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Name: Ai
Age: 13 (At the start)
Gender: Female
Hair: Black
Eyes: Amber/Brown
Skin: Slightly tanned skin
Alignment: Good
Nationality: Technically she is from the Fire Nation (Born in Fire Fountain City) but her father came from the Northern Water Tribe. But before she found out more of her past she believes shes from the Southern Water Tribe
Element: Water bender and a Fire bender. (Combat only) She developed this skill after she fell ill. But, she can only firebend through the day and water bend at night.
Appearance: She is tall with long hair that is usually in one big braid. She has almond shaped eyes and oval shaped face with a facial expression that always says "I really don't care about stuff". As she has started to train she has become more muscular in her body tone and even though she can eat like there is no tomorrow she can still keep the weight off. She also has a burn scar on her right shoulder from when she was attacked as a baby. Though she believes that it was from a cooking accident in the water tribe.
Personality: Ai can be quite rude and can get a little mad sometimes. While it seems like she can't take a joke she has some moments where she can be funny. She also doesn't like showing she can be close to people, but when her friends are in danger or upset she comes and helps them. Yet she still has trouble showing emotions. Eventually when it bottles up too much inside of her she can break down.
Skills: She knows most of the moves in southern water bending and even got a lesson from a nothern water bender when they came to visit her. Her skills in firebending are weak but as she starts to travel she starts to try and learn more of it.
Weaknesses: Though she claims she has no weaknesses, shes known to attack without thinking and that often gets her into trouble. Ai is also known to have a fear of Koh, the face stealer. After hearing stories about him as a child she would have terrible nightmares and wouldn't even dare look at some masks. Even when going near festivals she freaks out around masks. This contributes to why Ai doesn't like to show emotions.
Other: Met her first friend Heymi when she was washed up on shore. Although she finds her a weird person, she wouldn't have any other best friend.
Main Weapon: Hand to hand combat and bending, but in certan times of need where she is shocked and not prepared she has a small hunting knife that she uses to attack.
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Ai (Profile)
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