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 Non canon couples 2

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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 9 I_icon_minitimeMon May 13, 2013 7:21 am

Chelsea: o.o!! No look... Bobby put me down. Iunno what you're planning but i don't want to find out.

Malladus: Well maybe we can put a bed in Eldrins room :/ She wont fit in between you and I.  


Zara: ... Mmn... -slowly moves her hand up Jinn's shirt- <3 

Jason: ... Thank you... This guy is insane. He has been obsessed with Lexi... 


???: |c ... o.o!! -quickly looks over- D: N-No >.< -quickly runs off- 

Shea: -brushes some hair out of her eyes- Yeah... If you look past the scars... And the scarred and ruined breast... 

Maria: ... -rubs her arm and looks away- I-Im ... Im not sure... 

Eloisa: Well im not sure. :/ the florist here isn't that good... 


Toby: -smiles a bit in his sleep- <3

Aurora: Sad ... We'll be a proper family... One day...


Thana: |3 -holds onto him and slowly dozes off again- I love you daddy...  <3

Tani: Its not that she didnt like her. She was over protective. I still have a scar on my ankle from where she bit me. 

Elle: Sad ... -sighs- Its not fair... |c You're such a sweet guy... I know we didnt get along at first but... You really are my best friend... 

Aurora: o.o... Oh thank you... -smiles a little- Thats very kind of you Daryl.

Eleanor: >.>... and here comes Christmas. 

Gardevoir: It's so nice... Smile -hugs his arm-

Elean: Very Happy Why don't you stay in the colony? 

Eshwin: ... Just wanted to make sure you're still here... 


Annette: :/ Cmon then... We'll have one little check up. -kisses her cheek- 


Zara: ... -ears go back- Look i just need to pee. That's all... 

Zelda: -looks over at Kinak- >.>... Not this sodding bastard again... -walks over to him- Where is King Damien? 

Shea: >.< -sits down- F-Fuck! Stop this right now!! D< 

Alejandro: ... You need help Rose... You keep hurting Fox... Sad i dont want her killed again... 

???:  >.> Oh it's cool. That was just a distraction.

Isaac: -looks at the girls- O.O;; Fffk...

Celestia: >.< But it's not fair Drayna... Why does the world think we are terrible parents... That we don't deserve to have our kids grow up the way they should...


Paul: Mmn... Oh man. Its nice to have such warm water... |3 Its hard to get that in the forest i live in... -runs his hands through his hair- 


Aurora: X3 And im sure you would stare back at everyone else. 


 Celestia: Shut up >.>... look with how Silver is it may be difficult to us to even try dealing with him :/ 

Zelda: >.> Oh i always call them sluts. 

Nightshade: >.< You cannot keep me here forever... -whimpers and pulls away- 

Aurora: ... Well that was easy... .__. it seems like we are pretty useless. 

Lily: D8 NO! >.< You'll kill him dad! -tries to stop him- Dad stop! STOP!!


Elle: Sad Look.. I want you guys safe... I might ... I might come back...
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 9 I_icon_minitimeMon May 13, 2013 8:35 am

Bobby: >.> Don't be like that. Trust me... it will be good for you Chelsea.

Eldrin: I don't want her in my room. D: Can't she have a room of her own?

Drayna: Darling we don't have anywhere else for her to sleep. :/


Jinn: o.o .... -watches her for a moment- X3 Silly girl... -gently pushes her hand away-

Kali: I know. I've dealt with him before. You don't have to talk, boy. Just keep up with me and don't get us into any fucking trouble. -walks ahead of him-

Lulu: o.o; ... -leans in and whispers to Adam- S-she scares me more now than she did when she was torturing me...


Bruno: >3 -grins more and growls a little, chasing after her- Silly little thing... you think you're faster than me? >D

Tyrel: Ssh... -gently places a finger on her lips- .... -strokes her cheek- You are beautiful. Period...

Marco: ... -sighs and looks away from her- You should speak with your parents about this Maria. My only other option is to leave you here and be wed to your after my return. I do not know if I can wait so long for you... -gently takes her hand and kisses it- Especially after seeing how you have grown to be so lovely...

Fox: Nah I've noticed... o.o Oh you know, we were thinking about our flowers as well, apparently they're really beautiful on Xanintum. You should go there and see if you can get enough for your ceremony.


G: We will...

Abigail: -wraps an arm around Aurora's shoulder and gently pulls her outside- C'mon kid, we'll take you back home...


Slate: -smiles faintly and cuddles her close- X3 Heh... yeah you too kiddo...

Lucky: She bit you? But she loves you. o.o

Reese: :/ ... Yeah...? -sighs and rubs the back of his head- That means a lot... I'm sorry it has to be this way Elle. I mean... with the horcrux in you... seeing each other too often would be so dangerous... it would just put you at risk. I don't want that.

Daryl: o.o ... Heh... ^//^; Y-you know my name...?

Persian: <.< Hey shut up. -pulls the door open- |3 See? I managed it all on my own.

Mewtwo: ... We have others that need to be taken care of. They will not be so tolerant towards being around people.

Clayton: X3 Course I'm still here. <.< You comfortable?


Missy: Mkay... -heads up to their bedroom and cracks the door open a little-


Damien I: >.> Then I'll be keeping an eye on you. You have nothing to hide from me... correct?

Mishka: o.o -ears flatten and quickly darts away into another room before she is seen-

Kinak: >.> Hm? ... He's in his quarters. >/ And what business do you have here? an elf and the banished prince... It is remarkable that you even made it into the city.

Viktor: I'm not doing anything. |3 If you were as strong as you claim, you would be able to resist. -picks up a pack of smokes and lights one up-

Rose: Sad B-but... -sniffles a bit and rubs her eyes- I... I love you...

Fox: C'mon let's just go. Before she freaks out again.

Correntine: >.> -glances down at Isaac- Hush. >/ Don't interrupt while we're talking.

???: >3 -comes up to them- Well isn't this cute girls...? I didn't believe it when I heard it... -circles Isaac and plays with some of his hair-

Drayna: Sad Celestia this isn't your fault or anyone else's... it's just.... happened, I'm afraid...

Kali: -teleports back- Hey I've got the fruit for our little one... :/ Is everything alright?


Ama: c: ... <3 -blushes and just watches him for a while- W-well... it is my job to do this for people... ^//^ I'm glad you like it...


G: >.> Only cause they're the weird ones.


Kali: T^T Yes Mihan...

Kihja: D: Then what's to be done? If nobody deals with him then this is going to keep happening. He'll keep hurting people!

Damien: Thank you. |3 At least you understand that. -leans in and gently kisses her cheek- Come, we had best check on his condition. >.>

Trent: I will... if you don't learn eventually then I have ways of containing you. But someday you'll love me back... I know you will.

Abigail: >.> -shrugs- Oh well. Guess we can go back to doing nothing again. Unless you wanna go help Lily now.

Silver: >.> .... -drops him-

Lucky: >.<; -whimpers a little and blood runs all over the floor, choking and trying to breathe-


Fawn: Sad ... P-please... please stay safe my little darling... >.<
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 9 I_icon_minitimeMon May 13, 2013 10:17 am

Chelsea: >/ i mean it Bobby. Put. Me. Down. -growms a bit- 

Malladus: We'll figure something out but right now we really need you two to share :/ 


Zara: |o ... Ehhh... -slowly moves it down her pants- <3

Jason: o.o... You don't say. Wow I do believe you. She really is one scary character... And that's saying something in hell...


???: >.< L-Leave me alone okay! I didnt want to cause any trouble! 

Shea: ... -looks him over for a bit- How did I get so lucky  ... So lucky to have you... <3

Maria: ... -goes a bit pink- You do flatter me...   

Eloisa: o.o... What is Xanintum?  Sounds... Sounds so odd...


Aurora: -walks outside- ... Sad I miss him already... This is so unfair....


Tani: Thats what over protecting can do to you... :/ 

Elle: -shrugs a bit- Im always on my toes.. Its nothing new... -looks at him, resting her head back down...

Aurora: X3 We had classes together. I do remember you. 

Eleanor: >.>... sorry. I just got my hearing aid. 

Gardevoir: But if things get better we might discuss about this to them...

Eshwin: -blushes a little- Y-Yeah... You dont mind do you...? 


Madeline: |o -cuddled up close to Adam- < 3 


Zara: ... I guess not... I just want some privacy... 

Zelda: >/ I'm a Hylian, not an elf. Get your species right. Also since when did we has to listen to you mr not king anymore... >.>

Shea: -coughs- Eugh... That shit is horrible... >.<

Alejandro: ... -looks heartbroken, walking away- |c

Isaac: o.o;; <Mother demon strippers are going to rape me...>

???: >3 -cracks her knuckles- I'm going to do you so hard in the ass...

Celestia: ... |c sure... Of course it is... 


Paul: X3 Hey do you think you can wash my back...? ...


Aurora: >.> They are normal to me.


Celestia: Iunno okay Kihja! If I knew things would be okay! D< fuck!

Zelda: Yes :/ -heads off to Seth's bed- I hope Nightshade is okay though... She never leaves his side... 

Nightshade: ... -slowly turns her back to him- No... I only have one true love...

Aurora: Lily would be our next option. :/ but we're still stumped on a plan.. 

Lily: -kneels down- Oh god D: I-I hope my healing is good... -starts to try and heal him- COME ON! >.<


Rayurn: Look after yourself in that horrid place... Sad

Elle: -hugs them gently- I will... -looks at Misfit and leans in, kissing him gently- ...<3 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 9 I_icon_minitimeMon May 13, 2013 10:50 am

Bobby: >.> Hush. Now you have no right to talk to me like that... looks like you really do need this. -sets her down on the bed-

Eldrin: >/ -grumbles a little and crosses his arms- Fine. Not like I've got a choice.


Jinn: o//o -shifts a little and goes very red- S-shit... -bites her lip and squirms-

Kali: >.> -glances over her shoulder- ... Something to say?


Bruno: >3 I would... -grins cruelly and leaps forward, pouncing and pinning her down- So cute, you think you could run? -leans in close to her face and keeps her pinned there firmly-

Tyrel: X3 -smiles a bit and helps her slip her dress back on- I sometimes wonder the same thing... I thought you would never go for someone like me... -pulls her in close and cuddles her gently- Mmn... do you feel better after your bath? <3

Marco: ... Come... :/ -opens the door for her- You should come inside, your parents worry for you.

Fox: It's this other planet, like Aeris. There are portals around that lets you access it.

William: o.o Seems like a long way to go just to get flowers.


Baldor: |c I wish he didn't have to stay there...

Abigail: Well you had to have seen it coming... I mean sure he took care of you guys but there's the murder, theft, organised crime and all that. It's just-- .... -glances over at Jane for a moment- Right I'm done. D| You're gonna kick my ass now aren't you?


Lucky: -nuzzles her a little- Well... I still miss mummah... Are you sure Lily won't mind us going out like this? :/ I don't normally go out without her...

Reese: Right, of course... -sits down and looks her over- You just want me to... stay? :/ Keep an eye on you...?

Daryl: ^//^; W-wow... I never thought you'd notice... someone like me...

Persian: <.< Hearing aid? ... Why are you saying such weird things? o.o

Mewtwo: We'll see. For now it is best for them to be on their own...

Clayton: X3 Nah, don't worry about it mate...


Missy: Awh... -whispers- They're so sweet all cuddled up to each other and that. -smiles faintly-


Damien I: >.> Hush. You'll earn your privacy.

Kinak: D< -hisses and snarls a little, baring his hangs- How dare you, you mouthy little bitch...

Damien: >.> Alright that's enough you two.

Viktor: Get used to it for as long as you're having to live here. -steps over to her and plays with some of her hair- >.> You don't want to force my hand Shea, or I'll punish you like I punish all my little girls.

Rose: ... >.< -sniffles a bit and starts to cry, burying her face in her hands- I-I thought he loved me...

Fox: ... -sighs a bit and holds onto his arm- C'mon... -sinks back into the ground-

Correntine: >.> -looks them over- Enough now girls, back away. I just got my little toy back... I don't want him ruined just yet. -pulls him away from them-

???: o.o Oh come on. >/ This is the only vulnerable state we'll ever see him in.

Kali: D: Mihan you've been crying... -hands the food to Drayna and sits down by Celestia- Oh darling ssh.... don't cry... Sad -gently wipes her eyes-

Gaileth: Sad ... -reaches up and hugs her gently- Don't cry mummah... <3


Ama: o//o Sure... <3 -picks up a bar of soap and steps closer, starting to gently wash his skin- W-wow sir... you really are so muscular...


G: >.> Well fine we'll go to diagon alley then.


Darunia: -snarls a little- You should know! D< You made him this way! And you're ruining life for the rest of us! Be responsible and do something, or I'll kill him myself!

Seth: |c Mmn... -still blacked out, but looking more healed up-

Damien: Have you tried contacting her?

Trent: We'll change your mind eventually... -sits on the edge of the couch and gently strokes her hair- .... -sighs a little- your clothes got all dirty and torn from all that fighting... we should get you into some new ones.

G: As soon as we know the others are in a safe place after escaping we need to speak with them and figure a way we can get Tani and Lily out of there.

Lucky: DX -whines in pain as the cut heals a little at the edges- ... |c -ears droop a little and starts to go limp in her hands-


Misfit: Sad ... -leans in and kisses her back, starting to tear up- |c .... I'm so sorry Elle...
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 9 I_icon_minitimeMon May 13, 2013 10:46 pm

Chelsea: >C -sits up quickly- Bobby I fucking mean it. If you don't stop ill take fucking action. 

Malladus: Hush now alright? We can try and make up a new room for her soon but it'll be a bit difficult. 


Zara: |3 -sighs happily in her sleep and just stays there- <3 

Jason: o.o;; N-No your majesty... 


???: >.< -tears fall down her cheeks- Oh please let me go! D: I-Ill do anything you want i promise you! 

Shea: -cuddles up to him- Yeah I do... I just feel a little weird in a dress... I never usually wear them...  

Maria: ... Do we really have to go back in there...? -sighs a bit- 

Eloisa: Well its the only option we have. And think about what the guests would think. To see all these strange and new flowers. 


 Jane: -.- You do light up a room don't you AJ?

Aurora: ... Come Baldor. Let's clean up your brother and tuck him in his cot...


Lily: -comes up to them- ... Why don't you ask me right now?

Elle: ... -nods and sits with him- Please... Id love your company... -holds his hand- 

Aurora: X3 Hey for a Slytherin you're really sweet. And i guess with the whole thing with them and Gryffindors we were bound to notice each other. 

Eleanor: >.>... its a joke. Just... Nevermind. -goes over to the computer and starte typing things in- 

Elean: Okay... :/ But I have to warn you. Those elves that attacked before might come after you again... Not straight away after they have seen your powers... But they are determined to win this war... 

Eshwin: ... Heh... You know... I-Its been nice to be next to you... Just listening to your heart beat made me fall asleep so quickly... 


Annette: X3 Yeah... -kisses the top of Missy's head- Madeline is a sweet kid. >.>... So if your kid breaks her heart i will come after him. 


Zara: -comes out of the bathroom some time later- Can we go now? |c 

Zelda: >.> Eh eh. This bitch is a queen who has a king |3 

Shea: -moves her head away- Itll probably be like something from the fight clubs. I had it all...  

???: Sad Hush now child... -takes her hands- I sense that he does care about you so much. He just wants to help you... But you see if he didnt care he wouldn't have put you in a nice place like this. Probably not want to help you at all.

Alejandro: -sighs- She looked so heartbroken... 

???: Yeah. Why do you have the right to control him? >/ He deserves this!

Celestia: Im fine girls... Just fine... |c Here come on Gaileth... Eat your breakfast sweetie... -cuddles her a bit-


Paul: Yeah... It comes with working all your life... -look over at her- >.>... You're as red as anything.  

Chelsea: -laying naked in the flower fields, cuddled up to Baldor- |3 I have to admit this was the best idea I've ever had...


Aurora: X3 -kisses his cheek- Trust me youll like it. -takes his hand and teleports there-


Celestia: Okay okay! Kali and I will do something! In the mean time you guys stay in our castle. It'll be the safest place for you.

Zelda: Yes and I cannot get through. Not to anyone actually. I'll have to wait until he wakes up.

Nightshade: -smacks his hand away- No. >C im fine in my clothes... And even if I did want new ones I don't need your help getting into them.

Aurora: Okay... -sighs- I hope they are safe...  

Lily: No! >.< L-Lucky stay with me! Stay with me! -keeps trying to heal him-


Elle: ... Just take care of my parents okay...? Sad I love you... 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 9 I_icon_minitimeMon May 13, 2013 11:54 pm

Bobby: >.> ... No. This is exactly why you need help Chelsea... you're not acting like a woman should. You have no right to argue... -pushes her back down- You will take this.

Eldrin: >/ -grumbles a little- Should have thought of that before you popped her out.


Jinn: ^^' -squirms uncomfortably- Alright... C'mon kid... D| -tries to move her hand away without waking her-

Kali: >.> Good. C'mon then, your friend is being held in here. -takes them up to one of the whore houses- Though I'll warn you in advance, she may be well and truly broken by now.


Bruno: >3 I already have something in mind for what I want out of you... -digs his claws into her a little and sneers cruelly- >w> Awh... What's with all the tears?

Tyrel: Oh I'm sorry.... I thought you would be more comfortable this way. You want to find something else to wear? :/

Marco: Yes I'm afraid we must. -holds onto her hand and leads her back inside-

William: >.> Our only option? Couldn't we simply go out of town to find flowers?

Fox: Hey c'mon, it's her wedding too.


Abigail: <.< Yeah that's exactly what I try to do.

Baldor: Yes Mummah.... :/


Lucky: -ears perk and glances over at her- .... Oh. There you are. I figured you'd be spending all your time with Slate... he really shouldn't be left alone with Thana you know.

Reese: -squeezes her hand gently- Alright I'll stay for you... I know you must be so hurt right now.

Daryl: Heh... y-yeah well I definitely noticed you... ^^' I mean who wouldn't? You were always so sweet and kind... and pretty... <3

Persian: >.> -follows her in and looks up at a big monitor- The tracking thing and satellite should show us wherever the creature is on this planet...

Mewtwo: -ears flatten and growls a little- They can try but they will not control me... >/

???: :/ Well you know darling if you left your friends alone out there... you might want to go back. Just in case... those awful Jaakrufu would snatch them up in an instant.

Clayton: Well... you know it was just one night Eshwin. I have to get back to my own home soon.


Missy: -giggles a little- X3 That doesn't sound very fair...


Damien I: >.> Yes... come now. -wraps an arm around her and heads out into the throne room- |3 Just sit with me my dear... I do so love your company. -sits down and pulls her into his lap- <3

Damien: -tail flicks- >.> Oh I'm yours now?

Kinak: >/ ... -huffs a bit and turns, walking away from them-

Viktor: >.> We'll see. Take your clothes off dear.

Rose: >.< H-how could he just leave me... -sobs into her hands- All I ever showed him was love... I tried so hard to be good for him and I still wasn't enough... -trembles a little-

Fox: The elves are gonna take care of her, I'm sure... -rubs her throat- Man... >.<

Correntine: >C -growls a little- QUIET! D< He is mine, and I decide what is done with him... >/ Come, boy. -tugs on his leash and walks away from them-

Gaileth: :3 -ears perk and face lights up- Thankyou mummy! ^w^ -noms on some of it-

Kali: Sad Then... what's going on with our little one?


Ama: ^//^ This is just really nice sir... <3 -gently rubs his shoulders-

Baldor: |3 Mmn you're right... I should have listened to you. <3 -cuddles up close to her-


Alassëa: -holds onto Laetri- Sad What about my mummy and daddy...?

Damien: That could take ages, these creatures are weak.

Trent: Oh now don't be like that... that's just the tranquilliser talking. C'mon... -starts to pull her clothes off, feeling her up a little as he does-

Abigail: >.> We might as well get out of here then and see if we can't find those guys. Quick, before Aurora sees another heart.

Silver: ... -turns away from her and heads back upstairs-

Cameron: ... Lily... -kneels down to her level- I think it's too late...


Misfit: I will... I will I promise... Sad I love you too Elle...
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 9 I_icon_minitimeTue May 14, 2013 11:21 am

Chelsea: >/ -growls and grabs him by the arm- NO! -pushes him down onto the bed and moves on top of him- I don't know what this fucking doctor has done but I dislike it... I prefer the old Bobby...

Malladus: >/ Now that's enough. It's not my fault your mother gets pregnant easily >.>


Zara: Mmn... N-No... W-We won't get in trouble... I promise. I love you dearest... |c

Jason: ... Oh god... -eyes glow red- Fuck... >C When I get in there I'll kill him...


???: >.< L-Look please don't eat me! P-Please! I'll do anything you want! I'll... I'll get others! Just please don't kill me! DX

Shea: -shakes her head- ... I don't wear it because it shows more of my scars... but... you don't judge... I don't mind staying this way...

Maria: ... -sighs and just follows him-

???: >.> Ah you're back. I'm sure you apologised to Marco for your terrible behaviour...

Eloisa: >.> I thought I heard the term "You have whatever you want dear" |3


Jane: I'm going to lay down -.-...

Aurora: -heads upstairs, wincing in pain a bit- Ah... >.< ... -sighs a bit- After this mummah really needs a rest...


Lily: I want you to be there too... Not to mention that Thana is looking for you too... Sad

Elle: ... I am... he has been my support for so long... -rests her head against his shoulder- Now I'm single... and I feel so lost...

Aurora: X3 Heh. You're too kind... well it has been nice talking to you Daryl... but I should go get some things ready for the new school year...

Eleanor: ... Well that does show... it... seems like he isn't on this planet anymore... o.o

Elean: Oh I have that covered. Barethim has gone off to protect that area. He'll eat any Jaakrufu.

Eshwin: ... -ears go back- Yeah... I know...


Annette: Hey she is sweet like you. I don't want her heart broken...


Zara: >.< -whimpers and just sits with him, resting her head against his shoulder- |c ...

Zelda: <.< ... Well duh. -ear flicks and looks over at the throne- o.o.. Wow... your father is an older, fatter version of you...

Shea: -snarls- No ... >C

???: He might come back... besides we are very caring here... Sad

Alejandro: :/ Here... come upstairs and just rest... I'll give you something for that throat...

Isaac: T^T <Thank you mother... I do appreciate this...>

Celestia: ... She's going to keep growing... |c All because of what Elune did...


Paul: ... -smiles a bit- You're so cute Ama... I never thought I'd meet a lovely girl like you... <3

Chelsea: >w> -moves up on top of him- Things have just been perfect... <3 -kisses him gently-


Laetri: We'll get them back... -kisses her cheek and sinks into the ground with the others-

Zelda: Well it's the only thing I can think of... >.> Weak? Those guys took you down when you were an asshole.

Nightshade: >///< -frowns and pushes his hands away- ENOUGH! You do NOT touch me like that!

Aurora: Oh shut up Abigail -.-' -heads out of the place-

Lily: >.< -trembles and cries- No... No I can't have lost him... no...

June: -jumps out of Lily's body- ... -looks at Cameron for a moment- Pass me the body...


Elle: ... -sighs and stands with Voldemort- Let's just find him...
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 9 I_icon_minitimeTue May 14, 2013 12:25 pm

Bobby: o.o;; ... -looks her over and squirms a little- I'd been gone so long I forgot how strong you were. >/ Let go Chelsea. You have no right...

Drayna: D: Hey it's not my fault either. >.> It's all in the stars, you know I was born under the goddess of sexuality... I can't help being so damn fertile.

Eldrin: ... I'm going to my room now... -.-'


Jinn: ... -looks her over for a moment and gently strokes her hair- Ssh... it's alright. Ssh...

Kali: >C -whips around to face him- No. -grabs him by his shirt and pulls him in close- Don't you fucking dare. Do not get close to him. Do not threaten, do not touch. You will be killed... understand me?

Lulu: o.o;; ...


Bruno: >.> You're real quick to sell out your own kind... aren't you? |3 I don't know... I'm pretty hungry now. >3

Tyrel: I didn't think you were ne to be so worried about your looks... of course I wouldn't judge you Shea. :/

???: <.< ... Well dear? Did you apologise? I know I would not have tolerated such embarrassing behaviour... you should could yourself lucky Maria.

William: Fine. <.< Go and get your special exotic flowers then.


Abigail: Alright here I'll help you... -holds onto her hand and leads her to the couch- We really should have spoken with someone while we were there. How long his sentence is gonna be and that.

Baldor: Sad Are you still sore mummah?


Lucky: She's seen a lot of me lately, namely I've been the one taking care of her. It'd probably do her some good to see her actual parents.

Reese: :/ Hey well you don't have to be lost. I mean you've got this whole big community to help you... that's what your tribe is like, right? You look out for each other...

Daryl: o.o ... Oh... yeah of course. :/ Uhm... where are you going? Didn't you say your... -sighs a little- Your boyfriend is away for a long time? Can't you stay...?

Persian: -looks up at the monitor- ... That's... not possible. How could he not be on the planet?

Mewtwo: ... -nods once- Good. Thankyou...

Clayton: -looks him over- ... What is it...? :/


Missy: I don't think Adam will do anything to hurt her... not after all that's happened. He's taken such good care of her...


Damien I: |3 Good girl... -strokes her hair gently- <3

Damien: ... Thankyou. -.- I appreciate that Zelda.

Viktor: ... >/ I said... take your clothes off... -growls a little and his eyes glow more-

Rose: |c Nobody wants me... -sniffles a bit- I won't burden you... -rubs her eyes and slowly gets up, heading outside-

Fox: Thanks... I'm just glad she's not gonna be here to go fucking psycho and hurt me anymore... D| -sighs a bit- I gotta change my bandages soon too...

Correntine: >.> Ssh now... -gently strokes his cheek- You're my little toy... I don't want anybody else having too much fun with you. |3 I don't like to share.

Kali: Sad But... that's not fair... -ears droop- How...


Ama: -bites her lip and blushes more- R-really? <3

Baldor: |3 Heh... -wraps his arms around her- Mmn... You're right. I couldn't ask for anything better...


G: -holds onto her hand and looks around a bit- <.< .. So where did you want to go?


Kali: <.< -watches them- ... You sure we can't just go back home with them? D| I can't be bothered to go save a hundred elves from medical experiments.

Damien: >.> ... Are you quite done?

Trent: Nightshade please stop... I'm being gentle with you. -pins her hands down- The tranquliser should have stopped this behaviour.

Abigail: >C -huffs a bit- Dude that is going to be your death one day. -follows her out-

Cameron: o.o; ... -looks her over for a moment- Uhh.... sure... -slowly takes Lucky from her and hands him to June-


Voldemort: <.< First... -flicks his wand and teleports her family away- We have a few things to do... -conjures a hooded cloak around her and a death eater's mask-
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 9 I_icon_minitimeTue May 14, 2013 1:31 pm

Chelsea: >/ No. Fuck you. You can stay here but I'm going out. -stands up, letting him go- Maybe you'll get some sense into your head.

Malladus: -puts him down- Okay kiddo. We'll fix your room up later. If you like we can get you a gift for doing this for us.


Zara: ... -tears up in her sleep- I thought you loved me too... |c

Jason: D< Okay I won't just calm down would you? Having anger things like this isn't getting us closer to help her!


???: DX No no! P-Please... I'll get you others... Come on... I mean I'm just skin and bones!

Shea: -rubs her arm- I try not to be... but I do get worried...

Maria: ... -looks away- I apologise...

???: Now that's better >.>... You need to be more respectful to your future husband Maria...

Eloisa: >.> You're not coming with me... it might be fun to hang around in the flower fields for a bit |3 <3 -plays with some of his hair-


Jane: -sits down- I know... maybe we can give them a call.

Aurora: A little... -goes into the room and gently cleans up Toby, putting him in some clothes- ... You know you will have to keep an eye on your little brother too... Make sure he is okay...


Lily: Look she just misses you okay? We've been trying to take care of her. But I don't get what you want. You say she should see her real parents and yet you shun Slate for trying.

Elle: I know but... He made things better you know? The tribe can be there but they all can't hold me at night...

Aurora: Well... I don't want to take up too much of your time. I'm sure you're busy.

???: -flies over Mt Silver and looks around- ... >/

Eleanor: I guess he has found a portal. -looks up at him- There are portals leading off to other worlds. This might be a good thing though. He isn't here so he won't want to try anything... maybe he just wants a peaceful life...

???: :3 ... -slowly crawls over to Elean-

Elean: o.o... Oh. -scoops her up- This is my baby sister.

???: -looks at Mewtwo- Very Happy Kitty! -reaches out for him-

Eshwin: It's ... nothing don't worry. -rubs his eyes- Would you like breakfast?


Annette: He really has... I'm glad he didn't take up Jude's ways... You've got a good kid.


Zelda: ^^;; Sorry. -kisses his cheek gently- You're such a beautiful man to me... <3 -takes his hand and walks up to the throne-

Shea: Ahh! >.< -slowly tries to resist but starts to pull off her clothes- N-No...

???: D: But... my child wait... We do want you here... Sad

Alejandro: I'll change them for you... -kisses the top of her head-

ISaac: ... <I don't want anyone else doing horrible shit to me...> T^T

Celestia: |c Face it Kail... we weren't meant to have children...


Paul: Really... -smiles- I think I'll stop the shower now.

Chelsea: -gently plays with some of his hair- ... You think... we could be more than just this...?


Aurora: <.< You know what? I was thinking of getting a pet for around the base...


Celestia: >/ No. Silver is getting out of control and it is our fault. None of those elves should suffer from our mistake.

Zelda: >.> Never.

Nightshade: >///< Well it didn't work properly! Tommy or Trent or whatever! Just please stop!

June: ... -sighs and teleports in front of Giovanni and that-

Aurora: o.o;; June...? ... -looks over at her- D8 L-Lucky?!


Elle: ... Okay, not trying to disobey you but this get up is just embarrassing. It doesn't make your followers look intimidating. Not to mention that the masks make it worse when you get hit with a spell. That's why so many get knocked out in the first hit. -puts on the cloak- I will wear the cloak.
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 9 I_icon_minitimeTue May 14, 2013 2:13 pm

Bobby: ... >/ -sits up a bit- Where are you going? -gets to her feet and watches her carefully-

Drayna: -cuddles Vikke gently- Smile Yes it's very considerate of you to do this for your baby sister...

Eldrin: <.< -ears perk- .... You've got my attention. <w< What kinda present?


Jinn: -looks her over and cuddles her close- Don't be upset... I do love you... -gently kisses the top of her head-

Lulu: >.<; -whimpers a little- B-be quiet.... please... Sad He'll hear us...

Kali: ... Your friend's right. >/ We gotta be quiet. -goes shadow- Stay close to me alright and don't fucking touch anything. -sits into the ground and goes up into the house-


Bruno> >3 I'm not picky... -bites down into her arm and drags her back to the camp-

Tyrel: -gently strokes her cheek- You've got nothing to be ashamed of... what you did in the club is something not many of the other women can boast about. You fought for the right to not be used like that... I think that shows a strength the rest of us don't have... trust me, you have nothing to be ashamed of Shea... <3

Marco: Well... I forgive you dearest. -gently kisses the top of her head and helps her sit back down- Let's forget about this unpleasantness, shall we?

???: <.< Yes... we can straighten out these wedding plans of yours.

William: -shrugs- Fine. -pulls away from her- Have it your way. There are plenty of other things for me to do around here.


Abigail: That'd probably be a good idea. :/

Baldor: -nods and sighs a little- Yes mummah... I will. I'll take care of you guys... -squeezes her hand a little-


Lucky: D< -growls a little- I shun Slate because you all of a sudden trust him after he shows up out of nowhere after almost a year! I'm pissed about it Lily because he has done NOTHING while I worked to care for you and Thana! We all did! And he come up out of nowhere and gets all the praise for coming back! He hasn't done anything! >.< -huffs a little and backs away- ... I don't see how you can be like this to him and ignore what we have selflessly done for you... >C Because we love you Lily. How can you be so stupid as to let him back into your life when all he has done is hurt you?

Reese: ... If he can't respect your decision with something as small as this Elle... it was probably better in the long run that something like this happened... -squeezes her hand gently- It'd be better for you to find someone who doesn't make your life so difficult...

Daryl: I... I.. I... -stammers a little and plays with his fingers- ^//^' I always have time... fuh... for you Aurora... <3

Parker: -climbs up onto a plateau and sets his things down, looking around a bit- ... -sighs- At least the view is nice from here.... I'd best get started... -picks up a pokeball-

Persian: ... >/ -frowns a little- You could have assumed the same thing when the creature fled to new island. His intentions are still the same... this just means that he has decided to move somewhere where we cannot predict his movements... Eleanor the creature is a threat and we cannot ignore it. It wants destruction on anyone who doesn't follow its ways, and you saw that first hand, the same as I did.

Mewtwo: -flicks his tail a little and looks her over- What... is that? -sniffs a little at her-

Clayton: -yawns a bit- That would be nice... but after that I really do need to pack my things and head home. =.=


Missy: -nods- I was so afraid he would end up like Jude... I wanted so desperately to visit him to make sure he was being raised properly. -sighs a little and cuddles up to Annette- You're right... he's a wonderful child...


Damien I: ... -ears flatten and looks them over- >.> ... Oh... Would you look at this? Another disgusting little elven creature. >/ And my banished son. Tell me... how did you even make it into my city without being killed?

Damien: -folds his arms- >/ I couldn't tell you. That way we'd be able to do it again.

Viktor: -grins cruelly and bares his fangs- >3 You see my pet? You cannot resist me... now I'm going to show you what I do with all my children when they're bad to me. Maybe after this you'll be a little more obedient... >.>

Rose: |c -ignores him and wanders out into the forest- I'm all alone now... I wish I was never made... -sniffles a bit and curls up on the ground, hugging her knees-

Fox: Thankyou... -sighs a little and slowly starts to undoe the bandages on her arm and face- >.<; Ahh... it still hurts so much...

Correntine: >.> Of course not... |3 -moves his chin up to make him look at her- You only want me doing those things, don't you my darling? <3

Kali: Sad ... -ears droop a little and starts to tear up- Maybe you're right... |c -hair starts to grey and slowly become white-


Ama: O-ok... -smiles a little and sets down the soap, stopping the water and setting it back in a bucket nearby- Let me dry you off sir... <3 -picks up a warm towel and starts to dry him-

Baldor: -rests his forehead against hers- ... What do you mean..?


Kali: D| Alright alright alright. No more yelling at me. We'll go get them. Damn... Silver is gonna be pissed with me.

Seth: |c Mmn.... -slowly stirs and starts to wake- N-nightshade...

Trent: ... -smiles a little and runs a hand along her body- Yes... you remembered my name darling... <3

G: o.o; -backs away a bit and goes very pale- June? .__. W-what are you doing here? >.<; -quickly looks away from Lucky-


Voldemort: <.< ... -frowns a little- you will do as I say... or all of your family will be killed... Does that make everything a little clearer for you?
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 9 I_icon_minitimeWed May 15, 2013 8:11 am

Chelsea: For a drink or something until you get some sense into your fucking head. >/ Iunno what they told you but you cannot control me.

Malladus: <.< Well what do you want?


Zara: -sniffles and pulls her hand out, cuddling up to her- Never leave me...

Jason: >/ -goes shadow and follows her in the ground-

Isaac: -is putting Lexi in a dress- There... now you look even more beautiful... <3


???: -screams and tries to pull away- DX HELP ME! SOMEBODY HELP ME!

Shea: ... -smiles a bit- Really? ... Heh... Thanks... no one really has said that.

Maria: ... Look Marco has been here one day... can't we do it tomorrow? I'm sure he just needs a rest from travelling...

???: <.< Yes... we can straighten out these wedding plans of yours.

Eloisa: ... Yeah... yeah of course... -sighs- Alright Fox let's just go.

Alejandro: >.>... I'll stay here...


Jane: Alright pass me the phone and dial up the number. I'll see what I can find out.

Aurora: ... -kisses the top of his head- You're a good boy. I love you... <3 -gently places Toby in his cot-


Lily: ... -ears go back- But.. I do appreciate what you've all done for me... I really have... Sad Don't think I haven't... I'm sorry Lucky I really am...

Elle: ... Yeah... -looks up at him- You wanna stay for dinner? I know our food isn't exactly fancy but... it might be nice...

Aurora: X3 Daryl calm down... -takes his hands- You don't have to be nervous around me.

???: >/ ... -screeches and charges at him, trying to push him off the plateau-

Eleanor: Alright alright. D| -sighs- So what we gotta go through different planets to find him? This is going to be so tough.

Elean: Well she is a baby... Smile

???: o.o... Kitty :3 -lightly puts her hand on his nose- <3

Gardevoir: Awhhh Very Happy She is sweet <3

Eshwin: I know... I'll... I'll help you. -gets up and sighs a bit-


Annette: Yeah... He gets it from you. -kisses her cheek- But i gotta admit taking care of kids is so difficult D|


Zelda: ... -eyetwitch- My name is Queen Zelda and I am not an elf. I am a Hylian -.- Look we heard you have come back... from the dead. So we decided to see what was going on... and see who did this -looks at Zara-

Zara: o.o... -hides her face in Damien's shoulder- |c

Shea: You back up or I'll bite your snout clean off your face D<

???: -skips through the forest- ^_^ ... o.o... -ears perk and sees her- ... -walks over to her- Hello? Are you okay?

Alejandro: Shh... -slowly helps her take them off- ... Sad Oh god... You must be in so much pain...

Isaac: <.<;; <Uh... not really. I just rather not have them after me.>

Celestia: |c -pulls her into a gentle hug- I'm sorry Mihan...


Paul: Oh that feels nice |3 Heh. Feels like my limbs are going all funny... <3

Chelsea: ... I-I've been thinking about that Mihan thing more... -sighs and looks down- Look I know it's sudden but I don't anything to happen to let you go... You're the only thing that's important in my life besides my father...


Celestia: Look we might have a chance with helping him... we gave him the powers so he might be thankful.

Zelda: o.o... Seth... it's me Zelda... You're at Hyrule castle...

Nightshade: >///< Trent stop this...

Aurora: o.o... -holds G's arm- Are you okay?

June: ... -sighs- Silver has gone out of control. -ears droop- He slit Lucky's throat when Lily wouldn't cooperate... I don't know how well she is dealing with this... but... he has passed on...

Lily: -still on the floor sobbing, all covered in blood- |c ...


Elle: ... -grumbles and puts it on- Fine. -.- I'm just saying though.
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 9 I_icon_minitimeWed May 15, 2013 10:04 am

Bobby: >/ ... We'll just see.

Eldrin: >:T -holds his wrist out- Gimme the transfer.

Drayna: D| -sighs a little and ears flatten- Elune... not this again. -rubs her forehead- I am going to lay down with Vikke... -heads upstairs-


Jinn: -holds her close- Ssh it's alright... nobody's leaving you. Just go back to sleep...

Kali: -slowly rises up and looks around a little- ... Good. He's here alone with Lexi. No other little vampire bitches to fight...

Lexi: |c -shivers a little at his touch and just stands there, looking at the floor- Y-yes master... t-thankyou master... f-for making me beautiful...


Bruno: -growls a little- Be quiet. Little bitch... -drags her back up to the campsite- >3 Don't worry. Nobody's going to kill you right away... we want to see how much enjoyment we can get out of you first...

Tyrel: I can tell... you really do deserve to hear it more often Shea. <3

???: >.> Oh Marco you travelled a long way to be here, please feel free to stay a few nights until the plans are sorted out.

Marco: -nods- Thankyou, that's very kind... of course I will not intrude on Maria, I will take a separate room from hers.

Fox: C'mon kid. -straightens up and holds onto her wrist, teleporting them to Xanintum-

William: ... Oh awesome. D| Leave me with the scary in-law.


Abigail: -nods and calls up the prison, handing her the phone- ... So what'll happen if he's on death row or something?

Baldor: -smiles faintly- I love you too mummah... -hugs her around the waist- <3


Lucky: >/ -backs away more- How could I have known Lily? Up until now we got nothing from you for all we did. Have you even seen the others lately? Latias won't speak at all...

Reese: I... -pauses for a moment and looks over his shoulder, looking nervous- I-I dunno if it's a good idea Elle. I mean... -looks back at her for a moment- .... Sure... I'll stay.

Daryl: -blushes more and stammers- R-right... right of course... ^^' S-sorry... It's just that I've always dreamed of this...

Parker: o.o !! Shit! >.< -tries to duck out of the way and gets hit, stumbling and skidding over the rock- DX Argh! -yelps a little in pain and slowly tries to get to his feet, all cut up and grazed-

Persian: -tries to think- How would he have even gotten to another planet? Is it Aeris...? Even if that's where he went, we were never be able to get the location out of that girl...

Mewtwo: o.o ... -ears go back and looks her over- ... It doesn't surprise me in the least that this offspring has such... a spirited behaviour towards life. -slowly reaches forward and plays with some of her hair in his paw- After all... she had the gift of being born into it...

Clayton: :/ -sits up and looks him over- ... You alright mate?


Missy: X3 -giggles a bit and shuts the door again- They're almost adults... taking care of them isn't anything like taking care of a young child.


Damien I: -plays with a little of her hair- >.> I hardly see how that is any of your concern.

Damien: -growls a little- >/ Our concern is for all of Garathok. There is no reason for you to have been brought back... as it is the city is not in good shape. Your poor decisions will not help it in the slightest. Your reign ended a long time ago... and you need to step down from the throne.

Damien I: >/ ... -flicks his tail a little and narrows his eyes- You are... as insolent as ever Damien... what right do you think you have to question my leadership?

Viktor: Be quiet. You little pest. >.> -takes the cigarette and pushes it into the skin of her chest-

Rose: ... -ears perk a little but doesn't turn to face them- ... G-go away... leave me... |c
(Is this helping at all to get Shawn pared up with Rose? >.>)

Fox: Y-yeah... >.< They're pretty bad. -sighs a little- I'll be ok though...

Correntine: >.> ... Would you like to reconsider your answer, boy? >/ Considering whether or not you are good determines whether or not you will be whipped again when we return home...

Kali: |c -sniffles a bit and cuddles up to her- We shouldn't have been parents... -tears slowly run down her cheeks-

Gaileth: o.o -looks up from nomming on her fruit- ... D: Mummah... Sad Mummah why are you crying...?


Ama: ^//^ -giggles a little- R-really? I'm just drying you off... >///> -looks him over for a moment and hesitates before kneeling down and gently drying him off down lower-

Baldor: o.o ... Mihans... Chelsea... -gently takes her hand and squeezes it a little- Are you sure about this? I love you so so much... but... I want you to know what you would be getting into... Mihans are together for life and are to never fall for another... Mihans raise children and start a family... are you sure you're ready for that sort of thing?


G: .... What kind of pet? Because in all honesty I'm getting a little tired of seeing owls everywhere.


Kali: Yeah we'll just be careful with how we go about doing this. -glances at her- Look while we're there we should check on Tani, I've heard she's been getting pretty sick.

Seth: -slowly opens his eyes a little and stares up at her- ... Z-zelda... >.< Nn... -tries to sit up a little- I have to... find Nightshade...

Trent: Hush hush... don't fight... -leans in and kisses her again, gently running his hand down lower- Mmn... <3

G: -quickly pulls away from her- I'm fine. >/ -glances back down at Lucky briefly, shudders a little and looks at June- I figured from all the blood that the creature had passed... you're sure Silver did this?

Abigail: o.o Sick... -steps closer and pokes at Lucky's body-

Cameron: -tries to help her up- C'mon kid... I gotta get you back to your cell...


Voldemort: <.< You had best be more respectful in the future... -quickly moves into one of the houses nearby and looks around for Vlad-

???: o.o -gets to his feet- Aye. D< Door was locked for a reason man, get out.
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 9 I_icon_minitimeWed May 15, 2013 11:24 am

Chelsea: >C ... You're not the Bobby I fell in love with... -heads out the door, tearing up a bit-

Vikke: o.o... -watches curiously as Drayna takes her away, swishing her tail-

Malladus: ... Did... did you not listen to what I said and showed you back down in hell?! D<


Zara: Mmn... |c -slowly wakes up and rubs her eyes- J-Jinn...?

Jason: ... Don't you find it slightly odd that the other girls are gone?

Isaac: ... -kisses her cheek gently- Shh... you need to calm down dear... <3


???: >.< W-What are you going to do...?

Shea: ... -hugs him tight and buries her face in his chest- Thank you for saving me... and being there for me... and just... being wonderful... <3

Maria: ... Thank you... -looks away- Uhm, not to be rude also but I must go out and go to the hospital... just get some days off to fix this up...

Eloisa: ... -sighs- Fox do you ever feel sometimes that when you flirt with my uncle... he doesn't notice?

Alejandro: Damn right >.> What was that about you idiot? Didn't you see that she wanted to do you in the flower fields?


Jane: ... We'll cross that path when it comes. -takes the phone and waits for an answer-

Aurora: -smiles and goes over to the bed and lays down- Now I know you're excited to play with your brother. But for the next few days he'll be sleeping a lot...


Lily: ... I don't know what happened... I just got into a state and... -ears droop- Look I want to make it up to you guys... especially you. You're my best friend Lucky... Sad

Elle: -smiles a bit- Great... great this'll be nice... -cuddles up to him- <3

Aurora: ... You've... dreamed about us talking...?

???: >/ -lands onto the ground and looks him over- ... <Master said get rid of you...> -slowly moves closer-

Eleanor: I doubt it. It's a place we've been investigating for a while. He would surely want somewhere that hasn't been discovered and studied yet...

???: X3 -giggles and tries to grab at his paw- Very Happy

Gardevoir: ... -places a hand on his shoulder- I guess that can influence someone... to grow up in a place like this can make them better...

Eshwin: ... Course... you know you don't have to keep asking.


Annette: Yeah but adults have problems and teenagers make them a hundred times worse >.>


Zelda: Because he has damn better leadership than you. Being King of Hyrule he has taken care of the people properly. >/ All I can see is that you just sit on your fat ass and screw elf girls all day while others are starving and hurting in the streets. No wonder the Aerisian elves got the forests. They deserve it more than you.

Shea: AHHH! >.< -smacks his hand away hard- D< FUCK! You're a psycho!

(Oh yeah. I just wanted to play a male elf for some reason)
???: D: No... look come on. I'll take you back to my place. I'm helping out a friend there... You look like you need help too...

Alejandro: ... You still look beautiful to me... <3

Isaac: T^T <No whipping please... I have a perfect ass... I don't want that ruined...>

Celestia: ... |c We're just upset dear... don't worry... you just finish up your food...


(Let's make things awkward >w>)
Paul: |3 Mmmnn... -slowly starting to get a boner- Man these are just nice towels <3

Chelsea: ... Yeah... I mean sure I'm a bit young but... you know it's not like we have to start a family straight away... but I want to be with you forever...


Aurora: Well there are many different pets. Normal or even the weird ones. <.< I want something interesting :3


Celestia: Yes... from what I've heard her hair has gone all white... maybe we can heal her up with something...

Zelda: D: No you're too weak... -gently pushes him back- Look what exactly is going on? We can try and find her...

Nightshade: -starts to cry, tears falling down her cheeks- Please don't... I don't want this to happen to me again >.< No...

Aurora: ... -steps back a bit and looks away- I was... just checking...

June: -.- -smacks her hand away- Don't be so rude. -looks at G- Im certain. Lily witnessed it herself... Not a lot breaks Lily down... her spirit is so strong... but I think this has done it and she has given up the will to get out of that place...

Lily: >.< -shakes her head and pulls away- Leave me alone!


Elle: ... >/ We're looking for a vampire. We will go through any damn door...
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 9 I_icon_minitimeWed May 15, 2013 12:11 pm

Bobby: ... Hmph. -shuts the door behind her- I'll fix her...

Drayna: -strokes her fur gently and heads into her bedroom- Don't worry about them sweetie.... D| We'll just get some rest now. -yawns a little and lays down-

Eldrin: >.> -shrugs- Hey you asked me what I wanted.


Jinn: o.o ... Hey now go to sleep... :/ You need your rest. -cuddles her close-

Kali: -shrugs- He's got heaps of these houses. The girls are probably all waiting at one of the others so he could focus just on Lexi... now be quiet or we'll get caught...

Lulu: -bites her lip and looks around- ... I-I don't like this... something doesn't feel right...

Lexi: |c S-sorry sir... I will... -quickly nods and wipes her eyes-


Bruno: >3 Depends. -pins her down and digs his claws in a little- We'll just see what we can do to make you scream...

Tyrel: o.o ... -strokes her hair gently- It's my pleasure... -gently kisses the top of her head- <3

???: >.> Now that's not necessary Maria, we've talked about this. You can quit your job fairly soon, you don't need to be working once you're married.

Fox: -looks her over- Flirting with Al? >.> Sometimes, be he usually get the message after I bend him over one of the bar tables and whip his sorry ass. Why... you think that pompous little dick back there isn't noticing you?

William: ... Is that what she was getting at? Who actually does that sort of thing? .__.


Guard: >.> -picks up and answers- Yes? State penitentiary.

Baldor: -crawls up into bed with her and cuddles up to them- Mkay... when will he not be sleeping so much?


Lucky: No I get it. >/ You're more happy with Slate. That's fine... I don't care anymore Lily. -looks away- I'm gonna go see my mum...

Reese: Heh... yeah it will. -smiles a bit and cuddles her back- ... Man... I haven't felt this close to you, since...

Daryl: W-well... yeah. It's all I ever... really thought about. I nevr thought you would notice me though, let alone talk to me... Smile

Parker: o.o;; -turns around to face her and backs away- S-shit... -shakily reaches for a pokeball- >.< Is this a part of my training or something? Cause it's just my first day. D:

Persian: >/ Then how are we supposed to find where it could be? -paces a bit- ... Do you know of any other worlds?

Mewtwo: -lets her hold onto his paw for a moment, then draws away- .... We need to get back to our friends in the forest.

Clayton: >.> I will as long as you don't look like you're ok.


Missy: It's not that bad. X3


Damien I: >C !! -growls a little and gets to his feet, standing over her- Enough! D< How dare you... I should have you tortured and burned for your words, you insolent little bitch...

Damien: >/ -immediately stands between them protectively- Don't even think about it. D< I would dethrone you myself before I let you lay your fat hands on her...

Viktor: >.> Now you shouldn't be able to do that with my spell... you must have a very strong willpower.

Rose: -slowly sits up a bit and looks up at him- ... Y-you... you really want to help me...? Sad

Fox: -ears flatten- I'm going to be all scarred now Al...

Correntine: >/ -growls a little- Then you will do well not to be so insolent...

Gaileth: Sad ... -ears droop a little- Is it my fault mummah...?


Ama: o//o .... -glances up at him for a moment- Y-yeah... they're... they're nice and soft... ^///^' -bites her lip and goes back to slowly rubbing him with the towel- <3

Baldor: Well... -smiles a little- I think if you're ready for it... I would love for you to be my Mihan... <3


Kali: -teleports there- What's to heal up? She's sick from the curse right? I don't know if there's anything we can do to fix it.

Seth: D| -sighs a little and lays his head back- N-nightshade was taken... our colony was attacked...

Trent: Ssh ssh... -gently wipes her eyes- Don't cry my love...

G: We're going to get Lily out of there and to a safe place. But now I wish we had done so sooner... -sighs and runs a hand through his hair- ... It is so hard to imagine Lily broken down...

Cameron: Kid! -holds onto her arms- You need to calm down! Freaking out isn't going to bring your dog back!


???: ... -backs away a little- >C M'not telling you where he is without a little incentive first...
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 9 I_icon_minitimeThu May 16, 2013 6:45 am

Chelsea: -enters a demon bar and looks around a bit- >/ -growls and sits down at the bar- Drink.

Vikke: o.o... -curls up to her and licks her cheek- <3 

Malladus: >/ Besides the transfer. 


Zara: -rubs her eyes- I cant... I had a really bad dream... 

Isaac: ... -leans down and whispers in her ear- Now lets watch the girls take down the three pests. 


Shark: <.<... Now Bruno hold on... Ive been thinking... Maybe this girl could be a help... 

Shea: Now you must be tired in that fake foot... Here sit down... <3

Maria: ... But... -rubs her arm- I still like taking care of people... 

Eloisa: ... It just seems like he isnt paying much attention than he was before...

Alejandro: >.>;; It... Doesn't matter. But the thing is that she wanted you to notice her :/


Jane: Hello? We're wondering about some information about the prisoner Giovanni... 

Aurora: Itll be a while. -strokes his hair gently- but dont worry. He'll need help to learn to crawl and everything like that. 


Lily: Sad but... Thats not true... Lucky please come on... Come back home... 

Elle: ... Since the ball... -sighs- I really am sorry about that night... 

Aurora: X3 Well I'm glad we can talk and that now... 

???: >/ <No... We must get rid of the one who is ruining the relationship for master...> 

Eleanor: ... Well I've heard of this one place. The boss wanted to study it... It's called Xanintum. 

Elean: Mkay. :/ you know you can visit us anytime... 

Eshwin: Well I'm looking fine. All daisies and sunshines. 


Annette: Well at least we wont have any D| 


Zara: o.o!! -hides behind Damien- >.<

Zelda: ... Its okay Damien... I can take care of myself... Your father isn't used to a woman in control >/ Lets just go...   

Shea: >/ You don't know what I've been through... 

???: Yeah :/ -helps her up- Why are you all alone? 

Alejandro: :/ But you're still you... I'll love you no matter what... 

Isaac: T^T <Yes mother. I'm so sorry.> 

Celestia: No of course not... It's not your fault at all... 


Paul: Mmn... |3 -slowly looks down- ... O///O oh god! >///< -covers himself with the towel- 

Chelsea: ... -looks him over and smiles happily, kissing him gently- Thank you... I love you so much... <3 


Celestia: it could  contribute but I'm not sure...  There might be something else...

Zelda: Who took her? Sad 

Nightshade: -slowly looks up- ... Please... don't do that... 

June: ... You think there is a way to transform him Giovanni? When Balto died... Kali brought him back to life...

Lily: >.< no! Don't call him some dog! H-He was my best friend ever since I was born! 


Elle: >/ Let's make a deal. You tell us, you will get to live. 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 9 I_icon_minitimeThu May 16, 2013 8:27 am

???: <.< Alright calm down. -starts to pour her something- Don't get your panties in a knot girl. -hands it to her- What's your problem?

Drayna: X3 -laughs a little and wipes her cheek- You're too sweet... <3 -gently kisses the top of her head-

Eldrin: >/ -folds his arms and looks away- There's nothing else I want.


Jinn: :/ ... I gathered. You were talking in your sleep. What happened girl? You looked pretty upset...

Lexi >.<; -shivers a little as he does and tears up a little- ... J-jason.... |c

???: >3 -hiding in the walls with the others- ... <You girls... take care of our sister and the boy. I'm sure she will not take much persuasion to help us again...> -looks over at another vampire girl- ... <We will take on Kali. If we can break her she will be an excellent gift to master...>


Bruno: >.> -ears perk and looks up at him- Yeah? How do you figure? She's just a weak little human girl.

Tyrel: Yes... -slowly sits and sighs a little- I am still not quite used to it. But I had to come out to find you as soon as I got it...

???: Hush. You don't need to be working and that's the end of it young lady. You'll be spending enough time caring for your family once you're wed.

Fox: :/ I don't know what to tell you kid... you're not going to like hearing it but I never liked that guy from the start. He wasn't good for Lucy and I don't think he's good for you either.

William: Hey I notice her.


???: ... -runs a hand through their hair- Of course... D| It's going to be difficult to forget about that. What is it you're interested in knowing?

Baldor: Very Happy I can help him with that X3


Lucky: D< No! I want to see my mum! -snarls and backs away- Leave me alone Lily... just go back to Slate... >/ -turns away from her and walks off-

Reese: ... It's alright. I understand I guess... I think Morgan was hurt more than I was. :/

Daryl: ^//^' Me too... -rubs the back of his head- U-uhm... this is probably a l-long shot, but... y-you wanna go and get something to eat...?

Parker: o.o; ... What? What are you...? >.< Damn it's so hard to understand these creatures... -grabs a pokeball and backs away more- Look I'm not trying to hurt you or threaten you! Go away! Go!

Persian: -looks over over- ... I hadn't heard anything about that.

Mewtwo: ... -nod- Yes. Thankyou... -holds onto Gardevoir's hand and heads back outside-

Clayton: ... Fine. -gets up and fixes some of his hair- I figured after you talked to me about that other thing you'd be willing to tell me anything, but I suppose not... -walks past him- I'll just be heading home.


Missy: o.o ... We won't? Ever?


Damien I: D< After that display? Why should I let you go anywhere...? >C -growls a little and looks past them as a few dozen jirin guards enter the room- I don't think it wise that you try and leave now...

Damien: ... -ears flatten and looks around at them- You can't imprison us here. >/

Viktor: >.> ... Fine... I see it will be a very long process to have you properly broken. -grabs her by her hair and pulls her to her feet- I think a few weeks without food... good frequent beatings should do the trick...

Rose: |c -leans against them for support- Nobody wants me... m-my master abandoned me...

Fox: -fakes a weak smile- Thanks Al... -hugs him gently around the waist- I love you too...

Correntine: >.> Good... -tugs on his leash and leads him up to one of his whore houses- |3 Such a shame we have to get rid of all your lovely girls...

Gaileth: Sad You were happy before...


Ama: -blushes a little and backs away- I-I'm sorry sir... I didn't mean to embarrass you. Sad Should I have stopped?

Baldor: I love you too Chelsea, so much... with Elune as my witness, I swear I will be faithful.... -leans in and gently bites down into her neck- <3


G: And what would you call interesting? D| I don't want anything that's going to make a mess or create havoc.


Silver: ... -gets up and goes over to them- >.> What are you two doing here...?

Seth: >.< I don't know... I-I have to help her. And the others... t-they are to be sold...

Trent: You love me Nightshade... you have to. Don't say these things...

G: Yes I'm sure if Kali can do it there's a way, but I have only been a demon for less than a day, I'm not entirely sure. And it would probably mean having to touch it... D|

Cameron: Lily it was just a pokemon... come on now. -pulls her back over to her cell-


???: o.o;; Woah... woah he's not here alright? >.< He was here earlier but went out somewhere!

Voldemort: >.> ...This will be interesting to see Elle... show me how loyal you can be, and kill him.
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 9 I_icon_minitimeThu May 16, 2013 10:35 am

Chelsea: I can see why you have such a disgust for humans -.- ... A doctor brainwashed my girlfriend, changed her back into a man and now has made her think she can control me... -takes a sip- 

Vikke: X3 -nuzzles up to her- <3 

Malladus: Look you have to understand that you have to study for it! Eldrin do you want to be like those uncontrollable demons?! : >/ 


Zara: ... Just... Was dreaming about the thing that happened to me years ago... -looks away and plays with her hair- 

???: >3 -slowly sneaks up to them-

Jason: o.o... Lexi -looks around- D< Shit it's a trap! -quickly jumps out of the floor-


Shark: <.< A weak little human girl... That a kind tribe could take in. 

Shea: -sits with him- You're very clever. Not a lot could do that in such short time. ... Here... -helps take off his foot- I'll help you... My hero <3

Maria: ... >/ and what get stuck with children in the first few months? No thanks. -gets up- I'll be back soon. -gets her coat and hat-  

Eloisa: I know but... I still care about him. After all his father did he supported me... No matter what others have said...

Alejandro: >.> Yeah when you want something to eat... Look all I'm saying is that don't ruin your relationship like your father did with your mother. She got bored, she found someone else... Now he is all alone. 


Jane: Exactly how long he is going to be staying in prison. We're just wondering because we're friends of his wife... :/ and you know she is worried and needs taking care of.

Aurora: And you know you two can start learning magic together Smile 


Lily: Sad -ears droop- Lucky... |c

Tani: ... -sighs and follows him- 

Elle: ... I just cant believe people were fighting over me... I mean im a freakish werewolf. I thought eating on the table was fun... 

Aurora: o.o... Oh sure. It might keep my mind off things for a bit. Where would you like to go?  

???: D< -growls and starts to breathe fire at him-  

Eleanor: Its been pretty private. Maybe we can ask more about it with Giovanni then head off there. 

Gardevoir: ... You know you did okay back there. I'm proud of you.

Eshwin: ... Fine. You want to leave so badly... Just go...


Annette: o.o... You're not thinking of having one are you? 


Zelda: -.- Please. -takes Damien's wrist- We'll be on our way. -teleports outside of the castle-

Zara: ... She is so brave... 

Shea: Ah! >.< ... Same punishment i got when i lost a fight in the fight club...  

???: D: Awh... You dont need a master. Come on. -helps her back to his treehouse- I hope you dont mind... My friend is a demon... 

Isaac: ... <Mother can we at least make sure they go to good homes...?>

Celestia: We'll be okay... Now cheer up. Is there anything our little girl needs? 


Paul: No its... My fault really... ^^;; ... Dont be sorry Ama... 

Chelsea: Ahh... Ohh... -closes her eyes and cuddles up close to him- Mmn... <3


Aurora: <.<... so no mini dragons? 


Celestia: >.>... just checking in on our favourite little vampire. 

Zelda: Shh... We'll get them... -looks at Damien- Ill send Impa. She can track her down... 

Nightshade: >.< No... -curls up and tries to shift away- I don't... I love my family... Even if i was single you doing these things scare me... 

June: ... For someone who was in a murder business you really are scared... 

Lily: He wasn't just a Pokemon... N-Now I'm all alone... I got no one |c 


Elle: >/ No. Thats the easy way out. -transforms the elf  into a woman- ... Let your brothers take you down... -heads out of the building- 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 9 I_icon_minitimeThu May 16, 2013 11:16 am

???: <.< ... Man that is a lot to deal with. -cleans some glasses- Sounds like you got a lot on your plate, sweet cheeks. Not worth dealing with if you ask me, I'd just get rid of her. You probably can't get her back.

Drayna: X3 -sighs happily and cuddles her close- My little darling... <3

Eldrin: >/ I won't be like them. You wouldn't let me get like that, I know it's safe!


Jinn: Oh yeah... :/ I figured that might've been it... -strokes her hair gently-

Kali: o.o !! Fuck! D< -quickly gets out of the ground and backs away from them-

???: >D -hisses and grabs Lulu, holding a hand over her mouth and throat- Don't go anywhere... -tightens her grip a little- I would so hate if something awful happened to my sister... >3

Lulu: >.<;; -whimpers in fright and squirms, choking a little-


Bruno: >.> ... Hm.. -sits up a bit and keeps her pinned there- That's true... and you did say you would do anything to keep your life, didn't you dear? >3

Tyrel: -winces a little- Ah... T-thanks Shea...

Marco: ... -sighs and runs a hand through his hair- This is not making things any better.

???: >/ Sit down. Young lady I will not have you disrespect your parents and your fiance like this. You apologise and sit down right now.

Fox: Well hey it's still your decision kiddo. -leads her out into some flower fields- Here this is what I was telling you about.

Lucy: ^//^ -sitting cuddled up in Mika's lap- It's always so lovely out here this time of day... <3

William: ... -looks him over- Eloisa isn't like that. If she had a problem with any of this she would say something.


???: -flicks through some files- Well you know of course it's looking like a life sentence. But we're getting appeals for the death penalty.

Baldor: Very Happy You really think I'm gonna be magical?


Lucky: >/ -smoke comes from his nose and huffs a bit- ... I'm glad you're here Tani... -nuzzles her a little-

Reese: ... -snorts and tries not to laugh a little- X3 In all honesty it was a little funny...

Daryl: o.o Really? Very Happy Great! U-uh we could find somewhere nice just around here... w-wherever you want.

Parker: o.o !! Ah! >.< -jumps out of the way as part of his arm and jacket burns- Oh god... DX -trembles a little and holds onto the burns-

Persian: Good, maybe then we can finally contain this thing. -looks himself over- .... It's going to be strange explaining this.

Mewtwo: ... -flicks his tail a bit and looks ahead- I suppose we may be able to trust them...

Clayton: -glances at him for a moment- .... -sighs and turns away, heading outside-


Missy: Well... I was thinking about it. Little children are so lovely, but.... -plays with the ends of her hair- If you don't want that then we shouldn't have one...


Damien: >.> ... We probably should have taken the elven girl with us. -straightens up a little- Are you alright?

Damien: o.o !! ... -growls- >C Look at the trouble you've caused girl... get back to your room! Now! D<

Viktor: >.> Oh good. So there'll be no surprises. -takes her into another room with small cages- If this doesn't work then there are always other measures. -picks up a thick wooden stick from nearby- >/ So you will do well to fold like my other children while you can. -raises his arm and starts to strike her with it-

???: o.o;; -ears flatten and whimpers a little, drawing back into the corner of her cage- >.<;

Rose: |c That's ok... I just came from the demon world. -follows him-

Correntine: >.> Where they go is none of my concern. It would be a waste of my time, so they can find their own homes. -drags him inside-

Gaileth: ... I just... wanna play with you guys...

Kali: |c -sighs a little and lays down- I don't know if I'm up for anything like that...


Ama: ^//^; Right... -rubs the back of her head- Y-you seem very embarrassed sir, I'll just... give you some privacy...

Baldor: Mmn... -kisses her gently where he's bitten and pulls away a bit- ... You don't have fangs, do you?


G: >.> Absolutely not. I thought those creatures were illegal to be kept as pets in your world.


Silver: ... Checking in? -folds his arms-

Kali: >.> -shrugs- Yeah, just see how well you're handling everything.

Damien: She'll have to be careful, it sounds like these people are experienced in dealing with magical creatures.

Trent: Hush now... you won't be so scared once you get used to it.

G: I'm not scared. >/ Give me the damn body. -takes Lucky's corpse off her- ... Eugh. D| Look I can try to give it a demon transfer.

Cameron: :/ -sits back in his chair- ... You can't really have no one.


???: o.o;; -looks himself over- Oh shit... D< Don't you dare leave me like this! Don't you fucking dare! >.< -voice cracks a little-

Voldemort: ... -follows her out- >/ Enough of this. -stands in front of her- I will not tolerate anything less than total loyalty and total obedience... -holds his wand to her throat- I have even helped you Elle. >.> You should be more grateful...
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 9 I_icon_minitimeFri May 17, 2013 8:30 am

Chelsea: ... -sighs- Yeah and I'll be all alone again...  

Malladus: D< ENOUGH! You know nothing of its power. Ive been nice and calm Eldrin but no more. Ask again and you will never have it!


Zara: ...-sighs and rests her head on Jinn's chest- I'm glad you're here... It's nice to have someone here with me...

Jason: -avoids them- D< Now what will we do?!

Isaac >3 Nothing. Its time to finally get rid of you pests... 


???: o.o;; -nods quickly- Yeah D: ill be your servant and everything!  

Shea: -places it to the side and sits with him- You need anything else dear?

Maria:  >/ -ignores them and heads outside, heading up to Harold's- 

Mika: Its only lovely when you're around... <3 -kisses her cheek gently-

Eloisa: Oh its so... -looks over at them- o.o... Lucy...? 

Alejandro: :/ Well if you keep this up it might lead up to that. 


Jane: ... Is there anyway to stop that? Even shorten his sentence? 

Aurora: X3 Yep. I'll teach you all that I know and will help you out.
(Imagine if Toby got homeschool along with Baldor because they were so scared that someone from Hogwarts would find out he is Giovanni's son...)


Tani: :/ ... Lucky i understand you need some cooling off time... But Lily really did seem genuinely sorry... She does care about you all. 

Elle: <.<... Shut up. -shoves him playfully- 

Aurora: X3 Sounds nice. -holds onto his arm- This is so kind of you for doing this Daryl. You're a lovely friend.

???: ... -grins and slowly moves closer- <No escape...> 

Eleanor: With all the shit that has happened i don't think he would want or need one...

Gardevoir: ... You looked really sweet with that child... 


Annette: ... Look Missy its not you its just... Look at me. Im not exactly parent material... 


Zelda: And be in more danger? Im okay... Sorry i let my tongue slip... 

Zara: o.o!! >.< -quickly races back to the bedroom, crying- 

Shea: DX Ah! -falls to the ground and tries to shield herself- Stop it! Fuck!

???: Oh well you might cheer each other up :/ -helps her in-

Shawn: >C -sitting on a bed looking pissed- 

???: -look up- o.o... Master? D: what has happened to you?

Celestia: Sad Mihan come on... -whispers- We must have fun with the little time we have...


Paul: ^^; ill just... Just try to get rid of it... Somehow... 

Chelsea: ^^;; I'd... Be a pretty weird human if I did... -laughs a little-


Aurora: <.< Not the tiny ones... Well what about a unicorn? 


Celestia: Ive taken pride in you Silver. You've become a true vampire. >.>

Zelda: maybe we should call for someone else to help her... :/ 

Nightshade: >.< N-no... You dont understand... -backs away a little on the lounge- Please dont... 

Aurora: o.o... You look like you're going to pass out... 

Lily: I have fucking no one... -sits down in the cell- Its just me and Lucky... Its always been that way |c 


Elle: ... Just thought torture would be better than death you know... -sighs- Death is an easy way out...
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 9 I_icon_minitimeFri May 17, 2013 9:10 am

???: <.< You're probably better off that way kid.

Eldrin: >/ ... -grumbles a little and ears flatten- Looks that way anyway...

Drayna: o.o -ears perk and sits up a bit- ... -sighs and scoops up Vikke, heading back downstairs- Mihan... little one please no more... Sad -heads down and gently kisses the top of Eldrin's head- The demon transfer is something you have to wait for, you've always known that... -moves over and gently kisses Malladus' cheek- Please no more yelling...


Jinn: ... Yeah you must have gotten pretty lonely in your travels, huh?

Kali: >C -looks up at him and growls a bit- All we want is the human girl. Hand her over and we won't have to hurt you!

???: -grins a little- You have no chance of escaping this time you little pest... >3 You would be wiser begging for our master's mercy...


Bruno: Good. >.> -stands up- Get up then girl. >/ We have a task for you.

Tyrel: -takes out his ponytail- I don't think so... I think we could both just use some rest. -wraps an arm around her shoulder and gently kisses her cheek- Thankyou though... <3

???: ... Hmph. >.> She takes it from your side you know.

Harold: -undresses one of his maids- Hop on the bed now dear... you know what I want.

Lucy: ^//^ -giggles a bit and blushes- You're so sweet to me... <3

Fox: o.o ... Huh. She moved on quickly.

William: -scoffs and looks away- I know Eloisa. This won't be an issue, I promise you that much.


Abigail: ... Stop what?

???: There would have to be an appeal made against it. >.> Trust me though, I very much doubt you would get much support.

(Oh that's probably what they would have decided a while ago just for safety reasons.)
Baldor: Very Happy And I'll get to go to that awesome magic school?


Lucky: -growls- >C DON'T tell me... she cares about us as much as she cares for him when we were ignored for our work and she went immediately went back to loving him after all he did to neglect her. I don't want to hear it.

Reese: X3 -laughs more and stumbles a little- I'm sorry...

Daryl: ... Y-yeah... that's me. A friend... -looks her over for a moment- ... Uh... are you gonna be going anywhere after this?

Parker: o.o;; -backs into a rock face and shakes a little, blood running down his arm- S-shit... >.< -quickly throws a pokeball and lets out his Donphan-

Persian: >.> Yeah that's probably true. Now c'mon... we gotta get out and try not to be seen.

Mewtwo: ... -flicks his tail and thinks about this for a moment, not saying anything-


Missy: Well nobody knows exactly what they're doing first off... you learn. -gently takes her hand- ... You're sweet around me Annette. I think you would make a wonderful mother... -tries to smile-


Damien: It's alright, I can't blame you for it. Though we may be at war with Garathok now, if my father ever finds out where we are. D|

Damien I: >C -huffs a bit and watches her leave- ...

Mishka: <.< ... Hm... -steps out of another room very slowly and carefully and looks into Zara's room- Why are you crying, slave?

Viktor: >/ Be quiet. -continues to strike her over and over for a while- .... -eventually sets it down and shoves her into a small cage- You just stay in there and don't make a peep until I return for you.

Rose: Mmn... -looks up at him as she comes in- o.o;; ... O-oh my... .__. -shivers a little and looks up at him- Y-you... you... ^^;; You're so big... sir... -shrinks back a bit-

???: o.o ... -covers her mouth and gasps a little- W-who are you? D< How dare you humiliate our master this way?!

Correntine: <.< ... -looks them over- ... My you have raised such insolent little slaves, boy...

Kali: -glances up at her for a moment and just lays her head on the pillow- Mmn... not now...


Ama: ^^;; R-right... -quickly leaves the room- D| It's not like you could use it for anything in particular... T^T

Baldor: X3 -laughs a little- you need to bite me as well... -hand glows a little and transforms her into an Aerisian- There...


G: >.> ... Could we try for something just a little less conspicuous?


Silver: >.> I wasn't seeking your approval. You can go now, I'm very busy.

Seth: N-no... I have to... >.< -tries to sit up again-

Trent: -sits on the edge of the lounge and pins her down- Don't go anywhere my love...

Abigail: >.> Yeah are you sure you can do this?

G: I'm fine... -.-' -takes Lucky's paw and starts to give him the transfer-

Cameron: -shrugs- Well maybe now you've got the opportunity to make some proper friends.


Voldemort: I gave you an order and in the future you will follow it out... >/
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 9 I_icon_minitimeFri May 17, 2013 11:22 am

Chelsea: ... -sighs and finishes her drink- I find it funny how you guys get tortured and yet you still live better lives than I do... 

 Vikke: o.o... :3 -licks the top of Eldrin's head- <3

Malladus: ... D| Okay mihan... -sighs a bit- Look you need your rest now...


Zara: A bit... I mean i make friends but we dont stay together for long... I end up travelling again.. 

Isaac: Why...? -strokes Lexi's cheek- She is just a pathetic human right? You would rather leave your Mihan all alone just to help them...?


???: -gets up and wipes the blood from her arm- W-What is it...? 

Shea: -blushes a little and looks him over- You look so nice with your hair out... <3 

???: >/ ... -looks up- I do apologise for all this Marco.

???: |c -sighs- Of course sir... -slowly sits down-

Maria: -sneaks into the house- ... Ill give him a little surprise... <3 -heads upstairs to the bedroom- 

Eloisa: ... Y-Yeah... She seems really happy with this girl...

Alejandro: >.>... well you better make sure it doesnt. And hey, i know her more than you. You know, being her uncle. 


Jane: ... We can try... -hangs up- ... Looking at life... But there has been some appeals for a death sentence...

Aurora: ... Hopefully dear. -strokes his hair- Who knows. Mummy might even work there.


Tani: ... You need to calm down... Then ill explain it to you... -takes him to the treehouse- Darunia :/ We have a little one here...  

Elle: ... >w> Oh no. Thats not good enough. >3 -pounces on him- 

Aurora: Iunno... Maybe to Hogwarts to just study... Get my lesson plans together... 

Eleanor: <.<... -gets up and slowly sneaks out- So do you like being a human more than a Pokemon? 

Gardevoir: ... You okay? :/


Annette: ... Yeah im sweet around you... But ive got no patience... Id yell at them...  


Zelda: >.>... i have a plan but it is pretty gross. 

Zara: ... I'm mad... Mad at myself for letting this bastard on the throne... Mad that even if he did go we'd have Kinak who is worse... And I hate Thrall for even leaving me here...

Shea: ... -turns into her wolf form, licking away some blood- ... Just like the old day... -ears go back-  

Shawn: o.o... >C Are you a fucking Fox clone? -growls a bit- 

Isaac: <They are good to me...> -looks away-

Celestia: ... Okay... I guess... Its just us two kiddo :/ what do you want to do...? 


Paul: -comes out later all dressed- D| I really am sorry Ama... 

Chelsea: o.o... -moves her ears- This certainly feels weird... Okay so i say the same thing as you...? 


Aurora: <.<... what about a cat? You got a problem with a cat? 


Celestia: >.>... well cant we help out with something? 

Zelda: Seth please. -pushes him back down gently- i know of a hunter who can help Impa out. He has seen the markets before. 

Nightshade: ... -tries to think for a moment- Look Trent... Cant we wait...? I want this... To be a special thing. I feel its rushing... Besides i want to... Get to know you first... 

Aurora: ... AJ can I talk to you privately? 

Lily: |c yeah. Like anyone would like to hang out with me... -hair slowly turns white- Nobody fucking loves me... 


Elle: ... -growls and looks away- Fine... >/ 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 9 I_icon_minitimeFri May 17, 2013 12:02 pm

???: >.> ... No. In all honesty I think you should get over yourself and your high school drama crap. The rest of us have torture and real shit to deal with, you really have no idea what suffering is like...

Eldrin: >/ -growls darkly and swats her snout away-

Drayna: I know... -hugs his arm and cuddles up to him- But everyone's so worked up. I think we could all use a bit of a nap...

Eldrin: -folds his arms and looks away- I'm not sleepy. I don't want a nap.


Jinn: :/ Well you know it would've been easier to keep your friends if you weren't always travelling.

Lexi: >.<; -shivers a little at his touch-

Kali: >/ You know where my priorities are. I know my Mihan is safe...

???: >w> -goes over and hugs his arm- Shall we give her the iron, master...? >3


Bruno: >/ You're to go seek refuge in the tribe nearby... stay there and report back to us every now and then. You're going to help us get back at them... I know they would trust you and take you in.

Tyrel: X3 Yeah? -takes out his braid- Maybe I should keep my hair like this more often.

Marco: I cannot understand why she has had this outburst all of a sudden... why does she not want to go ahead with this marriage?

Harold: -doesn't hear her- Good... -moves on top of her and kisses her neck gently- Mmn... -pushes her down onto the bed and runs his hands down her sides- <3

Lucy: -rests her head against Mika's shoulder and sighs happily- <3 ... o.o -looks over at Eloisa and just stares- ... Oh... m-my god...

William: <.< Well I'm her fiance. I'm sure I know her pretty well too.


Abigail: o.o Fuck... doesn't surprise me. -runs a hand through her hair- ... Well what're we gonna tell Aurora?

Baldor: Very Happy Really? So you could be my teacher and everything? X3


Darunia: -ears perk and looks up- o.o Hm? ... Lucky! Very Happy -wags her tail and races over to them- X3 Oh my little one I have missed you so! -licks his cheek gently- <3

Lucky: >w< -rubs up against her and laughs a bit- It is good to see you... <3

Reese: o.o !! -falls on his back- ... Alright alright... ^^' I give... -squirms a little-

Daryl: Of course... you're a charms teacher there now. That's... that's cool, that's what you've always wanted. ... <Girl... are you done?>

Persian: -follows her out and shrugs- It's strange, something to get used to. Different I suppose.

Mewtwo: ... I'm fine. I'm worried for our friends. -heads out into the forest- We will need to keep an eye out for a while to ensure we are safe from the other elves...


Missy: -rubs her arm gently- ... That's ok... I wasn't going to force you into it. -leans up and kisses her cheek-


Damien: >.> ... -ear flicks and raises an eyebrow- Oh? Am I going to approve of it?

Mishka: ... Kinak is not so bad a leader... <.< -flicks her tail a little and looks her over- ... Perhaps it may not be such a good idea to speak of this to an elf like you... but there is a place where you can be away from the monarchy... we are fixing things there.

Viktor: >/ -slams the cage door shut and leaves the room-

???: ... -whimpers a little and slowly crawls forward a little to look Shea over- ... W-what... what kind of creature... a-are you...? Sad

Rose: o.o !! -backs away a little- N-no! -stammers- >.<;; No I belonged to madam Drayna! I have to relation to Fox, I hate Fox.... -shivers a little-

???: You let him go! D< You can't treat our master like this! You have no ri--

Correntine: >C -swiftly strikes her across the face, knocking her to the floor- Do NOT speak to me in such a way... -digs her heel into the girl's cheek- I have... EVERY right...

???: >.<;; -whimpers a little in pain- ...

Gaileth: Very Happy Come outside and play games with me mummah! ^w^


Ama: -looks up from washing some dishes- ... I-it's ok sir... you really didn't mean it...

Baldor: X3 Yes... there are many ways you can say it. -cuddles her gently- Just as long as you promise to always love you Mihan... with Elune as your witness.


G: I don't have any problem with a cat as long as it does not breathe fire. >.>


Silver: >.> Unless you can get Tani to stop seeking attention, I'm fine.

Seth: -sighs a little- And what of my child? Sad What of the others...? Have they already been sold? Are they hurt...?

Trent: ... -looks her over and gently strokes her cheek- I knew you would come around... -gently kisses the top of her head- Of course we can... <3

Abigail: -shrugs- Sure but I was kinda keen on watching this thing get all demonfied. <.<

Cameron: -looks her over- ... What's up with your hair?


Vlad: ... -jumps down from a tree nearby- I didn't expect to find you here... >/ You little fucking bitch... -slowly walks over to her-
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 9 I_icon_minitimeSat May 18, 2013 9:05 am

Chelsea: Yeah fuck you too >/ Just get me another drink.  

Malladus: T^T neither am I...

Vikke: ... -frowns and looks up at Drayna-


Zara: ... I cant exactly afford a place for myself... -ears go back- Besides... Its probably better if i don't stay in one place for too long. 

Jason: ... Kali you should get out now... Go back.

Isaac >3 Go ahead my dears. <3 


???: ... -nods quickly- Yeah... Course... Anyone in particular i should keep an eye on?  

Shea: -gently runs a hand gently through his hair- Id like that <3 

???: We're clueless like you. She just never wanted to see you... >/ She should be happy she has this opportunity.  

Maria: -opens the door- o.o;; ... -goes pale and just stares-

???: >.< S-Sir... Behind you...  

Mika: ... Lucy... Who is that? o.o... 

Alejandro: >.>... oh? Whats her favorite food, colour and season? 


Jane: ... I dont think i can... AJ we need to do something... 

Aurora: ... Yeah. We can spend everyday together if you like... <3 -cuddles him close-


Tani: ... -looks up- Kihja? Dark?

Elle: >3 -leans in closer- Oh no... Im happy here. 

???: <The pest has gone off... But he is injured. He wont make it...>

Aurora: ... You okay? :/ you seem distracted... 

???: >/ Hey!! -walks over to them- You shouldn't have been-- -looks at Persian- o///o... Oh... Hello <3 

Baerthim: -is chewing on an elf- |3

Gardevoir: o.o;; or... He can eat them...  


Annette: D| I still feel bad though... Look we'll think about it...


Nabooru: -teleports next to her- >.>... so... To create a peace with your father i have to seduce him somehow?

Zelda: <.<... just try and please him, yes. 

Zara: ... Really? -stands and looks her over- ... Where is this place? I can disguise myself...  

Shea: -ears perk and looks at her- ... I'm a werewolf... Y'know... A human who can turn into a wolf... 

Shawn: ... -face softens a bit- ... I guess we have something in common then...

???: D< Hey leave her alone! -moves her heel away and holds the girl close- >/ 

Celestia: I'll take you to the surface to see your relatives... -looks at Drayna- Can you keep an eye on Kali...? I hate to ask... Sad 


Paul: -goes over and hugs her from behind- ^^;; who knew warm towels could do that to me... 

Chelsea: ... -brushes some of his hair out of his face- ... I love you Baldor... I always will... And with Elune as my witness i hope we are bounded together forever... -leans in and bites his neck- <3 


Aurora: <.<... Well you're no fun. -heads inside- 


Celestia: >.>... well we can go  and check on her.Silver: >.> Unless you can get Tani to stop seeking attention, I'm fine.

Zelda: We're trying to contact them... Im not sure of that yet :/ 

Nightshade: -shivers a bit- C-Can i please have some clothes? 

Aurora: -pulls her away a bit and whispers- How... Exactly do you get a guy's attention? 

Lily: |c My race does that when we are really upset... Our hair just turns white... 


Elle: o.o... -quickly looks over at him- >/ There you fucking are... 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 9 I_icon_minitimeSat May 18, 2013 10:12 am

???: <.< Yeah yeah. -takes her glass and pours her another drink- You know if you're gonna be like this you can go cheer yourself up at least a little. There are strippers over there.

Drayna: -strokes Vikke's fur gently- <.< ... I know what you're thinking my little darling, but even these two are wise enough not to argue with someone who's just given birth. Bed time, come on now.


Jinn: :/ Why's that? It mustn't be very easy for you to always move around all the time...

???: >3 -grins and sinks into the ground with Lulu and the other girls-

Kali: D< -hisses and her ears flatten, backing away a bit- Idiot! You're just going to get your girls killed! you think you can best me?!

???: -grins a little and jumps up out of the floor into Kali's body- >3 Get her sisters... -laughs a little-

Kali: o.o;; -trembles a little and tries to move- N-no... no no! >.< -starts to tear up- Don't! DX Get out of me you fucking little slut! LEAVE ME ALONE, GET OUT OF ME!


Bruno: >/ Mapiya... -flicks his tail irritably- ... And Shea and Tyrel. I want to know about them...

Tyrel: X3 Alright... -holds onto her hand- I'll do it for you. -kisses her hand gently- <3

Marco: ... -sighs a little and picks at his food- Perhaps I have overstayed my welcome... she will not want me here.

Harold: Be quiet... -pulls her head back by her hair- >/ Just do as you're told...

Lucy: T-that's... o.o Eloisa... the girl I told you about... -holds onto her tighter and shrinks back a little-

William: >.> .... Those are stupid things. Do you know what her favourite position is?


Abigail: Jane let's be realistic. We can't make an appeal against it, nobody would back us up. It would be the two of us and Aurora... that's not even close to enough people.

Baldor: That sounds good mummah... <3 -rests his head against her and starts to close his eyes-


Kihja: >:T -sketching something on the couch- ... o.o -ears perk- Oh Tani, we haven't seen you in a while sweetheart. -gets up- What are you doing here? Smile

Reese: ^^; People are staring...

Daryl: <Good...> -glances down at her- ... You... said your boyfriend was a pokemon trainer, right?

Persian: >.> ... -looks them over- Uh... yes. Hello? What do you want? -straightens up a little-

Mewtwo: o.o ... -ears flatten and looks him over- Well... that certainly solves the problem of safety...

Benoni: -swoops down next to him- >/ <Hey you were supposed to save some of them for me to eat.>


Missy: It's not important right now. -cuddles up to her and rests her head against her shoulder- We should just go to bed... <3


Damien: ... -rolls his eyes- D| You are making peace by giving my father a lapdance? I thought out of anyone, Nabooru would have more pride than to do something like this... The depressing thing is that it will probably work. -.-'

Mishka: <.< Our underground rebel camp... you could transform and come with me, join our forces and make our city right again...

???: Sad I've never seen your mind before, miss... -holds onto the bars of her cage and shivers a little- ... He's really tough on you...

Rose: ... -slowly looks back up at him- ... Y-yeah I guess so.... o.o; So you're not going to hurt me...?

???: Sad -cuddles up to her and rubs her cheek- T-thankyou sister...

Correntine: <.< ... Hmph. What ill mannered little girls. Isaac really had no idea what he was doing when he taught you. Now I don't care where you go but you might as well start looking after yourselves. |3 He won't be coming back for you anymore. -strokes his hair gently-

Drayna: -bows her head- Of course... it seems like she needs me now more than she ever has... :/ -sighs a little- you go have fun with your little one. Gaileth darling... I hope you enjoy meeting our family... -strokes her hair-

Gaileth: >w< -giggles a bit and hugs Drayna's hand- I will nanna! Very Happy

Drayna: ... D| I think I'm going to have white hair soon. I have grandchildren...


Ama: o//o; ... Y-yeah.... ^///^;; Who knew... -blushes and squirms a little, looking flustered-

Baldor: -shuts his eyes and tilts his head back a bit- Ah... mmn... <3


G: I'm beginning to wonder why you never noticed that before now. -follows her in and looks around a bit-


Silver: >.> Thankyou. That would be a help.

Kali: Oh it's no trouble at all, brother... <.< We're happy to help...

Seth: |c Oh little Alassea... my poor darling, she must be so scared...

Trent: Of course my sweet... come. -takes her hand and helps her to her feet- I got some clothes for you before...

Abigail: o.o Hm? Oh uh... dunno. Do you know how to give a really good hand job?

Cameron: ... D| -sighs a little- Look this is nothing worth getting all upset over.


Voldemort: >.> This is the one you wanted taken care of...?

Vlad: |3 Yeah here I am... -plays with some of her hair- You've got a lot of nerve coming here after fucking killing me. >/ You must be pretty weak after that curse set in... it's good. I have some friends I want to introduce you to...
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 9 I_icon_minitimeSat May 18, 2013 11:19 am

Chelsea: Nah... The girls here are gross and I doubt there is a male one...

Malladus: D| Okay... -scoops up Eldrin's- You can stay with us kiddo... 


Zara: It... Wasnt... But i guess i didnt want to get too close to anyone... 

Celestia: >/ -rises up and pushes her out of her body- Stay out! -hisses-


???: Yeah... Yeah i know. I can do this. Dont you worry... 

Shea: -giggles a bit- Heh... You make me blush so much... <3

???: Nonsense <.< You shall stay dont worry. The wedding will continue. 

???: >.< But its Maria!

Maria: ... -trembles and races out, slamming the door behind her- 

Eloisa: ... Fox uh... Maybe we should go i just... I think im scaring her... 

Alejandro: >.>... -frowns and moves closer- You really want to die again eh? >/ 


Jane: Im not thinking about an appeal AJ... Just... Something else... 


Tani: Lucky wanted to see Darunia... But I would like to talk to you privately :/ 

Elle: <.<... this is normal here... -smiles a bit and wraps her arms around him, resting her head on his chest- <3 

Aurora: ... Yeah i did... Why?

???: ^///^ Wowwww you're cute <3 -giggles-

Eleanor: o.o... Well this works well... 

Baerthim: <.<... <There was only one of them. I couldn't resist.> 


Annette: ... Okay... -runs a hand through her hair- I guess so... 


Nabooru: >.>... well you think your father would somehow prefer Ruto? 

Zara: <.<... i need to make one stop though... To Thrall's home. 

Shea: ... I'm too strong willed... I guess this is just like the fight club days... I grew up with beatings and such...  

Shawn: ... Nah. I maybe tall but I'm nice... Somewhat. >/ But if i ever saw Fox id kill her... 

???: ... But we cannot survive without master... He took us in from birth...  

Celestia: >.>... How do you think Dark and Kihja feel?


Paul: -kisses her shoulder gently- You okay? 

Chelsea: -gently pulls away and cleans up the blood- ... Heh... We're mihans... <3


Willow: -ears perk and sits up- o.o... :3 -bounces over and paws at the glass-

Aurora: >.>... awh... Very Happy Look at this one. >w< isnt she cute? 


Celestia: -takes Kali's hand and walks up to the room- ... Man those guys weren't kidding...

Zelda: Sad Im sure she'll be okay Seth. We'll make sure of it. You rest and we'll sort it out... 

Nightshade: ... -ears go back- Somehow I figured you would... 

Aurora: -.- Not that way... Look... He is an intelligent person... -looks over at G- He just doesn't seem to notice me... 

Lily: ... Just leave me alone. I don't expect someone you is so dedicated to this job to understand... 


Elle: -pulls away- Yeah... Thats him. >C No i will not go with you... Im here and staying... -sighs- With my master. 
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Non canon couples 2
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