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 Non canon couples 2

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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 7 I_icon_minitimeThu May 02, 2013 6:35 am

???: Thank you... Dear me Bobby. I thought you were better than this. -ties her up into the straight jacket- 

Malladus: X3 We'll have to call the kids over to see her. -kisses Drayna's cheek-

Nightshade: well you know how you find out? You study.


Zara: We're near the edge of the forest... I think over that way are the mountains... Maybe that'd be better for you. 

???: We wont... He won't know and our sisters won't tell...

Jason: ... Vampire bar? What do they do there? 


Elle: I am! >.< ill show you in the training tent!

Shark: >.>... >/ -barks a bit- Hey!! Let her go now... She is my child...

Shea: -holds onto him- >.< oh god... 

Maria: o.o... Pushed up? D: B-but how soon? I'm not ready... 


Jane: >.>... Well in the mean time I'll spend a lot of time with this one |3 

Aurora: Oh yes... What is this thing you want to talk to us about dear? :/


Tani: :/ Course not... She looks calm...

Lily: See? He is doing good... Sad 

Elle: No... I made a promise to someone that i wouldnt... I do trust him... Sad but... Its a promise... 

Aurora: >.> Well if i was a judge you'd get 100% for certain.  

Eleanor: Yeah i spose... -stomach growls a bit- o.o.. I think this calls for a food break ^^;;  

Gardevoir: I'll be there with you... Don't worry... -smiles a bit- Now lets find his colony...

Eshwin: Looks lets just... Forget about it okay? 


???: well now we are screwed. They've probably gone to the police. D<

Annette: Look i cant just move Missy out. We'll call the police. If they try to come they'll just be captured. 


Zara: >.< -squirms a bit- You're not listening to me! 

Alejandro: D| Rose this is what we do as a couple. It makes sex kinky for us! 

Isaac: Mmn... -closes his eyes and starts to remove her clothes- Ohh... Mother really this is wrong...  

Celestia: She seems like a dominator... If she gets control of Isaac again she might want to control something else...

Derek: |3 Mmn... I think you know... -kisses and nips at his neck- <3 


Paul: D: Ama! -stands up and follows her- Ama come back please!

Chelsea: |3 ... o.o D: Oh man. What happened? -watches them leave- 


Aurora: ... -kisses his cheek gently- Thank you... <3 


 Nightshade: -whimpers and looks away- >.< No! 

Lily: I am against that... But I'm also against this... We are a colony that are trying to rebuild... So may got killed... We dont deserve this treatment...  

Aurora: o.o... <Shit we're coming!> D: They are taking the elves. We have to help them!

Tani: Mmn... No... |c Leave them be...


Rayurn: Just stay close to me okay? -kisses the top of her head and looks around- 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 7 I_icon_minitimeThu May 02, 2013 7:51 am

Bobby: >.< Oh god... -tears up a little and fights weakly against it- Don't leave me in there.... Sad Don't...

Drayna: Oh yes of course... they should all see you... X3 -tickles her gently- Your auntie Kali and Celestia would just love you. Smile

Eldrin: -grumbles a little and just folds his arms, looking away- >C


Jinn: Oh yeah maybe, nothing for me to burn. :/ I guess you'd be more comfortable in the forest, huh?

???: Alright... -rests her head against her shoulder- I trust you sister...

Lulu: Drink, mostly... it's more civilised than the demon bars. And don't worry... nobody would want your blood, you wouldn't be targeted.


Fawn: -shakes her head- You're not going back there darling... Sad

Bruno: o.o -looks over at them- D< Hey get away from her old man!

Tyrel: o.o; ... -slowly backs away holding onto her- She's going back to the tribe... >/

???: In a week or two. >.> Something like that, we'll discuss it when he arrives. He wants to make sure you're married before he flies away, so he can take you with him. You should be grateful.


Abigail: >.> Uh huh. And what are you gonna do when his actual owner wants him back?

Baldor: :O I don't get it... I'm so different from you guys. -plays with the pointed end of his ear- How come I don't look anything like mummah? >:T Am I adopted?


Slate: Sad I really am trying alright? I'm sorry I hurt Lily before but I'm going to really try to take care of her and... o.o;; ... ^^' S-sweetheart what was her name again...?

Silver: >C -folds his arms- You're not making a very good case for yourself.

Fawn: Sad Well did you tell him that? Wouldn't he understand?

Parker: <.< ... What, because of this? |3 -pulls his shirt up a little-

Persian: Hey I told you I was hungry. >.>

Mewtwo: -looks around a bit and slowly steps out into the forest, looking around a bit- It's not far...

Clayton: ... -looks him over- Alright... nevermind.


???: D< Well what do you want me to do about it?

Adam: D| You'd better be right about this. The cops haven't done us a whole lot of good so far.


Damien: >.> What reason do I have to listen to you? You're just a mistress. Come now... |3 I'd like to see more of you... <3

Rose: -looks him over- ... Why don't you do that sort of thing with me then?

Correntine: Mmn... I don't want to hear it boy. It may be wrong but you know you need it... you crave it... <3 -pulls his head back by his hair and kisses him hard- Mmn.... |3

Kali: ... -thinks for a moment and nods- Yeah... you might be right. Have you ever heard of this woman before? Maybe we can figure out how powerful she is... see if she poses us any threat.

Anudor: Ah! Ohh Derek... <3 -shivers a little- Oh please... |3

Tiny: <.< -ears perk- .... -races over and tackles Derek down, pinning him to the floor- >3


Ama: >.< -tears up a little and leaps into the tops of the trees-

Baldor: o.o ... I dunno. That really just came out of nowhere.


G: -blushes a little as she does and holds her close- ... So... what now...?


???: -sighs and gently strokes her cheek- It's gonna be ok... just stay there. -backs away a bit and looks her over, then quickly goes over and helps with capturing the elves-

Cameron: If what we're doing is so terrible then they should try actually fighting. <.<

G: ... -nods- Of course, let's get going. -picks up a few pokeballs- What is Silver trying to achieve this time...? >/

???: >.> -handcuffs Kihja with iron and pulls him away from Dark- ... Hey you said you were interested in the shadow creature man? It'll probably get you the most at the market. -motions to Balto and the pups- Along with those demon pokemon.

???: -carries Tani out and heads back to the base as the elves are taken back- >.> You realise Silver won't be happy to see that you've fled back here, right?


Fawn: -swallows nervously and just nods-

Misfit: -sighs a bit and turns to Rayurn- Maybe we should ask if anyone's seen him.
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 7 I_icon_minitimeThu May 02, 2013 10:24 am

???: Sorry Bobby but its for your own good... -takes her in there and locks her up- 

Vikke: -giggles and paws at Drayna's hand- Very Happy  

Malladus: :/ I'm going to go and look for Eldrin. -gets up- 


Zara: ... -ears go back- Not really. My old colony lives there. If they see me they will kill me. 

Jason: ^^;; that transfer keeps looking better and better... 


Elle: >.< See! You wont even give me a chance! 

Shark: -snarls a bit- No >/ She stays put...  

Maria: o.o;; F-Fly away? D: But... No I want to stay in this town! Sad  


Jane: >.>... be ready to go into the wild with some pokeballs. 

Aurora:  o.o;; Well sweetheart... You're not adopted. You're just special that's all.


Lily: -sighs and puts her head in her hand- Its Thana dear... D|

Elle: Misfit got really upset... Sad he says he isnt but i can tell... 

Aurora: o///o Uhh... S-Stop! >///> You gotta get ready. 

Eleanor: I know but you also wanted to hurry <.< 

Gardevoir: ... You know... It's quite peaceful... 

Eshwin: ... So uhh... You staying in the colony tonight? 


???: Get our things, steal some things from here and run. We'll find another place to go >/ 

Annette: Yeah but they still scare her parents. It's worth a try.


Zara: >.< -shakes her head and keeps trying to pull away- I wanna go back to Thrall... Sad Please sir... 

Alejandro: :/ Well you're a gentle girl Rose. I don't want you hurt. 

Isaac: -kisses her back- Nngh... Yes mother... I need it <3 

Celestia: I actually havent. And you know us vampires we know a lot of who we are and who is bad or not... :/ 

Derek: O.O!! Argh! >.< Tiny! D< We had an agreement! -squirms- 


Paul: D: No... Please come down... Sad don't be upset... 

Chelsea: ... You know I've seen a lot of elves just brush off a no... I've never seen one act like this. 


Aurora: I think maybe its best we go back home ... And just rest for a bit... Together <3 


Nightshade: >.< -keeps trying to pull away, crying- 

???: -looks over at him- There you are >/ C'mon. We got the shadow creature and some pups to sell. 

Lily: -.- You use iron. Iron makes us fucking pass out. That shit burns you know. 

Aurora: Isnt it obvious? Control the family by capturing them and have the rest of the elves for testing. :/ 

Tani: |c My family took me here... I told them I wanted to go back... 


Rayurn: Yeah... I think i see a bar... -goes up to a couple of elves- hey have you seen any vampires around here? 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 7 I_icon_minitimeThu May 02, 2013 11:57 am

Bobby: N-no! >.< -staggers over and falls on her side, tearing up a little- ... God no... Jessie... C-chelsea... -tears run down her face and starts to black out from the drugs- |c

Drayna: X3 -laughs a little and ruffles her hair- o.o ... Oh of course... :/ I'm sorry I'd come with you Mihan but I'm still quite sore...


Jinn: Oh... I see. :/ Then where are you gonna be going? I mean I get it if you wanna be by yourself now... I guess I've kinda been a bit of a bad luck charm for you. -morphs back to her normal form-

Lulu: X3 -giggles a bit- It does wonders doesn't it? -holds onto his hand and takes him into the bar, looking around a bit- ...


Fawn: I'm just worried about you darling... Sad Please just calm down. I'm sure in a little while you'll see that this is the right thing to do...

Tyrel: >/ -glares at him for a moment- Go on now Shea... you need to go back to the tribe as fast as you can... I... I'll hold them off and follow you soon...

???: Yes he has some business to do in Europe for two or three years... very exciting. >.> Now come on, don't dismiss it so quickly Maria. We'll discuss it over brunch, he should be arriving shortly.


Abigail: ... -stares at her for a moment- ... You can't... be serious.

G: Oh... no of course no Baldor. You're not adopted...

Baldor: D: Then what am I? How come I can make weird things happen and... how come my ears are like this? Don't you know? Sad


Slate: ^^;; T-thana! Yes it's Thana... oh god please don't kill me I've only known her for a few minutes... Sad Look I'm trying. I'm honestly trying...

Fawn: I see.... so what are you going to do deary? :/

Parker: X3 -laughs a bit- I suppose I do. C'mon. -holds onto her hand and hurries off to the location of his exam which I don't know-

Persian: <.< So which will it be? Eating or hurrying?

Mewtwo: -glances down at her- The elven colony?

Clayton: Of course. :/ You still don't mind me staying with you, do you?


???: -grumbles a bit and rolls his eyes- Fine. Yes dear. >/ Can't believe we have to bloody go through this again.

Adam: Alright... -holds Madeline close- Sad You ok...?


Damien: >.> Well you're mine now, not Thrall's. So what are you going to do about it? |3

Rose: >.< I could handle it!

???: <.< -laughs a bit and watches her- X3 Easy pint size. Don't stab him.

Correntine: |3 -cuddles him in her lap afterwards and sighs- Don't you see my dear...? -gently runs her hands along his body- You know you missed this... it's so much fun... <3

Kali: she's probably really old... and that's never good. :/ After a few thousand years they usually start to lose their minds. You know this one could be totally unstable.

Tiny: <.< We did. That was for letting the squishy small thing so close to me. -gets off him and lets him up, grinning smugly- |3


Ama: >.< -sniffles a bit and shakes her head, just staying up in the branches- |c You should just go off and have fun without me... I-I had no right to move in on you like that. it was so stupid... -wipes her eyes and turns away from him-

Baldor: :/ Well she seemed to really like being with your father. I think she genuinely thought she was going to get something out of this, I sense she was quite heartbroken...


G: -sighs a little- D| Yeah... we sure need it...


Trent: Sad -glances back over and Nightshade for a moment- ... Yeah alright. Are we selling anything else? -picks up a few of the pups-

???: -comes out carrying Seth over his shoulder- >.> Just the one that escaped us before. If it manages to live.

Cameron: Hey it's just metal, how bad can it actually be?

G: I can't imagine he'd get any use out of holding onto the family for too long.... he's going to sell them. -teleports to Aeris and looks around a bit- So we have to hurry before-- o.o ... -looks around- ... It's fucking empty.

Abigail: D< -races over to them- Where the fuck were you?! I told you to hurry! They're fucking leaving with everyone!

???: -shrugs- >.> Look it's not any of my business. That's for you to explain to him.


???: <.< -ear flicks and looks them over- ... We don't get very many of those around here mate. We'd know if we'd seen one.
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 7 I_icon_minitimeFri May 03, 2013 7:39 am

???: ... Keep an eye on her and call when she has decided to wake up. >.>  

Malladus: Hey you just rest and hold our little girl... -smiles a bit- 


Zara: :/ Hey im staying with you. We're in this situation together... And I don't really have anyone else to stay with...   

Annette: -drinking with a few vampires- And thats how i took down that human gang. 


Elle: >.< No. If you wont give me this chance then I will not go home!

Shea: D: But Tyrel im not going to leave without you! You're still injured... I can't see how you're still walking...  

Maria: ... E-Excuse me... I have to make a phone call... -quickly moves away from them and goes to the phone, quickly calling up Harold- 


Jane: What? You're not going to be jealous of it are you? We'll still have casual sex. 

Aurora: Well sweetheart a lot of children get blessed with magical powers. Like me... :/ Your ears are just a little different. There's nothing wrong with that. 


Lily: Just watch him and give him a chance... :/ -hugs Slate's arm- i know he can do this...  

Elle: ... Im not sure mum... |c i really don't know... 

(Okay what the fuck do i do now? D|) 

Eleanor: Ehh... T^T see i can walk and eat. If only you were a damn human. 

Gardevoir Yeah... My old trainer knew someone from here... She is sweet... They really do love nature... 

Eshwin: Oh no of course not... :/ ill set up a bed for you... 


???: well okay you can stay and get caught >/ 

Madeline: -looks up at him- I am now... Sad thank you... |c 


Zara: >/ Im leaving. Thats what. -starts to walk away from him- 

Alejandro: D: Rose calm down you'll get yourself into a state!  

Isaac: |c -rests his head against her shoulder- The medicine has made me ill ... 

Celestia: Well having Isaac keeps her happy. We'll just have to keep an eye on her. 

Derek: >/ -sits up and rubs his head- I should do that to you for making her cry.. 


Paul: Look i just want to take things slow thats all... Sad that doesn't mean you have to stay away from me forever...  I want to spend more time with you... Get to know you better...

Chelsea: ... D| Baldor what's that feeling where you feel like you have to go help instead of having hot sex?  


Aurora: Come on... -takes his hands and teleports back home- All the work has been sorted. We can have a break... 


Dark: -hisses and keeps pulling away from them- D< We arent coming with you! And what has happened to Nightshade?! 

Lily: ... Do you have a piece? 

Aurora: D: We were figuring out a plan! Shit... -gets out her wand- We gotta take action.

Tani: ... |c -sighs and tears up- He'll be so mad... 


???: <.< Why are you so interested? 

Rayurn: Look we really need to find this guy called Vlad :/ 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 7 I_icon_minitimeFri May 03, 2013 8:15 am

???: >.> Yes doctor. What do you have planned for her when she wakes?

Drayna: -gently kisses the top of Vikke's head- Alright... I love you Mihan. <3


Jinn: Smile Really? Thanks... I mean I... I kinda like staying with you. ^^; Feels like it was kind of a mistake saying I didn't wanna come up here with you last time...

Violet: -blushes a little and cuddles up to her- Wow you're so strong Annette.... ^^ You must have had such an exciting life. <3

Lulu: o.o ... -shrinks back a little- That's her... that's Annette... -hides behind Jason and pushes him towards her a little- G-go on... ask her...


Fawn: D: Sweetheart where else will you go? You can't stay out here, it's too dangerous for you...

Bruno: -growls and drops the girl- Give it up old man... >3 There's no way you can fight off the both of us.

Tyrel: I'll try anyway. >/ You see that's the difference between me and you... I actually care for her...

???: <.< .... Alright dear, now I'm starting to believe you.

Harold: o.o -quickly picks up- Maria? Maria you left without waking me...


Abigail: |3 -kisses the top of her head- We'd better.

Baldor: D: But...

G: There's nothing else we can tell you little guy... mummah's right. :/ You're just a bit different. -kisses the top of his head-

Baldor: ... -sighs a bit and lightly touches one of his bruises- Sad They really hurt you...


Slate: I'm really trying my best...

Silver: >/ Well we're still staying here to keep an eye on him. -huffs a bit and heads back downstairs-

Fawn: -sighs a little and wraps her arms around Elle- You'll figure something out darling. I know you will... you're so very bright. -gently kisses the top of her head-

(D| Uuugh we'll just skip to the end of his exam.)
Parker: -huffs a bit and returns his pokemon, looking up at the judges- ... How did I do...? :/ -wipes some sweat from his forehead-

???: ... -shuffles through some papers and looks between the other judges- Well we can't say anything officially yet... but that was quite impressive.

Persian: -shrugs- I can eat later.

Mewtwo: Hm... -just looks around carefully-

Clayton: ... Thanks, I appreciate it. -looks away-


???: D< What? How is that fair, I didn't do anything!

Adam: Sad Oh god look at you Madd... how could they do this to you...? -gently strokes her cheek-


Damien: >.> -sits down on his throne and his eyes glow, forcing Zara to sit back down in his lap- |3 That's cute... But don't talk anymore. <3

Rose: I knew you loved her better! >.< I knew that was it and you fucking lied to me! -tears stream down her face- You shouldn't have asked for me to begin with! you would have just been happier if I never existed! -huffs a bit and swipes a dagger off one of the demons nearby- ... I-I'm gonna fix this for you sir... d-don't worry... Very Happy

Correntine: |3 I know... ssh now darling. It always does. Just be quiet and rest with master... it'll go away. <3

Kali: -nods and sits up a bit- Right... D| Can we just relax and go lay down together with Gaileth?

Tiny: <w< -flicks his tail smugly and goes back to laying down in the corner-

Anudor: ^^' Heh... well at least he's not gonna do it again. -helps hi up- Sorry you got hurt my darling... <3 -cuddles him close- |3 How can I make it all better, hm...? -rubs his chest gently and kisses his neck-


Ama: |c -turns away from him and rests her head against the tree trunk- Leave me alone...

Baldor: X3 Caring more for your family? C'mon... -kisses her cheek and helps her up, staggering a bit as he does- o.o; ... Oh... that's what the alcohol does...


G: Great, so.... what do you want to do?


Trent: ... She's already been sent away to the market. C'mon now. -heads back towards the portal-

Alassea: -sniffles a bit and gets pulled along on her leash- >.< L-laetri... the iron really hurts... -tears up a little and pulls at her collar-

Cameron: -nod- Of course. We were told in advance the elves would be brought in for research, and to have something with us at all times if they tried to retaliate.

Abigail: D< Well what are we supposed to do now? The place is fucking empty!

G: -looks out over into the forest- ... Not completely. -heads over to Nightshade quickly- o.o ... What happened to you?

???: >.> Well you should've thought about that. -takes her inside-


???: |3 -leans back against the wall of the building- Why's that?

Misfit: -growls a little- We don't have time for this alright, have you seen something or not?
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 7 I_icon_minitimeFri May 03, 2013 9:56 am

???: ... That is private. >.>... But keep that Jessie away from her.

Malladus: I love you too... <3 -heads out the room-


Zara: Hey well... You didn't anything to happen. I understand... -smiles a bit- But we're proper friends now... So its all good. 

Annette: I think the most exciting thing was meeting you though... <3 -kisses her cheek-

Jason: o.o;; Are you sure that is a woman?


Elle: I dont know! A place where someone believes i can do something! >.< 

???: >.<!! -gets up and quickly runs away- 

Shark: >.> Oh how touching. I think I'm going to spit up your ankle. 

???: There you see? She would've loved to see Europe. I don't know what is with her.

Maria: ... I didn't want to make it a sad goodbye... But... I do regret that...|c Harold my... My fiance is coming... The wedding has been moved up and straight after it he wants to take me to Europe... To stay there for a few years...


Jane: X3 There is my happy girlfriend. <3 

Aurora: Sad Would you like me to heal them...? 


Lily: ... Dont worry. If you don't make any mistakes then they will go...

Thana: -looks up- >:T You forgot my name! 

Tani: -follows him down- You think he will screw up again? 

Elle: ... -cuddles up to her- Thanks mum... You know sometimes i wish i was a little kid again... 

Aurora: -watches him and the judges in anticipation-

???: Indeed, although I did see a couple of flaws...

Eleanor: <.<... i think i know how to make you human. Would you like to try my other collar? Very Happy 

Elean: -hangs upside down from a tree ranch- <.< Welcome.

Eshwin: ... Here I'll... Go set it up now... -heads back into his treehouse-


???: Just shut up and pack would you? >/

Madeline: |c my stomach hurts so much... I feel really sick Adam... 


Zara: O.O!! ... -trembles a little- H-How... How did you...

Alejandro: o.o!! Rose... D: Calm down... Put the dagger down... I love you too... Sad just please dont do anything stupid...  

Isaac: Can you... Please rub my tummy mother...? Like you used to... |c 

Celestia: Okay... :/ Ill help you to our big bed... 

Derek: |3 Mmn... -ears go back- Well... This works nice... <3 -plays with Anudor's braid- Though it would be better in the bedroom <3


Paul: ... Nope. Im coming up. -slowly starts to climb the tree- D| shit... 

Chelsea: o.o... -helps support him- Here... ^^;; 


Aurora: Well... Maybe we can just lay in bed together...


Laetri: >.< Ugh... -blood drips down his wrists- You'll suffer for hurting t best friend D< 

Lily: ... -holds her arm out- Put some on me... 

Nightshade: -ears perk- D: Giovanni? Oh thank god Sad the police from Kanto teamed up with Team Rocket... They took everyone.. >.< And this creepy one handcuffed me here. He'll be back for me...

Tani: ... |c -ears go back and just coughs a bit- 


???: |3 Well we could help... For a price...
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 7 I_icon_minitimeFri May 03, 2013 10:32 am

???: >.> ... -looks him over- Yes doctor...
(So what should we just skip until Bobby gets out of solitary or something?)

Drayna: -sighs a little and lays her head down, cuddling Vikke close- ... ^^' I would feed you little one but... I'm afraid you have some very sharp little teeth on you...

Eldrin: -ears perk and looks up as he comes out- ... >/ Let me down. -tries to pull away from Nightshade-


Jinn: ... Yeah of course... -rubs the back of her head- So let's just go find a place where we can stay up there. :/

Violet: ^^' Heh... cause I got us involved in so many fights? Cause I can't blame you for that...

Lulu: Yes... T^T And don't say that to her. You'll regret it...


Fawn: Sad .... -face softens a bit and sighs- Oh darling... -holds her arms out for a hug- Come here, I'm sorry... that's not what i wanted you to think. Of course I believe in you...

Bruno: Go ahead... >J Fight us and let her run old man... I'll just end up catching her and Shark's just gonna end up chewing you up again. Nothing's different this time. >w> -looks over at Shea and smirks cruelly- ... Except for one thing. |J

???: Neither do I. Do you think she's hiding something?

Harold: ... -straightens up and runs a hand through his hair- How soon will you be wed...?


Abigail: X3 Yeah yeah... -cuddles her close and gently kisses her cheek- ... -glances out the window for a moment- o.o ... Hey Jane. Very Happy I just noticed, this place is right by the beach. You wanna go for a swim?

G: Yes please.... -sighs a bit- But it won't last for long. I have a lot of enemies that have wound up here...


Slate: o.o; ... I-I know... ^^;; I know I'm sorry... -kisses the top of her head- ... >.> But do you know daddy's name?

Silver: >/ Of course he's gonna screw up, it's all he's good for. You honestly think he'll make a good father? He's just gonna get scared again and run off, that'll only hurt Lily in the end.

Fawn: -strokes her hair gently- Why is that my little darling? :/

Parker: -bites his lip nervously and just flicks some hair out of his eyes-

???: Yes... I see where you're coming from. but he is a talented trainer... and I think these flaws can be worked on. -leans forward on the desk- We don't think you're entirely ready to lead the gym yet Parker. But we would very much like you to... I would recommend some special training, out in Mt. Silver. For about a year or so, and then we'll allow you to re-sit the exam.

Persian: o.o;; -ears flatten- .... Are you sure? D:

Mewtwo: o.o !! -hisses and steps back- D< What are you trying to do?! You try and earn my trust and sneak up on me like that?! >C -flicks his tail and huffs a bit, watching Elean very carefully and holding Gardevoir close-

Clayton: Yeah... yeah I'll help you. -follows him in-


???: >C .... -grumbles a bit and gets up- Yes dear... -quickly packs some thinks into their bags-

Adam: Don't worry... Sad We'll get you laid down so you can rest and you'll feel better away from them... I-I promise...


Damien: >.> I would have figured with as ill tempered as you are, Thrall would have shown you that by now. |3 Well.... -plays with some of her hair- It's an ability all of us have here... a power you elves should be envious of. Of course... -laughs a bit- only the men know they can use it. We would never allow the women to learn it. |3

Rose: >.< NO! You don't! -hands glow and pushes him into the bar hard with a psychic force and races upstairs-

Correntine: >.> Of course my darling... |3 Don't you see now...? -rubs his stomach gently- This is so much better... <3 -leans down and kisses him gently-

Kali: Thanks.... -slowly tries to get up-

Anudor: -giggles a bit- Yes sir... |3 -scoops him up gently and takes him to their room- Anything you want... <3 -sets him down gently on the bed and rubs his shoulders-


Ama: -glances down at him and frowns a bit- ... Leave me alone. You made it clear you don't have the same intentions... |c -climbs further up into the tree, disappearing in the leaves-

Baldor: X3 Thanks babe... <3 -leans against her for support-


G: Yeah... alright... -holds her close and just goes to their room- You know i really hated fighting with you...


Trent: .... So... the whole family's going on the market? :/

Cameron: >.> ... Alright. -pulls a small chunk of iron from his pocket and leans forward, placing it on her wrist-

G: -snaps the handcuffs and helps her away from the tree- Well that explains why they got everyone so quickly... are you hurt at all?

Silver: <.< -walks over to her and looks them over- ... I warned you Tani. You shouldn't have run away. -scoops her up-


Misfit: >/ We don't have any money...

???: <.< -looks Elle and Fawn over- .... |3 That's ok. We accept other payments.
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 7 I_icon_minitimeFri May 03, 2013 11:50 am

(Well you just want to skip until he gets released?)

Vikke: o.o... -gently nips at Drayna's fingers- :3 

Nightshade: You need to talk... :/

Malladus: Kiddo please calm down... 


Zara: Okay... Smile -takes her hand gently- ^^ You need anything else? 

Annette: |3 No... Because you are the love of my life... <3 -kisses her gently- 

Jason: ... T^T Hey Lulu you wanna ask her? -hides behind her-


Elle: -looks up at her- ... Then let me try Sad 

Shea: ... -looks away and frowns- You fucking disgusting pig... >C you will pay for that... 

???: of course and it has to be something with Mr Blackmore >/

Maria: I-In a couple of weeks maybe... Im not sure. We're discussing it at brunch today... 


Jane: o.o;; Uhh no. No i don't think so... I'm fine here...

Aurora: -gently starts to heal him- Sad This is so unfair... I cant-- o.o Uhh ... Sweetheart... Im not sure if it is my weak bladder... But i think my water broke.


Thana: >.>... Slate... Grandma said that you were named that because you're a rock head Very Happy

Lily: ^^;; This is cute... 

Tani: :/ Maybe thats the only way she will learn. We can tell her till we're red in the face. The only reason she accepted it more before was because it actually happened.  

Elle: .. Things were easier... Relationships weren't complicated... 

Aurora: o.o... D: A year... No...

Eleanor: Sure Very Happy Its totally safe. -takes off the old collar and puts on the new one- Good thing i didn't show Oak this one ^^ 

Elean: ... I was just hanging from a tree :/ -jumps down- I'm sorry that I scared you... I didn't expect you to be back. 

Eshwin: ... Wow... Its a bit awkward now... ^^;; 


Madeline: |c thank you...

Derek: -holding Missy's hand- D| it'll be okay! Just don't pass out again...


Zara: >.< Don't use it on me... Just let me go!
Alejandro: o.o!! Argh! >.< -smashes some bottles- F-Fox... Run... D| 

Isaac: -kisses her back- |c Yes mother... It's so much better... -looks away- 

Celestia: Here :/ -gently helps her up- 

Derek: |3 Mmn... Oh your touch is so gentle... -leans back a bit- this would be better with you naked >w> 


Paul: >.<;; Ama! Come back! I do like you dont get me wrong!  

Chelsea: You sure you're okay? >.>


Aurora: ... Same... It just felt so horrible... -looks him over- ... -strokes his cheek gently- But it's all sorted... 


???: Yes... But no one has sent out that girl... I wonder where she went... >/ 

Lily: >.< -cries in pain, blood slowly dripping down her arm-'Ah! Oh Elune!

Nightshade: I got tazered ... But I am okay. I need to help my family.

Tani: |c ... I was taken... I couldn't help it... 


Rayurn: >/ The women are ours and ours only. 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 7 I_icon_minitimeFri May 03, 2013 12:59 pm

(Sure. We'll have her parents come and pick her up and Chelsea will show up unannounced.)

???: -speaking on the phone with the doctor- >.> Yes it has been quite a while... you're sure he's completely taken care of? And this behaviour won't be happening again?

Drayna: X3 -laughs a little- Awh... you're so gentle. -kisses the top of her head and scoops her up- You hungry my little sweet pea? ^^

Eldrin: -frowns and looks away- I don't wanna talk...


Jinn: -blushes a bit- ^//^ Nahh... I don't think so. Just a place to stay hidden from those bitches would be nice.

Violet: ^///^ Mmn... -kisses her back and sighs happily- <3

Lulu: o.o;; N-no... D: No sir please... she really hates me. T^T She'll think I'm here for master Isaac... she'll kill me...


Fawn: Sad -looks her over- ... I promised you the opportunity to do what you wanted when you came here... -gently tucks some hair behind her ear- And not to let anyone tell you otherwise... -sighs and gently kisses her forehead- You... should do what makes you the happiest my little one...

Tyrel: -looks between them- ... >C How dare you... how dare you hurt her so! D< -strikes him hard in the jaw and knocks him back-

Bruno: >.< !! Agh! -yelps and stumbles, falling onto his back-

???: >.> Now Mr. Blackmore has been a friend of our family for a very long time... do you not think there would be other possibilities?

Harold: That's so far away... -tries to think for a moment- I wonderif it would cause too much suspicion if I were to fly to Europe as well...


Abigail: o.o Hm? Oh babe don't be scared, I wouldn't let anything happen to you. Very Happy Besides, the beach! How often in bloody Britian do you see a beach that nice? .... -pauses for a moment and thinks about this statement- D| I'm an idiot sometimes...

Baldor: o.o; -holds onto her- ... No, not now baby! D:

G: -looks a little alarmed and holds her at arms length- D: Are you sure? Oh my god Aurora... go call someone quickly, you need to get to a hospital.


Slate: >.> ... How astute... X3 Heh... -cuddles her close- It is pretty cute. ^^' And I guess I've had that coming...

Silver: ... -looks down at her for a moment- It's already happened once... if she's not going to recognise that she could be hurt now then she never will. You can't blame me for trying to protect her...

Fawn: I suppose so... Sad Do you think he might... leave you?

Parker: o.o ... Oh man... -runs a hand through his hair- ... A year in isolated training.... D: Look I... I need a moment to think and talk about this...

Persian: >.<; -slowly transforms into a less demonfied version of his human form- ... o.o -blinks and looks himself over- How do I look...? -still on all fours and completely naked-

Mewtwo: -glances at Gardevoir for a moment and straightens up a bit- ... >/ We've decided... you may not be completely dangerous to us...

Clayton: X3 -laughs a little- Yes... I suppose a bit. But it's not bothering me.


Adam: -takes her inside- Are you gonna need anything else? Sad

Missy: D| I... I'm just so worried that-- o.o; -sits up- Annette! D: Adam you're alright!


Damien: |3 Hush now... -pulls her skirt up and runs a hand up her leg- Heh... I do love that you creatures don't wear anything under your clothes... <3

Fox: -ears perk and opens her eyes a little- ... Huh...? =^=

Rose: -looks her over- ... You'll regret what you did to him! D< -races over and lunges at her-

Fox: o.o !! AGH! DX -gets stabbed in the arm and cries out in desperate pain- D< FUCK! I am so done with you! -grabs her by the scruff of her shirt and throws her back downstairs-

Rose: o.o;; No wait--!! >.< -yelps a little and tumbles downstairs, getting knocked out as she fits the bottom floor- ... |c Mmn... -whimpers a little in pain-

Correntine: |3 -plays with some of his hair- Little darling I was thinking... <3 Since we're both so happy with this again... there's really no need to go our separate ways for a long time... |J So when you're feeling better we're going out and we're telling your girls they won't be having you anymore. Alright?

Kali: -leans against her and cuddles Gaileth close- Thanks Mihan... <3 -sighs happily- Can you believe it...? Can you believe how lucky we are...? <3

Anudor: >w> Of course... -giggles a bit and gently kisses his cheek- You should do that for me... get your hand all over me. <3


Ama: -just stares down at him and doesn't say anything- ...

Baldor: <.< M'fine. We gotta go help your dad now, remember? Cause that is more important apparently than steamy hot sex.


G: Yeah.... of course. No more fighting... -gently plays with some of her hair- ... This is probably going to sound weird Aurora, but... do you mind if I brush your hair?


Trent: -looks away- There were a lot taken. She's probably in there somewhere. Look she's mine anyway, I'll get it sorted out.

Cameron: o.o; ... -pulls it away- Shit. What happened? -pockets it again and holds her wrist, looking it over- ...

G: Of course. -looks around a bit- ... We'll have to move fast though. They've been taken off already, if we don't hurry they'll be sold separately on the market. We'll never be able to track down all of them after that.

Abigail: >/ Fuck well aren't you helpful?

Silver: You should have done something. You know you're just nothing but a burden now. -takes her upstairs- You should count yourself lucky I'm not getting mad with you. >.>


???: <.< Then we can't help you. -examines his nails casually- |3 But I suppose I can't blame you... I mean just giving them away is a little unrealistic just for information. <w< Tell you what. Let us have them for just a little while...
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 7 I_icon_minitimeSat May 04, 2013 7:04 am

???: nothing could change it. He is your old son again >.> Course he still likes that biker girl but I think he wants to change her too.

Vikke: Very Happy -swishes her tail and keeps chewing on her fingers- :3 

Malladus: :/ C'mon kiddo... This is important... I want to talk because I hate seeing you upset...


Zara: Mkay... Smile -hugs her arm- I think i know some safe zones. 

Annette: -doesnt look up- How about you two stop staring at me and just come out with it, yeah? 


Elle: o.o... -looks up at her- ...-hugs her tight- Thank you... <3   

Shark: >/ Fucking weak. -looks back up and Tyrel and races towards him- D< You'll suffer... -barks loudly- 

???: Oh? Such as what dear? >.>

Maria: ... It might... I dont want to leave you... But i dont want you in trouble... |c Maybe you should... Just forget about me... 


Jane: ... -sighs- Its alright...  I'm not upset...

Aurora: But i want you there with-- o.o!! Argh! >.< -holds onto her stomach-  


Thana: ^^ -cuddles up to him- ... -gnaws on his arm gently- >:T

Lily: >.>... that means she is hungry. X3 

Tani: I dont blame you... You're a good father. Always have been... -kisses his cheek-  

Elle: Sad Oh god i hope not... I love him so much... 

???: You may. But remember, saying no to this means not becoming a gym leader.  

Eleanor: o.o... ^^;; like you'll attract the wrong attention. Here lets get you on your feet first and we can try to steal up some clothes for you. -helps him up to his feet-

Elean: o.o... Well all I have done was be welcoming... :/ So, I guess we're okay? -holds a hand out to shake- 

Eshwin: ^^; oh good... I dont want you to be bothered... 


Madeline: -shakes her head- |c i just wanna be safe and away from them. 

Derek: Damn. He made it >.>... I owe you Anudor. 


Zara: -goes red and squirms at his touch- >///< Sir please... Let me to back... I-I'll find you someone else... 

Alejandro: D: -quickly races upstairs- Oh shit Fox... Here. -helps her sit down- I'll fix you up... Sad god we have to take her to Aeris. She is a problem...

Isaac: ... But... Mother I cannot do that.. Those girls don't have a home... I have to take care of them... 

Celestia: We are so lucky... Now we can get the proper parenting experience... -smiles faintly and kisses the top of Gaileth's head- <3 

Derek: |3 Mmn... Now that I can do... -slowly pulls off Anudor's shirt, kisses his chest gently- <3 


Paul: Look this is what us humans do... We hang out together for a while to get to know them... Before we just jump into bed with them! 

Chelsea: T^T don't remind me... -heads outside- 


Aurora: ... -goes a little red- No of course not... You can brush it... -takes it out of it's ponytail- 


???: >.>... good. Teach her some god damn manners Trent.

Lily: >.< Nghh... Its what the iron does... When we just stand near it we feel weak... But when we touch it, our flesh burns away... 

Aurora: D| AJ shut up. Just hurry. -heads back through the portal-  

Tani: ... I am grateful Mihan ... |c i tried but I was so sick...  


Rayurn: Forget it >/ No deal.

Elle: ... -slowly gets to her feet- Come on... You can tell us... -moves over to them and gently plays with one if the elves collar- I make it worth your wild... <3  
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 7 I_icon_minitimeSat May 04, 2013 7:53 am

Bobby: .... -sitting in a chair across from his desk, staring blankly at the floor-

???: >.> Yes... I suspected he might. But that's alright, we can work with that... Thankyou doctor. I'll be coming right over to pick him up.

Drayna: X3 Alright... -sits up a bit and cuddles her close, unbuttoning her shirt a little- You know you're very bright for someone to young... Smile -strokes her fur gently- The way you transformed like that. ^^ My clever little girl... <3

Eldrin: >/ Well what's the point in talking about it? Nothing's gonna change. -growls a little and pulls away from Nightshade- I still won't be able to go to your stupid demon school and the new baby's still gonna be better than me!


Jinn: Great... Smile Guess you'll kinda be like my guide then... showing me around and that.

Violet: <.< ... -looks them over and sips her drink-

Lulu: o.o;; U-uh.... -hesitantly steps forward, trembling uncontrollably- H-hello... ^^; I uh... I don't know if you remember me, but we need your help... w-with something... Annette, ma'am....


Fawn: -wraps her arms around Elle gently and sighs deeply- I just want you to be happy and safe my little darling... <3

Tyrel: >/ -looks him over and doesn't back off- I doubt it... -quickly steps out of way as he comes at him and grabs him by the scruff of the neck, then throws him to the ground-

???: -shrugs- >.> Perhaps Maria is seeing someone else outside of her engagement.

Harold: ... No... I would rather not let you go just yet. Listen Maria, I'll be coming to the ceremony... by then I'm sure he will have told you everything about your trip. I want you to tell me so I can fly there as well...


Abigail: No I'm sorry... -gently kisses the top of her head- Look we won't go, we can just stay here and cuddle if you'd rather.

G: o.o;; -quickly takes Baldor from her- You need to get to a hospital Aurora! This is serious!

???: -quickly steps in and looks them over- Alrught what's with the screaming? >/ What's going on?


Slate: Awh. X3 Guess I should be worried when your teeth start coming in. So uh... what're you hungry for? ^^;

Silver: -sighs a bit and cuddles her close- ... Speaking of which, do you know where Laetri is?

Fawn: Alright well you need to be very careful then... Sad You don't want to lose him dearest...

Parker: Y-yeah... yeah alright. Just a sec... -quickly steps away from them and goes over to Aurora- ... What am I supposed to do? Sad

Persian: o.o; Sure... -staggers a little and holds onto her for support- Man it sure is breezy.

Mewtwo: -narrows his eyes and watches him carefully- .... >/ Yes I suppose... -slowly extends his paw and shakes Elean's hand-

Clayton: -laughs a little- Stop letting it bother you Eshwin... X3 It's not a huge deal, right?


Adam: Yeah alright... -takes her upstairs-

Anudor: Told you so. >.> He's dedicated to her. |3 I could feel it.

Missy: -looks up at Annette and hugs her arm- Sad Are you guys alright? Did you get hurt?


Damien: >.> Oh I don't want anyone else. |3 I love you elves... -feels her up a little- you have such soft skin and beautiful curves... <3

Fox: -trembles a little and slowly sits back down- J-just.... just get her out of here.... >.< -blood runs down her arm- Before I develop post traumatic stress disorder in my own fucking home... -shakily reaches up and pulls the blade out of her arm- DX !! AGH!

Correntine: >.> I'm sure they'll find new homes... besides I don't care for them or where they go. |3 It doesn't matter anymore. You don't need them, you only need your master... <3 -helps him to his feet- Go on now, get your collar and leash and that, everything we need to go out.

Gaileth: |3 -sighs happily and snuggles down into Kali's arms-

Kali: ... She's so beautiful... Smile

Anudor: Mmn... a-ahh... -tilts his head back a bit and just lets him- Ohh Derek that really feels good... <3


Ama: |c -wipes her eyes- You don't have to explain anything... I know you don't want me. -sniffles a bit- Just leave me alone, if your... dee-vorse was so difficult t-then.... just have fun on your own...

Baldor: o.o -looks over at paul- ... What's he doing climbing a tree? I didn't know he could do that.


G: Thanks... -picks up a hairbrush and sits down with her on the bed, holding her close to him on his lap- This is really nice... just relaxing for once... -gently and very carefully runs the brush through her curls-


Trent: -looks away- Yeah yeah... I will. -looks among them- Well are you gonna keep any of them?

Cameron: Shit... o.o It looks pretty bad. You want some cream for that or something? I can run down to the infirmary.

Abigail: -grumbles a little and follows them- Any idea where they would have gone with your family? I lost track of them.

Silver: Well you're not doing anybody any good by being sick. So don't get up out of bed until you're ready to contribute some work around here. -sets her down in bed- >/ And don't fucking go near Lily again or you'll be in for it.


Misfit: o.o;; Elle. D: What are you doing?

???: <.< ... Hey hey now... -wraps an arm around her- It's not such a bad idea. -looks over at Fawn- C'mon now, you get over here too. |3

Fawn: D: ... -swallows nervously and slowly steps away from Rayurn and over to the other elf- Y-yes sir... >.<;
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 7 I_icon_minitimeSat May 04, 2013 11:54 am

???: Okay goodbye. -hangs up- You mother shall be coming over to take you home now Bobby...

Chelsea: -has walked through the front doors- D: Bobby?!  

Vikke: X3 -transforms into her elf form again for feeding- Very Happy Ehh... -reaches out a bit- 

Malladus: Look Vikke is at the same level as you are kiddo. You both need to learn to become good demons. Stop being jealous alright? You'll be able to have demon powers.  


Zara: Yeah i guess... Smile I guess I know my way... I've travelled a lot...

Annette: >.> Oh I remember you. How could I forget >/ Hurting my girl... Why all of a sudden do you need my help?


Elle: i know... -plays with Fawn's hair- Can we go home now? Id like to see Kanti again... 

Shark: -yelps a bit as he hits the ground- >.<

Shea: o.o... I thought you said you weren't a fighter... 

???: That I believe. >/ And I want to know who it is.

Maria: ... Alright... -plays with the phone cord a little- I cant believe you're doing this all for me... 


Jane: ... -sighs- Look its... Not that im upset that i cant see it... Its just that... I... I cant swim... 

Aurora: >.< M-My water broke... I'm having my bab--AHH! -slowly sits herself on the ground- 


Lily: X3 She needs her bottle for the moment... Ill fix her up one. But she is going onto the mushy food stage arent you cutie? -gently tickles her-

Thana: X3 -giggles and squirms in Slate's arms- :3 

Tani: He said he wanted to do some studying on Aeris. :/ 

Elle: ... Yeah... -gets up- I think ill wait for him in our tent. :/ Thanks mum... -heads out of the tent- 

Aurora: ... Well... Sad it seems like its your only option... 

Eleanor: X3 Well with having no fur of course it would be. -goes into someones backyard and steals some clothes off the clothes line- >.> Here. Its the right size and its pretty classy. Ill pick up some shoes from a shop for you too. 

Elean: -smiles a bit- Great. Smile Would you like to come and visit our colony?

Eshwin: Oh no of course not... I just thought you migjtve reacted differently... 


Madeline: ... Adam... You ever wonder why we got terrible parents... Not saying that Missy is one... But why you got Jude and why I got mine... 

Derek: >.>... Well he is still rude...

Annette: Nah. But I want to call the police to get some extra protection


Zara: >///< Look ill find you another elf... Ah! -squirms- 

Alejandro: D: Oh god... -helps clean up the blood and heals up her wound- Yes... Ill get her out... I feel she'll have to go to Aeris... They would be able to fix her head and keep her there... She wouldnt be able to come back into hell...  

Isaac: Oh no... If I have to do this I don't want any embarrassment. And that means no collar and leash...  

Celestia: She really is... -strokes Kali's hair- And nothing will happen to her... 

Derek: Yeah...? Well... Does this feel better...? -runs his hands down Anudor's pants- <3 


Paul: -gets to the branch- D| Fuck... Look i want to get to know you more... I do like you Ama. I think you're a beautiful girl with such a fun personality... And you're so very kind... And i must like you if i was able to climb a tree for you.  

Chelsea: o.o Neither did I... But he has actually done a pretty good job. 


Aurora: Yeah... And its so nice to finally be able to have my hair brushed without the hairbrush getting stuck X3 


???: <.< Psh. No. We'll have heaps of money once i sell them. I might have to wait a bit till the purple guy heals up before I can sell him.

Lily: ... No. -pulls away and lifts up her shirt, showing some scars- I get used to it... 

Nightshade: Surely the markets... Or maybe they are holding them up in a cell at the station. Thats where they kept Seth last time. 

Tani: ... I wont Mihan... |c i promise you...  


Elle: No... >.>... i want both of you to take me... We'll have it quickly in the alleyway... 

Rayurn: D8 Elle!

Elle: Please... I need it now... <3 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 7 I_icon_minitimeSat May 04, 2013 12:53 pm

Bobby: ... -nods slowly- Thankyou doctor... I do appreciate you doing all of this to fix me. And I cannot wait to see Chelsea again...

???: >.> -looks up from the reception- ... Bobby is about to be sent home. Can I help you?

Drayna: o.o Oh look at that. X3 How clever are you? -pulls her closer and helps her feed- There you go sweetheart... <3

Eldrin: Not like her. >/ She's not even an hour old and she's better than me. Don't say we're on the same level because we're not. When can I get my demon powers, when?! D< -tears up a little- Did you even think about this? How she'd be born a demon? -shakily wipes his eyes- ... I-I just wanted to be strong like you...


Jinn: X3 Yeah? I bet you got a lot of stories, huh?

Violet: >/ Yeah I remember you... -looks over the slowly healing burns on her face and chest- ... At least you finally got what you needed. -huffs and turns away from her-

Lulu: ^^;; Y-yes... uhm... w-we need your help finding.... master Isaac. He's taken away one of our friends....


Fawn: -gently scoops her up- Of course... he's very worried for you. -gently kisses her forehead-

Bruno: -growls and tries to get to his feet- >.< Agh.... nice job man. >C

Tyrel: -holds onto her hand and races back into the forest- Well... not normally. But of course they made me fight back at the club. That I had no control over...

???: Relax my dear... >.> Whatever this is she will probably drop it after she is married, it cannot be that important to her.

???: -comes up to their door and knocks- >.> ...

Harold: Well... -leans back in his seat- You showed me last night Maria that you are something worth holding onto... you're very special.


Abigail: :/ Is that it? Babe you know I wouldn't let anything happen to you... -rubs her arm gently- I'd keep you close and never let you go...

???: o.o;; Shit. D< Why did you choose to bloody come here today? Get these two out of here and off to the nearest hospital, and get this one back to his cell!

Baldor: >.< No! We have to stay!


Slate: -laughs a bit and ruffles her hair- Well aren't you a big girl? X3

Silver: Alright... :/ Guess I can't blame him from wanting to get away from all of this.

Lucky: ... -goes over to them and brushes up against Tani's leg- Hey guys...

Fawn: :/ Alright.... take it easy my dear.

Parker: I can't believe this... we only just got together and now I have to leave you again... Sad -sighs and holds onto her hand- W-well... are you going to be alright with this...?

Persian: o.o ... -holds onto the clothes and stretches them a little as he looks them over- Ok... how do these things work then? -tries to pull the pants over this head- .... I'm stuck... -.-;

Mewtwo: -glances down at gardevoir- ...

Clayton: :/ Differently how?


Adam: -gently sets her down in their bed- ... I dunno... never really thought about it. :/ -sits on the edge of the bed- Why, what do you think?

Anudor: |3 Maybe so but you still owe me.

Missy: O-of course... of course... Sad W-what... do you think they'll come looking for us?


Damien: |3 Hush... -runs another hand up her shirt- Mmn... <3

Fox: Good... I don't want her back. D| The bitch is more trouble than she's worth... -sighs a bit and leans against Al, still trembling- I-I don't want to ever see her again...

Correntine: >.> ... -raises an eyebrow and straightens up a bit- What was that? I wasn't giving you a choice boy... get moving, now.

Kali: No... -cuddles her gently- D| I suppose we should tell Drayna that Isaac isn't a threat anymore. She must be really worried.

Anudor: -blushes and bites his lip- ^///^ O-oh Derek... -squirms a little- Y-yes... <3


Ama: o.o ... -wipes her eyes and tucks some hair out of her eyes- ... T-then... then what was I doing wrong before? Sad

Baldor: Yeah... He must really like Ama.


G: Well you know... I used to do this for mother, before I came here... -gently runs his fingers through her hair- Help her get the tangles out of her hair for work...


Trent: We'll keep him at the station then. But the others can just be taken straight to the market. -pulls Seth over his shoulder- I'll go take care of that and we can split the money when you get back from the market.

Alassea: -rubs her eyes and watches them- D-don't go... I-I wanna be with my daddy... Sad -tugs on her leash a bit to get to him-

Cameron: Shit, well... alright... :/ -leans back in his chair again- Didn't know it was that bad for you guys.

Abigail: Yeah you know it'd probably take them a while to find slots at the market, we should go to the station first.

Silver: Good. >.> -leans down and kisses her head- I'll be having the doctor come up here to check on you.


Fawn: o.o; Elle what are you doing? D:

???: <.< -looks over at the other guy- ... |3 Alright. We saw him go into this clubhouse over there, looks like he'd made a few buddies. Good luck getting anywhere near him. -pulls Elle close- Now let's go have some fun. >3

Misfit: -growls a bit- Elle don't... >/
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 7 I_icon_minitimeSun May 05, 2013 5:53 am

???: I'm sure she will appreciate the good old Bobby... >.> I know she made a lot of sacrifices to deal with you... 

Chelsea: o.o... I'm... Her girlfriend. I-I'm here to pick her up...

Malladus: :/ -picks him up- I know kiddo... And I wan you to be happy... But you know I wasn't born like this. I had to train... 


Zara: Oh yeah ^^ always do... 

Annette: <.<... What? Can't find your master on your own? -takes a sip of drink-


Elle: -cuddles up to her- <3

Rayurn: -smiles and takes them back home- I'm glad you worked things out... Smile 

Shark: >.< Argh... Like you fucking did any better D< m

Shea: ... Im juts glad you got me... Im sorry about what he did... 

???: oh that'll be him. -walks over and opens then door- Ah. We have been expecting you.

Maria: ... Its so sweet that you think of me that way sir... -sighs and looks up- ... Here is here now... I should go to him... 


Jane: ... I know but... The water feels so scary and strange... Iunno if i can...  

Aurora: I-I need Giovanni.. I need him with me >.< Ahh!  


Thana: >w< Ehhh!

Lily: -gets the bottle set up- You want to feed her? Smile 

Tani: :/ How are you doing sweetheart? -strokes his fur gently-

Elle: -gets into the tent and on the bed, getting undress. Gets under the covers and waits for Misfit- 

Aurora: ... Itll... Be so hard to be without you... But this is your dream. I can't ruin that... 

Eleanor: X3 -giggles and takes it off- Those are for the bottom. Here... -helps him put the clothes on- 

Gardevoir: We would love too... -smiles faintly-

Elean: Okay ^^ follow me. -walks to the colony- 

Eshwin: ... I really thought you'd get mad... Be like those old men who think a man loving a man is disgusting... 


Maddie: |c -shrugs- Maybe we are cursed or something... 

Derek: >.>... What do you want? D| 

Annette: Maybe... But even still they might try to hide off somewhere else... 


Zara: |c Mmn... -sighs and just leans against him- ... -tears up a bit- 

Alejandro: I know...she is out of control... Ill make sure she stays away... -gets up- might as well hurry while she has passed out... 

Isaac: mother its humiliating... I just don't want to wear it... I'm a big boy now -looks away- 

Celestia: ^^;; I bet she has hidden herself behind Malladus... 


Paul: I just didn't want to rush into bed straight away :/ Thats all... A relationship can be more than just sex you know...


Aurora: I see... -blushes more and looks up at him- You're so gentle...  


???: Shut it >/ you'll stay put. -looks at him- Good >.>... ill be back soon... Everyone get these creatures on the truck and drive over there. 

Lily: Yeah... -wipes her eyes a bit- >.< Shit... Maybe that wasn't a good idea... -slowly sits on the ground, looking pale- 

Aurora: Alright... <.< now i can see how you got away with a lot of things in your business. 

Tani: |c ... Thank you... -looks up at him weakly- Will you stay...?


Elle: |3 Mmn... Yes... -slowly turns into her gigantic wolf form- I am a bit... Hungry >3

???: o.o!! Holy shit man what is that?! D8
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 7 I_icon_minitimeSun May 05, 2013 7:47 am

Bobby: ... -sighs a little and nods, looking guilty- Yes... I'm lucky she still stayed with me. I can't imagine how she had put up with my nonsense...

???: Oh yes... >.> You're the one that caused so much trouble. He is just up in the doctor's office now.

Eldrin: Well when can I start training? I can handle it...


Jinn: Well tell me one of your grand tales of adventure. X3

Lulu: Sad U-uhm... well.... I've left him, and now I don't know where he is...

Violet: <.< Well why should we believe that?


Fawn: -smiles and straightens up- You know we hate fighting with you darling... Smile -strokes her hair gently-

Bruno: D< How the hell does the old man move so fast with a missing fucking foot?!

Tyrel: Don't... don't be sorry, it's not any of your fault... Sad Oh you poor dear thing...

???: -bows his head- Good day sir... it has been a while. -steps inside and looks around- I have been so looking forward to seeing Maria all grown up.

Harold: Yes hurry along now... I will see you sooner than you think my dear.


Abigail: Alright if you're scared you don't have to. :/ A beach isn't that great anyway.

G: -kneels down and takes her hand- It's ok I'm staying... I'm staying. -squeezes her hand gently- Ssh, I'm here...

???: -grumbles a bit in irritation- Alright fine. >/ -calls out- Can we get a doctor in here?


Slate: Oh uh... o.o You sure? I wouldn't know how...

Lucky: -nuzzles her hand- |c Alright I guess. -sighs- Taking care of Lily and Thana is hard work...

Misfit: -comes back later in the afternoon and wipes some blood from his arm- ... Are you coming out to the food tent?

Parker: D| -sighs- I'm sorry... Sad I really am Aurora. A year isn't that long... I'll be back before you know it. I promise... -gently strokes her hair-

Persian: Thanks... D| They're really confusing. You'll have to help me take them off as well.

Benoni: >.> ... -ears flatten and watches them carefully- >/

Mewtwo: -follows Gardevoir- ... <Are you sure this is safe?>

Clayton: :/ Give me some credit Eshwin... I've already seen the way your people are, and I am better than the Jaakrufu. Besides which, you're my friend... I wouldn't let that ruin what we have.


Adam: Hey perk up... It'll get better. Sad

Anudor: >w> Dunno yet... certainly nothing we can do in front of Missy. ;3

Missy: As long as we're not in danger...


Damien I: Come now... |3 -cuddles her close- Let's just go somewhere more private... <3

Damien: -looks over at Zelda- Hey I just spoke with my sister... o.o Apparently my father is alive again and ruling Garathok.

Viktor: >.> -walks around the island with a Jaakrufu, looking around a bit- Of course I would be more than happy to offer you some of the young ones I have... but what do you have you can offer in return?

Fox: Right... -slowly gets to her feet- How can we guarantee she won't be coming back to look for us?

Correntine: -frowns a bit and stands over him- Look me in the eye boy... >C You will be wearing your leash. And if you are going to be so insolent as to think you can say otherwise, I will make it much more humiliating for you.

Kali: X3 Heh... can't say I can blame her. Isaac really scares her.


Ama: -ears droop and looks a little confused- ... D-do you think... Sad I won't be very good...?


G: Well I don't want to hurt you... -gently kisses the top of her head- I'm so sorry this was all so upsetting for you... seeing me with that girl from the bar, and...


???: -nods- Yes sir. -shoves them into separate cages on the truck-

Kihja: Sad -tries to reach through the bars and hold Dark's hand- It'll be ok Mihan...

Darunia: -tears up and whimpers a little, watching the pups- <Stay close to each other little ones...> Sad -paws at her muzzle-

Cameron: Take it easy... Christ. Are you gonna be alright?

G: >.> -looks her over- What's that?

Silver: ... -pauses for a moment and sits on the edge of the bed- I suppose that wouldn't hurt.


???: o.o !! -yelps a little and backs away- I don't know man! D8 Shit!
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 7 I_icon_minitimeSun May 05, 2013 10:40 am

Chelsea: ... He? -quickly goes to the doctors office and opens up- Bobby they-- o.o... -looks him over- What has happened to you...?  

Malladus: :/ Soon kiddo... Look I need to show you something when your mum is ready to go... It's what happens to demons who cannot control their blood... 


Zara: ... You wanna know why my colony wants to kill me? 

Jason: Look it's true. :/ my friend has been captured and assaulted by this man... Lulu here wants to leave with us... I trust her...  I just really need your help. No girl should go through what Isaac does to girls...


Elle: I hate it too... I mean you guys, along with Kanti are all i have... 

Shark: >/ he has had some training... -frowns a bit- Lets not chase him... We need to sneak and watch for weaknesses... 

Shea: >.< -sniffles a bit- It still hurts... 

???: And she has been waiting to see you again >.> She is just on the phone at the moment but she will be here...

Maria: ... I love you... -sighs and hangs up- ... -slowly makes her way back to them-

???: Ah here she is now. -looks her over-

Maria: ... -bows a bit- Hello again... -looks away-


Jane: -leans back and rests her head on Abigail's chest- Seems so great to you before... 

???: One has been called but it may take a few minutes... D: shit what if we have to deliver it? 

Aurora: >.< -holds onto his hand- I-I'm scared... 


Lily: You just have to hold the bottle so she can be able to drink it... Smile Just sit and ill show you... 

Tani: I know... You and the pokemon have been good to her... And she does appreciate it :/ 

Elle: ... I was thinking we could stay here for a bit you know... Get you cleaned up... Cuddle in bed... 

Aurora: ... -sighs- |c ill miss you so much though... 

Eleanor: o///o... ^^;; well when the time comes i will... -rubs the back of her head and sneak around, swiping some shoes, putting them on his feet- There. How do you feel? 

Elean: Hey Benoni Very Happy Isnt this great? I told you I could win him over.

Gardevoir: <I don't sense any threat here... We will be safe...> 

Eshwin: ... Heh... This understanding and kindness... Its probably one of the big reasons why i like you... 


Madeline: ... -sits up a bit- Ah >.<... I hope so... -cuddles up to him- 

Derek: >w> ... I love you so much. <3 

Annette: They are two idiotic humans... I think we'll be okay... 


Zara: -ears go back and looks away- ... Yes King Damien... |c -gets up from him- 

Zelda: ... You know most things don't surprise me anymore. This is one of those things. -looks up at him- How did he come back? o.o 

???: Well we have many girls that are up for sale >.>... we got a couple of creatures too... Mate says he got some werewolves in today.

Alejandro: ... I cant guarantee it... But maybe we can talk to the elves there to make sure she doesn't leave. 

Isaac: ... I doubt anything could be worse than a collar and a leash... 

Celestia: >.> you know if she saw how he was now she'd be so happy. 


Paul: No... :/ Im sure you're wonderful in bed... But there is more to a person than just sex... And i like you for who you are Ama... -leans in and kisses her cheek gently- 


Aurora: Shh... -presses a finger to his lips- Its over now... We're together now and thats all that matters... 


Dark: Sad -reaches forward and holds his hand- I hope so...

Balto: -growls and keeps trying to pull his muzzle off- No one is taking my family away again... D< 

Lily: D| I-I think so... -falls to her side- 

Nightshade: -ear flicks- ... They are going to the market now. Guys go and help them... I need to save my mihan... -races to the station-  

Tani: -takes his hand gently- Thank you... <3


???: D8 Fuck this I'm out of here! -races off-

Elle: Awh... Only one little snack... >3 -snarls and bares her fangs-
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 7 I_icon_minitimeSun May 05, 2013 11:32 am

Bobby: ... -looks up at her for a moment and smiles faintly- Chelsea... it's so good to see you. -gets up and pulls her into a gentle hug- I didn't know you were coming... <3

Eldrin: -looks up at him- What do you mean they can't control it?


Jinn: -heads up to the mountains- o.o ... Yeah, sure. That sounds pretty interesting.

Violet: -looks away and frowns a bit- Listen... Isaac has made many attempts to get me back and harm Annette. >/ This could just as easily be another one... I am not so naive that I'm going to be tricked again. Go away, I'm happy with my family.


Fawn: -cuddles her gently- You know... Kanti was quite worried about you...

Bruno: -growls a little- Fine... >/ But he's gonna get it when I see him again...

Tyrel: Sad We'll... we'll get you laid down and you can rest. You poor dear... -gently kisses the top of her head- I can't believe they treated you so badly... |c

Harold: ... -sighs a little and sets the phone back down-

???: >.> Maria... my, how you've grown... -goes over and gently takes her hand, kissing it- You look just lovely my dear. <3 Shall we sit down to eat?


Abigail: -shrugs- Hey I can go to the beach another time... if you don't like it then nothing's gonna force you to go out there.

???: Hey I'm not gonna get into that kinda shit. >.< Labour lasts hours right? The doctor's gonna get here quicker than that.

G: Ssh it's alright... there's no need to be scared. There's gonna be a doctor here for you soon. -kisses her forehead gently- Just breathe.... you'll be ok.


Slate: Alright... ^^' -holds Thana out for her-

Lucky: -huffs a bit and sits down- |c Doesn't feel like it... now that Slate's come back he's getting all the bloody love and praise... -ears flatten and swishes his tail a bit-

Misfit: -shrugs and takes off his jacket- Fine, if that's what you want.

Parker: |c I know... I know I'll miss you too. -gently pulls her into a hug- I swear the first thing I'll do when I come back is see you...

Persian: -straightens up and looks himself over- o.o Good... not so cold anymore. -fixes some of his hair- Do I look good?

Benoni: >.> <Mmn... just keep an eye on them.>

Mewtwo: <Good... stay close to me anyway.>

Clayton: -looks him over for a moment- ... Well... thanks... -quickly looks away again and clears his throat- Ahem, well... we'd better get to work.


Adam: o.o; Take it easy... D: -gently pushes her back down- Here I'll lay with you... -lays down and gently wraps his arms around her- There... I've got you... -kisses the top of her head- <3

Anudor: X3 -giggles a bit and kisses his cheek- I love you too. <3

Missy: ... >:U Hey. -puts her hands on her hips and looks up at her very sternly-


Damien I: -wraps an arm around her shoulder- |3 Good girl... -takes her to his room-

Damien: I'm... not entirely sure. She was a little hazy on the details. .__. Most of what I picked up was her nonsensical squealing and 'daddy is back, daddy is back!'

Viktor: >.> Werewolves? That's interesting... well show me a few of them. Let's see what you've got.

Fox: D| Alright... and what about if she does come back?

Correntine: >.> ... Really? Is this how we're going to be? Tst tst.... -strokes his cheek- And I thought you were being such a good boy. -shoves him back into the chair- >/ Sit. And don't move. -conjures a collar and leash-

Kali: >.> I'm not so sure. Isn't she still all... 'don't harm any living creature'?

Gaileth: ... |o -yawns and rubs her eyes, starting to wake-


Ama: o.o Oh... -blushes a little and watches him, shakily wiping her eyes- ... So... so you still want to be with me...?


G: ... -nods and shuts his eyes- Yes... -just cuddles her close and sighs a bit- <3


???: -locks up the last of the cages- >.> Alright they're good to go man.

Trent: -heads back to the station and sets Seth down in a cell- .... I had best get back to Nightshade soon... she's probably wondering where I am by now.

Seth: |c Mmn... -shifts a little- D-don't... stay away from... m-my... my Mihan...

Cameron: o.o !! -gets up, then pauses for a moment- ... I'm sorry but I can't open the door or let you out. I'm gonna go get a doctor alright?

G: o.o ... Damn it Nightshade. D| Be careful!

Abigail: -rolls her eyes- C'mon. >/ -heads off to the market-

Silver: Now tell me... -squeezes her hand gently- What's got you so ill, hm?


???: o.o;; -looks her over for a moment, and quickly races off with the other- >.< Wait for me!

Misfit: .... >.> -folds his arms and looks her over- I thought you were sick.
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 7 I_icon_minitimeMon May 06, 2013 8:42 am

Chelsea: o.o... -looks him over- But... But what ... What happened to you? 

Malladus: When you get demon blood you have a demon inside of you... If you don't control it that demon can control you :/ You could end up hurting your friends or family... 


Zara: ... Well my people believe in sex after marriage... To the point where f you have it before marriage you get banished from the colony... -plays with her gloves a bit- I foolishly made that mistake... 

Jason: D: It isnt! Do you want another innocent girl like you to suffer?  


Elle: I know... I feel bad for running away... Sad 

Shark: <.<... look she isn't worth it... 

Shea: -holds onto him- |c I-I need a bath... I smell horrible... 

???: ... Are you okay Master Blackmore? 

Maria: ... I suppose so... |c

???: >.> Come now Maria dear... -takes her to sit down at the table- You sit right next to him... 


Jane: ... -sighs- I must be such a buzz kill when it comes to these sorts of things... 

Aurora: >.< -tries to slowly breathe- F-Fuck... -squeezes his hand-


Lily: -scoops her up and starts to feed her- Just like this okay? You're just helping her hold the bottle... 

Tani: :/ You know Lily appreciates it... You're her best friend Lucky... Nothing will change that. Maybe you should talk to her.  

Elle: ... You're still upset... Sad 

Aurora: ... -buries her face in his chest- Cant we just have one more day together?

Eleanor: X3 you look pretty damn good. <.< And your hair is fine darling.

Elean: Well ... Here we are Very Happy This is my home... Its small because of the war... But we love it here... 

Eshwin: Of course... You sure you don't want my bed? I mean with how your back is...


Madeline: ... Thanks... -sighs and cuddles up to him- You really are an idiot... Trying to help me through that...  But I love you...

Annette: <.<... calm down Missy. You're a smart human. Not an idiotic one. 


Zara: -looks over at the bed- ... Really your majesty... I-I don't really do this...

Zelda: .___. ... Yeah i do sort of see her doing that... -looks up- Maybe we should go and have a look. 

???: >.>... i gotta warn you. One of them is pretty vicious... -takes him over to a special area- She is a fighter...

Alejandro: Ill make sure you are safe... -kisses the top of her head- I love you. <3 

Isaac: o.o;; m-Mother no... D: Oh please... Please don't!  

Celestia: >.> Oh please. I know she would secretly enjoy that.


Paul: I do... -smiles a bit and helps wipes her eyes- Just calm down... 


Aurora: -strokes his cheek gently- ... -lightly kisses his neck- Things'll be better... <3


???: >.> Thanks man |3 -gets into the van and drives off-

Nightshade: -peeks into the station- o.o... -moves back- Crap... Not him... D: -looks around and tries to find another way in- 

Lily: |c Mkay... -holds her arm- Ahh... >.< oh god...

Aurora: -heads to the market- Okay. We should split up and look for everyone. Now hide your wand AJ.

Tani: I-Im not sure... |c Its like... When my parents left each other briefly... When I got cursed... 


Elle: I took some energy from the horcrux... Voldemort will be pissed... Just... Catch me okay? -slowly turns back to normal and falls down- 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 7 I_icon_minitimeMon May 06, 2013 9:09 am

Bobby: ... -stares at her for a moment and eventually smiles- Can't you tell my dear? They fixed me... I'm all better now. -cuddles her close- It's ok, you don't have to put up with any more of my nonsense...

Eldrin: o.o Well I knew that, but... is that what you're showing me? One of those bad demons...?


Jinn: -glances down at her hands- ... I see... Do you regret that decision? :/

Violet: D< I don't want to suffer anymore! I'm looking out for myself for once! -huffs and tries to calm herself- Now... if you can't find him on your own then you... you're just out of luck. >/ Alright?


Fawn: It's alright... you can explain to him that everything's ok now. -takes her back into the tent-

Bruno: >C -ears flatten and growls- I do not want to just let her get away with being such a bitch. If she's not worth it then what do I do now?

Tyrel: Alright I'll give you a bath and then we can lay down... get some rest... -takes her into the tribe-

Harold: -runs a hand through his hair and looks up at her for a moment- ... I'm fine. Come here.

???: -sits down with her and looks her over- <.< ... Is there something bothering you my dear? You look quite... distracted.


Abigail: Would you stop blaming yourself? Look I don't blame you... you know that.

Baldor: Sad -hugs her arm- Are you gonna be ok mummah?


Slate: o.o Ok... Hope I don't drop her only holding her with one hand... ^^;

Lucky: -huffs- I already talked to her and that didn't change anything. -looks away and paws at the floor a little- |c I wanna see my mum...

Misfit: -shrugs and takes his shirt off- A little I guess. Nothing to dwell on though, right? I mean if you're not gonna trust me with that sorta thing then fine, I know being upset isn't gonna change that.

Parker: -strokes her hair gently- I don't know... Sad I don't think so. I think I need to leave right away...

Persian: >.> Hey it's different. Let me play with it a little.

Mewtwo: -flicks his tail and looks around a bit- Hm... -doesn't say anything else-

Clayton: Oh but then you won't have anywhere to sleep. Look I'll be fine.


Adam: X3 Yeah I know... I've heard the idiot thing before. -sighs and gently kisses her- I love you too Madd... <3 I wouldn't ever let anything hurt you.

Missy: >:T I'm still not satisfied.


Damien I: >.> You do now. Go on... get on the bed girl.

Damien: That might be a good idea... -gets up- I've never heard of any sort of magic that can bring back the dead.

Viktor: >.> -raises an eyebrow- Is that so? Needs a little breaking in does she?

Fox: -rests her head against his shoulder- I love you too babe... <3

Correntine: D< HUSH! -lightning cracks outside and her voice booms- ... Do not... >C Make me angry, boy... -fixes the collar down on his neck and tugs to test the tightness- You are only making it worse for yourself. -conjures a ball gag in her hand- >.> Open wide now.

Kali: >.> You'd never get her to admit it. -glances down at gaileth- o.o Oh darling did we wake you? D:

Gaileth: =w= -rubs her eyes and looks up at them- :3 ... <3


Ama: -starts to calm down a little and just lets him, starting to smile- A-alright.... <3 -sighs deeply- I'm sorry I got so upset...


G: Mmn... -goes a little red and tilts his head back- You... you're very gentle....


Alassea: -sniffles a bit and sits down in her cage- >.< ... N-nobody's gonna come looking for us... Sad What are we gonna do...?

Seth: -ears perk a little- ... N-nn... |c

Trent: -glances down at him- ... What? What is it?

Cameron: -calls out- Hey can you get one of the doctors in here?

???: <.< ... Doctors are headed upstairs to look at Tani.

Abigail: Yeah yeah. -quickly pockets her wand and looks around a bit-

G: -quickly morphs away his demon features- Be very careful in what you do. Don't do anything stupid until you've called the rest of the group to where you are.

Silver: <.< Well that doesn't make any sense, you were sick while you were still here so it's not the curse.


Misfit: o.o !! Shit! D: -catches her and cuddles her close- I've got you...
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 7 I_icon_minitimeMon May 06, 2013 10:55 am

Chelsea: But... Y-You're a man again... What is this? -keeps looking him over- 

Malladus: :/ I think you really need to see one kiddo...


Zara: ... -shrugs- I guess its a yes or no...

Jason: ... Just a coward. I see >C Fine... lets get goin. Let's go Lulu...  


Elle: D: Kanti! -jumps down- Oh Kanti im so sorry... Sad 

Shark: >.>... how about living your own lovely life... 

Shea: |c ... Thank you... I don't know where I would be without you... 

???: o.o;; ... -slowly makes her way over to him- W-What is it sir? Sad 

Maria: ... -pokes at her food with her fork- It's nothing... I am alright...


Jane: I know but-- o.o! Uh oh... I sense something is happening wjgh Aurora ... 

Aurora: I-I guess I'm going to have to...  DX arghh! 


Lily: X3 You wont drop her... Here. Tale it and copy me. 

Tani: Well we can see her a but later... how does that sound?  floor a little- |c I wanna see my mum...

Elle: ... Sad I'm only doing this to protect you... I do trust you... But if you know you would get hurt...  

Aurora: >.< -starts to cry in his chest- Its not fair... Not fair at all... 

Eleanor: <.< Okay beauty queen. 

Elean: ... Uh so... What did you want to see first...? :/

Eshwin: ill take the lounge :/ its okay. 


Madeline: -kisses him back- Mmn... -smiles a bit- You're such a wonderful kisser... <3 

Annette: <.< Oh you cant stay mad at me. -kisses her cheek- 


Zara: ... |c -slowly removes her clothes and lays on thr bed- Is this okay sir...? 

Zelda: Neither have I... :/ whoever did this... Well they'll be considered a hero... Get the royal treatment ... 

???: If you can >.> She was trained to be a fighter. Probably kill you if she had the chance.

Shea: -snarls and moves around in a cage- D< -bashes up against the cage wall and barks at Viktor- 

Alejandro: Now come on. We better hurry  before she wakes up D| 

Isaac: ... >.< -looks down and doesn't open his mouth-

Celestia: ... Heh. X3 -kisses the top of Gaileth's head- Its like nothing can upset the little angel. <3 


Paul: Hey its okay... X3 -cusdles her gently- Its all good now.

Chelsea: Well... I guess now we can have sex in the flower fields.. >.> 


Aurora: ill always be gentle towards you... -wraps her arms around him and gently rubs his back- Heh... You've always looked so cute blushing like that... <3 


Laetri: Someone is coming... They just haven't found us yet... We need to try and find our own way... 

Nightshade: <Shh Mihan... Stay silent...> ... -moves around the building to try and find herself a secret way in-

Lily: My mum is back...? Fucking hell... |c 

Aurora: And if worse comes to worst here... -secretly conjured some bags in her hand, handing them each one- It's leprechaun gold. You can use it to buy any of our friends back... It'll just disappear after a while though.

Tani: I know... Im not sure what it can be... 


Rayurn: D: Well we're in a terrible state... He has friend on his side... 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 7 I_icon_minitimeMon May 06, 2013 11:49 am

Bobby: They fixed me Chelsea. They gave me the surgery to make everything better again... wasn't that nice of them?

???: -steps in and looks them over- >.> ... Oh, you're here. Come on now Bobby, let's take you home. You look so much better.

Eldrin: ... Fine, show me.


Jinn: ... -looks a little confused- Well yes... which one is it?

Lulu: -sighs a little- I... I-I guess the only option we have now is to ask the demon queens for help... |c

Violet: -huffs a bit and sips her drink, turning away from them-


Kanti: o.o -looks up at her- D: You're ok! I thought you were gonna get hurt out there on your own! >.< -hugs her tight and holds her close to him- Don't do that Elle...

Bruno: Mmn I guess... >C -huffs and lays down, putting his head in his paws- Wish I could have at least killed that bitch Mapiya.

Tyrel: Hey now... it's gonna be ok... Sad I hate seeing you like this Shea... -gently sets her down and starts to untie her-

Harold: >.> Sit. -pulls her into his lap- ... It seems I won't be able to see Maria again for a week or so... -plays with some of her hair- I suppose you girls are just going to have to keep me company then.

???: -gently tilts her chin up a little to look at him- Tell me.


Abigail: o.o ... What? >.> Is little Timmy stuck down a well, girl? X3

G: -squeezes her hand gently- Ssh, hang in there. -glares at the guard- Where the bloody hell is that doctor you sent for? >/


Slate: o.o Alright... -takes the bottle from her- ^^; Any chance you're not hungry any more, Thana?

Lucky: Mkay... |c

Silver: -looks her over- Where did you leave Darunia and the others?

Misfit: Fine. I understand, we don't have to keep talking about it. -sits on the edge of the bed-

Parker: |c I'm so sorry... please don't cry Aurora, I... I have to get back to the judges...

Persian: <.< Well sorry for caring about my looks.

Mewtwo: -sighs a bit- Well what is worth seeing at all? -.-

Clayton: I'm not going to deny you your bed Eshwin. Look maybe we could share it.


Adam: Heh... Smile There's that lovely smile... -gently strokes her cheek- <3

Missy: >:T .... -giggles and blushes a bit- ^//^ Hee... you're right I can't. <3


Damien I: |3 -looks her over for a moment- ... It's perfect my dear... <3 -goes over and sits on the edge of the bed with her, running a hand down her side- My you are such a gorgeous creature...

Damien: Yes I suppose they would but that doesn't mean he would make any better a ruler than Kinak.

Viktor: >.> ... -doesn't flinch and just looks her over- She certainly is ill tempered... -flicks his tail and thinks for a moment- What do you usually do to subdue her?

Fox: Nah. <.< I reckon I clocked her pretty good. -heads downstairs and picks her up-

Correntine: >C .... -looks him over for a moment and forces him to look up at her- Do it again boy... defy me one more time... -snarls and bares her fangs-

Gaileth: >w< Ehe! -giggles a bit and plays with some of Celestia's hair-

Kali: X3 Awh... she's such a cutie.


Ama: Heh... X3 Yeah it is... -cuddles him back and sighs happily- .... >.> You don't know how to get down, do you?

Baldor: >.> Now... now I don't know about that. You promised I would be drunk for that and I have not nearly had enough alcohol for that kind of behaviour. |o


Alassea: Sad I-I don't know if we can anymore... what if we can't fight them? They... they might really sell us all. -sniffles and starts to tear up again- >.< I'm so scared Laetri I don't wanna belong to someone I don't know and be separated from you...

Trent: ... -looks him over- Hm. Well just don't go anywhere alright? <.< I'm going back to Nightshade. -heads outside-

Cameron: ... Yeah... :/ -sits back down- Along with the rest of the elves apparently. I don't think you're gonna get medical attention any time soon.

Abigail: >.> -looks over the gold- Hey is there anything you don't have in there?

Silver: .... Then there really only is one reason for this. <.< If there's no medical reason for you to be sick you must just be faking it for attention.


Fawn: It could be more than one friend... Sad What are we going to do?
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 7 I_icon_minitimeMon May 06, 2013 10:15 pm

Chelsea: -looks at her then back at Bobby- Y-You're not going to leave me are you? 

Malladus: ... -teleports them down into hell, in front of a large metal building with no windows- ... This metal is special. No demon can sink through it... 


Zara: ... Well i don't regret it... Because i got to see the beautiful world there is... But i do regret it because i fell in love too easy... And i got hurt |c -rubs her arm- 

Jason: >/ Yeah... Lets go... -heads out of the bar- god they are bitches...

Annette: <.<... -cuddles Violet close- Shh... Its okay... -kisses her cheek- 


Elle: >.< I'm not gonna leave you guys again... Don't you worry... 

Shark: >.> Face it kid you had no chance... 

Shea: -rubs her wrists a bit- ... So they couldn't save your foot? Sad 

???: o.o... S-Sir... the other girls and I were thinking... Maybe you doing this will hurt Maria... Sad she does care about you... 

Maria: ... -pulls away a little- I'm okay...

???: >.>... Well you've been so upset ever since you left Mr. Blackmore's estate...


Jane: .__. more like Aurora is having her baby... 

???: D: Iunno! He said he was coming...

Aurora: >.< Well he better hurry because this baby wants to come! 


Thana: D: Ehhh... -reaches out for the bottle- More!

Tani: Just at Hyrule... They needed to get some fresh air... :/ 

Elle: ... Sad I just dont like it when you're like this babe... -moves closer to him and kisses his shoulder gently- 

Aurora: >.< -holds onto him tight and shakes her head- No... 

Eleanor: >.>... theres caring about your looks and theres being a princess. 

Baerthim: >.> -standing behind him- ... -nudges Mewtwo with his snout-

Elean: Well the dragons are one thing X3 

Eshwin: -goes a little red- Um... Sure... If thats what you want... 


Madeline: X3 -pushes her glasses up a bit- even in the worst of time you can still make me smile...  <3

Annette: X3 -cuddles her close and looks up- So you two staying here or you wanna go home?


Zara: -looks away- Can we just get this over and done with...? 

Zelda: I guess that is true... :/ You know he might want you to come back... Be unbanished... 

???: There is nothing. We shot tranquilisers at her and she was still standing o.o... Toughest woman I've seen... 

Alejandro: X3 Thats my tough girl. Hey you knownwe can go and see Zara while we're up there. 

Isaac: >.< -whimpers a bit and slowly opens up his mouth- 

Celestia: X3 awh... She just melts my heart T^T 


Paul: Not in the slightest... ^^;; 

Chelsea: >.>... You've had one sip and you're already drunk. You're the biggest lightweight known to mankind. 

(You forgot Aurora and Giovanni)


Laetri: Calm down. -is trying to break his chains- Ugh >.< I won't let that happen. Not in a million years...  

Nightshade: -slowly and quietly tries to climb through a window- Thank god he is gone... D| 

Lily: Fuck... C-Cant you just help me a bit? I wont run away... I promise you...  

Aurora: >.> A boyfriend. Thats what. 

Tani: >.< Why would i fake this? And how can i possibly fake coughing up blood and everything else!?  


Elle: ... We might need some extra help..  But i dont know who could help us... 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 7 I_icon_minitimeTue May 07, 2013 12:16 am

Bobby: Of course I'm not leaving you... come on now. Let's get back home. -holds into her hand and goes over to his mother-

???: >.> ... Oh darling it is so good to have you back. |3 -kisses his cheek gently- I missed my old son so much...

Eldrin: -looks up at it- ... Wow I didn't know there was such a thing. o.o


Jinn: :/ ... Awh kid... -sighs a bit and wraps an arm around her shoulder- M'sorry... That must have been pretty tough on you.

Lulu: Sad -holds onto his hand- W-will you protect me from the demon queens? They'll kill me if I walk into the palace... I-I've already faced the whip from them... >.< They hate me so much...

Violet: >/ I can't believe they thought I would fall for such a dumb trick.


Kanti: :/ And hey... We can always find something else to do... The army isn't that great anyway.

Bruno: >/ Shut up. Like you could have taken that bloody she-beast.

Tyrel: -glances down at it- ... No. They couldn't. Sad I'm sorry, it's why I took so long. I had to wait for this new one to be brought in and learn how to walk on it... -sighs- |c But you're safe now. -gently strokes her cheek- That's all that matters...

Harold: That is none of your concern, now is it? >.> Tst tst... I thought you knew better than that...

???: <.< Is that so? Tell me dearest what were you doing all the way over there with mister Blackmore?


Abigail: o.o;; Shit. D: Are you serious?

G: Damn it... Alright calm down Aurora... it'll be ok. -gently helps her lay down- Just lay in your back. You're sure you can't hold it any longer?


Slate: ^^' Alright... Alright... -reaches out and scoops her up- Here you are. -holds out the bottle for her-

Silver: Good idea... there's not nearly enough room to keep them here all the time.

Misfit: -glances at her for a moment and inches away- Look Elle... I... I think something isn't working out. Not when things like this keep happening. I think once I get my stuff together I'm gonna... well, leave.

Parker: Sad Oh Aurora... -cuddles her gently- I have to... I'm sorry. -slowly pulls away and holds her at arms length- It's gonna be alright...

Persian: <.< You know we can stand here arguing about this or we could go find that creature.

Mewtwo: o.o !! -hisses and whips around to face him- Don't! D< .... >C -flicks his tail irritably and looks him over-

Clayton: ... Yes if that's ok with you. :/


Adam: Awh good.... X3 That's what I am for. -looks over some of her bruises and his smile fades- :/ ...

Anudor: -already has his hands in Derek's pants- o.o Hm? ^^' Oh we're probably gonna go...


Damien I: Oh come on now... >w> You're going to love it... -moves down on top of her-

Damien: -heads outside- Well I have no interest in returning. He will only try and enforce the same stupid thing on me again or worse.

Viktor: >.> Interesting. She would be a very interesting case. You can muzzle her for me, can't you?

Fox: X3 Oh yeah... I miss my barmaid.
(How are we gonna get Shawn into this?)

Correntine: >3 Good boy... -shoves the gag into his mouth and straps it on tight- Much better... |3 Just a few more things... -conjures some cuffs and puts them down on his wrists to restrict some movement- This will be the last time you disobey me... now won't it darling? ;3 -strokes his cheek-

Kali: God me too... she's such a little angel... -strokes her hair- How did we end up with such a pure child...?


Ama: -giggles a bit- >w> I suppose I should help you down. Then again I could just leave you stranded up here for upsetting me. X3

Baldor: >:T Hey! I... I am half human and these drinks are very very strong! And I do not drink much! >.> And for your information it wassss... three sips.


G: -blushes more and shuts his eye- You've... never been like this to be before... <3


Kihja: Sad ... Laetri, kiddo... save your strength. |c You'll need it...

Seth: Mmn... |c -shifts a little- M-Mihan...

Cameron: -looks around- I can't alright? It's too much of a risk and I could lose my job.

Abigail: >.> Huh. That does make sense actually.

Silver: >/ Don't argue with me Tani, I know what this is about. You're wasting my time with this shot so you'd better cut it out right now. Or there will be consequences.


Misfit: Me neither... we might have to start making some friends too if we have any chance of surviving on this island.
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 7 I_icon_minitimeTue May 07, 2013 8:59 am

Chelsea: ... -shakes her head- But... Bobby she kidnapped you... And took you away... You said you hated her... Sad 

Malladus: We don't spread much word about it. In case someone wants to take a demon... Now hold onto me okay? Some like to grab out at you... -heads inside- 


Zara: ... Yeah... -tears up- I really thought he loved me... |c 

Jason: Shh its okay... -pulls her into a hug- Ill protect you... :/ i wont let them harm you... 

Annette: Oh they were telling the truth. I just don't want to get caught up in that again. 


Elle: No >:T We are still going to do this! We are gonna train!

Shark: Oh i know i cant >.> least i can admit it. 

Shea: ... For now... -sighs and closes her eyes- He might come back... |c 

???: S-Sir i am sorry... But we just feel that way... Sad 

Maria: ... Mr. Blackmore was recovering from a shot gun wound. I wanted to help him out. 


Jane: Dead serious D: Come on. We need to go to the prison. 

Aurora: -shakes her head- >.< No... It wants to come now... -keeps trying to breathe-  


Thana: |3 -drinks out of the bottle-

Lily: X3 Awh... You're doing great.. 

Tani: Come on boy. :/ I'm sure you want some fresh air. 

Elle: o.o... L-Leave..? D: But... No... Where will you go? Sad i mean.. What about us?  

Aurora: -sniffles and looks up at him- Sad ... Just... Try and write if you can... Just so i still have some contact with you...  

Eleanor: >.> Okay lets go. -walks off to the base- 

Elean: ^^;; don't mind him. Baerthim tries to be an ass ever since he got turned into a dragon. He isn't that bad.

Eshwin: ... Yeah sure... Yeah thats fine... -rubs the back of his head- 


Madeline: ... Dont look so sad... They aren't that bad... 

Annette: ... D| You don't have much self control do you? 


Zara: >.< -whimpers as his weight hurts her a bit and just looks away- ... 

Zelda: :/ -hugs his arm- Well he needs to know we are married... And you're king here... -kisses his cheek- 

???: o.o... I can try but really i don't want my hands bitten off >.>;; 

(Ill figure something out.)
Alejandro: X3 I bet she misses you too. -teleports them to Aeris-  

Isaac: >.< -pulls on the handcuffs a bit- mmff... |c  

Celestia: We certainly have been blessed... I mean after all the bullshit we've been through we deserve it... 


Paul: T^T Hey i made up now didn't i? I didn't mean to upset you...  

Chelsea: ... X3 We'll get a bottle and drink in the fields... -takes his hand- 


Aurora: Heh... Guess I've never been with anyone to act this way... -plays with the collar of his suit- <3


Laetri: Save it so we can be sold off!? D<

Nightshade: D: Its okay! Im here Mihan... Ill get you out and somewhere safe. Then i have to help Alassea. 

Aurora: Cmon lets just hurry. Before someone buys them.

Tani: >.< Im not kidding about this! 

???: >.> -comes into the room- Shall I check Tani over now sir? Apparently your daughter is sick downstairs and someone needs us...  


Rayurn: Yeah and the only time we can make friends is when they want our girls... :/

Elle: ... I have an idea... But it may involve making deals with out worst enemy of all... 
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Non canon couples 2
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