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 Non canon couples 2

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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 10 I_icon_minitimeSat May 18, 2013 11:49 am

???: <.< Eh the guys won't be here for a while yet. They spend ages getting themselves all dolled up.

Drayna: ^^; We're gonna need a bigger bed... -heads back upstairs with Vikke-

Eldrin: -pouts a little and just looks away from them-


Jinn: ... All right... but what's going on with us then? :/ Am I getting too close for your liking?

???: o.o;; -yelps a little and stumbles, falling on her knees- >.< Ah... fucking hell. D< What are you doing here?!

Kali: >.<;; -shudders a little and holds onto Celestia for support- M-mihan... -hugs her tight- Thankyou... <3


Bruno: >/ Good. Get going then. Don't come back until you have something useful for us or you'll regret it...

Tyrel: X3 Heh... good. That's what I aim for. It's so sweet seeing you blush like this... <3

???: >.> Yes in fact you should go upstairs... we'll deal with Maria when she returns.

Marco: -looks between them- .... Thankyou sir. -nods and stands-

Harold: o.o -quickly looks up- ... Why didn't you say something you daft little bitch? D< -quickly pulls his clothes back on and follows her out- Maria!

Fox: <.< Hey we came here for our own reasons. She can deal with that.

Lucy: ... -buries her face in Mika's chest- Oh why is she here? |c I don't want to see her...

William: .__. ... -shrinks back a little- ^^;; That may not have been the wisest thing to say...


Abigail: Well what're you thinking then?


Kihja: o.o ... Well sure baby girl. -gets up and goes over, holding her at arms length- What's going on?

Reese: o//o ... I-I see... -heart starts to beat faster and blushes a little- You're very... cuddly... ^^;; -shakily reaches up and strokes her hair-

Daryl: >.> I just got word from... a friend... that they had seen a very injured pokemon trainer in Mt. Silver. Apparently they were alone...

Persian: |3 Well I get that a lot actually.

Benoni: >/ <Well that means I get the extra boar. You can't have both.>


Missy: -heads up to their bedroom- ... What are you thinking about...? :/


Damien: ... -shudders a little- Oh lord no... >.< Although he deserves it I don't think I could put anyone through that kind of torture.

Mishka: Oh of course. |3 Sir Thrall shall make an excellent addition to our forces. <.< Are you sure he will not talk though...? He is very loyal to the throne.

???: -ears flatten and rubs her arms- Yeah so did we... Only when we're bad though...

Rose: I... I tried to... I guess that's why I'm here... |c

Correntine: <.< That's not my problem. Find another master... or starve. -tugs on Isaac's leash- Come, boy. -heads outside again-

Drayna: T^T They're older than me...


Ama: -bites her lip and whimpers a little- Y-yes sir... I-I'm just rather warm... that's all...

Baldor: -opens his eyes again and cuddles her close- My sweet Mihan... <3 -sighs happily- You know something...? -smiles faintly-


G: -glances down at her- ... Awh. X3 She is pretty cute. -reaches in and scoops her up, scratching behind her ears- <3


Kali: ... Yeah this is pretty bad. -looks up at her- You reckon Lily's being held here too?

Seth: |c .... -nods a little and lays his head back- T-thankyou...

Trent: -takes her into a small, neat bedroom- I set everything up in here for you my sweet... <3 -gently kisses her cheek and sits her down on the bed- You'll be sharing my bed at night of course... but this is where you may stay when I am not here. -pulls some clothes out of a dresser for her-

Abigail: o.o ... -looks over at him- ... That guy? ... Aurora, I... -stops and tries to think for a moment, her mouth hanging open a little- Even I'm not that bad with the people I date. He's probably at least thirty years older than you and DEAD. What can you possibly see in him?

Cameron: -shrugs and leans back- Evidently not.


Vlad: >.> ... -backs away a little seeing voldemort- Well fine... |3 The fact of the matter still stands that I'm gonna keep you cursed until you return to me.
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Non canon couples 2 - Page 10 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 10 I_icon_minitimeSun May 19, 2013 6:43 am

Chelsea: <.<... Think they need help?

Malladus: D| Kiddo just please ... Try and be good for us... -follows her up-


Zara: ... Well to be honest i don't think I've really been that close to someone in such a long time... I don't know how to feel... 

 Celestia: -holds her close- >/ I'm taking my mihan and the kids. You let them go right now.


???: O-okay... Okay thank you... -quickly races off to the tribe-

Shea: ^///^ Heh... -cuddles up to him- I love you... <3

Maria: >.< stay away from me! -continues to walk- 

Eloisa: ... I guess... Oh god it feels so awkward... 

Mika: Well... She isnt doing anything... She must not want to cause harm... 

Alejandro: >/ Eloisa is more than just a sex toy... Just remember she is the only one who really has loved you...


Jane: ... How... Are you with jail breaking...? 


Tani: .. Slate is back and Lucky is very updet with Lily for just letting him back in like that :/ 

Elle: o.o... Wow youve got a fast heartbeat... Im not making you nervous am i...? 

Aurora: o.o!! W-What?! D: N-No!! >.< -holds her chest a bit- I must... I gotta go over... 

???: |3 <3 im sure you do... 

Eleanor: ... -.-' Persian. The mission yeah?

Baerthim: <Fine with me> >.>... <Oh hey guys. How was your visit?> 


Annette: ... What if the kid is a vampire? I mean you had troubles with Derek... 


Nabooru: Look all i can do is try. Ill be okay >.> -teleports to the palace- 

Zara: >.>... actually... I have other things to talk about. 

Shea: ... So he keeps you all here for his own pleasure?

Shawn: ... Hey dont be upset... -holds a hand out- I know she is a shit... But one day she'll get what she deserves... 

Isaac: ... <I feel so horrible...> 

Celestia: -rolls her eyes- >.> Oh drayna... -teleports to the surface-


Paul: ... :/ If you're sure... Here you need to cool off? 

Chelsea: -smiles and rests her head on his chest, gently rubbing his stomach- Mmn... What Mihan...? <3 


Willow: Very Happy -mews and paws at his hand playfully-

Aurora: X3 Oh can we get this one? <3 m


Celestia: Im guessing. If she wasnt withthe others she'll definately be here ... 

Seth: |c .... -nods a little and lays his head back- T-thankyou...

Nightshade: ... -looks around- How... Long have you had this room...? 

Aurora: Look I want to know more... But he is smart and so interesting... I really want to give him a go... 

Lily: ... -lays down and just sighs- |c


Elle: >C You take this curse off right now or ill make your new friends turn against you... 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 10 I_icon_minitimeSun May 19, 2013 7:30 am

???: <.< Well if dressing male strippers is what works for you, then sure. They're just in the back.

Eldrin: Fine...

Drayna: -gently sets Vikke down on the bed- There you are darling... <3 -leans down and gently kisses the top of her head-


Jinn: Well... take some time to think about it I guess... -lays her head back down and yawns a little-

Lexi: ... -shivers a little and holds onto Isaac's arm- N-no more... |c No more please... he'll just find me again. I must... s-stay...


Bruno: >.> -flicks his tail a bit and watches her leave- ... You reckon she'll be of any use?

Tyrel: -leans in and kisses her gently- Mmn... <3 I love you too my sweet...

Blade: -watching some of the kids outside with Tess-

???: o.o -looks up at the human girl- ... -tugs on Tess' sleeve- Miss Tess? D: Who's that?

Harold: -catches her wrist- Maria listen to me!

Fox: <.< Well don't let it be awkward then, go talk to her or something.

Lucy: I hope so... -sighs a little and plays with some of her hair- Can we just go back to the tribe...?

William: ... -sighs a little and runs a hand through his hair- You're right about that...


Abigail: >.> Oh... X3 -laughs a bit and cuddles her close- I love it when you're bad. >.> Well I don't have a lot of experience with breaking into state prisons, really... but hey, how hard can it be?


Kihja: o.o Slate is back? .... Hold on just a second sweetie. -holds onto her wrist and heads into the workshop- Mihan!

Reese: ^//^; Just a little bit... but hey it's no big problem.

Daryl: o.o; Oh Aurora! D: -holds her steady- Ssh calm down... sit... Sad -helps her sit down on a bench nearby- Please don't hurt yourself...

Persian: >.> Oh yeah of course. |3 I gotta get going. -takes her hand and kisses it gently- I'll see you around. ;3

Mewtwo: -looks him over- ... Fine. These elven creatures are very hospitable...


Missy: o.o ... Hm? Oh... I had small issues, but... that was because I made the mistake of trying to hide things from him... :/ Vampire children are not so hard to care for...


Damien: ... What a brave soul. >.>

Damien I: >C -sitting in his throne like the fat ass he is, huffing and still being all pouty- ...

Mishka: <.< ... Well in that case... Be very careful who you speak about this with... I'll give you some time to speak with him. -looks around a bit quickly and heads back down the hall, disappearing int another small room-

???: ... -nods- Yes... he tells us he's getting us ready for our work when we're older...

Rose: -looks up at his hand- ... -slowly reaches out and tries to hold onto it- |c I-I was just so afraid... she wanted to keep me away from my master... I didn't want to be alone or for him to leave me and... i-it happened anyway...

Correntine: >.> Don't. They're grown girls, they can take care of themselves. Now I don't want to hear about this any more... |3 You only need to be thinking about me... <3

Gaileth: Very Happy -holds onto her hand- So what are we gonna play, mummah?


Ama: -keeps looking down at the dishes- Maybe... maybe a little, sir...

Baldor: |3 -sighs a little- Mmn.... it means you're my queen... <3 You and I are king and queen of Fionne now...


G: X3 Yeah... sure. She's pretty cute. -strokes her fur gently- You wanna come home with us?


Kali: No doubt she's not being treated very well either. We should get Lily out of here at the very least and get her back where the others are.

Trent: A few weeks... after I first saw you, I realised you came by here often... I realised I loved you... -helps her to her feet and gently kisses her shoulder- Here... let me help you. -gently helps her pull the clothes on-

Abigail: ... -rubs her forehead- Man you're weird sometimes... D| Alright are you good with being flirty?

Cameron: -leans forward and just watches her carefully- ...

Lucky: -still all bloodied and with a slit throat, and more demonfied- .... <Lily...? Lily are you there...?> -slowly gets to his feet-


Vlad: >.> You couldn't do anything last time Elle... |3 How is this going to be different?

Voldemort: -watches her- Go ahead Elle... <.< Have your revenge on him. You know he deserves it...
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 10 I_icon_minitimeSun May 19, 2013 11:35 am

Chelsea: >.> thanks man |3 -gets up and quickly goes to the back- 

Vikke: :3 -curls up and looks up at Eldrin happily-

Malladus: ... Your sister really does like you :/  


Zara: ... Yeah. -lays down and cuddles up to her- ... Iunno...
I might stay with you... 

Isaac: >/ See? She knows her place... Now i suggest you leave at once...
(Or what?! You'll release the girls or the bees?!)


Shark: I think so... <.< she looks like she'll do anything to not be eaten... 

Tess: o.o... -looks over at her- I'm not sure dears... It looks like one of the human girls from the towns... And she looks hurt... -gets up-

Pip: o.o... -looks up at Blade- You think she ran into Shark and Bruno...?

Maria: >.<!! no! -slaps him hard across the face- ... How could you... I gave up my virginity for you... And you go behind my back... 

Eloisa: ... -sighs and walks over- Lucy? :/ look i know its awkward meeting up like this... But im not here to cause trouble...  

Alejandro: ... Dont end up losing her man. Youll regret it for the rest of your life... 


Jane: Muggle prisons shouldnt be that hard. All they have is bara and fat cops. We just gotta make sure we're not seen on the cameras.  


Dark: -looks up from cutting wood- o.o... What? What is it? 

Elle: ^^;; im sorry... Look i can move... 

Aurora: >.< -tears up, trying to breathe- Oh Daryl... I cant have lost him... Sad

Eleanor: -.-' -drags him away- You... Are pathetic. 

Baerthim: |3 <Seeee? Stop being grumpy pants and learn to smell the flowers.> 


Annette: Yeah... Thats not what my father thought... 


Zelda: >.> Come on. Lets go home and see if she suceeds. 

Nabooru: -walks up to the throne- >.>... -folds her arms- You know pouty doesnt look good on you... 

Zara: ... -goes to the window and climbs out, heading off to Thrall's home-  

Shea: ... I guess we have something in common... Being dragged into this horrible work when we shouldnt... Only my kind were made to squeeze out pups...

Shawn: Your master...? You're not talking about the douche bag Alejandro? <.< He is Fox's bitch. 

Isaac: -.- <Yeah like that's hard...> 

Celestia: Well would you like to see your cousin Laetri dear?


Paul: ... -turns her around and looks her over- ... You know i hate seeing you not all perky and cute :/ 

Chelsea: o.o.... Q-queen...? Shit Baldor... Iunno if im ready for that D: 


Willow: >3 -playfully chews on his finger-

Aurora: ... Im taking that as a yes X3 


Celestia: Yeah of course... -heads into Tani's room- Tani...? -looks at her on the bed- D: Shit... 

Nightshade: -looks away- ... Look people can never fall in love that fast...  

Aurora: No... And in all honesty i dont think he likea that sort of stuff :/ 

Lily: ... -ear flicks- <L-Lucky...?! Where are you? I thought you were dead!> 


Elle: >/ -aims her wand at Vlad- Imperio... -makes him fall to his knees- ... I'll get you this time...
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 10 I_icon_minitimeSun May 19, 2013 12:51 pm

???: >.> Whatever it takes to get you to stop whining... -goes back to cleaning glasses-

???: -sitting around with a few other demon strippers- ... Ugh. D| Guys does anyone have anything larger than this? My underwear keeps riding up...

Drayna: :/ -sits back down on the bed- Which is surprising to see, given how you've treated her so far... you really should show her some kindness sweetheart.

Eldrin: M'not interested in her.


Jinn: Hey I'm not gonna argue with that... -cuddles her close- But you know trouble likes to follow me... D| You've seen that already...

Kali: >/ -looks over at Jason- I told you, you great idiot. There's no point to this, it's over.


Bruno: >.> She better not get caught out then.

Blade: ... -shakes his head- Not possible. There wouldn't be anything left of a human girl that ran into them. -gets up and walks over- Don't Tess. >/ Keep your distance. -growls a little and sniffs at her- What are you doing here...?

Harold: >.< !! -yelps a little in shock and pain- Ah! ... -holds the side of his face- You should have known what you were getting yourself into... >/

Lucy: o.o ... Oh... you're not? -holds onto Mika tight- ... Well uhm... good... -looks away and frowns a little- W-what are you doing here...?

William: -gets up- I'm not going to lose her, I know what I'm doing.


Abigail: >.> Well that's easy. We also gotta make sure they don't see us escaping back here... and that old Snape doesn't try anything to stop us.

Persian: -heads upstairs and into Aurora's room- <There had better not be anything on my spot...> -.-' -jumps up onto the bed- o.o ... -ears flatten and looks between toby and baldor- ... <Two things?!> D< -hisses-


Kihja: D: Slate came back for Lily.

Reese: Well just keeping me pinned here to the ground may be a little counter productive to getting something to eat... ^^'

Daryl: Sad Calm down... -squeezes her hand gently- ... I know... you probably have. I'm sorry... but I'm here for you.

Persian: <.< Why? I've never had the chance to do that sort of thing before. |3 It was fun.

Mewtwo: ... -looks a little irritated- <Just keep those creatures away from my friends...>

Benoni: <.< ... -flicks his tail a little and slowly moves forward, tearing off a little meat and backing away- |3


Missy: o.o ... -stares up at her for a moment- Annette... D: -hugs her arm- ... What happened...? Sad


Damien: -heads into the castle- That just depends on how angered my father is... -.-' He will either be delighted, or recognise her as our ally and lop off her head.

Damien I: >C ... -ear flicks and looks up at her- What are you doing here? D< How did you get past my guard?

Thrall: -doesn't notice her and just sits in his home eating- ...

???: Guess we do... -rubs her arm- Sad Do you ever get scared... miss werewolf?

Rose: >C -frowns a bit- I know. She abuses him and he can't even realise that. I was trying to help him...

Correntine: >.> ... I have decided that so long as you are going to take that sort of attitude with me, we will be having you whipped again when we return home. Maybe rub your mouth out with soap as well. Maybe that will make you watch the way you speak to me...

Gaileth: owo Ooh ok! Very Happy Is cousin Laetri gonna like me?


Ama: o.o -looks a little surprised- ... I just... I'm upset at myself for doing that... b-before sir... Sad You said you wanted to take things slower and I'm trying so hard to do that for you. I thought I'd upset you sir...

Baldor: Hey now it's nothing to get scared about... for a little while nothing will change... you'll learn to be a queen eventually. :/


Kali: o.o Oh my god. D: She looks half dead. -kneels by the bedside- How could Silver leave her like this? -shakes her a little- Tani... Sad

Trent: ... -frowns a little- I did...

Abigail: No hear me out. Just be friendly and that at first, ask a lot of questions. If you're serious about this, he seems like someone that would take a lot of time to actually open up, you'd have to work at it.

Lucky: ... -looks himself over- <I guess I was...> -looks around a bit- <I don't know how I got where I am now... but I think your grandpa did something for me. I'm not the same though...>


Vlad: o.o;; ... -tries to move- S-shit... >.<; You... you can't use that spell! It... it's unforgivable...
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 10 I_icon_minitimeMon May 20, 2013 8:34 am

???: >.> Hun we have the same problem too. Besides it'll be taken off soon.

Chelsea: -enters and looks around- .... Oh yeah. I am happy |3 

Malladus: -puts him down on the bed- :/ She is very interested in you.

Vikke: :3 -turns into her elf form-


Zara: And trouble follows me... -smiles a bit- and we've had some alone time for a while... 

Jason: D< you guys are the rulers! You can just take his soul! Punish him! 


???: i-i need some help... Sad i just escaped this attacker in the woods >.< -sniffles and holds her arm-  

Maria: >C i thought you shared the same feelings for me and me only... And ... Marco only cared about my feelings... -looks up- Stay away from me. That one night was a mistake. 

Eloisa: ... Pickng flowers out for the wedding... William and i are getting married soon... 

Alejandro: >.> Mkay. Trust your own word... 


Jane: Well we gotta make sure he doesnt somehow want to see Toby. :/ 

Toby: o.o!! Ehh! >.< -moves a little- 

Aurora: Awhh... Shh baby. -scoops him up- Persian dont be upset :/ 


Dark: o.o... You serious...? He... Fuck. -stands- I can't believe it...

Elle: ^^;; right... -gets up and helps him up- Here... Mum and dad would love to see you again... 

Aurora: >.< N-No... I have to... I have to... -leans against him- 

Eleanor: -.-' stop it okay! Focus and stop being a man whore! 

Baerthim: |3 -nudges Gardevoir a bit and licks her cheek- <3

Gardevoir: o.o;; you... Are affectionate ^^;; 


Annette: ... -moves her arm away- Its nothing... Lets just go to bed... 


Zelda: >.>;; and all the Gerudos would be mad at us.. 

Nabooru: -shrugs- >.>... i just wanted to see the great king himself... Heard some good things about him... Especially what he can do in bed... <3

Zara: -stands behind him- >/ You... Complete... Ass D< -shoves his face in his food- 

Shea: ... Nah. I don't show fear... -looks at her- my name is Shea... What's yours? 

Shawn: ... Heh... You're a cute kid. Don't get worked up. There are better men out there. 

Isaac: -.- <Wash my mouth out that hasn't been moving. So smart mah.> 

Celestia: -heads into the cafe- Of course he will. 


Paul: Nah. You didn't do anything :/  don't be upset dear... <3 -kisses her cheek-

Chelsea: ... But im sure many have high expectations of me... 


Tani: mnn... |c -coughs and speaks hoarsely- k-Kali...? Is that you...? 

Nightshade: ... You sure did... -sighs- 

Aurora: .... Okay :/ I hope this does work... -slowly moves to him- So uh... How does this transfer work...

Lily: .. <you got the transfer... Thats all i can think of...> 


Elle: >C -moves closer- What you did to me... Was unforgivable... 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 10 I_icon_minitimeMon May 20, 2013 9:38 am

???: D| -sighs a little- Yeah I know. -glances over at her- >.> ... Can we help you, doll?

Eldrin: -looks over at her- ... >/ Oh what, you think you're all special cause you can transform and that? -folds his arms-


Jinn: Yeah that's true... -strokes her hair gently- :/ Hey m'sorry you got caught up in all that drama with Isaac...

Kali: Don't be an idiot kid. Better to live to fight another day... >/ Besides, she doesn't even want to go back with you. I'm not putting my neck out there for that. C'mon Mihan... -grumbles bitterly and turns to leave-

???: >.> -pouts a little- Hmph... shame. I was really looking forward to having new toys around the house...


Blade: -sniffs at her arm- ... -turns to tess- We'd better get her to the healer. This does look pretty bad.

Harold: -plays with some of her hair- Hey now... Maria this doesn't change how I feel about you. I still love you. >.> Now don't go getting all worked up over this...

Lucy: o.o ... Oh... you're being wed... -looks a little stunned for a moment and plays with the ends of her hair- That's nice... -speaks quietly- I didn't think you were... that serious...

William: I will. -grumbles a little and gets up, quickly leaving the room- >/ All the fucking nerve...


Abigail: ... -tries to think- See... I dunno. He never liked the idea of Aurora being pregnant, but... he's all hyped up about family and that lately.

Persian: >/ <What is this thing?> -growls a little and flicks his tail- ... -leans in and sniffs at toby a bit-


Kihja: I can't either... -looks over at Tani- D: Baby what happened? Why is he back? ... You didn't leave him alone with her, did you?

Reese: Really? ^^' -rubs the back of his head- I thought your mother was kinda scared of me...

Daryl: ... <Come back now girl, I'm going to need your help...> -holds her close- Look you're weak Aurora... you can't go looking for him. Sad It could kill you. Please come back inside...

Persian: >.> Fine fine. Be no fun then, let's just go find this stupid planet.

Mewtwo: o.o -takes her hand and pulls her away from him- >/ It is not so innocent... don't be fooled Gardevoir. He used to be human... -growls a little and watches Baerthim carefully-


Missy: Sad Sweetheart... please talk to me...


Damien: ... -sighs a little- I knew nothing good could ever come from a race of all women. -.-' She'd better not fuck this up...

Damien I: >/ -gets up and looks her over- ... What manner of creature are you? You are certainly nothing I have seen in Aeris...

Thrall: o.o !! -yeps a little and food goes all over his face- >.< Ah! D< How dare you-- -gets out of his seat and goes to strike her, but stops- ... Zara? What do you think you are doing?! D< -hisses a little-

???: -plays with her fingers- I don't have a name... sir never gave me one. -looks up at her- You must be pretty important miss to have a name...

Rose: Sad -wipes her eyes- ... I-I'm not a kid... I'm as grown as you. I'm just not as big as other people...

Correntine: >C -eyes flash and bristled, now looking thoroughly pissed off- Is that how you're going to be.... is it?! D< -voice booms and thunder cracks as she strikes him hard across the face-

Darunia: |3 -sleeping under one of the tables- .... -ears perk a little and lifts her head- o.o !! Demon! D8 Demon! -runs and hides under one of the beds- T^T

Silver: ... Hey Mihan I think we've got a visitor.


Ama: -blushes a little and smiles faintly- .... A-alright... <3

Baldor: X3 Hey... as it is the people are just going to be relieved that I have found someone. -kisses her cheek gently- Relax... you will be celebrated, they'll love you...


G: -laughs a little- Heh... X3 you know I forgot how much I missed having a cat.


Kali: -ears flatten- Yeah it's me kid... save your strength alright? You don't look good...

Trent: -strokes her hair gently- There... don't you feel better now that you're in some clean clothes? <3 -leans in and gently kisses her cheek-

G: -glances down at her- ... Well I'm not sure entirely, I'm still new to this demon thing. It has something to do with the powerful blood... -looks her over- ... You're quite the curious one, aren't you?

Lucky: ... <I dunno. I don't think you'd like me like this...>


Vlad: >C -scowls a bit- ... What do you expect from me? An apology?
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 10 I_icon_minitimeMon May 20, 2013 11:43 am

Chelsea: I'm having problems and so I decided to come help you get ready to try and cheer me up >.>

Vikke: o.o... Ehh D: -holds onto his hand- 


Zara: Hey don't be sorry... Im okay... -runs a hand gently through Jinn's hair- <3 

Jason: ... -hisses- D< ENOUGH! -punched the girl hard in the face-  


Tess: alright... -helps her to the tent- Come on dear. You can stay in the tribe until we find out what to do with you... 

???: oh thank you Sad

Maria: >/ -moves his hand away- Im serious... There will be nothing between us.  

Eloisa: oh uh... William was very excited to marry me... He got us a home already and a horse... 


Jane: There is a chance. :/ Especially when he is possibly on death row... 

Toby: o.o... -reached over and gently touches his nose-

Aurora: This is Toby... Smile Toby really likes you... 


Tani: He wants to be there for Lily... Look don't worry Silver is there but... She really thinks he has changed... :

Elle: No actually... She finds you sweet. If mum thinks that then you've passed a lot X3 

Aurora: No Daryl... Look please let me go Sad 

???: <Yes Master...> -starts to fly back into Diagonal Alley-

Eleanor: Okay... >/ And for your information im fun. -heads outside- 


Annette: No >/ Lets just sleep alright? 


Nabooru: Im from the Gerudo tribe... We're from another planet... Where i come from, men are only birn once every 100 years... Only one boy... 

Zara: >/ That was for selling me to that fat fuck!  

Shea: ... Well... I'm not sure. It's not my true name... The owner of the clubs recharged everyone's names... 

Shawn: ... Really? God... You look like such a sweet little doll...

Isaac: >.<!! <Ahh.... Shit okay! I'm sorry mother!> 

Tani: o.o... -ear flicks and looks up- Oh Celestia Smile ... And who is this? X3


Paul: X3 So what would you like to do?  <3

Chelsea: ... Really? -smiles a bit and lays back down- Yeah... They will... 


Aurora: X3 Thisll be lovely. -kisses his cheek- <3


Tani: nnn... Im okay... You can't... Cant be here... 

Nightshade: ... Umn... Dont you have to get back to work soon...?

Aurora: -blushes a bit- Ive... Always been like that... Always wanting to research so much...  

Lily: <I dont  care what  you look like lucky... I just want my buddy back...>


Elle: Remove the curse... And suffer like my people did! D< crucio! 
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???: ... >w> Aren't you just a sweetheart? We never get visitors backstage.

Eldrin: >/ -ears flatten and tries to draw his hand away- Leave me alone.


Jinn: Yeah now... :/ -watches her hand- ... You're lucky. He could have really hurt you. Not many girls manage to escape from him...

???: o.o !! -yelps in pain and stumbles back, accidentally running into Isaac- Ah! >.< -blood runs down her nose and tears up a little-


???: -follows and paws at her- D: But miss Tess... the healer's tent is all full since Xavier was sent away. They don't have any time for her.

Blade: ... -ears flatten- The little one is right. I forgot they were short on hands...

Harold: -frowns a little and looks her over for a moment- ... >/ We'll see. Go ahead... run on home.

Lucy: Well... aren't you lucky... -looks her over- ... You're not... a demon anymore?


Abigail: ... Yeah he's probably the one that called for it. :/ You reckon we should tell Aurora about breaking in?

Baldor: X3 Awh. Very Happy He really does like you.

Persian: o.o ... -ears flatten and growls a little, wrinkling his nose- >/ <It better not be dirty.> -pulls away a little-


Kihja: ... Well... he's her Mihan. I suppose he should be there, but... -rubs the back of his head- Sad I don't know how I feel about this. He really hurt her... and what if he doesn't know how to care for Thana?

Reese: ^^' And your dad...?

Daryl: No really Aurora I'm worried for your health. Sad Come on... you need to sit down... -takes her hand and heads back inside-

Persian: >.> Oh no of course you are. I'm having such a great time. You know it's my first time outside in most of my life and I soooo love your restrictions. They're the best. 8D

(Forgot gardevoir)


Missy: o.o ... -takes a step back and frowns a little- A-alright... Sad I'm sorry, I was just... w-worried about you...


Damien I: >.> ... -flicks his tail a bit and looks her over- What an interesting people... come sit down dearest, tell me more about yourself...

Thrall: D< Are... are you serious! I had no choice Zara, I have to be loyal to the throne, he would have had me executed! ... -growls a little- I have always had to be loyal to the throne, I cannot help that... >/

???: :O Wowww... so you might have two names? That's even better. Only the really really important people have two names... sometimes even more! D: Why are you here if you're so special, miss werewolf?

Rose: ... -shakily tucks some hair behind her hair- I... I do, sir...?

Correntine: >/ No... you've really done it this time. I was going to have mercy on you, you arrogant little shit... at least your punishment would have been in the privacy of our own home. But no... -grabs his face and digs her nails in a little- I think you'd do well with a little more public humiliation...

Gaileth: :3 -holds onto Celestia's hand- I'm Gaileth ma'am. :O Are you my family too?


Ama: -plays with the ends of her hair- ^//^ Can... can I have a hug as well?

Baldor: -smiles a bit- You see? It will not be so bad... I won't expect you to do something you don't know... and we'll ease you into being a Queen. The only thing you'll have to worry about for a while to come is our heir... -leans over and gently kisses the top of her head- <3

(And cue the freakout.)


G: Hey did you want to name her?


Kali: It's alright, Silver doesn't suspect anything. -glances up at Celestia- :/ Go see if you can find Lily... I'll try and heal her as best I can. ... -thinks for a moment- And I'll see if my mother can do anything to help us.

Trent: No... I'll stay here a while longer... -holds onto her hand- They know I brought you back here, and they're busy selling off the others. So they won't mind that I'm busy...

G: <.< ... I see. And why are you suddenly so interested in demons?

Lucky: ... <Yeah... I didn't think I'd see you again...>

Silver: -teleports to the other police guy- >.> ... So... did you make good on your end of the deal?


Vlad: o.o !! -yelps in sudden pain- Agh! >.< -falls to his hands and knees and trembles a little- A-ah.... s-stop! DX
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Chelsea: X3 -takes off her jacket and puts up her hair- well I can't see why not. You all look fabulous. 

Vikke: D: Ehh... Ehh... >.< Eldrin! 


Zara: Yeah... I really do owe you for helping me out back there... :/ 

Isaac: D< Enough! Stop hurting my girls!

Jason: ... >/Lulu go with the queens. I'll come back.  


Tess: Then I guess we should take her back to my tent for the time being... Little ones you return back to yours. Blade and I will come back later... :/ 

Maria: >/ ... -glares at him and quickly heads back home- 

Eloisa: No... Im... Back to normal and alive even... You're still a demon...? 


Jane: No. If something goes wrong they might get her for even knowing about it... Its best to keep this just between us...  

Aurora: Hey stop. Toby is just being friendly. 

Toby: o.o... Ehh D: -reaches for him-


Tani: Lily is teaching him... And is doing a good job might I add... It's just... It's hurt her Pokemon. Especially Lucky in the sense that they did everything to look after them and now she happily goes back to Slate :/  

Elle: X3 My dad is a softie. Quit worrying. 

Aurora: Look its nothing... Just a little chest pain okay...? 

Eleanor: Hey im just trying to make sure you're safe >/ Besides that girl was a whore. 

Gardevoir: Oh... Yes of course...

Baerthim: >.> <Well Benoni isn't one. He is 100% dragon.> 


Annette: Looks just... Forget it... -takes off her shoes and pants and climbs into bed-


Nabooru: >.> -pushes him back down gently and sits in his lap- Well thank you |3 what would you like to know? <3 

Zara: >C you couldve stood up to him! ... Well forget it. Im going off on my own. -turns into her Jirin form- And hopefully ill never have to see you again. -picks up her bag from the floor in the house and gets out some clothes, getting changed-

Shea: ... Kid where I come from names aren't important... And the reason I'm here is because people like to sell my kind...  

Shawn: ... Yeah... -smiles a bit- So you got a name? 

Isaac: o.o;; <No! Nah uh! You can do all this shit but you will not do that!> D<   

Tani: o.o.. Gaileth? ... I guess I am sweetie... -smiles a bit- I'm your auntie Tani and this is your uncle Silver... How about you go to Laetri's room? He is busy taking care of our dogs. 


Paul: X3 Of course... -cuddles her gently and kisses her forehead- <3 

Chelsea: o.o... -sits up a bit- ... An heir? Baldor I said I wanted to wait a while...  


Aurora: Hmmm >:T -looks her over- She looks like a Willow to me Smile 

Willow: |3 -curls up in G's arms and starts to sleep- <3


Celestia: Dont you think bringing her might be suspicious? 

Nightshade: ... -ears go back and looks away- Of course...  Look I might just... Have a rest or something...

Aurora: o.o;; well uh... We are working with them a lot... I best know... 

Lily: ... <Im going to try and come for you...> -hair turns red and gets up, going to the bars to try and pull them off- 

???: o.o... Uhh... >.>;; sure... My men are just making sure they are all sold off... See? Emtpy truck. They are gone... 


Elle: D< Why?! I asked you to stop! But you kept going... Why did you do this to me Vlad? ... ANSWER ME! 
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???: Come sit down doll, we don't start for a while yet. -looks her over- How come you need cheering up?

Drayna: o.o -ears perk and sits up a little- ...

Eldrin: ... Great. -looks away and grumbles a little- Look how amazing you are now. >/ A few hours old and you can already talk.

Drayna: -scoops her up- Eldrin... You should be supporting your sister. Smile She deserves praise for this. X3 -cuddles her close- Aren't you just so clever? Very Happy Say it again my little darling. <3


Jinn: -shrugs- You don't have to owe me... you helped out too.

???: -growls a little and tightens her grip around her throat- >/ Our traitorous sister isn't going anywhere...

Lulu: >.<; -tears up and chokes a little- J-Jason...


???: Yes miss Tess... -quickly heads back to their tent-

Blade: -nudges pip with his snout- You too kiddo, go on.

Harold: >/ ... -watches her leave for a moment- We'll see... -turns and heads back to his room- Now you come here girl. >C

???: -pacing a little- She's been gone for a long while now... should we call the police?

Lucy: Well yes, I... I didn't know I could change back. Besides... I don't mind being like this and neither does Mika....


Abigail: Yeah alright... >.> Well then, let's go do this. -gets up-

Baldor: D: Don't be mean.

Persian: <Hmph.> -grumbles and lays down where he is, curling up-


Kihja: Yeah... I got the feeling poor little Lucky was getting neglected. Sad How bad are her other pokemon? Has she at least spoken with them about this?

Reese: ^^' Alright just making sure...

Fawn: -comes out of the food tent- o.o Oh there you are darling. I was beginning to worry you weren't going to eat... Smile Come inside you two, come on...

Daryl: I know that means your heart isn't doing well... -helps her sit down- Aurora look you... you can't go out after that guy.

Persian: >.> What is so dangerous about that? I don't need to be kept safe you know

Mewtwo: >/ Which is why I trust him more... especially after that display. Don't touch her or any of my friends...


Missy: Fine.. alright... -sighs and starts to get changed into her nightclothes, going quiet- ...


Damien I: |3 -runs a hand gently down her side- Maybe tell me... where the rest of your kind are? <3

Thrall: o.o ... -looks her over for a moment- ... Look where do you even expect to go? It isn't safe out there, you've seen it yourself.

???: Oh... yeah, we get sold too...

Viktor: ... -steps into the room- I thought I said I didn't want to hear a word... >/

Rose: Oh uhm... Rose, sir... -looks up at him- W-who are you...?

Correntine: >C You have no choice... -growls and grabs him by his hair- I will get you back to the way you used to be, boy. You would never disrespect me like this...

Gaileth: Very Happy Kay! Nice to meet you! ^^ -hugs her tight and races off to Laetri's room-

Silver: o.o ... Who was that?


Ama: ^///^ -giggles a bit and cuddles him back- I love being in your arms sir... <3

Baldor: I know... of course I can't expect you to do that straight away. But it will be soon... Smile It will be lovely having our own little one... and the people will be overjoyed at the news of an heir.


G: Cute... X3 Well c'mon, we'll take Willow home then.


Kali: Nah... Silver's not here at the moment. Besides, she knows a whole lot more about healing than I do.

Trent: That sounds lovely... we'll go lay down in my bed then. -holds onto her hand and gently kisses her forehead- <3

G: Fair enough... -glances down at Lucky- We had best go find Lily now.

Abigail: Yes I'm sure she's waiting on baited breath for her dead dog. Oh and saving her might be nice too.

Cameron: o.o Hey hey. Stop. >/ What are you doing?

Silver: >.> ... oh excellent. In that case I would like my share of the money you got from them. -holds a hand out-


Vlad: >.<;; Nngh... -screams in desperate pain- Stop! DX Stop I'll lift the curse I'll do it!

Voldemort: <.< ... Keep going Elle... that's not enough after everything he did, now is it?
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Chelsea: -sits down- ... -sighs- It's a long and complicated story... -runs a hand through her fringe-

???: Awh well you know we would listen.

Chelsea: ... It's confusing I'll tell you that. First of all... I met this cop... when I was in prison on the surface... he was one of those transgenders... soon we started dating and he became a woman. We were pretty happy... until the mother took her to this hospital... she became brainwashed... back as a man and thinks that since I'm a woman I should be controlled... now I don't know what the fuck to do.

Vikke: Very Happy Eldrin! >w< -reaches out for him again-

Malladus: Hey you talked at a very young age. Elves are smart like that kiddo... And it's pretty special that she says your name first.


Zara: ... You really are like no one I've met before... -looks her over for a moment and kisses her cheek gently- <3

Jason: -grabs the girl and shoves her in to a wall, pulling Lulu away- GO NOW! D<


Pip: Awh. D: Okay... -licks his cheek and quickly heads back with them-

???: >.< Th-Thank you so much... -heads back into Tess' tent with them-

???: o.o;; ... -quickly stands up- S-Sorry sir... I-I tried so hard to tell you she was there D:

Maria: -opens the door and heads inside-

???: o.o... D< There you are! Where have you been?

Maria: -ignores them and quickly goes upstairs to Marco's room- ... -sighs and knocks on the door-

Eloisa: ... That's good... she accepts you... -rubs the back of her head- Uh... well... I best... get to work on these flowers...


Jane: -gets up- I just hope I can do this being blind...

Toby: ... -moves closer and gently strokes his fur-


Tani: I think she is going to try and talk to them... but they are pretty upset :/

Lily: ... -walks back into the house- ... -looks around- ... Latias...?

Elle: See ... -takes his hand- It'll be okay... Smile -heads inside the tent-

Rayurn: -comes up to Fawn- Dear I can't find Misfit anywhere... :/ His stuff has been packed up...

Aurora: But I have to... >.< I love him... I really do.

Eleanor: Oh? What happens when the whore takes off your collar and realises she is fucking a cat? -.-

Barethim: D| <Okay okay keep your tail on.>


Annette: -takes off her arm for the night- Ah... >.< ... -sighs and lays back in the bed, going under the covers-


Nabooru: Oh dearest that is a secret... >w> We're kind of a race of thieves... Can't tell you where our hiding place is. <3 -plays with his beard-

Zara: -covers her head over with a scarf- I have a place... >/ I can look after myself you know... -starts to head out-

Shea: -.- Oh well then shut up because I can hear your words...

Shawn: ... My name is Shawn. -smiles a bit- Don't be so nervous X3

Correntine: >C You have no choice... -growls and grabs him by his hair- I will get you back to the way you used to be, boy. You would never disrespect me like this...

Laetri: -brushing the dog's fur- Man you guys are hard to clean D|

Celestia: ... that was Gaileth... my daughter...

Tani: What is going on? I thought you only had her... yesterday o.o;;


Paul: X3 Well I love having you in them. Forever and ever... -kisses her cheek- <3

Chelsea: ... -ears go back- Look... -sighs- Let's just go home... it's starting to get a bit cold out here...


Aurora: X3 Oh you'll love our home little one. -heads outside- ... This has cheered me up a lot...


Celestia: ... Alright. I'll see if I can go find Lily... -heads out-

Nightshade: Uhh... -rubs her arm- Look my people are really strict... I have to have a separate bed...

Aurora: ... I swear you and Lily would be good friends D|

Lily: Leaving >/ -rips out a bar- What's it look like?

???: o.o;; Oh uh sure... the boys will come out with the money... it's just taking a bit don't worry...


Elle: ... >C No... and you're already dead... I cannot kill you again... but what to do with you...
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???: -sits down and looks her over for a minute- ... So they basically screwed over your girlfriend?

???: :/ That's pretty rough, girl. You reckon he can be helped? I mean there are heaps of demons that do brainwashing and that around here.

Eldrin: >/ -frowns at her- Oh you faker. You're just doing it to make me look bad.


Jinn: X3 -blushes a bit- I guess looking like an ugly old man has its perks. -holds her close- <3

???: >.< !! Ah! -yelps in pain- Master stop him! He keeps hurting us!

Lulu: o.o;; -backs away a little- D: ... -glances between jason and isaac before quickly running out after kali and celestia- >.< Wait! -tears up a little- Wait for me!


Blade: -slowly morphs to his human form and picks up some bandages- What happened to you? How did you get hurt?

Harold: >C Just come here.

???: o.o ... When did she get so rude? D<

Marco: o.o -sits up a bit- ... Maria? D: -quickly goes over and opens the door- ... It is you... -face softens a little- I thought you were still upset with me...

Lucy: Yes of course, I'll just be... heading home now...


Abigail: >.> Hey you'll be alright as long as you're with me. |3 -wraps an arm around her shoulder and kisses her cheek-

Persian: >C -growls a little and watches him carefully- ....


Kihja: I can imagine... -sighs a little- D| Wait let me guess, is Silver trying to be all overprotective?

Latias: -sitting with a few of the other pokemon- ... -ears perk and glances up at her briefly before looking at the ground again- |c

Reese: Mkay... X3 I believe you. -looks around a bit- ... Man I really enjoy coming here you know. Smile

Fawn: o.o Really? :/ Well Elle did tell me she and him were having troubles... maybe... he just didn't want to be here anymore. Sad

Daryl: -frowns a little- ... Well... I don't see why you should love him if he left you like that... -looks away-

Persian: ... X3 -laughs a little- Well if she's as much of a whore as you say she might not have a problem with it.

Mewtwo: >/ Good.


Missy: ... -sighs a little and goes to lay down with her- Annette... Sad Do you really trust me...? I feel like I really don't know anything about you at all. You never talk to me about... yourself...


Damien I: Such a shame. |3 I would love to see more of your kind... -runs his hands down her sides- So tell me again why you came here...? <3

Thrall: >/ ... Fine. I won't beg for you to stay. -growls a little and starts to clean his face- Don't... fucking come crying for my help when you get hurt... -sighs a little-

???: o.o;; -shrinks back in her cage a little and shakes her head- N-no sir... I-I...

Viktor: >/ Quiet you beast or I'll have you fucking muzzled. -walks over to the little girl's cage- >C ... You wouldn't lie to me, now would you...?

???: >.< -whimpers and tears up a little, starting to tremble-

Rose: ^^;; S-sorry... you're just so big sir, I... I can't help but be a little intimidated...

(Messed up Isaac.)

Ikbi: >.> Hey well they dared me to have a mud competition. I couldn't say no.

Gaileth: o.o ... -looks over at him- Hello. Very Happy Are you Laetri?

Silver: That was your daughter? D: But-- ... wait... D| -runs a hand through his hair- She's too old! and she doesn't look anything like you!


Ama: ^///^ -giggles more and cuddles him close- You're so sweet to me sir... <3 -sighs happily and buries her face in his chest- I love you so...

Baldor: :/ Hey... are you alright? -sits up and hands her her clothes- We... we just became Mihans Chelsea. This should be the happiest we have ever been...


Kali: :/ Alright be careful. Call me if you need me. -tries to heal Tani- ... Tani can you tell me anything about how you got this bad? Why didn't Silver do anything for you?

Trent: It's ok my darling... we'll be taking it slow like you wanted. But when I'm here we'll share a bed... it'll be nice. -gently kisses her hand- I promise. -takes her out and into his own bedroom-

G: <.< You would actually. I think she would be quite interested in meeting you. Come on now. -teleports there-

Cameron: >/ -reaches for a pokeball- Look don't think I'm gonna just let you go. I like you Lily but not enough to let you escape.

Lucky: o.o -ears perk- Lily! -races over to her, leaving a trail of blood as he goes- I thought I'd never see you again... -whines a little and brushes up against her- <3

Silver: Oh good. >.> And be sure to give me a list of who has bought them... I would like to keep tabs on them in case anybody tries to escape.


Vlad: DX Aagh.... -tears up a little and trembles, holding onto his head- I-I'll do anything! S-stop! >.<;
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 10 I_icon_minitimeTue May 21, 2013 11:51 am

Chelsea: See I'm not sure... this doctor is just a human... he managed to do this without magic... -sighs- Fucking bastard... >C I just... I miss my girlfriend... -tears up- |c Bobby is really the first person who has cared about me...

Vikke: o.o... -ears go back- ... Eldrin... Sad


Zara: X3 -rubs her chest gently- You sure you don't want anything...?

Isaac: -hisses and grabs Jason- D< Enough! ... You'll suffer for what you have done... You think you can beat us?

Jason: >.< -squirms- Let me go! D<


???: I was just walking in the woods... then I got a bit lost... then I saw this campsite and I thought these men would help me but... >.< Oh they were terrible!

???: ... -shakily gets up and moves closer to him- W-What is it sir...? Sad

???: -sighs- I don't know D| But she better stop this...

Maria: ... -looks up at him- Can... I please come in? We need to sort this whole thing out... Sad

Eloisa: ... Alright... cya...

Mika: ... C'mon... -takes Lucy's hand and heads back to the tribe-


Jane: -smiles and cuddles her- Yeah. I know I will be. I love you babe. <3

Aurora: :/ See? He is being gentle...

Toby: ... -smiles faintly and buries his face a little in his fur- Very Happy -giggles- >w<


Tani: D| Oh yeah... -sighs a bit- Look the main thing is that Thana won't be cursed... that is horrible. Lily got hit with it for a bit... she knows what its like.

Lily: ... Sad -moves over to them- Guys... guys I really am sorry about what has happened before... I didn't give you enough appreciation...

Elle: Really? Smile What do you like about it so much?

Rayurn: -sighs- I knew something was up... :/ I just hope that kid will be alright out there on his own...

Aurora: He wants to become a gym leader... the judges said if he completes this training he can become one... I can't stop him from his dream...

Eleanor: >/ It isn't funny... look let's just back to the mission. -walks a bit faster, huffing a bit-

Mewtwo: >/ Good.


Annette: ... -sighs- Missy I do trust you... It's just... my past is something I really don't want to bring up. Especially to someone who is sweet as you...


Nabooru: -smirks a bit- Oh to see you sir... talk to you about a couple of things... but... -rubs his chest- I'd like to see more of you <3
(Nabooru: Bravest woman there is.)

Zara: ... -looks him over and walks back- You think I would be that weak to rely on a person like you? Who would probably sell me off again? >/

Shea: >/ Hey leave her alone. It's not her fault. -barks at him-

Shawn: Hey I'm a gentle guy... wouldn't hurt a girl like you.
(LIAR >:U)

Isaac: >C <I am not your little boy anymore mother!>

Laetri: -ears perk and looks up- o.o... Yeah. That's me. Who are you?

Celestia: -sighs- Elune helped us when we thought we were going to lose her... Sad Now... she just keeps growing and everything... |c It's not fair... -sits down- Kali has become upset... to the point where her hair has turned white...


Paul: |3 -sighs a bit and strokes her hair- I love you too... o.o... -looks up- Uhh... is that a friend of yours at the window?

???: o.o... -peeking in with a couple of the other elf girls-

Chelsea: -gets changed- ... Look I'm okay... just tired that's all...


Tani: Mmn... |c H-He thinks I'm just faking it... I'm not...

Nightshade: ... -sighs- |c So when exactly will you go back to work?

Lily: o.o;; ... You like me? -ears perk and looks over- Lucky?! D: ... Shit... we gotta figure out how to make sure you don't drip blood everywhere. X3 -kneels down and cuddles him- <3 I'm so glad you're back... -tears up-

Celestia: -walks up to them- o.o... >.> Well that was easy.

???: Oh yeah... of course... ^^;; I'll give them to you when they come. I'm... sure you're busy with your business right now...


Elle: ... -stops the spell- ... Anything huh...? Well... I'm listening...
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 10 I_icon_minitimeTue May 21, 2013 12:59 pm

???: Awh now don't start crying doll... -leans forward and gently wipes her eyes- It's not like she can't be fixed. Whatever the bastard did to her up there on the surface isn't near as good as what demons down here can do with magic.

Drayna: Sad -ears droop- Eldrin... stop doing this. How can you be so mean to your baby sister who loves you so much? This... this is breaking my heart to watch.

Eldrin: >/ ... Hmph. -huffs a little and just looks away-


Jinn: X3 I don't think so... >.< Nn... -winces a little as her hand passes over hurt cuts- Ah, be careful... -gently moves her hand away- Those wounds get pretty sore sometimes. :/

Lexi: ... Sad M-master... -tugs on his sleeve a little- Please don't hurt him...

Lulu: -runs after Kali and Celestia- >.< -huffs a little- Wait! Please don't ignore me, I need your help! Please wait up!


Blade: ... It looks like a beast ravaged your arm. You say two men did this? Who were they...?

Harold: -grabs her arm tight and pulls her closer- >C I cannot even begin to think of a fitting punishment girl...

???: D| I wish I just knew where all of this drama was coming from. >/ We need to sit her down and have a talk with her.

Marco: Yes of course, please... -steps out of the doorway to let her in-

Fox: -watches them leave- >.> ... Fuck that was pretty awkward.

Lucy: -holds onto Mika's hand and follows her- ... Well... that was the girl I was telling you about... she's marrying my ex husband now...


Abigail: You too. >:3 Now c'mon, let's go pull off this badass break in. -helps her up-

Persian: >.> -ear flicks- ... <Yes well... as long as it does not take up my spot.>


Kihja: Yes the curse is awful... I suppose that's the important thing. :/ Just keep an eye on them for us baby girl...

Latias: |c -whines a little but doesn't respond otherwise, just laying there curled up- ...

Reese: -shrugs- I dunno... it's really homey here. I feel like I can really relax whenever I come to visit you here. Smile

Fawn: He's an orphan... he really doesn't have anywhere else to go... -glances over at the tent- ... Elle didn't seem that upset when I saw her.

Daryl: He cared about you less... I would have stayed. -looks over at the back room, hearing the dragon land- >.> ... Come Aurora, I wanna show you something.

Persian: >.> Fine fine. Don't know what's gotten you all worked up.


Missy: -looks away from her- ... Alright I'm sorry... I won't bug you about it anymore...


(What a brave soul. May we find entertainment in her suffering.)
Damien I: |3 Is that so my dear? I can't say I can blame you... -plays with some of her hair- ;3 I would definitely like to see more of you... <3

Thrall: >C -huffs- You don't understand in the slightest. I didn't sell you, I had to agree with what the king wanted, I had no other option! D< I never have!

Viktor: <.< You'll get your beating soon, be patient. -opens the cell door and grabs the girl by her hair- >/ If you're going to keep lying to me then you're just going to get yourself in more trouble you little shit...

???: >.< !! -squeaks a little in pain and starts to cry- Ah! I-I'm sorry sir! I'm sorry, don't hurt me anymore...

Rose: Thankyou sir... -looks up at him- ... May I ask... why are you here as well?

Correntine: >/ Hush. -growls and drags him out into the demon town- I am getting sick of your attitude boy.

Gaileth: Very Happy I am Gaileth! ^^ I'm your little cousin. Smile

Silver: You're kidding... wasn't that the same thing that happened when Kali was cursed? ... I don't understand those elf gods sometimes...


???: owo -watches them- ... Who's your cute friend Ama?

Ama: -looks up at them- o.o Hm? Oh yes... X3 Those are my friends.

Baldor: :/ ... -frowns a little- I can sense you are bothered by these changes Chelsea... I... I worried this would all be going to fast for you...


Kali: Alright take it easy... I'm gonna get Drayna to come heal you. She'll know what's wrong.

Trent: When they call me back. Relax for now darling... just enjoy this. -lays down and pulls her down onto the bed with him- <3

Lucky: -licks her cheek- You're ok... I thought they were gonna hurt you...

Cameron: o.o;; -backs away- Oh my god... D: What is that thing?!

G: -glances over at the door, hearing Celestia- ... Keep an eye on them for a moment now aurora. Make sure nothing happens. -steps over to Celestia- What are you doing here?

Silver: If that were the case I wouldn't have taken the time to come out here. >.> I can wait...


Vlad: >.<;; -shudders- Y-yes... yes anything...

Voldemort: >.> ... -pulls her away from him- No Elle... don't bargain. We really must be leaving soon. Just... -flicks his wand and turns Vlad into a woman- |3 I'll admit... it wasn't a bad idea.
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 10 I_icon_minitimeTue May 21, 2013 1:50 pm

Chelsea: Sad You think so...? But... what if it doesn't work out...?

Malladus: ... -sighs- D| Look let's just get some rest...


Zara: o.o... Sorry... :/ I didn't mean to hurt you... -kisses her hand gently-

Isaac: Why not? He has been a pain in my ass for such a long time... >C

Celestia: -looks over at her- Look kid we can't keep an eye on you forever >/


???: I-I think one of their names was Shark... Sad

Tess: o.o... Shit... you managed to escape him?

???: >.< -squirms- Please! I tried to warn you! I tried so hard D:

Maria: ... -goes over and sits on the bed- ... I want to say sorry for the way I have been acting...

Eloisa: ... Man. She seems so happy...

Mika: :/ I can't believe it... -sighs and kisses her cheek- It's not upsetting you is it?


Jane: >3 Let's get going! -holds onto her hand-

Aurora: You know I think he wants to share with you... X3

Toby: -curls up to him and starts to doze off- |3


Tani: I will... I just... I don't want Lily and Lucky to lose their friendship...

Lily: Sad ... -tears fall down her cheeks and kneels down next to them, stroking her head- I feel so bad... please just talk....

Elle: X3 I guess that's how it always feels for us... here -picks up some meat- Open wide... Don't worry it's cooked X3

Rayurn: o.o... I thought she would. Why isn't she?

Aurora: W-What is it...?

Eleanor: M'not worked up >C I just want to get this over with so I can find myself a home.


Annette: ... -moves over and wraps her one arm around her- I love you... you know that? And I trust you with everything else...


Nabooru: |3 Mmn... Well... maybe we can go somewhere more private... <3

Zara: Stand up then! D< Don't take that bullshit! -huffs a bit- ... Just forget it. I'm glad I'll be away from you...

Shea: D< -bashes at the cage- Let... her... GO! bashes the door open-

Shawn: ... A lot of complicated things between me and Fox...ended up being killed...

Isaac: D< <Let me go!> -squirms and tries to move- <Someone fucking help!>

Laetri: o.o... Wow... That's cool... I thought you were only born yesterday...

Celestia: ... -sighs- |c I'm going to lose her so fast...


Paul: X3 You can go over and say hi to them you know...

Chelsea: ... No... really. I will be okay... -rubs her arm- I just... I knew we were going to have kids but... not so soon... I'm still pretty young Baldor...


Tani: |c Okay... -sighs- Just... you can't take Lily... he'll be so mad if you do...

Nightshade: ... -shifts a bit- ... look what if this isn't the be all and end all...?

Lily: -looks up- Oh it's Lucky.. he just got a demon transfer... It's okay... :/

Celestia: Helping Tani. We got the others into hell... What are you doing here?

???: o.o;;... Course... Uh... can I just go to the bathroom?


Elle: ... Good... you'll suffer like me here... >C
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 10 I_icon_minitimeTue May 21, 2013 11:34 pm

???: Worst case scenario? :/ Might be able to get someone to wipe her memory.

Drayna: ... Yes of course... |c Come here darling... -cuddles her close and lays down by Malladus- You just sleep now my little angel... -kisses the top of her head- <3

Eldrin: >/ Fine. -gets up and heads out to his own room-


Jinn: It's alright. I guess it's kinda like the holes in your hands, huh?

Lexi: P-please.. Sad Let me speak with him sir...

Kali: Get going back home to Isaac. >/ Why should we help you?

Lulu: Sad -trembles a little- Please I have nowhere to go and no one to look after me... |c


Blade: ... That's what one of the pups had thought. I find it highly unlikely that a human girl like you would not only be able to outrun Shark, but also manage to do it and come here in one piece... >/ -looks her over- So tell us, is there a part of this story you're not telling us?

Harold: And what good did it do?! D< She still saw! -strikes her hard across the face-

Marco: :/ You do? -walks over to her- ... Maria what has been going on to upset you so?

Fox: Yeah, maybe. What does it matter though? Doesn't change your wedding.

Lucy: No... no. -hugs her arm- It shouldn't bother me. Smile I've got you and that's all that matters.


Abigail: -teleports them outside the prison- >w> Man this is gonna be fun.

Persian: ... <Does it have to?> -.-'


Kihja: Try and get them to talk it out when you get back. :/

Latias: ... -shakes her head a bit and sighs-

Reese: o.o .. Oh alright then. X3 I can feed myself you know. -opens his mouth a little-

Fawn: Well she had her friend with her earlier, I guess he's cheering her up... :/ But apparently dear Misfit was upset with her because she wouldn't share her friebd's secret.

Daryl: Just c'mon... -takes her into the back room, carefully stepping over some bones- <.< Watch your step...

Persian: Hey you know you could at least stop being such a bitch about it. >/ I don't have to help you.


Missy: I love you too... -plays with the bedsheets a little- Goodnight...


Damien I: |3 That does sound like a good idea... <3 -scoops her up and stands, gently kissing her neck-

Thrall: ... -huffs a little and growls- Fine, go. You want me to stand up to them though? >/ That's just fine. You know what... go ahead and go. -walks past her- You're going to see most of it anyway. -heads outside and slams the door behind him-

Viktor: -pucks up the wooden stick- >/ Now you know better than to-- o.o -ears perk- ... Shit. D< -drops her- What do you think you're doing?!

Rose: But... if you're from the demon world and you got killed... how did you get here?

Correntine: >C Shut up! D< -bashes him into a wall and strikes him across the face- Take your punishment graciously!

Gaileth: :3 Yep. ^^ -giggles a bit-

Silver: So... what are you going to do?


Ama: Very Happy Ok! >w< -giggles a bit and quickly goes over to them-

???: >w> -speaks in the ancient language- <So... Who is he? He's so cute.> <3

Baldor: We are ruling Fionne... we have to have an heir eventually Chelsea. :/ Aren't you excited about having a child?


Kali: Celestia's going to sort that out, you don't need to worry.

Drayna: -teleports there and sits on the edge of the bed- Sad Oh look at you Tani... this is awful...

Trent: ... -holds her close- You are to me Nightshade...

Cameron: .__. Oh well that's fine then.

G: Helping Lily. Silver isn't here is he?

Silver: >.> Yes go ahead... Some of my men are over there.


Vlad: o.o !! -looks himself over- N-no... No I lifted the curse! You can't do this! >.<
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 10 I_icon_minitimeWed May 22, 2013 6:45 am

Chelsea: ... That could work. You know it's a real shame no one sees you. You're not that bad X3

Malladus: ... D| Fuck. I don't know where he gets it from... 


Zara: Yeah... -sighs a bit- I wish we could fix them up... 

Isaac: <.<... okay... |3 -lets go- You best be a good girl and tell him to go... 

Celestia: ... -groans and rolls her eyes- If we find you somewhere will you leave us alone? 


???: -looks up- He uh... Got distracted and i managed to escape. H-He had this other girl captured and her boyfriend or something came and helped her...  

???: Ah! >.< -falls back- Sir please... Im sorry Sad 

Maria: ... I... I was just scared... -looks at him- ... Look i would like to get to know you better before this wedding... I really want to try this time... 

Eloisa: ... -sighs- Of course. Lets just sort out the flowers... 

Mika: -smiles and kisses her cheek- X3 You know those idiots were made for each other. Im glad they went with each other... Otherwise i never would've got you. <3


Jane: Right. We should get in contact with him ... So he knows what we're doing... <Giovanni?> 

Aurora: >.> He needs his sleep. Besides he is being gentle. You can't get mad.


Tani: I'll try... Their last conversation didn't go to well...

Lily: .. |c Please don't be mad... I love you so much... And i do anything to make it up to you... 

Elle: ^^;; i know... I just... I want to... -puts the meat in his mouth gently- 

Rayurn: -sighs-  I wonder what she is hiding...

Aurora: o.o... D: Daryl i dont like this... -backs away a bit- 

Eleanor: Well dont >/ I can do this myself. 


Annette: ... -strokes her hair and sighs- You know i wanted to ask you something else...


Nabooru: Mmn... Oh! Your majesty... <3 -holds onto him-

Zara: o.o... -heads out- Wait! What are you doing?!  

Shea: -stands between them and snarls- Back off right now >/ 

Shawn: i came to the  new souls building and decided i needed a new place to stay... 

Isaac: >.< !! -squirms- <Let me go!!> 

Laetri: o.o... Oh well cool... Well would you like to help me groom the pups? 

Celestia: ... Theres nothing we can do... We just have to take each day as it comes...


???: <w< <Yeah. You must've done him real good> |3

Chelsea: ... -sighs- Look I just want it to be just you and me for a while... 


Tani: >.< -coughs up blood again- I feel horrible... 

Nightshade: ... -ears go back and sighs- I miss my child... 

Lily: ... Sorry that i got upset with you before... 

Celestia: Nah he has gone off somewhere... :/ this is our best opportunity.

???: ^^;; great... Excuse me... -quickly tries to sneak away-


Elle: >/ that doesnt bring back my people... 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 10 I_icon_minitimeWed May 22, 2013 10:15 am

???: ;3 Darling people see plenty of us, believe me. They just never listen to us. >w> So you coming to see our show?

Drayna: Sad Neither do I. What can we do Malladus...? She loves him so much...


Jinn: Yeah I suppose there's nothing that can be done at all, really...

Lexi: |c Yes master... -kneels down and holds onto Jason's hand, trembling a little- ... P-please Jason... you gotta go. Sad You gotta... it's just easier this way...

Lulu: W-well I guess, but.... Sad How am I supposed to help my friend? I need hm... I-I've never been alone before...


Blade: -glances up at the door of the tent- ... Must've been Shea and Tyrel. -straightens up- alright you got off lucky with Shark then. >/ Do you think we can trust her, Tess?

Harold: >/ Oh you will be sorry. Get up and bend over the fucking bed. I'll teach you a lesson...

Marco: -nods in agreement- That would be nice... I would so love to know you better Maria. -holds onto her hand- ... I must ask... what you mean by this time?

Fox: Yeah alright. >.> You see anything you like?

Lucy: ^//^ -giggles a bit and blushes- Oh Mika you're so sweet... <3


Abigail: >.> Are you kidding? What's more fun than a surprise break in?

G: .. -looks around a bit- o.o <Who is this...?>

Persian: >.> <I can get mad at whatever I want.>


Kihja: :/ ... Guess that's why Lucky's here huh? I suppose that's good... seeing his family always cheers him up.

Latias: ... |c -sighs a little and nuzzles her hand gently-

Reese: X3 Heh... well thanks. Mmn...

Fawn: :/ I'm not sure... hopefully, if it were something that endangered the tribe... she wouldn't hide it from us... it may not be a big deal.

Daryl: <.< Trust me Aurora. -holds onto her wrist tight-

Persian: -shrugs- Fine. >.> Have fun then. Oh wait... I'm sorry I forgot, it's me that's going to be having fun, it's you that's going to be the stick in the mud.


Missy: -glances up at her- ... What's that...? :/


Damien I: -takes her to his room- You know you should stay here a while my darling... |3 -gently sets her down on the bed- I have so many troubles, and it is nice to have someone like you around for... company... <3

Thrall: Well i forgot you knew everything Zara. >/ No you're right. I'm gonna go stand up to them, let's just see what happens then shall we? Because obviously I have no idea what I'm talking about. -growls a bit and walks away from her, heading up to the palace-

Viktor: D< Wait your turn you little bitch. You'll get a beating too... >/

Rose: Well... I suppose this place is nice. It's homey...

Correntine: >/ You made your decision to be bad... -pulls off his ball gag- We'll do away with this. >J -leans in close to him- I want to hear your screams...

Gaileth: :3 Sure! -goes over and sits by the bed- >w< Are these your friends? They're so cute? -reaches out and strokes Pixie gently- <3

Silver: And what about Kali?


???: >w< <Oooh I can just imagine it! ;3 It must have been so steamy, just look at his muscles... tell us every little detail.> Very Happy

Ama: ^^; -rubs the back of her head- <Well it's... complicated. Humans are such strange creatures.>

Baldor: ... For how long Chelsea?


Drayna: Sad You look it... darling this isn't looking good. You need to leave... this place is so bad for you.

Trent: ... Maybe we could have her here... you don't have to lose her. We could have such a happy family...

Cameron: >/ Look I was just trying to do my job Lily.

G: Good. Get Lily to safety. -looks around a bit- The elves are still being contained here, I suppose we're obligated to let them go as well? >.>

Silver: >.> ... <And remember... |3 I know where you're going...>


Vlad: >.< I can't take that back! Don't leave me like this! Don't!

Voldemort: >.> Come now... we'll leave him to his friends.
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 10 I_icon_minitimeWed May 22, 2013 11:13 am

Chelsea: X3 Yeah... I don't think I'll be going back to my apartment tonight anyway...

Malladus: Maybe we need one of those family counsellors or something... :/


Zara: ... -looks her over- You know you're not an ugly old man... 

Jason: ... I... I can leave you Lexi Sad i dont want you to be stuck here...  

Celestia: Face it, your friend will be dead down there. 


Tess: ... -stands- Girl please stay in the tent... Do not talk to anyone... Blade can i speak with you outside?  

???: >.< Yes... Yes sir... |c -gets up, going to the bed- 

Maria: ... I never really even bothered to try to get to know you... And that was bad on my part... This time i want to give you a go... -leans in and kisses his cheek-  ... And I want to be a happy couple... A true one where each person loves each other...

Eloisa: -finishes some time later and heads back to the house- ... I hope William thinks these are nice... 


Jane: <It's Jane. Look we heard that you were going to get the death penalty. So we're breaking you out.> 

Toby: -yawns a little and strokes his fur- |o

Aurora: >.>... You can't get mad at that.. 


Tani: Family has always been the best for him :/

Lily: ... -kisses her head- You guys want some fresh air...?

Elle: X3 Heh. You're enjoying it... 

Aurora: >.< D-Daryl... You're hurting me... 

Eleanor: >/ Hey i can have fun! Go ahead! Screw finding Mewtwo. Lets go and do something you would find fun. 


Annette: ... You'd want to marry me...? 


Nabooru: Oh I am in the same shoes... Ruling my girls is so difficult... |3 But... I would visit you when i can... <3 

Zara: >< Stop! -holds onto his arm tight- I know what happens! Just dont do it for sheer stupidity!  

Shra: >C -barke loudly- BACK UP! -bites down hArd into his ankle- 

Shawn: ... You want to go for a walk? 

Isaac: o.o... >C You won't hear a scream from me... 

Pixie: o.o... |3 -nuzzles up to her- <3

Laetri: Yeah... Smile That's Pixie. This one is Ikbi and the other is Tumbles. My parents own their mother and father.

Celestia: ... I really dont know |c 


???: o.o... <You haven't had sex yet?> D: <Oh darling!>

Chelsea: Iunno... A little while... :/ I said straight off I didn't want kids so soon... 


Tani: No >.< Silver would be so mad...

Nightshade: No... I want my mihan... Her father to look after her... 

Lily: Look i know... Im not geting mad :/ 

Celestia: >.> Yep. Or shit will go down... 

???: o.o... -quickly runs faster and into his car, speeding kff- >.< 


Elle: ... -looks away- I just want to go home... 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 10 I_icon_minitimeWed May 22, 2013 11:47 am

???: That's probably not a bad idea. If I were you I'd stay the night here. ;3 You can share a room with one of us if you want.

Drayna: You know... I could call Xavier. :/ He really helped me.


Jinn: >w> ... I know. ;3 I'm a steamy hot fire demon. X3 -laughs a little-

Lexi: I can't go... |c I don't wanna be hurt anymore Jason. This is just... easier... -plays with the ends of her scarf and sighs a bit- Please go... I don't want you hurt. Sad If you stay those vampire girls will kill you...

Kali: <.< Yeah he'd never survive. You were lucky to get out of there in one piece.

Lulu: o.o; ... N-no... D: But that's not fair... I... I need him... Crying or Very sad

Kali: -rolls her eyes- Christ, don't start crying. D|


Blade: ... -nods and steps outside the tent- What is it?

Harold: -growls and pulls her skirt up- You're really in for it now... >/ This is your fault! -strikes her hard across the backside-

Marco: -smiles faintly and gently wraps an arm around her shoulder- I am very happy to give this a try... I wanted you to enjoy this marriage Maria. -gently kisses her forehead- I care for you more than I think you know...

Fox: -shrugs- I don't think guys are usually so attentive to the flowers used at the wedding. Usually all they're focused on is saying the right name and having fun on the honeymoon.


G: o.o; ... <It would be nice if someone kept me updated on these things.> -sighs and runs a hand through his hair- <Alright, do you have a plan?>

Persian: ... <Hmph.> -lays his head down- <He smells funny.> -flicks his tail a bit and starts to doze-


Kihja: Well when do you plan on heading back there with him? Do you think he'll want to go with you?

Latias: .... -nods a little and still doesn't say anything-

Reese: X3 Yeah... you guys have good food. ^^' When it's cooked of course...

Daryl: No Aurora come on I'm serious... -pulls her out into the back of the shop and shuts the door behind him- ... Pin her down girl, so we can have a proper talk.

Persian: >.> Oh nuh uh. You're not ruining my fun.


Missy: o.o -looks a little surprised- I-I... marry you? Well I... I would.... are you really asking me...?


Damien I: Oh good. |3 I think you should come here all the time my darling...

Thrall: ... -stops and sighs a bit, not looking at her- Then why can't you understand Zara? It wasn't my choice to let you go... that's not what I wanted...

Viktor: >.< !! -yelps a little and backs away, holding onto his ankle as it bleeds- AH! You fucking bitch!

???: o.o;; -whimpers a little in fright and backs away from them- Sad

Rose: ... -smiles a little and nods- That would be really nice sir...

Correntine: >J We'll see when all your little demon friends watch and join in. -cuffs his hands to the wall above his head- I wasn't going to let those girls hurt you before but now it will definitely do you some good... >3

Ikbi: :3 -ears perk and wags her tail- Pleased to meetcha! >w<

Gaileth: X3 -giggles a bit and hugs her close- You guys are so cute! <3

Silver: :/ That's a damn shame... -glances over at Laetri's room- ... I can't imagine how a blessed kid like her is gonna fare in the demon world.


Ama: D: <He says he wants to take it slow! T^T I think this is the longest I've gone without sex since I lost my virginity...>

Baldor: Alright... alright now right away. I promise... -holds onto her hand- But we'll have to discuss this eventually...


Drayna: We can protect you from Silver... Kali and Celestia can help fix him.

Kali: D| Yeah cause now it's apparently our responsibility, and Celestia will whip my sorry ass if I don't.

Trent: ... -frowns a little- I can be just as good of a father for her...

Lucky: >/ I will. -growls a little- If you really cared about her you would have helped her!

G: I'll take care of it. >.> Just take those three with you, and... see if you can get Lily to start talking with that young girl with all the piercings.

Silver: >.> .... -teleports so he is sitting in the back seat- So... -casually examines his claws- I assume you're going so fast so that you can get my money in a hurry? >3 -grins a little and bares his fangs-


Voldemort: >.> Come. You have a new home. -teleports them away and to the riddle house-

Vlad: >.< No! -shakily tries to get to his feet and holds his now too big clothes around him- S-shit... -looks around a little- I gotta get to the boats...
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 10 I_icon_minitimeThu May 23, 2013 6:23 am

Chelsea: Thanks but... I think I'll just take a couch or something X3

Malladus: And having twin boys he would know how to deal with them :/ I'll call him in the morning...

Vikke: Sad -looks up- Eldrin...


Zara: X3 -giggles a bit- A funny... Hot... Fire demon... 

Jason: ... -tears up- But... But we ... Need each other Sad ... 

Celestia: D| you know you don't need a man for everything...


Tess: Her story makes sense... But... there is still something off about her... 

???: Ah! >.< -tears up- P-Please... Sir! 

Maria: ... I know... I do see that now... -blushes a little- ... -sighs- i don't want to leave this room... 

Eloisa: ... Yeah... That sounds about right... -looks away-

Alejandro: <w< Is that my niece and beautiful Fox? <3  .


Jane: <We only just found out... And the plan well... Its a lot of think while you work... We're here right now.> 

Aurora: -looks at Baldor- Ill never understand that cat. 


Tani: I'll have to go back soon :/ maybe he just needs some days away to cool off... 

Lily: ... Okay... -stands up- Cmon... We'll all get some fresh air... 

Elle: X3 Heh... -looks him over and gently kisses his  cheek- 

???: <.< -pins down Aurora- 

Aurora: o.o!! >.< Hey let me up! Let me go!

Eleanor: Nope! >:U thats it! I will not say no. I will have some fun.


Annette: X3 Course i am. You know i don't want anyone else... 


Nabooru: |3 Mmn... I might... >w> please come here... <3

Zara: ... I just... I got hurt Thrall... It was... It was so scary... 

Shea: >C ... -looks over at the child- ... Are you alright...? 

Shawn: -smiles and stands up, hitting the ceiling- o.o!! Ah! >.< Fucking son of a... 

Isaac: o.o;; oh no... Oh no not them D: You wont get me back... They'll keep me! 

Pixie: >w< -licks her cheek gently- Very Happy 

Laetri: X3 They aren't bad for demon pups... 

Celestia: ... She really cant even live there... She doesn't belong |c 


???: D: <Well you gotta push harder girl!> >:T 

Chelsea: I know... -squeezes his hand and kisses his cheek- We'll have a good life... -smiles a bit-


Tani: ... -sighs- I'm not sure if anyone would want anything to do with him after all this... 

Nightshade: ... Not as good as Seth... 

Lily: D: Lucky calm down... Dad would've killed him... Sad he was in a bad situation... 

Celestia: >.>... you're trying to hook them up together aren't you? Well I'll do that if you talk to that pink haired girl. |3 I sense she likes you~

???: o.o!! Uh.. Just... Had a call from the station... ^^;; ill give you the money there... Just hang on. -starts to call Trent-  


Elle: ... -looks around- I really do hate this house... 

???: >.> -looks him over- Oh but dear... |3 the dead cannot leave... -walks over to him- 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 10 I_icon_minitimeThu May 23, 2013 7:26 am

???: -shrugs- Your choice. X3

Drayna: Alright, thankyou Mihan... -glances down at Vikke and gently strokes her hair- Oh darling... Sad -scoops her up and kisses her forehead- Eldrin's gonna love you eventually...


Jinn: X3 Guess I gotta be funny... makes living out here on our own and that a little bit better...

Lexi: Crying or Very sad You'll be better away from here. You can go to the surface now... f-forget about me Jason... |c

Lulu: Sad But I can't take care of myself ma'am... someone else always has. I won't survive in the demon world alone...


Blade: I know... even for someone who has been attacked she is jumpy. She is hiding something and I don't know if we can trust her. The nearest human city is a long way from here and it would take her a long time to wander all the way out here just to get lost.

Harold: >/ Be quiet you little bitch! You deserve this! -continues to strike her- Keep fucking crying and I'll get my belt instead!

Marco: ... -looks her over- I don't mind you staying here... you look like you could use the company. The question is whether or not your parents will allow it... and I do not want to upset them.

Fox: >w> Yes! -races over into his arms and hugs him around the waist- |3 We got the flowers. <3 -kisses his cheek gently-


G: -glances out the window- ... <You're planning to break into a state prison with... no plan?> D| -sighs a little- <You realise these things usually take months of preparation, don't you?>

Baldor: >:T He's always grumpy.


Kihja: Well we'll take care of the little one. :/ He'll probably be in better spirits once he eventually returns.

Latias: -floats up a little and yawns, looking sick and exhausted with heavy bags under her eyes- |c ...

Reese: o///o -draws back a little, looking very surprised- ... E-Elle... -holds his cheek-

Daryl: ... -strokes the dragon's neck gently- Good girl. >.> I'm sorry I had to do this to you Aurora.... but you're listening to me now, aren't you?

Persian: >.> No nuh uh. You know that creature wants to kill everything, go on now stick in the mud. Have all the fun you want with your mission.


Missy: -smiles and tears up a little- .. You really want to marry me... Very Happy Y-yes... >w< Yes of course I want to marry you Annette... -hugs her tight and starts to cry a little- I love you so much... <3


Damien I: |3 Of course my dear. -goes over and moves on top of her, gently running a hand down her side- Why don't you take my clothes off now darling? <3

Thrall: I know... I'm sorry you were hurt. I didn't want that for you... -looks her over- ... How did you escape...?

???: D: ... -nods quickly, tears in her eyes- Sad

Viktor: >.< You.... >C You are going to get it! -growls and grabs her by her hair, pulling her away from the child- If you wanted to be thrashed so badly you should have just said something! D< -raises the stick and bashes her hard in the ribs-

Rose: o.o !! ... Are you alright...?

Correntine: >.> Oh I'll be keeping you chained up out here... nobody's taking you away. If they want to destroy your ass... they can do it in public for all to see. >3 -conjures a whip- Of course, that's going to have to wait until after your lashing.

Gaileth: o.o Well why would demons be bad?

Silver: You guys rule hell, she has to live there. It's not like you can move out or anything.


Ama: D: <I don't know if I can... :c The last time I pushed harder I almost lost him. He's so nice and he treats me well-->

???: >:U <Girl that's for Mihans with children! You deserve sex already!>

Baldor: -holds onto her hand- ... Yes... I can't imagine a better life to have... Mihan. <3 -leans in and kisses her gently-


G: -glances at her- ... Good. I was a little worried about you after we lost mother.


Kali: All just depends on if we can fix him or not. :/ But he'll probably have to be held in demon prison for a while before he's completely fixed. You can come and visit him though when you're all recovered.

Drayna: Come on now... I'll need to take you to Fionne. You'll heal up better there. -gently scoops her up-

Trent: ... We'll see. -glances over at the phone for a moment and eventually picks up- you're interrupting my day off, this had better be good.

Lucky: >C -snarls- Yeah well lucky for you, buddy, I haven't learned my demon powers yet...

G: What, the young witch? >.> ... Alright I'll talk to her, but you're probably wrong. A girl her age wouldn't go after old demons.

Silver: |3 Oh good... -leans back in the chair- I suppose he's got my portion of the money and that list of buyers then. I'll wait here.


Voldemort: >.> You made a deal... and your home is here now to serve. You can take your mask off...

Vlad: o.o;; ... T^T If I'd gotten to the boats I could have... -backs away a bit- Leave me alone alright...?
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 10 I_icon_minitimeThu May 23, 2013 11:33 am

Chelsea: X3 Now there is another thing. Most demon guys would instantly butt rape me if I said no. You guys are great. 

Vikke: |c -sighs and cuddled up to her- ...

Malladus: Sad its so sad to see her so unhappy...


Zara: Yeah... It does... Helps kinda pass the time... -plays with the edge of her shirt- 

Jason: Sad But i could never forget about you Lexi... I--

Isaac: <.< this is taking too long Lexi >/ 

Celestia: D| Kid i cant do anything... Look stay with us in the castle until we find out what has happened to your little friend... If he survives go to him. 


Tess: ... Ill have some of the women keep an eye on her. Maybe we should talk to Shea and Tyrel. See if they know something we dont... :/

???: DX N-No! Ah! Not the belt! AH! 

Maria: ... They are already upset at me. It wont make a difference... Besides they might be happy that I have decided to get close to you...  

Alejandro: |3 -kisses the top of her head, burying his face in her hair- Mmn. I can smell <3

Eloisa: ... -sighs and goes into the kitchen- |c


Jane: <Well thats because those people are muggles with no witch friends. It cant be that hard.>  

Aurora: Well be better settle near your brother. He seems to like him. 


Tani: Thanks guys. :/ i do appreciate this. Hopefully thingsll get back to normal in a few days... 

Lily: D: Latias please... You look ill... You need to talk so i can help you..  

Elle: ... -rubs her arm and looks down- I-Im sorry Reese... 

Aurora:  >.< Why should i? D< i thought you were a kind person...

Eleanor: >8C -grabs him by the scruff if his shirt- We. Are. Going. To. Have. Fun. 


Annette: X3 -tries the best to hug her weith the one arm- Thank you... Heh... -wipes her eyes- You big sook <3


Nabooru: -squirms a bit so she doesn't feel so crushed- Mmn... Yes sir <3 -slowly takes off his clothes-  

Zara: His son came around... He is married to this Hylian princess... Who told Damien the first off... He got mad and sent me to my room where i snuck out... :/ 

Shea: Ah! >.< -a rib breaks as she falls to the ground in pain- Stop!!  so badly you should have just said something! D< -raises the stick and bashes her hard in the ribs

Shawn: Y-Yeah... ^^' -rubs his head- This always happens... Ouch... 

Isaac: >.< -squirms- Look mother I'm sorry... Can't we have something else...? 

Laetri: Awh some are okay... :/ But demons come from hell. When bad people die they go there... 

Celestia: ... Maybe its a think to consider until she is tuy grown... 


???: >:U <if you don't do him now I will do him myself!>

Chelsea: -smiles and missed him back- Mmn... |3 you've made me happy...<3 

???: o.o... Did... Prince Baldor call her Mihan? Surprised


Aurora: ... Hey you know..: i pull trough it... Somehow... 


Tani: |c ... -sighs- You know.... Right now... He looks like his father... The way he acts here...

???: -whispers- No time to explain. You need to meet me at the station to get as much money from the evidence locker. 

Lily: ... -looks up- ... Id like to see you again Cameron ... 

Aurora: -comes up- Hey everything okay? :/ 


Elle: ... Thanks... -sighs and slowly takes off the mask- |c 

???: <.< oh no. I want to actually help you Vlad. Turn you back into a man... 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 10 I_icon_minitimeThu May 23, 2013 12:05 pm

???: -shrugs- Eh, as strippers we get enough craziness as it is. >.>

Drayna: Sad I know Mihan... |c It breaks my heart, she's so little and she's already being exposed to so much hate she can't understand...


Jinn: ... -watches her hands- Yeah... pass the time... -looks back up at her for a moment and cuddles her closer- <3

Lexi: o.o;; S-sorry sir... >.< Please Jason go... just go or he'll kill you... Sad He'll kill you... -tears run down her face-

Kali: D| God damn it. We gotta keep this little parasite with us?

Lulu: Sad T-thankyou your majesty... -bows her head- Thankyou... I am very grateful...


Blade: ... Yes we need to speak with them anyway and learn what they had seen at Shark's campsite... Mapiya will need to know whether or not they are a threat to the tribe.

Harold: D< Then shut up! -throws her back down on the bed- ... -huffs a bit- What am I going to do with you so you start fucking behaving? >/ -folds his arms and glares at her-

???: -peeks in through a crack in the door- D: ... O-oh dear... Sad

Marco: Perhaps... -gently strokes her hair- ... You seem so upset dearest... -sits down on the edge of the bed and gently pulls her into his lap- Please, tell me what's got you like this. :/

Fox: >.> You creepy sicko... you're smelling my hair? X3 -laughs a little and cuddles up to him-

William: -comes down into the kitchen- ... Oh there you are, I was looking for you. Did you make up for mind about the flowers?


G: <Please just don't underestimate the task you're dealing with. D| I would like very much to not be executed and to return to my family...>

Abigail: >.> So we good to go?

Baldor: :O What if he doesn't? >:T He still hates me.


Kihja: Well good lucky baby girl... -leans in and kisses the top of her head- Tell us if you need us for anything. :/

Slate: -comes downstairs- I got Thana to sleep so she's in her cot. -looks over at them- ... What's going on with these guys?

Reese: o//o Don't... be sorry. You just surprised me... I thought you were still upset about Misfit...

Daryl: >.> I am being a kind person. Look at all the kind things I've done for you... now please don't fight like your boyfriend did. It would be so awful for my girl to char your pretty face... -leans down and strokes her cheek gently- <3

Persian: ;>.> Alright... I'm not gonna say no to that. |3 -pervy grin-


Missy: X3 -sniffles a bit and wipes her eyes- S-shush... -buries her face in Annette's shoulder- You have no idea how much this means to me... <3


Damien I: |3 Mmn... what a good girl... <3 -leans in and kisses her neck, nipping her a little-

Thrall: -holds onto her- ... You are very lucky to have escaped. But now they will be looking for you, and you'll be slaughtered for this... what can you do now Zara?

???: o.o !! -squeaks in horror and turns away, tears running down her face- >.< Oh god sir, please! Please leave her alone! -tries to hit him- You're gonna kill her! Crying or Very sad Y-you're gonna kill her!

Viktor: >C .... -kicks Shea away from them and turns to the little girl- There... I'd like to see her protect you now, you arrogant... disobedient little shit...

Rose: -plays with the ends of her hair- ^^' I'm sorry sir... if I could reach, I'd kiss it better for you...

Correntine: Not really... >.> You warranted it with how bad you were being. We'll just see how disobedient you can really be with your back whipped and your little ass ripped open. >3 -grins cruelly and strikes him with the whip-

Gaileth: o.o I'm sure they're not all bad. Everyone has good in them.

Silver: Maybe... -looks over at Laetri's door- ... You reckon they're getting along?


???: >:U <Me too! Look at that man, you're wasting a perfectly good natural resource!>

Ama: T^T <Please girls... you don't understand, he doesn't want sex!>

???: o.o -gasps a little- ... D| <I think I'm going to faint...>

Baldor: -cuddles her close and rests his forehead against hers- I'm so glad... <3

???: o.o -looks over at them- Did he? Very Happy I didn't hear.


G: I know we have to... doesn't make it any less difficult. -thinks for a moment- ... Aurora I have to ask... something...


Kali: -looks over at the door- ... I've noticed. >.>

Drayna: Ssh. Save your energy... -sighs a little and teleports them to the colony- Kali and Celestia will take care of this, I am sure... you'll have your Mihan back. Sad -gently sets her down on a bed in the healer's treehouse-

Silver: >.> -ears perk- ...

Trent: -sits up a bit- ... What is going on? You sound like you're driving.

Cameron: ... -nods- Yeah that... might be nice. Look here... -takes her hand and quickly writes something down on it- There, that's my number. :/ Give me a call alright?

G: <.< -looks over at Lily for a moment- ... Aurora come with me alright? We've got one last thing to do.

Kali: -teleports down by Celestia's side- Tani's taken care of, we just gotta get Lily out of here and then deal with Silver.


Vivian: >.> -looks down from the top of the stairwell- ... Well what is this?

Vlad: ... -watches them carefully- ... You're serious...?
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Non canon couples 2
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