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 Shadowborne story

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PostSubject: Re: Shadowborne story   Shadowborne story - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 09, 2012 12:19 am

Tonai: D: Stop ignoring us! She needs someone's help!

Guard: -glances at Airna- Are you pressing charges, ma'am?

Airna: For assaulting my little girl? -frowns and holds onto Orecus' arm- Of course we are. >C I want her put away until she rots!

Guard: -nods and grabs Mishka by her arm and drags her out of the room-

Mishka: >.< Ow! Ow you're hurting me!

Airna: -sighs and kisses the top of Sunari's head- C'mon little one... Eli is the best doctor there is. Sad He'll get you all fixed up...

Eli: -sighs a little- Yeah I suppose.... :/ Kurina... she's going to give him such a hard time now, even when he does make it in. She'll be setting impossible tasks and looking for reasons to have him punished. I want to know if you'll be able to handle that without losing control...?

Thrall: o.o; Zara! Don't, you're weak! D:

Kinak: ... -grins and throws him to the floor- It didn't take you long to break out... >J Normally for someone like you, you have to whore yourself out to the other inmates to earn yourself a way out. D'you have fun in your cell...? -walks over to her-

Rolim: It would be wonderful to see our little one all grown up... and see his happy family again...

Drayna: ... -nods slowly- Thankyou... you're making the right choice here. He will be so happy...

Retril: -ears perk and calls out- Little one? Would you come in here for a moment?

Silver: -doesn't looks convinced- Oh well... ok then... -cuddles her back and kisses the top of her head- So you still going ahead with that trip you wanted to make? :/

Eldrin: >w> I dunno... when am I ever gonna get this opportunity again? |J

Jessie: -takes a step away from Eldrin- Eheh... ^^; So uhm... what brings you out here kiddo?

Nidawi: ... Oh yeah... I remember Tyrel. He was really nice... -looks up at Shea- Are you still mad with him mummy...?

Blade: Yeah... it's a bloody miracle she came around this way at all... it's great we finally got her away from those vampires too. :/ Couldn't have been great for her health to have her blood sucked all the time....

Ashkii: -comes up to them and hugs Mika- They're taking her back home now... Shea wanted you to tell Bruno she'll be away for a while at the tribe...

Mew: <Well I could transform us.> >w> -morphs back to her bishie form- ^w^ I did miss looking like this.

Voldemort: ... She is headed for Romania. Morgan, come with me. -walks back upstairs-

Morgan: -glances back at Scruff- .... -nods and bites her lip- Y-yes... my lord... -sighs and follows him up-

Bellatrix: >:3 Ehehe... you think he's going to kill her? >D

Baldor: >///< Enough! I'm not talking about this Lily! -leaves her room-

Slate: >.> You know she can't help it. She's finding her sources of cruel amusement where she can as revenge against the universe for not having cigarettes.

Parker: .... -grins a little and leans against the doorframe- You know we don't have to go for a run if you don't want... there are other workouts we can do. Running tends to get kinda... boring...

Violet: -sighs a little and rests her head on his shoulder- Thankyou... wow... a new life. Without a master... -shuts her eyes and starts to think- ...

Bobby: >C There is no way you're kicking me out man! I would love to see you fucking try and make me!

Medli: -tugs at her dress- Sad Is she gonna be ok mummy? She looked really upset... like she was gonna cry.

Kyle: o.o; .... Oh thankyou! D8 Thankyou so much! -hugs him tight- T^T She was a nightmare....

Damien: -ears perk- ... Well I think that answers the question of whether or not Rauru helped him. o.o

Kali: Good. -pulls him in close and grins, showing her fangs- >J You hear that you dickwad? You're going to the depths where you belong.

Lucy: ... I... I'm sorry I was so careless.... >.< Ugh... I-I should've let you do it...

Anudor: -giggles a bit- X3 That's me. Adorable and strong. -cuddles him back and kisses his cheek- >w> But I thought you would've already known how powerful I can be.... <3

Tyrel: Well... I'm not sure if there's much else to do. :/ I mean it's just great to know I suppose...

Jacob: -eventually comes out of the cell with all the pups and shuts the door behind him- .... Wait a minute... >/ -looks over at the open door and growls a bit- ... Dumb bitch... no matter. She'll come back... -pulls out his remote and shocks her-

Tyrandes: o.o !! -yelps and staggers back, coughing up blood- Argh! DX ... Fuck... -falls on the ground, passed out-

Aldiira: -rubs her cheek and slowly stands up- Sad Imaxle... y-you punched out Tyrandes...

G: Mmn... |c -cuddles up to her and sighs a little in his sleep-

Seth: Oh I see... I didn't notice. :/ Bad dreams or something?
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowborne story   Shadowborne story - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 09, 2012 12:20 am

Original response by Sara

Sunari: -winces in pain and holds onto Orecus- Mkay.... |c

Orecus: Lets hurry D: -gets up and heads over to Eli's house-

Domais: Oh god Sad Tonai we have to do something...

Kurina: ... I guess I'll have to for my little boy... Sad -sighs- Things can never be easy for him..

Zara: Well lucky for me since I am a kind leader they happily showed me the old pick the lock trick without me taking my clothes off. >/ And I guess I can't complain since I met a very nice person... Now you stop this right now Kinak. No one is going to stand for this.

Dark: ... -ears go back a bit- Oh man I can't watch...

Tani: The trip... Oh uh... Yeah I will be. Just after I finish up a few things and that...

Laetri: Oh his father and my parents were fighting so we came out here... :/

Malladus: Eldrin! Eldrin we're going back home now!

Laetri: Speaking of which there he is...

Shea: ... -sighs and looks away- I'm still upset with him sweetheart...

Mika: -picks him up gently and hugs him back- Oh alright sweetheart... :/ I hope that she is okay getting back there... -sighs- But I am worried about Shea going back there.

Elle: -laughs a little- X3 You're so cute in that form... -looks around he school- ... Man this place is depressing. Its so dark and creepish... .___.

Scruff: I doubt it. She hasn't done a bad job... shes found her hideout and that... he might put her on another special mission...

Lily: <w< My work is done |3 -giggles a bit-

Aurora: o.o... Baldor are you alright? You're as red as anything...

Tai: -finishes getting changed and looks over at him- o.o... Well then what do you want to do?

??: o.o... -smiles a little and stops at the hideout which is a cave over near the mountains- Here we are.. this is where we place out shit for the time being...

Gyspy: -grabs her by the scruff of her shirt- Oh ho you asked for it >C

Chelsea: -comes in- o.o!! Bobby! D: Put her down!

Zelda: I think she just needs some time sweetheart. :/ ... o.o Oh thank you Rauru..

Rauru: o_o;; ... Uh... Yes ^^;; -pats his shoulder- Its alright...

Joseph: N-No way I'm going there... >C I want to see my girls again... -teleports away out of her hands-

Eloisa: Sad You did a wonderful job... -helps her down on the bed- Hopefully this will work out... Can we have some help here?

Healer: o.o.. Yes of course. Jeez everyone seems to be getting hurt today... -goes over to Lucy and starts to clean her up-

Derek: -blushes a little- Awh shush... >///> ... -cuddles up to him- You can show me again tonight... <3

Honiahaka: Yes of course... :/ But I still think we should be doing something about it...

Abeda: o.o!! Arghh! >_< -yelps in pain but still stands strong- ... N-No... -keeps moving through the forest-

Imaxle: o.o... -eyes widen a little and steps back a bit- S-Shit... I didn't think I could do that... Oh man I'm going to be in so much trouble D:

Nightshade: Yeah... -sighs- The poor thing Sad -sits up and scoops up G gently-
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowborne story   Shadowborne story - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 09, 2012 12:21 am

Airna: Hang in there little one... Sad Oh god my poor baby girl, I can't believe she managed to sneak in like that.... |c We'll have to have a very stern word with our servants about this...

Tonai: D: I know but... if we try and help her now it'd count as resisting arrest. We'd get in a whole heap of trouble...

Eli: I know.... I'm sorry. |c -sighs- This is all my fault, I should've never asked her to do this... -walks inside and looks around- :/ Caol...? Little one we need to talk to you...

Kinak: >/ I know what my people need... a stupid little elf like you, I couldn't expect you to understand the needs of our people. They may not see it now, but once I slay you... I will be revered as a hero... -grins- Just hold still deary... >J -pushes her against a wall and presses his sword to her throat- This'll only hurt a little bit... and it'll all be over...

Drayna: :/ -hugs him gently- It'll be alright Dark...

[Kihja]: o.o -comes in and looks up at them- Yes daddy?

Retril: Little one.... -sighs and kneels down to his level- Your father and I are going to have to go away for a while...

[Kihja]: D: You're going out to war again...?

Rolim: Sad Yes.. it'll be like that. You just stay with your friend Drayna while we're gone ok? -hugs him gently with Retril- We love you so much... |c -tears up a bit-

Silver: Oh ok... I guess I'll try and get in contact with Green once you're gone. .... -smiles faintly- I can't believe I'm finally gonna see her again. I miss her so much...

Eldrin: -.- Figures... Yeah alright I'm coming! :/ See you around Laetri... -walks away and over to Malladus-

Jessie: -waits until he's left- .... D| Why do you have to have friends and family that could kill us?

Nidawi: ... Oh... I'm sorry... It's just been a while. I thought you might have... -bites her lip- I'll stop now... :/

Ashkii: Why are you worried? o.o

Blade: Her old friend Tyrel lives there, but... they have been fighting for a long time little one. :/

Mew: o.o Yeah I think I stick out even more now.... So uh... how are we supposed to find him? Just ask someone? -looks around at some of the students and shrinks away when they give her death glares- ... .__. Or not...

Bellatrix: >.> Hmph. -folds her arms and pouts a bit-

Morgan: -teleports into London and looks around a bit- ... Hm.. it did cause some destruction... -flicks her wand and conjures a picture of Cassius in her hands- .... Perhaps you will be good for us...

Erina: -has crawled into Eleanor's bed over the night and stolen most of the best space and blanket- |3 .... -snores a little-

Baldor: >///> M'fine. Let's just go home before Lily gets any more bright ideas....

Parker: -shrugs- X3 I'm sure we could think of something... -goes over and kisses her cheek- <3

Violet: -takes a deep breath and sighs- D| Thank god... I hate those bike rides. I always feel like I'm gonna fall off...

Bobby: O.O;; Hey put me down! D< -struggles and tries to pull away from him- >.< Let me go man!

Kyle: T^T She's so horrible...

Damien: ... Yes well... do you have a place to stay, away from Ruto?

Kyle: o.o Hm? Oh yeah... in Termina. :/ Hey uh... did you see where Nabooru went...?

Kali: o.o; ... Oh fuck. D< Where did he go?!

Ruth: -sitting by the water and watching the waves come in- ....

Lucy: It's been a big day... >.< -whimpers in pain as it heals- Ow ow...

Missy: >w< Ok ok I don't need to hear that sort of thing... -kisses the top of Adam's head- You call me if you need me sweetheart...

Adam: -smiles weakly- I will...

Missy: X3 Try not to be so intimate around your brother Derek.... -leaves the room-

Anudor: <w< .... Awh who cares what she thinks? -plays with some of Derek's hair and kisses his cheek- <3 I'll definitely remind you again tonight...

Missy: -walks out and sees Jude- o.o !! -jumps a little- Oh god! >.< Oh god he's back! Help please!

Tyrel: What is there that can still be done...? :/

Jacob: ... -growls and pockets his remote- >C Bloody bitch... you're not going to get away like that. You'll see...

Aldiira: D: ... -goes over and holds him at arm's length- It'll be alright! Calm down... I'll hide you back at my place, I'll defend you if she comes back. Sad It's gonna be alright.

Seth: You still going to be giving Alassea lessons today? :/

G: Mmn... -whimpers a little in his sleep and rests his head on her shoulder- |c
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowborne story   Shadowborne story - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 09, 2012 12:22 am

Original response by Sara

Orecus: I'm just glad they stopped her before she used the gun... Sad -goes to Eli's house and knocks on the door-

Caol: o.o.. What is it?

Kurina: -ears perk- o.o... Its the door. :/ Look I'll talk to them. You go see whats happening...

Zara: Nn.. >_< ... You seem to forget that I still have a little friend to help me... >J

Dark Fairy: -appears in front of him with her little dagger again- >C -squeaks something and stabs one of his eyes-

Dark: -hugs her back and just watches- ... Christ... >_< -looks away-

Tani: -folds her arms and looks away- Well why do you have to wait till I leave? I would like to meet this Green.

Laetri: Cya :/ ... o.o... -looks up at her- Iunno. I guess I was born into a weird family. :/ Hey I was planning to go to see my friend on Aeris. Theres food there if you want to come.

James: Very Happy Food?! Oh we'll certainly go... o.o... Where is Aeris again?

Shea: ... Thanks. -sighs and enters the tribe- You know I'm really not to be here Nidawi. Bruno doesn't like me being around here...

Mika: And Bruno really doesn't want Shea going there... :/ He'll get very upset...

Elle: -looks outside at the flying grounds- ... I think I might know... -heads out there and looks around- I know hes pretty good at flying. So he might be training around here...

Scruff: Oh stop pouting Bella >.> You're a bloody sook.

Cassius: -living around in a forest near a village- ... -chewing on what seems to be some rotting bones- Humans are weak... its quite pathetic...

Eleanor: =^= ... -rubbing her eyes, looking tired and trying to wake up- Mmnn... -sits up and rubs the back of her head- Who knew she would be a bed hog...

Aurora: o.o... Um. Alright... Cya guys. We'll talk to you soon... Call me if you need me Silvia :/

Lily: <w< Bye Baldor~ |3

Tai: -blushes a little- Well it seemed like you had some sort of idea X3

??: X3 Heh. It takes some time. Who knows, maybe after a few more rides you might enjoy them.

Gypsy: Oh no. Ever since you came into the gang you've been nothing but trouble >/ And who is going to stop me? Your little human girlfriend?

Chelsea: D< -gets out her gun- Don't make me fucking use it Gypsy! Not to mention we got the other members of the gang here to fuck you up.

Zelda: She went back to Gerudo Valley... :/ If you plan on going there you better be careful. Those Gerudo women aren't fond of random men coming into their hideout.

Joseph: ... -thinks for a moment and transforms himself into a young man- ... This better work... -heads over to Ruth, making himself look weak- P-Please... D| Please someone... help me....

Celestia: Fuck... Where would he have gone... -runs a hand through her hair- Right come on. Lets go back and tell Lucy and Eloisa. They might have an idea on where he has gone.

Derek: -giggles and cuddles him- >w< I love you <3 ... o.o! D: Woah woah! -goes over- Its okay Missy... Mum bit him and turn him into a vampire. He is under our control now.

Jude: ... -bows to Missy- I am sorry for what I have done to you dearest. I will be happy to serve you and Derek's family. -eyes still glazed over-

Derek: So basically you can do whatever the heck you want to him X3

Honiahaka: Well why don't we start our own tribe up? Even if we are the last surviving ones we can get a group of werewolves together to come join us in rebuilding the tribe... and hopefully we can make it live again for years to come...

Abeda: Nn... >_< -heads into the portal and goes into the mountain tribe-

Imaxle: But what if she hurts you again ... D: -tears up- I don't want you hurt... you're too sweet to be hurt like that... Sad

Nightshade: Of course. :/ I promised her I will... -stands up out of bed- I'll go and get her up and ready. You going to be alright talking to those elves?
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowborne story   Shadowborne story - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 09, 2012 12:24 am

Airna: -leans down and kisses the top of Sunari's head- Oh little one I'm so sorry you got hurt... Sad

Eli: -glances over at the door- ... alright. :/ Caol please listen to your mother, this is very important... -goes over and opens the door- Yes? :/ Oh... hello again Orecus... What's the matter?

Kinak: >.< !! -yelps in pain and staggers back, holding his eyes- Argh! Fuck you stupid little pest! DX

Thrall: ... -growls and gets up- >/ It wouldn't have mattered if you'd beaten us. The people would not have let you rule them. -knocks the sword out of his hand and pushes him into a wall- Zara go see if there are any handcuffs on the dead guards...

Drayna: -sighs a little and cuddles him gently- I know... I know... |c

[Kihja]: |c Please don't be long this time... I-I love you guys too...

Retril: -sighs and straightens up- We'll try little one... we'll try... you just take care of yourself while we're gone. Sad -looks over at Aridrim- Let's just... go...

Rolim: -sighs and cuddles up to him, burying his face in his shoulder- |c

Silver: o.o ... Uh... well it could be before you leave. I just didn't think you'd be interested. :/ Are you sure you're alright?

Jessie: I've never even heard of it. o.o But it'd be worth it for food. Very Happy Where's Aeris?

Nidawi: .... Oh yeah. I forgot how he was to you.... -sighs a bit- That's ok, you don't have to stay if you don't want to... |c

Blade: Mmn... I wish I could understand why she stays with him. :/ He is not entirely kind to her sometimes...

Vlad: -out in the flying grounds practicing with a few other students-

Mew: o.o Oh yeah, I see him. ... Geez he looks scary sometimes... D: Is he always so frowny like that?

Bellatrix: -gasps a little in fake shock- You really say the cruelest things to me Scruff... <.<

Morgan: .... -turns into her flying smoky death eater form and takes off into the air, towards the village-

Erina: -rolls over in her sleep and snatches more of the blanket- Mmn... |3 You say something...? -mumbles and dozes off again-

Baldor: -blushes more and teleports back to Aeris- >///< My family honestly won't leave me be until I transform into a tomato....

Parker: Well only if you're up for it, fangirl. ;3

Violet: -shakes her head and quickly gets off- Nuh uh. I think I'll just stick to flying thankyou...

Bobby: Just give it up alright?! D< Nobody wants you as the leader anymore, stop trying to make it more difficult than it already is!

Kyle: ... -sighs a bit- I better not, she'll probably just get all upset with me if I show up there...

Medli: >:U Nuh uh! You go after your woman, she was all upset cause of you! You go make it better!

Ruth: ... -looks up at him and stands- o.o Hm? Oh my goodness... D: -goes over and holds onto him to support him- Are you alright, what happened...?

Kali: Right.... D| Fuck they're gonna be pissed with us... -teleports back to the castle-

Missy: o.o;; .... O-oh... he is? -looks him over carefully and starts to calm down- Oh... I'm sorry to startle you Derek... ^^; I feel so silly now...

Anudor: X3 Understandable.. <.< I don't like having him around here either.

Missy: Uhm... you don't have to serve me though... -rubs the back of her head- I really don't need much...

Tyrel: ... Do you really think we could...? :/ -sighs a little- I'm not sure... I'm really too old to be of any use around a newly developing tribe...

Eldora: -sitting on the edge of the tribe, cuddled up in Reynard's arms- .... The view really is lovely from here.... isn't it? <3 -smiles and rests her head against his chest-

Aldiira: D: I can take it.... besides I'm her friend, she won't hurt me any more than she already has... c'mon... -takes his hand and wipes away his tears gently- Sad It'll be alright...

Seth: :/ I'll be fine talking with the kids, but... talking to their parents might not be so easy. But I think I'll be ok.
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowborne story   Shadowborne story - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 09, 2012 12:33 am

Original response by Sara

Orecus: Well Tonai's fiance came and attacked our little girl. Sad We need her checked out and we know you're the best person we can count on...

Zara: -nods and goes over to one of the guards, getting handcuffs- This is the end Kinak. I'm going to make sure you're chained up in your cell... -handcuffs him- And there shall be a trial.

Aridrim: ... -nods and looks up- Dark can you please take us there?

Dark: ... -nods slowly and starts to play, teleporting them back to Aeris in the future-

Tani: I'm perfectly fine. Besides I want to meet her. You've talked about her a lot so I want to see what she looks like.

Laetri: Oh its on a different planet.

James: o___o;; It is? Iunno Jessie, food is food but there could be monsters on this planet T^T

Shea: :/ I'll just make sure you're settled into your new home alright? -takes her hand and heads off to Oiryn's tent-

Mika: I know but she seems to generally love him. Theres nothing we can really do... :/

Elle: Yep .__. I remember he chuckled once. Though I guess thats a face only Morgan could love... -walks up to him-

Scruff: >.> Oh yeah. I got a lot more if you'd like to hear them.

Cassius: -ears perk and looks around- ... -grins a bit- I hear someone... -straightens up laughing a bit- Oh someone wants me again >J

Eleanor: -laughs a bit- Nothing... X3 -gets up- Hurry up. We have to get going soon. Lets go and get some breakfast and head off... -walks out of the room-

Aurora: >w> Well you would be a pretty cute tomato.

Tai: X3 Stop calling me that... -shoves him playfully-

??: >.> You think flying is better? Wow you are strange... -heads into the cave-

Gypsy: -growls and throws Bobby across the room-

Chelsea: o.o!! Bobby! D8 -races over to her-

Gypsy: You're all out of this gang... it'll still be mine >C I'm going to get new people and mark my words... if we see you we're going to destroy you... Now get the fuck out of my house!

Rauru: >.>... Well it wouldn't be my choice of words but the little one is right. You really are someone Nabooru cares about. And from what I've heard she really is the only one who cares for you. You don't want to lose that right?

Joseph: I... I got attacked by some muggers D| I lost my wallet and everything... then they beat me up...

Eloisa: I think I hear them coming back... Oh thank god they could do this for us... :/

Jude: I must listen to your commands madam...

Derek: <.< Hey this could be fun. You could have some revenge... X3

Honiahaka: Hey with all you could do for me I think we can do this... Smile And I would help you through with it.

Reynard: Hmm... I wouldn't know... I'm looking at something more beautiful. -kisses her cheek gently- <3

Abeda: -looks over at them- ... -slowly makes her way to them- H-Hey! Help! >_<

Imaxle: Sad If... If you say so... -sighs- I trust you... |c -ears droop- This is terrible... I've never been like this towards anyone...

Nightshade: Well if you have any troubles please tell me Mihan :/ I hate it when they get upset at you... -goes into Alassea's room and gently wakes her up- Sweetheart? Its time to get ready for the day...
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowborne story   Shadowborne story - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 09, 2012 12:34 am

Eli: o.o Oh yes of course... :/ Seems like your family has fallen on such hard times lately, poor little one... Please, come in and place her down on a bed. I'll take a look at her.

Airna: Sad We really appreciate this Eli...

Kinak: -growls and tries to pull away from her- >C This is ridiculous...

Thrall: You should count yourself lucky you are getting a trial at all. D< I would have killed you immediately... -huffs, his tail flicking- .... Zara... are you hurt? -blood runs from a few cuts on his body-

[Kihja]: -waves as they leave- Sad Bye...

Drayna: -looks around once they get there- ... Thankyou very much for doing this... -morphs back to her normal form- :/ You're doing a very kind thing for Kihja....

Rolim: -looks around- .... I can see what you mean. I can't even see Ellesmera right now and I can already sense how empty and desolate it is. The forest is so lifeless compared to how it was before... |c

Silver: Oh uh, alright then... I'm sure she'd like to meet you too. -kisses her cheek- Now c'mon, we'd better open up shop for the day.

Jessie: Don't be such a baby James. >/ We can take whatever monsters we find.

Nidawi: Thanks mummy... you think he'll be happy to see me again after so long? I really miss him... -squeezes her hand gently-

Ashkii: I don't see why anyone would love someone who's mean to them...

Vlad: -glances down at her- .... -frowns- >/ <The rest of you, back to the ground and take five minutes break...> -swoops down and lands on the field- .... What the hell are you doing here? >C -glares, eyes glowing red-

Bellatrix: Nooo~o.... -hugs his arm and cuddles up to him- I know you're only playing... <3 |3

Morgan: -lands in the forest and looks around a bit- ... Hmm... I know you're here vampire.... I can sense you...

Erina: -rubs her eyes and sits up- =^= Whyyy....? The bed is so comfy... |D It's like a soft fluffy cloud of happiness... <3 -eventually gets up and follows her-

Baldor: X3 Cut it out.... Lily kept bringing up... how we uh... -goes red again- You know... >///> -ears flatten and rubs the back of his head-

Parker: -laughs a bit and just lets her- X3 But you are. You stole my shirt for god's sake.

Violet: I guess so... -follows him in and looks around- So uhm... :/ Do you have any blood here? Gypsy didn't really feed me... I'm so hungry...

Bobby: DX Aargh! -cries out in pain as she hits the wall and coughs up some blood- Ugh... D| F-fuck... -blood runs down her back from a wound in her head-

Kyle: :/ Yeah but I don't want any more crazy women trying to kill me...

Medli: -huffs- You should care about Nabooru more! >:U Go get her! -teleports him there-

Kyle: o.o; -looks around- ... Aw shit.

Ruth: Oh my goodness.... Sad You poor man... -helps support him- You look so broken... do you need somewhere to lay down and rest for a little while? I'm staying in a house not too far from here...

Lucy: Oh they must have taken care of Joseph by now... D| That's fantastic. Ruth's gonna be so relieved.

Kali: -walks in- >.> Yeah about that.... he kinda... got away.

Missy: Oh but... revenge wouldn't be kind. D: He doesn't have any control over what he's doing now, that'd be taking advantage of our own power...

Anudor: >w> Yeah but that just means that he won't care of you take it out on him a little. |3 Saayyy... Jude? Would it bother you at all if I slapped you right across the face?

Tyrel: ... Well... -smiles faintly- Maybe we could. That would be so wonderful... -pulls her into a close hug and sighs a little- Heh... we're gonna get our tribe back...

Eldora: -blushes and giggles a bit- Oh Reynard... ^///^ <3 ... o.o -looks up and sees Abeda- Oh my goodness. D: -gets up- Reynard, she looks like she really needs help!

Aldiira: Been... been like what? Sad -takes him inside and hugs him close to her- What do you mean Imaxle...? |c

Seth: Yeah alright... I love you Mihan... <3 -kisses her cheek and walks outside, over to the training grounds-

Alassea: -ear flicks a little- ... Mmn... -grumbles a little and rolls over in her sleep- M'sleepin'... =.=

G: -rubs his eyes and starts to wake- ... Is it morning already...? =^=
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Original post by Sara

Orecus: -sighs- It seems that way.... Sad We've aways got some sort of trouble on us. -goes in and gently places Sunari down on the bed-

Sunari: Nnehh... >_< -whimpers in pain-

Zara: I'm fine... D: But you're not... Here. We'll take him to the prison and make sure there is extra protection on him... and then we'll get you healed up Sad

Dark: ... Well... I'll call Kihja. He lives with me in Hyrule so he'll be teleporting here... <Kihja come and teleport to me now... I got a couple of people you would love to meet...>

Aridrim: :/ Hey if you want to spend some time with him and his parents you can. We can do the rest of the job.

Tani: ... Yep. Spose we better do that... -gets up and goes out into the cafe-

Laetri: Now you can't fight with the nature here. :/ The elves are tree hugging nature loving hippies. So no destroying trees or trying to capture wildlife. Please?

Shea: Of course he will... Oiryn hasn't been the same without you around...

Oiryn: -looks up- o.o... -tears up a little- Nidawi... Sad

Shea: ... You two should talk to each other again. Nidawi I'll take Marianna back home... -takes Marianna's hand and walks out of the tent, heading back to Vivian's-

Mika: Maybe she thought he changed.. or she can try and change him. Still, we'll never really know :/

Elle: o.o;; Look please calm down! I know you're upset with me but right now I need your help... I'm sorry things went bad between us... and I want to make things right and be friends... -sighs- Look... I've been out hunting horcruxes and I believe there is one in Romania.

Scruff: >.>... Yeah. Playing. That must be it -.-'

Cassius: ... -slowly moving behind her and places his hands on her shoulder- Oh |3 Is that so?

Eleanor: Don't get too used to it X3 It'll be terrible sleeping bags for us once we start travelling again.

Aurora: >w>... Ohhh. I see. No wonder you're so red |3 ... -kisses his cheek and cuddles him gently- ... Didn't bring up how we did it in the forest did you?

Tai: I hid it as a prank XD Gosh. Now are we going to do this workout or not?

??: Hm? I think we might have some. -goes over and looks through the mini fridge- Yeah we have some here. Sorry that Gypsy doesn't treat you well... hes really changed so much ever since he lost one of his girls.

Chelsea: D: Oh god... Sad Babe its alright... -helps her up- We'll get you out of here and heal you up. HEY! Can I get some help here!

Gypsy: Just hurry the fuck out of here! The lot of you! D<

Zelda: o.o... Medli... ^^;; Maybe next time you shouldn't teleport people like that...

??: -comes up to him with a few Gerudo guards- My my... >J What have we here? A wandering male? ... -walks up to him and looks him over- You must be pretty foolish to be just walking into our hiding spot... >/ Take him away girls.

Joseph: D| Y-Yes... You're so kind... Thank you... -holds onto her a bit-

Eloisa: o.o... What?! D< How could you have lost him! You're the most powerful people we know!

Celestia: He just teleported away alright! Fuck. Calm down. Do you know where he might be?

Jude: Not at all masters...

Derek: Oh this is going to be good Very Happy -looking way too happy-

Honiahaka: ... -sighs happy and rests her head on his chest, cuddling him back- It'll be wonderful...

Reynard: D: Shit... -sits up and goes over to her- She looks like shes one of those wolves from the clubs or the mills... Sad -takes off her collar- Are you alright?

Abeda: Nn... Need... help... D| -falls into his arms-

Imaxle: Been so... mean and aggressive... I've never punched anyone in my life... Sad -ears droop and hugs her back- I feel terrible... I acted just like she does to her servants...

??: <.< I don't see the purple one here... |3 Maybe shes finally learnt her lesson...

Nightshade: X3 Yes it is... Come on now... -gently pats Alassea's back- We have to get ready for the day. You have your lessons Alassea. Now make your bed and get changed while I get some breakfast.
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowborne story   Shadowborne story - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 09, 2012 12:35 am

Eli: Oh dear... -kneels down by the bedside and looks her over- How did this happen?

Airna: Sad Tonai's crazy ex fiance threw her... she hit a wall. I-Is she gonna be alright?

Eli: We'll see... -checks her over for bruises and that- Where does it hurt little one?

Thrall: M'fine... just a few scratches.. -tries to hide a small stab wound in his side- I've had worse... let's just get him to prison.

Nim: :/ <Don't worry, once Kihja's here with you we're gonna go back and get everyone else from Ellesmera... You guys really should just spend some time catching up.>

Kihja: o.o <Hm? Oh uh, alright... but Dark if you went and ordered those strippers again I'm not gonna be happy.> -teleports to where they are-

Silver: .... -gets up and follows her out- Hey did I do something wrong? :/ I know you say you're alright but you look upset or something...

Jessie: -folds her arms and frowns a little- ... Fine. We're just going there for food anyway. >.> .... Did you say elves?

Nidawi: -looks up at him- ... Daddy...? -tears up a little and hugs him tight- It's been so long... |c I missed you... s-so much...

Blade: ... -smiles a bit and laughs- Well that's just silly. X3 It's impossible to change someone. -cuddles her gently and kisses the top of her head- <3

Vlad: >C -growls- I have no reason to trust you after what has happened at Hogwarts... why should I believe anything you say now?

Mew: -glances at her- ... Do you have any of them here to prove it to him?

Morgan: o.o;; -jumps a little, startled- ... You... -turns to face him and backs away- ....My god... what are you...? -gets out her wand and watches him carefully-

Erina: T^T Aaaaawwwwhhh.... -groans and heads downstairs-

Reese: -looks up as they come downstairs- ... Someone didn't sleep well I take it? <.<

Erina: D| I slept amazingly! Why do I have to leave my soft fluffy cloud of happiness so soon?

Baldor: >///> -hugs her back gently- No... but I'm sure somehow she knows about it. She seems to know everything. o.o

Parker: Sure thing, if you're up for it... -pulls her in close to him and kisses her neck gently- <3 ... You ever had this kind of a workout before? |3

Violet: Oh it's... it's ok. Nothing I'm not used to.... -sighs a bit- I was stupid anyway, guess I deserved to become his... we... we made a bet on whether or not my old master loved me. He said if he never came looking for me then... then I had to serve him. |c -sighs a bit- Guess I had to learn it the hard way....

??: Yeah I got her. -helps her support Bobby and heads for the door- >/ Hey shut up, you haven't heard the last of us man. You're gonna get it for this... -helps her outside-

Damien: o.o;; .... Yeah... that was kinda rude. ^^' But good job on learning to use your powers.

??: >/ -grabs him in an armlock-

Kyle: D: Woah hey! This is just a misunderstanding! -squirms a bit- Let me go alright? >.< I didn't mean to come here!

Ruth: :/ It's ok I've got you... -sighs a bit and helps take him back to their house- Wow you're so lucky you survived and managed to find me...

Kali: We'll handle this alright! >/

Lucy: Well... Ruth and Mary are staying in a beach house at the moment to relax and get him off their minds. Sad He might have gone after them...

Missy: -holds Anudor back- Don't... this isn't right. Sad You shouldn't take pleasure in hurting someone, that'd make you just like him...

Tyrel: I'm so glad I found you Honiah... -strokes her hair gently- I've never been this happy before... o.o -looks up and sees Shea- .... Shea...?

Eldora: D: Oh my goodness... we gotta get her to a healer right away, she looks hurt and weak!

Aldiira: Hey it's ok, that's different.... you were defending yourself, and... and me... -smiles faintly and looks away- That was really brave of you...

??: X3 Heh yeah, she probably just went home and cried to her parents all night. -laughs a bit-

Seth: -walks into the training grounds- >.> Attention! >/

??: o.o; -straightens up and salutes- Yes general Seth?

Alassea: -stretches a little- Mmn.... |o Fiiiine, I'm getting up...
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowborne story   Shadowborne story - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 09, 2012 12:36 am

Original post by Sara

Sunari: A-All over my body... >_< It really hurts on my back... Thats where I hit the wall...

Zara: D: But you're really hurt... Sad Shit... Look I'll call a couple of guards to come and pick him up and I'll heal you...

Dark: ^///^;; Heh... its not the strippers...and shush. You loved them >.>... -sighs- Mihan, you've done a lot of great things for me in my life. You made me learn to care, you gave me a beautiful girl... and you've made me feel like I was worth something... so I got your something you've been missing all these years... I brought your parents here...

Tani: Its nothing. -starts fixing up the tables and chairs- Really its nothing. Just lets get going with the business.

Laetri: Well yeah o.o... Its where my grandpa came from and I got elf blood in me. -points to his ears-

James: <.< -whispers to Jessie- This could help us a lot... People love those elves...

Oiryn: -hugs her back tight and strokes her hair- Oh sweetheart... I missed you too... I thought I would never see you again. Sad

Mika: X3 Awh shush... -cuddles him back and kisses his cheek. Bends down and scoops up Ashkii- So what do you want to do today little one?

Elle: Of course. I brought them both... -goes into her bag and pulls out the diamond- ... This is one of them. -sighs and looks down- And... I've got one in me. Ever since he attacked the school I've left and I've come out to destroy him... I've been captured a few times.

Cassius: -grins- One of a kind >J So... looking for me hey? Whatever for darling...?

Eleanor: X3 Last night was the first time she slept in a proper bed... well it was my bed >.> But she really loves it.

Aurora: X3 -laughs a little- I guess thats what happens when she quits smoking. So you discussed everything?

Tai: o///o ... -blushes more and wraps her arms around him- N-No... never... Y-You don't think its too soon to be... doing this sort of workout...

??: ... Sweetheart you're living in hell. No one lives up to their bets :/ Why didn't you escape?

Chelsea: D: It'll be alright Bobby... We'll get you home and I'll fix you up... Sad And that bastard is going to pay.

Zelda: Yeah we're proud of you ^^;

Nabooru: Stop it now. >/

??: o.o... -moves back a bit with the other girls and bows slightly- He was sneaking in ma'am. He--

Nabooru: Shut it. >/ Just let him go. Let him be on his way.

Joseph: Yes... I was so lucky...

Mary: o.o;; Ruth what is going on? Why do you have this man near our house? D:

Eloisa: Of course he has. Hes going to abuse them again... Fuck >_< Look I'm going to the surface and helping them out. Lucy you stay here and heal up.

Derek: ... -sighs- Alright. :/ We won't do anything. Jude go and help the other vampires with work in the castle...

Jude: -nods and walks away- ...

Shea: o.o... -frowns and looks away- C'mon Marianna lets find your sister... -goes into the tent- Vivian?

Honiahaka: o.o... She still seems mad at you... Sad

Reynard: D: Right.. -scoops her up gently and heads off to the healers tent- Christ... Sad It must've been the shock collar...

Imaxle: ... Well you're a sweet person... You're the only person who has really cared about me... I couldn't let her hurt you like that... -rubs the back of his head-

??: o.o... -straightens up and salutes as well- Yes... ^^;; You seem quite mad sir...

Nightshade: Good girl... -places G down- Now little one how about you go get changed while I fix up some food? -kisses his cheek- X3
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowborne story   Shadowborne story - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 09, 2012 12:37 am

Eli: That's a worry... can you try moving your legs for me? If there's been damage to the spine you may have been paralysed...

Thrall: Zara almost everyone's been killed by this fucker... we don't have guards to speak of. Look I'll be fine to take him to prison... :/ Really.

Retril: -steps over to him holding Rolim and looks him over- ... Kihja...?

Rolim: o.o Is that really you...?

Kihja: -ears flatten and looks stunned- o.o;; You... you brought... -looks between them, then up at Dark- D: But they've been dead since I was a boy! H-how... how did you...? -starts to tear up a bit-

Silver: ... Right... yeah.. -sighs a bit and starts making coffee-

Darunia: -comes out into the cafe- o.o Hey has anyone seen Laetri this morning?

Jessie: >.> Yeah those creatures go up on the market for a lot of money... -looks up at Laetri- ^^ Alright, let's go to Aeris!

Nidawi: I'm sorry I was gone so long... |c I didn't mean to worry you daddy... b-but... -sniffles and wipes her eyes- It doesn't matter now right? I'm finally back home...

Ashkii: Hm? o.o -holds onto her- I dunno... >.> Maybe we could comb Blade's hair.

Blade: <.< Not on your life kiddo.

Vlad: ... -takes the diamond from her and looks it over curiously-

Mew: D: Be careful with it...

Vlad: Such a strange item... I don't doubt it has a very powerful dark magic about it.... -looks up at her- And you say there's one contained in you as well?

Morgan: .... My lord sent me here to find you. We'd heard about all the attacks on humans recently, we knew you would be a powerful creature... but it's dangerous to be alone like this. You should come with us... work with the dark lord Voldemort. You could learn to extend your powers even further.... having them there is one thing but to be able to control them properly... through the use of dark magics.... you could be unstoppable.

Erina: -does the jenny finger thing- ... >.> Well I... I didn't wanna sleep by myself last night...

Lupus: -laying curled up in his pokemon form by the table- ... That doesn't surprise me in the least. <.<

Baldor: Yeah, she thinks it's a great idea. We just have to be very careful about doing this... :/ You know what they like to do with people who know too much.

Parker: Well if it was too early, that sure is interesting that you're holding onto me like this and blushing so much... -holds her at arms length- But if you're not ready for it, that's fine...

Violet: -shrugs and drinks some of the blood- I don't know, I just... I've been a slave as long as I can remember, it never really occurred to me that I had the option. -looks at the ground- .... Do you think... he'll come looking for me?

Bobby: Ugh.. C-chels... >.< I feel really sleepy... D|

??: C'mon mate, stay with us. -shakes her a little-

Kyle: -pulls away from them- ... Nabooru wait I... I'm sorry... D: Can we talk, please? Sad

Ruth: -looks up at Mary- This poor man was beaten and mugged.... he needs our help. :/ It's alright sir.... we're going to take care of you until you feel better...

Lucy: D: But I--

Kali: No buts. Stay and rest. -glances at Eloisa- Celestia and I will come with you, he still needs to be sent to the depths.

Missy: :/ .... Derek sweetheart I know he's done some horrible things but... in that state he doesn't have any control over what he's doing, it would be cruel to hurt him now...

Anudor: So it means nothing that he was cruel to you?

Vivian: -gets up and looks them over- ... Shea. Wow it's been a while... Marianna sweetheart, are you alright? -goes over and scoops her up-

Tyrel: .... -sighs- I know... maybe I'll never be able to repair our friendship... |c

Eldora: D: The poor thing... Reynard, she looks familiar. Sad I think she's from the same mill I was from...

Aldiira: Well you... you don't have to worry about that anymore... -takes him inside- I'll be alright to take care of myself now. Smile You just stay at the back of the house so she doesn't find you...

Seth: >/ I am... I'm very upset with both of you. I want to know what the meaning is behind you harassing your fellow soldiers.

??: >.> Oh that. Look it's not a problem, she likes it. X3 -laughs a bit-

Alassea: -ears perk and frowns a little- ... Oh yeah. I forgot you were here. >/ -huffs a bit and gets up-

G: -glances over at Alassea and sighs- .... Yes mummy.. |c
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowborne story   Shadowborne story - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 09, 2012 12:37 am

Original post by Sara

Sunari: Nnn... >_< -tries to move them- I... I can't D:

Zara: ... -sighs- Alright... Sad -looks at the dark fairy- At least try to make sure he stops bleeding...

Dark Fairy: -nods and goes over, cleaning up a bit of his wound-

Zara: -grabs Kinak's arm- C'mon. >/ Lets get you put away for good.

Dark: I went back in time... ^^;; -rubs the back of his head- I know you told me to stop... but you really missed them... and we were going to save the ones who died in the massacre... so I thought I'd get them for you...

Tani: -growls a little and slams a chair down- Don't tell me hes gone off to see his stupid friends again.

Balto: Want us to go out and get him? :/

Laetri: ... Guys do you really think I'm an idiot? -.-

Oiryn: Of course... we're not going to worry about what has happened... you're safe now and I'm not going to let anything else happen to you...

Mika: Trust me >.> So many brushes lost their lives the day we tried to comb his hair...

Elle: ... -nods- I know how to get rid of it... but I'm not going to stop it until its the final battle between him and me. With it inside me I can find out what he is thinking and where the other horcruxes are... thats why I've come here.. :/

Cassius: >.> Oh... -walks around her- See here the thing... working with this "Dark Lord Voldemort" means I'll probably be controlled again... and I don't like that. And as for controlling my powers? I think I've got them in control... >J -casually looks at his claws- So clearly you want me for something... but what exactly?

Eleanor: X3 Its alright. Now come on. Lets just eat and get ready to head off.

Aurora: Oh yeah I do know... :/ I hope you two are going to be alright doing this...

Tai: N-No... I guess I'm just a bit shy and that because it really is my first time... I just... can't believe we're moving so fast with this...

??: I think hes gonna be focusing on what to do with us before looking for you. But hey it'll be alright. We'll protect you. :/

Chelsea: Christ D: Can you teleport us back? Shes not going to survive through the bike ride.

Nabooru: You should hurry back to your wife >C -turns away and walks back into the hideout-

Mary: Sad I... I'm not sure about this Ruth dearest...

Joseph: Thank you...-weakly smiles- Who would've thought I would meet an angel today...

Eloisa: Of course... >/ We gotta hurry. -kisses Lucy's cheek- Just stay here and rest. I'll be back soon. I love you princess... <3 -teleports her, Kali and Celestia to the beach-

Derek: I know but even if he had control he would still be doing horrible things... -sighs- I just want to get back at him for what hes done to you, Adam and Misfit.

Marianna: -cuddles up to her- Yeah... Shea took care of us and took Nidawi and I back home...

Shea: :/ I really shouldn't be here...but I just wanted to get them home... I best be on my way...

Honiahaka: Sad I'm sure it'll just take some time...

Reynard: :/ Jeez... then she must've been through a lot... -goes into the tent and places her down on the bed-

Abeda: Mmn... -looks up at Eldora- Hmm...? El-Eldora...?

Imaxle: A-Alright... Are you sure? Sad

??: Yeah X3 It gives her character. -laughs as well-

Nightshade: -kisses his cheek- Don't be upset. :/ I'll talk to her... -gets up and goes over to Alassea- Please try and be a bit nice today Alassea. Since I have to keep an eye on him I'll have to take him with us to training.
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowborne story   Shadowborne story - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 09, 2012 12:39 am

Airna: o.o;; -gasps a little- You... you think she's paralyzed?

Eli: Calm down... it may just be a temporary thing. -straightens up- :/ I'm going to go get some medication sweetheart to stop with the pain... it's going to have to be through a needle though, and it may make you a bit drowsy. -glances at Orecus- She will need to be laid flat for a while without movement to give her spine a chance to heal... moving her at all now would risk further damage.

Thrall: -hisses a little in pain- >.< Ngh...

Kinak: Hrmph.... >/ You can put me away now... but I'll be back. You can't keep me there...

Kihja: I can't believe it... I... D: I haven't seen both of you in s-so long...

Rolim: Sad Oh Kihja... my little one don't cry... -goes over and wipes his eyes- ... You grew up so handsome... it's so wonderful to see you... -shuts his eyes and hugs him tight- >.< It was just so hard to leave you behind like that...

Retril: ... -goes over and joins the hug- But it will be wonderful to see our new family... -kisses the top of his head- <3

Drayna: -ears flatten and smiles faintly- Awh... Dark they're so happy... Smile

Darunia: o.o;; -backs away a bit- ... Yeah we can go look for him.

Silver: -sighs- Tani calm down. He's a smart kid, he's not gonna do anything. :/

Jessie: o.o ... ^^' What? What do you mean? -rubs the back of her head-

Nidawi: Thankyou daddy... -straightens up and looks around the tent- .... It's just so strange... it... it still feels like there's something missing...

Blade: Hey you know what else lost their lives? T^T Half of my hair that you ripped out in the process.

Vlad: .... -hands it back to her- Keeping it contained in you is dangerous... -looks away- I still don't know why you have come to me however. >/

Morgan: You know how to use your powers the way you have been taught by your old masters... they would have held you back. Of course they wouldn't let you realise the full potential of your abilities... they never wanted you to overpower them. But we can give you... so much more... -looks up at him- We want you to assist us in a special mission... there is a girl giving us trouble... and you are obviously the best for hunting someone down.

Erina: Very Happy Ooh yay! I'm starving!

Lupus: -rolls his eyes and gets up- You're always hungry...

Reese: Oh good thing I made some breakfast earlier... X3 Can't travel on an empty stomach. Help yourselves... -sets some food down on the table-

Baldor: Yeah... I hope so. If we do it right then maybe Kanto and Johto can become safe places again...

Parker: Well there's really no need to be nervous... -runs a hand down her side and smiles a bit- You know I'd go gentle on you. But again... no pressure if you're not ready...

Violet: That's very kind of you.... -looks up at him- I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name... :/

??: Yeah I got it. -teleports them back to the hideout- Hang in there Bobby...

Kyle: Nabooru wait! Please I'm sorry... Sad I didn't... -sighs and runs a hand through his hair- |c

Ruth: .... Mother... he needs us... and he doesn't seem like a bad person. Sad Who are we to turn him away?

Lucy: -sighs a bit and lays back in the bed- Alright... bye... |c

Kali: -looks around- .... Shit she's not here... but she might have just been here. Do you know where she's staying?

Missy: I know you do but... ehrn he's here to serve us now, you don't need to sweetheart... -cuddles him gently- Just enjoy the fact that we have another helper around here...

Vivian: Right... your boyfriend doesn't want you around Tyrel. :/ You better get going then.

Tyrel: It's already been a long time... Sad I don't know if it will ever get better...

Eldora: ... Yeah... yeah it's me... Abeda, right? :/ I remember you from the mill...

Aldiira: Positive... just hang back in there and relax for a while. :/ I'll take care of Tyrandes when she comes over, don't worry...

Seth: >C -ears flatten- Enough! I will not tolerate this any longer... the next I hear of an incident like this, you will each owe me two hundred pushups and a lap around the entire colony.

??: o.o What?! D< That's totally unfair! You're only being like this cause she's your daughter! If it was any other stupid little drow you wouldn't care less!

Seth: I said enough! There will be no talking back to me in my ranks, do I make myself clear?! >C

Alassea: Hmph. >/ I know he has to come with us... maybe I can use him as a training dummy, then maybe he'll be of some use other than hurting people...
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowborne story   Shadowborne story - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 09, 2012 12:40 am

Original response by Sara

Sunari: Sad Oh ... >_< I hate needles... -tears up a bit-

Orecus: Great another not moving child... -sighs- Alright... :/ We'll have to figure out about your fiance another day sweetheart.

Zara: -drags him off to the prison cells- Oh yes I can. Because I'm going to make sure you can't pick locks or bribe the guards. Good thing my friend taught me all the tricks there.

Dark: ... Yeah... -smiles a little- I better let them catch up with each other... then I gotta tell the rest of the family. ^^;;

Balto: ... -nuzzles Darunia- C'mon... -heads outside-

Tani: I am calm Silver. I just told him not to hang around them >/

James: Yeah we weren't thinking that ^^;; Heh...

Laetri: No stealing the elves. >/ They're my friends.

Oiryn: Missing? What do you think is missing here...?

Mika: Those were gigantic knots. They had to be removed. D|

Elle: ... -puts it away and looks up at him- Because I believe the next horcrux is somewhere in vampire territory. Not to mention you know your way around here so I figured you could help me out... -stomach grumbles loudly- o.o;; And... hopefully know somewhere where Mew and I can camp and get food ^^;;

Cassius: Oh? Its just a little girl. I thought your precious dark lord could handle it... >.> Whats in it for me if I do help?

Eleanor: Wow a good cook too. X3 Glad we picked you to come along... -sits down-

Aurora: This'll be great... -cuddles him gently- ... -sighs a bit- I just wish Silvia was a bit happy...

Tai: ... -places her hands on his cheeks- ... I think I'm ready... -leans in and kisses him gently- <3

??: Names Spike. X3 -sits down- Though I might be big and scary they call me the softy in the group.. o.o.. -looks up- Shit what happened? D:

Chelsea: Gypsy fucking hurt Bobby >_< -helps her down on one of the nearby beds- Here its okay... We'll heal you up... Sad I got a couple of potions here... -opens one up and starts to heal up her head wound- Fuck!

??: ... -frowns- So you're the one making our leader upset? >/

Nabooru: Just drop it guys alright? >C

Mary: ... -sighs and sits down- I still feel that it is a bad idea...

Eloisa: Shes staying up in one of those houses with her mother... -looks at the sand at the footprints- ... Hang on. Those footprints there start in the middle of nowhere...

Celestia: He must've teleported here... :/

Derek: Mkay... :/ -cuddles her back- I'm going to go check on Adam... -heads back into the healers room-

Shea: -nods- Bye little one... tell Nidawi that I love her... -walks out of the tent-

Shea: You just have to try and talk... Sad

Abeda: Mmn... I need help... I need to help save the others...

Reynard: Well not in this condition you're not... Sad We'll get Mika and that to figure out a plan...

Imaxle: ... -hugs her gently- Thank you.... -heads into the back room-

??: D< This is bullshit! I'm telling my parents about this! Fucking drows... -folds his arms-

Nightshade: Now thats enough Alassea >/ I don't want to hear anymore talk like that....
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowborne story   Shadowborne story - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 09, 2012 12:41 am

Airna: It'll be alright little one... Sad -takes her hand and squeezes it gently- We'll just have to let you rest here for a while. Then when you come back home, you can stay with your sister until you're all better...

Eli: I'm sorry... -goes into another room and comes back with a syringe- She might have to be kept here for a few days so I can observe her properly... -kneels down by her bed- It's just gonna be a quick little pinch in your arm sweetheart, then it'll be alright. :/

Kinak: -snorts- >/ Well who knew you'd make friends in prison? I'll still get out...

Mishka: -being held in Zara's old cell- o.o !! -ears perk- You! D< -hisses- It was your fault! Let my friend go! -tries to swipe at her through the bars of her cell- I swear once I'm out of here I'll kill you myself!

Drayna: X3 That will be interesting... but yes, you three should stay here and catch up while we get the others.... Smile

Kihja: A-alright... -hugs them both back, still looking a little stunned and wipes the tears from his eyes- This is amazing...

Silver: Tani you're not calm... :/ You look like you're about to breathe fire. C'mon he's done this before and you never overreacted like this.

Darunia: -follows him out and looks around- Laetri? Laetri where are you?

Jessie: It wouldn't be stealing! >:U The tree hugging monkeys would be much happier here on earth.

Nidawi: I'm not sure I... I can't remember. I can't remember anything after I got taken... it just feels like I really miss someone... that they're meant to be a part of my life and they're not here. It's... it's so frustrating cause I don't know who it is... >.<

Ashkii: X3 -laughs a little- How can you handle getting all those scars and fighting and stuff, but you can't handle having your hair combed?

Blade: <.< -growls a little- Shut it pipsqueak. You got any idea how painful it is to have chunks of hair ripped out my that sadistic she-beast? X3

Mew: o.o; ... Yeah I'm pretty hungry too... ^^;

Vlad: -looks between them- .... If you plan to venture into vampire territory you are at more risk of becoming food. But you can eat here before you leave...

Mew: But... you're coming with us right?

Vlad: -glares at her- I have no reason to accompany you. Your horcrux problem is real I can see, but I still have no trust in Elle. >/

Morgan: ... We understand you have some people looking for you right now... enemies, in the pokemon world. Would that be a fair statement? If so... my lord has dealt with their kind before... he could destroy all of them. Or better yet... put them under your control. Imagine, exacting revenge on the ones who hurt you all your life... making them suffer the way you did...

Reese: -shrugs- I wouldn't say a good cook, I just... it helps to know how to cook for people without killing them... ^^' -rubs the back of his head and sits down with them-

Erina: -already shovelling food in her mouth- o.o Are you kidding? -muffled- This is awesome!

Baldor: Sad Yeah I know... it's horrible seeing her like this... Lily wanted me to go talk to your dad about it... ^^; I'm afraid he might try to kill me but... Silvia really needs this.

Parker: Mmn... -kisses her back and cuddles her close to him- Great... <3 I'm all yours fangirl... -grins a little and kisses her neck gently-

Violet: Well it's really nice to meet you Spike... -smiles a bit-

??: Fuck alright... you better get her healed up fast. Gypsy's fucking pissed now and we can't afford to have anyone injured around here, she'll just be a burden.

Kyle: Well I... yeah, but I didn't mean to! D: It's not my fault!

Ruth: -sighs a bit and helps him down onto a chair- It'll be alright... he just needs to rest here a while and then he'll be on his way. :/ Right...?

Kali: Yeah that's gotta be him, he must've found Ruth. Come on, we'd better get up there before he causes any damage.

Anudor: .... -follows him in-

Adam: -looks up at them- Mmn... hey man... -tries to sit up a bit-

Tyrel: -sees her come out of the tent- ... I guess you're right... I'll be right back. :/ -hugs her briefly then goes up to Shea- ... Shea? Can we talk, please?

Eldora: You're lucky you got out of there alive. D: You just lay down and rest for now...

Aldiira: And let me know if you need anything! ^_^

Tyrandes: -opens the door some time later and steps in, looking around- >.> ... Aldiira...?

Aldiira: o.o -ears perk and looks up at her- ... Oh you're ok... thank Elune...

??: Yeah you're not gonna get away with it! >C

Seth: Now I'm serious... >/ Either I see a serious attitude change or there will be no place for you here. And I don't care how much you whine to your parents about it.

Alassea: Well too bad, cause that's what you're gonna hear! >C -pulls her clothes on and steps past her, grumbling bitterly-
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowborne story   Shadowborne story - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 09, 2012 12:42 am

Original response by Sara

Sunari: o.o;; No! >_< -squirms a little, trying to move away-

Orecus: -holds her other hand- Sunari please calm down D:

Zara: Keep trying... >.>... -backs away a bit- Guards I want her hands and legs chained up to the walls. The same with this one. I want them to have no contact with any other prisoners and you do not, I repeat, do NOT take bribes from them or you will be sharing a cell right next to them. Have I made myself clear? >/

Dark: ... -moves over and kisses Kihja's cheek gently- I'm glad you're happy Mihan... <3

Tani: Look Silver when I say I'm fine, I am fine alright?! D< -huffs a little- ... Lets just get ready for the day... -turns away-

Laetri: Oh really? Have you ever seen what happens to magical creatures here?! D< ... You know what? I'll show you >/

Balto: -goes over to them- There you are... Your mother is getting worried about you again.

Oiryn: Shh... Sad Its alright... just try to calm down. Who knows... you might remember soon...

Mika: >.>... She-beast hey? I see how it is... Come on Ashkii we'll have fun on our own.

Elle: Ugh >_< This is so immature... Look please. What do I have to do to get you to trust me?

Cassius: ... I like what I am hearing... But I must continue this conversation with your master... to make sure he isn't getting some little brat to lie for him. >/

Eleanor: -taking a bit out of the food- Yeah its really good X3 Especially if Erina is eating all crazy like that.

Aurora: ... I'll come with you. >.> He'll be a bit more calm if I'm there. And we'll make sure mum is there too.

Tai: Ohh... <3 -runs a hand through his hair gently, her pupils starting to constrict- Take me... take me now... -slowly moves over to the bed-

Spike: ... Its nice to meet you Violet dear.

Chelsea: I'm going as fast as I can! -finishes healing her up- ... There... -sighs- Sad I hope shes going to be alright. I mean she just recovered losing her memory...

??: Thats what all the men say. Its never their fault >/

Nabooru: -grabs her by the scruff of her clothes- WOULD YOU STAY OUT OF MY FUCKING BUSINESS?! HUH!?

??: o.o;; Y-Yes... Sorry Nabooru...

Joseph: ... Of course... -flicks his wrist for a moment making a spell go on the house so that no one can enter it or get out- Ruth dearest thank you so much... I feel like I owe you...

Eloisa: -heads off to the house- Christ... I want to rip his fucking head off his shoulders >C

Derek: S'okay man you just lay back... -sits on the edge of the bed- :/ You feel a bit better?

Shea: -keeps walking- I have to get back >C

Abeda: No... >_< You know what its like... they're going to keep suffering...

Reynard: Eldora go get Mika :/ I'll keep an eye on her and make sure the healers take care of her properly.

Imaxle: o.o;; -stays behind a wall but listens carefully- ...

??: Fine! D< -throws down his training weapon- I don't want to be a part of this anyway if fucking drows are going to control me! -walks away-

Nightshade: -frowns and scoops her up- Listen young lady! This is the first time in my life that I've had to raise my voice to you and I hope it'll be the last! D< You cut it out with your attitude problem and start talking to me with respect. If you don't I will talk to your father about stopping your training alright?
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowborne story   Shadowborne story - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 09, 2012 12:42 am

Airna: It's just a little shot sweetheart... Sad Just look in the other direction and it'll be over soon.

Eli: And I'll give you a nice lollipop once we're done. :/ Just relax your muscles little one... -sticks the syringe into her arm and give her the injection- There we go...

Guard: o.o; ... -quickly nods- Yes your majesty. -takes Kinak from her and places him in another cell-

Kinak: <.< I see it did not take you long to return Mishka...

Mishka: -snarls- >C It's not my fault I'm here... it was that stupid boy who stole my fiance from me! D< -keeps trying to reach for Zara- If it weren't for you stupid tree hugging policy towards those fucking fags, I'd be able to marry the man I love! -tears up a bit-

Kihja: -blushes a little- I can't believe you did this for me Mihan... -pulls away from his parents and hugs Dark gently- This is the best thing you've ever done for me... <3

Silver: ... Right, sorry.... -sighs a bit- ... -goes over and hugs her from behind- Mihan... I know you well enough that you're not gonna tell me if something's wrong... and there is. I'm sorry there's something upsetting you, but as far as I know it's not my fault.... please don't take it out on me...

Jessie: >.> Oh you're exaggerating. It can't be that bad.

Darunia: -walks over and nuzzles Laetri- Little one... you really should come home. :/

Nidawi: Maybe... -sighs a little and tries to smile- But I guess all that matters is that I'm back home with my daddy... -cuddles up to him- <3

Ashkii: >.> Yeah that old man would ruin all our fun. X3

Blade: Oh you know you can't get away from me that easy. <w<

Vlad: .... -looks her over for a moment and ignores the question- >/ Where is Misfit?

Morgan: Of course... he wishes to speak with you in person to arrange all of this. I am just his messenger... Come. -teleports them in front of the riddle house-

Lupus: Erina is always eating crazy like that. <.< She's afraid she's never gonna see food again.

Erina: -mouth stuffed with food- >:T You're a liar! You sit on a throne of lies Lupus!

Lupus: -morphs to his human form and sits with them- <.< What was that? I can't understand you when you go into your chipmunk form like that.

Baldor: Thanks... that'll really help. ^^; Have you discussed with your mum and Parker everything that's going on with the surrogacy?

Parker: -pushes her down gently onto the bed- Oh I intend to... <3
(And we'll skip here and continue with the chaos that's about to occur.)

Violet: ... -looks away and hides her face, finishing the rest of her blood- Uhm... thankyou for the blood. I was really hungry...

??: She might have brain damage or something. :/ I mean she hasn't been very responsive since the trauma.

Kyle: o.o; -backs away a bit- .... -sighs- Sorry I'll just.... go... |c

Ruth: :/ -straightens up- Oh it is no trouble at all... it's just what a good person would do.... is there anything else you need, uh.... I'm so sorry, I didn't catch your name.

Kali: You and me both girl. >/ -goes up to the house- Now we just gotta-- -gets knocked back a few feet by the protection spell- >.< Ugh!

Adam: A little bit. :/ I can almost breathe properly again... what happened out there? I heard Missy scream...

Tyrel: Sad .... Shea... please... -takes her wrist- Please I don't want to lose you as a friend, you mean so much to me...

Eldora: -nods- ... It's gonna be ok Abeda... :/ -leaves the tent and walks outside-

Tyrandes: Oh yes I'm fine now.... but did you end up catching Imaxle? >.>

Aldiira: Oh no uhm... we weren't able to. He left the tribe...

Tyrandes: I see.... >.> That's alright, he wasn't being a very good little slave anyway. -moves closer to her- Besides, you don't need a weak man like him hitting on you... -pushes her gently against a wall- >J

Aldiira: -blushes a bit and looks away- Tyrandes don't... you know I don't want to do this... I like someone else...

Tyrandes: Oh I know. But I'm so much better for you my dear... -leans in and kisses her- <3

??: -watches him leave- .... >C You know what, same here! This is fucking ridiculous! I am not gonna be controlled by some snot nosed fucking drow elf! -follows him-

Seth: .... -sighs a little and runs a hand through his hair- Of course... -.-

Alassea: o.o; You wouldn't dare! D< I need this training! You know I need it! -squirms a bit-
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowborne story   Shadowborne story - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 09, 2012 12:43 am

Original response by Sara

Sunari: Ouch! >_< -tears up a bit- It hurts!

Orecus: It'll be over... don't worry. You're doing a good job sweetheart. -kisses the top of her head-

Zara: Stop it! -looks at her- ... I know its a shock to find out that your ex fiance is gay but I support Tonai and Domais' marriage. If you really cared you would've done what you could to make sure that Tonai was happy... Now there is one thing I have to do as well... -goes over to the cell where the other jirin is-

Dark: ... -hugs him gently- Hey you deserve to be happy... and as your Mihan I gotta make sure you are... <3

Tani: ... -frowns- Of course its not your fault. -moves away and heads behind the kitchen- I keep telling you I am fine. There is absolutely nothing wrong Silver.

Laetri: Nope. -thinks for a moment and changes his ears to normal human ones- We're going to the magical creature market. -gets on Darunia's back-

Balto: o.o;; Oh god no D: That place is terrible. Your mother would have a fit!

Oiryn: -cuddles her gently- Yes... and I promise you now you will not suffer like that again... I'll protect you and make sure you get your normal life again...

Mika: -is already walking away- Oh look at that >.> It was that simple X3

Elle: ... -sighs- Hes back in London. I was having troubles with him and Reese being with me... so I decided to go on my own.

Cassius: >.>... -frowns a little and walks into the house- And if there are traps... there will be hell to pay...

Eleanor: -giggles a bit- X3 You're terrible Lupus.

Aurora: I've been trying to get in contact with Parker but I can't. Quinn said he was on a special magical journey and if i talked to him it might ruin Parker's chances for having a happy life o.o...

Tai: -cuddled up to him afterwards, still making out with him a little- Mmn... That was wonderful... <3

Spike: Its no problem. -gets up and stretches a little- Now we just gotta figure out where to put you. You can't stay here forever. :/

Chelsea: Oh christ no D: Bobby... -shakes her a little- Bobby come on...

Nabooru: ... -drops the Gerudo and tears up- ... -heads back into the hideout, trying to hide her tears-

Joseph: ... My name is Joseph. Its lovely to see you Ruth... >J

Mary: o.o... -stands up quickly and pulls Ruth away from him- Oh god...

Eloisa: o.o... D: What happened? -goes over and helps up Kali-

Celestia: ... -looks over the house- Its a protection spell. We won't be able to get in and the girls won't be able to get out D:

Derek: Oh she saw Jude... she didn't realise we have control of his mind now ^^;;

Shea: -looks up at him- Well you ruined that didn't you? >/ -pulls her wrist away- You maybe trying to apologise but you still have problems with me being with Bruno and not you.

Reynard: We'll look after you... don't worry :/

Imaxles: o.o;; ... -huffs a little- >C -moves out and pushes Tyrandes away- She said no! Now do I have to knock you out again!?

??: How did the colony ever decide to make him in charge of the army D< Hes a fucking bastard! Before that girl came he was alright. But no! Now because his daughter is there everyone is in the wrong!

Nightshade: -holds her still- Then you best show some respect to your father and I and try to stop it with the horrible threats like that towards Giovanni >/ Have I made myself clear?
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowborne story   Shadowborne story - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 09, 2012 12:44 am

Airna: Sad Oh I'm sorry sweetheart... it's alright, you're doing great. -squeezes her hand gently-

Eli: There we go it's all over... -pulls it out of her arm- That should numb the pain, let me know when you feel it wearing off later so I can see if you're starting to gain mobility again. For now just stay still.... -reaches into a jar on his desk and pulls out a lollipop for her- Smile Here you are sweetie, for being so brave.

Mishka: -snarls- >C He would have been happy with me! He's just confused!

??: -ears perk and looks up at her- >.> Oh hey, I'm guessing you worked everything out. -leans against the bars of his cell- What's up?

Rolim: -smiles a bit- Oh it's so nice to see you have a Mihan that takes such good care of you sweetheart... I'm so happy for you. ^^

Kihja: Smile Dark's the best... -kisses his cheek gently- I couldn't have asked for a better Mihan... <3

Silver: .... Mmn... ok... -sighs and runs a hand through his hair- Sorry... I'll just leave you be then. -goes over to one of the tables and sits in a chair, putting his head in his hands- |c

Darunia: o.o; -ears go back- Laetri you can't... D: It's too dangerous for you to be there...

Jessie: -sighs- D| I don't want to go to the market. Everything's too expensive there.

Nidawi: Thankyou daddy..... -pulls back a bit and looks herself over- .... I guess to start off, I should get dressed into some normal clothes. I dunno where these came from...

Blade: -morphs to his wolf form- >3 You'd think that wouldn't you?

Ashkii: o.o; Go faster! XD He's gonna get us!

Blade: -growls playfully and chases after her-

Vlad: ..... Alright, I believe you. >.> You can stay here for a while to eat and rest... but we leave soon to find the horcrux. I want this done quickly. -walks past her and heads to his dorm-

Morgan: -follows him in- No traps, I assure you... we only wish for you to be our partner... to assist us in our goals, and in return, to give you what you desire.

Voldemort: -steps downstairs and looks Cassius over- Yes... thankyou Morgan dear, you may go now.

Erina: >:T If it's so terrible, why are you laughing?

Baldor: .... You know what, I don't even want to know what Quinn's trying to do this time. o.o;

Parker: -holds her close- Mmn... you did alright for your first time. <3 -kisses her neck softly-

Violet: Right... I know. -rubs her arm- Well I have a small house out in the wastelands, I can stay there. I just have to find a way to support myself now... without my master...

Bobby: |c Mmn... -mumbles a little in her sleep but doesn't wake-

Kyle: o.o ... Oh my god... D: Nabooru... -hesitantly follows her in- Please don't cry, it's heartbreaking... Sad

Ruth: -backs away a bit and holds onto Mary- o.o;; No... no you... you're supposed to be in the depths of hell! D:

Kali: >C -growls and gets up- Bullshit... there shouldn't be any demon magic we can't handle!

Adam: ... You guys are really keeping him down here after all that? Aren't you worried about the risk of losing control over him and getting hurt again? :/ Seems simpler to just kill him...

Tyrel: I... I have a problem with it but only cause I get so concerned for you. Sad But I'm willing to try and forget about it...

??: -walks over to Abeda's bed and looks her over- Alright what's going on here? :/

Aldiira: o.o; Imaxle no! D:

Tyrandes: -grins a bit, showing her fangs- Aha... >J I knew you'd come out eventually boy... grabs him by the collar of his shirt- Oh you're going to be in so much trouble.... -rams him hard into the wall-

??: >C Since when should we have to bend over backwards so those bloody people don't get their feelings hurt? -growls a little-

Alassea: -glares at her- >C .... Fine. -narrows her eyes- I won't threaten him...
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowborne story   Shadowborne story - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 09, 2012 12:45 am

Original response by Sara

Sunari: o.o... -takes it- Thank you Mister Eli...

Orecus: X3 Thats a good girl. She always knows her manners.

Zara: ... What did you do exactly to be put in here? >.>

Dark: ^^;; Your son really changed me... Heh... I was terrible before... -looks down at Kihja- You have fun spending time with your parents. I gotta go and do the rest of the job. -kisses the top of his head- I'll be right back. X3 You should probably tell Tani. Shes always wanted grandparents... -walks over to Drayna-
Tani: ... -face softens a bit and goes over to him. Sits down with him- Mihan don't be like that...

Laetri: I don't care. I wanna show them what happens to people like me... >C

James: Do we have to? <.<

Mika: XD Ahhh! No! -races off and stops in front of Eldora- o.o... Oh hey. Whats up?

Elle: o.o... What just happened? He was angry at me then all of a sudden hes letting me stay and wants to help me o__o;;

Cassius: >.>... -looks him over- And they call me a freak...

Eleanor: Sorry Erina. I didn't mean too X3 -finishes up her breakfast-

Quinn: -sticks his head in the window- What I'm doing is saving your marriage >:T

Aurora: O.O!! -jumps back a bit- Don't do that! D:

Tai: -giggles a bit- Mmn... <3 ... Nnn >_< -holds onto her head- Ughh...

Spike: Theres gotta be some sort of job that doesn't sell yourself out... -thinks for a moment- Listen why don't you come and stay with me and do some cleaning around my house. Just until you get back on your feet. :/

Chelsea: Oh shit come on... Sad What are we going to do?! >_<

Nabooru: -does look at him- I thought you said you were leaving...

Joseph: -turns back to normal- Oh those little welps told you that? >J They couldn't control me... -moves closer to them-

Mary: -backs away a bit- ... Ruth go upstairs and lock yourself into the bedroom.

Celestia: It'll take a lot of magic to get rid of it.. -sighs and thinks for a moment- Once you get in there quickly help them to get out... and catch me... this might take a lot of out me... -thinks and slowly tries to remove the spell-

Derek: Nope. See since hes done bad things, he'll just come back down here. And if we try to kill him down here he just pops up again. Not to mention now he has demon powers so even if he is dead he'll come to the surface. Besides, no one and remove the mind control of a vampire.

Shea: Thats what you said last time and look where we are... now I have to get back. Bruno doesn't like me being here... >/

Reynard: We found her wandering in the forest... she looks like shes come from one of those puppy mills. I think shes been hurt by the shock collar...

Imaxle: Ugh!! >_< -tries to pull away- ... Its worth it to make sure you keep your fucking ugly hands off her D<

??: -goes into his treehouse- MUMS! >C I've dropped out of the army training.

??: o.o... Whatever for sweetheart?

Nightshade: :/ -puts her down gently- Good. Now get ready. I'll make us some breakfast and we can go off to start training... -heads into the kitchen-
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Eli: It's no trouble at all sweetheart. :/ Now I'm very sorry... but I've got something to deal with with Kurina, would it bother you at all if I left you with your daughter for a while?

Airna: No that's fine... thankyou.

??: >.> Is not my first time here... this time for assault. I punched a guard in the face.

Guard: -huffs and growls at him- >C Yeah you're not getting out any time soon. -rubs his bandaged nose-

??: -shrugs casually- Does not bother most of us. Many try intentionally to be placed in prison... is better conditions than living in the streets.

Kihja: Oh yeah. She'll be so excited. -looks up at his parents- You'll love her, she's so sweet. X3

Retril: Well we cannot wait to meet our new family... -hugs him close-

Drayna: X3 Yes we'd best get going. You have fun you three. Smile

Silver: -glances up at her- ... But I'm fine. There's absolutely nothing wrong.

Darunia: -sighs a bit- Apparently we have to. :/ Are you coming with us Balto?

Jessie: -folds her arms- >.> He might as well, I'm not walking.

Blade: >3 -pounces him anyway and licks all over their faces-

Ashkii: >w< -squirms- Aaah! Cut it out! XD Why'd you stop running?!

Eldora: o.o;; Uhm... sorry, didn't mean to interrupt anything... D: There's this girl that just showed up, she looked hurt. I-I knew her from the mill...

Mew: ... That's a little scary... o.o; I wonder what changed his mind...

Volemodrt: ... Hm.. -waits until morgan leaves- So... you have decided to take up my offer...?

Erina: >:T Hrmph. -keeps eating-

Lupus: >.> Erina that's enough. You won't be able to fight if you get fat.

Erina: ... Fine. T^T -pushes her plate away-

Baldor: o.o !! -jumps a bit and holds onto her protectively- Quinn! >.< How did you even get here?!

Parker: ... o.o -sits up a bit and pulls her into his lap- Tai? What's wrong? D:

Violet: -looks up at him- ... Really? You'd really do that for me? -brushes some hair out of her eyes- That's very kind of you Spike...

??: Well I don't know! There aren't any doctors around here, and you humans are fragile. You probably need to take her up to the surface or something.

Kyle: I thought that's what you wanted, but... you got all teary and... Sad

Ruth: D: B-but mother.... -trembles a little- Sad I'm not leaving you alone with him...

Kali: o.o Catch you? ... -nods- Sure Mihan... :/ Just go easy alright...? -kisses her cheek gently- <3

Adam: Oh... guess I've got a lot to learn about the demon world...

Anudor: -giggles a bit and kisses Derek's cheek- Yeah, Derek's so smart. ^_^ <3

Tyrel: I know you have to go home Shea but... please, there's gotta be something I can do or say to convince you that I mean it... Sad

??: Oh yes I see... she'll need a while to lay down and rest then... she'll probably need to be cleaned up too. :/ My dear, do you have any wounds or injuries...?

Aldiira: o.o;; Tyrandes stop! D: Leave him alone!

Tyrandes: Heh... shush now darling, he's just a slave, you don't need to worry. >3 -holds him steady- Now... once I tie you up and put your leash back on, you're coming back home with me... -starts to tie his hands behind him- And I'll have to teach you another lesson...

??: -ears perk- o.o Hm? But you love your army training. D:

??: -walks in with him- Yeah well not so much when it's all controlled by wussy drows. >C

Alassea: Fine. -gets into her soldier uniform and armour and that- I'm getting ready... -.-
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowborne story   Shadowborne story - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 09, 2012 12:51 am

Original response by Sara

Orecus: Thanks Eli. :/ We owe you so much I can tell you that.

Zara: Well the homeless are no getting treated better. Most of them have moved into new houses in Hyrule... No to mention we're starting plans on rebuilding the slums... -thinks for a moment- ... -looks at the guards- Release him.

Dark: Cya guys... Smile -takes the ocarina out- Alright. We'll go back before the massacre... but I'm not sure how we'll convince all these people to come with us... :/

Tani: -sighs- D| Okay don't do that...

Balto: ... -sighs- D| I guess... But I have to keep a low profile. If they find out I'm demonic they'll want me for themselves... >.> You'll damn well walk >/ I'm not letting some snooty red headed cow ride my back.

James: o.o.. Can I ride on your back please?

Balto: >.>.. Sure you can. Because you were nice |3

Mika: o.o... Seriously? -moves Blade's face away gently and sits up- Shit... Alright well we'll go and see her. :/

Elle: o__o... Iunno. -holds onto her- But I feel safer if you stay close to me alright? -heads back into the school-

Cassius: >.>... As you can tell by my past and that its difficult to trust someone who randomly comes up like this... especially when they are ... -looks at him again- ... Human. -looks away-

Eleanor: -stands up- Come on now. Spose we should start getting ready to go. >.> Misfit really wants us to -.-...

Quinn: I found the portal to here. Lily showed us when we were in the gang. -climbs in- Like I said i am doing you a favour. I found Parker a girlfriend Very Happy

Aurora: o.o... A girlfriend? Well... thats nice...

Tai: Oh... I just have a bit of a headache... -rubs her forehead a bit- I'll be alright...

Spike: Its no problem... :/ Come on. How about you get some rest. Its been a big day.

Chelsea: Shit... Shit alright... -helps Bobby up gently- C'mon sweetheart... we're getting you to the hospital Sad -looks at the demon- Teleport us up to the hospital.

Nabooru: Well go... I wouldn't want to hold you up... -wipes away her tears-

Mary: Ruth just go now!

Joseph: >J Oh going to show me up huh Mary? I'd like to see you try...

Celestia: I will.. -manages to break away some of the protection spell- Go in now >_< Hurry!

Derek: Heh.. X3 Well... I'm still learning too... its very complicated sometimes... I guess after you've healed up we better take you back to the surface with Missy...

Shea: Look there is nothing you can do... -sighs- Just... leave me alone Tyrel... -heads back to the mountain tribe-

Honiahaka: Sad Oh Tyrel... I'm sorry...

Imaxle: -growls a little- ... If I come back with you, do you promise to leave Aldiira alone? >C

??: What do you mean? Seth is great... o.o...

??: Its his daughter thats being a wuss D< And he had a go at us!

Nightshade: -starts to make some breakfast- And remember to make your bed too... -starts to place some food on the table-
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowborne story   Shadowborne story - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 09, 2012 12:51 am

Eli: -bows- It is no trouble at all Orecus. -steps out of the room and looks over at Kurina and Caol- :/ ... Did you discuss it with him?

??: >.> Is that so?

Guard: D< What? You can't seriously believe that! He's a dangerous criminal, you only just met him your majesty! How do you know you can trust him? >/

??: Because I am not foul tempered, rich guard. >.>

Guard: -snarls at him and ears flatten- >C ...

Nim: <Well we could talk to the leader couldn't we? They could help us.>

Drayna: -bites her lip- I very much doubt it Nim... she is not a reasonable woman... Sad

Silver: Well Tani why wouldn't I? This is what you've been doing to me. Just... just forget it alright. It's obviously something you don't trust me with so... let's just get to work alright?

Darunia: Sad Oh of course, be careful...

Jessie: o.o !! Whatt?! D< No! -grabs James by the collar of his shirt- If I have to walk then so do you!

Eldora: Thankyou... she seems really intent on helping the others back there. Sad But she looks too hurt to leave the healers tent at the moment...

Mew: Right... likewise. o.o -heads into the school and follows Vlad- So uh... where will we be staying?

Vlad: For now? There is a spare bed in my dorm.

Voldemort: Of course... so as a sign of friendship and trust, perhaps would you like me to teach you of our dark powers and how to extend your own...? >J

Reese: Not a surprise... he really dislikes me. :/ So it'll be easier for everyone if we left as soon as possible...

Erina: Surprised How come he hates you so much?

Baldor: o.o ... You don't say? Well that's... that's great, good for him. Who is she?

Parker: Mkay... -kisses her cheek gently- If you're sure... :/ You want some painkillers or something?

Violet: Right... -sighs and runs a hand through her hair- Do you have somewhere where I can lay down perhaps? :/

Bobby: Uhh... D| -leans against her-

??: Yeah alright, good luck. -teleports them to the surface in front of a hospital-

Kyle: ... No... Sad I can't knowing you're like this... -goes over and gently takes her hand- I'm sorry.... -kisses her cheek- <3

Ruth: >.< -tugs on her wrist- No I'm not leaving you behind! C'mon!

Kali: Good job. -opens the door and races inside- >C Joseph! Back away from them!

Adam: Yeah we gotta go back up there soon and make sure Robert's healing up ok. Guess I'm gonna be staying at his place for a while until I can support myself.

Tyrel: ... Sad -watches her leave- Oh Shea... -tears up a bit- It's alright... |c I guess I should've just left her alone...

Aldiira: o.o; Imaxle... -ears droop- Sad Please don't do this...

Tyrandes: -moves his face to look up at her and strokes his cheek- Oh of course... no problem... >J

??: Yeah he was playing favourites! D< Just cause his daughter's in the army too! If it was anyone else, he wouldn't have yelled at us!

??: -sighs a bit- Well that doesn't exactly seem fair. -glances at her Mihan- :/ Maybe we should go talk to him.

Alassea: -.- Yeah yeah yeah...

G: -sits at the table at looks up at her- ... Sorry you guys had to fight cause of me...
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowborne story   Shadowborne story - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 09, 2012 12:52 am

Original response by Sara

Kurina: We've discussed it... Hes going to say sorry :/

Caol: -frowns- I'm not happy with this -.-

Zara: If it wasn't for his help Kinak would've continued this massacre and we would've had people burning in the middle of the city... So I do owe him. But he knows of course if he does screw me over he will get a punishment >.>

Dark: Yeah shes a real bitch... -sighs- ... Although they would listen if it was a god talking to them... Right? <.<

Tani: ... -frowns and stands up- You wanna know why I'm pissed? Heres a clue for you. Inviting a woman over when I'm gone! D< I'm fucking jealous alright?! Happy now?! ... I'm going for a fucking walk. -heads out of the cafe-

James: o.o!! Awh but he said I could have a ride T^T

Laetri: Just hurry up. Come on Daurnia lets hurry.

Mika: -stands and heads over to the tent- Well we can try to help them out. I mean we've been breaking out so many clubs and mills now... Our population is gradually getting bigger...

Elle: Oh great... ^^;; Mew and I can share a bed fine...

Cassius: ... -raises an eyebrow and looks at him-

Eleanor: :/ Yeah he said with you gone, Elle would probably come back.

Quinn: -shrugs- Some girl from Azalea town. Names Tai and shes pretty cute. But she looks like one of those go green kind of people.

Tai: Yeah... Yeah that might be the best thing. I'll go get them... -puts her underwear back on and stands up- o.o.. -stumbles a bit- ^^;; Heh... I guess you were really good...

[Tai] (Bracket Tai will be the boy/vampire one): ... -ears perk and stands up from his chair in his new home- ... Its happening...

Spike: Yeah we have a couple of beds here... :/ -walks over to some- Here Bobby got out of that one...

Chelsea: -enters the hospital- Can I please have some help here?!

Nabooru: ... -looks up at him for a moment, her eyes bloodshot and red- ... God... I don't understand how you can be so nice... -hesitates for a moment but then holds onto him-

Joseph: o.o... -grins- Got through hey? >J -pulls Mary away from them-

Eloisa: o.o!! Leave her alone D<

Mary: o.o;; -tries to pull away- Let me go! >_<

Joseph: Sorry... I want my girl back <3 -teleports away with her-

Derek: Yeah. I gotta start moving out to Anudor's planet. >.> I wouldn't suggest moving there ^^;; Those elves are quite horny...

Honiahaka: Sad -hugs him gently- Please don't cry... I still don't get why she goes off with him...

Imaxle: ... -ears droop and looks away- If shes going to leave you alone then I'm going to do it... |c

??: It might be the best thing to do. :/ Because I want to hear both sides of the story. -stands up- You just stay here with your friend alright?

Nightshade: :/ Don't be sorry sweetheart... -kisses the top of his head- Now eat up. We have a busy day training Alassea.
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowborne story   Shadowborne story - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 09, 2012 12:52 am

Eli: -kneels down to his level and holds him at arms length- I know you're not little one... but she's made certain threats and... she's not going to let you into the career you want unless she seems some sort of humility. I'm sorry... but it's just gonna be this once and then she'll be training you...

??: Would not dream of it your majesty. >.> Unless I end up on the streets again. -chuckles a bit- X3 Then I might.

Guard: >C After a comment like that, I have even less reason to let you out of your cell.

Drayna: -thinks for a moment- Yes, I suppose they would... What do you have in mind, Dark? :/

Silver: o.o !! Tani! D: Tani wait I-- ... -sighs and groans a bit- D| Fuck... -rubs his forehead- She's just a friend...

Darunia: -nods and runs off to the market-

Jessie: o.o; Great, now we gotta run! D< -grumbles and chases after them-

Blade: -follows her- That just means we won't have the room to take them in after so long...

Eldora: ... -nods- It's a big mill... the biggest in its region. I dunno if we could break them all out...

Vlad: ... You will need to sleep with one eye open. I am not the only vampire in this school... but I might be the only one that wouldn't consider you as food.

Voldemort: Do not be so apprehensive... is this not what you wanted? The power to torture and vanquish the ones that dealt out the same pain to you...

Reese: ... -sighs a bit and looks away- Yeah... he's probably right... |c Let's just uh... get ready to get going, alright.

Erina: o.o ... -tilts her head a bit and watches him curiously-

Baldor: Well that's a good thing. >.> But yeah... good for him. :/ Just don't get all obsessive with them and try to get involved with their love life. I know you do that sorta thing.

Parker: X3 -laughs a bit- M'glad you enjoyed it... -gets up and hugs her from behind- It was pretty good for me too. <3 -kisses her cheek-

Eccaia: -looks up at him from her book- o.o Hm? What do you mean?

Violet: -follows him and sits down on the edge of the bed- Thanks... I won't be long. :/ I just need to rest my eyes I guess...

??: Hm? o.o; -looks up at them- D: What's going on?!

Kyle: -sighs with relief and holds onto her comfortingly, stroking her hair- .... I just didn't want to lose you... I love you too much... -kisses the top of her head- Please, no more crying. |c

Ruth: D8 !! Mother! No!! >.<

Kali: Take it easy kid. Look we're gonna take you back to the demon where you're safe for now. C'mon. -takes her wrist-

Ruth: ... -pulls her hand away and glares at her- Don't! D< Don't touch me vampire scum! I just want to go help my mothr! Now where did he take her?! -pulls a dagger out from under her clothes-

Adam: <.< .... Why do I get the feeling that that's why you're moving there?

Anudor: >w> Well it's not. |3 Nobody else will be touching my beautiful Mihan anymore... <3 I'll more than make up for it soon enough. -kisses his neck gently-

Tyrel: Neither do I... I just never wanted her to be hurt any more, but... |c I was willing to let it go this time...

Aldiira: Oh Elune no... Sad No please don't do this Tyrandes... -tears up a little- You.. you know that I...

Tyrandes: Ssh now dear. C'mon boy... looks like I'm gonna have to break you in again... -latches the collar around his neck and tugs on his leash- Let's go... >3 Say goodbye now.

??: -nods- Let us deal with it little one. :/ -leans down and kisses the top of his head-

G: Mkay... -noms on some of his food- ... Do you think... she'll stop hating me one day? :/
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Shadowborne story
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