in the first place.

Silvia: Alright... I've almost got everything set up for the day care again... -sighs a little-

Violet: -looks up as they come in and backs away a bit- ... I guess I'll let you... go deal with that then and... and wait for you to come home master.... -rubs her arm and looks away-

??: She doesn't know of any of this. >/ -glances at Ruto- ... You hear that? The princess will have what she wants soon. You best just stay quiet and not mess this up.

Kyle: o.o;; Fuck no.... >.< She's gotta be bluffing... Nabooru's strong, she would've fought them off. But.... -sighs a bit- <Fine... Fine I'll come...> -teleports to the Zora domain- Don't hurt her alright? I'll stay with you...

Ruth: ... -bites her lip and sits back down- A-alright.... you're sure? Sad I don't know what I'd do if he came after us...

Lucy: -eyes glow red- .... >/ Fine. -charges fireballs in her palms and shoots them at him-

Anudor: >w> Hey I can be cute and strong at the same time. |3 ... Hey is your brother alright? D: He still hasn't gotten up.

Deo: Yeah... that's what it looks like. o.o You must have been one of the survivors as well. Honiah how old were you when you were taken? Do you remember?

??: Hrmph. Good luck. >.> -backs away back into the corner and curls up, putting her head in her paws-

Misfit: Good. We don't need him around here. >.> And keep an eye on him, he can't be trusted.

Seth: Yeah I guess so... -cuddles her close- You wanna go lay down now..? <3

Aldiira: D: ... Tyrandes... y-you really hurt him.

Tyrandes: >/ Good. Looks like he needs it, with that attitude problem. Seems to be getting worse. -growls and follows him out-
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Original response by Sara

Sunari: -sees Tonai and races over to him, holding his leg- Tonai shes scary >_< Make her go away!

Domais: o.o... Alright D: Just be careful... -kisses his cheek and heads off to the room-

Orecus: D: -races over to her- Airna whats going on?! Is she near the kids?!

Kurina: Sad Shes just a bitch... Ugh >_< I just wish I could shove her down a hill...

Zara: -sniffs- >_< Yeah... Fuck. I hope Thrall gets out of there... Sad I know he is a strong fighter... but if I lost him I wouldn't know what to do...

Dark: -looks between them- I... I... -quickly plays a song and freezes everyone except him, Drayna, Aridrim and Nim-

Aridrim: o.o... Dark what have you done?! D:

Dark: I just paused it! Alright? I just... I know Kihja will be happy to see his parents again... But... -looks at little Kihja- What about him? Sad

Laetri: ... We can go outside and see my friends. They decided to camp nearby cause they miss me.

Malladus: ... -takes the pokeball- Thanks... shes really missed this one... :/ I'll tell her that...

Marianna: -sniffles- S-Sorry... Sad I missed you so much... I-I thought I'd never see you again Nidawi... I thought the vampires would've done something so horrible to you...

Scruff: She seems serious Bellatrix. I don't sense any lying... -walks outside- ... Big mistake for coming here girl...

Elle: o.o... Oh Morgan... you called them? I thought you were my friend! How could you!

Lily: Yep. :/ I got tired of doing nothing with my life and I wanted to something great... so I decided to join.

Aurora: Sad Oh Silvia whats wrong? I hate seeing you so upset like this.

Chelsea: ... Run the plans through with these guys again. I'll get myself a drink... <.< ... <Violet come with me...>

Nabooru: o.o... Kyle don't D: Please! You dislike it here! Get out!

Ruto: Now isn't it good when you follow the rules? |3 But still I cannot have her try to take you away again...

Eloisa: Trust me... I wouldn't let him do anything... -sighs- I just hope Lucy is okay down there... |c

Joseph: -dodges them easily- Mmm... Not bad >w> -charges a dark energy ball in his palm- My turn... >3 -shoots it at her-

Derek: -goes over to Adam- D: Shit... Are you alright... -helps him sit up gently-

Celestia: -jumps up and tackles down Jude- You're not getting away this time! >/

Jude: o.o!! Let me go... you crazy strong bitch DX

Honiahaka: Jeez... I was only very small... -sighs- It was such a long time... Man once Tyrel hears about this he'll be so happy... -smiles a little-

Abeda: ... -sighs- There has to be some way... If only I could get in contact with the other werewolves...

Eleanor: ... -frowns a little- I trust him fine. Thats why I asked him to come with us...

Nightshade: Yes please... -takes his hand and heads to the bedroom-

Imaxle: -walks away and grumbles to himself- >C ...
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowborne story   Shadowborne story I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 08, 2012 11:55 pm

Tonai: -hugs her with one arm- Yeah I know... -looks up at Mishka- Look... don't hurt the kid. I just wanna talk Mishka...

Mishka: -tilts her head and looks him over carefully- ... Oh... Tonai dearest... -ears droop a little- I know you say that but you don't mean it... y-you just want me off in some mental institution, don't you? -staggers a little and walks over to them- I'm not crazy... I just wanna show you how wrong you are. We're engaged... you can't go off with another... especially a man. Don't worry though... -grins a little and draws a gun- >J I'll take care of the little problem....

Tonai: o.o;; No.... Mishka just put it down... D: There's no need to hurt Domais.

Airna: -quickly nods and tears up a bit- >.< Get the guards or something! She's snuck in upstairs where Sunari and Renara are! A-and Tonai went up to deal with her!

Eli: .... What are you going to do? Sad Are you gonna get trained up to fight her?

??: >.> So I guess you wanna get out of here, huh?

Drayna: o.o;; --looks around- Dark! D:

Nim: <Woah...> o.o -jumps down from Aridrim's arms and sniffs at Kihja- <They're frozen...>

Drayna: -runs a hand through her hair- Didn't you think about this before? Both Kihja and I will have to be left here.... :/ Besides... it's not like it hasn't already happened. A couple of years from now.... his parents go out to battle like they do all the time... and they never come home. It'll be like that time. He'll deal with it... eventually...

Eldrin: o.o Oh sure. Who're your other friends?

Silver: No problem... I just... I figured it'd be incentive enough to give back what she took. I'd really like to have it back you know... -rubs the back of his head- When I lost it.... I lost contact with my friend Green.... -sighs a little-

Nidawi: Vampires.... so that's what happened... Sad No Marianna... I-I'm fine. I'm not hurt.... at least not that I can remember.

Ashkii: You can't remember anything? :/

Nidawi: Not since I was taken from my home... there's a big chunk missing... -sighs a little-

Bellatrix: -laughs a little and looks Elle over- Awh... you're not pleased to see us? >3 Maybe you shouldn't have made the fool mistake of showing up then....

Morgan: o.o Huh? ... What, no! I didn't call them they just came out!

Baldor: That's great... I wanna talk to you then. :/ Can we go into your room or something for this? Just so I know it's private...

Silvia: Huh? What do you mean...? I'm not upset... I'm... bursting with joy at the thought of being able to start my new life...

Violet: o.o .... -bows her head- Yes ma'am... let me get that drink for you... -walks out of Gypsy's bedroom and heads downstairs- <What's going on...?>

Bobby: -watches them leave, then looks up at Gypsy- :/ We gotta talk man.

Kyle: No please don't keep her involved in this while thing... Sad P-please Ruto... -hesitantly steps closer and kisses her cheek- >.< Ugh... just... l-let her go... please...?

Ruth: Why didn't you stay down there with her to fight him?

Lucy: o.o; Wait, I-- >.< !! -gets hit in the shoulder before she can move out of the way, and cries out in pain- Aaargh! -staggers backward and holds onto her shoulder- ... Y-you... you bastard! D< -tears up a little and trembles as blood runs down her dress-

Adam: -breathing is shallow and weak- Ugh... D| Derek...?

Kali: -rises up with her, her eyes glowing red- >C You sick bastard, thought you'd get away with hurting our kid?! D< You're gonna get it... -kneels down next to him with Celestia- Just hold still... this'll only hurt a bit... >/ -leans in and bites down hard into his neck, sucking away as much blood as she can-

Deo: -smiles a bit- Yeah you must have been... Smile Go on, you'd best go tell him. He'll be overjoyed....

??: .... Jacob's going to be back here soon... maybe while he's here, you can sneak out of the cell and go tell the other wolves. You'll be punished if you're found... but not greatly.

Misfit: -scoffs a little- Yeah... big mistake. But hey, I'm not gonna be complaining. If you take him with you he'll be well out of the way, maybe Elle would come back even. >.> So yeah... thanks for taking him off our hands.

Tyrandes: >C -growls darkly and teleports in front of him- You arrogant whelp.... what's gotten into that thick head of yours, hm? You get a aster that's a little kinder on you and all of a sudden, you think you can do whatever the fuck you want? You're in for one hell of a lashing Imaxle...
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowborne story   Shadowborne story I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 08, 2012 11:56 pm

Original response by Sara

Sunari: D: No! Don't hurt Domais! Hes the best fiance for Tonai! Sad ... -huffs a little- >C Put it down!

Domais: ... -slowly moves out from the other room behind her- ... -slowly raises the gun-

Orecus: o.o... Shit D: You go and get them, I'll quickly head off and make sure they are alright! -races back to the house-

Kurina: ... I don't know if I can do it... Sad At the risk of her telling your secret... Oh I don't want you hurt... >_<

Zara: Oh no... I would just love to stay here... D| Of course I want to get out!

Dark: I know but... Sad What exactly are we going to say to make them agree to come...?

Malladus: ... I'm sorry... :/ I'll get it back... hopefully you can get back in contact with your friend.

Tani: ... Mmn. Darunia? Balto? I'm coming to brush your fur... -walks to the bedroom-
(And cue in jealous Tani X3)

Laetri: Jessie and James of course X3 They want me to become a trainer so I can travel with them... -opens the window and jumps out, heading outside-

Marianna: Well... that Violet vampire hasn't bothered us ever since she took us... Sad But we heard you went to the depths.

Elle: This was your plan all along! Oh Morgan how could you?! No matter! -gets on her broomstick and flies up in the air- You truely fooled me!

Lily: o.o... Yeah sure... :/ -walks into her bedroom with him and shuts the door behind them- Whats up?

Aurora: Yeah right :/ Come on. We're family. You can tell me anything...

Chelsea: -grabs her wrist and races outside- We're saving you of course... -heads out- Get on one of the other bikes. I gotta wait for Bobby.

Gypsy: o.o... What are you going on about? >C

Ruto: -giggles a bit- Alright boys. |3 Let her go. <3

Eloisa: I had to warn you first... Sad -sighs- Look just... call me if something goes wrong... -sinks back into the ground-

Joseph: Heh... you're just weak... To think that you could stop me? Im stronger than ever... >J

Derek: Yeah its me man... D: -helps him up- C'mon... lets get you to the healers... -heads of there-

Jude: o.o... NO! >_< -tries to push her off but slowly becomes weak- Ughh... D| -starts to turn pale-

Honiahaka: Thank you Deo Very Happy -hugs him and quickly races out back to the tent- Tyrel! Tyrel! Very Happy

Abeda: ... Yes... Of course... -sighs- And maybe if we all work together... we'll get out...

Eleanor: You know I'm glad hes going away from such a rude person like yourself <.<

Imaxle: I have master and I follow her rules D< Thats how it goes. You don't control me anymore Tyrandes. Besides, if you missed giving me punishments and pushing me around maybe you shouldn't have given me away!
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Tonai: o.o ... -eyes widen a little and looks up at Domais, then back at Mishka- Look I know you're upset... this engagement just isn't working out... you can find someone else to take care of you I'm sure...

Mishka: -looks up at him and her ears perk- ... Oho... the man of the hour. >J -grins, showing her fangs and whips around to face him, holding her weapon up at him- Don't you move now, you filthy little fag.... this'll just pinch a little. You'll be in the ground where you belong... and I'll be where I belong, with my fiance...

Airna: P-please be careful! >.< -wipes her eyes and tries to calm herself-

Eli: It... it really scares me too, but.... Sad What about Caol? This is all he's ever wanted... I-I'm not saying you should do this, but... but I don't see any other way for them to have any respect for each other...

Nim: -looks back up at them- ... <Maybe you should just tell them the truth.>

Drayna: .... -nods- Maybe we should... if they knew we were trying to rebuild a destroyed city... and that they'd be coming back to their son anyway... :/ Well they might agree.

Silver: Yeah thanks... I really hope so... -doesn't seem to notice Tani yet-

Darunia: o.o -ears perk and looks up as she comes in- Hm? But you just brushed our fur before. :3 Look, you made mine all shiny.

Eldrin: -jumps out with him and follows him- Very Happy Dude you should do it. Being a pokemon trainer would be awesome... didn't your parents ever tell you stories about when they'd go traveling with their pokemon?

Nidawi: The depths of hell...? -sits up a little- Marianna... could you tell me what happened? Everything you know?

Mew: -huffs a little and flies up with her, turning them invisible-

Morgan: o.o; ...

Bellatrix: Morgan! -looks a little stunned and growls- You lost them! D<

Baldor: -folds his arms and sighs a little- ... Alright... Since this is what you're doing, I want to run by you the idea I've had. :/ You see people are always wondering how Team Rocket can do whatever they want in Kanto and Johto without getting caught.... it's cause the police don't know enough about them. Anyone who has information.... either stays with them or gets killed. :/ I'm thinking... maybe we should use the information we have to make Johto and Kanto a safer place for everyone...

Silvia: No I... I'm happy... It was great, you know... leaving Hogwarts and everything...

Violet: o.o; -races out with her- Saving me? But you're master Gypsy's friend. D: Why would you want to help me...? -hesitantly sits down on one of the other bikes-

Bobby: Chels and I... and the rest of the gang agree... we reckon it's about time you stepped down man. :/ You used to be a great leader for us, but something went wrong Gypsy. You're just using your power to do what you want... not what's good for the gang.

??: ... -nods- Yes princess. -goes to untie her- You're free to go... but if you even think to speak to anyone about this, you'll be kept here the same as him. >/ -grabs her by her arm and pulls her to her feet- Now leave.

Kyle: -glances up at her- ... Yeah go ahead. I'll be fine. -looks down at the ground again- At least I'll be with someone who cares about me...

??: -growls a little and teleports Nabooru away-

Iala: o.o ... -comes up to the side of the tank and looks up at Kyle curiously- ...

Ruth: We... we will... -sets her book down- ... I uhm... I don't know if I can relax now, knowing that. -sighs and gets to her feet- I think I'll just take a walk on the beach to clear my head...

Lucy: >.< You can't be stronger... -tears up a little and straightens up, glaring at him- >C You've been hurting people, and I won't let you defeat me knowing that you'll just keep doing it! -goes shadow and races forward, jumping into his body-

Adam: -leans against him for support, looking pale and weak- Ugh... Derek, I... D|

Anudor: -follows them- D: Don't talk alright, you look awful!

Kali: -growls and spits out some of the blood- >.< Fuck, you taste terrible... >C You're done messing with our family, fucker. Now you're our vampire... -eyes glow purple- You got that...?

Tyrel: o.o -ears perk and sits up- Honiah? -walks out of the tent and looks over at her- What is it?

??: Good luck... Sad -nuzzles her and looks over at a mother wolf with a small litter of newborn pups- He'll be here to pick up the pups soon.... We'll... try to be difficult so you have time to get out.

Misfit: >.> Mmn, you'd be surprised how often I hear that. Yeah... you sleep well too.

Tyrandes: D< -snarls and grabs him by the throat- From the sounds of it, it looks like I'll have to take you back! >C -looks him over and tightens her grip- What happened to you Imaxle...? You used to be such a good boy for me...
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowborne story   Shadowborne story I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 09, 2012 12:09 am

Original response by Sara

Domais: o.o.. Put it down! I don't want to have to shoot you! D<

Sunari: o.o... D: -quickly jumps onto Mishka's back and climbs up, covering and scratching at her eyes- D< Leave him alone!

Kurina: I don't know... I just wish he wasn't so difficult... but then again she is the biggest bitch out there... -sighs and cuddles Eli- This isn't fair... |c

Dark: ... Yeah... I guess... -unfreezes everything-

Aridrim: Don't worry... I'll talk to them :/

Balto: And you fixed my scarf Very Happy Not to mention that the kids look all nice and clean.

Tani: ... -.- I needed to get out of the room. -sits down on the bed-

Laetri: Not much. Mum really doesn't want me getting ideas... I've heard a lot from Lily though. Her badges are pretty cool... not to mention her Latias is pretty awesome as well.

Marianna: All I remember is that we were at Violet's house... and then she got called by her master so you two went in the depths... I was tied up back at the house... thats all I really remember... Sad

Elle: Good job Mew. Very Happy We got away from them... now we need to head off far this time so prepare for travelling... we're going to Romania.

Scruff: No Bella we lost her. Morgan did the right thing and came here with her. We were meant to get her to stay... The dark lord isn't going to be too happy...

Lily: o.o.. And take them down for good? Heh. Hell yeah I'm in with that idea. Very Happy

Tai: -comes back inside- And thats basically all the pokemom I take care of around here X3

Chelsea: Because we're kicking him off as leader and when hes mad you're the first person hes going to attack.

??: -gets on the bike- Right we'll take you back to our hide out :/ Hold on tight alright?

Nabooru: No wait! D: ... -tears run down her cheeks- I care about you... |c -falls to her knees-

Zelda: -comes up to her with Damien and Medli- ... -places a hand on her shoulder- I know you do... :/ And don't worry. The other sages and I have heard about whats happened... and we shall fix it...

Ruto: -cuddles him- Oh thats my good boy X3 <3

Mary: You sure thats wise? Sad W-what if he shows up on the beach...?

Joseph: o.o!! -tries to push her out- Get out of there D<

Eloisa: LUCY! D: -races over to them- Oh god! Be careful!

Derek: -takes him to the healers and places him down gently on a bed- Just try and rest man... You'll be alright... :/

Jude: I... I... -eyes glaze over and looks up at her- ... Yes master Kali. I am at your service...

Honiahaka: Well I just went to Deo... and I got a blood test and we compared samples and... He found out that I am from your tribe.... Very Happy

Abeda: ... Don't be too difficult so you will get hurt...

??: -licks one of her pups gently- ... Sad You're all so sweet...

Eleanor: <.<... I'll try to. -walks off to her room-

Imaxle: Arghh >_< ... -tries to pull away- Back when I was your servant yes... >/ But I belong to someone else and I'm happy to serve her.
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowborne story   Shadowborne story I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 09, 2012 12:10 am

Tonai: o.o !! Sunari! D: What the hell do you think you're doing?!

Mishka: >.< Argh!! -cries out in alarm and pain, trying to throw her off- You stupid little bitch! Get off me! D< -reaches around and grabs her by her hair, and throws her to the ground- I'll put an end to you... >C -aims the gun at her- Insolent... arrogant little...

Tonai: ... -growls a little and glares at her- Mishka. >C Enough. -steps forward- Put the gun down. On the ground... -flicks his tail and snarls a little-

Mishka: o.o -ears flatten and looks up at him, immediately changing her stance and looking more submissive- ... -slowly sets her weapon down on the ground and takes a step back-

Eli: I know... I'm so sorry... |c -cuddles her back- I should have never brought her into this...

Nikita: -comes up behind them- >.> .... Ahem..

Eli: .. -ears perk and turns to face her- .... -sighs a little- What is it Nikita...?

Nikita: >.> I have changed my mind... seeing you almost burst into tears back there, it was pathetic... It would not have been right of me to do that to you. However... I am not fighting your housewife. Injuring another civilian would only get me further punished. |o I am willing to train your boy, if he is to apologise for his insolent remarks towards me.

??: >w> Well that's no way to speak to someone who can bust you out of here. X3 -laughs a little- Quit stressing out alright? These cells are easy to escape.

Rolim: ... -tilts his head a little- Talk to us about what, little one? o.o

??: -comes into the room sporting his fucking manly beard, and kisses Rolim's cheek- ... Who are the visitors Mihan?

Rolim: -hugs him gently around the wait- They say they have something to talk to us about, Retril.
(X3 I love this guy's name, Retril literally means bear dancer.)

Darunia: o.o ... -jumps up onto the bed with her- Huh? What's going on? Sad -nuzzles her gently and whines a little-

Eldrin: Yeah it's really cool being a trainer. X3 Look, my dad got me a pokemon already. -lets out his totodile and picks it up-

Nidawi: Oh... well... I'm just glad you weren't hurt. Sad I'm sorry I was gone so long Marianna, I really missed you...

Mew: o.o -blinks- <Romania? That's so far away... why do we need to go there?>

Bellatrix: >C Hrmph. -folds her arms- Well I am not taking the fall for this one's screwup. You're on your own, traitor.

Morgan: D: What, but... it.. it wasn't my fault!

Baldor: X3 -laughs a bit- I thought you might... and with you joining the police force now it's an opportunity we can't miss. :/ Now I know it goes without saying... but be very quiet about this. We both know they have agents everywhere... and it doesn't matter who we are, if they find out about it, we'll be on their hit list in an instant.

Parker: Wow you really do a lot of good around here... Smile You know I've never met anyone quite like you... -goes over and hugs her from behind, wrapping his arms around her waist-

Violet: o.o; ... Right. -holds onto him- T-thankyou for thinking of me... >.< It's been so horrible living with him....

(You forgot Gypsy.)

Medli: Sad -ears droop- Don't cry miss Nabooru... it'll be ok...

Damien: -nods- We're not gonna tolerate this sorta thing in our kingdom. :/ You'll get him back...

Kyle: >.< Mmn... -inches away a little- Yeah I guess... -glances at the tank and sees Iala watching him- ... o.o Is that them...?

Ruth: Eloisa said her friend Lucy was taking care of it... besides... I'd really like to be alone right now. :/ Nothing personal really... I just want a minute by myself to think. -goes over and hugs her gently- Don't worry... I'm still armed.

Lucy: -looks over at Eloisa- Go get the demon queen or something! We need to send him to the depths now! >C -starts to close his airways-

Adam: -lays back on the bed- Ugh... >.<

Anudor: We need a healer over here! D:

Adam: Derek I... D| I'm sorry man...

Kali: .... Good boy. You'll look nice in our collection. -gets up- Now when we get back, you're going to apologise to Missy, and you're going to do whatever she says. Do you understand me?

Tyrel: o.o ... -stares at her for a moment- You... you're from... our tribe? -looks stunned- But how... how could you survive? You must have just been a pup when it happened! D:

Jacob: -opens the door and steps inside- >.> .... You've had your litter?

??: ... -ears flatten and growls a little, moving closer to her and stands over the pups protectively-

Tyrandes: >C Aldiira is my friend... and you've hurt her. You can see how that's a big msitake, don't you? -holds him tight- I should kill you... but that would be too merciful. Perhaps I should take you back home with me again.... >3
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Original response by Sara

Sunari: >_< -lands on the ground with a thud and cries in pain- Ow...

Domais: o.o... -quickly moves over and takes the gun from the ground-

Kurina: :/ -sighs- Look like we said he is only going to say sorry if you say sorry first... I think I know what has contributed to this... and you need to understand... that his father was a violent person. He used to hit me a lot... he even hurt Caol's fiance who he loves very much... and there was even a time where... where Caol witnessed his father forcing himself on me... its hurt him. And I guess he just has the fear of fighting and hurting another girl... and though hes not showing it or telling us... I think thats part of the problem too... I know you don't like people thinking you're not tough...but sometimes I think you need to just take a moment and be a bit more understanding...

Zara: o.o... Thats really not a good thing to be telling the queen...but how do I get out?

Aridrim: Right...well... It is going to sound like a great lie but I can assure you we are telling the truth... you see my friends and I we come from the future. The huge war has stopped see a great massacre came and pretty much wiped out Ellesmera... the only people who survived well... were the ones who weren't on the planet. We've started to rebuild a colony but we are coming back in time, rescuing anyone who was hurt...

Dark: ... Well you guys weren't killed in it... I mean you are going to be... -sighs and gets out of his disguise- Alright this is going to sound more weird... but the reason we have come back to take you two to the future is that... your son survives and... well I'm his Mihan. And I want to bring you two back to him...

Tani: Awh... its stupid... -cuddles her gently- Silver is going to get his pokedex back and he started talking about his friend Green...

Balto: o.o... You're not jealous are you? :/

Totodile: o.o... -blinks then grins- Very Happy

Laetri: ... Figures your dad would get you the one with the gigantic teeth X3 -stops at a camp- Jessie! James! Very Happy

Marianna: I missed you too... Sad Don't be sorry. I know its not your fault...I'm just glad you're back so we can be friends again...

Elle: Theres a horcrux hidden over there... I feel that somewhere its got some connection to the vampires... in this sacred place. And I know the one person who can help us... Vladimir...

Scruff: -grabs Bellatrix's arm- You are... >C No matter what happens you are still at fault. You could've easily tried to get her back but you didn't... -sighs and looks at Morgan- Did you get any sort of information on where she might be going... and did you catch her last location?

Lily: I'll be prepared this time... :/ Thanks for telling me about this. I never thought about that... Also can I ask you something? Can you please get in contact with Silvia's brother? Iunno what he said to her... but... shes so emotionless now after she got kicked out of Hogwarts and its breaking my heart...

Tai: o///o -blushes a little and smiles faintly- Oh... You really make me feel so special Parker... >w<

??: Hey don't sweat it. We might be demons but in the gang we have more heart... -starts up the bike and speeds off- Its funny... I've never actually met an upset vampire before...

Gypsy: o.o... Stand down? You want me to stand down? >/ As if. No one is taking my title away from me. I made this gang and nobody is going to tell me what to do.

Nabooru: -sniffles- Thanks... |c But what are you going to do?

Zelda: Rauru is going to speak to her. :/ He knows what he is doing...

Ruto: Very Happy Yes! This little girl here is Iala, that pouty one is rim and this one here is KJ... for Kyle Jr. |3 <3

Mary: -hugs her back and sighs a little- ... Alright... just take care Sad

Eloisa: o.o;; Right... <Kali? Celestia? We need your help getting a demon to the depths...>

Joseph: >_< -tries to gasp for air-

Derek: ... :/ Its cool man... just try and rest...

Healer: -comes over and check Adam over- D: What happened?

Jude: -gets up and nods, bowing a little- Of course... I will do what Missy wants...

Honiahaka: Well I was a pup when I was taken away... Very Happy This... this is just wonderful!

??: o.o... -ears go back- Oh please... Sad Can't I just keep one...?

Abeda: ... -slowly makes her way to the door-

Imaxle: ... >C I'm not going back home with you. I'm making a stand. For all servants like me.
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowborne story   Shadowborne story I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 09, 2012 12:12 am

Mishka: I'm sorry Tonai... you know I only wanted you back... Sad -tears up a little and slowly kneels down on the ground-

Tonai: ... -steps closer to her and wipes her eyes- Hush now... you're going to get the help you need... -looks up at Domais- You'd better go find where my parents went off to... Sunari's gonna need help now and... we gotta figure out a solution for Mishka.

Mishka: |c -sniffles a bit and just looks at the ground-

Nikita: ... -frowns a little- As much as I would love to sympathize for the boy, there is no room for that kind of weakness in my ranks. He will have to learn to live with it. -folds her arms- <.< We all have issues and if I just go easy on him for it, he'll end up being soft and that is not what we need on the battlefield.

Eli: Nikita please, I know you need to have him toughened up, but surely you understand--

Nikita: -growls- He will get over his issues or fail in my ranks. >/ Now is the boy ready to make his apology?

??: >.> That's easy. -hands her a small metal lockpicking thingy- We got a heap of these around here.

[Kihja]: o.o ... -tilts his head a little- Daddy what are they talking about...?

Rolim: ... -ears flatten and looks between them- Little one.... why don't you go out and play with your friend Drayna? :/ The grown ups need to talk privately for a while.

[Kihja]: Oh... mkay. :/ -goes over and hugs them briefly- Bye daddy... -walks past them and heads outside-

Retril: -steps closer to them and looks Dark over carefully- ... You are speaking the truth?

Drayna: -nods- Yes... :/ You can read our minds and see for sure...

Retril: Hm... perhaps we should trust them Mihan. If it is for the good of our city... <.< -strokes his beard and thinks for a moment- .... And you say... you're our boy's Mihan?

Darunia: :/ ... -licks her cheek gently- Tani... how can you be jealous? He's been your Mihan since you were a teenager. The moment he wants to get in contact with an old friend and you're getting possessive of him...?

Eldrin: X3 Yeah... we just get each other. -hugs him tight-

Jessie: o.o -sits up and rubs her head- Laetri...? Very Happy Hey kiddo! T^T Tell me you brought some food with you...

Nidawi: Yeah... I'm never gonna leave you like that again. -cuddles her tight- ... I think we should go home now. X3 I wanna go back and see my daddy... and let everything go back to normal...

Mew: ... <I remember him... the one that did the tournament with you...> -ears flatten- <Elle, last time I saw, wasn't he a little upset with you?> Sad

Bellatrix: -looks up at him and scowls- .... >C Hmph. Oh... I can't stay mad with yooo~ou... <3 -hugs his arm and laughs a little- |3

Morgan: ... Uh.. -looks a little distracted by Bellatrix- She didn't trust me enough to give away her next position... but I stayed with her where she was before. :/ It was an island...

Baldor: She is? D: It's so hard to imagine Silvia like that... Sad -ears droop a little- she was always such a happy, carefree spirit when I was a kid... y-yeah... I'll talk with her brother. ^^; Or try to... I still don't think he likes me very much...

Parker: X3 You are special... -cuddles her gently and kisses her neck- And you really do look so cute when you blush like that. |3 <3

Violet: o.o; -holds onto him tighter- Oh geez, things things go so fast... >.< ... I'm sorry... I'm usually stronger than this.... sighs a little- I guess master Gypsy succeeded in breaking me... |c

Bobby: I know, but now we're doing what's best for the gang. :/ We need a new leader alright? Someone who isn't just gonna use the rest of us for their own gains...

Damien: :/ Would you like to come back and stay at the castle with us Nabooru? You look like you need a moment to clear your head and calm down...

Kyle: .__. Oh I... I see... how nice of you... D| -kneels down next to the tank to looks them over- :/ They're really tiny...

Iala: o.o .... Very Happy -chirps happily and comes right up to the glass, swishing her tail happily- <3

Rim: >.> ... Hrmph. -turns away and ignores him-

Ruth: Yeah... you too. :/ -sighs a little and draws away, heading out towards the beach-

Lucy: >C Who's the weak one now? Huh?! D<

Anudor: D: He got attacked by a demon and almost suffocated to death. He looks really weak, you gotta fix him up...

Missy: o.o;; -comes into the room- Adam? D: Is Adam alright?

Kali: Damn right you will. >/ ... <Eloisa? Yeah alright... same bastard you were going after earlier? You got him restrained or something?>

Tyrel: It is... this makes so much sense. Very Happy -nuzzles her gently- I knew I had a special connection with you Honiah... X3

Jacob: >/ -glares at her- Don't play this game bitch.

??: -snarls viciously and barks at him- Leave them alone!

Jacob: ... -grabs her by the scruff of her neck and throws her to the side- >C Out of the way. -bends down and picks up the newborn pups, not noticing Abeda-

Tyrandes: How cute... >J Come now. -grabs him by his hair and drags him back to her treehouse- You're getting a lashing when we get back... and then maybe if I'm a good mood, I'll top you.
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowborne story   Shadowborne story I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 09, 2012 12:13 am

Original response by Sara

Orecus: -enters the house- Tonai?! Domais?! D: -races upstairs-

Domais: Thats a bit of luck... o.o

Orecus: -goes over to them- Thank god you're-- o.o... Sunari D: -goes over to her- What happened?

Sunari: Mmn... >_< it hurts daddy... |c

Kurina: Well maybe if you try and understand and teach him not to be like that he will stop. >/

Zara: ... You do realise that after I escape I have to get rid of them? >.> -starts to unlock the cell- Now I know how he escaped >/

Dark: Yep... ^^;; Thats me... -rubs the back of his head- And if you come back we can introduce you to your granddaughter...and your great grandkids...

Aridrim: Thats why he was nervous. X3 So what do you say?

Tani: -sighs- Look its not my fault alright? I'm not trying to be... But he was good friends with her... A-And you know he really only became my mihan because I got knocked up... I don't know... I just gets scared ever since he ran off before. Sad

James: T^T We're so hungry...

Laetri: o.o... No sorry. :/ We had to escape the house because my parents and Eldrin's dad started to get into a fight. It was kind of a rush out of the house moment.

Marianna: Very Happy Alright! X3 -cuddles her back-

Shea: -smiles faintly- Alright... I can take you home if you're up to it.

Elle: I know... I want to sort things out between us... :/ But even he would try and help me out after all Voldemort has done...

Scruff: Right then... -shudders and tries to move away a bit- We'll set up some spells on the house so when she returns we can easily get there and trap her... You've made some progress Morgan. Good job.

Lily: Believe me Slate and I have tried everything. She only got a little happy when we took her to the fair... <.< Well of course hes not too happy to know that an older guy is banging is young daughter... I gotta say uncle I still can't get over that X3 Never thought you'd be like that.

Tai: o///o W-Wow... You're very affectionate right now...

??: ... Things'll get better. We'll have a new leader and we'll try and get you a proper home for yourself. We will be looking after you through this.

Gypsy: ... Oh I get it... You're kicking me off to take it for your own? Or did that slut Chelsea want it for herself? >/

??: Calm down man she said she didn't want to take it >/

Gypsy: D< BULLSHIT! Well I can tell you now I won't be going anywhere...and if someone wants to remove me I'm going to kill them and make sure they don't come back...

Nabooru: -sighs- |c No... I should probably get back to the hideout... the girls would want me to do a few things...

KJ: o.o... -just stares at Kyle, backing away a little-

Ruto: Awh! She likes you Very Happy

Eloisa: <Yeah ... Lucy is doing an amazing job...> o.o...

Celestia: You go and see Missy. >/ I'll be right back. Come on Kali. -teleports over to them-

Healer: Just give him some space... he needs to try and get his breath... I'll fix him up...

Derek: Yeah hes alright Missy... :/ Mum got Jude... hes one of our vampires now and hes under our control...

Honiahaka: X3 -cuddles him- Yeah... I always knew there was some connection there. Very Happy I can't believe this... Its just outrageous...

??: -whimpers- >_< N-No! They're my babies!

Abeda: -races down the halls and looks around- ... -notices the door and looks at the other werewolves- I'm going to get help D: ... Please hang on... Sad All of you...

Imaxle: >_< Argh!! ... N-No! D< Not this time Tyrandes! -pulls away and races away from her-
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowborne story   Shadowborne story I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 09, 2012 12:14 am

Tonai: Mishka hurt her, she might need to see a doctor. Dad... Mishka needs help too. -strokes her cheek gently- She's just gonna end up hurting herself again if she doesn't see someone about this...

Mishka: |c -places a hand on his and sighs- I'm sorry Tonai... I'll be good now...

Nikita: >C It is not my job to sort out his personal problems. -flicks her tail and snorts a little- I grow impatient... will you take me up on my offer or not?

Eli: .... I suppose we don't really have any other option to get him the job he wants... But Nikita you have to understand that even if he does apologise and pass his test, he'll still hate being trained by you once he's in there. :/ He's going to resist.

Nikita: Then I will whip the insolent child into shape, the same way the rest of us learned our place. D< Your spoiled little brat is no different from us!

??: Yeah that'd probably be it. >.> That, and the guards are pretty corrupt. They'll give in to any bribe, really. The only reason any of us are still here is cause we get a roof over our head and a meal every day. :/

Rodim: o.o Great... grandchildren... how far into the future are we going? D:

Drayna: Quite far... :/

Rodim: Wait, but... Sad Mihan this isn't right. What about little Kihja? We can't just leave the poor thing here...

Darunia: Sad But Silver loves you so much... you have two children, he's not so finicky as to just leave you for some other girl just like that.... you'll have to trust your Mihan Tani...

Silver: -knocks on the door- Tani? Is everything ok in there? I didn't notice you leave the room...

Eldrin: ... These guys are your friends? No offense man, but they're sorta pathetic.

Jessie: o.o ... Hey watch your tone you little brat. D< Who do you think you are?!

Nidawi: -slowly gets up- I think I am... I really wanna go home and see daddy again... -looks up at her- Sad But I don't want you to go... can you stay a little while when we get there? Please...?

Mew: ... -nods- <While we're there, we need to work with you with your mind control... before the dark lord learns about more of your plans.> :/ -flicks her tail a bit and teleports them to Romania-

Morgan: .... -bows her head- Thankyou... I... I'll just be in my room for a while now, if that's ok... -walks past them and goes inside-

Bellatrix: >w> If I didn't know any better, I'd say she's hiding something just like her brotherrr~ Ehehe...

Baldor: o///o -goes very red- Lily! I... -looks stunned and doesn't know what to say- I-It's more than that... >///> -rubs the back of his head and shifts uncomfortably-

Parker: >w> Do you want me to stop, fangirl? -moves away a bit- |3 Cause I was thinking, it's about time for my workout anyway...

Violet: You're all very kind... -looks up at him- ... Are you to be my new master...?

Bobby: o.o; Gypsy calm down! D< Look I am trying to be patient with you but if you badmouth my girl again... or so much as come close to trying that shit on her... I will fucking kill you myself. >C

Damien: :/ Now c'mon, we both know that now's the worst time to be thinking about that... you need to come back with us and relax, alright?

Kyle: ^^; Yeah... great... I love freaky tadpole things... -backs away a little- Y-you're sure... those are mine? They don't look anything like me.

Kali: -straightens up and looks them over- This the bastard you're having troubles with?

Lucy: -huffs a little and comes out of his body- >C Yeah.... -staggers a little as she comes out and holds onto her shoulder- >.< Ugh... ow it hurts... -falls on her knees-

Missy: Oh god what happened to him? 8C My poor baby...

Anudor: He was just choking a little... it's alright Missy. Everything's gonna be ok now... :/

Missy: Oh.. g-good.... Cause I was so... so worriiiieed! >.< -tears up and hugs Derek tight, burying her face in his shoulder and sobbing- I'm sorry you all got hurt cause of me... |c

Tyrel: It's amazing... -cuddles her back- Honiah I don't know what to say... Very Happy To think there's really someone else who survived that... -tears up a little- I-It's like having my own family back...

Jacob: >C ... -glares at them- What has gotten into you...?

??: -ears perk and looks up at her- ... Help us...? -sighs a little- We're done for kid...

Tyrandes: o.o !! What?! D< Imaxle! -snarls viciously and chases after him-
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowborne story   Shadowborne story I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 09, 2012 12:16 am

Original response by Sara

Orecus: The guards are going to come and get her. >/ -gets up- We'll figure out what to with her. But right now shes hurt my family and she needs to be dealt with.

Kurina: -growls a little- Fine. I'll see if he will apologise. >C And he is not spoilt. Hes far from it. Hes not a proud bitch like you. -walks back into the house-

Zara: -unlocks it and gets out- :/ Thanks... trust me once everything is fixed up I'll certainly come back here... I do owe you... -tries to race out of the jail and towards the palace-

Dark: -looks at Drayna- Well what happened to Kihja when these two went to war?

Tani: I know... -ears perk and looks up- o.o... Yeah I'm alright. I just wanted to make sure the pups and that were alright...

Laetri: Calm down... >.> This is Eldrin. Hes my friend...but he is also Kali's little brother.

James: o.o... K-Kali D:

Shea: :/ ... I'll try and stay for a bit sweetheart... -looks at Ashkii- Can you tell your mum to tell Bruno that I'll be gone for a bit?

Elle: Yeah ... and I need to learn what is fake and what isn't when it comes to reading his mind...-lands on the ground and puts her hood over her head- ... Its going to be difficult trying to find him... You think you can sense him?

Scruff: I'm sure she isn't... Morgan is better than that... -heads back inside-

Lily: -laughs a little- I know. You really care about her... <w< But I agree with Kali. I always thought you were so innocent. X3

Tai: Oh... well if its alright I need to have a bit of a workout myself. I think I'll join you ^^;

??: Master? Violet you're not going to have a master anymore. You'll be thinking on your own...

Gypsy: Oh what are you going to do about it? You're just a human. Besides, if you kill me I'll just end up back here... >/

Nabooru: I'll be fine alright?! I have things to do... -teleports away-

Ruto: Of course they are yours Very Happy You're the only one I've really had proper sex with ^_^

Rauru: ... -teleports in a beam of light next to them- ... -frowns a bit- I heard some trouble was going on here....

Joseph: Ughh... D| -falls to the ground-

Eloisa: Lucy D: -races over and helps her up- You poor thing... Sad -looks up at them- You can send him down to the depths right?

Derek: o.o! ... -hugs her back- Its okay... Its not your fault Missy... :/ Don't cry please...

Healer: -starts to give Adam a potion- He should be feeling better soon... Just make sure he relaxes for the next couple of days...

Honiahaka: -smiles faintly and wipes away his tears gently- Yeah... I feel that too... Smile

Abeda: Not yet... I'm going back to the tribes and I'm asking for our brothers to help us... -pushes the door a bit and heads through- Stay stong and don't get into trouble...

Imaxle: -keeps running and jumps into the trees, swinging through the branches- Leave me alone! D<
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowborne story   Shadowborne story I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 09, 2012 12:17 am

Tonai: She was desperate alright? I know she hurt Sunari but she needs mental help, not to be hauled off by guards.

Mishka: Sad Don't let them take me away from you Tonai... |c

Tonai: You see? She's more stable now, enough to be reasoned with and looked after.

Airna: -comes in with some guards following her- D: There, that girl kneeling on the floor. I-I think she's armed!

Eli: Great.... D| -follows her back- He's not going to apologise is he?

??: Hey nor worries. -leans back against the wall of his cell and watches her leave- ...

Thrall: -in the process of fighting Kinak- You... filthy bastard... >/ Once I take you down we will not be so merciful as to imprison you again! D< You will be executed on the spot!

Kinak: >J A little presumptuous on your part... you do not even have a weapon. -strikes him hard in the jaw and pushes him up against the wall-

Thrall: >.< !! Argh...

Kinak: -presses a sword to his throat- It's funny... it would be so easy to slay you... >J But then again, it would be so much more fun to see you suffer...

Drayna: Well they went off to war and... didn't return... :/ He stayed here for a while and tried to care for himself, but I took him back into the city and some of the soldiers that were still there took him in, gave him a new home.... that's where he joined the army.

Rodim: -sighs- The poor thing... All alone and upset. |c I don't know if I could live with the guilt...

Retril: -pulls him close and cuddles him gently- Ssh Mihan... :/ If what I understand of their story is correct... either decision we make, he will be left alone... -ears droop- If we do this... we will at least survive the long run and get to see him again....

Ikbi: |3 -sleeping cuddled up with the others-

Silver: -opens the door and steps in- Oh alright. :/ I just got worried, it's not like you to just leave like that... you sure everything's alright? -goes over and kisses her cheek-

Jessie: o.o;; ... You've gotta be kidding? -goes a little pale-

Eldrin: Nup. |3 Kali's the best, she really loves me.

Jessie: Eheh... ^^;; S-sorry about the uh... brat comment... -shakily reaches out and ruffles his hair- No harm done?

Ashkii: Mkay... :/ I'll see you around Marianna. It was nice meeting you... -steps outside to find Mika-

Nidawi: -leans against Marianna for support- Thankyou... has the tribe changed much since I was gone...? :/

Mew: <I can try... maybe we should search his school. It'll be easier for me to track someone if it's in a certain area.> :/

Voldemort: -steps out and looks them all over- .... The girl is gone? And you've returned early Morgan?

Morgan: -bows her head- Uhm... Yes my lord... I'm sorry...

Voldemort: -frowns a little- Did you retrieve any useful information?

Baldor: >///> What? I am... innocent people do that sorta thing too you know... >//< Lily why are you making me talk about this? I'm not comfortable here.
(He is totally Tenzin. XD)

Parker: Oh sure thing. >w> I was just thinking of a run around the area. -takes his shirt off- Think you can keep up?

Violet: ... Oh. o.o Wow it's been a... a long while... Isaac was my master for as long as I can remember... I'm not sure if there ever was a time where I was free on my own. What am I supposed to do?

Bobby: >/ Oh and you don't think there are ways of dealing with dickwads like you? This is a warning Gypsy, step the fuck down or we're going to fight you.

Medli: o.o;

Damien: .... Well that would have gone better. :/

Kyle: D| Swell... o.o -looks up at Rauru- ... Who are you? D: If you're not with the Zora, for the love of god get me out of here! T^T

Iala: ... -whines a little in disappointment- Sad ...

Kali: Honey she's the demon queen, that's what she's here for. -goes over and picks him up by the scruff of his shirt- You wanna send him down there Mihan? >.> Or did you have something else in mind?

Lucy: -leans against her- Oww... it really hurts... |c

Missy: I... I never wanted any of you to be involved in this... t-this was my problem... Sad I'm so sorry... -goes over and sits by Adam's bedside- Oh my poor baby... -takes his hand-

Adam: -smiles weakly and looks up at her- I'm alright Missy... he didn't get me too bad..

Tyrel: Oh Honiah... I... I just can't believe this! X3 -hugs her tight again and laughs a little- This is incredible! And... and to think I almost lost you...

??: -one of a few other wolves in there permanently chained down- We couldn't be in more trouble Abeda... -sighs- Don't you see? There's no way... just save the others... -whines a little- |c

Tyrandes: >C -growls and keeps chasing him- You are only making it worse for yourself boy! D<

Aldiira: -teleports in her way- Tyrandes stop it! >.< He's not yours!

Tyrandes: o.o;; -skids to a stop- ... Aldiira! D< Now he's going to get away! What's the matter with you?! >/ -folds her arms and glares at her, steaming-

Aldiira: ... -bites her lip and shrinks back a little- H-he's not yours to punish.... l-leave Imaxle alone and let me deal with him!

Tyrandes: >C Oh shut up, you failed at keeping him under control so I'm taking him back! -strikes her hard across the face-

Aldiira: o.o !! -yelps in alarm and falls to the ground- >.< Ow! -tears up and rubs her cheek-

Seth: -ears perk and slowly opens his eyes the next morning- Mmn... Mihan... -kisses her cheek- It's morning... -yawns a little-

G: |c -still asleep, and has crawled into bed and cuddled up to Nightshade over the course of the night- ... -whimpers a little in his sleep and plays with some of her hair-
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowborne story   Shadowborne story I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 09, 2012 12:18 am

Original post by Sara

Domais: No look the weapons have gone... D: Can't you just take her to the hospital or something? Sad

Orecus: Airna come on lets go to see Eli. Sunari has been hurt... :/

Kurina: It just might take us a while to make him say sorry... I'm not sure if he will mean it but... its still something...

Zara: -arrives in the palace- o.o! D: No... -goes over and grabs Thralls sword he has dropped- No Kinak! This is between you and me D< Fight like a man! Come at me!

Dark: So you will be coming with us? :/ If you do you better say goodbye and that... -sighs- Believe me its hurting me too... but I just... I want my Mihan to be happy... Hes talked about you guys a few times and I thought it be a great idea...

Pixie: -laying on her back with her feet swatting at the air a bit- |3 <3

Tani: Yeah of course... -cuddles up to him- I just had some things to do you know... -tries to smile a bit-

James: <.< You do realise now he is going to use us T^T

Laetri: X3 He won't. He'll be nice. >.>

Marianna: Cya Ashkii :/ -walks with her and Shea to the tribe- Nothing really... Tyrel is still hanging around with Honiah....

Mika: I can't believe we finally got her back after all these years :/

Elle: Yeah of course... -teleports them to Durmstrang- ... I just hope we don't catch too much attention... while there are girls at the school its mostly a boys school...

Scruff: We've found the location of where she has been staying on this island... we'll set up a spell there. My guess is that shes going for the next horcrux...and possibly the one that is furthest away my lord...

(Oh this is too good XD)
Lily: Alright I'm stopping it X3 ... <w< But I really thought you'd save it for your wedding night. |3 -giggles a bit-

Tai: Yeah just let me get changed into my sports gear X3 -goes into her bedroom and starts to get changed-

??: Well this'll be a new experience... :/ I guess you do whatever you want. You don't have to be controlled by anyone... Don't worry. The gang and I will help you out.

Gypsy: I am not standing down. If you don't like it then fuck off >C Get out of my gang!

Zelda: ... -sighs- I hope Rauru can work this out Sad -teleports them back to the castle-

Rauru: I'm not with the Zora... >/ I've come to help you and I plan on dealing with Ruto... You are hearby stripped of your powers and you will no longer be the sage of water.

Ruto: o.o... What?! D:

Rauru: Now I shall be taking you to Zelda's castle Kyle... :/ -teleports there-

Celestia: Oh no. <.< The depths will do just fine for him. If we send him back to the whore house he'll just come back out here...

Eloisa: Its alright... Sad I'll take you to the healers... -teleports back to the castle-

Derek: Missy no matter what happens I'm always going to be looking after you... :/ -sighs and cuddles Anudor- You really showed me that you are both cute and powerful X3

Honiahaka: X3 I can't believe it either... -hugs him back- So... what do we do about this now? :/

Abeda: ... Don't worry... I will save you all... -manages to race out of the building-

Imaxle: o.o... Aldiira... D: -growls and slides down the tree, racing to Tyrandes- Don't hurt her! D< -punches her hard in the jaw-

Nightshade: Hmmm...? =^= -yawns a little and cuddles G gently- Sorry... I'm a bit tired... I felt this one crawl into our bed last night... -strokes his hair gently-
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Shadowborne story
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