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 Non canon couples 2

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PostSubject: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 09, 2013 8:46 am

Chelsea: Oh he didn't mean just me >/ -grabs him by the scruff of his shirt- You're going to join us.

???: Just trust me... >.>... -holds his hand out- Come on... 

Scruff: D< Enough! -pulls her away- You want to torture someone take me! Ill take her place! 

Alejandro: It already has been. <.<


Isaac: A demon wouldn't give a fuck <.<... |3 Nah... I'll be keeping her close to me... -goes over and plays with her hair-

Zara: >.< Don't touch me... 

Jason: D: !! Lexi go! The portal is so close! Go through it! >.< NOW!! 


Elle: But D: ...

???: Come on now. It's not a deadly fight. It just shows me your skills. 

Mapiya: He must have a camp or that somewhere... >C Talk damn it! Or you'll be sent back out with a broken leg!

Xavier: Its hanging on by a thread and you'll die from blood loss if we don't do anything! Now settle Tyrel! We'll get someone to look for her! 

Alejandro: Good <.< Then you can get these pants off of me |3 -sinks into hell-

Eloisa: D| Thank god...

Maria: o///o ... Heh... Y-You really think so...? ^///^  


Jane: Yes. And fast. Snape might do something stupid.

Aurora: Im going through with it alright? I'm not going to put my child in the same situation you and mum put me in! I thought you'd support me... If you do anything to ruin my wedding... You'll ruin our relationship... 


Link: -cuddles her back- I love you too sweetheart... More than anything... -kisses her cheek and heads out- 

Elle: ;3 Mmn... Well youll need a bit of a hands on treatment... What i want to do is to see if i can do well on top... <3 -plays with the edge of his shirt- 

Dark: -.- This is Hyrule. I live here. I should've left you to her... But Lily wouldn't have wanted that... 

Tani: ... She wanted to get rid of the baby. Thats what.

Lily: ... -looks away and doesn't say anything- 

Aurora: o.o... Ohh... Now this is nice... Mmn... |3 <3  

Eleanor: -takes him in and places him down- Thanks professor... I didn't want them to take him away from me... He's pretty much all I've had ever since the building burned down...  

Gardevoir: ... -cuddles him- See... You're not a monster...


Annette: |3 Come on... Lets get inside... 

Madeline: ... Dad probably would of... -sighs a bit- 

???: >.> Good boy. Now let's see our little girl |3 


Zara: You just cant waste money like that. I can adjust them. Here... -takes them off and sits on the bed naked. Gets out a needle and thread from her bag and begins to sew- 

Alejandro: -kisses her back gently- Mmn... I want you both to get along... Please... 

Reynard: -smiles faintly- Yes... I do <3 

Celestia: I-I dont know D: Cant your gods do anything? 


Aurora: Just ... Just piss off. -walks away from her, wiping her eyes- 


???: >.>... I see. I best be on my guard then X3 -laughs a little- 


Lily: >/ Just back off dad. 

Tabi: >.< No just... Just get him out... I have to stay here...  

Proton: >C -huffs a bit- Yeah? Well ill make sure you never see your freaky wife and kid again. 

Dark: -smiles a bit- I love you too... -sighs- Anything been done for Silver and Tani yet? 


Elle: ... No one. Why would i? 

Rayurn: >.< Let me go!

???: |3 Okay... -chucks him into a cell and locks him up- 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 09, 2013 10:06 am

???: o.o;; W-what? D: -tries to pull away- You can't do that! >.< L-look, I've got nothing against you or your boyfriend! R-really! I was just trying to do my job! -trembles a little-

Bobby: ... What other choice do I have...? -frowns a bit and hesitantly takes his hand-

???: >w> ... -looks him over for a moment- <Very well....> >3 -grins cruelly and snatches him away- <But you will regret it...>

Vivian: o.o; S-scruff what are you doing? D:

???: -hisses and holds a claw to his throat- <You wish to take her punishment sssso badly... then she shall feel it... tenfold...> >3

Fox: Good job. >.> Alright lads, back off now... we're not gonna let this sort of shit slide unless you're gonna pay up. C'mon now, form a line.


???: ... -snorts and looks away- Fine. Like I give a shit. >/

Lexi: -tears up and backs away a bit- I'm sorry... >.< -sobs and races away from them towards the portal-

???: D< Don't let her get away or he'll kill all of us! -growls and grabs Jason by the throat, her eyes glowing red- >C You'll regret that boy... -sinks into the ground with him and drags him to the depths-


Kanti: D: But she's my bestest friend. What happens when someone loses, do we fail? Cause... we were gonna be warriors together.

Bruno: >C -snarls viciously and bites down hard into her wrist-

Tyrel: But... Sad -glances back at the door to the tent- I... I have to help her... >.< -tears run down his face- He's probably hurting her and I can't do anything... -trembles a little- J-just get it fixed... please, as soon as you can. Sad

Fox: |3 You know I'm always happy to oblige... <3 -cuddles up to him-

William: >.> They're a little stifling aren't they?

Harold: Of course... -goes over and gently strokes her cheek- Whomever you are set up with my dear... they are a very lucky young man to have you.


Abigail: Alright c'mon I think I saw him out here with their kid.

G: -helping Baldor fix his hair- There... you look so cute kiddo. X3

Baldor: Very Happy I'm gonna be the bestest ring bear! >w<

Snape: -looks her over- .... I fully intend to... think about it Aurora. I'm serious this time. -turns and walks away from her-


Medli: -ears flatten and frowns a bit, just watching him leave- ... Sad He's.... he's gonna be ok, right? He knows what he's doing...

Misfit: >w> You wanna be on top now? Well I dunno about that... you'll have to take it from me if you really want it that bad...

Slate: -snarls- I don't give a damn about what Lily wants. >/ You know you didn't need to get involved. I can deal with the stinking fish princess on my own.

Silver: -looks stunned and stares at her for a moment- ... What on earth made you think this was the right way to go Lily? What... what if we had done the same thing when your mother had gotten pregnant? That's taking the easy way out.... -kneels down to her level- Sweetheart we told you we were going to help you with this...

Parker: Now... what do you want me to do for you....? -gently kisses her neck- Mistress...? <3

Oak: :/ Yes... I assume your family were found and arrested as well? I'd heard all about it. In fact Delia, she... well nevermind, let's just worry about you two for starters. -kneels down to Persian's level- What did they say was the problem with the little guy?

Mewtwo: -cuddles her back and sighs a little- I cannot help but be... being a monster is... what I was made for. Creatures like you, who were born of this earth... you have a choice. I do not...


Missy: -blushes a little- Alright... <3 -takes her hand and heads inside- .... -sighs happily and looks around- I still can't believe you got this place for us...

Adam: Yeah? :/ ... You reckon I could take him in a fight? >.> .... Cause I'd do that for you... I'd defend you from him... -kisses the top of her head-

???: Mmn. >.> -wraps an arm around her- Yeah alright.


Thrall: -smirks a bit and watches her- ... Take your time.

Fox: |3 Whatever you say darling... <3 -gently rubs his chest- Mmn... I love you so much...

Eldora: -bites her lip and quickly nods- Y-yes... <3

Drayna: -nods- You need to pray.... -bows her head and shuts her eyes, going silent-

Kali: o.o -watches her- Well... D: Well fuck, I've prayed before but nothing ever happened. How do I make sure it's different this time? >.< I really need this fucking miracle... -tears run down her face-


Ivy: |c -sighs and nods, just letting her go- Yes ma'am...


Baldor: Right.... ^^' I'll take us home then... -leads them to his treehouse-

???: :3 -ears perk and looks up as they come in- Prince Baldor welcome home. ^^ So good to see you and your lady friend looking well. -looks over her father- c: And who is thiiiss? >w>


Silver: >/ Yeah get him out and fuck off. Especially you Lily. You count yourself fucking lucky I'm not sending you back to your fucking cell.

G: -looks Tani over for a moment and nods- It won't be much longer. We'll fix this... -gently takes Laetri from her- C'mon kiddo...

Seth: >/ Do not speak like that of my family... or you will regret it. -drags him into a police station-

Kihja: -cuddles him comfortingly- Lily and Giovanni are working on something...


Vlad: An ill conceived attempt to escape... >C Don't lie to me girl, I heard it... -grabs her by her hair- Who was it?

Fawn: Sad Oh Rayurn... -tears run down her cheeks and races over to the bars of his cell- I'm sorry... >.< I'm so sorry... -reaches through the bars to try and hold onto his hand- I wish I could have stopped this... Crying or Very sad
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 09, 2013 12:02 pm

Chelsea: >C you need to be taught a lesson...-teleports down into hell- 

???: Thats a girl... Itll be okay... Trust me... -heads to his office- 

Scruff: o.o;; you can't do that... You can't! 

Alejandro: <.< $5 a punch! $10 a grope! 


Isaac: >.>... Fine |3 -pulls her out of the cage and undresses her- Enjoy the show then... <3

Zara: >.< no! 

???: -hisses and chases after her- Come back! D<

Jason: DX let me go! Let me go right now!


???: it's just to show your skills. No one fails or anything. <.<

Mapiya: Ah >.<! -lets him go, crying out in pain- 

Xavier: I'll try... How is Tess Deo? 

Eloisa: At least they are gone -plays with William's hair- |3 and we're alone... <3 

Maria:... Oh... Yes... -looks away- ... You ever thought that sometimes these arranged marriages... Are wrong...? 


Jane: ... Giovanni? We might have a bit of a problem. Aurora's father has made it clear that he is not coming. But we fear he might do something stupid...

Aurora: ... -tears up and slowly sits down- |c 


Cremia: Course kiddo... I trust him. Now what would like? Something to eat?

Elle: ... -smirks a bit and pushes him down onto the bed- Oh that i can do... -moves ontop of him- <3 

Dark: >.>... so about you trembling when the water was coming in... 

Lily: >.< i want him back dad... I thought with it gone we'd be back...  

Aurora: Ohh... -blushes and closes her eyes- T-Take me... Show me how hard you can be... <3 

Eleanor: He was feeling ill so they placed him on an IV bag... Which i took along with us ^^; said that he needed to be on that and just rest for the night...  

Gardevoir: You do have a choice... We all have choices, thats how we live. To pick the right one or the wrong ones...  


Annette: My girl deserves a dream home... And anything she desires <3 

Madeline: .... You're a brave idiot ... I love you for it... 


Zara: -ear flicks and looks up- ... Dont you have other things to do rather than just standing around watching? 

Alejandro: I love you too... Now lets all just get some sleep... <3 

Reynard: You have made me the happiest man alive... <3 

Celestia: .... All we can do is try Mihan... What else have we got? Sad -closes her eyes and start to try and pray-  


Aurora: -goes outside to one of the balconies and looks out at the forest- ... |c 


Chelsea: ^^' this is my father. He has come to stay in the colony...

???: X3 pleasure to meet you. 


Lily: Like you could put me back in there you red headed pussy >/ 

Laetri: D: But mum...

???: -looks up- >.>... can i help you two? 

Dark: ... I must be a bit hazy... Lily and Giovanni are working together?


Elle: >.< it was just one of the wolves! I said no anyway! I didn't tell them anything! 

Rayurn: -gets up and slowly moves over, nuzzling her hand Dont... We'll get out... I promise you... 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 09, 2013 1:18 pm

???: >.<; No I didn't do anything, please! -tries to pull away from her- ... F-fuck... >.<; -coughs and tries to breathe- W-what is this place? Sad

Bobby: o.o -looks up at him- ... Y-yes... yes that's right! Very Happy I-I'm a woman. You recognise that... t-thankyou...

???: >3 <Can I not...? But thisss.... is what you wanted....> -grins cruelly and runs her claw along his throat to make a shallow cut-

Vivian: o.o !! Agh! DX -holds onto her neck as it starts to bleed- Oh god, s-stop!

Drayna: -looks mortified and backs away- I can't believe you... Alejandro, I thought at least you were enough of a gentleman... D<


Jinn: Fine... >C -growls and just looks away-

Lexi: >.<; -tears run down her face- Leave me alone! I just wanna go back! -rubs her eyes and keeping running, heading through the portal- .... o.o -stops after a while and looks around- ... I'm back... I-I'm really back...

???: >3 -throws him to the ground- Fine. It's not like you'll be going anywhere now. Say hi to our friend Cassandra for us. >w> If there's anything left of her. -laughs cruelly and steps away from him-


Kanti: o.o Oh ok. Well uh... >w> -flicks his sword and whacks Elle in the arm-

Bruno: -shakes the water off his fur and backs away- You got lucky this time bitch... >C But I'll fucking destroy you if we ever cross paths again. -snarls threateningly and races back off into the forest-

Deo: Slipping. I can't get any responses out of her.

William: That we are. |3 -cuddles her close- So you made any friends today?

Harold: ... -sips his drink- Perhaps. My first born William... -frowns a bit- Takes too much after his mother. I should have seen it coming that his did not work out. >/ And Claudia... hmph. Sometimes the matches just aren't right. -glances over at her- <.< ... Do you know who you are matched with?


G: -straightens up and looks them over- .... I figured he would be the one to do something stupid.

Abigail: Yeah we saw him go in to talk to Aurora earlier. You should probably get someone to make sure he doesn't ruin--

G: He went to speak with her? -glances over at her room- ... He's going to upset her, I'm sure of it. -sighs a bit and walks past them-

Baldor: o.o ... -looks up at Jane and growls a little, bearing his teeth- >:T Hey Jane! Imma ring bear! Raaawwwr!

G: -stops at her door and thinks for a moment- .... -eventually knocks and steps in- Aurora?


Medli: Mnuh.... Sad I couldn't eat right now... -flicks her tail, looking worried and just keeps watching the gates of the ranch- ...

Misfit: o.o ... That didn't take you very long... X3 -squirms a bit-

Slate: -snarls- Shut up! D< You shouldn't fucking be involved in any of this anyway! >C -ears flatten and turns away from him-

Silver: Why would you want him back after this Lily? He didn't care enough to take care of you and the child. He doesn't deserve you...

Parker: ;3 Well that I can do... >3

Oak: Yes I'd like to have him lay down for a while... in the morning if he's strong again he really should eat something. I'm sure he wouldn't have known how to find anything to eat.

Persian: >.> -snorts- Says you. I bet I could find something.

Oak: o.o; ... -looks him over seeming stunned for a moment, then up at Eleanor- Are you sure this is the same cat?

Mewtwo: -ears flatten and thinks for a moment- ... And who is to say what is a right or a wrong decision...? .... Was.... it a wrong decision, to have created me?


Missy: This is everything I've ever desired... <3 -wraps her arms around Annette's waist- I mean sure, I... I never imagined being with a strong vampire woman or... or taking in my son's girlfriend, but... but this is the kind of beautiful and loving family I'd always hoped for... Smile

Adam: X3 Well I gotta be... -gently kisses her cheek- You deserve to have a brave idiot looking out for you.


Thrall: >.> What I do with my time out of work is my concern and not yours girl. |3 You are my servant. If I wish to stand here and just watch you while you are like this then what right should you have to tell me I cannot?

Fox: |3 -nods and rests her head against his chest, still cuddled up on top of him- <3

Rose: -hugs her pillow- Good night sir... <3

Eldora: -smiles weakly- We're really going to get married... <3 Oh gosh... -sighs happily- When we get back home, I... I have to tell Marigold...

Kali: ... >.< -sighs a bit and holds onto Celestia's hands- Shit... -shuts her eyes tight and tears roll down her cheeks- Please... please any of you gods... I don't know what to do, we tried everything to help ourselves and it's all going to shit. W-we really need this miracle. P-please... -trembles- I can't lose another child... |c I need this...


Mew: ^w^ -floating out among the tops of the trees- ... o.o -ears perk and looks over at her, tilting her head a bit- ... Meewww? -floats up behind her and sniffs at her a bit-


???: >w> Pleasure's all mine sweet cheeks.... <3 -bows her head and blushes- Such a shame... your father, you say? -pouts a little- If you didn't have a Mihan I would just be all over you. ;3

Baldor: ^^' Alright well I'm sure he appreciate the sentiment. Could you fit one of the beds with new sheets and blankets please? Make him feel welcome.


Silver: >C -growls and his eyes glow red-

G: Don't push it Lily. We're going. -cuddles Laetri close and whispers to him- It'll be ok... we'll fix everything up for her later. -teleports them back to the cafe-

Silver: >C ... Hmph. Can you fucking believe them? -growls a bit-

Seth: Yes I'd like to turn this one in. He broke in and assaulted me and my family. >/ -shoves him forward- And I'm sure you'll recognise him from the criminal organisation that seems to be pretty much uncontrollable in this place.

Kihja: ^^' Yeah we were surprised too. 83 But it was so cute. You should have seen them all hugging and that. >w<


Vlad: >C You better not have. Because if anyone from that fucking tribe shows up here I WILL kill them...

Fawn: Crying or Very sad -strokes his fur gently- Please stay strong... w-we'll make it out...
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 10, 2013 5:35 am

Chelsea: It's hell you idiot. You're underground >/ -throws him to the ground and tears up- 

???: ... Yes... -heads to his office- And you know things are a lot different as a woman... 

Scruff: Ahh!! >.< N-No! No stop!! -

Alejandro: I am. But the demon blood and tough girlfriend change me a bit. <.<  


Isaac: Oh no >J -moves over and makes him look up- You're going to watch... 

???: -hisses- D< Fuck! Master will be pissed! 

Jason: >.<! -slowly gets up- Fuck you! D< When I get back you'll all be killed! 


Elle: ow! >.< ... <.< -kicks him under his feet to knock him over- 

Shark: >.> Relax kiddo... Bruno will be back soon |3

Shea: >.< -is tied up- Let me go dad! I gotta help Tyrel!  

Xavier: Help Tyrel. I'll take over okay? -gets up and goes over to Tess-

Eloisa: Well i think i did X3 ... -kisses him gently- Proud of me? 

Maria: ... Once.. He is older... But... I do agree. Some matches aren't right... I don't think this one is... 


Jane: X3 Heh... You sound like a scary one! Would the ring bear be my guide for today? -holds out a hand- 

Aurora: -looks up, trying to dry her eyes without messing her makeup- G-Giovanni? Oh you cant see me before the wedding... It's bad luck... 


Cremia: Well would you like me to take you to a room? :/ 

Elle: ;3 You shouldnt mess with me bad boy... <3
(oh if only somehow Reese walked in XD) 

Dark: >/ -kicks him hard- I am though! She is my grandchild! And hey the only person who could love you!  

Lily: >.< Why did you want to say with mum huh?  -tears up-

Aurora: -giggles a bit- >3 Then do it. <3 -leans in and kisses him- 

Eleanor: Oh yeah. Only now he can say smart ass things instead of giving them as gestures >.>  

Persian: >.> -snorts- Says you. I bet I could find something.

Gardevoir: ... Well... Look... You're helping all these Pokemon... You helped me... I think it was a right decision... 


Annette: Yeah...? ... I never thought id have something like this... I thought i was just a doomed demon...  

Madeline: -blushes a bit- Yeah... -cuddles him and rests her head on his chest- I love you Adam... I hope nothing spoils this... 


Zara: Hey i can't >.>... -finishes and starts to put her clothes on- So what's first? Cleaning or something?

Aleajndro: -wrap an arm around Fox and the other around Rose- I love you both... -starts to doze off again- <3 

Reynard: X3 Hey we can have a traditional Wedding in your tribe... Have everything you've always wanted...  

Celestia: Please Elune... Dont let the child be harmed... |c  


Aurora: -sniffles a bit and doesn't turn around- Enough of your stupid games... Get back to work >C 


???: ^^;; well thank you but... I don't have a uh.. 'Mihan'...


Tani: ... Mmn... -looks away, ears drooping- 

Laetri: >.<... -hugs him tight- You can for me... |c

???: >.>... oh hello Proton. We meet again. 

Proton: >C ... And ill be leaving soon...   

Dark: ... I kinda feel sick... .___.


Elle: ... Don't... If they come just sen them back alright? |c I'm staying and doing my part... 

Rayurn: Sad ... And when we get out we'll get Elle back... 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 10, 2013 9:24 am

???: Ugh! >.< -stumbles and falls on his back- W-what do you want from me? -shakes and looks up at them- P-please... I didn't have anything against you!

Bobby: -follows him in- Smile Yeah but... but it just feels so much better this way. It feels right... -sighs a bit and sits down- You know it really means a lot that you can recognise that...

???: >3 <Thisss.... isss what you wanted...> -presses him against a wall and looks him over- ... >w> <This will be sssso much more fun...> >J -rakes her claws slowly down his back-

Vivian: >.< !! -cries out in desperate pain and drops to her knees- Ah! N-no more! DX Please no more!

Drayna: >//< -struggles and tries to pull away from some of the demons- Y-you're horrible... D< You're as bad as the demons are! Tell them to let me go! >.< Please!


Jinn: o.o ... Why the fuck do you care if I'm watching? D<

???: >C The little shit could be anywhere now... master will kill us. -sighs a little- Fuck...

???: >3 Ah but there's no way out of the depths... I think I'll even stay a little while to see what happens with you...


Kanti: o.o !! -stumbles and falls on his back- Hey no fair! D: Oh it's on now! >3 -gets to his feet again and swings at her-

Bruno: -growls a little and heads back out to Sharks camp- Man you fucking owe me. >/ I've still got water in my lungs from where that bitch tried to get information out of me. -looks over at Shea and grins a little- >3 ... Well... it's good to see you again...

Deo: -nods- Yes Xavier. -glances over at them- ... How will you tell blade if you cannot save her?

William: >.> Your uncle did all the work really.

Harold: Well that's quite a shame. I mean... there are some exceptions where parents will allow their children to opt out of an arrangement, but... <.< There is not even someone else. I don't think there is any other way for you...


Baldor: Very Happy -nods- Yeah yeah! ^w^ -takes her hand- <3

Abigail: >.> What, I'm not a good enough guide now?

G: I know. But I heard about your father coming in... I knew he would say something to upset you. -looks her over- Oh Aurora... you've been crying. What did he say to you...?


Medli: -slowly nods- Mkay...

Misfit: |3 Oh I really shouldn't. Please... show me the error of my ways...

Fawn: They're just in their other tent studying my darling. Smile I'm sure they'd be very happy to see you...

Reese: Thanks so much... Smile -heads over to their tent and steps in- Elle... Elle I came to-- o.o ...

Slate: >.< !! -yelps and falls over on his side- S-stop! Why the fuck is everyone trying to injure me?! -staggers and tries to get to his feet again-

SilveR: -sighs a bit- Lily... -gently wipes her eyes- He doesn't care...

Parker: -finishes up sometime later and huffs a bit- Mmn... |3 Was that... rough enough for you my mistress? -leans down and gently kisses her- <3

Oak: o.o Remarkable... how did he learn to do this?

Mewtwo: -sighs a little and just rests his forehead against hers- ...


Missy: No... you have such a good heart... -cuddles her gently- <3

Adam: -strokes her hair gently- Nothing else is gonna happen... I won't let it.


Thrall: Yes get to work cleaning the place. >/ And don't let me see you using those damned powers of yours. I've got things to do so don't bother me.

Rose: |o -soundly asleep and cuddled up in his arms in the morning- ... <3

Fox: -already up and cleaning up the bar- .... >.> Lazy bums. -grumbles bitterly and keeps working-

Eldora: Wow I wouldn't know what a traditional wedding would be like for us... but I bet it's amazing. Smile Oh Reynard I can't believe it, this is so great. ^w^ -cuddles up to him- I love you so-- >.< !! -yelps a little in sudden pain-

Healer: >.> Sorry. Didn't mean to ruin the moment. -finishes stitching her up-

Drayna: .... -ears droop a little and speaks softly- I... I don't feel any change in the baby's condition... Kali--

Elune: -appears floating before her bed, not saying anything- ...


Mew: o.o ... -tilts her head a bit- ...? >w< -giggles a bit and nudges her before quickly ducking out of sight-


???: o.o -looks confused- But... she is your daughter?

Baldor: -looks up at him- To our people, having a child between two people is like a marriage. They call their partner a Mihan and cannot separate or have relations with other people.


Silver: don't give me that look, get back to what you were working on. >/ I thought you were supposed to have security under control.

Seth: I sincerely hope he won't be. >/ -shoves him forward- This man is dangerous, he needs to be contained. I hope you'll make sure he is jailed and given a proper trial.

G: I will kiddo... don't worry... -glances up at Dark- >.> .... What, would you rather us be fighting?


Vlad: That you are... but I don't want to have to deal with any pests that think they can take you away from me... >.> -brushes some hair out of her eyes- |3 Surely you must understand.

Fawn: |c Oh god... the poor little thing. She must be so scared on her own.... >.< I-If she has to go through the same thing... -shivers a little-
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 10, 2013 11:58 am

Chelsea: You pissed me off >/ That's what... -kicks him hard in the stomach- Not so fucking tough now are you? D< 

???: >.>... Oh yes... Please lay down on the bed... 

Scruff: DX N-No! You've twisted this around! Let me... ahhhh! 

???: |3 like we would listen to them anyway girl...

Malladus: But you would listen to me >C  


Isaac: Awh... I just want you to see what I'm doing to the little bitch... >3 

???: We have to tell him... If we don't he'll be more mad... 

Jason: >C I bet a few would like to destroy you... 


Elle: >3 -dodges it- Oh nice swing... Not good enough though <w< 

Shea: D< Bruno what the fuck is wrong with you?! You have any idea what trouble youll be in!  at 

Xavier: ... Im trying not to think about that... 

Eloisa: <.<... dont take away my victory. Do that and there's no sex. 

Maria: ... Yeah... Not someone else... -looks down-  


Jane: >.>... hey you're not a ring bear |3 those are rare. 

Aurora: ... He doesn't want this to go trough... He is going to try and separate is Sad i just know it...  


Cremia: ... -heads to her house- Cheer up kiddo... It'll work out :/
Elle: O///O -looks at him- Oh jeez! >///< -covers herself up- H-Hi Reese... ^///^;;  ...

Dark: You need a fucking wake up call... Thats what you need >/  

Lily: ... Leave me alone... >C -walks out of the bathroom and to her bedroom- 

Aurora: Ohh... -tries to catch her breath- Yes... <3 Mmn... You're such a good boy... |3 

Eleanor: The collar on his neck. Its one of dad's inventions. You can understand any pokemon that wears it... Smile 

Gardevoir: ... -closes her eyes- See... If you weren't created... We would've never have found each other... 


Annette: ... The goodness comes out only with you... -kisses the top of her head- <3 

???: Jeez... Fucking Annette. Fucking Annette is living here D< 


Zara: <.<... yes sir. -kisses his cheek and heads downstairs- |3 

Alejandro: ... Mmn... |o -cuddles Rose close and kisses her nevk gently in his sleep- ... <3 

Reynard: Well... Least she is fixed up... ^^;; thanks... 

Celestia: Well just-- -looks up- o.o... Holy shit D: 


Aurora: o.o!! -turns around- What is wrong-- ... Who is doing this?! D< 


???: Ah well... Chelsea's real mother died years ago... :/ so
I've been seeing others... 


Tani: I did. |c im trying hard mihan... 

???: >.>... And what are you? 

Dark: <.< oh no but you know. Seeing you all sweet and nice is a scary thing. 


Elle: ... Then don't deal with them... |c -sighs and looks away- 

Rayurn: Sad She must be... I just hope she can get through it... |c 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 10, 2013 12:57 pm

???: DX !! -cries out a little in pain and clutches his stomach, winded- Ah... -tears up and doubles over- I-I'm sorry... >.< Please...

Bobby: o.o Hm? -looks over at it and gets up again- Oh sure... is this one of those things where you sit next to me and we just talk about shit? I didn't know psychiatrists actually did that. -goes over and lays down-

Vivian: -blood runs down her back and sobs- DX Make it stop! Make it stop, please!

???: >3 <Do you sssee...?> -grabs him by the throat and holds him up in the air- <Thisss isss.... what she deservesss.... forever...>

Drayna: >///< Ngh... -ears perk- o.o M-mihan!

Fox: o.o; Fuck. D< -grabs the money they have and races back to the bar- Hurry up Al!


Jinn: >C Nothing I haven't seen before.

???: I know... -sighs- It'll be the whip for all of us... |c If we're lucky... -turns around and heads back to Isaac's place-

???: >3 Heh. I very much doubt it...


Kanti: >:T Oh yeah? Then show me what you got!

Bruno: -walks over to her- >.> That's if they can find us... >3 I don't think they'll ever see you again Shea... -grins and stands over her- My... I've never seen you this helpless before. |3 -morphs back to his human form and looks her over for a moment- ... >J -punches her hard in the jaw-

Deo: She's unresponsive. You have to think about it, I don't think she'll be able to be saved.

William: >.> Hey you're the one that wants it.

Harold: -looks her over and smirks a little- What is it? Is there someone else you have your heart set on? <.<


Baldor: >:3 -bares his teeth- Grrrr! >D

Abigail: >.> ... Mhmm...

G: Please don't cry... -pulls her close and cuddles her gently- That's not going to happen. Nothing will separate us Aurora, I promise you that...


Medli: Sad I'm really worried about him. It's... it's dangerous what he's doing. |c I can't be by myself.... I don't want him to get hurt out there...

Misfit: O//O !! Fuck man! >//< -immediately sits up and pulls the covers over himself and Elle- What is your problem?! D<

Reese: o//o;; I-I'm sorry! >.< -shields his eyes- Y-your mother said you were studying... -mumbles a little- I forgot about this whole thing...

Slate: D< What I need is for people to leave me the fuck alone and let me make my own decision! Get your fucking nose out of this alright?!

Lucky: Sad ... -whines a little and his ears droop- |c

Silver: D| -sighs and straightens up- We did the right thing... right Mihan?

Parker: -sighs a bit and lays down with her, cuddling her gently- Mmn... -gently kisses her- I'm glad you liked it... |3

Oak: Very Happy Truly remarkable... -plays with the collar a little- I've always admired your father's work Eleanor, always such a shame where he ended up. -looks up at her- o.o Do you have any more of these contraptions?

Mewtwo: Yes... I suppose so... -sighs deeply- I am glad we met....


Missy: -blushes a little and giggles- Oh I don't know... I think it was always there...

???: >C Good. I've been wanting to fucking get even with her as well.


Thrall: <.< ... -ear flicks and watches her leave- And be quick about it! >/ I want you back up in my study when you're done! -growls a little and walks into another room, sitting down at his cluttered desk-

Rose: -bites her lip a little and shifts in her sleep- Mmn... <3 Oh master... -blushes and tilts her head back- |3

Healer: >.> Just make sure she keeps it clean and that. I wouldn't touch her until way after the stitches are taken out. Unless the girl just enjoys blinding, unbearable pain.

Eldora: o.o -quickly shakes her head- No... >//< No more of that. W-we can wait...

Drayna: o.o; -looks up and stands- ... My word.... -quickly bows her head and mutters quietly in the ancient language-

Kali: -sits up a little- ... Is... is that her...? D:

Elune: .... -doesn't say anything and floats down to Kali, shutting her eyes and gently placing a hand on her stomach-


Mew: >w> -ducks out behind her again and tugs on a bit of her hair with her mouth- >w< -giggles and flips in the air-


???: c: Ohhh... <3 I'm so sorry for your loss sir. ;3 It must have been just awful for you.... -giggles and moves closer, hugging his arm- My you just look so strong... ^///^


Silver: -grabs her by her hair and hisses- D< You're obviously not trying hard enough! How the hell did they just waltz in when you're 'trying your best'?! Huh?! -strikes her hard across the face-

Seth: ... -straightens up a bit and frowns- What should it matter? >/ I am not the guilty party here.

G: >.> Don't worry. I have no plans on showing and of that side to you.


Vlad: Oh but I have to. >.> I can't just sit back and let them take you away my dear... |3 -pulls her back close to him and runs a hand down her side- <3

Misfit: -comes up to Vlads house and looks around carefully- ... <It's alright Elle, don't look now but I figured out where you are. I'm coming in and I'm gonna get you back to the tribe.>

Fawn: |c -tears run down her face- .... I... I wish I could stay by the side of your cell.... Crying or Very sad
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 11, 2013 5:57 am

Chelsea: You think you're fucking funny?! D< Huh?! Well enjoy being in hell you prick! -walks away from him- 

???: >.>... you could say that... -goes over and gets out a needle- Just close your eyes... This'll just be something to help you..  

Scruff: Nghh... >.< She doesnt! -tears up- You dont even deserve to be here! 

Malladus: -picks up Drayna- Right... Anyone wanna start something? Huh? >C 

Alejandro: o.o... Fuck D: -races off and follows her- 


Isaac: Oh then you wont mind watching her get the demon style treatment.. The most painful sex there is >3 

???: ... -stops- No >.< i don't want the whip...

Jason: >C -spits in her face- Filthy fucking whore... 


Elle: >3 -charges at him and swings her sword at him- Kyahhh! >:U 

Shea: DX Argh! -spits out some blood- F-Fuck... Cut it out! D<   

Xavier: Theres still a heartbeat... Im going to try... Just focus on Tyrel. 

Eloisa: <.< ... I can live without it. 

Maria: ... -shrugs a bit and looks away- Maybe... It doesn't matter...  


Jane: >.> you want to hold my other hand sook? 

Aurora: |c I hope not... -looks him over and sniffles- You look so nice in your suit... -fixes his collar a bit-


Cremia: :/ He is a natural born hero dear... He can fight through anything...

Elle: Well ... Its okay... So uh... What brings you here? :/ 

Dark: ... You're a fucking fool for ditching her... A lot of people care for her... >/ 

Laetri: Sad -jumps down and cuddles him- It'll be okay... 

Tani: I think we have... Sad i hope we have... |c 

Aurora: -kisses him back- Mmn... So is this what we plan on doing all day? Just having sex, lazing around in bed... |3 

Eleanor: I doubt theres any left in the burnt rubble... :/ its the only one I have... -strokes Persian's head-

Gardevoir: Im glad too... -smiles a bit- Lets change the world for the better... <3 


Annette: >w> Oh...? It was always there hey? -starts to tickle her-

???: Oh yes how do you plan on getting back a she man vampire >.>


Zara: -comes into his study sometime later- ... -goes over and places a plate down on a clean spot on his desk- I cleaned the house... And made you something to eat... :/ 

Alejandro: Mmn... -slowly wakes up- Morning girls... |3 ... o.o hey where is Fox? 
(Imagine Rose just becoming a psycho killer trying to get rid of Fox.)

Reynard: Of course we can wait... -kisses her cheek- She wont get anymore pain... 

Celestia: Wh-What is she doing? 


Aurora: >.< -cries- Just leave me alone!! -sits on the ground and curls up- Stop! It isn't fucking funny!


???: o.o;; ... You weren't kidding about the friendliness... ^^;; Heh... 


Tani: >.< -yelps in shock- I-I don't know! Please Mihan... Sad  -tears up-

???: >.>... Oh i know... Guys take Proton away... I want to congratulate our friend here... 

Dark: <.< Good. 

Lily: -sighs and runs a hand through her hair- He must be hurting mum so bad... 


Elle: ... C-Can i just have some clothes now...? <Misfit don't! You come and he'll kill you! And even if we did go he will kill the tribe...>

Rayurn: -moves forward through the bars and licks her cheeks- Shh... Dont cry... We'll be together soon... 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 11, 2013 6:35 am

???: >.<;; Ngh... -trembles and doesn't say anything, just sitting there- F-fuck... -tears run down his face-

Bobby: o.o; ... Uh... -sits up a bit- What is it? S-something to help me relax?

???: >3 <And yet...> -throws him to the ground and drives the heel of her shoe into his face-

Vivian: Agh! DX -cries out as her nose breaks and blood pours out-

Drayna: -holds onto him and buries her face in her chest- I'm sorry Mihan... there were so many of them. |c I tried to fight them off, I really did...

???: o.o; -backs away- No man... ^^' You go ahead. Enjoy her...

Fox: D< I did not fucking count of that guy showing up.


Jinn: I know what it is. >C Your fucking little whore gave it to me back there. ... -looks Zara over for a moment- I don't see how it would benefit you. >/

???: We... we have to take it graciously. Sad We have no right to avoid our punishment...

???: >.< !! Ugh! -growls and wipes her eyes- >C Oh I hope you do get it good. Just you wait until we fucking get that girl... she's going to suffer! D<


Kanti: o.o !! -gets hit and falls over onto his back- Ow! XD -laughs a bit- Hey that was really good!

Bruno: >C And why should I? After all the fucking attitude you gave me... I should kill you right now. But no... >3 -grabs her face and makes her look up at him- I'm going to enjoy hurting you...

Deo: Yes sir, I am... I've given him something to knock him out for the surgery. It's gonna take a while to fix up his leg... whatever did this was brutal.

William: -pulls her close and cuddles her- Oh but it's been a while. >w> -kisses her neck gently- <3

Harold: <.< .... No. I suppose not... -finishes his drink-


Abigail: No. >.> -pouts and folds her arms- I'm not sure I want to now.

G: -looks her over and gently brushes some hair out of her eyes- You look so beautiful like this... <3


Medli: |c I hope so. I can't lose another.... -sighs a little- How long is he gonna be? Sad

Reese: I just... i just thought it'd be nice to come and visit you over the holidays. Cause we hardly talk much anymore... and... -looks away- Look I'll just give you a few minutes... -sighs a bit and quickly leaves the tent again-

Misfit: <.< .... I fucking hate that guy. -grumbles bitterly and stands up- How the fuck did he find us anyway?

Slate: Well then she's not alone is she? She'll be fine. >/ -goes to leave- Should've been more fucking careful with her birth control.

Lucky: |c -gently licks his cheek and cuddles up to him- i'm glad you guys are here...

Silver: She... she's upset now but... Sad she'll thank us later. This is the right thing...

Parker: |3 Well i dunno. It is up to you mistress.... you're the one that had the idea to do all of this.

Oak: I would love to take a look at this... just for a little while. Very Happy -takes it off Persian's neck and looks it over-

Persian: o.o ... <Oh no that's just fine.> -.-' -flicks his tail- <Remove all forms of my communication and forget about helping me. That's just fine...>

Mewtwo: Yes... -strokes her hair gently and smiles very faintly- You see? I knew you were special...


Missy: o.o !! Ee! Annette! XD -laughs and squirms, trying to pull away- Let me go! Haha!

???: >.> Well you know actually I heard vampires have this really bad weakness.


Thrall: -ear flicks and looks up at her- ... Good. Good girl. -flicks some paper off the corner of the desk for her- Sit.

(Oooh like Marge and Becky.)
Rose: |3 Hmm...? -ear flicks and rubs her eyes a little- I dunno... -sighs happily and cuddles up close to him- Good morning master... <3

Eldora: -smiles faintly and rests her head against his shoulder- Thankyou...

Healer: >.> right well you can get going then and rest in your own bed. Take any sort of antibioti stuff and the infection will go away eventually. -makes shoo-y hand motions- Go on.

Kali: o.o;; -ears flatten and just lays there watching her- ...

Elune: -glances over at Celestia for a moment, then slowly disappears-

Drayna: ... -opens her eyes and raises her head again- ... I can't believe it...


Mew: o.o .... -looks her over for a moment and floats over in front of her- Mewww?


Baldor: ^^' I would never joke about the friendliness of the people here... Are you gonna be ok if i leave you alone with them for a moment?

???: >w> Oh he'll be fine... <3 -rubs his chest gently and cuddles up to him- ^//^


Silver: >C .... You know what I think? I think you're trying to let them in... you didn't think I'd figure it out but I am not that stupid! D< -rams her into the wall and strikes her again- You think I'm an idiot?! you didn't think I'd see this?!

Seth: ... Actually I'd rather just leave. I have to get back to my family and make sure they're not hurt from his attack. >/

G: Your mother is a strong one. And she opted to stay... she'll be ok until we can help her again. -looks over at Kihja- ... You two need to tell us what exactly you went through to have Dark's demon removed.


Vlad: ... -frowns a little- Fine... come here. -takes her wrist and leads her into a bedroom-

Misfit: <He's not gonna kill me, I've come prepared. Don't worry Elle... it's gonna be ok.>

Fawn: >.< I know darling... -sniffles a bit and hugs him through the bars- I-I know.... |c
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 11, 2013 9:16 am

???: >.>... yes of course... Makes you really relaxed... 

Scruff: DX No! stop! Just fucking stop!

Malladus: Shh... I know it's not your fault.. Settle down... -kisses he cheek-

Alejandro: They are Mihans! What do you expect?!


Isaac: >J -pushes Zara onto the floor- Thisll just be fun... <3

Zara: >.< No! -squirms underneath him- 

???: DX no I won't go through with it! No way!

Jason: -grabs her by the scruff- Don't you fucking touch her alright?! ... Take me back up there >C 


Elle: Really? Very Happy ... Heh X3 I think I won! 

Shea: >.< No! Fucking bastard! D< How can yiu team up with Shark? Are you a fucking idiot?  

Xavier: ... Shark did that... -sighs- Now we need to get someone to find Shea. 

Eloisa: Mmn... Well i can wait... |3 

Maria: ... -clears her throat- So uh... Where will i be sleeping...?


Jane: >.>... oh please. I know you want to. 

Aurora: -blushes a bit- Yeah...? -sighs happily and cuddles up close to him- We should go and get ready... 


Cremia: -takes her to a room and places her in bed- :/ iunno kiddo... You can never tell... 

Elle: He comes here from time to time... -starts to get dressed- 

Dark: >C You're a selfish bastard. If you never cared then why did you stay with Lily? 

Laetri: Hey you know we'll always be here... Sad You wanna go and see your parents at the treehouse...? 

Tani: |c -sighs and cuddles up to him- My poor baby girl... 

Aurora: Mmn... I want to... But i dont want to be so lazy... <3 

Eleanor: ^^;; sir i can make you a new one to look at... But Persian would like to keep the collar on. He enjoys talking to me...  

Gardevoir: ... -smirks a bit- You're smiling...

Quinn: -teleports to the island- ... This is a serious issue...


Annette: >3 Whats that? Cant hear you! -keeps tickling her- 

???: <.< And what's that?


Zara: Thanks... -sits on the corner- ... You really need help doing all this paperwork... 

Alejandro: Hello dear... -smiles a bit- I guess its time to get up for the day... 

Reynard: >.>... fine fine. -picks up Eldora- Thanks for the help.  

Celestia: Did... Did she help the baby...? D: 


Aurora: -looks up- o.o... Y-You... -frowns and looks away- Go... You'll get in trouble here... 


???: ^^;; ill be okay... Don't worry.


Tani: DX Ahh! I-Im not! Please mihan! Im not doing that! -cries- Please let me go! >.<

???: >.>...  oh no. You're a magical creature and i know it. 

Dark: o.o... Remove my demon? Well we tried the Aerisan method... But there are more ways... You're going to try and remove his demon?  


Elle: ... <Please Misfit... I don't want to lose you...> Thank you... I'm sorry... M'just getting cold...

???: Oi! Girl! Come on now et back here. >/ 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 11, 2013 9:49 am

Bobby: Uhm... alright... -bites her lip and slowly holds her arm out- Doc I'm not too sure about this... can't we talk just how I am now? I don't really need anything to relax me... -looks nervous-

???: >3 ... -takes a step back and looks them over-

Vivian: >.<;; G-god.... -shivers and stays on her hands and knees, trying to steady herself- .... -shakily wipes some blood from her face and just sobs-

???: <You should not have interfered.... >3 Look what you have done to the pitiful little bitch... She wasss better off having never known you...>

Drayna: -smiles faintly and blushes- I love you Mihan... <3

Fox: D< Hey this wasn't my idea, smartass! -growls and shoves him- If you hadn't thought to do this that guy could've tried to kill me!


Jinn: -growls a little- >C .... Fine... -eyes glow red and pulls free from the ropes- Maybe I do have a problem with it.

???: Sister! D: Steady yourself! -holds her at arms length- ... You can't be suggesting we don't tell master...

???: >3 -grins- And what if I don't?


Kanti: X3 Yeah I think you did! -laughs a bit and gets up- I told you you'd be good at this. Very Happy

Bruno: >.> He seems to be the only one that understands my stance on the other wolves here... I think I made a good decision staying with him... -steps away and looks over at him- |3 So what do you think I should do with her?

Deo: o.o;; Shark? D: You're serious, he's around here? ... Look... I'm all for protecting our brothers and sisters Xavier, but... we can't go after them. It's a death sentence...

William: |3 Mmn... well... -scoops her up- I don't think I can. ;3 -leans in and kisses her gently- <3

Harold: -looks her over- .... You wish to stay the night?


Abigail: Nuh. >.> You got a better guide now, enjoy him.

Baldor: >:3 Nyehhh~ -pokes his tongue out-

G: Yes I'll leave you be... -cuddles her back and gently kisses her forehead- You gonna be alright on your own for now...?


Medli: |c -plays with her pigtails- I wish I knew how to fight... so I could go out there and help him.

Misfit: D| Can't believe that son of a bitch interrupted us... -pulls his clothes on- And since when has he stopped by here? I've lived here with you and I don't remember him having stopped here once.

Slate: <.< Well I would tell you that she fucks pretty good but that would just earn me another kick in the ribs, wouldn't it? -.-'

Lucky: Sad -shakes his head- I should stay in case Lily needs me...

Silver: She's gonna pull through this... |c

Parker: X3 Well make up your mind.

Nikita: -looks around- <.< Well maybe for you. But he just wants humans gone. X3

Mewtwo: I suppose-- o.o !! -ear flicks and looks over at them- Get to the other pokemon! D< -eyes glow and floats into the air a bit- BE GONE! -hurls a shadowball at them-


Missy: XD STOOOPP! Stop I'm so ticklish! -laughs more- Haha! A-alright! >w< Alright I'm sorry! You're cold and heartless!

???: >.> Just crosses apparently. Woulda brought one with us if I'd known she was gonna be here.


Thrall: -.-' Well... -ears flatten- I got most of this when there was word that an elf had shown up on our land... and even more of it when she showed up in the prison.

Rose: Mmn... -smiles faintly and just stares up at him- I guess so... but it's so nice just laying here... <3

Eldora: ^//^ -wraps her arms around him and kisses his cheek- Thanks... <3

Kali: o.o;; I dunno... D:

Drayna: ... -reaches out and gently places a hand on the stomach- She.... o.o She's completely healthy...


Mew: -tilts her head a bit and looks her over- o.o ... ? -nudges her a little and flips in the air, giggling- >w<


Baldor: X3 Alright... -guides Chelsea up to her room- Here... you must be tired.

???: >w> So... should I set up a bed for you? ;3


Silver: -huffs and keeps her pinned against the wall- >C .... I have half a mind to lock you away like I did with Lily... maybe then I can actually get things working around here the way they're supposed to. Hm? >/ Maybe the iron bars will do you some good! D<

Seth: o.o; ... -backs away- I don't know what you're talking about. >/ This is absolutely ridiculous.

G: Seems like since Celestia bit him he can't control his demon side. Unless you think there's a more effective method than exorcism...

Kihja: o.o Well it's pretty brutal... sometimes people don't survive it.


Vlad: >.> Oh I'm sure... -pulls her into a bedroom- There are some clothes that should fit you in that dresser... >/ You'll need them. You're going to be in here for a while. -growls a bit and slams the door shut behind her, locking it- Maybe now that you're out of the way I can deal with your intruding boyfriend. >C

Misfit: -slowly opens the door and steps inside, looking around a bit- <Don't worry Elle, I can do this. You're not gonna lose me.>

Fawn: >.< -cries more and holds onto Rayurn tight- P-please sir... let me stay with him a little longer... Sad
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 11, 2013 10:53 am

???: -sticks the needle in- Trust me ... Itll help you not move as much...  

Scruff: -moves over to Vivian- Oh god... I-I am so sorry Vivian... |c 

Alejandro: And would i have let him kill you? No! 


Isaac: <.<... oh please old man ... Stay down... 

???: We can say she was sent to the depths >.< or something!

Jason: >.>... Oh. You don't want to know...


Elle: ^^ heh... Yeah... Thanks Kanti... Smile 

Shark: >.>... She is your plaything. I don't give a crap what you do to her |3  

Xavier: I'll send some guards... But he has Shea. His daughter... You know he'll hurt her... 

Eloisa: Mmn... |3 -kisses him back gently- Take me now Will... <3 

Maria: -nods- Of course... Is that okay? 


Jane: Mkay |3 Help me ring bear. -squeezes his hand gently- 

Aurora: -nods- It wont be that long anyway... And when i see you again... We'll be husband and wife.. <3 


Cremia: You're only a little kid. You can't be expected to know :/

Elle: He usually comes when you go off to hunt with the men :/  

Dark: >C id say goodbye to your fucking testicles.. 

Laetri: Mum and dad will look after her :/ come on... 

Aurora: X3 Shush okay~ -kisses his cheek- Lets get up... 

(You forgot Eleanor.)

Quinn: well i-- o.o!! Look out! D8 -tackles her down out the way of the shadow ball- >.< 

Gardevoir: o.o!! What is it Mewtwo?! D: 


Annette: >w> ... Heh... -kisses her cheek gently- Cmon... Lets get back to bed <3 

???: Thank god for Sunday church days at the women's prison... -holds up a cross from around her neck- 


Zara: And I'm sorry. I could've gone my own way but you didn't want that... -looks him over- You look pretty old... No offence... Shouldn't you retire and relax? 

Alejandro: I know... But we have a bar to run. Thats pretty important... -kisses her forehead gently- <3

Reynard: X3 -teleports back to the surface- Now we won't have to worry about that awful man again... 

Celestia: o.o... Oh god... Its a miracle... 


Aurora: >.< no! You don't understand! Go away! Shoo!


Chelsea: Yes I am... -sighs and hugs his arm- You must be too... 

???: Heh... If you want to X3 But I get the feeling you want to jump into it >.>


Tani: >.< No Mihan... Sad -looks up at him with tear stained eyes- P-Please.. Please don't do this... You're not like this...  

???: >.>... so why back away? 

Dark: There is a way to go shadow and pull the demon out of a person... Ive done that a few times. 


Elle: o.o!! -tries to open the door- No!! >.< <Misfit he knows you're here! Oh god he'll kill you!> 

???: >/ I said now. Come on.  
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 11, 2013 11:24 am

Bobby: >.<; Ah... -lays back and looks up at him- ... N-not move...? What... mmn... |c -rubs her head, looking woozy- What do you mean...? -lays her head back on the pillow- D|

Vivian: -sniffles and glance up at him, trembling uncontrollably- I.... Crying or Very sad I just want it to stop... W-why is everyone wanting to hurt me...? >.< -tears run down her face-

Fox: Oh please like you could have done anything if that beat really wanted to kill me. You're a tough demon now but don't kid yourself Al. >/ -huffs and heads back inside the bar-


Jinn: Get away from her. >/ Look.... -thinks for a moment and glances down at Zara- The girl doesn't need this. -slowly morphs to a female version of himself- You know what I really am Isaac, if you let her go, I'll... keep myself like this....

???: That won't change anything! The fact is we lost her, and he charged us with bringing her back! ... Anything less than bringing her back to him... will grant us punishment. Sad You know that sister... we need to face it...

???: >3 I'm shaking in my panties, boy. -pulls away from him- I'm going back up. |J Without you.


Kanti: X3 -hugs her tight- You're gonna make an awesome warrior!

Bruno: >.> Oh excellent. >3 I'm glad she's all tied down then. -kneels down to her level and plays with some of her hair- Let's just see what I can do to make you scream... bitch. >J

Deo: Yes but... Xavier you and I know the guards won't survive facing him... Shea may as well be lost to us. -sighs a bit-

William: What's this...? |3 -runs a hand up her dress- I thought you could wait... <3

Harold: That's fine... >.> Won't your family get worried about you?


Baldor: X3 -giggles a bit and hugs her hand- C'mon! Very Happy

Abigail: >.> Hmph. -follows them-

G: Yeah... -smiles faintly- We will... <3 I love you Aurora. -lets her go and stands up- Try not to worry...


Medli: Sad but he knew. And he was only a little kid. It's cause of what I am... isn't it? |c That... that bad man said... I was never good for anything else but... b-but... -tears up a little- I just wanna be useful for daddy...

Misfit: >.> -scoffs- Sneaky bastard. You see? He only comes by when I'm gone, he's trying to flirt with you isn't he?

Slate: Nah I'm out. >.> -goes to leave- ... Oh mate before I go, you got any smokes?

Lucky: |c Well... I-I don't want to leave her, but.... alright...

Parker: X3 Alright... -gets up and slips his pants back on- >.> Hold up, am I allowed to get dressed again?

Oak: o.o Could you? It would be excellent if you'd stay for a few days and run me through the way your father built this.

Nikita: >.< !! Ugh! -sits up a bit- D< Fuck, this thing's gonna be a huge problem!

Mewtwo: -ignores her- >C How did you find our home?! D< -throws them into the air-

Nikita: o.o !! Agh! DX -flies back and hits the ground hard again, narrowly missing the edge of the cliff- ... >.< Ngh... -shakes a little, all grazed and cut up-


Missy: X3 -snorts and tries to stop laughing- Heh... hehe... >w< I'm not sure I want to now... -giggles a bit and holds onto her sides-

???: >.> Hey... that was pretty useful.


Thrall: -ear flicks- ... I am retired, girl. Fighting in the army takes its toll... if I stopped working completely, I would starve. Don't you know these sorts of things?

Fox: >/ Yeah and running it by one's self is a little difficult!

Rose: o.o -glances at the door- ... ^^' She sounds pretty mad...

Eldora: Yeah... it's great... -sighs happily- I didn't think it was possible to kill a demon. |3 -rests her head against his chest- I thought they just ended up in the new souls building... like Shawn said...

Kali: D: ... You're kidding...

Drayna: No it... it is. It's a miracle... -smiles faintly-

Kali: Heh... Mihan it's gonna be alright. Very Happy Our little one's gonna be alright! X3


Mew: X3 -giggles more and rests on the balcony- :3 ... Mewwww~ -tilts her head a bit and just watches her-


Silver: You have one more chance. >/ If you screw up again you're really going to get it! -throws her to the ground-

Seth: Because I'm going home. >/ -grumbles a bit and turns to leave-

Kihja: But that of course means having to get really close to them without getting hurt yourself... :/


Vlad: -goes over to the top of the stairs and glares at him- >C Well... look at this...

Misfit: o.o !! Shit! >.< -teleports to Elle's room- C'mon, we gotta move fast! D: -takes her wrist-

Fawn: -whimpers a little and slowly gets to her feet- Sad ... Y-yes sir... >.< -shakily wipes her eyes and takes a few steps towards him-
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 12, 2013 6:36 am

???: ... >.> Just to help you relax... don't worry... -moves on top of her-

Scruff: I know... I know I'm trying to stop it... Sad I'll keep trying...

Alejandro: Hey calm down would you? >/ Don't have your period on me.


Isaac: ... -smirks a bit- Oh... |3 That looks so much better...

Zara: o.o... W-What? ... -looks her over- Y-You're...

???: >.< -shakes her head and holds onto her- He doesn't care about us anymore sister... Not anymore...

Jason: >/ -tackles her down- Oh no you don't. -pulls out his cross- You're taking me. You fucking scrag.


???: <.< Alright, alright settle. You're warriors. Don't hug so much.

Shea: >C -spits in his face- Fuck off.

Xavier: ... -sighs- Well if we don't go how will we break the news to Tyrel...?

Eloisa: Okay so I am a bad liar... <w< Mmn... |3 <3

Maria: Nah. They will think I'm just at the hospital working late... It's okay...


Jane: >.>... Did you just make a grumpy noise?

Aurora: I won't... For you... -smiles faintly and gets up-


Cremia: ... You know I think having someone around to keep him company is useful. He really has been alone for most of these years... -smiles a bit- You make him happy...

Elle: He isn't trying to flirt with me D| He is just being a good friend. Drop it alright?

Dark: >.>... Yeah. I got a light too. -conjures a bow and some fire arrows- Want it? >/

Laetri: Sad She'll be okay... -teleports them to the tree house-

Aurora: <.< ... -looks him over and smirks- Iunno... |3 I kinda like no pants...

Eleanor: Well I really don't have anywhere else to go... so of course... Smile

Quinn: >.< It's not that hard man! I want Gardevoir back! I miss her!


Annette: >w> -leans down and kisses her neck- You're so cute... <3

???: |3 Heh. Come on. I see a back door... -slowly sneaks towards it-


Zara: Well I wouldn't know... I never really worked a day in my life. I mean my people look after each other and they really never liked me... probably were glad I was banished...

Alejandro: X3 That's why I love her. -gets up and runs a hand through her hair- Hey calm down dear. I'm coming down!

Reynard: ... -has a worried look on his face- Yeah... yeah don't worry... he is gone for good...

Celestia: Oh god -hugs her tight and tears roll down her face- Oh god this is just... I'm so happy...


Aurora: ... -sighs and picks her up- Come on. I'll take you somewhere safe you little idiot...


Tani: Ah! >.< ... -slowly gets up, shaking- Yes Mihan... yes...

???: >.>... -stands in his way- ... Hey come on now settle... we should congratulate you...

Lily: ... I'll take the risk.


Elle: -gets into some clothes- D: Misfit you're a bloody idiot!

???: >.> ... Good girl... |3 -strokes her cheek gently- I'm going to call up my friend and see how your little girl is...
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 12, 2013 7:29 am

Bobby: Hm...? =^= -looks dazed for a little bit and slowly looks up at him- Wait.... wait what are you....? >.<; -tries very weakly to struggle- W-what are you doing...? D|

Vivian: >.< Ngh... -quickly shakes her head- Stop... please just stop trying.... it hurts me more.... -cries and looks away from him-

Fox: What? >C ... Are you serious Al? Did you really just ask me that? -growls and looks him over, this almost looking comical with their height difference-


Jinn: Yeah yeah... -rubs the rope marks on her wrists and looks away- Let her go back to the surface, alright...?

???: .... -sniffles a bit and cuddles her close- |c I know sister.... I-I know... -shivers a bit- He'll be so harsh, but.... we have to go back. Sad We have no one else. We need master...

???: o.o !! -struggles underneath him- DX Fuck! Get that away from me! -tears up a little and hisses- Get off!


Kanti: o.o -looks up at them- ... Why can't we hug? D:

Bruno: >.< !! ... Ugh... >C -wipes it off his face- Fine. If that's how you're going to be... -growls and morphs to his wolf form- Maybe you could use a little roughing up first! D< -swipes his paw across her face to knock her down-

Deo: I don't know... the same way you'd have to explain to your brother that Tess can't be saved. -glances down at her- ... Let's be realistic here. :/

William: |3 Terrible... c'mon then. -takes her up to their room and gently sets her down on the bed-

Harold: Alright then... I'll have the girls set up a room for you. They must have supper ready by now... we can go down and eat while they have your room set up.


Abigail: >/ Nuh. -folds her arms and continues to pout-

G: That's my girl. I'll see you soon... <3 -leaves and shuts the door behind him-


Medli: Yeah...? Well... he's a really good daddy. ^w^ I wanna make sure he's happy... <3

Misfit: -rolls his eyes- Fine. But don't you think this is a little obsessive trying to see you outside of school all the time?

Slate: o.o !! Back off! -barks and backs away a bit- Just fucking leave me be alright?!

Kihja: -ears perk and looks over at them- Mihan, did you sort him out? o.o ... Oh Laetri, what're you doing here little buddy?

Parker: X3 Well alright then. I guess I'm gonna be cold all day then. >.> And I hope as my mistress that means you care enough about me to cuddle me when I need to be warm.

Oak: Excellent, I'm sure we can find you some room here. Very Happy -looks around at all the clutter- ... ^^' As soon as I relocate some things. Oh I almost forgot, set the little guy down somewhere comfortable and I'll take a look at him.

Mewtwo: She is not yours! D< She deserves freedom!

Nikita: -shakily gets to her feet- >.< Agh.... stupid fucking purple cat! D< You fucking stole her anyway! You've got no right to be fucking preaching about property! -growls and races over to him, throwing a punch just as stupid as Ash's-

Mewtwo: >C ... -growls and his eyes glow, lifting her into the air and not saying anything-

Nikita: o.o;; Fuck... fuck let me go! DX


Thrall: Tell your little sad sob story to someone else, girl. I really couldn't care less... -growls a little and looks back down at his papers, looking very tense and irritated-

Rose: ... You... love her because she gets mad and yells at you?

Eldora: |3 I know... I knew I could count on you to keep me safe... -sighs happily- <3

Kali: -winces in pain but hugs her back anyway- This is amazing... w-we're really gonna have another chance at being mothers....

Drayna: o.o; -ears flatten- Celestia... D: I don't mean to ruin this for you at all but it won't do any good driving Kali's broken rib into her uterus. ^^' She's still so very injured and weak...


Mew: X3 -nuzzles her gently- <3 Mew.... |3 -curls up in her arms and starts to doze off, snoring softly- |o


Baldor: Yeah... D| So very much... -rubs his head- but I'll lay down in a little while. :/ I want to make sure your father is all settled in alright after he showed me that much kindness...

???: 83 -ears perk and face lights up- How could you tell, sir? <3


Silver: >/ Good, get going. And pull yourself together, you're a bloody mess.

Seth: o.o; ... I don't need congratulating. >/

G: -glances down at her- ... That's very bold of you Lily but do you actually know how to do it? At this point I don't think your father would have any qualms with killing you if you gave him reason enough.


Misfit: Yeah maybe so, but I don't want my girl getting hurt. D: C'mon we gotta get you out of here! -flicks his wand and unlocks the door-

Fawn: >.<; -shivers at his touch- ... E-elle? D: Oh please.... please sir I have to know. >.< I-Is she hurt?
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 12, 2013 11:29 am

???: Shh... This is what all little girls deserve ... They need to take this... -pulls off her clothes-  

Scruff: Sad Vivian you know i didnt mean to ... 

Alejandro: >/ What are you going to do about it? 


Zara: ... N-No... -goes over and holds her arm- We stick together... 

???: ... Ever wonder if our families wanted us back...? 

Jason: Then take me back! D< Go on!


???: Warriors are strong. Show no affection. Now come over and practice on these dummies... :

Shea: >.< -yelps and falls to  her side, cuts appearing on her face- F-Fuck...

Xavier: There is a way... -runs a hand through his hair- ... Maybe Tess has something magical. You know how she is connected with spirits. 

Eloisa: |3 -slowly removes her dress- I feel so bad fir doing all this stuff before the wedding... 

Maria: Thank you... -smiles faintly- I do hope i can be good... Company... Smile  


Jane: <.<... she totally is... |3 

Aurora: ... -sighs and fixes herself up one last time, heading out of the room- 


Cremia: X3 You're a good kid... Now you go to sleep okay? Call if you need anything... :

Elle: Look what do you want to do ? Fine him a girlfriend? 

Dark: Why? >/ Why should i? 

Laetri: o.o... To see Lucky's family... Who is grandpa sorting out? 

Aurora: -puts on her underwear and gets up- Oh of course ... My hands will go everywhere to make sure you 're warm ... <3 

Eleanor: Alright... ^^;; you sure have a lot of study work out. What're you studying right now?  

Quinn: D8 Don't hurt my girlfriend!! >.< 


Zara: ... I know. Its not a sad story. I dont care... -looks him over- ... -gets up and stands behind him, massaging his shoulders gently- You look so tired... Surely you can have a small break...

Alejandro: I just like her dominating side... So good <3 

Celestia: -pulls away- Heh... Sorry... I just go so excited... ^^;; 


Aurora: ... -sighs and goes into her bedroom, laying on the bed- ... Maybe you are just what i needed... -strokes her fur gently- 


Chelsea: Well... Lay down soon... I want you to be with me... <3 

???: ^^;; lucky guess...?


Tani: >.< Okay... Anything else...? 

Lily: I dont but i know someone who does >.>...  


Elle: D: Look mum and dad are being hurt by another vampire. We have to go and find them too... Sad  

???: Shut up... >/ <Hey Vlad how are things going?> 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 12, 2013 12:17 pm

Bobby: Ah... n-no.... I... |c Mmn... -squirms weakly as he does and tears up a little- Stop... you can't... you... -lays her head back, looking exhausted- P-please...

Vivian: -looks away from him and doesn't say anything- >.< ...

???: >3 -grins and walks past Scruff- <We are... done here...> -picks up Vivian and puts her over her shoulder-

Fox: >C ... -glares at him for a moment- ... You really wanna see, huh? Fine. -growls darkly and walks past him to the bedroom- ..... -comes downstairs a few minutes later with a stuffed suitcase- We need a break. >/ -huffs and pushes him out of the way, walking out the door and slamming it behind her-


Jinn: -glances down at her and pulls her arm away- Don't be an idiot. -teleports her to the surface-

Lexi: o.o -sitting in the grass and looks up at her- .... Hey you were that elf girl that got caught by Isaac.

???: ... I... never thought about it. Master always said.... -quickly shakes her head- No! >.< We're not allowed to speak of this thing! Sister what is happening to you...? Sad

???: N-no... >C -trembles a little- I don't care if you do hurt me... -shuts her eyes and turns her head away, tearing up a bit-


Kanti: o.o But... -sighs a bit and holds onto Elle's hand- :/ C'mon, it'll be worth it...

Bruno: >/ Shut up. -growls and pins her down, biting into her hard- Fucking take it! D< You deserve this!

Deo: ... Yeah. I know a little. Why... what does she have?

William: Do you? ;3 You didn't have a problem doing all sorts of bad things when we got together in hell... -pulls his shirt off-

Harold: <.< ... Oh you are. |3 You've been very good company. Come... -heads out of her room and looks over at a couple of maids- >.> .... Go and take Maria to the dining area... I'll be with you in a minute dearest.

???: Y-yes sir... come madam... -heads downstairs-


(Uuugh. I have no idea what I'm doing. .___.)

Baldor: X3 -laughs a bit- She's pouting. <w<

Abigail: >.> Oh shut it. I could mess you up if you weren't a mob kid.


Medli: -crawls into bed and looks out the window- ... Yeah alright... I'll call you...

Misfit: ... Yeah that wouldn't be a bad idea. Do that. -kisses the top of her head- >.> Well I'll let you go talk to him then.

Slate: I should be able to make my own fucking decisions mate! D< Look you don't understand! How many litters of fucking puppies have you had to have?! One! -barks at him- I have had fourteen litters since they put me out for breeding in the clubs! >.< I am SICK of babies! Just lease me alone about this! -growls and races away from him-

Kihja: ^^' Oh nothing little one...

Darunia: -ears perk and comes out with the others- o.o Hm? No Dark was going after Slate, remember?

Parker: |3 Oh you take such good care of me... <3

Oak: As a matter of fact... after the building came down I've been doing a little work to help relocate some of the pokemon that've been set free now.

Mewtwo: >C ... -growls a little and squeezes her tight-

Nikita: >.< !! -cries out in pain and struggles- Agh!! DX


Thrall: -ears flatten and sighs a little- .... I suppose I need it... -reaches over the desk and picks up some of the food- ... This looks good. -takes a small bite-

Rose: ... -looks away- She walks all over you...

Fox: >.> -comes upstairs and grabs him by the scruff of his shirt- You're really gonna see a whole new side of my dominance if you don't move it... -moves up and kisses him hard- Mmn... <3


Mew: |3 -sighs a little in her sleep and snuggles up closer to her-

G: -steps in and looks over at her- Hey Aurora I heard you come back in, are you alright?


Baldor: I won't be long... I promise. -kisses the top of her head gently and heads downstairs-

???: -cuddles up closer to him- >w> Well come on honey... let's go get that bed set up. <3


Silver: ... Yeah come here. I need some blood.

(You forgot the creepy police guy)

G: Is it someone I'm going to get concerned about? <.<


Misfit: Yeah I know babe, one thing at a time. -takes her wrist and races outside-

Vlad: >C -hisses and chases after them- <Now's not a good time, shitface. Little bitch is trying to get away from me.>

Fawn: |c -sighs and shakily wipes her eyes- ...
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 13, 2013 7:02 am

???: No... You have to understand. As a woman you take this. You must take it... -pulls his pants down-

Scruff: No... Sad no I love her... Please don't... 

Alejandro: o.o... Wait! D: -follows her- Babe dont go!  


Isaac: ... -smirks a bit- Well well... That was touching.. 

Zara: No ... D: -ear flicks and looks up- I have to get back down there! 

???: Sad I just... I'm just getting sick of it... |c

Jason: >/ Oh no... I know you hate the crosses... You'll crack... -places it on her forehead-  


Elle: :/ Yeah... Besides i can cuddle you later >.> 

Shea: DX -screams in pain- Bruno! Bruno stop! 

Xavier: ... I think she might have something... To just try and help her through this... And right now I'm going to take that chance. We need a miracle... -heads out the tent- 

Eloisa: -smirks- Well demon blood contributed to that... ;3 Mmn... Now this is a nice view... <3

Maria: Thanks... Smile -follows her downstairs- Your master is just lovely... 


Priest: -comes in- >.> I hope we're all ready now... -smiles faintly and looks at G- Congratulations sir... Smile she must be very special... 


Cremia: Goodnight dear... :/ -heads out the room-

Skullkid: -looks up into the window- Medli? D: 

Elle: D| Oh Misfit dont... You wouldnt be able to find him the right girl... 

Dark: I dont understand?! I know what its like. I probably got kids everywhere.  D< I was doing horrible shit before I met my Mihan! I stayed with him cause I loved him! And I got a beautiful girl out of it!

Laetri: He is what? D: Why would he do that?! 

Aurora: |3 -kisses his cheek gently- Heh... God I've never been so happy...  <3

Eleanor: ... I... Can tell you where they are sir... That another problem we have :/ 

Quinn: D< I said let her go! Stop this now!  


Zara: Yeah? X3 Thanks... You're lucky that i got taught how to cook meat... -plays with some of his braids-

Alejandro: o.o!! Mff! <3 -kisses her back- Mmn... Maybe i do wanna see that... <3  


Aurora: o.o;; -pulls the covers over herself and Mew to hide her- Just trying to get some sleep... 


???: ^^;; of course.. Uhh... Then I can catch up on some sleep...


Tani: ... -brushes her hair away from her neck- ... Here... 

???: I insist... Besides we have a few questions about finding him... >.> 

Lily: >.> No. Its just my demon.

Demon: -pops her head out of Lily's chest- >.>... please to meet you... 


Elle: -races out- >.< Shit... Im so scared Misfit... 

???: o.o... <Shit. Look ill lock the mother up and help get her for you.> 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 13, 2013 7:35 am

Bobby: N-no... >//< Fucking... I-I knew I couldn't... trust you... -shuts her eyes and looks away as he pulls his pants off- I-I don't... don't have to do anything for you....

Vivian: |c -whimpers a little in pain but doesn't fight her, just hanging limp over her shoulder- ...

???: >.> ... <Sssend Hanssson my regardsss....> |3 -smirks smugly and just walks away from him-

Fox: >C No! -drops her suitcase and whips around to face him- You asked what I would do so here it is! I want a break from you! So just fuck off and leave me alone alright?!


Jinn: Yeah yeah... say whatever you want. Least I'm not totally devoid of a heart... >/ -backs away a little-

Lexi: o.o Well why on earth would you wanna do that?

???: |c -sighs deeply and cuddles her close- I know, but... we have no choice. -holds onto her hand- We'll take our punishment together... Sad

???: >.< !! -cries out in desperate pain and thrashes, trying to move away- AAH! DX G-get it off! Get it off! -sobs and blood runs down her face-


Kanti: X3 Mkay... -looks over at the dummies- So we just practice on those?

Bruno: D< Why should I?! No! You should have listened to me to begin with! .... -huffs and stops after a while, looking her over- .... Look at what you made me do Shea... >.> -morphs to his human form and runs a finger along one of her cuts- Look at all this blood...

Deo: o.o ... What am I missing here? D: -follows him out- Xavier what are you doing?

William: ;3 Is it now? -flicks his hair- Well if you really wanted I could just stay here and looks pretty for you instead. |3

Harold: -looks down at another maid- >/ Hurry up, go make up another bed for her. -strikes her across the face- Move it. >C

???: ... Y-yes of course... I'm glad you're enjoying yourself madam... -guides her into the dining room and pulls a chair out for her-


Abigail: >.> Yeah we're ready. -folds her arms- Man you guys seriously have everything here. -looks around- Who knew you had a priest an everything on call?

G: -sighs a bit and nods, trying to ignore Abigail- Yes... I'm so very lucky. She's quite a blessing. <3


Medli: -hugs her pillow and sighs- ... o.o;; -jumps out of her best and gasps a bit- Y-you! I thought... I thought that mask thingy.... had come back... D: -backs away a little- ...It's still you... right Skullkid? -watches him carefully-

Misfit: >.> What? I'd be doing a nice thing for him.

Slate: >C Yeah well it's your own stupid fault you were a slut then. I had no control over it.

Kihja: D: Darunia! ... D| Yes... he... he wants to get revenge for Lily. :/

Parker: -cuddles up to her- Yeah this is the best... <3

Persian: >.> Yeah.... they've moved a little.

Oak: o.o Really? How far away?

Mewtwo: >C ... -glances over at Quinn for a moment- Stop? ... Fine. I'll let her go. -growls and flicks his wrist, throwing her far out into the air-

Nikita: o.o !! Ah! DX N-no! -falls out over the cliff and into the water below-
(Jirins cannot swim by the way. They're heavy bastards.)


Thrall: -ear flicks and glances back at her- ... What are you doing with my hair?

Fox: Mmmnnn... <3 -wraps her arms around him and grabs his butt- You're about to if you don't come and help me... c'mon now. >.> I'll ride you later.


G: Didn't get enough sleep after all that drinking last night? ... Fine, go ahead and relax all you want. -looks her over- ... Are you trying to hide something from me?


Baldor: -looks over at them- ... Dear could you go and fetch us some water please? :/ For the morning?

???: ... Oh alright. -pouts a little- I'll see you later. ;3 -giggles a bit and heads outside-

Baldor: ^^' Heh... they're a little overbearing sometimes, aren't they?


Silver: Good girl. -pulls her close and bites down hard into her neck-

Seth: >/ What's to question? He showed up in our home and assaulted my family. Would you like to see the rope marks on my wrists as well?

G: o.o; -backs away a bit ... So I see...


Misfit: >.< I got you babe... I got you... -holds her close-

Vlad: ... <Forget about the fucking girl.> -sinks into the ground- <I warned her. Bring the mother and meet me at the tribe, she'll regret running from me.>
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 13, 2013 11:56 am

???: Shh... Now dont talk... -kisses her gently-

Alejandro: But... Where will you go? Sad 


Isaac: <.<... -plays with some of her hair- So... All mine...? <3 

Zara: My friend is dkwn there >.< i must help! 

???: |c ... I wanna go home to my mummah... 

Jason: Take me back and it will stop! D<  


Elle: Yep Smile we can figure out the moves on them. 

Shea: Nghh... >.< C-Control your temper...  

Xavier: -goes through Tess' things- Shh I'm trying to figure something out... 

Eloisa: Heh... I could live with that... ;3 -slowly slips off her panties- But can you stand there all day...? <3 

Maria: >.< -yelps in pain- ... I thought she'd stay with you sir... 

Maria: -slowly sits down- ... Are... You okay? 


Priest: Well she should be coming in. Lets stand and get ready.

Aurora: -slowly  comes to the doorway and looks G over- ...  


Skullkid: it is Sad I'm not wearing the mask... Can I please come in?

Elle: >.>... and how good are you finding a nice girl for him... 

Dark: -growls- Alright you're going to burn mother fucker... 

Laetri: ... Idiot. -teleports over to Slate- 

Aurora: |3 And nothing... -kisses his neck gently- can spoil this... <3

Eleanor: On an island actually. :/ You see the experiment... Mewtwo escaped... And plans to use those Pokemon as an army for revenge...

Quinn: O.O Nikita! D8 -hesitates for a moment but jumps down into the water, swimming to her-


Zara: o.o;; oh i just... Wanted to uh touch it... -moves back a bit- Ill stop if it makes you uncomfortable... -looks away- 

Alejandro: Yes ma'am! |3 -salutes and heads down- 


Aurora: No. Now why don't you go back to work or something. -frowns a bit- 


???: o.o;; I'm kinda scared to sleep a bit... They could do a lot more when I'm not conscious.


Tani: Ah! >.< Th-That really hurt... 

???: >.>... yes i would actually.  

Lily: -pushes her back in- ^^;; she always has had a mind of her own... But i know she can stop them. 


Elle: >.< -sniffles- H-He is going to kill everyone Misfit...

???: <Right.> >.>... Change of plans dear. Time to go out for a while >3
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 13, 2013 12:48 pm

Bobby: -later on, the drugs starting to wear off- DX Fuck... fuck get off me... -tears run down her face- How could you...? >.<; Y-you had no right! -tries to push him off-

Fox: -growls- >C I'm my own person you know. I can find somewhere to stay. -pulls a small wad of cash from her pocket- Oh and you see this? I took it from the tips to pay for a stripper. >/ -huffs and turns around again, walking away from him-


Jinn: Yeah yeah... I guess... just leave the elf girl be, alright? She didn't do anything... -looks away-
(Jinn's a fire demon by the way. >.> So if Isaac were to bite her it would be like drinking hot lava.)

Lexi: Well so is mine, but... we wouldn't survive down here. I reckon you should count yourself lucky that you got back up here in one piece.

???: ... -stops for a moment and tears up, burying her face in her hands- I-I miss my mummah.... >.< -sniffles a bit-

???: DX No! No.... -sobs and desperately tries to pull away- I cannot! >.<; I cannot betray master! ... Ahhh.... P-please! Get it off!


Kanti: Very Happy Cool. Can you show me what you did before?

Bruno: >C Why should I? After what you did...? No... >.> -keeps playing with her cuts- I want at least a little bit of revenge... -looks over at some of the bushes- .... >3 -grins a bit- Oh look at this Shea, this is just perfect for these wounds of yours... stinging nettle.

Deo: Well are you going to tell me? Or is this some sort of spiritual thing that I'm missing here? Cause honestly Xavier whatever gods you guys have that I didn't learn about won't be able to bring her back.

William: >w> -watches her- ... Oh I don't think I could... <3 -pulls off his pants and goes back over to her- Oh Eloisa... I'm so glad I brought you back here from hell.... -leans down and kisses her gently- Who knew what a perfect young woman you could be once you changed for me... <3 You're such a good wife... -gently runs a hand down her side-

Harold: >/ Just do as I say. She's to stay in a separate room for tonight. ... You... had better be in my room once she's asleep tonight. Understand?

???: o.o Me? Y-yes ma'am.... |c Yes ma'am....


Abigail: -glances over her shoulder at Aurora- ... Heh. Kid doesn't look half bad.

Baldor: o.o -ears perk and looks up at her- Very Happy There she is. -tugs on the edge of his jacket- Look, there's mummah! >w< Isn't she pretty?

G: -looks up at her- ... Sure is kiddo... -ruffles his hair and smiles faintly-


Medli: Sad Uhm... alright... -looks around- Does anyone know you're here?

Misfit: |3 -cuddles her close- Well I found you didn't I? I reckon I've got pretty good taste in girls.

Slate: o.o !! Fuck! >.< -turns and races away from him-

Lucky: -looks over at him- D< There he goes! -barks and chases after him- You'll get it for what you did to Lily!

Parker: Mmn... <3 -tilts his head back a bit- No... I couldn't think of anything... this is so perfect... -sighs happily-

Oak: ... -looks her over, looking a little puzzled for a moment- Mew... two?

Persian: -sits up a bit- It was a weapon. Made from the phantom pokemon. After we had it recaptured it didn't take long for the same thing to happen as it did the first time. That's how everything was brought down. -flicks his tail- They tried to get us to go along with them. >/

Nikita: >.<; -holds her breath and struggles to try and get to the surface, not getting very far and just sinking-

Mewtwo: ... -huffs a bit- I thought new island was safe.... It seems as if there is no place on this earth we are alone...


Missy: X3 -giggles a bit and blushes- Oh Annette... You're so good to me... <3 -tilts her head back a bit-

???: -follows her- >.> Ok so we go ahead and kill the vampire but what about that guy she was with?


Thrall: I don't care if you do. It's just hair.

Rose: ... -hesitates and slowly follows him down- Why do you let her treat you like that...? -speaks quietly and glances over her shoulder at Fox-


G: Fine. ... Fine, be that way. -frowns a bit and shuts the door again-

Mew: =^= -ears perk and slowly lifts her head- Mewww?


Baldor: We can lock your door and I'll tell her to distance herself if it makes you uncomfortable. C'mon... there's a room set up just through here... -takes him down a hallway- You can stay as long as you like sir... and in the morning Chelsea and I can take you on a tour of the colony if you want. Smile


Silver: Be quiet. -sucks some blood away and licks it off her neck- You never had a problem with it before.

Seth: ... -ears flatten, looking a little surprised- What? >/ You don't believe me? -holds his wrist out- There. The same marks are on my wife and little girl as well.

G: Well that will be helpful. -looks her over- ... You must have very good control of your demon if you can separate the two of you like that.


Misfit: o.o Huh? -stops running and holds her close- ... What do you mean?

Vlad: >C -rises up in the middle of the tribe- .... -hisses a little and looks around- Alright you damned filthy mutts... you can all thank Elle for this. She brought it on. -growls and picks up a pup, holding them up in the air- None of you are running... I've sealed off the rim of your tribe with a force field.... And this is what's going to happen to all of you. -growls and rakes a talon across the pup's throat, slitting it-

Fawn: o.o;; I... I don't want to go anywhere without Rayurn.... >.<;; I-I can't leave him here...
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 14, 2013 5:33 am

???: -fixes his clothes and hers- the nurse will take you to the living room with the others >.>... Calm down now... 

Alejandro: D: Babe... Babe dont! Sad im sorry!  


Isaac: |3 -nips at her neck- Awhh... Iunno i might see her again... 

Zara: But she is stuck... Sad she will suffer... 

???: -holds onto her- C-Can't we go and find her..? Sad 

Jason: Oh? And don't you want to see him again? >/ -moves it away- I'll give you one last chance... 


Elle: Okay its sort of a swinging action. When hitting you don't just find the sword around... You gotta find somewhere to target... -demonstrates on the dummy-

Shea: o.o;; back the fuck up >C .. Don't you even think about it. -tears fall down her cheeks- 

Xavier: I just feel there might be something there... >/ Just ... Go tell Blade what is happening okay?  

Eloisa: -kisses him back- Mmn... I just can't believe you fell for someone like me... -sighs a bit- i always thought you were like the others... Always frowned upon my kind...  

???: ... N-No... >C

Maria: :/ Something is wrong... What is it? 


Jane: ... Ill take your word for it... -hugs Abigail's arm, resting her head on her shoulder- 

Aurora: -smiles and walks down the isle and stands next to G- 

Priest: Right.., lets begin shall we? Smile


Skullkid: No... People are looking for me though... Sad they think its all my fault... 

Elle: -blushes a bit- Awh shush... X3 -cuddles him-

Laetri: -holds him down- No stop! Dont do anything. >/ -thinks for a moment and teleports Dark away- 

Aurora: -smiles faintly- Now does my man need anything...? <3

Eleanor: Well they didn't want me... -sighs- This experiment is so powerful... Along with a huge army of pokemon we could all be in danger... He wants revenge on all humans.

Quinn: >.< -holds onto her and tries to pull her up- ... -gets out a pokeball and lets out his Dragonair, holding onto him- 

Dragonair >:T -gets underneath them, slowly pulling them up to the surface-

Gardevoir: ... They were looking for me... Its not safe cause i am here... 


Annette: |3 Mmn... Come on... -picks her up- <3 

???: Just knock him out >.> he looks pretty weak.


Zara: No its okay... -rubs her arm- I think ill just go to bed now... 

Alejandro: It helps her.. You see no one took Fox seriously when she became human. So she became really tough like that... Also living down here makes her like that. :/ But i don't mind it. I like her like that.  


Aurora: o.o... -sighs and looks her over- You need to get out of here... If only you could understand... |c 

Mew: =^= -ears perk and slowly lifts her head- Mewww?


 ???: Oh that'd be lovely Smile thanks. X3 then again I don't want you two to be focused on me. You should be spending time together.


Tani: >.< Y-Yeah but you would kiss my neck before... 

???: -puts some iron cuffs on him- |3 maybe if you sell well... 

Lily: Its not control. Like my summon, she has a mind of her own. Drayna has said that its a bad thing but i disagree. 


Elle: Sad If i left he was going to kill my parents... And the whole tribe... >.< -tears fall down her cheeks- 

???: o.o!! No! D8 it was one of the orphans...

Oiryn: >/ -comes out with some other warriors with large crosses- So that means you can't escape either. We're going to fight you.

???: >/ We're going. -grabs her and teleports to the tribe-  
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 14, 2013 6:06 am

Bobby: >//< Y-you're disgusting.... -pulls away from him and shakily gets to her feet- You.... >C I don't care what it takes, but I'm getting out of here or... or at least another doctor! I am not going to take this! >.<

Fox: -huffs a bit and ignores him, heading into town- Gentleman my ass... >/ Hmph. -looks around a bit and goes into an inn- Oi, you got any rooms?


Jinn: >//< Ugh... -looks away- Look don't bite me. I've told you that before Isaac... you'll regret it...

Lexi: :/ -shrugs- Maybe she'll find a way out on her own. I mean we made it out. There's always hope... plays idly with one of the flowers in the grass-

???: ... No... no we... |c We can't... -looks up at her- If master knew we were just thinking abut this we would be in big trouble, sister.... we can't do this. Let's just pretend we never talked about it... this is so very wrong...

???: -gasps a little in relief and continues to cry- Ah... DX No... -quickly shakes her head- I would take a thousand punishments like this before I betrayed my master... >.< -shivers a little and blood runs down her face-


Kanti: o.o Oh ok... D: It's kinda difficult though, the sword is heavy. -tries hitting the target-

Bruno: <.< ... Oh? |3 And what are you going to do about it? -gets up and pulls some leaves and branches off the bush- You might want to grip a little on the ropes. >3 This will really make you scream...

Deo: Sure load that on me... -.-' Yes Xavier. -sighs a bit and heads over to his tent-

Blade: -pacing a little- Shouldn't he be done by now? He would've come back to say what was going on. >/

William: Oh but you're different Eloisa... you're so much better... <3

Harold: >C .... -straightens up and steps closer to her- What did you say to me girl...?

???: I... -quickly looks away from her- I'm not to speak of it... I'm sorry ma'am...


Abigail: -cuddles her close and smiles faintly, just watching them-

G: Yes, we--

Silvia: o.o -races in- D8 SORRYI'MSOLATEDON'TSTARTWITHOUTME! -goes over and sits with Jane and Abigail- ... X3 Nawh... you guys are so cute together. Very Happy Don't mind me, carry on!


Medli: Sad ... I-I believe you... I know you wouldn't wanna hurt us on purpose... -moves over and hugs him tight- >.< I'm just glad you're ok...

Misfit: |3 -cuddles her back- Works every time. <3 -kisses the top of her head-

Lucky: o.o Why'd you do that? D: He's gonna get away!

Kihja: -ears perk- ... Hey Mihan. ^^' Laetri was looking for you...

Parker: Nah... ;3 Besides, I'm meant to be doing things for you today.

Oak: ... This is big news... does anybody else know about this?

Nikita: D| -gasps for breath and coughs a bit as the surface- Ah... f-fuck... >.<; -shivers a little and holds onto Quinn-

Mewtwo: -glances over at her- ... There's nowhere else left for us to go and be safe.... nowhere secret.


Missy: o.o Oh... ^//^ -holds onto her- Wow I can never get over how strong you are... <3 -giggles a bit-

???: Yeah alright. >.> -slowly moves in a bit and looks around-


Thrall: No. You're to stay here. -puts his food down and gets back to his work- Get back to rubbing my shoulders.

Rose: But why? She really should treat you better... I mean you do so many nice things for her master, and--

Fox: -walks over to them- >.> Something to say about me, shrimp? -looks her over- If Al hated me that badly he would have stuck with you instead of bringing me back. |3 Now wouldn't he? -wraps an arm around him-

Rose: ... -frowns a little and looks away- Yes ma'am... he would have...


Mew: o.o ... ^w^ -leans up and gently licks her cheek- <3


Baldor: ^^' Of course... but you are my guest. I want to make sure you are tended to first... -takes him into a spare bedroom- Here... should have everything you need. The clothes here are a little different to what you'll be used to but I suppose it's better than having no change of clothes... ^^; Is there anything else you need?


Silver: >.> Well when you start showing me a reason you give you affection, I'll give it. -lets her go and moves away- But you haven't given me any reason to do that now have you?

Seth: o.o !! Agh! DX -cries out in pain and tries to pull away- Get them off!

Kihja: Sweetie I don't know... isn't there any way you can practice this before going up to your father? Sad


(See this is where I'm gonna get her to start hating him.)
Misfit: o.o What? D: Elle why didn't you tell me?

Vlad: -rises into the air- You can try all you want. >3 The fact is I am faster... stronger... and smarter than you mutts. You stand no chance.

Fawn: >.<;; -whimpers a little in fright and looks around- o.o;; ... W-what's going on? D:

Vlad: >.> -looks over at him- Oh good timing man... destroy everything. >3 -charges some fireballs in his hands and swoops over tents, setting shit on fire-
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 14, 2013 8:11 am

???: There arent any doctors who would take filth like you >.>...

???: -comes in- Shall i take her away now sir?

???: Yes yes. And be careful she is saying a lot of crazy things.  

???: -reading the newspaper- Sorry love. Full up <.<... -not really paying attention- 


Isaac: Oh what are you going to do? <.< Hurt me? -laughs a bit- 

Zara: D< Why are you acting like this?! You should be helping the guy who cared about you! 

???: but I wanna be with my mummah D: 

Jason: >C Then I'm prepared for that... -places it on her chest-  


Elle: Maybe we needs to work on your strength >:T 

Shea: -squirms- D< Fuck off Bruno! Stop having your period because you broke the rules!  

Grace: Her injuries were so serious Blade... Sad Calm down... -looks up at Deo- Oh thank god. Whats going on? D:  

Eloisa: ... -runs a hand gently through his hair- So are you... -kisses him gently- Mmn... Please take me Will  <3

???: I said no! >.< I'm quitting this job! -walks past him- 

Maria: ... Speak of what? What is this? 


Jane: o.o... Heh... I knew she wouldn't miss out. You owe me fifty bucks |3 -kisses her cheek- 

Priest: o.o... Ahem >.> Friends... We are here today to join together Giovanni and Aurora here in holy matrimony.  Now of course you two have written your own vowels...


Skullkid: o.o... -hugs her back- >.< I don't want you hurt... That mask is so scary... 

Elle: Well if you can find someone go ahead. >.> 

Laetri: ... There is no point... Doing this just makes us worse than him... -strokes his fur- 

Dark: -.-' you don't say... Fuck I was so close D< 

Aurora: X3 You dont have to follow that silly bet... 

Eleanor: No... But surely Giovanni would've expected this to happen if he decided to escape... :/ Maybe there is a way to stop him...

Quinn: -helps her back on land and takes off his jacket, wrapping it around her- Shit... Nikita I'm so sorry >.< 

Gardevoir: ... -rubs her arm and thinks for a moment- I know a planet where they know nothing about Pokemon... 


Annette: |3 -takes her up and places her on the bed- Heh... You're so cute when you giggle like that. <3 

Eleanor: I'm just going to get a drink... -sits up a bit-


Zara: ... -sighs and ears go back- Yes... -starts to rub his shoulders again- 

Alejandro: Dont worry about it Rose... -smiles a bit- Im happy with you two around.. Smile 


Aurora: ... -sighs and buries her face in her fur, tearing up a bit- >.< I want my mum back... 


???: X3 I'm okay. Really. You don't need to fuss so much. I'll be alright.  


Tani: |c ... No... Ill... Give you a reason ... Again... 

???: -drags him to a cell- Shush. Come on. You'll sell well to a market. 

Lily: Well who exactly can i practice on? I can do this. 


Elle: o.o... I... Did tell you! D< you didn't listen!!

Oiryn: o.o!! D: Oh god! Protect the children! 

Mika: o.o... >C -takes a cross and flies up to Vlad- Stop hurting our people!
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Non canon couples 2
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