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 Non canon couples 2

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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 11 I_icon_minitimeFri May 24, 2013 10:03 am

Chelsea: >.> That is true. >:T Now you have to get ready for your show. Shouldn't be listening to my weird ass problems. 

Malladus: |c -kisses the top of her head- ... It'll get better... 

Vikke: |c -slowly starts to doze off, tearing up a bit- 


Zara: ... -slowly runs her hands up her shirt and rubs her back- ... You don't mind this do you...? 

Jason: ... Im already dead... What can he do? -slowly reaches up and wipes her cheek-

Isaac: >/ Girls get this thing away from Lexi... 

Celestia: >/ But we are busy people. So do not bother us when we are trying to work okay?


Tess: hopefully they have rested up enough. I didn't want to put all these questions onto them after just coming back. -heads to the tent- To think though... A man like Tyrel managed to fight with one foot, learn how to use a fake one in just way day all because of the love he had for Shea...  

???: >.< -tears fall down her cheeks and looks up- Ill... Ill be good sir Sad please ill be good... >.<  

Maria: ... -rests her head against his chest- I guess... -thinks for a moment- ... I just got scared of this big change... Giving up the job i love, moving away...  

Alejandro: <.< Hey you love it... -nuzzles his face in her hair to mess it up- >3 

Eloisa: -doesn't look up and just plays with one of the flowers- Yeah... I got some things sorted out...  


Jane: I guess. Giovanni said not to underestimate the task... :/ but I'm sure we can manage... 

Aurora: >.> Well if he hates on you I'll turn him into a dog. 


Tani: :/ Thanks guys... -hugs Kihja- Hopefully things will somehow get back to normal... 

Lily: Sad ... -sighs- Ive been a horrible trainer |c ive neglected my pokmon so much... No wonder Lucky was so upset with me... 

Elle: ... I am... But... I mean it was just a kiss on the cheek... It was harmless... 

Aurora: o.o;; ... W-What did you do to Parker? >.< -flinches-

Eleanor: -lets go of his shirt- So, what do you want to do first? >.> 


Annette: ... Im sure it means a lot... Cause it definitely means a lot to me... -kisses the top of her head- <3  


Nabooru: -blushes a little- Oh ... It feels nice... -closes her eyes-

Ganondorf: -slams opens the doors of the palace- >/ ... -walks in and looks around- 

Zara: ... I... Have a place. Still in the city but its hidden away...  It's secret... I'm sure you don't want to know anyway...

Shea: Ah! >.< ... -shakily tries to get up- F-fuck... -turns human and slowly moves over to them- 

Shawn: <.<... here. -scoops her up- Can you reach now? X3 

Isaac: Ahh! DX Mother! Mother stop it! 

Laetri: ... Maybe. They just need someone to help show them the right way. :/ 

Tani: im sure .. Laetri gets along with most people. 


???:  ... <This... Is not right. Who doesn't want sex? It's the best!> D:

Chelsea: ... -smiles and strokes his cheek- <3

 ???: But look! They both have the bite marks! Very Happy Oh my! >w<


Aurora: -looks at him- What is it...? 


Tani: |c ... I hope so... I still love him so... 

???: Im driving to the fucking station. >/ I got the fucking vampire in the back seat. 

Lily: ... -smiles a bit- Yeah... Thanks... -pockets the paper- 

Aurora: o.o... Uh okay.... What is it...? 

Celestia: What about the elves being tested? >.> 


Elle: ... -looks up at her- ... Piss off Vivian... -looks away- 

???: <.< Of course. We cant let a woman get away like that. 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 11 I_icon_minitimeFri May 24, 2013 10:46 am

???: ;3 Sure but don't forget to come see us, sweet cheeks. -heads out into the bar-

Drayna: |c Hopefully... -sighs a little and gently wipes Vikke's eyes- ... You know... e-ever since my father left me Mihan... a-all I've ever wanted was a happy... functional family. Sad I would give anything to have that... anything... -ears droop a little- Just for a moment even....


Jinn: -shifts a little under her and blushes- N-nah... nah it feels good...

???: >/ Yes master... -growls and holds onto him, snatching him away from Lexi- You're our little slave now, boy.

Lexi: Sad -looks up as they take him away- No... no they'll hurt you... >.< -sniffles and starts to cry more-

Lulu: Y-yes ma'am. Yes of course...

Kali: >/ Good. -heads back inside- Get in our way or anything like that and we won't hesitate to give you another lashing. You're still a slave, girl, and no better. Don't you forget that. -holds onto Kali's hand and sits down in the throne-

Lulu: ... Y-yes... thankyou ma'am... |c -looks at the floor and plays with her fingers-


Blade: -follows her- ... It was impressive. People say the tribe he was taken from were very strong hearted.

Harold: >/ You'd better be. Get out of my sight before I change my mind about further punishment.

Marco: It is just a bit much for you? Yes... I suppose I can understand. If it will help you... you do not have to stop work, if it makes you happy. I make enough money to provide for the both of us... so your parents do not see the need for you to be working at all. But it is something you enjoy... and I will not keep it from you. -gently kisses her forehead- <3

Fox: >w< -squeals and tries to pull away- XD Cut it out! You're messing up my hair!

William: Oh good. Won't be long until we can start setting up the grounds for the party then. -looks her over- .... What's going on Eloisa? You won't even look at me.


Abigail: >.> -scoffs- What does he know? Getting past these muggles will be easy. -looks around- First thing we gotta do is take out all the security cameras.

Baldor: >w< -giggles a bit- You're the best, mummy! -hugs her tight- <3


Kihja: -kisses the top of her head- It will baby, it'll just take time. :/

Slate: Lucky was all upset with you? I didn't even see much of him. Where is he?

Reese: ... Oh of course. How silly of me... No harm done then I suppose... -looks away and sighs a little-

Daryl: >.> I didn't do anything... he's supposed to be a tough pokemon trainer isn't he? I thought he'd be able to handle a little conflict with my girl here... -straightens up- Don't worry my love... he didn't care enough to stay for you, but I'll take good care of you now. <3

Persian: In all honesty, now I'm a little afraid for the fate of Kanto and I'd like to go and find that creature. >.>
(I'd like to go outside please. Loljks. I wanna go in. Persian makes the perfect cat character.)


Missy: I'm so glad... -sighs happily- We can be a real family... <3


Damien I: Oh I know it does. |3 Mmn... try to contain yourself dear... <3

Sandrin: o.o !! -jumps a little and ears flatten- ... Oh my... y-you really scared me... -backs away a little- H-how did you get in here with... with all those guards outside...? D:

Thrall: ... After all that effort you went to to tell me how upset you were at me getting rid of you... I thought you would want me to stay with you this time. Alright... as long as you are safe, I'll just go back home.

Viktor: -doesn't pay much attention to her and picks the girl up by the scruff of her shirt- Dirty little bitch! D< -strikes her across the face- When are you gonna start being obedient?! Huh?! -continues to beat on her-

???: >.< !! -yelps in pain and starts to cry desperately- I will! AH! I will be obedient! DX -sobs and trembles in his hand- I'll obey sir! >.<; -blood runs from the corner of her mouth and starts to bruise-

Rose: X3 -giggles a little and nods- Yeah that's better... -leans over and gently kisses the top of his head-

Correntine: >.> ... -just watches apathetically as she continues to whip him- You deserve every bit of this boy... you know you need it. Deep down you know you deserve to be punished after disobeying master...

Gaileth: -smiles a bit and nods- Yeah. Very Happy Everyone can be good if they have a little bit of help! ^_^


Ama: D: <He's a human... he's different. I guess humans don't have the same sort of drive...>

???: ... <That's really just so sad Ama... >.> You know I bet he'd never say yes if one of the creatures from the forest asked him.> -folds her arms-

???: Very Happy Oh how wonderful! -goes over and kneels down- Congratulations my king! X3 We are so happy for you!

Baldor: -smiles a little and bows his head- X3 Thankyou...


G: ... Don't you find this whole thing... you know, between us... just a little bit odd? I know everyone else will... I mean you're meant to be my sister.


Drayna: -starts to heal her- It will all be ok... I promise. We'll fix this for you... you can return to your family again... -sighs a little and gently strokes her hair- :/ I was told of what had happened... Tani you bever have to be alone when facing hardships. We would have helped you... all of us. We're all a family...

Trent: Alright alright. >/ Calm down. But you fucking owe me. -grumbles darkly and sets the phone down-

Silver: >.> ... You know what the really cool thing about being a vampire is though? |3 -grins a little and flashes his fangs- The super hearing...

Trent: .. -glances down at Nightshade and gently strokes her cheek- I'm sorry my sweet... I have to go. So I'll take you back to your room now... -gently takes her hand and helps her up-

Lucky: >/ -growls- I don't like this, Lily...

G: >.> Calm down, that's what I'm taking care of. You just worry about what we discussed earlier.

Abigail: -leans against a wall- >.> Guess I'll catch up with you later Aurora.


Vivian: >.> ... Well a cheery hello to you too, sunshine.

Vlad: ... Well... yeah I guess. Just turn me back... hurry. Before anyone else sees...
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 11 I_icon_minitimeSat May 25, 2013 7:36 am

Chelsea: ;3 Oh you know I wont. -heads back out with them-

Malladus: ... I guess people like us will never really get that experience... But I promise Mihan... -takes her hand and kisses it gently- ill try and give it to you... 


Zara: ... -smiles faintly and cuddles up closer, kissing her shoulder- You're blushing... <3

Jason: >.< -tries to pull away- Let me go you whores! 

Celestia: -sits in her lap- >/ And remember... I still havent forgotten about what you all did to me...  


Tess: ... I really do wonder what his tribe was like... It mightve been amazing to live in...

???: >.< -nods and quickly gets up, heading out of the room and whimpering in pain- 

Maria: Really...? ... You really are so wonderful... And i didn't see it before...  

Alejandro: <w< No way. Especially when you're squealing like that X3 

Eloisa: ... Nothing is wrong... -starts to put some flowers in the vases-


Jane: I say we destroy the source of electricity completely. Muggles are weak without that. 

Aurora: X3 ... -sighs a bit- Now Baldor there is something else I need you to do...


Tani: ... Yeah... -sighs and walks over to Lucky- Okay buddy i have to get back to Silver :/ 

Lily: ... Gone back to his mother... -ears droop- |c

Elle: ... -takes his hand gently- You wanted it to be something... 

Aurora: ... Daryl please... I dont want you to get in trouble. Dont do this... I dont want to go with you... >.<   

Eleanor: ... Are... You kidding me? Then what was all that about?! D< 


Annette: ... -sighs- You really are my first and real proper family... <3


Nabooru: Im sorry... Its just been so long since ive felt such a nice touch... -slowly takes off her top- Continue to use those hands... <3 

Ganondorf: >/ ... -looks down at her- ... Where is Nabooru?

Zara: ... I do want you to come with me... But this place ... If you go to it you'll probably be in trouble on the surface... Sad Do you still want to come with me...?  

Shea: >.< e-Enough! -grabs the girl and pulls her away, crying in pain from her ribs- Ah!... -holds her protectively-

Shawn: X3 Heh... Well i do certainly feel better. 

Isaac: >.< -tries to break away from the chains- N-No! Mother i do not!  

Laetri: X3 Heh... So I am curious... How come you're not a vampire like your parents? 


 ???: <.<... <You know we should try and all get together. Try and work on an orgy together!> :3

???:  Very Happy It's so wonderful to hear we finally have a queen!

Chelsea: o.o;; -looks a little weirded out and backs away a bit- Yeah... ^^;; 


Aurora: ... I do find it a bit weird... But what will we say? Tell them that we arent really brother and sister?  


Tani: ... It would've been better... Laetri would've been safe...  I mean look at everyone... Being captured...

???: o.o;;; well... That's really something eh? <.<;;  

Nightshade: o.o... What exactly is happening...?  

Lily: :/ Hey itll be okay... I trust him... 

Celestia: >.>... okay. |3 -goes over to AJ- Hey you actually want to meet Lily? 

Aurora: Yeah I'll be back :/ -heads off with G- 


Elle: >/ Im really not in a sun shining mood. 

???: <.< -flicks his wrist and changes him back- There |3 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 11 I_icon_minitimeSat May 25, 2013 8:26 am

???: -the barkeeper looks over at her- <.< ... Hey biker chick. Someone came in looking for you.

Drayna: -ears flatten and smiles faintly- I know... -sighs and cuddles up to him- You're so good to me, Mihan... <3 I love you...


Jinn: X3 Just cause you're getting all cuddly and that... what's got you like this?

Lexi: Sad ... -tugs on Isaac's sleeve- T-they're not gonna hurt him... are they master?

???: >w> Hurt him? Oh no... this'll be a treat for him. >3 -plays with some of his hair and giggles a bit-

Lulu: o.o;; O-of course not... D: I-I wouldn't dare...

Kali: Good, then get out of our sight.

Lulu: >.<; -quickly nods and heads down one of the halls, tearing up a little-


Blade: There's no way of knowing now, they're all gone. -noses the door open to their tent- Shea? Tyrel? We need to speak with you...

???: -backs away from the door as she comes outside- D: Oh my goodness... Sad -whispers- Are you ok?

Marco: ... -smiles faintly- Then... you are excited for our trip?

Fox: X3 You're so mean! >3 Oh I am so gonna get you!

William: -looks her over- ... Oh good. |3 Your uncles was convinced for some reason that something was wrong. -kisses her cheek- But I knew you were fine. Hey could you fix me a coffee before I go out with my friends?


Abigail: >w> Oh well that's easy. -looks up at a few powerlines running down to the prison- Lemme take care of that. >3 -grins a little and flicks her wand at some of the cables, making them spark a little and snap-

Baldor: o.o -ears perk- What's that mummah?


Lucky: D: -ears droop a little- But I wanna stay longer... I didn't even get to say hi to dad yet...

Slate: Ah... :/ -goes over and kisses the top of her head- Don't worry, he'll come back... let's just get your pokemon some fresh air.

Silver: >.> .... Leave Thana all alone then will you? -stands up- Fine I'll keep an eye on her. >/ -glares at Slate for a moment before heading upstairs-

Reese: o.o ... -squeezes her hand a little- Yeah... I had for a while, but... Elle... -sighs a little and looks at the ground- It's not safe for you... I shouldn't even be here...

Daryl: >.> I won't be getting in trouble because nobody will know. You'll love it when you come with me Aurora... we'll be away from the world, just you and me... I'll care for you far better than he ever could. <3

Persian: >w> ... -slowly grins a little- For... fun. |3


Missy: ... -smile fades a bit- ... Why can't you tell me...?


Damien I: |3 Oh I plan to... <3 -runs his hands over her chest then slowly down lower- I'll make it so you feel something good, girl...

Sandrin: o.o; ... -slowly takes a step back and shivers a little- I... I don't know that name... D: You... you can't be in the palace. You're intruding... I-I'll call for the guards!

Thrall: On the surface... -ears flatten- Zara... are you joining a rebel group?

???: >.<; -sobs and holds onto her tight, burying her face in her chest- ...

Viktor: o.o .... >C -growls threateningly- This is... the last straw... Put her down now! D<

Rose: X3 -giggles a bit and cuddles up to him- I'm glad...

Correntine: >3 Then we will be here for a long time... -stops after a long while- ... Hm... |3 -runs a finger along one of his cuts and licks away the blood-

Gaileth: o.o -tilts her head a little- I dunno yet. :O I should ask.


Ama: >:T <Nah uh! He's fine first! ... >.> After our first time then we can have an orgy.>

???: >.> <You know that whole human no fun thing is rubbing off on you.>

Baldor: Chelsea relax... X3 They have a right to be excited.


G: ... No. -sets Willow down- I don't want anybody knowing about that. -frowns a bit and looks her over- So don't you go off telling anyone, alright?


Drayna: Everyone else has been taken to a safe place... even Lily. -bites her lip a little and ears flatten- Ugh... D| This is taking a lot of energy... -hand shakes a little-

Silver: >.> Yes it is... -leans back in the seat and examines his nails-

Trent: I'll tell you when I know what's going on myself... come on now, it's urgent. -gets her to her feet and pushes her into her own room- Don't you go anywhere. -quickly shuts the door behind her and does up several locks on the door-

Abigail: >.> -looks her over- ... Why? I've already seen her.

G: I'll just need your help sending all of these creatures back to their planet. It shouldn't be too difficult. -looks her over- ... I've heard you're very experienced in magic.


Vivian: >.> Well you better not give me that kind of attitude anymore.

Vlad: D| -sighs a little in relief- Thankyou...
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 11 I_icon_minitimeSat May 25, 2013 10:14 am

Chelsea: o.o... Bet I know who... D| Shit... He is looking for me...

Malladus: I love you too... -smiles a bit and gently cuddles her- I mean you had to deal with all my bullshit. You are amazing. <3 


Zara: X3 Iunno... I guess you just make me really happy... Smile 

Jason: >/ -growls and moves his head away- Stop it. 

Tai: -walks down the hallway- ... o.o!! -gets knocked down by her- >.< Hey!


Shea: -looks up from laying down with Tyrel- ... What is it about...? 

???: >.< -shakes her head- Master is on a whole new level of angry... H-He is so mad at me... He has lost that Maria girl...

Maria: ... Yes i am Smile I honestly cannot wait... 

Alejandro: <w< What are you going to do small fry? |3 

Eloisa: ... >/ No. You know what? Im sick of hiding it. Im not happy William. -gets an apron and shoves it on him- You can finish these flowers. Im going upstairs. -walks away from him-  


Jane: -smiles a bit- Excellent. Now its just a matter of getting in, silently breaking Giovanni out then sneaking out. 

Aurora: ... If my father ever comes near you... And somehow wants to see Toby... Don't ever let him near you... Call me okay?


Tani: Its okay :/ My parents said you can stay for a while. We can come and pick you up later... 

 Lily: ... Fuck >.< shit is not getting any easier...

Elle: ... -lifts his head up gently- ... Itll be okay... I promise you...  

Aurora: >.< Please Daryl! The school is expecting me! You wont get away with it...  

Eleanor: ... You are the biggest dick head known to mankind and pokemon kind.


Annette: ... Missy its... Its just something I don't like talking wbout... And really you shouldnt hear about it... 


Ganondorf: -snorts and walks past her- NABOORU! D< I know you're fucking in here! 

Nabooru: Mmn... <3 .... O__O;; Shit. 

Zara: ... ^^;; yeah... Maybe... -rubs the back of her head- 

Shea: D< Fuck off would you?! -holds her tight- 

Shawn: X3 -heads outside- So you wanna stay up here? 

 the blood-

Laetri: Yeah... You know I could definitely put you in my studies... :/


???: <.< <Yeah... Look maybe you can come out with us tonight> |3

Chelsea: Im relaxed... It just feels weird... D| 


Aurora: ... -sighs a bit- Okay.... Okay i wont tell... 


Tani: |c Dont waste your energy all on me...  

???: >.>;; so uh... How are the other elves going...? 

Nightshade: o.o!! D: Hey uou can't keep me like this! -bangs the door-  

Celestia: >.> Better introduction. 

Lily: -ear flicks and looks up- ... <.< Oh. Aurora's friend right? 

Aurora: ... -smiles a bit and plays with the ends of her hair- Oh.. Yeah... Im pretty good Smile 


Elle: >/ Whatever. Im just going to my room. And hopefully no other death eaters bother me. 

???: <.< now where would she have gone? 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 11 I_icon_minitimeSat May 25, 2013 11:09 am

???: Yeah I told him I'd look for you. <.< So I think he's just waiting outside. What are you gonna do?

Drayna: X3 -laughs a little- What are you talking about? You were such a blessing compared to what I was used to Mihan... -snuggles up close to him- There wasn't anything bad to deal with... <3


Jinn: Heh... Great. That's what I'm hoping for... <3 -leans in and gently kisses her cheek-

???: >w> Awh what are you gonna do about it?

???: Sisters you know what he would love? |3 He should watch the next time Lexi has her... heh... training. >3

Lulu: >.< !! Ah! -stumbles back and falls over- I-I'm sorry!


Tyrel: -lifts his head a bit- ... Is this about Shark?

Blade: ... Sort of. We needed to ask about what happened up there.

???: Sad And he's blaming that on you..? That's... that's not fair... You didn't do anything... -sighs a little- Come downstairs, we'll get you some ice.

Marco: Smile That is such a relief... I really thought you would enjoy this. We'll go travelling and you can go and see all the places you want... won't it be lovely?

Fox: >3 -plays with the edge of his shirt- What I always do... <3

William: o.o; ... What... D: Finish them? I don't even know what you were doing with them! -.-' -grumbles a bit and sets the apron down- Bloody Spanish...


Abigail: |3 Man I knew this would be fun. -teleports in and looks around a bit- ... Man I can't see a fucking thing... o.o

Baldor: o.o ... But why mummah? D:


Lucky: Very Happy Yes. -wags his tail- X3 Thanks Tani. -licks her cheek- <3

Slate: Calm down... -wraps an arm around her shoulder- We'll figure things out...

Reese: I can't, I... I'm worried about you Elle... It's your safety...

Daryl: Let me take care of everything my dear... now I'm sorry I have to do this... But it's for your own good... -conjures some rope and pieces of cloth- Hold still now. <3

Persian: >.> Can you blame me?


Missy: Sad But it looks like it hurts you Annette... what... what kind of marriage will this be if we don't help each other with things like this...? -squeezes her hand gently-


Sandrin: o.o !! G-guards! >.< Guards help!

Damien I: -ears perk and sits up- >/ What is going on?

Thrall: ... -takes a step back- I knew you elves were strange creatures, but... the resistance Zara?

Viktor: D< Fine! -picks up the stick- Let's see how strong you can be! -starts swinging on her again-

???: >.< !! -squeaks in terror and curls up in her arms, trying to avoid it-

Rose: Yes please sir... X3 I don't feel so small up here.

(Messed up Isaac.)

Gaileth: o.o Whatcha studying?


Ama: X3 <Well that does sound like fun...>

???: :O Are you with child yet your majesty? X3 It would be so wonderful to have an heir!


G: Good... Thankyou. You know it's important for me to appear strong Aurora...

(Too bad she's already told Ivy. >w>)


Drayna: My energy isn't important right now... you need your strength to be involved in this...

Silver: >.> They're providing sufficient research material for us. Don't change the subject.

Trent: I'll return soon my love... -quickly leaves and heads back to the station-

Abigail: >.> Yeah that's me.

Kali: C'mon, we'll do introductions on the way back to the others. -teleports them down to the castle-

Abigail: ... This sort of thing normal for you?

G: Good... That will help here in just a second.

Baldor: -ears perk- o.o ... Dad! D: Thank Elune, help us out! >.<'


Vivian: Good thing I'm not a death eater. >.> What are you doing here?

Vlad: >/ She's back on another planet by now...
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 11 I_icon_minitimeSun May 26, 2013 7:36 am

Chelsea: ... I'll be right back. -heads outside- >/

Malladus: X3 -strokes her hair gently- Yeah? You're the first to ever say that about me...  


Zara: -blushes and moves her hand down lower- ... I really dot think i could get to sleep now. <3

Jason: o.o;; And what? Hear you complain that you're not getting any? That's torture >/

Tai: >.< Eh... Its okay... -rubs his forehead- Just ... Be careful okay? Ah... 


Tess: We need some information so we know how to better protect ourselves... But... We might have another victim on our hands. :/ 

???:  >.< I warned him... -follows her- About her finding out and getting upset... H-He is going to do something to that girl...

Maria: -smiles and kisses his cheek- It will be... Especially with you... 

Alejandro: Mmn... |3 o.o... -sees Eloisa race upstairs- <.<.<.<... hold that thought. -teleports them next to William- Not upset hey? 


Jane: Well im no better. -holds onto her arm- Lumos the place. If we run into a guard turn off the light and attack. 

Aurora: Just... Please :/ he isn't safe to be around right now... 


Tani: But... I do think soon you should talk to Lily :/ 

Lily: >.< Im a horrible trainer... And a terrible mother... -tears up a bit-

Elle: ... Ill be okay. Ive been trough worse...  Just calm down Reese... 

Aurora: >.< -squirms and cries out- Help! Somebody out there help me!!  

Eleanor: Yes i can! D< 


Annette: ... Look ill... Ill tell you in good time... Its just hard you know...  


Nabooru: ... It's Ganondorf. Fuck. -looks him over- Got any secret hide outs in this castle? 

Zara: One of them invited me... :/ Besides they'd catch me if i stayed up here.. The pink hair is so obvious... 

Shea: >.<!! -shields her and takes the hits- Ah! -tears fall down her cheeks- 

Shawn: Mkay X3 -heads outside and sits her up on his shoulder- Enjoy the view? 

Isaac: >.< -trembles as the blood drips down- Y-You're sick... 

Laetri: >.>; uh... -looks at the huge pile of books- A lot of things ^^;; : 


???: Very Happy <Cmon! Lets go now!> -tugs at her arm- 

Chelsea: o.o... No... We are waiting a bit before we have a child... :/  


Aurora: :/ You are strong no matter what... -takes his hand- 


Tani: ... -sighs- Just don't go passing out like you usually do... 

???: >.>;;; there was a subject...? Oh look! The police station! 

Nightshade: D: I gotta get out of here and help Seth and Alassea... And help this poor boy too... 

Lily: Yeah. These sorts of things bring the family together >.> 

Aurora: o.o... Oh my D: -flicks her wand and unlocks the cages- Lets get you all out...


Elle: >/ None of your business. -pushes past her- 

???: Well we have to make you be able to get off this planet now... >.> Where would she have gone? 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 11 I_icon_minitimeSun May 26, 2013 8:17 am

???: >.> Good luck girlie.

Bobby: -hanging around outside- <.< ... There you are. >/ I've been looking all over for you.

Drayna: -smiles a little and blushes- Well you take such good care of me... how could I not just love you? <3 You and the kids... you're the best thing that's ever happened to me. Smile


Jinn: -swallows a little and lays back, just watching her hand- Yeah...? You got something else in mind...? <3

???: -hisses- D< Tough. You'll just get used to it. >3 Besides... master is not the only one training her...

Eccaia: o.o -comes up behind him and helps him to his feet- D: What happened? Are you hurt sir?

Lulu: >.<; -rubs her forehead and slowly gets up- I-I'm sorry... I'm sorry I can't do anything right lately... Sad


Tyrel: ... Another one escaped from Shark? -glances at Shea- Was there anyone else there? I only saw you...

Blade: That's what she's claiming. I don't know if we can trust what she says yet.

???: -takes her down to the kitchen and puts some ice in a bag- o.o ... You think he would? Sad

Marco: -strokes her hair gently- ... I am glad to hear... <3 -leans down and gently kisses her forehead- You should lay down to rest for now, it has been a big day for you.

William: -.-; Well that's what she said before she wigged out at me.

Fox: >.> -wraps her arms around Alejandro- You men are so pitiful sometimes...


Abigail: -nods and flicks her wand, creating a little bit of light- Right, shouldn't be too hard.

Baldor: ... -nods- Yes mummah... I won't go near him. -cuddles up to her and idly plays with some of her hair-


Lucky: ... -huffs a bit and looks away- I dunno. Maybe. >/ I'll think about it...

Slate: D| -sighs a bit- Don't cry... c'mon, you can still make things better and that...

Reese: ... Alright... Sad Alright I just... I don't want any harm to come to you Elle... not because of me. I'd feel terrible...

Daryl: -quickly cups a hand over her mouth- Ssh... ssh my darling. -starts to tie the cloth over her mouth as a gag and blindfolds her with the other piece of cloth- Everything's going to be alright. <3 -pulls her away from the dragon and quickly kisses her cheek- I love you so... -starts to tie her up-

Persian: >.> Look this is my first time being human, I'm just messing around a little. This is exactly what I mean when I say you're a stick in the mud. D| -sighs and runs a hand through his hair- Look can we just get to that damn portal you were talking about?


Missy: ... Alright... I'm sorry... I just wanted to help...


Damien I: >.> -glances over at the door- ... Yes. -sighs a bit- I don't see why he could not have waited. -.-' -gets up and pulls his shirt back on- Hurry up now girl, get up. Come with me. -crosses over to the other side of the room and pulls away a wall hanging, opening up a hidden door- Through here.

Thrall: -looks torn- I suppose... I could come with you...

???: >.< -cries a little and trembles in her arms- ... -whispers- T-thankyou...

Viktor: >/ .... -stops after a while and huffs- Fine... if you are so keen on staying together then I won't be bothered separating you. Hope you've got enough room in your cage. -kicks Shea back into the small cage and slams the door-

Rose: o.o; -holds onto him tight- ... I'm really high up... D:

Correntine: |3 I know... and you love it my darling. >3 Now... -steps away- Don't you go anywhere. I think I'll go get those girls. -walks away from him-

Gaileth: :O Woowww. You must be super smart.


Ama: X3 -laughs a little- <Ok ok!> -looks up at paul- Very Happy Sir may I go out for a while with my friends?

Baldor: -wraps an arm around her shoulder- Chelsea is not yet ready for that step...

???: o.o ... -tilts their head a bit- But you must have a child. D: You must!


G: -glances down at her hand- ... Mmn... -doesn't say anything-


Drayna: X3 -smiles weakly- A joke at my expense? -laughs a little- You are getting better I can see...

Silver: >.> Oh look... |3 Well aren't you lucky then? If you hadn't gotten me the money and the records I would have had to do something... I might regret later on.

Lucky: It's a wonder we're all still alive. o.o -ears perk and looks over at the rest of his family- D: You guys! -barks and races over to them-

Abigail: <.< -looks Lily over- ... So are you really gonna go after that guy who worked there?

G: Silver took you too?

Baldor: D: Yes! He took all of us! >.< Thank Elune you found us... -quickly moves out of the cells with the others-


Vivian: >.> ... -grabs her by her robe and pshes her up against the wall- |3 Uh uh uh... as long as you're here you have to listen to me as well, girl.

Vlad: >/ Earth. She would have been taken back to Britain.
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 11 I_icon_minitimeSun May 26, 2013 11:31 am

Chelsea: >/ Yep. I'm here. Come to apologise?

Malladus: ... Same... You really have made me so happy... <3


Zara: X3 Of course... -leans in and kisses her gently- <3 

Jason: ... >/lay a finger on her and I'll shove a cross down your throat.

Tai: I'm okay... -stands up and looks at Lulu- Whats been going on? 


Shea: There were some girls... Couple of sluts they wanted to bang... But they got attacked and ran off... :/

???: After seeing what had happened to that Jess girl... I believe he would...

Maria: -nods- Yeah... I really could use a sleep... -takes his hands- You're staying right?  

Alejandro: <.< i told you something was up. -looks down at Fox- What happened on Xanintum?


???: o.o!! D< Hey what are you doing?! This area os off limits! 

Aurora: -looks down at him- Like mummy's hair huh? X3


Tani: ... I hope you do :/ Ill see you soon... -cuddles Darunia- We'll be back for you, Balto and the pups soon too. 

Lily: Im trying but nothing is working >.< My own pokemon wont talk to me...

Elle: :/ That wont happen... -brushes some hair out if his eyes- I promise you... 

Aurora: >.< -tries to pull away- Mmfff!!  Lft me grrh! 

???: <.<... <To our home master?>

Eleanor: ... -sighs and starts walking to it- Well if you lived the life i had ... I never really had fun...  


Annette: I know... Its one of those things that make me love you... -strokes her hair- <3 


Nabooru: -fixes her shirt and follows him through- Ganondorf is a complex man >.> besides which being the only male in my tribe he is automatic ruler.   

Zara: o.o... You would? ... -hugs him tight- Thank you... <3

Shea: >.< -whimpers- F-Fuck... -shifts them a  bit so they can stay in the cage together- ... You okay?  

Shawn: Its okay. Im not going to let you fall... 

Isaac: >.< -tries to break away from the chains- S-Somebody! Fucking break these chains!  

Tumbles: He is! Laetri is like a mini genius! :O 


Paul: o.o... Yeah of course. X3 What do you plan on doing? 

Chelsea: Look we will talk about it in the future but right now I want it to be just Baldor and I... :/ 


Aurora: ... Come on... Lets set up something  nice for Willow to sleep on...

Willow: :3 -paws at his feet- <3 


Tani: Yeah... Dad's smart ass gene must be coming back... -smiles a bit-

???: ^^;; im sure you would have... My mate is coming over... He helped trapped them and is the one who kept the girl elf ... 

Balto: o.o;; ... Lucky? D: Lucky what... What happened to you?! 

Lily: ... >///> If you saw what was under his shirt you'd do the same.

Celestia: And he wants me to make sure these two are talking >.> your father is hooking up his grandchild Mihan. 

Aurora: Well we must hurry... We dont have much time D: Silver has gone for a bit so it's our only chance.


Elle: o.o!! >/ I said id follow your father. Not you. -pulls her hand off-

???: Oh fun that planet >.> the women's rights place. Well here. -gives him the potion- Youll still be dead but youll be able to leave the island and not decay. 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 11 I_icon_minitimeSun May 26, 2013 12:17 pm

Bobby: D< For what Chelsea? I was helping fix you, you should be grateful.

Drayna: Yeah...? -gently rubs his chest and sighs happily- I can't believe how much you changed... for me... <3


Jinn: Mmn... -shuts her eyes and wraps her arms around Zara- I should really stay in this form more often... <3

???: >3 We'll just see how master likes you doing that to us. Besides... you won't be able to when we're done with you.

Lexi: -tears up a little- D-don't hurt him... Sad

Lulu: |c S-so much... my head is spinning sir... I... I was ordered to get this human boy out of the way for my master... and the boy gave me these scars. He bested me, then showed me mercy... I tried to help him in return but everything turned out wrong and now master has him... >.<; He's probably hurt and now I have to stay here where the queens hate me... -buries her face in her hands and sobs-


Tyrel: They must have caught one of them... :/ Is the girl hurt?

Blade: Less so than I would have thought for an attack by Shark. Just some cuts on her arm...

???: ... That's true... -hands her the ice bag- Master almost got in a lot of trouble with the police that time... Sad

Marco: I should hope so, this is my guest room... X3

Fox: >.> Said she was feeling ignored.


Abigail: >.> Well I guess not that easy. >/ Stupefy!

Baldor: -nods a little- ... Mummah I've been having weird dreams...


Darunia: -licks her cheek- Take it easy.... :/ We'll take care of Lucky and make sure he cools down...

Slate: It's only been one day babe. :/ You gotta give these things time alright? -holds her arm arms length- C'mon now calm down...

Reese: -sighs in defeat- Alright... alright... -holds onto her hand and just looks up at her-

Daryl: Yes... -climbs up onto her back and holds Aurora with him- We'll fix everything there... -cuddles her in his lap- <3

Persian: -follows her- >.> Well what makes you think I did?


Missy: -rests her head against her shoulder and smiles faintly- ... -starts to giggle a bit- X3


Damien I: >.> Well he is no ruler here. The guards had better have taken care of him.

Guard: >/ -comes up behind Ganondorf with Sandrin following them- Freeze! Don't move, put your hands where I can see them!

Thrall: ... -wraps an arm around her- You are sure we are safe there? If I were found to be disloyal to the throne...

???: >.< .... -sniffles a bit and slowly lifts her heads to look at her- I... I think so... Sad -wipes her eyes- He didn't hit me...

Rose: X3 Thanks... you're super nice for a demon.

???: <.< ... -looks him over- Need some help, mate?

Ikbi: Very Happy -nods and wags her tail- The smartest there is!


Ama: X3 I dunno they haven't told me yet... we're probably just gonna go out to the bar for drinks. Very Happy Oh but I don't want you to be lonely, I think I heard Baldor and Chelsea outside.

???: X3 C'mon! -tugs on her arm and hurries outside-

Ama: -giggles a bit and races outside with them- Very Happy I'll see you later sir! -waves-

Baldor: C'mon, we'll head back to our treehouse for now...

???: Very Happy Oh we have to start the celebrations at once! X3


G: -glances down at her- ... X3 Alright yes, you're very cute. -scoops her up and strokes her fur-


Drayna: That's good to see... -squeezes her hand gently and slowly gets to her feet- I need a moment to regain my energy... -looks her over- How do you feel?

Silver: >.> Nightshade? Oh good... I'll have a word with him too.

Darunia: D8 !! My baby! What happened?! you look half dead! >.<

Lucky: :/ It's ok guys... -goes over and brushes up against them- I'm alive... just... demon...

Abigail: -shrugs- Mneh. >.> Guys are ok for a quickie but they're not that great, at least not to look at.

Kali: >.> -ear flicks- Is he? With that thing? ... I... don't see it.

Baldor: -nods and opens up a portal- Quickly now everyone... D: We don't have much time.

G: >.> I had best follow them to Aeris to make sure nobody is hurt. Are you coming with us?


Vivian: You'd better follow me. <.< I'm just a step down from my father so whatever I say around here, goes.

Vlad: -takes it- Great... thanks I owe you one.
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 11 I_icon_minitimeMon May 27, 2013 10:21 am

Chelsea: How are you fixing me? D< It seems like im not good enough for you at all! 

Malladus: Yeah... I never thought one person could change my life... -kisses her forehead gently- <3


Zara: Heh... I wouldnt mind it... <3 -slowly takes off Jinn's shirt- 

Jason: >C Like he would care. He obviously doesn't.

Tai: o.o... Shit D: calm down. Don't cry... Look Things'll be better... I'm sure he'll get out...


Shea: Then it was the one attacked by Bruno. The girl who got attacked by dad was covered in blood. 

???: I'm surprised that he got away with it... |c he shouldn't have... 

Maria: ^///^;; oh right i just... You know how people feel about couples being in a room together before they get married... 

Alejandro: <.< Ohhhh. So i was right. 


???: o.o!! -gets stunned and falls to the ground- >.< 

Jane: Good one. Lets keep going. No one is going to stop us.

Aurora: Weird dreams...? :/ What kind of dreams?


Tani: Thank you. :/ -cuddles her and stands up- ill see you soon guys. -teleports back next to Silver- 

Lily: Maybe for you it's one day... But I've been neglecting these guys for months... |c 

Elle: ... -rests her forehead gently against his- ... You going to stay here for the night...?  

Aurora: >.< <Daryl you'll get in so much trouble for this!> -squirms-

???: >.>... -takes off into the air-

Eleanor: I never actually thought that -.- -sighs- You know we're in the same boat. 


Annette: X3 Heh... You're so cute... Whats with all the giggling? 


Nabooru: Yeah... -looks him over and plays with his beard- And maybe we can finish up what we started... ;3 

Ganondorf: ... -grabs one and holds him up in the air- >/ I have come for one thing and one thing only... Where is she? 

Zara: Nothing will happen... Ill protect you if anything happens... -kisses his cheek-

Shea: Good... >.< Shit... Haven't had a beating like that in so long... 

Shawn: Yeah. Im a big ol softie X3 

Isaac: o.o... Yes D: Oh please break the chains! 

Laetri: ^^;; -rubs the back of his head- Awh. I'm not that smart... 


Paul: o.o... Heh X3 Cya girl... -waves a bit- 

Chelsea: o.o;; Celebrations?

???:  Oh of course Very Happy We will organise them! ^^


Willow: :3 -plays with his hands- <3

Aurora: X3 Heh. She really does like you... -kisses his cheek-


Tani: A bit better... Still off though... 

???: ^^;; oh yes... Good... Excuse me now. You just stay here... 

Balto D: But... Who would do this? 

Lily: Well see ive never really dated a girl... My only crush was the daughter of the dark lord... But you know ive got blood from a race of elves who are having quickies all the time.  

Celestia: He thinks they are good >.>... Better than that Cameron dude. 

Aurora: Yeah of course D: Lets get going. 


Elle: >/ Yeah. One step below him. You're not on the same level. 

???: |3 Thats right you do. Now there is a portal around here we can take... Lets go. 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 11 I_icon_minitimeMon May 27, 2013 10:55 am

Bobby: I can't believe how stubborn you're being Chelsea. D< You have no idea how much I changed so I could be fixed for you. Can't you do a little for me in return? -grabs her wrist- >/ C'mon, we're going home.

Drayna: -sighs happily and looks down at Vikke- I love you guys so much... -strokes her hair gently and kisses the top of her head- You're my whole world... <3


Jinn: |3 Mmn... alright then... <3 -gently runs a hand up her shirt- I'll stay like this for you. -runs a hand down her side- Don't worry love, you won't get burned or anything...

???: -hisses- D< SHUT UP! -strikes him hard across the face- You don't know anything!

Eccaia: o.o; Oh goodness... D: Calm down little one, it is ok...

Lulu: >.< H-he... he... -sniffles a bit- He won't... and it's my fault... Crying or Very sad


Blade: Do you think she can be trusted?

Tyrel: :/ I don't think she's a threat to us...

???: D: Ssh... don't, he'll hear you...

Marco: I'll explain to your parents that you did not want to be alone tonight... I'm sure they will understand. -gently tucks some hair behind her ear- <3

William: >/ Oh just shut up. -pushes past him- I've got this under control. -heads upstairs-


Abigail: >3 Damn right. -holds onto her hand and heads over to his cell-

G: <.< -looks over at them- ... A power outage? Very subtle.

Baldor: There was this lady... :/ She had ears like mine and told me about my powers...


Kihja: -straightens up and looks up at Dark- Can you believe it Mihan? :/

Silver: -watching Thana- ... <.< Oh I'm glad you're back. That deadbeat left Thana on her own, I've had to watch her...

Slate: Well babe... this... this won't fix anything. :/ Spend some time with them, make them feel wanted.

Reese: -looks her over- ... If I do they're going to wonder where I am...

Daryl: >.> Try not to move too much dearest. If you don't sit on my lap you'll get hurt by sitting on her scales for too long.

Persian: Yeah I guess we are. <.< Look after we make sure this creature isn't hurting anyone we'll have some real fun.


Missy: X3 Hehe... I just... thinking about you as a bride. I couldn't help but laugh a little...


Damien I: |3 If you want my darling... -wraps an arm around her waist and pulls her in close- We're very safe in here... <3

???: o.o !! -yelps a little in shock and tries to pull away- >.< I don't know who you're talking about! Put me down!

Thrall: ... -looks her over and sighs a little- Alright.... then show me.

???: Sad H-he was really mad, miss... -tries to sit up a little- >.< Mmn... it's too cramped in here...

Rose: X3 Hehe... -giggles a bit- Yeah I can see. You're the best Shawn, sir. -cuddles him- <3

???: >.> Alright mate, but you owe me. -goes over and helps break the chains off-

Gaileth: Very Happy Nah uh! I bet you're the smartest!


Ama: X3 -laughs a little and heads outside with them- Where are we going?

Baldor: Just parties... festivals. X3 It will be fun to join in once we've rested a little inside. C'mon now... -holds onto her hand and heads back to the treehouse-


G: X3 Cats always seem to. -wraps an arm around her shoulder and kisses her back- <3


Drayna: Here... this should help you gain your energy back. -picks up a small vial of potion off a shelf nearby and hands it to her-

Silver: -stands- >.> No... I'd prefer to come with you.

Lucky: -paws at the cut across his throat- ... S-silver...

Kali: >.> What, the one that couldn't be bothered to properly guard her back there?

Alassea: Sad -looks over at Kali and Celestia- ... You... you didn't bring everybody back yet. D: Where are my mummy and daddy?

Kali: <.< Be patient kid, someone else will take care of it. We gotta focus on fixing Silver.

Abigail: >.> No fooling? Elves huh? You ever been to see what they're like?

G: -nods and helps them through the portal- Thanks for coming.


Vivian: <.< Well go ahead and try to defy me then. See how he responds.

Vlad: o.o ... What... you're coming with me?
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 11 I_icon_minitimeMon May 27, 2013 11:46 am

Chelsea: >.< Bobby let me go! I mean it! 

Vikke: ... -smiles a little and cuddles up to her- <3 

Malladus: ... -sighs- :/ I hope Xavier can help us... 


Zara: ;3 It didnt stop us before anyway... <3 -runs her hands gently down her back- <3 

Jason: >.< Ah! ... D< You bitch! -strikes her back- 

Tai: Its not your fault :/ Look this is hell. If he is killed or anything he'll probably end up in the new souls building ... 


Shea: ... Im not so sure. She headed off into the direction of the human city. How could she have decided to make a u turn and end up here... 

???: >.< But it's true... -trembles- ... I heard that girl was going to Europe soon...

Maria: ... -takes his hand gently and squeezes it- Thank you... <3  

Eloisa: -sits at her dresser, brushing her hair- >/

Alejandro: >.>... wanna listen in Fox? 


Jane: >.> Look just be thankful. We could just leave you here.

Aurora: Really...? :/ Well you know what? It doesnt seem that weird... 


Dark: It's hard to believe. To think he actually came back... I thought he'd never commit...

Tani: ... he is downstairs with Lily. Besides she is sleeping.

Lily: ... O-Okay... Okay... |c -gets up- Im sorry... 

Elle: ...-brushes some hair back behind his ear- I can think of a good lie... 

Aurora: >.< -starts to cry- <Please just let me go home!> 

Eleanor: ... -rubs her arm- Id like that... 


Annette: ._.;; ... Im buying the  manliest suit there is >:U 


Nabooru: |3 Oh good... Now i can scream louder without a care in the world... <3 -removes her top again-

Ganondorf: ... <.< Fine. -drops him to the ground- I know she is here... So I'll sit and wait... -goes to the throne and sits down- 

Zara: This way... One of them gave me directions... -takes his hand and quickly moves through the city- 

Shea: Don't try to move >.< Ahh! -cries in pain- just don't...

Shawn: ...-smiles faintly- Heh... Well not a lot think that... 

Isaac: o.o... Yeah sure... Anything... D: but I have to get out of here...

Pixie: >:T Yeah! You outsmart your dad in fights!

Laetri: Anyone can beat my dad <.< 


???: Drinks and then we can start our own orgy ;3 -giggles a bit- We can practice before we get the human involved. 

Chelsea: ... It feels so weird getting all this attention... Feels like I really don't need this...  


Aurora: -blushes a bit- Heh... I can see why. <3 


Tani: Thank you... -drinks it and starts to sit up a bit- I do feel so much better... I just cannot believe he thought I was faking it... 

???: <.<;; naw... You should relax... 

Balto: ... No. He... He cant have... Sad 

Celestia: >.> Yep. That one.

Impa: -teleports in- D: Oh thank god. Zelda has been trying to contact you all... We've been so worried... 

Lily: Yeah. My parents took me there on holidays when i was little. Elves would just have sex everywhere. :/ 

Aurora: Hey its okay. I dont mind helping... :/ -helps some through- 


Elle: >/ Funny. I did that and gave him a new idea to torture someone. 

???: >.> What? You don't want me to? 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 11 I_icon_minitimeMon May 27, 2013 12:20 pm

Bobby: D< Shut up! -strikes her hard across the face- This is for your own fucking good!

Drayna: ... I have faith that he can... he did so much to help me.


Jinn: o.o ... -looks up at her- Did I burn you last time?

???: >.< !! -yelps in pain and stumbles back, holding her cheek- Ah... m-master do something... Sad

Lulu: Sad But... but he's being hurt and I don't know what to do. The queens won't help me and I can't go out there on my own... >.< I can't... I-I don't know what to do...


Tyrel: Perhaps they tried to pursue her. :/ Our tribe is closer to their campsite than the nearest human city. It may have been the safest option for her.

???: ... Do you think...?

Maco: -gently kisses her hand- Now here... do you need help getting ready for bed my dear? <3

William: -frowns a bit and steps in- ... -looks her over for a bit- C'mon Eloisa we gotta talk.

Fox: >w> Always. It'll just provide us with more material to beat him over the head with later.


G: >.> I know you wouldn't do that to Aurora.

Abigail: -flicks her wand and breaks the lock- >.> Dude can I just say that prison orange looks hideous on you.
(AJ's saying what we're all thinking.)

Baldor: It isn't? But... -plays with her hair again- I dunno who she is... and... she had a kid with her too. She didn't say anything.... she would just be there and listen to what the lady would teach me...


Kihja: -shook his head- I sensed it in his mind all the time... he was afraid of commitment or something. I couldn't understand it...

Silver: ... Yeah, still. -frowns a little-

Slate: C'mon now... -holds her close- Just pull yourself together, alright Lily?

Reese: Elle I don't know... they could come looking for me... what if they find you?

Daryl: -strokes her hair gently- We are going home, my love...

Persian: >.> Great. Will you stop being all sulky then?


Missy: X3 -laughs more- Awh... but that's not nearly as funny as picturing you in a big white dress.


Damien I: |3 Please do my dear... <3 -runs his hands down her chest and starts to pull away her pants-

Sandrin: D: ... You... you can't do that! You're not the king! >.<

???: >C You can't stay there! You're going to prison! -fires at him-

Mishka: <.< -pokes her head out of a building window as they go by- Elf girl. ... You decided to bring him with you?

???: D: !! S-sorry! >.< Sorry... I didn't mean to...

Rose: -plays with some of his hair- Well you've been really nice to me sir... why wouldn't I?

???: >.> Well you better run then, before that psycho bitch gets back.

Gaileth: X3 -giggles a bit- That's so mean.


Ama: <.< You know he has a name.

???: Well do tell. >.>

Ama: ... ^^' -rubs the back of her head- Pooolll?

Baldor: You're royalty Chelsea... this is how they like to treat their leaders. -takes her inside-


G: -looks her over- ... Did you ever think... when we met in that alley, that we'd end up like this...?


Drayna: :/ You were quite ill... -sighs a bit- Silver is not himself anymore. All people react differently to receiving demon blood, depending on their strength of will. This... this is one of those instances where he has been completely taken over. He will just continue to become more and more powerful, until...

Silver: >.> I am relaxed as ever... -steps closer and stands over him- I would like to take that money now... officer.

Darunia: Sad H-he's out of control... oh god my poor little baby... >.< -licks his fur gently-

Lucky: M'ok... it doesn't hurt now. :/

Kali: >.> She can do better. -looks over at Impa- ... Alright well brief everyone else on whatever it is Zelda's got for us. Celestia and I gotta go off and fix my demented half brother.

Abigail: ... X3 Heh. Sounds like a cool place.

G: -nods and heads through the portal into Aeris- ... Listen Aurora I'll be honest with you, and I'll apologise because I'm not very good with this. -moves her chin up to look at him- Celestia asked me to stay with you because she believes you have some sort of... interest in me? Is that true?


Vivian: >/ I guarantee you if you do it again you'll definitely see a new way to torture someone.

Vlad: ... No. I just didn't see why you would want to... -looks a little uneasy and heads off to the boats-
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 11 I_icon_minitimeTue May 28, 2013 8:52 am

Chelsea: o.o!! >.< -stumbles back and holds the side of her face- ... -tears up bit- You... you hit me...


Zara: o.o No actually. It just... it was a warmer sensation...

Isaac: >/ Girls why cant you do anything right?

Tai: ... Well... D| Maybe we can try and help you...


Shea: ... -frowns a bit- Well she has the same bloody rude attitude Bruno had. I don't want to help her. She didn't help me.

???: ... I think he might... move to see this girl... :/

Maria: ... I would like that... very much. <3

Eloisa: ... Talk about what...? -doesn't look up at him, drying her eyes a little-

Alejandro: >w> This is why I love you... -stands near the bedroom door-


Jane: Abigail I don't know what orange is but I can tell you now that it isn't important.

Aurora: ... You know what? They are important people... it doesn't matter if you do not know them... be thankful that they are there for you... to help guide you.


Kihja: -shook his head- I sensed it in his mind all the time... he was afraid of commitment or something. I couldn't understand it...

Tani: :/ Silver I know you still have your doubts... and I'm still on my toes too. But we have to see if Slate can do this... we cannot always keep doubting him. I mean he has done a good job so far.

Lily: ... Okay... okay I will... -looks at her pokemon- Come on guys... let's go outside for a bit...

Elle: Please...? I'll put some protective spells up... -strokes his cheek gently-

Aurora: >.< -shakes her head- <No... This isn't my home.>

Eleanor: <.< If you stop being rude.


Annette: D| I don't ever plan on wearing a dress... >.> You'll be the dress wearer.


Ganondorf: >/ -grabs the bullet in his hand- ... -crushes it, letting go of the powder- ... Are you done?

Zara: -ears perk and looks up- ... Yeah... he wanted to come with me... -squeezes Thrall's hand gently-

Shea: It's okay... calm down... look until I get some energy back to kick open the door we're stuck like this... -sighs a bit-

Shawn: ... Well... I've done a lot of stupid things in the past...

Isaac: I'll try... >.< -quickly runs, still feeling sore. Slowly makes his way to the castle-

Laetri: X3 I'm sorry, but it is true.

Celestia: Gaileth sweetheart... :/ We better be going back down into hell...


???: o.o;; Pool? What kind of a name is that?

Chelsea: ... I just think it's a bit much you know... :/ I know you're a bit used to it but for me it's still so weird...


Aurora: ... No. I never really thought we would be like this... It's crazy how it's all happened...


Tani: ... I just can't believe I didn't do anything before it got worse. I got so excited that a bit of light was coming back into our lives... a little bit of fun in the sex you know...

???: o.o;; I'll go get it... now... Excuse me... ^^;; -backs away a bit more-

Impa: :/ Well we have Seth at Hyrule castle... we're looking after him. He has woken up and will recover properly soon...

Laetri: There see Alassea... he is okay... -holds her hand gently-

Lily: X3 It really is. A lot of people are turned off by it but we're not that bad.

Aurora: o///o ... -looks up at him for a moment and sighs- I cannot lie... and I know it'd be hard to even try lying to you... -sighs- Yes, it's true. I do have this... interest in you... I find you a fascinating person...


Elle: >/ Oh fascinating. -heads into her room-

???: <.< ... I got my reasons...
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 11 I_icon_minitimeTue May 28, 2013 10:41 am

Bobby: >/ -frowns a bit- ... Now... will you just listen to me Chelsea? I don't want to have to hurt you but if you keep disrespecting me like this then I'm just going to have to. You have to learn that that isn't your place.

Drayna: ... -sits up a bit later in the night when the others are asleep- ... <Xavier... are you awake?>


Jinn: o.o No kidding. Heh... you really are pretty special. Smile

???: -tears up a little and look up at him- B-but master I... >.< I'm trying...

Eccaia: o.o; ... Tai are you sure? D:

Lulu: -ears perk- o.o You would? Very Happy You really would sir? -wipes her eyes-


Blade: You don't have to, we'll take care of her. -turns and heads outside- I've heard enough Tess.

???: ... This is stalking... -plays with her fingers- He can't do that, this girl has a right to be happily married...

Marco: Come on then... -takes her hand and helps her up- We'll draw you a nice warm bed and get you into your night clothes... if you don't mind me doing that. <3

William: -folds his arms- Eloisa don't. You have no right to be pissy with me and then storm off and try to avoid the subject. >/ You wanna be pissed at me fine, but we're going to talk about it. Otherwise I want you to get rid of the damn attitude. What's it going to be?

Fox: >.> ... What a douche...


Abigail: >.> Hey m'just saying.

G: Yes I'll be sure to lodge a complaint about the colour of my clothes the next time I'm imprisoned. <.< Come on you two.

Abigail: -rolls her eyes- Alright alright. -teleports them back in front of the house-

Baldor: o.o ... They are? But who are they mummah...?


Silver: >/ Why should he have a chance at all? He was gone for almost a year, broke our daughter's heart and left her to fend for herself with this kid. You can't honestly expect me to trust him after this. ... No... if I had it my way we'd have already called the market by now.

Latias: ... -nods a little and floats outside-

Slate: You want me to come with you guys?

Reese: -looks her over and holds onto her hand- ... Alright... -sighs deeply- I'll stay, for you...

Daryl: ... -leans back a bit and holds her in his arms- ^//^ You know Aurora... I-I never thought we'd end up like this at all. I really don't deserve you... but here we are... I really will treat you right. I promise... I'll give you everything you deserve... <3

Persian: >.> M'not being rude.


Missy: -looks herself over- Oh goodness I hope they have wedding dresses that fit me...


Sandrin: o.o;; -gasps a little- >.< Oh god just get him out of here!

???: o.o; ... -pauses for a moment and looks him over- F-fine... D< -draws a blade- There's more than one way to slaughter you! -races forward and lunges at him-

???: |c I'm sorry you got caught up in this miss... I shouldn't have spoken...

Correntine: -heads back with a few of the demon strippers- |3 That's right my dears... he really could use a good punishment. -looks at the blood splattered wall- .... >C -straightens up and growls a bit- Where...?

Kali: |c -still laying in bed all depressed- ...

Gaileth: o.o -ears perk- D: Awh. But I like cousin Laetri. :3


Ama: ^^' -shrugs and rubs the back of her head- A strange human name... I can't pronounce it.

Baldor: You'll get used to it... it's just people wanting to take care of you. I think you should enjoy it Mihan. -kisses the top of her head- X3 Come on... get excited. Why don't we tell your dad the good news? Smile


G: ... -sighs a bit and nods- Yes. D| Crazy sounds right... -rubs his forehead- Everything has been such a blur...


Drayna: :/ You couldn't have forseen this... none of us could have. It isn't a predictable thing and there's no reason to beat yourself up... -gets to her feet- Come now darling... I think some fresh air will do you some good.

Silver: |J Of course. -walks ahead of him and steps into the station- <.< Hurry up now, don't keep me waiting.

Trent: o.o; -looks up from bagging some bills- ... Oh look. ^^; Good to see you again...

Alassea: -sighs a little- T-thankyou... Sad What about my mummy?

Kali: -teleports them to the surface- So what do you reckon we'll have to do to fix Silver?

Abigail: X3 Heh, hey we should go there sometime, I'd like to see that for myself.

G: Do you now? ... Can I ask why?


Vivian: >/ -frowns a bit and gets out her wand- Imperio! ... -holds her up against a wall- Now... as long as you're here, I think you need to learn where your place is. -morphs to her demon form and steps closer- >.> Don't worry, I'm only helping you out in the long run...

Vlad: ... Fine, c'mon. -heads out to the shores and gets on a boat- ... Are you going to tell me any of your reasons?
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 11 I_icon_minitimeTue May 28, 2013 11:57 am

Chelsea: ... >.< Fuck Bobby... I hate what you've become... -trembles and tries to get back into the bar-

Xavier: ... Mmn... =^= <Drayna...? What's the matter...?>


Zara: X3 Heh... -plays with the ends of her hair- You really think so? <3

Isaac: >/ You cry after one little slap in the face. How can you be trying?

Jason: ... -looks her over and slowly moves over to the girl- You see...? You really going to take that crap after all you do for him?

Tai: ^^;; It stopped her from crying right...?


Tess: -follows him out- I have too but stop and think for a moment Blade. If we kick her out and have a go, chances are that she could get hurt by Bruno... Maybe in a way we can get information out of her.

???: But what can we do? Sad We're just the maids...

Maria: -blushes a little- I don't mind... not at all... <3

Eloisa: ... -doesn't look up at him- ... I bumped into Lucy today.


Jane: ... Aurora is really going to be happy about this...

Aurora: ... Just someone I have heard of... -strokes his hair- Don't you worry about it okay? -kisses his forehead-


Tani: -ear flicks- ... No creature should have to go through that. I'm sorry Silver but that won't happen...

Lily: Yeah you can... I want to spend time with my pokemon... but I want to show them that you're trying to be good :/

Elle: Thank you... -sighs and cuddles up to him, resting her head against his shoulder-

Aurora: ... <Daryl... Please... can you listen to me...?>

Eleanor: >.> That's the biggest lie in the world.


Annette: X3 You'll look beautiful... -strokes her hair- No matter what <3


Ganondorf: -rolls his eyes and grabs his arm- ... -slowly takes the knife away from him- >/ Can you stop this? I don't want to kill you... but if you continue this I might just do that... -lightly runs the blade along the bridge of his nose-

Nabooru: -holds onto him, breathing heavily- Ohh... <3 That was wonderful...

Shea: Hey it's okay... you stood up to him back there... I'm proud of you kiddo...

???: o.o... <.< So where is he? >/ You said he would be here.

Celestia: You can talk to him again soon... -scoops her up-

Laetri: :/ I'll see you again Gaileth. Maybe you can meet some of my friends.


???: >.> Maybe we should give him an elf name.

Paul: -comes into the room- <.<... Tell me good news eh? X3


Aurora: ... Look if it's all too much we don't have to start something straight away...


Tani: ... -sighs- Yeah... it's been so long since I've just come here to the forests... and relaxed...

???: ^^;; Good... you're fixing up his money. See sir? All the money there for you...

Impa: :/ Your father says that one of the people who took you has taken her for his own...

Celestia: Iunno. I mean I never had to do this sort of shit D| Maybe we gotta remove some of his vampire blood. Get a little of it out of his system.

Lily: X3 Yeah of course if I ever get the chance.

Aurora: ... Look AJ and that will always be my friends... but it's so nice to have an intelligent conversation with someone ... And it seems like every time I talk to you I want to learn more about you... age and appearances don't bother me...


Elle: o.o!! -squirms a bit and tries to pull away from the spell- >.< Fuck of Vivian! I'm not in the mood for this shit.

???: <.< ... Oh not yet... |3 When the time comes I will...
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 11 I_icon_minitimeTue May 28, 2013 1:18 pm

Bobby: >/ Get back here. -grabs her wrist and pulls hr back- We're going home. -heads back to the apartment-

Drayna: -ears flatten- :/ <I'm sorry to wake you...> -sighs a little- <It's Drayna, I... I need your help again, it's for my family this time...>


Jinn: X3 For sure... I've never met anyone that didn't get burned alive. You're pretty special kid... -strokes her hair gently- <3

???: Sad -shakily wipes her eyes and looks back at Jason- ... >.< It's... it's all your fucking fault! -hisses and knocks him to the ground- STOP DOING THIS TO ME! IT'S YOUR FAULT! HE'S SUPPOSED TO LOVE ME, THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT! -cries and bashes his head into the floor several times-

Lexi: D8 !! Stop! >.< -tries to pull her away from him- STOP! Y-you're gonna kill him! DX

Eccaia: I suppose so... o.o We're not really gonna go after her friend are we though?

Lulu: o.o ... Y-you have to... you said you'd help...


Blade: She could be a threat. I don't like what I'm hearing about her Tess, what if we're putting people in the tribe at risk because of this?

???: M-maybe we should call the police... I think it's time... Sad This can't keep happening...

Harold: <.< ... -comes downstairs and steps into the room- ... What... can't keep happening? >/ -shuts the door behind him-

Marco: -smiles a bit- Great... -strokes her cheek- You have such a fair smile... and you are so sweet when you blush... <3

William: o.o ... Oh. And here I thought you were upset with me. :/ Well what happened?


G: She will... -sighs a little- It will be so good to see her again. -looks between them- Listen, it's very important nobody knows about this place... after this we have nowhere else to go, it has to be a secret.

Baldor: ... Mkay... -rests his head against her- Good night mummah...


Silver: I know. I won't... but if he slips up again then I will, there won't be anything to hold me back if he hurts her again Tani.

Slate: Yeah well.... good luck. They must have a pretty bad impression of me right now. -steps outside and gets out a pack of smokes-

Reese: ... -slowly wraps an arm around her- :/ So... you gonna be ok after this whole thing with Misfit?

Daryl: I am listening my darling... -looks out over the fields at his castle- ... There it is my darling, we're almost home. <3

Persian: >.> Fine, you know what? Once we're done with this I'll try and be nicer, and you try and not be a stick in the mud.


Missy: -blushes a little and looks away- Oh I don't know about that...


???: o___o;; -immediately freezes- O-oh god... >.<;; -trembles a little as blood drips down his face- A-alright... alright just let me go... -trembles a little-

Sandrin: D8 O-oh my goodness... >.<; D-don't hurt us...

Damien I: |3 Oh I know... -kisses her neck gently- You were so wonderful my dear. <3 You should definitely come see me more often...

Thrall: -glances down at her hand- .... -nods-

Mishka: <.< Oh good. |3 Come with me then. -ducks her head back inside the window-

Thrall: ... She's a strange character.

Correntine: >C -growls a little- I don't know... fucking little brat child, he is going to get it when I find him again...

Gaileth: -cuddles up to her- ^w^ Kay bye Laetri! Very Happy -waves-


Ama: Well I already--

???: Very Happy Yeah we'll come up with the best name for him! Ooh she looks so strong, what do you think a good name would be, girls?

Baldor: -cuddles her gently- X3 Go on... it's your good news to tell. <3


G: No it... it's ok Aurora. I do want this... -pulls her into a close hug- This has actually been therapeutic...


Drayna: It will definitely do you some good... -helps her up- :/ Try not to worry... your family is going to be ok. And you'll have your old Mihan back...

Silver: >.> Good... and the records? I want to be able to keep track of where they went...

Trent: o.o; ... Records...?

Alassea: D: ... S-so... so she's still in trouble? >.< W-we gotta help her!

Kali: That's nuts Mihan, if we take too much it could kill him. :/

Abigail: >w> Sounds like fun.

G: Well if you can honestly tell me you're not bothered by it... it may be nice to have a little company. -strokes her cheek and looks her over- ...

Baldor: ... -ears flatten and looks away, looking a little awkward-


Vivian: >.> -extends a talon and takes her hand- Ssh sh... I want you to know where your place is... and it certainly isn't where you can say whatever you want to me. -digs her claw into Elle's wrist and starts to carve the word 'slave' into her arm-

Vlad: ... Great. -sighs a bit and looks out over the water-
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 11 I_icon_minitimeTue May 28, 2013 8:39 pm

Chelsea: >.< No! Let me go Bobby! -tries to pull away from him- H-Help! 

Xavier: <Family? ...> -sighs a bit- <Yeah I can help you out of course. Just what exactly is going on?> 


Zara: -blushes more and just looks up at her- ... You're pretty special to me too... <3

Jason: O.O!! Argh! DX -tries to pull her off but slowly becomes weak- Uhh...-loses his grip and starts to slowly pass out, his head bleeding everywhere-

Tai: D| Yeah yeah we will... I guess ill go down. -looks at Eccaia- You just stay here where its safe okay? 


Tess: And what if we put more risk on our tribe if we just throw her out or whatever... :/ 

???: o.o;; ... Just... About the recent crimes we've been hearing around town... S-sir... -looks away-

Maria: Heh... You're going to make me blush even more... -looks up at him and gently runs a couple of fingers through his hair- You're so handsome... <3

Eloisa: ... -frowns a bit- ... She is so happy... This girl she has... Mika.. Makes her really happy... 


Jane: -nods- We can try to put spells on the house to make sure nobody can find it and only we have access to it :/  

Aurora: Good night my beautiful boy. -gets up and tucks him into the bed- I'll just put Toby to bed and I'll lay back down with you... -scoops up Toby gently-


Tani: I know... :/ -kisses his cheek- You're a good father... Im proud of you... 

Elle: Yeah... I gotta keep going on with my life. Cant be upset forever... 

Aurora: <No Daryl you're not...> -looks up over it- o.o.. <Shit...> 

Eleanor: >.> Deal. -stops at the portal- Well here it is. 


Annette: Oh I know so. <3 -kisses her forehead- 


Ganondorf: -let's him go and sits back down- Now... Find me Nabooru... 

Nabooru: ... Yes of course... -closes her eyes- You think its safe out there now? ...

Zara: She is a colourful one... :/ C'mon. -heads into the building- 

???: >/ Well of you find him we still want to give out our punishment.

Laetri: X3 See you soon. -waves-

Celestia: -teleports back to the front of the castle- You enjoyed spending time with your cousin? 


 ???: Needs to be a strong name >:T and something that'll make him want to get laid...

Chelsea: Well... Baldor and I became Mihans... It's like marriage to these guys... But now we are King and Queen of this colony... -smiles a bit-

Paul: o.o... Wow. That's great news! >w< -pulls her into a hug- 


Aurora: ... -sighs and closes her eyes- Yeah... It has... <3


???: Oh uh... We contacted the market... It might be a bit b-because there were a lot of anonymous buyers... ^^;; but we'll get it for you. 

Impa: We're working on that dear... Sad We'll get your mother back.

Celestia: Well what else can we do mihan? 

Lily: X3 You know you're alright... -hugs her- Cant believe Aurora was hiding you for so long. 

Autora: -blushes more- Yeah...? -looks over a Baldor- Uhm... Im not sure but i think your son may... Maybe bothered by it...  


Elle: ARGH!! >.< -tried to pull away, blood dripping down her arm- Let me go!  Stop it!
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 11 I_icon_minitimeWed May 29, 2013 12:47 am

Bobby: Chelsea if you don't stop this bullshitright now you're really going to get it. >/ Don't make me have to do that. -drags her back inside and locks the door behind them-

Drayna: <Thankyou so much... it's just my children, I just recently had my newest daughter Vikke, she's only a few hours old and... and my son Eldrin hates her. He's so horrible to her... and there's just been so much fighting Xavier...> Sad


Jinn: Yeah...? -cuddles her close- What makes you say that?

Lexi: Jason! >.< -kneels down and shakes him a little- Wake up... Sad Oh please be ok...

???: .... -trembles a little and straightens up- Did I... Did I do good master...?

Lulu: o.o -ears perk and glances out a window- ... Jason...?

Eccaia: Are you sure? Sad I want to know you'll be ok too...

Lulu: ... -huffs a bit and frowns, eyes glowing red- >C You... hurt him... -growls and spreads her wings- D< I'll deal with those bitches! -teleports there and tackles down the girl- D< YOU'LL PAY! -hisses viciously-


Blade: .... I suppose we can keep her here and watch her. For now... -steps back into the tent-

???: o.o; -swallows nervously and quickly looks at the ground- ...

Harold: >.> ... Is that so? >/ You wouldn't dare... lie to me, now would you?

Marco: X3 -smiles a bit- Heh... do you think so?

William: Well so? I thought you didn't care about Lucy anymore.


Abigail: Yeah it's all good, we've got this.

G: -nod- Good... -quickly steps inside and heads upstairs-

Baldor: |o -lays his head down and starts to doze-


Silver: -sighs a little and wraps an arm around her- ... I guess... It's good to see her not so depressed anymore.

Reese: Of course... so uhm... -blushes a little- That uh... earlier... :/ Really meant nothing? Just an innocent kiss...?

Daryl: Yes... isn't it just perfect my dear? And nobody will bother us here, I promise... -kisses the top of her head- I have a few surprises for you when we get there.... <3

Persian: Alright... so how do we go about finding this thing?


Missy: ^//^ Hee... You're so sweet... <3 -cuddles up to her-


Sandrin: >.< -trembles a little- W-we don't know who this person is you're looking for... t-there has to be a mistake, she's not here... Sad

Damien I: Well that depends. >.> Would my guards be able to stand up to whoever it is that's looking for you?

Mishka: <.< C'mon hurry up before someone sees you. -opens up a hole in the wall and quickly heads down the stairway inside-

Thrall: ... -sighs a bit- Zara once we go down there we are wanted criminals... are you sure you want to do this?

Correntine: >C You may have him to punish if he survives what happens when I find him...

Gaileth: X3 -nods- We have the best family! Very Happy


Ama: >.> You need to stop pressuring him, he's a human and they need time for this sort of thing.

Baldor: X3 Isn't it sir? -hugs them and sighs a bit- I've really never been happier Chelsea... <3 -kisses the top of her head-


Silver: >.> ... -frowns a little and takes the bags from them- I see... Well then, I sincerely hope it doesn't take very long, for your sake... You have 24 hours to give me that list... -turns and steps outside-

Kali: No... No I suppose you're right... -ears perk- >.> Oh brother... there you are.

Trent: .__. ... This is all your fault man. D< We are going to be killed.

Alassëa: Sad Do you know anything? Is she hurt?

Abigail: Woah. X3 -hugs her back- You're all huggy.

G: -glances at him- ... Is there something...?

Baldor: -ears flatten- It just bothers me... you and mother are meant to be Mihans. You are alive now, and you use this gift of life to be with someone else? -runs a hand through his hair- Sad It is not right...


Vivian: Oh hush now, really. >.> Or I'll just go slower... you needed to learn, Elle... You need to learn who to answer to here... -doesn't stop-
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 11 I_icon_minitimeWed May 29, 2013 7:21 am

Chelsea: >.< No! Thats enough! -pulls away- Until this gets sorted out i don't want you near me! Now get out!  

Xavier: <Ah I see. I'm guessing it's a classic case of jealousy. Don't worry. I can come over first thing in the morning.> 


Zara: ... You've just... You've made me pretty happy. -cuddles up to her- 

Jason: mmn... |c -doesnt wake up-

Isaac: Oh darling I-- O_O D< What are you doing?! What is the meaning of this?!

Tai: o.o!! D: Hey where is she..? D| I guess never mind then.


Tess: If she becomes a threat we will deal with it...  

???: No sir... N-Not after that punishment...

Maria: X3 Yes... I do... I really am lucky to have you... To think I didnt want all this to happen... 

Eloisa: ... I don't... But it's made me think... -looks at him- William i think we should put the wedding on hold. 

Alejandro: o.o;; ... No...


Aurora: -tucks Toby into bed and just watches him- ... |c -strokes his head- I do wish your father was here... -tears fall down her cheeks-


Tani: Somehow he really makes her happy... :/ 

Elle: ... Did you really want it to be something...? 

Aurora: >.< -flinches a bit- <No Daryl please... I don't want to break your heart but i don't want this...> 

Eleanor: I guess we'll just have to try and track him. Careful though. Apparently there is a war on. 


Ganondorf: Search the castle then >/  

Nabooru: Well i hope so. He isnt as strong as he used to be... But i feel when I leave he'll be after me again...  

Zara: Thrall its this... Or be stuck with that king and his horrible, sick fantasies... I cant do that. But if yoi dont feel comfortable you... Dont have to do this... 

???: >.> Oh good. |3 I'll spread the word that you're looking for him.

Isaac: -bashing on the castle door- >.< Help! Come on!

Celestia: o.o!! D< -hisses- You! guards! Guards get out here! 


???: >.> Yeah but not this long. 

Chelsea: -blushes a bit- There will be festivals and all that going on soon for us... It's pretty cool... Smile


???: D< Its not my fault! They disappeared in thr truck. And you should be thankful you got your girl.  

Celestia: >.>... Good timing. We needed to see you. 

Impa: We're not sure dear... Sad I'm sorry.

Laetri: Can we at least come to see Seth? 

Lily: X3 Heh. Its a natural thing. Sorry... 

 Aurora: But your mother is Drayna right? Isn't she with someone else...?


Elle: >.< -eyes glow red and snarls, her voice getting deeper- Stop... Now! D< -pulls away from the spell and whacks her away hard- 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 11 I_icon_minitimeWed May 29, 2013 9:22 am

Bobby: >/ I'm not leaving, this is my home too. You are in no place to tell me what to do Chelsea...

Drayna: -nods and smiles a bit- <Thankyou... I really appreciate it Xavier.>


Jinn: Well I'm glad... it seems to me like... nobody's made you truly happy in a long time. -leans in and kisses her gently- <3

Lexi: o.o !! -backs away from him a bit and holds onto Isaac's arm- >.<; -whimpers a little in fright and hides her face- ...

???: >.< !! -yelps a bit as she hits the floor- Ah! Get off me! D< What's wrong with you?!

Lulu: D< -hisses viciously and bites down hard into her throat, tearing away flesh- YOU HURT HIM!

???: DX !! -screams and struggles, trying to pull away- S-stop! Aagh! -blood runs all down her neck and sobs desperately in pain- Master help!

Eccaia: o.o; ... She looked pretty upset...


Blade: -nods in agreement and looks over at the girl- You, come here...

???: -shakes her head- N-no sir...

Harold: ... Evidently... your punishment didn't sink in quite as I'd hoped it would. >/ Don't act like you're not hiding something girls... I heard what you were talking about. -steps closer-

Marco: I am glad you changed your mind for me... -takes her to the bathroom and starts to run her a bath- ... -looks her over- Do you need help with your clothes, my dear?

Fox: >.> -ears perk- ... Huh...

William: o.o ... Put... put it on hold... D: Eloisa where is all of this coming from? Why won't you talk to me? You keep saying everything is fine... but you go ahead and throw this in my face? If there's something wrong, I can't fix anything if you don't talk to me! >.< This is what these relationships are supposed to be about!


G: -looks around a bit and steps into the room- ... -steps over to her and pulls her into his arms- Ssh... it's ok. I'm here... <3 -gently kisses the top of her head- Please don't cry...


Silver: ... Yes. I suppose that's all that matters. -looks down at her- You know the rest of Lily's pokemon don't look so good.

Reese: ... I... -stops for a moment and sighs- Only... if that's what you want Elle... -holds onto her hand and squeezes it gently- I love that we're friends, and... if you don't want anything more, then I'm not going to ask for anything more...

Daryl: You will my darling... being here will be so much better than being with Parker. Just give it a chance... <3

Persian: >.> -looks around- ... Apparently not a very good one. I don't hear any fighting.


(Don't forget about Missy and Annette and that. If you can't think of anything for those two we can get back to Adam and Madeline in the morning or something.)


Guard: ... -growls and frowns a bit- Fine... >/ Search for the one named Nabooru. -takes the guards out to other areas of the palace-

Sandrin: o.o;; -ears flatten and look around as they leave- ... -swallows nervously- I-is that... Sad The only reason... w-why you're here...? To take this... N-nabooru...? You won't hurt us...?

Damien I: |3 Oh well there's just another reason for you not to leave... we can stay here together until he loses interest...

Correntine: >.> Oh thanks... you're a doll. Make sure everyone knows I'll reward them if he is brought back to me... -walks away-

Kali: ... -ears perk and slowly gets up- What's going on...?

Gaileth: o.o -tilts her head- What is it mummah?


???: >.> It's just not normal.

Ama: >:T Leave him alone or none of you will join in.

Baldor: Smile Oh yes, you should come with us sometime to visit the festivals... they are fantastic, and a lot of fun.


Trent: >/ I'll be thankful when I'm not involved in all of this shit. I don't want to wake up to a hitman in my fucking house. -grumbles a bit and pushes bast him- I'm going back home. >C

Silver: >.> Oh? -folds his arms- What for?

Alassea: Sad Please? I wanna see my daddy...

Abigail: X3 Heh it's all good. -hugs her back- You seem cool, I trust you.

Baldor: Well, yes...

G: Kiddo your mother doesn't want anything to do with me, and I'm still dead. You won't be affected by any sort of curse or however it works.

Baldor: -ears flatten- I know it's just... it seems weird...


Vivian: o.o !! Ah! >.< -falls back and hits the floor-
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 11 I_icon_minitimeWed May 29, 2013 11:08 am

Chelsea: >.< then im going back to the bar. -heads to the door and tries to unlock it- 

Xavier: <It's okay. Now you just rest and make sure you're still eating well>


Zara: Mnn... -kisses her back and  closes her eyes- ... -slowly pulls off her pants- <3

Isaac: D< !! -pulls her away from the other girl- What are you doing you little scum?!

Tai: ... D| I'll never understand my species... 


???: o.o; ... -slowly stands- W-What is it...? 

???: >.< Sir we just... Jut fear youll get in so much trouble... 

Maria: ... I dont need it... But... I would like it... <3 -blushes and plays with the ends of her hair- 

Eloisa: I do try William but you don't listen! -tears fall down her cheeks- >.< You never listen...i mean do you even know anything about me? 


Aurora: o.o!! -turns around and looks up at him- ... Oh god >.< -holds onto him tight and buries her face in his chest- 


Tani: I know. I called Drayna to come and check them out... :/ 

Elle: ... I... I need to think about it... Here -stands- Ill fix up a bed for you in my tent...

???: -lands on the ground-

Aurora: >.< <Daryl you're sick... Please just stop...> 

Eleanor: Oh it isnt a huge battle on a field. Its one of thise things where the enemy invades, sneaks around and attacks randomly. 


Madeline: ... Mmn... |c -cuddled up to Adam, looking tired- 


Ganondorf: >/ If you don't piss me off I won't harm you... 

Nabooru: He wont lose interest... I better get going... 

(Forgot Thrall.)

Isaac: >.< No! Please I need your help! If you don't help she will get me again! 


???: >.> Now that is just mean.

Paul: Oh lovely. X3 when do they start? 


???: >C You'll pay... You and your fucking slut of an elf girl...

Celestia: >.> We want to boost up your powers. 

Impa: Okay... -looks at the others- Is it alright if I take these two? :/ 

Lily: X3 Heh... Well i better call this guy ^///^  

Aurora: Look if it's going to cause problems... I can wait...


Elle: >C Stay away from me... -goes to her room and slams the door behind her- 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 11 I_icon_minitimeWed May 29, 2013 12:13 pm

Bobby: >/ You're not going anywhere. -pulls her away from the door- ... I think it's about time I showed you what my doctor showed me... maybe it'll help keep you in line...

Drayna: X3 -laughs a little- <I am... I promise.> -lays back down and cuddles up to Malladus- <Good night...>


Jinn: -wraps her arms around Zara's waist and starts to pull away her skirt- Mmn... X3 Are you sure you wanna do this...? Right here? What if someone sees us...?

???: D| Ahh... -shuts her eyes and starts to black out, blood going everywhere- |c Nn...

Lulu: >C !! -hisses and swipes her claws across his face- LET GO!! D<

Eccaia: o.o I don't think I will either... do you think we should tell the queens she has left? :/


Blade: We just spoke with the other two that were involved with Shark and Bruno. They don't think you're any kind of threat... so we'll look after you here and keep you safe. But you gotta help out around the tribe, same as everyone else.

???: >.<; -backs away a bit and holds onto the mother maid's hand- P-please sir... w-we don't...

Harold: You don't think before you speak, you stupid little brats. >/ My affairs are mine only and you have no place getting involved with them. ... Now turn around and stand against the wall.

Marco: -smiles a bit and kisses her cheek- Of course... <3 -goes over behind her and starts to undo her dress- ... I know we are going to be wed soon... but this almost feels as if I am doing something wrong... -gently kisses her shoulder and runs a hand down her side- You're so lovely, Maria... <3

William: ... -tries to think- Well... I... Look Eloisa this isn't even the point alright? >/


G: Hey... ssh now... no more tears... -cuddles her close- I've got you Aurora... <3 -sighs a bit- You're not going to lose me like that again...


Silver: -sighs a bit and rolls his eyes- Fantastic. I suppose she's mildly better to have around than Slate. -.-'

Drayna: -comes up to the front of the house and looks over at Lily- There you are... :/ Oh darling you look so much better now, your hair is back to normal and everything... how do you feel?

Reese: ... -runs a hand through his hair and nods- A-alright... thanks... -slowly gets to his feet-

Daryl: -slowly climbs down her back and holds Aurora close to him- Alright... we can take these awful things off now... -gently takes off her gag and blindfold-

Persian: <.< -looks around carefully- Got it. Don't worry, I'll be able to hear if anyone's around.


Adam: =^= -still very asleep- Mmn... -nuzzles his face in her hair a little and snores-


Sandrin: -whimpers a little- I-I won't... but...

Kinak: -growls a little and comes out, looking thoroughly pissed- >C What is going on?! How dare you just come in here and sit on our throne! Who do you think you are? -walks up to him and flicks his tail a bit- I don't know why the guards didn't kill you on sight... >/

Damien I: Oh no we can stay here for a while... >.> The rest of the palace can deal with him for now, let's just wait it out and see if he loses interest. |3 -plays with some of her hair- I don't want to lose you just yet my dear.

Thrall: I just can't afford to be caught... if the resistance is strong enough to protect us, then I want to come with you... I do.

(Whups. I must have forgotten Rose and Shawn ages ago.)
Rose: -holds onto him and looks around a bit- Shawn sir this is such a lovely place... how long have you been staying here?

Gaileth: o.o ... -tugs on Celestia's shirt- D: Mummah we should let him in.

Kali: |c -goes over and opens the palace doors- Alright what... -looks them over and frowns a little- ... Isaac? >/ -steps forward and pulls Celestia and Gaileth away from them- Get inside you two, quickly...


Ama: >:T Then you just behave and show me a damn good time.

???: >w> That we can do. <3

Baldor: X3 Well technically they're staring now, but I don't think everything's going to be properly set up for a few hours yet.


Trent: -glances back at him- ... You don't fucking touch her. D< You do anything to hurt Nightshade and you'll regret it for sure. >/ Just stay away... -heads outside and back to his home-

Silver: >.> ... Really? |3 -smirks a bit- I'm pretty powerful already... but that does sound tempting.

Kali: Well you gotta come down to hell with us if that's what you want. <.<

Kihja: :/ It's ok... as long as they're safe where you're taking them. Alassea's been so stressed, seeing her father safe and well will do her some good.

Abigail: >.> Oh what the guy who kept you prisoner? C'mon, I figured you to be more original than developing bloody stockholm syndrome.

Baldor: -looks between them- ... I'm sorry, it's not my place to tell you what you can and can't do. I'll just leave...

G: -sighs a little- Look you don't have to wait... it's up to you Aurora. Baldor will be ok with this eventually...


Vivian: >.< -growls and slowly gets to her feet- Don't think it ends here you fucking little beast... >C

Vlad: -goes through the portal into Earth- ... This is where she would have ended up. The riddle house is nearby... but it'll be difficult to get to.
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 11 I_icon_minitimeThu May 30, 2013 9:14 am

Chelsea: No Bobby please don't... Sad 

Xavier: -knocks on the door the next morning-

Malladus: oh that'll be Xavier. Eldrin you wanna get the door? :/ 


Zara: X3 Why so worried? Im not... And i dont care if someone sees <3 

Isaac: >.< -hisses and let's her go- ... >C How dare you... After all I did for you!

???: D: Sisters... W-What are we going to do? >.< 

Tai: Yeah but would they actually care? :/ 


???: oh uh... Okay... Itll be hard working with this arm...  

???: >.< W-What are you going to do master...?

Maria: ... -watches his hand and places her hand on his- Is... There anyway of me to ask for you... To share a bath with me....? <3 

Eloisa: You see? I tell you the problem but you brush it away! D< Like its nothing! 


Aurora: >.< I really ... I really thought id never see you again... -looks up at him- W-What happened? Sad how did you escape?  


Tani: :/ She wont talk to you... Now is there anything you want me to get you? 

Lily: I feel a bit better... Sad I'm just worried about my Pokemon... They look so ill...

Elle: -walks them back to her tent- You dont mind beds on the ground...? -goes in and kneels down-

Aurora: >.< -instantly tries to run away from him as he takes off the ropes- HELP! 

Eleanor: ... -looks up- o.o' eh.. I forgot to mention ... Dragons... 

Elean: See anything this morning boy?


Madeline: Mnn... -tries to smile but just nudges him gently- Adam... It's morning...


Ganondorf: >.> Ah. A small angry man. I know what this means... 

Nabooru: ... Uhh look i really have to get back... To my girls you know...  

Zara: It'll be strong enough... -looks him over and kisses his cheek gently- It will be... -slowly makes her way diwn the tunnel- 

Celestia: Gaileth i am not having that thing near you D< He should stay with his mother to be punished.


???: -races in- Everyone! We need all the help we can get! Very Happy Prince Baldor finally has a Mihan! 

Paul: Okay X3 Id like to spend some time with Ama there... <.< So Chelsea, is my little princess going to dress up as one?

Chelsea: >.> Pfft. As if. 


Nightshade: -curled up in bed- >.< ... Oh Elune... Hear my prayers... Help me... Help this man... 

Celestia: Yeah you'll just have to leave the business for a few minutes >.>

Impa: Alright. -takes their hands- Come with me dears... -teleports them to Seth's room-  

Lily: Look under the control of my father he had to do what he had to do. I don't blame him. And he was alright to me :/ 

Aurora: ... -rubs her arm- Look I really want to try this out... But I feel horrible... Sad I don't like making people upset...


Elle: >C -lays down on her bed and curls up- ... |c I miss you Misfit... 

???: <.< How so? 
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Non canon couples 2
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