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 Shadowborne story

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PostSubject: Re: Shadowborne story   Shadowborne story - Page 4 I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 09, 2012 1:22 am

Nikita: o.o; -ears perk and turns to face him- D< Caol! -hisses- What the hell do you think you're doing?!

??: >C -snorts and gets up- What'd that boy just say?

Nikita: ... -stands in front of him- Fuck off alright. >C He hasn't been trained yet, he doesn't know how things work.

??: ... -growls a little and tail swishes- You better start teaching him real quick... >C The little whelp is your responsibility, bitch. He better not step out of line or it's another lashing.

Eli: -sighs a little and looks her over- There's no need to be scared... :/ Though it is concerning that you can't move any yet....

Airna: Sad Do you think she might be paralyzed?

Eli: I'll have to take an x-ray to see how bad the fracture is... and after that, we'll need to go through some physiotherapy to see if we can gain any mobility back... -rubs his forehead- I'll see if I can get all of that scheduled for you...

Thrall: -strokes her hair gently and kisses the top of her head- So how are we gonna go about doing that?

Drayna: -smiles faintly- It would be nice to get my old home back... -sighs a bit- I honestly thought our race would be done for when the Jirins came in and killed everyone... I thought I was going to be the last full blood...

Nim: :/ ... <It's alright... we're gonna fix everything now...>

Jessie: -looks around a bit- Yeah... o.o I've never seen a place like this before... James could you imagine how many people would want to come see a place like this?

Darunia: Oh yeah... it's one of those creatures the elves don't like. :/ -licks his cheek gently- It's hard to tell, they look so different as babies.

Silver: -smiles faintly and kisses her cheek- Hey it's alright... don't worry about it Mihan. <3

Vlad: -sighs a bit- Of course it is. They do not make this easy for us.

Mew: <We'll need protection from the other vampires. D: You can do that right?>

Vlad: I can. -glances at Elle- That is... if you deserve the protection. -frowns a little-

Voldemort: -grins a little- Good... Go. And don't kill her... just bring her back to me. You can do what you will with any friends she may have. >J

Reese: -nods- That'll be our best bet. We can ask around the village and see if anyone's noticed him around. :/

Baldor: Maybe... maybe it'd cheer her up a little to visit Vivian and Drayna. They're her best friends and she misses them terribly. :/

Snape: That's the way it is. She's been nothing but a burden on me since she was born. -looks away- Emily I don't want to argue about this.

Anlyn: -giggles a bit and blushes- Oh my... ^///^ You've got such a gentle touch... <3

Kivia: -pulls the rest of his clothes off and caresses his skin gently- ;3 Do you want to get in the water with us now, mister Quinn? I can't wait to wash your hair...

Eccaia: Your pokemon? o.o The ones you were caring for in your home?

Parker: :/ Yeah... now they've got nobody to look after them.

Eccaia: Sad Oh how dreadful... -hugs [Tai]'s arm- Can I go up there and look after them while she's staying down here....?

??: ... -scoffs a bit- She? >.> You've been talking to Bobby too much if he's gotten you in on that nonsense as well. If he's in a coma then he's no use to me, now is he? -goes back to reading- What do you expect me to do?

Kyle: Heh... |3 Mmn... that feels so good... <3 -runs his hands down her side and slowly runs them down into her pants-

Missy: ^w^ -cuddles Robert again- Oh it's so good to see you again.... when do you think you'll be able to get out of the hospital? Very Happy

Anudor: ;3 So I guess we should go to our bedroom and get everything packed away... -kisses his cheek- <3

Eldora: Thankyou... -holds onto him- <3

Tyrel: .... -nods- We will stay with Mika and get things ready for your return, so they may all have a place to stay.

Blade: That would be best. -cuddles Mika gently- You gonna be ok here bby yourself? I might as well go and help them... :/

Ruth: Yeah... -hugs her gently- This should have been over a long time ago... -takes a deep shuddering breath-

Kali: >.> Hm? Oh damn, they've got good timing. Guess we gotta get out of the blood bath then.
(You know I think just as soon as Joseph gets pushed down into the depths, he grabs a hold on Ruth and drags her down with him. I'm not satisfied with that bitch's torture yet. XD)

Bruno: Mmn.... -takes her hand and squeezes it gently- Come now, let's just get into our training.

??: D: Neither can I!

Tyrandes: >.> ... <Oh Imaxle my dearest.... you wouldn't dare try and leave, would you? |3 You know I've got Aldiira with me right now... would be such a shame if I had to kill her to keep you in line, don't you think?> >3

???: |c I can't believe nothing happened to them. They should have been imprisoned at least....

Alassea: Mkay... -sighs a little- As long as I can keep doing my training... |c I need it... I need to be strong... -ears droop-

Seth: -ears perk and looks up as they come out, holding onto G- There you guys are... :/ -cuddles him gently- Alassea... is there something you'd like to say to your brother?

(Were you gonna make Isaac show up now, or later?)
Nidawi: Really? The same guys? Small world... -smiles a bit- Well I'm glad you made a friend who understands you. Smile

Vivian: Thank you... I just want the best for them... -sighs and runs a hand through her hair- I best go check up on Xavier, make sure he's alright....

Mewtwo: They will be so lucky to be born of this world... and yet carry such power...
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowborne story   Shadowborne story - Page 4 I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 18, 2012 5:49 am

??: -looks up at them- ... -gets up and walks over to them- Look man just back up. I'm sure you have better things to do than to keep watching them all day. If anything happens let me take care of it. Got it? >/

Sunari: |c I hope I'm not paralyzed...

Orecus: Sad Thank you Eli... We really do owe you so much for what you have done... Jeez I just hope no one else gets hurt anytime soon...

Zara: Maybe I have to start a new group of workings who will take care of the forest... that might open up some new jobs for the unemployed...

Dark: Isn't it good that we became friends? X3 Seems like you always need me to get you out of those certain situations.

Aridrim: -goes onto the balcony and looks around- o.o... Wow... Its a lovely view from here...

James: ... Jessie iunno. The kind of people who would want to see it are the ones who were slaying these pups... I don't think I would want to let anyone know about this...

Laetri: >.> Well what do you know? James has a heart... -looks down at the baby- Yeah they look so innocent... -scoops him up gently- I'll go and take him to Hyrule. You two stay here and keep an eye on Jessie and James and try to sort out some of the animals.

Silver: -smiles faintly and kisses her cheek- Hey it's alright... don't worry about it Mihan. <3

Tani: No but I want to... -continues to play with his hair gently- Maybe we can get Laetri to sleep over at his friends... -bites her lip- And we can have some alone time... its been a while... <3

Elle: -frowns at him- Look if you are going to keep this out I rather take my chances with the other vampires. But I will always make sure everyone knows you were the sulky vampire who never cared to help destroy Voldemort. >/ Now just get over this alright? Its bugging the hell out of me.

Cassius: >C -growls a little and heads out of the house- Fucking bastard... telling me what to do...

Scruff: >.> You sure we can trust this thing sir? I have a feeling Team Rocket might be searching around for him and his other friends.

Eleanor: Great... Hopefully once we get there we can see if there are any supplies that can help us. :/

Aurora: Yeah she is always talking about how she wishes it was like the old days where they would camp out and that... :/ That might be really lovely for her... -kisses his cheek-

Snape: That's the way it is. She's been nothing but a burden on me since she was born. -looks away- Emily I don't want to argue about this.

Emily: ... -sighs- Fine. But I fear you are going to get in a big fight with Aurora... -lays back in bed-

[Tai]: I'm not so sure Eccaia... :/ I know you're disguised but I fear that someone might realise what you are and take you away from me... and I don't want that...

Chelsea: >/ -frowns a bit- Bobby got the surgery. So she is a she now. If you're not going to visit her at least let me have the right to go and see her. They're not letting me in because I am just the girlfriend...

Nabooru: Oh... -closes her eyes, going red in the face- Oh Kyle... Mmn <3

Robert: Hopefully they said I can leave later tonight Smile And even if they don't want me too I will still try X3

Anudor: ;3 So I guess we should go to our bedroom and get everything packed away... -kisses his cheek- <3

Derek: Let us hurry >:U -grabs his butt- ... >.> Although you are distracting me right now... <3

Mika: I'll be alright... -kisses his cheek gently- You just take care now... Sad I know you're strong and you can take care of yourself but... after nearly being captured and that last time... I just don't want to lose you...

Eloisa: Well hopefully now this will all be over with... :/

Celestia: I guess so D| -sighs and gets out, starting to dry herself a bit- Man. Everytime we get comfortable, something ruins the moment.

Shea: Yeah... :/ -leans in and kisses his cheek- I love you... you know that right? Even though a lot of things have happened you are the best thing in my life...

Imaxle: o.o... -frowns and ears flatten- >C <You don't dare lay a hand on her Tyrandes... Why do you take such joy in doing this you bitch?>

???: I'm not sure... I feel like I should make a complaint... This has been a terrible influence on the children...

Nightshade: -goes over to them- :/ Go ahead Alassea dear...

(When we get Ashkii in the group we can start.)
Marianna: Smile Yeah... but I'm glad to have you back X3 Now we can be a huge group of friends who can have super awesome adventure together! -heads into the tribe-

Oiryn: -nods- You do that... :/ I still feel that he is not trying to get on with his life... I know its hard but its starting to worry me with how he is acting...

Whitney: At least we can train them... to teach them what is right and wrong... -looks up and kisses his cheek gently- Things will be alright <3
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowborne story   Shadowborne story - Page 4 I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 18, 2012 9:59 pm

???: -ears flatten and snorts- ... >/ Yes sir. -gets up and leaves-

Nikita: ... -sighs a little and eases up a bit- Thankyou sir. I'd like to have one of the training rooms please. -bows to him- I've taken this young one into my training.

Airna: -holds her hand- It's gonna be ok sweetheart... Sad It has to be... -gently kisses the top of her head- Just hang in there. You're being so brave...

Eli: -grabs a clipboard and starts writing something down- Yes... there seems there's been a lot of people getting hurt lately. It's such a shame it had to happen to little Sunari here. -sighs a bit- How did you say this happened again? Someone broke into your house?

Thrall: -thinks for a moment- ... That's not a bad idea... you'd have to teach them how to do it properly, but that might solve a lot of the problem with unemployment. -kisses her cheek gently- You see? You're so clever...

Drayna: X3 Shush... not always. -ears flatten and rubs the back of her head-

Nim: -ears perk and looks around- o.o <Woah... you can see the whole city from up here. It's amazing...> -sits up a bit on her shoulder- ... <I'm really glad we're doing this. Ellesmera was such a beautiful place.> D:

Jessie: -rolls her eyes- Oh here you go again James being such a little baby. Who cares about the stupid freaky little dogs? >/ Our problems would be solved with this place.... people would pay anything to come here.

Darunia: -sighs and tries to ignore them- We'll try. I think the elves will become less and less appreciative of this one staying here though.

Silver: Yeah...? -smiles a bit and cuddles her close- That does sound like a good idea. And Laetri would jump at the idea of... o.o Hey wait a minute, Darunia and Balto never came back. Didn't they go out to look for him?

Vlad: I don't care if it's bugging you. I can tell when you're bluffing Elle... and you can't survive on your own out here. A werewolf on their own in vampire territory? You'll be killed in minutes, if you're lucky.

Voldemort: Trust has nothing o do with it. It will do as I say... besides which, I can deal with those humans easily. -glances at him- Don't question me Scruff. -frowns a bit-

Erina: Yeah I don't mean to alarm anyone, but we're running low on food. D:

Lupus: -growls a bit- You were supposed to stock up back at the house....

Baldor: I'll see what I can do to get in touch with them... D| Elune knows my mother is probably caught up in something that's risking her life. -sighs and runs a hand through his hair- I don't know what I'm going to do with her.

Snape: Aurora shouldn't be sticking her nose into this. It's between me and Silvia. -glances back at Emily- .... I should go. I have work to do.

Eccaia: I won't let anyone separate us... -cuddles up to him- Please? Sad Those pokemon need help...

???: And so they shouldn't. >.> A nosy girl like you... -looks her over- You shouldn't have anything to do with Bobby.

Kyle: -looks her over- ... Heh... I've never seen you like this before Nabooru. |3 That feel good, huh...? <3

Missy: X3 That's wonderful...

Adam: Well if they're wanting you to stay here longer, it's for a reason. You shouldn't push yourself. -glances at Missy- We'd stay here.

Missy: o.o -nods- Of course... of course we'd stay.

Anudor: ;3 I know... that's what I was trying to do. |3 You can't resist me babe... <3

Blade: Hey it'll be alright... I'll be back in one piece. -cuddles her gently- I promise. You're gonna be stuck with me for a while now. X3

Ruth: -sits down on the ground and hugs her knees- Y-yeah... then my mother and I can return to the beach and relax again... then it'll all be alright...

Kali: You're telling me. D| Man ruling over hell sucks. You should've just let Mewtwo take it when he wanted it. -dries herself off and gets into her clothes-

Bruno: Hey of course I know that. I love you too babe. What's up with you...? -pulls her closer and hugs her gently- You've been all out of sorts for a while.

Tyrandes: <Because nobody defies me Imaxle... you're going to learn that one way or another. >3 So don't make me kill my pretty little plaything... I've really grown to enjoy her. You just stay where you know you're meant to be...>

???: Do you think we should talk with king Ceranthor about this? :/

Alassea: ... -looks over at them and sighs a bit- Yeah I guess...

G: -holds onto Seth and watches her carefully, not saying anything-

Alassea: ... -rubs her arm- M'sorry I threatened you and... hurt you before.

Nidawi: ^^; Man... are you sure? I'm so tired of adventures... I mean last time we lost each other for years. I don't want that to happen to us again. :/ I mean what if it's you this time?

Vivian: No it is worrying me too. The question is... who do you turn o when the doctor needs help? -sighs a bit and looks for Xavier-

Mewtwo: -holds her close- I suppose so... -looks down at her- ... When you have had them... is there anyone you want to be with you? I know you don't want your friends to see you like this... but you shouldn't be alone.
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowborne story   Shadowborne story - Page 4 I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 08, 2013 6:41 am

???: >.> Just make sure you teach him to shut his mouth. If he keeps this up then you'll both be trouble.

Sunari: A scary girl came to attack my brother's boyfriend... Sad

Zara: ^///^ Awh... I'm not that clever... Heh...

Aridrim: Yeah... -looks it over- To think all these people were going to be killed...

James: >C You know what Jessie I am getting sick of how you treat me. I am not going to listen to you this time. I'm helping these pups and we are not going to bring people here. And that is final!

Laetri: Yeah... I think they would banish us if we made a suggestion for it to stay here... :/ You know it's strange... the younger they are... they seem more innocent...

Tani: o.o;; ... -ears go back- I have a really bad feeling about this...

Elle: ... -growls- Look let's just hurry up before shit gets worse >/

Scruff: ... -frowns a bit- Fine I won't. I just got a bad feeling about some things.

Eleanor: o.o... What? D: But I filled the bag up with food! How could we be low?

Aurora: ... -smiles a bit and kisses his cheek- You know the way you act its like you're a parent... you know I still think you'll be a good father...

Emily: ... -sighs and frowns a bit- Fine. Get back to work.

[Tai]: ... -sighs- Alright... just be careful. Don't talk to any strangers or anything... Please...

Chelsea: >C You are disgusting. I just want to see her alright?! You can't do this one thing?!

Nabooru: Ohh ... Y-Yes... yes babe... <3 Mmn... -squirms a little at his touch-

Robert: ... -smiles a bit- Thanks guys... I am lucky to have you two...

Derek: Oh I really can't... <3 >w> -jumps into his arms-

Mika: Heh... I know... I know... -kisses his cheek gently-

Eloisa: ... Hey now come on... get up... it'll be okay...

Celestia: That would be nice... D| Then again everyone would be mad at us when dead pokemon come up from the ground...

Shea: Oh just... a lot of things... you know... -rests her head on his chest- I'll be okay...

Imaxle: ... -tears fall down his cheek- <You're a fucking bitch... I swear when I get my chance... you'll regret it...>

???: I think so... I know he could sort this all out...

Nightshade: ... :/ That's my girl... -kneels down and kisses her forehead- I'm proud of you...

Marianna: Hey nothing will happen... trust me. There is more protection around here last time you went :/

Oiryn: ... That is a good question... especially when Xavier really is... the best doctor there is...

Whitney: Well I want you there with me... Who else would I want...?
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowborne story   Shadowborne story - Page 4 I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 08, 2013 11:29 am

Nikita: Yes sir, I am. He is quite new and yet to understand any of the way things work here... I assure you the next time he speaks like that to someone here he will be in for a lashing.

Eli: ... -looks between them- Your brother's...?

Airna: Sad It's... it's quite complicated. Tonai's fiance, Mishka.... she became maddened. -ears flatten and frowns a little- She will get what is coming to her through. We've had her sent away to a mental facility. He'll never hurt any of us again... -cuddles up to Orecus-

Thrall: No you are... it's a brilliant idea Zara. We'll just start with these group of unemployed prisoners. Luka and his friends... you could teach them all to care for the forest couldn't you?

Drayna: -ears flatten and shuts her eyes- ... It was such a horrible thing to happen... even the young ones. -tears up a bit-

Chisei: -glances down at her- ... My people had always prided themselves on their brutality to other races... -gently places a hand on her shoulder- Don't cry child. Today will be the undoing of their work...

Jessie: o.o !! ... -looks a little stunned- What?! D< And exactly why not?! Why the hell are those things more important? >C

Darunia: Of course... they haven't yet been given the idea that they are meant to hate anyone... -gently nuzzles them- They just... they're just babies. I bet if they accepted the little one...

???: ^w^ -giggles and hugs her snout- <3

Silver: D| You know the kid got his sense of adventure from your side of the family. -sighs a bit and gets up- We'd better start looking for him. :/

Vlad: >/ Fine by me. Look what exactly is guiding us? How are you supposed to know when you're close? I'd like to just get this done quickly.

Voldemort: Then keep it to yourself.

Erina: ^^; Were we... not meant to eat so much...?

Lupus: D< -barks at her viciously- You ate it all?!

Erina: D: I-I thought we'd be stocking up more at the house! >.< Don't yell at me, I was hungry!

Baldor: -smiles faintly- You think so? ... I am... excited by the idea, I have to say... -cuddles her gently- Having a little one around the house, someone that loves us no matter what....

Snape: ... -walks away from her and back to his classroom-

Eccaia: I promise. I won't leave the house or anything I'll just... I'll just sit here and keep an eye on the pokemon.

Parker: Alright well just be careful. :/ Don't even answer the door or anything.

???: ... >.> No. >/ It's not any of my fault the stupid boy wound himself up in hospital. You can just take care of him yourself. Good day. -goes back to reading-

Kyle: -caresses her gently and kisses her neck- Mmn... do you want more...? <3

Missy: -blushes a bit- You mean it...? -smiles faintly and gently squeezes his hand- We're pretty lucky you came into our lives as well darling... <3

Anudor: X3 -giggles a bit and hugs him close- Oh... Derek. <3 -sighs deeply and kisses the top of his head- We'll never get all packed up at his rate... ;3 -moves his hands down to his butt- <3

Blade: I promise I'll be back... -gently kisses her cheek- ... C'mon let's get going.

Ruth: -tries to calm down- Y-yeah... -slowly gets up- It'll be ok. It'll be ok... won't it?

Kali: X3 -scoffs a bit- Well who cares? We wouldn't be ruling anymore.

Bruno: -gently strokes her hair- All sorts of things like what? You wanna tell me...?

Tyrandes: >3 <You won't... a weak little man like you?> -laughs cruelly- <You'll take what you get and like it. >/ Now I don't appreciate this sort of attitude... >w> Maybe I should bring Aldiira over here so you can watch. >J She does keep begging to see you...>

???: Come on then... I know he would listen. -gently takes her hand and heads outside- ... He's a good ruler... I know he would feel for Nathe.

Alassea: Mmn... -looks over him and watches him carefully-

G: ... Sad -cuddles up to Seth- I-It's ok... I probably shouldn't have come here... |c

Nidawi: Yeah I can imagine. They wouldn't want anything like that happening again. ... -sighs a bit and rubs the back of her head- .... This is so weird... something really huge feels like it's missing...

Vivian: Is he... getting old?

Mewtwo: Of course I would be there, but I meant... family...
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowborne story   Shadowborne story - Page 4 I_icon_minitime

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Shadowborne story
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