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 Lydia Moore

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PostSubject: Lydia Moore   Lydia Moore I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 17, 2013 10:25 am

Character's Full Real Name: Lydia Caroline Moore (Maiden name: Callahan)
Age (Lived Years): 28
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Hair Colour(s): Red
Hair Length / Cut: Waist length
Skin Tone: Caucasian
Eye Colour(s): Light blue
Eye Shape: Round
Ear Type: Round
Fingernails / Foreclaws: Trimmed
Toenails / Hind Claws: Trimmed
Nail / Claw Colour(s): Natural
Teeth: Normal
Tail: None
Extra Anatomy: None
Body Type: Hourglass
Height: 5'03"
Weight: 120 Lbs
Physical Strength: Not strong at all
Supernatural Abilities: None
Alternate Forms: None
Scars / Deformities: None
Diseases / Conditions: Asthma
Medications: Asthma cigarettes (They are a real thing. It's pretty cool.)
Addictions / Dependencies: She still feels dependent on a man considering her husband always used to control her. But now living in the wilderness she has learnt to become independant
Glasses/Contacts: None
Piercings: Pierced ears
Tattoos: None
Makeup: Light makeup
Fashion Sense: When living with her husband she was wearing high class feminine clothing. Then after moving off into the wild those clothes became torn and eventually she had to make a new dress out of some spare materials. Now living in the wild she has adapted to a tribal sort of fashion sense.
Psychiatric Problems: None
Phobias: Werewolves
Manias/Philias: Tea. The scent of it helps her breathe and after drinking it her chest feels better.
Sociability: Social and friendly to humans, but is still quite timid to mythical creatures.
Activity: Not as active when living in her home (A maid does the cleaning and all she does is read etc.) but now in the wild she has become more active.
Adventurousness: Quite scared of the outside world so she is not as adventurous
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Religion: Has grown up in a Christian home, goes to church but is not a big preacher.
Significant Other: Isaac C. Moore
Marital Status: Married
Children: None
Occupation: Unemployed
Income Level: No income. Lives off the land
Residence: Her home is in Wyvern Hollow but is not currently travelling the lands.

Biography: Lydia grew up in a high class society and was raised to become a proper wife for her future husband. She was arranged to be married to Isaac C. Moore, who grew up to be a professor and studier of magical creatures. At first, their relationship was a beautiful one. They both loved each other, but slowly Isaac's obsession with magical creatures got out of control and took over his mind. Lydia tried to be supportive, but in the end they started to grow apart. Lydia started to develop feelings for the detective who moved into town who was investigating the recent murders on the townspeople. After a terrible fight with her husband, Lydia ran off outside and was caught being near a corpse that was on the ground. The towns people believed that she was the murderer and she had to escape the town. That's where she met Alyce and Raphael and decided to travel alongside with them, not realising that the same werewolf who had attacked Alyce and her family has started to follow her.
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Lydia Moore
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