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 Non canon couples 2

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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 14 I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 10, 2013 12:42 am

???: Yeah you just get some rest now girlie. :/ You got any friends we should call and bring over?

Eldrin: >/ M'not doing anything, it's her. -looks around a bit- ... Hmph. -.-


???: >3 Yes sir... -grabs a hold of her with the other vampire girls- Just relax now darling and we won't have to hurt you... -tugs on her hair and pulls her braids out, not being gentle-

Jinn: ... -looks her over- I'm looking for an elf, she was taken by vampires, she doesn't belong here. Have you seen anything?

Lexi: D: I-I wasn't! You were just gentle... it felt nice...


Blade: Mmn. -mumbles a bit and doesn't face her-

Tyrel: As it is we are both lucky to be alive. Staying in the tent and resting for right now has been enjoyable and we have no intention of going back out there until we know it is safe.

Marco: =.= -snores a little and keeps his arms wrapped around her- ...

Maid: -knocks and comes in- Madam? It's time for you to-- o.o ... Oh... my...

Harold: >.> Yes... I'm very sorry for the short notice. I would have had my servants call ahead but there were some... complications...

Fox: Mkay. -jumps down from Pedro's back- We better start looking then.


Abigail: >/ None of your fucking business.

G: Hey. >/ You're a guest here, watch your language around our children Abigail.

Abigail: Oh fuck off. You don't scare me. >/ -huffs a bit and walks past them, heading upstairs-


Silver: Yeah I guess you're right... -glances at Balto and Darunia- Anything guys?

Darunia: -ears flatten and whines a bit- It's so distant... I can't figure out where Laetri's smell is coming from. Sad

???: -looks over at him blankly through her mask- ... I am not obligated to tell you anything. Our master will relay everything that is important for you to know upon his return.

Reese: Oh... m'sorry, I shouldn't have said anything. Let's just get some sleep, hey? :/

Slate: >.> If Thana grows up like that she's the one that's going to be killed.

Daryl: -comes up to her room later- |3 My sweet, you must be getting hungry... I made you something.

Persian: X3 -licks her cheek- ... o.o -ears perk and sniffs around- <The creature's nearby... get that thing ready.> -jumps down from the branch and looks around-

Clayton: Cause... this is just very confusing for me...


Adam: Oh?

Missy: ^///^ -giggles a bit and wraps her arms around Annette's waist- We're engaged. <3

Gordon: D| Don't talk about it. Please don't...


Kinak: |3 Mmn, thankyou dear... -sits back- I must admit I am enjoying my stay here, thanks to you....

Sandrin: o.o; D-daddy. D: Don't hurt him please! >.< I just got him back!

Damien I: <.< Oh calm down now. Maybe walking back home without them will teach you some much needed humility.

Thrall: You are going to listen to me Zara. And if this affects your health you are going to take the damn test. Understand me?

Mishka: >.> -nods- I'll bring with me guards and our mind readers.

Viktor: o.o !! You bloody fucking bitch! D< -grabs her by the scruff of the neck- Would you just fucking behave?! -strikes her hard-

???: |c -tears roll down her cheeks and finishes getting changed into her whore clothes- Y-yes sir... I'll try...

Rose: Ok... o.o Oh I have memories of the bath house, it's lovely. Very Happy

Gaileth: -tilts her head a bit, looking confused- Did you guys play together? And did you have a fight? Is that why she isn't fond of it? o.o


Ama: Well everyone is so busy setting up the festivities... We could always go out into the forest for some privacy if you'd like... <3


Kali: >.> ... -watches her leave- Man she's got a nice little ass on her doesn't she?

Silver: -ears perk- .... I heard you upstairs. >/ You suddenly look a bit better... -rises and paces a little at the bars of his cell-

Damien: >.> No. But that would put an end to these pathetic creatures worrying so much.

Abigail: Seemed like it was worse than usual this time.

Kihja: D| Yeah... we almost got sold to the market.

G: -looks her over- You want to stay after everything she just said...?


Vlad: >/ I didn't agree to this. You can't fucking kill me again, I'm not scared of that...
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Non canon couples 2 - Page 14 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 14 I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 10, 2013 8:24 am

Chelsea: ... -shakes her head- My only true friend has gone missing...

Xavier: Now we are running out of space in my tent :/ So I'll have you assigned up with someone else.


???: |3 We'll make you look so much better.

Zara: >.< No don't touch my hair... AH! -cries in pain- That hurts!

Chelsea: <.< Well you're talking about hell. That's a normal thing for us to see.

Jason: You really did like it too much... look I don't think I should bite you again. :/


Tess: :/ ... -sighs and nuzzles him gently- Please don't be too upset...

???: Oh yes... I wouldn't blame you.

Shea: >/ You should go out back to your own home.

Maria: o.o... -sits up a little and looks at her- Please don't say anything D: We didn't do anything...

???: Now I must ask... why was my daughter so interested in helping you? <.<

Alejandro: -looks around- ... -frowns a bit- This place hasn't changed at all...


Aurora: :/ ... -sighs and sits Baldor down- Clearly something has happened. Best to just leave her alone for a bit. -places some plates on the table- There we are. X3 -kisses Giovanni's cheek- Eat up you two.


Tani: Sad Shit... Okay I've called your father... He should be here soon. He's very upset.

Laetri: o.o... You've been brainwashed...

Elle: ... -looks him over for a moment- ... Yeah. Just... one thing before I do...

Lily: Yep D| Look I'll try and get in contact with Parker and see whats going on. <Parker man are you and Aurora okay?>

Aurora: -sits on her bed, looking out the window- ... I'm not hungry.

Eleanor: o.o... -slides down the tree and gets the device out- ... -slowly looks around- Hopefully it'll cooperate...

Eshwin: ... I know you're confused... I mean humans don't understand all of this... Look really if we're rushing too far into this we can slow down :/


Madeline: o.o... Oh that's great news Very Happy Congratulations!

Jude: C'mon. Let's just get back to the house. -kisses her cheek and heads outside-


Sandra: -gets in- |3 Good... -starts the car and drives off- So I do want to know... what's it like over where you live?

Din: -pulls Nabooru away- Please. Just leave this place before Ganondorf finds you.

Nabooru: o.o;; Din.. But D:

Din: -sighs- Leave. -teleports her away-

Zara: >.< No. I'm staying. -holds onto him-

Ridali: You two wont be staying in there for long... >.> Trust me.

Shea: Argh! >.< -starts to get weaker and slowly turns into her human form again- D| Just... fucking leave me alone...

???: There. You look good. Now stop the tears. >.> It's not like you have anywhere else to go.

Shawn: Oh yeah >.> But I've been a bit nervous about actually having a bath there...

Isaac: >.> Well in kid terms you could say that. But it wasn't her choice to play with me |3


Paul: -smiles a bit- I'd like that... <3 -holds onto her hand and heads out into the forest-

Chelsea: |3 -cuddled up to Baldor- Mmn... I don't want to leave this bed- <3


Celestia: >.> I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that...

Tani: ... Drayna took care of me. -brushes some hair behind her ear- I heard you were here... so I came back.

Zelda: -turns into Sheik- Okay well then lets get going. :/

Dark: That's nothing new since this is like the third time that's happened... I just can't get over Lily and Giovanni bonding D|

Aurora: Lily doesn't control my life :/ I can see whoever I want to see. Besides, if you were planning to do something to me you would've done it by now. Clearly you have changed if she was willing to put things aside before...


???: Look if you don't shut up and do this I'll send you back to the men in your woman form with a bunch of crosses >/ Got it?
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Non canon couples 2 - Page 14 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 14 I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 10, 2013 9:25 am

???: ... Really? :/ Who was it dearest? -tucks some hair out of her eyes- Maybe we can do something to help.

Eldrin: Fine. No that's good. <.< -glances over at Marianna- Then I won't have to share a tent and risk being eaten by this mutt. >/ -pokes his tongue out at her-


???: Oh now really. >.> Hold still. -pulls it into a tight ponytail- There. |3 Now let's get you changed. Some cuffs and a gag would look lovely on you. >3

Jinn: D< This is important! did you see it happen or didn't you?!

Lexi: D: What? But... no Jason, you need blood! >.< Please, bite me again! -tugs on his shirt and trembles a little- Bite me sir, please!


Blade: I'm not upset. I just want to rest, Tess... -ears flatten and shuts his eyes-

Tyrel: Shea come now... :/ It's not any safer out there for her than it is for us...

Marco: o.o -sits up and holds onto her- ... We didn't... she just wanted company for the night... D:

Maid: Oh I uhm... I see... -backs away a bit- I'll come back later than shall I ma'am? ^^;

Harold: >.> I'm not so sure myself... I've meant to ask her, but she has the strangest obsession. I knew she was to be wed soon... so I had hoped to come here and see to it that she gets that sort of nonsense out of her head.

Fox: -looks around- How do you mean?


Baldor: -sits down with them- >:T Where's Toby's breakfast?

G: We'll take care of that, you just eat up kiddo. -wraps an arm around aurora's shoulder and kisses her back- Thankyou... <3


Silver: I can only imagine... D| -sighs a bit and runs his hands through his hair- Fuck...

G: -teleports there, looking very thoroughly pissed off and moves over to Silver- >/ Tell me what happened.

???: ... -looks him over briefly before going back to staring at the wall-

Reese: ... -looks her over for a moment, still very red- Y-yeah...?

Slate: >.> Good luck.

Parker: |c Mmn... <... Lil... Lily....> -sighs a bit-

Daryl: >.> You need to eat my love. |3 Otherwise you won't get to see the surprise I set out for you.

Persian: <Just be on your toes. You know how to use that thing?> -ear flicks and looks around carefully-

Clayton: I just... I don't know what I should be doing. -runs a hand through his hair- D| It's been so long...


Adam: o.o Heh. No way?

Missy: X3 Yes! She proposed just last night! -giggles a bit and cuddles up to her- <3

Amber: ^^ -follows him in- I've kept the place clean for you Jude honey!

Gordon: ... -leans in and whispers to him- You told me she was just a gold digging prostitute.


Kinak: >.> Where I live? -scoffs a bit and glances out the window- ... You creatures are blessed. Our planet is so empty and desolate. No food or water for miles and the only shelter from the sun is taken by a rival race. The only refuge our kind has is to live underground. It is a miserable place.... >.>

Sandrin: o.o; -races over- D: Daddy! Are you ok?

Damien I: <.< -straightens up- Fine. Move away now Sandrin, I have things to take care of. -swats her away and heads out to the throne room- .... -looks over ganondorf and flicks his tail a bit- You're the one who had my castle overrun? >/

Thrall: ... -ears flatten- >/ What is that meant to mean?

Mishka: -comes back with guards and mind readers- >.> ... Get them out and hold them down. Have the elf girl done first.

Viktor: -grins a bit and pushes her down- >3 That's much better... good girl... -moves on top of her and pins her there-

???: -rubs her eyes- |c I was gonna stay with miss Shea... she was gonna help me...

Rose: o.o Why's that sir?

Gaileth: -tilts her head a bit- ... So she was a mean old grumpy pants and didn't want to play with you? >:T That's stupid. You're nice.


Ama: ^//^ -giggles a bit and follows him out to the forest- This... this is nice... <3 -hugs his arm and sighs happily-

Baldor: X3 Heh... we're going to have to soon. If we don't join in the celebrations out there they're gonna start climbing in our windows again.


Kali: ^^' Oh you heard that? -cuddles up to her- Don't be mad Mihan I love you... <3

Silver: >.> .... Hmph. Well I'm glad you're back... are you going to help me out...? -looks her over-

Damien: Where do you think he may have gone?

Kihja: .__. Yeah now that was weird. They were all huggy and everything.

Abigail: >.> I thought you elves were all for that sorta lovey stuff.

G: ... Well... I appreciate that you do trust me. -gently tucks some hair out of her eyes- So... where were we before?


Vlad: -hisses- D< I'm not staying here! You've got no right!
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Non canon couples 2 - Page 14 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 14 I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 10, 2013 11:02 am

Chelsea: ... It's my friend Scruff... His friend got taken away and he followed... but... now he is gone... |c We've tried looking everywhere but we just can't find him.

Marianna: >/ You gotta sleep sometime.

Xavier: That's enough. >/ Both of you.

Mika: -walks over to Xavier- So is this the little boy who will be staying with us? -smiles warmly-


Isaac: Mmn... They would look good on you dear...

Zara: >.< Stop. I don't want them. I wanna go back to Jinn...

Chelsea: >.> No. But I'm guessing the robber is Isaac right? Seems like something he would do.

Jason: Lexi! Listen to yourself! Look I've had enough blood! -looks at Lulu- Seriously?! Isaac turns you into this!?


Tess: ... Alright. -thinks for a moment and turns into her human form, wrapping an arm around him. Cuddles him gently-

Shea: -growls a little and looks away- >C

???: Well you seem to be alright... just some bed rest and you'll be a hundred percent... -looks up- Look I really am sorry about before... I want to make it up to you.

Maria: Please... Tell my parents we'll be down soon... -cuddles up to Marco-

???: o.o... Obsession? Why would she have an obsession with you? Out of all people...

Alejandro: Still looks like a dump... still so horrible...

Eloisa: -at the door of her home- C'mon! Open up and let me in!

Alejandro: o.o There she is D:


Aurora: ^///^ Heh... It's no problem... -cuddles up to him and kisses his cheek- I'm enjoying this so much... you known being a wife and mother... <3


Tani: Laetri got taken away by a giant bird pokemon... and... the masked man. Sad We can't track him Giovanni we need help...

Laetri: ... -growls a bit and tries to break away from the chains- >.<

Elle: ... -leans in and kisses him gently- ... <3

Lily: o.o... <Shit Parker... Whats the matter?> D: <Fuck where are you?>

Aurora: I don't want it anyway >/

Eleanor: I've figured it out a little... I'm still not certain but it'll be good as a bluff.

Eshwin: ... X3 That's all? You know it's been a while for me too... you just have to be relaxed... don't think about it too much...


Annette: X3 We'll figure out some wedding plans soon.

Jude: At first she was... but she is more than that. I realise that now... she is someone who loves me for who I am... I think I'm in love man...


Sandra: ... Then why stay there?

Ganondorf: >.> ... I've come here for my girl. Where is she?

Din: ... -shrinks back a bit-

Zara: o.o... No don't do that D:

???: -heads in and pulls Zara away, pinning her up against the wall- >/

Shea: >.< Get off me you fat fuck... -squirms a bit-

???: -snorts- And what the hell is a miss Shea? <.<

Shawn: Ehh... Just... taking my clothes off. I think the elves would make a big reaction >.>;;

Isaac: ... -sighs- Kiddo I'm not that nice. In fact with all the things I've done I probably deserve this...


Ama: ^//^ -giggles a bit and follows him out to the forest- This... this is nice... <3 -hugs his arm and sighs happily-

Baldor: X3 Heh... we're going to have to soon. If we don't join in the celebrations out there they're gonna start climbing in our windows again.


Celestia: >.> You definitely have to make it up to me. -kisses her cheek-

Tani: Yes but... -opens the door and heads into the cell, shutting it- I just wanted to spend time with you before we escape...

Zelda: I'm not sure... -frowns a bit- It'd be bad if he went to see the elves. You would be killed there.

Dark: Hey I'm a Hylian who spent most of his life in hell <.< I'm not into that stuff. And correct me if I'm wrong Kihja you were all so happy and goo goo eyes when this all happened.

Aurora: -smiles a little- Well we finally got some time alone... -plays with the collar of his suit and blushes a bit-


???: -grabs his wrist- <Shut up would you? You should be thankful. Besides you'll get to be with the girl all the time like you wanted...>
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Non canon couples 2 - Page 14 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 14 I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 10, 2013 12:21 pm

???: Scruff huh? :/ Was that the guy who went after the dark lord's daughter and her demon? Everyone heard about that... You know what? Get some rest, we'll just see what we can do for you...

Eldrin: >/ Same to you, buttface.

Blade: >.> -sits down next to Mika and sniffs at Eldrin- >/ He'd better be well behaved. I'm not dealing with any crap while he's staying with us.


???: >3 Jinn's a bad influence on you dear... -pins her down and tears her clothes away- Go get some cuffs and that sisters...

???: Heh... >J -conjures some cuffs and a gag and starts to force them on her- Master may we watch while you break her in?

Jinn: >/ Yeah. Yeah he sent one of his sluts to take her.

Lexi: >.< Please I need it sir!

Lulu: -nods calmly- She'll take a while to get back to normal. Just slap her, she'll settle down. This whole behavioural thing only works with discipline.


Blade: ... -sighs a bit and gently licks her cheek- Thankyou for staying with me... -slowly morphs back to his human form and hugs her back-

Tyrel: -gently kisses Shea's cheek and looks up at her- :/ Well I appreciate the apology dear... how do you mean you want to make it up to us?

Maid: Y-yes madam... -quickly closes the door and heads downstairs-

Marco: -gently kisses the top of her head- It is a shame ma cherie that we could not lay here a little longer... <3

Harold: Oh I'm not sure... >.> So I think I should have a private talk with her today to get this all sorted out.

???: Seems fair enough... she could probably use a good talking to with this strange attitude she's had recently. -looks over at the maid- ... I thought we sent you to wake Maria?

Fox: >/ Bloody hell Eloisa... -goes over to her- you just don't listen do you?


G: I can see... you've got a spring in your step this morning. X3 It's adorable to watch.


G: Of course you can't bloody track him.... -looks over at Silver- Surely you know where he would have taken Laetri?

Silver: No! Don't you think I would have gone by now if I knew? >/ I can't remember a damn thing! Just tell us what you did when this happened last time!

G: >/ Don't go getting your hopes up Silver. In case you don't remember this either, I wasn't that successful either. I spent months on end and countless resources scouring all of Kanto and Johto for you. I got ill and almost lost my damn business because of how difficult it was. Did you think this was going to be easy?

???: Don't bother. You'll be punished if you try to escape.

Reese: Mmn... -sighs a little and leans in, shutting his eyes- <3

Parker: |c -shuts his eyes and just lays there, too weak to respond-

Slate: What's going on?

Daryl: |3 Oh I know you my love... -comes in and shuts the door- You'll want it. <3 -sets the food down on a table nearby and gently kisses her cheek- Come on now eat up, I can tell you're hungry.

Persian: <As a bluff?> -scoffs a bit and grins- <You can kill the creature with that thing. If it doesn't cooperate, we'll force it to.>

Mewtwo: -ear flicks and glances over at them- ... >/ You...

Clayton: Yeah I'll just... I'll try...

Aiki: -ears perk and looks over at them- ... -leans down and gently licks Eshwin's cheek- <3


Missy: C'mon let's go take a shower. ^//^

Adam: Alright we'll leave you lovebirds alone... X3 We'll get you dressed Madd.

Gordon: o.o -blinks- ... Please don't tell me this isn't the same as when you 'fell in love' with Missy. D|


Kinak: >.> -shrugs- There's nowhere else. Garathok is the safest place for our people, stepping outside in the desert for more than a few hours will leave you burned to death.

Damien I: Nabooru? >.> Fled. Back to your land...

Thrall: o.o; Let her go! D<

Mishka: -locks his cell door again- >.> Make sure she doesn't get away.

???: >.> -slowly moves over to Zara and places a hand on her temple- Now don't fight me dear... I'm far stronger mentally. You'll just tire yourself out. -shuts their eyes and forces themselves into her mind-

Thrall: >.< -bashes on the cell bars- Leave her alone! D<

Viktor: >3 Awh what can you do now? You're broken... weak... tired... -strikes her across the face- You're pathetic. Just the way I like my girls... <3

???: ... -frowns a little- >/ She's the best! She's like a mummy! Better than you fat meanies! She took care of me! -huffs a bit and flicks her tail-

Rose: o.o -tilts her head innocently- I don't understand sir...

Gaileth: D: Nobody deserves to be hurt like this... you needed help!

Correntine: -shows up at the front of the castle- >/ ... So this is where you've hidden yourself... again.


(Screwed up both these guys. X3)


Kali: ;>.> And I wonder why people think I'm whipped.

Silver: ... -smirks a bit and moves over to her, wrapping an arm around her waist- That doesn't sound so bad... -pulls her in close and gently nips at her neck- Mmn... <3

Damien: D| Christ. He better not have.

Kihja: D: Yeah but now it's just weird. They're like bestest buddies... it's almost not natural.

G: We do... -gently moves her face up to look at him- And we can do... whatever we want. -leans down at kisses her gently- <3


Vlad: >C -pulls his wrist away- No. I'm not staying here for anything. -turns and goes to leave-

Bellatrix: -frowns a bit- Don't let him go!! D<
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 14 I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 10, 2013 1:52 pm

Chelsea: ... Alright... |c -sighs and closes her eyes, slowly falling asleep-

Mika: -goes over to him- It's lovely to meet you Eldrin. I'm Princess Mika. Smile


Zara: Mff! >.< -tries to pull away-

Isaac: -smirks- Of course... -takes off his clothes- My little girls can learn some... new tricks. <3

Chelsea: Well you should go to his main slut house. It's not too far from here. -points over to the direction-

Jason: o.o;; I-Iunno if I can slap her...


Tess: o.o... -looks him over and smiles a little- Hey it's no problem... Smile

???: Well iunno. Maybe I could make you dinner or something... just to show that I am sorry.

Shea: I'll pass >/

Maria: It is... -sighs and smiles a little- Still... after all this we can stay in bed together every morning... <3 -kisses his cheek-

???: >/ Where is she? Is she getting up?

Eloisa: -looks her over- I can say the same to you >/


Aurora: -giggles- X3 Well... things are finally good. I've got a perfect home, perfect children... perfect husband... What more could a girl ask for?

Jane: ... Mmn... |c -mumbles in her sleep, searching for Abigail in the bed-


Tani: Look fighting isn't going to help this! -looks at Giovanni- Isn't there anything you know?

Laetri: >/ I'd like to see you try...

Elle: ... -pulls away after a while and looks up at him- ... -plays with the ends of his hair and rests her forehead gently against his- Sorry... I just... it felt right... <3

Lily: ... Iunno. Parker isn't replying and he sounds weak. We gotta go and get him help.

Aurora: >/ -moves away- I'm not... hungry... -turns away from him-

Eleanor: o.o;; Look I don't want to hurt you... but I just don't want you hurting us humans D: Please...

Eshwin: -looks up and smiles- Oh hello girl... -strokes her snout gently- X3


Annette: >w> You kids have fun. We might be a while. -heads into the bathroom-

Madeline: Alright... -takes his hand and heads to the bedroom-

Jude: No I really mean it... Amber is something else.


Sandra: ... What if I made you an offer to live with me? >.>

Ganondorf: ... -growls a bit and stands- Fine >/ -looks up- Din let's go.

Din: o.o... -shakes her head a bit-

Ganondorf: ... Come on now Din. You know I have control over you...

Zara: DX -squirms- No! S-Stay out of there! Get out!

Shea: Ah! >.< -cries a bit- M-M'not weak...

???: o.o... -frowns and moves over to her- >/ I hope you don't have that attitude towards me again girl... You better shut the hell up.

Shawn: Eh. I'll show you when we get there. -takes her to the bath house-

Isaac: Yeah well this is hell. No one really is helpful here.

???: o.o... Oh it's that crazy bitch. Madam Celestia said no one is to enter. Sorry.


Paul: X3 It is... You've made me one happy person. <3 -looks around at the forest-

Chelsea: You're right... but I just like being here... just you and me. <3


Tani: Oh... -blushes a bit and sighs- Mihan... I need to ask why you're doing all of this...

Zelda: ... Actually... it's something worse. I'm getting something... -looks at him- ... You... ever heard of any other Jirin tribes?

Lily: -teleports over to HQ in a dress- >.>... <Cameron you ready?>

Dark: >.> Well it's all your fault. You wanted this and now you got it. -heads into the treehouse-

Aurora: o///o ... Mmn... -closes her eyes and kisses him back gently- <3


Elle: ... -quickly moves forward and shoves a cross against Vlad's back- >/ Stay still...
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 14 I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 10, 2013 3:01 pm

???: -strokes her hair gently and gets up, heading back out to their dressing room- :/ Hey guys? Feel like skipping work tonight?

Eldrin: -looks her over- Are you a wolf person too?


???: >3 -pulls her to her feet and shoves her into Isaac's arms- Thankyou master... it will be so lovely to hear her screams after she was so awful to you...

Jinn: Of course... thankyou. What's your name?

Lulu: Only way to keep her in line for now until she starts to go back to normal. Do it.


Blade: Let's just get some rest... D| Before Pip finds where we are.

Tyrel: We'll talk about it... thankyou. What is your name dear? :/

Marco: Yes... and for a few years, in any corner of Europe you like, ma cherie... <3 -kisses her forehead-

Maid: -quickly nods- Y-yes... madam spent the night with... with her fiance. She is awake and will be down shortly...

???: o.o; She what? D<

Fox: >/ -folds her arms- So how much better is life now that you don't have a home, hm?


G: Well I'm glad you're happy, I would have thought having to be away from home would be a little difficult for everyone, but I'll admit this is nice. >.> You need to sit down and eat though.

Abigail: >/ -sitting across the room with a cigarette, just watching her- ...


G: No, I don't! If I knew anything I would have done it by now. We'll just have to search like I did last time... -sighs a bit- Hope for the best. The masked man cannot hide forever...

Silver: D| Christ. If we're gonna do this could you at least not call him that? -.-' I fucking hate Pryce, he's cowardly, call him by his real name.

G: ... Pryce, you say?

???: ... -straightens up a bit and glances at the boy across from her- Partner, show him.

???: -nods and picks up an electric cattle prod- You'll learn quickly. -charges it up and electricity crackles at one end of it-

Reese: -looks a little stunned and stares at her- ... No... don't apologise. -gently strokes her cheek- It was perfect... <3

Slate: D| Alright. Go find someone to go with you, I'll keep an eye on Thana.

Latias: ... -floats over and gently nudges Lily with her head, purring a little-

Daryl: -holds onto her face and makes her look back up at him- ... You should eat something Aurora. -frowns a little and gets out his wand-

Mewtwo: D< I've done nothing but run from you humans! -charges a shadowball in his hands-

Persian: o.o !! -fur bristles- <The device Eleanor!>

Clayton: She did always like you. X3 You should feel lucky she approves... it took her years to get used to my wife...


Missy: X3 Hehe... -giggles and blushes more, following her in- Oh this is so romantic Annette... <3

Adam: -follows her- We should probably stay inside for today. :/ Just in case your parents come looking for you again.

Gordon: o.o I'll be damned... Well you treat her right this time, alright? :/


Kinak: >.> That's awfully sudden, given that I barely know you... and that I'm married.

Sandrin: Sad ... -slowly goes over to them- Please can't she stay? I like her...

Damien I: -growls- Don't get involved Sandrin. >/ -looks over at Ganondorf- >.> ... I can help you get her back if you like. In fact... I'd like to see all of Hyrule suffer a little.

???: >.> If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to worry about... -assaults her mind for a while longer before letting her go and moving away- She is not an Aerisian. She can be trusted in our forces...

Guard: >/ -pulls Thrall out of his cell- Your turn. Don't fight or we'll kill you. -pushes him against a wall and looks over at the other mindreader-

Thrall: o.o !! No! >.< I didn't agree to this! D< -tries to pull away- Let me go!

Viktor: >3 You are. You're pathetic. Worthless... all you have is me. Now don't squirm girl... or it'll hurt. <3

???: >/ -backs away a bit- W-well... well you're just being mean! I wanna go back! I'm gonna run away from here and find miss Shea again, you'll see!

Rose: o.o Kay... -holds onto his hand and follows him there- ... Is it true that people think I'm a child sir? Cause everyone is giving us such strange looks...

Gaileth: :/ I am.... I wanna help. -looks at the cuts on his back- ... I think I can make your ouchies better...

Correntine: -hisses- >/ Don't piss me off, get out of the way or it will be your life.


Ama: -looks up at him- ... Have you ever been out here before, sir?

Baldor: I know... it's lovely. -kisses the top of her head- And we can have it for so long...


Silver: -holds her close and runs a hand up her shirt- I told you Tani... -kisses along her collarbone- Mmn... I did it all for you and Laetri... I just wanted a better life for my family. This was your fault... you screwed up everything for us...

Damien: Other Jirin tribes? ... Not in anything but like... fairy tales. Garathok was meant to be the only survivors of our kind from the war... o.o

Cameron: <Hm? Oh yeah, just a sec.> -heads outside, still in his uniform and that- Right, I'm ready.

Abigail: >.> So you guys actually live in a treehouse?

G: ... -eventually pulls away and looks her over- Anything like what you were expecting for your first date...?


Vlad: o.o !! -cries out in pain and falls to his hands and knees- DX AGH!
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 14 I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 10, 2013 4:19 pm

???: o.o... Now why the hell would you want to do that?

Mika: Im part wolf person dear X3 -laughs a little- The whole tribe is full of them. Smile 


Zara: o.o;; D: No! No somebody help me!

Isaac: -moves her onto the bed and moves on top of her- Keep screaming. No one will hear. <3 

Chelsea: Look dont worry just get going. Go on.

Jason: ... >.< Sorry Lexi. -slaps her- 


Tess: X3 Okay. -rests her head against his chest- if he comes in ill tell him not to bother you... 

???: Oh my name is Krista. ^^

Shea: Typical slut name. Go figure >/ 

Maria: -smiles a bit and blushes- I best see my parents before they get upset... -gets up and puts her dressing gown on- 

???: o.o D< This is unacceptable! How dare she do this!

Eloisa: Look leave me alone okay? >/ I thought you'd be prancing for joy that William and I are done. 


Aurora: <.< I will. Then ill have to feed Toby.

Jane: ... -wakes up- AJ...? AJ are you here...? 


Tani: o.o... You mean Pryce the gym leader?

Laetri: ... -ears go back- Y-You wouldn't...

Elle: -smiles a bit- Yeah...? -sighs a bit and places a hand on his- You know... I think I made the wrong choice... I shouldve stayed with you...

Lily: -looks her over and strokes her head- Yeah girl... Itll be like old times. -smiles a bit- 

Aurora: Ah! Daryl you're hurting me! Let me go! >.<  

Eleanor: o.o!! -trembles a bit- D-Don't make me use this! 

Eshwin: X3 Heh. I do. I guess its a good thing we became friends years ago... 


Madeline: ... -sighs- Adam... You ever think sometimss we'd just have normal lives...? 

Jude: Of course. I dont want to hurt her... :/ She is beautiful man... 


Sandra: >.> Psh. I know what your kind is like. If you cared so much about marriage you wouldn't have mistresses. The option is there though.

Ganondorf: >.>... heh. No thanks but i dont need a fat boy like you to help me. 

Zara: D: No! Don't do it! He doesn't want this!

???: <.<... -walks over and starts to read his mind-

Shea: -cries afterwards in pain- Ahh... >.< G-Get off... 

???: >/ Now that's enough. This talk deserves a punishment. -grabs her arm- 

Shawn: Well i guess we're just really odd characters :/ ...

Isaac: ... Look they are fine. Don't worry... 

???: Sorry but they want privacy after this whole ordeal. 


Paul: Nah. But i've living in my own forest... Its lovely Smile 

Chelsea: Yeah... We can have it forever... <3 


Tani: ... How did i screw it up...? 

Zelda: ... Then what was I seeing? They looked like beach tribes...

Laetri: -walking through the beaches and looking around- ...  

Lily: o.o... You're going in your uniform? 

Dark: Yep. |3 Built this place with my own two hands. 

Aurora: ... It was better than i expected... <3 -smiles a bit- 


Elle: D< do it now!

???: -comes over and puts the dark mark on his wrist- 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 14 I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 11, 2013 1:41 am

???: Well I was just talking to Chelsea in there. Apparently her only friend right now is that Scruff guy that went missing. :/ The girl's pretty alone, I feel like we should go out and try to find him for her while she's sleeping.

Eldrin: >.> Kay. -looks her over- ... If you're a wolf person why do you have wings?


???: >3 -goes over and helps hold her down- This is what you get for fighting us...

Jinn: -nods and sinks into the ground, speeding off towards the house-

Lexi: o.o !! -yelps a little in pain and stumbles back- Ah! >.< -tears up a little and holds her cheek-

Lulu: Keep being like this and you won't get any bites, got it? >/ Settle down you little scum.

Lexi: >.<; -sniffles a bit and nods- I-I'm sorry Jason sir...


Blade: |3 Thankyou. -sighs a bit and shuts his eyes, starting to doze off-

Tyrel: Shea really now. -frowns a bit- I know you're upset but now you're just being rude. Now she's looked us over, if you're going to keep being like this just go back to the tent and get some rest please. >/

Marco: Of course... and I had best explain why I spent the night here. D| -gets up- Hopefully they will understand...

Maid: ^^' W-well sir... at least now she is closer to her fiancé...

???: >/ How dare you? Get out of our sight!

Fox: I am but that doesn't mean you had to come back here. >/ We could have helped you Eloisa. You could have even stayed with fucking Lucy! But why here?


G: Then sit down and eat. >.>

Abigail: >/ ... Yeah I'm here.


Silver: Yes Pryce the gym leader! Who else?

G: >/ How long have you known this Silver? ... -runs a hand through his hair- ... I knew him.... I saw him every fucking month at those damn meetings! And he... -huffs a bit, looking thoroughly pissed off- Now... we have something to go on. >C

???: You will not question for long... -moves forward and jabs it at his chest, shocking him-

Reese: -smiles faintly and blushes- You really think so...? That night... it was so perfect before... -looks her over- Elle are you sure you're ready for something like this? So soon...?

Latias: -shuts her eyes and purrs a little- ... <Missed it master... so much... Missed you...> <3

Daryl: Imperio... -lets her go and forces her to sit down at the table- I'm sorry to hurt you dear. But you really do need to eat. >.>

Persian: >.<;; <Eleanor!>

Mewtwo: D< -hurls it at them-

Clayton: Yes... -strokes her scales a bit- ... I have to ask... How long have you felt this way?


Adam: ... I thought I would before I got away from Jude. Now? Everything's so unstable. D|

Amber: ^^ -comes over and wraps her arms around his waist- You must be so hungry by now. :3 a want me to make you something nice Jude honey?


Kinak: ... -laughs a little- I may give it some thought. After all there is not much left for me there now... >.> Not since being kicked off the throne.

Damien I: Don't underestimate what I could do. >.> My forces are the best there is...

Thrall: >.< Ah... stop! -tries to push them away- Y-you... you don't need to be reading those things! -trembles a little-

Viktor: |3 Mmn... no. I like it right here. <3 -lights up a cigarette and holds her close- You see what fun this can be, you filthy little mutt? -blows smoke in her face-

???: o.o; -tries to pull away- N-no! >.< No punishment, I'll be good!

Rose: Guess so...

Gaileth: Sad Please mister? I can make them better...

Correntine: >/ -hisses and eyes narrow a bit, force choking him- ...


Ama: It is... -smiles a bit and kneels down as a small chipmunk like creature comes up to them, and let's it crawl up her arm- ^^ The forest is so full of wonderful little surprises... <3

Baldor: -slowly gets up- Ah... X3 I'm still a little sore from your lesson, master...


Silver: You and Laetri... you fought it. It would have made our lives so much better. If you'd just gone along with what I'd planned none of this would have happened. It's your fault Tani. -moves her face up to look at him- ... Say it...

Damien: ... o.o Beach? What's that?

???: -a young Jirin child, sharpening a small stick on the shores- o.o ... -ears prick and looks over at him carefully-

Cameron: -shrugs- Yeah, I didn't have much time to change. So c'mon, where are we going? -wraps an arm around her shoulder-

Abigail: Nice. >.> -looks around- You been here for a while I take it?

G: -strokes her hair a bit- I can tell... <3


Vlad: >.<; Agh... -tries to pull his arm away- Fuck. >C -looks up at his friend- How could you?
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 14 I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 11, 2013 7:59 am

???: o.o... Are you kidding me? You're kidding right? He is following that girl and she is with a crazy ass she beast.

Xavier: She has part of this race in her kiddo... I guess to you she is part angel.


Zara: DX -screams out loud- No! Stop it!

Jason: ... D: Shit Lexi. Im sorry. -pulls her into a hug- Look its okay... Please don't be upset...  You don't have to call me sir...


Shea: >/ Fine. -stands up- I still don't trust her. You can go and stay with her. But if she turn on you don't say i didn't tell you so. -walks out of the tent-  

Maria: I hope so... -quickly heads downstairs- Look mother I-- o.o;; ... What is he doing here?  

Eloisa: No! Im not going to stay with her! She is happy with her new girlfriend! >/ Now just piss off...  


Aurora: Alright alright. -sits down- so what do you plan on doing today?

Jane: Sad AJ please i didn't mean to upset you... 


Tani: Well do we go to his gym? D: Confront him there?  

Laetri: O.O!! AHHH! >.< s-Stop! Stop please!

Elle: ... Reese with him gone I have no one... You care about me so much. To the point you would risk your life to see me...  

Lily: I missed you too... -heads outside and cuddles her- I promise... Things'll be better. I'll look after you and Thana... And we'll get Lucky back. -gets on her back- Parker is at Mt Silver. Let's hurry.
(You know what would suck? Parker forgetting about ever loving Aurora. So if she tries to get back to him he'd be all eh.)

Aurora: o.o!! -shakes her head- Daryl please... I don't feel well in the stomach...

Eleanor: D: !! -pushes Persian out of the way, dropping the device- DX Ahh! -falls to the ground- Mmn... |c 

Eshwin: ... A while... Really when Lynthia died... You were the first one to come and comfort me... 


Madeline: Yeah... -looks him over and takes off her towel- Here. Dry yourself off. 

Jude: Yes dear... -kisses her cheek- You know how to take care of me <3 -looks up- Gordon you want anything? 


Sandra: oh you're royalty? I knew there was something special about you... Well you know you might like where I live. People in our little townhouse area have magical creatures. But we treat them more as equals... >.> 

Ganondorf: >.>... so you say. -looks up- Fine Din. Stay here. But when duty calls youll be back. -teleports away- 

???: <.<... -smirks a bit and pulls away- Yeah... He is fine too |3 he wants to be here for the girl... 

Zara: D: Thrall... -goes over and holds him-

Shea: >.< -coughs a bit and turns her head away- You fucking filthy pig... >C 

???: >/ -strikes her hard across the face- Shut up!

Shawn: -heads into the bathhouse and looks around- ... Welp... Spose i better get undressed... -takes off his clothes- 

Isaac: ... -sighs and moves closer to the bars- >.>... Fine. 

???: o.o!! -chokes and tried to breathe- I-I need... Backup...!


Paul: Awh X3 Thats adorable. -scratches behind it's ears- ... You know its a shame humans want to destroy places like this.. :/ 

Chelsea: >w> Oh now I know I've done a good job |3 <3 


Tani: o.o... -looks into his eyes a bit- ... -sighs and closes hers- Its my fault... 

Zelda: o.o... Its a place that connects to the ocean... The big mass of water on earth... 

Laetri: o.o... -ear flicks- ... Hello... You must be another Jirin... 

Lily: Well i was going to take you out to a restaurant i know of but iunno... Wont you get arrested in your clothes? :/  

Dark: Yep. Now that Tani has moved out and had her own family we use it as our sex house |3 

Aurora: -smiles and cuddles up to him- Thanks... This has been so nice... I haven't been this happy since I got my teaching job... 


???: I have to save my ass man >/ -lets him go- Its done...

Elle: ... -pulls the cross away- 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 14 I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 11, 2013 9:06 am

???: :/ Yeah I know but she doesn't have anyone else. I really think she could use a friend right now.

???: -runs a hand through his hair- I guess we could try... D| But we're dead if we try and skip out on work.

Eldrin: So... you're a halfbreed? Like me?


Jinn: -quickly rises out of the floor, flames shooting up around her as she does- D< Get off her! -knocks Isaac to the ground-

???: o.o !! -squeaks a little in shock and backs away from the flames- >.<;

Lexi: |c -sniffles a bit and cuddles up to him- I'll be good... I'll be good...


Tyrel: ... -sighs a bit and gets to his feet- I am sorry... I should go. But I appreciate your apology... -bows his head and follows Shea out- :/ Please wait Shea... don't be so upset.

Harold: >.> ... Surprised to see me, are we...?

???: >/ -folds their arms- Young lady what is this we're hearing? You slept with him last night?!

Fox: We're not going anywhere Eloisa, if this is what you're going to do is stay here, pout and be fucking stubborn then we're staying. >/ We're going to make sure you're safe.


G: I'll have to just make a few calls. Ensure we'll be financially secure for a while and have my pokemon sent over in case of the worst, and then.... -tries to think- ... I'm not sure. I suppose I don't have anything else to do after that. o.o

Abigail: >/ Well you did.


Silver: No. No that's what he'd be expecting, he won't show up to his gym for a while.

G: There are other ways of confronting him.... I can take care of that just fine. >/

Silver: Good... Tani go ahead and help him out with that. I' gonna see if... I can get Green to help us out. She'd know what to do.

???: ... -frowns a bit and moves away from him- >/ Well? What do you say now, child?

Reese: Of course I care about you... more than anything. You forgave me after everything between us and you were so kind...

Latias: -nods seriously and takes off- ... <Thankyou...>
(>3 Sweet.)

Daryl: -flicks his wand- Eat...

Persian: >.< ! -yelps a little and tumbles, getting a little grazed up- <Ah!> -ears perk and looks over at the device- o.o; ...

Mewtwo: >C -eyes glow blue and glares at him, his paws starting to glow again- ....

Persian: ... -ears flatten and races over to it, quickly pressing a button down with his paw- >/

Mewtwo: >.< !! -cries out a little in sudden pain and staggers- Aagh! DX

Clayton: ... That far back, huh? ... M'sorry I never really took notice...


Adam: -goes red again and takes it- Thanks... -starts to dry himself off- :/ You sure you gonna be alright?

Gordon: I'll be fine. I think I'm just going to try and call Sandy...

Amber: -heads into the kitchen and starts cooking- So Jude honey.... :/ What are you going to do about your son? He hasn't come back yet... you must be very worried.


Kinak: >.> ... -ear flicks- You had better not be housing any Aerisians there.

Sandrin: ... Y-you really get to stay... -sighs a little and looks up at her- Wow, you must be the luckiest girl ever...

Thrall: >.< F-fuck... -looks exhausted and leans against her a little for support- >/ That was assault... you didn't need to access those things to tell if I was loyal...

???: <.< All memories are relevant.

Viktor: |3 Hush now. -strokes her cheek- Or you'll be in for another beating.

???: >.< !! Ah! -yelps a bit and cries more- No please sir! No punishment! I'll do my job! Crying or Very sad

Rose: Of course... -starts to pull her clothes off and glances over at him- o//o .... -ears flatten and just stares for a moment-

Gaileth: ... -hands glow and gently passes them over the cuts on his back, starting to heal them-

Correntine: >/ -throws him to the side and strides up to the castle doors- <You won't hide from me for much longer you arrogant little shit...>


Ama: o.o -ears perk- They do? ... -frowns a little and strokes its fur- Sad How could anybody want to destroy innocent life...? These forests are so beautiful. -looks up at him- People really destroy the forests on your planet...?

Baldor: You always do. |3 -leans over and gently kisses her cheek- <3


Silver: There you go... -presses her up against a wall and nips at her neck again, starting to pull at her clothes- Mmn... don't you feel better now Mihan?

Damien: I've never heard of such a place. o.o

???: o.o ... -tilts his head a bit, not understanding him- ... -slowly moves closer and sniffs at him a bit- <What creature are you?>

Cameron: Well I didn't figure we'd be going anywhere too public. The police are gonna recognise my face anyway.

Abigail: >.> Hmph. Seems like such a waste staying here when I couldn't bring back my own piece of ass.

Kihja: -cuddles up to Dark- |3 Sorry kiddo, can't win them all. -kisses his cheek- Now what were you saying before about making me scream, darling? ;3

G: -holds her close and strokes her hair- .... Heh, you're very different, you know that?


Voldemort: >.> Make sure he doesn't escape. And don't let them fight... -looks Elle over for a moment and moves away-

Vlad: -huffs a bit and blood trickles down his back- Bloody hell... >C I hope you're fucking happy with yourself. -looks his wrist over-
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 14 I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 11, 2013 11:34 am

???: >.> Think Chelsea would want to take our place for the night?

Mika: That's right little one... Smile


Zara: o.o... Jinn! D: -gets up and quickly races over to her-

Isaac: o.o!! Ugh! >.< -sits up- D< You! You fucking little scum of hell!

Jason: ... C'mon now. Let's find somewhere to stay...


Krista: Sure... no problem... >.> <Bruno I think I'm getting somewhere. I think I've pissed Shea off so she will stay away from Tyrel. Who knows she might run off from him so she can be alone...>

Maria: o.o Look we didn't have sex. We just shared the same bed. He was comforting me alright? -looks at Harold- Why are you here? >/

Eloisa: I'll be safe and fine here >/ Trust me. Away from problems, away from you two and... away... from... -looks down-


Aurora: ... So we can spend time together as a proper family...? :/

Jane: Sad ... Please... look can't I make it up to you in some way?


Tani: ... -ears go back and frowns a little- Uh... okay. Just take care Mihan...

Laetri: Ahh... >.< -tears up and looks up at them- I'll never submit >/

Elle: ... -sighs and cuddles up to him- I feel so terrible for ditching you like that at the ball...

Lily: ... No... thank you for having to look after me and my child... :/

Thana: -has escaped her cot and is running around in her wolf form- >3

Aurora: o.o;; -starts to eat- >.< Mmff! Daryl!

Elean: -comes in with Benoni- o.o!! D< Hey! -jumps down and takes the remote from Persian- Don't hurt him!

Eshwin: :/ It's okay... I mean I never thought this was going to happen... I always kept it secret...


Madeline: Yeah... I'll be okay. Look Adam it's nothing new... I had to cope with it before...

Jude: >.> I know where he is... he is gone off to live with Missy. The brat and his little girl got us both in jail >/


Sandra: Nah. We prefer more unique creatures like you... |3 -stops the car- Well here we are.

Din: ... -looks away- You'd think so... -sighs-

Ridali: Good. <.< Now you will be able to join the others. Set up your own home and what not...

Shea: Stop... touching me... -squirms a bit and turns her back to him-

???: -keeps hitting her- Oh no! You need to learn your lesson! D< Fucking little brat!

Shawn: ... -looks her over- You okay?

???: -ears perk and looks up from the water- o///o ... Guys... -nudges another elf- Look. :O

Isaac: -ears perk- o.o... Shit D: Shit she is here. My mother is here...


Paul: Yeah... :/ There are so many cruel people out there... the main reason is just money... greed... It's nice to be here though. No one cares about that kind of stuff.

Chelsea: -smiles a little and wraps her arms around him- ... -sighs a bit and looks him over- I'm the luckiest girl in the world... <3


Tani: ... -ears go back and sighs- Yes Mihan... -holds onto him-

Zelda: Well I guess today will be your first day of seeing one. <.<

Laetri: o.o... Hmm... I guess we both can't understand each other... <Can you understand me now?>

Lily: ... -sighs- Well maybe we can go back to my place. :/

Dark: >w> Iunno now that we have a guest. -kisses his cheek and cuddles him back- <3

Aurora: Yeah? ^///^ Heh... What makes me so different?


???: >/ Hey my ass was on the line alright? -walks out of the room-

Scruff: <.< Well... welcome to the gang little guy |3

Elle: >/ Can everyone just get out of my room?
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 14 I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 11, 2013 12:28 pm

???: Nah, let her rest. :/ We'll just cop it... can't be that bad.

Eldrin: o.o That's kinda cool... I guess staying with you won't be so bad.

Blade: >.> Yeah we'll just see. You better behave kid, c'mon now. -gets up and heads back to their tent-


???: o.o Hey you stay away! >/ -growls a bit and pulls her away from them, cupping a hand over her mouth and putting her in an armlock- Kill her, master! D<

Jinn: -ignores them- D< Damn fucking right! -fist flares up and strikes him hard in the jaw- I'll burn this whole fucking place to ash if you don't let her go! Including all your sluts!

Lulu: Good idea. You ever had a home on the surface? :/


Tyrel: :/ Shea... -holds onto her hand- Please don't ignore me. I know you don't like her, but she needs help here...

Bruno: >.> -ears perk- ... <Good... see if you can get the old man alone as well. Kill him in his sleep or something...>

Marco: -nods- Oui... only to support her. :/

Harold: >.> I just came to speak with your parents dear... and you. Calm down now.

???: -holds their arms- >/ Yes that would probably be very beneficial for you Maria.

Fox: Since when were we a problem? We're helping you.


G: ... Yes of course. That sounds nice, we've never really had time for that.

Baldor: Very Happy -ears perk- Can we go to the beach?

Abigail: >/ Oh why bother? I'll just end up bloody leaving you like the whore I am.


Silver: Yeah be careful. This guy is dangerous, I'm telling you. -turns and quickly heads back to the daycare-

G: -looks her over- ... What's the problem?

???: ... You will. -charges it again and shocks him- >/

Reese: It's ok... it doesn't matter now, right...?

Latias: ... -smiles a little- <Thana is a beautiful little one...>

Slate: -heads upstairs- D| Alright I guess I gotta feed you, you little poop machine-- o.o ... -looks her over- >.> Not one for cots, huh? -folds his arms-

Daryl: ^^ -smiles a bit- That's better. -strokes her hair- Don't want my girl skipping her meals.

Benoni: o.o !! <Can I eat them now?> >C -snarls-

Persian: D< -hisses- <Give it back! You don't understand, it almost killed us!>

Mewtwo: >.< Ahh... -trembles a little and collapses, looking weak and hurt- |c ...

Clayton: Yes but that didn't help you... you shouldn't have kept it to yourself. Not this long anyhow...


Adam: :/ Doesn't make it alright Madd... it's ok to admit that it hurt...

Amber: o.o It was them? D: But that's not right! >:T Adam is still a child! And you said she had no custody, she's the one that should be put in jail!

Gordon: -glances over at the kitchen- o.o;; ... Shit. D|


Kinak: -looks around- Well I suppose I could stay here a little while. |3 I'm still not sure yet. Maybe I just need a little... convincing...

Sandrin: :/ I do... I mean now we can spend more time together. -tries to smile- Isn't that a wonderful thing?

Thrall: Brilliant... >/ -growls a bit and straightens up- As long as I don't have to fucking see your face again... -pushes past them and heads outside-

Viktor: >/ I said hush. -pulls her back so she is facing him- Just lay there and shut the fuck up. -holds her close to him and runs his hands over her body- |3 Mmn... <3

???: DX !! -cries out in pain and tries to shield herself- I-Im sorry sir! I'm sorry! -tears run down her cheeks and falls over, curling up in a ball- >.<;; -sniffles a bit and just lays there as she's hit, whimpering a bit with each blow-

Rose: o//o F-fine sir... -slowly pulls the rest of her clothes off-

???: o.o ... -ears flatten and stares up at him- By the light of Elune... :O I've never seen anything so magnificent... <3

Gaileth: Who? D:

Correntine: >/ -reaches out to push open the doors- >.< !! AH! -quickly draws her hand away and hisses in pain as its burned- D< What the hell is this magic?!


Ama: Of course not... -gently lets the chipmunk down- There are so many more important things... -sighs a bit and gently runs a hand through the grass- ... I find it so hard to imagine how anyone could kill... a-anything for such selfish reasons. It's so awful...

Baldor: -gently strokes her hair and kisses the top of her head- And I too... to have such a sweet queen... <3


Silver: Good... -pulls away her clothes and runs his hands down her body- |3 Then you'll come back? You'll bring Laetri and you'll both be good for me?

Damien: .__. I guess so. It's a little hard to imagine though.

???: o.o !! -ears flatten and jumps back a little- <It can talk!> ... -slowly moves forward again and circles him, looking very curious- ... <What are you, pale creature?>

Cameron: Hey, now there's an idea. |3 Great, let's go.

Abigail: -shrugs- >.> Eh, scream all you like. I'm gonna go see if there are any fuck buddies around here. -heads outside-

Kihja: :3 -ears perk- ... Nooowww? ^///^

G: You have your... quirks. It's cute.


Vlad: D< And so you had to go and drag me down with you?! >/ -hisses a bit and moves away from them- Don't talk to me.

Bellatrix: >.> Oh don't be so rude, girl.
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 14 I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 11, 2013 1:56 pm

???: fine well let's get going then. Where do we start the search?

Mika: -scoops him up- I hope you will behave while you're here cutie pie X3


Zara: o.o!! Mff! >.<

Isaac: Ah! >.< ... Fine just... Just go and get out! 

Jason: Yeah but its been a while. Its more of an apartment. Someone couldve bought it. 


Shea: >/ it's stupid how you can trust her so easily...

Krista: <Ill do my best...> -looks out the tent- 

Maria: I have nothing to say. Mr Blackmore my fiancé and I have arrangements to make for our wedding. 

Eloisa: You're getting on my nerves. Plus you wont shut up about William. 


Aurora: That sound nice Smile what do you think dear? 

Jane: AJ... Look you're a good person i sense it more than anything... Sad I made a mistake...


Tani: ... Nevermind. It's silly. -looks away-

Laetri: AH! DX Stop! 

Elle: Right... -plays with his hair- So are we going to go asleep? 

Lily: ... Yeah she is. She is my world... Smile 

Thana: X3 Hate cots. They are so uncomfortable. 

Aurora: >.<... -starts to choke a bit- D-Daryl... N-No... 

 Elean: Only because you were threatening him! >/ He is our best friend and all he wants is to live peacefully here. Benoni pick up Mewtwo.

Eshwin: Well... At least now we are starting something... -smiles faintly- 


Madeline: No its... Fine. -gets her clothes out- 

Jude: Look calm down dear. There is nothing we can do. 


Sandra: -smirks and moves closer, gently kissing under his ear- I can easily do that... <3 

Din: I guess so... Though Im not so comfortable staying in the same place as your father. 

Zara: Sad -follows him- Thrall im so sorry...  

Shea: Nn... -whimpers a bit- ... I want to go home... |c

???:  -stops after a while- ... Now get up >/ it's time to work.

Shawn: -looks up- o.o; Awh shit... 

???: 83 I want to touch it... <3

Isaac: My mother D: She wants to keep me as her slave... 

Celestia: <.<... Protective magic. I don't want my castle ruined >/ 


Paul: ... -sits down in the grass- I'll never understand it either :/ -looks at her- Here come sit in my lap...   

Chelsea: Mmm |3 -sighs happily and plays with some of his hair- Well i spose we should get ready. 


Tani: ... -makes a claw come out of her finger- ... I hope so... Forgive me... -stabs him in his shoulder, taking away some of his demon blood- 

Zelda: -teleports them there- Trust me. Its a nice place.

Laetri: ... <My name is Laetri... And well... I'm a mix of things. What's your name?> -smiles a bit- 

Lily: >.>... -smirks a bit and heads off home- Thats got you happy... 

Dark: >w> ... Okay now. -scoops him up- <3 

Aurora: -rubs the back of her head- I'm glad you think so.. ^///^ 


Elle: Look Im fucking tired and sick of dealing with that shit. Now piss off >/ 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 14 I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 11, 2013 2:51 pm

??? New souls building I guess. Get them to tell us where the demon might have taken his friend and from there see if we can find someone who saw where they went.

Vivian: -shackled to a wall with Scruff, looking bloodied and very hurt- |c ...

???: ... -sets down her whip and looks them over, huffing a bit- ... <Ssso... tired now...> -steps away and slowly sits down on the ground-

Eldrin: >.> -shrugs- Sure I guess. As long as I don't have to see that other girl anymore.


Jinn: >/ Oh no no... you're not getting off that easy after all the fucking grief you caused us! D< You're going to burn!

???: o.o !! -gaps a bit in fright and jumps away from the walls as they burst into flames- Stop! >.< Stop you'll kill us!

Lulu: >.> -shrugs- We can run them out of it if it's been bought.

Lexi: -holds onto him and looks up at him- ... H-how id you have an apartment sir...? You're so young...


Tyrel: :/ The others have trusted her... does that not mean something?

Bruno: <You'd better.> ... -looks over at Shark- >.> We may have Shea back soon.

???: Mr. Blackmore will be joining us to make the arrangements, and those can wait.

Harold: >.> Come my dear... it will only be for a moment. -places a hand on her shoulder and leads her out into the living area-

Fox: D< Fuck's sake we've mentioned him all of once or twice.


G: Well sure kiddo, we can arrange that. But we'll have to teach you how to swim.

Baldor: X3 Yeah! This is gonna be the best! Very Happy

Abigail: >/ Look I cared about you Jane and I stuck by your side. What makes you think I'd appreciate a comment like that?


G: Tani i know you and now's not the time for that sort f crap, would you just come out with it so we can go ahead with what we need to do for Laetri? >/

???: ... You are so quick to tell us we cannot do something... but you are weak. -moves away from him and looks him over-You'll learn eventually that you cannot earn real strength here without accepting your weakness. >/

Reese: -looks her over- ... Up to you...

Latias: -ears perk a little as she flies over Mt. Silver- ... <He is down there.> o.o

Slate: >.> Mhmm. Well you're meant to be sleeping, not running around and that. -scoops her up and holds her out at arms length-

Daryl: .... -watches her for a moment- Now Aurora don't do that. I don't want you choking... <.<

Benoni: -gently scoops up mewtwo in his mouth- ... <This is really uncomfortable for the both of us...> -.-'

Persian: >/ <That thing is dangerous. It's a threat to us if we don't get it contained back on earth. Put it down.>

Clayton: ... Yeah, we are... -looks around at the forest and sighs a bit-


Adam: ... -looks her over- Alright fine. I was only trying to help, but it's not gonna do you any good to keep being like this.

Amber: Mkay... -goes back to cooking- Just doesn't seem so fair on you, that's all...


Kinak: |3 -tilts his head back- Oh I bet you could my dear... <3 -runs a hand down her side and purrs a bit-

Damien I: <.< I have no interest in you.

Sandrin: :/ don't be concerned about my daddy... he won't hurt you.

Thrall: -snarls- Don't Zara. >/ I don't want to hear it.

Viktor: |3 Oh but you are home my dear... <3 And don't you see? I've helped you... I've shown you your real lot in life. Nobody did you any favours teaching you to fight... you're just not cut out for it.

???: >.<; -cries a little and slowly gets to her feet- Y-yes sir... I'm sorry sir... -trembles and looks at the ground- I'll do my work sir... Crying or Very sad

???: Very Happy Oh can we, can we? -quickly gets out of the bath and goes over to him- >w< Just one touch? <3

Rose: .__.; ... They're certainly excited...

Gaileth: D: What? That's not fair... Sad She's not gonna get you, right mister?

Correntine: -hisses- D< I have no intention of laying a finger on your castle. You're harbouring my arrogant little bitch and I demand he be handed over!


Ama: Yes sir... -crawls into his lap and cuddles up to him- Mmn... |3 -sighs a little- I so love your muscles sir... <3

Baldor: X3 You know you should thank Ama. She stopped the others from making you new dressed and giving you a makeover for the festivals. -hands her her clothes-


Silver: o.o !! AGH! DX -cries out in shock and tries to pull away- Tani stop! >.<; -goes pale and leans against her for support, growing weak- N-no...

Damien: -looks around the shores and flicks his tail- o.o .... Wow... -stares out at the water for a while-

???: ... -straightens up and holds onto his little spear tight- ... <I am Tiriaq. ... I have never seen your kind. Where are you from...?> -slowly leans closer and sniffs at him-

Cameron: |3 Course. Should be fun, you're a pretty cool girl.

Kihja: >w< -cuddles up to him- You're the best Mihan ever... <3

G: Well... I am too as a matter of fact. You do not seem like you hear these sorts of things very often...


Bellatrix: >.> She is just no fun at all. Hmph... -heads out with the others-
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 14 I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 12, 2013 5:48 am

???: >.> You know this seems a little extreme. I mean I only thought we became friends with her because she had a nice rack. I didn't think we'd be helping her. -heads outside-

Scruff: ...Mmn... -tries to move a bit- Vivian... |c

Mika: You'll see her around. :/ Look I know you two have fought, but please try and be a bit civilised to her... She is still hurt from losing her mother. I'll talk to her too and make sure she stays calm as well.


Isaac: o.o!! Come on girls! D< Out the back door! Hurry!

Zara: >.< J-Jinn stop! Stop you'll kill everyone! Including me!

Jason: Well it's not exactly a great place. It was at this abandoned building. :/


Shea: The others can easily trust the worst kind of people. They trusted Bruno >/ Look where that got them.

Shark: <.< Oh. So the girl is doing a good job eh?

Maria: o.o... You're helping? >/ -looks him over- Look what are you doing here? Get out now.

Eloisa: No it wasn't! D< You think we didn't hear you conversations about you felt about him? You're a fucking rude bitch. You comment about him being rude but look at you. All you do is bitch about other people! I don't know how you ended up with my uncle that's for sure >/


Aurora: X3 -laughs a little and kisses the top of his head- C'mon. Finish your breakfast and do your teeth. Then we can sort out the beach trip. Smile

Jane: Look this is before we started dating alright? Sad Clearly you proved me wrong. But in all honesty AJ I heard from all the people who you've been mucking around with. It was sickening to hear what they were doing with you.


Tani: Exactly. There is no time for this crap so just drop it alright? >/ Let's get going and help Laetri.

Laetri: ... -looks away- I have no weaknesses...

Elle: ... -leans in and kisses him again, closing her eyes- <3 ... -runs a hand gently down his chest-

Lily: o.o;; Shit he looks bad D: Get down there quickly.

Thana: <.< ... -goes shadow and slips through his hands, landing on the ground- :3 But I'm not tired. -brushes up against his legs-

Aurora: ... -sighs and just eats the food- |c There. Happy?

Elean: He isn't. >/ All he wants is to be away from you. He has done that. There is no reason why he would go back to Earth. Now get out of here before we force you out of here.

Eshwin: ... -holds onto his hand- C'mon... let's go for that walk.


Madeline: ... -sighs and holds onto his hands- I know you're trying to help... -kisses his cheek- I'm thankful.

Jude: Hey you know what matters now? That I'm home and I'm with you. -kisses the top of her head- <3


Sandra: |3 Come on. -gets out and helps him out of the car- <w< I have to admit it tickled when you were purring... <3

Din: Oh it's not that it's just... Nabooru and her women... they do worship me... Sad If they find out I'm here they might attack or worse...

Zara: o.o... -backs away- I just... I didn't want this to happen... Sad

Shea: >/ All you showed me was that men are the worst things in the world.

???: >.> Good. Now come on. -takes her hand and drags her outside-

Shawn: Uhh... No guys ^^;; I just want to take my bath. -takes a step back-

Isaac: I hope not... >.< -trembles a bit- I'd hate to be back with her...

Celestia: <.< Sorry. He is my prisoner. And you have no control in my castle. >/


Paul: Yeah? X3 -cuddles her close- Well I better work out and make sure I stay strong for you. <3

Chelsea: Yeah I do owe her one. X3 -gets dressed- If I have to wear a frufru tiara or something I'd go insane.


Tani: ... It's okay... you'll be okay... -helps him lay down- Here... -takes out a bottle of red potion- Drink this and you won't be so weak... Sad -helps him drink-

Zelda: It's lovely isn't it...? -smiles faintly-

Laetri: <I'm from another planet... but I have relatives here...> ... <So are there more of you out here? The only Jirins I know of live in this deserted area...>

Lily: -smiles and blushes a bit, heading inside- ... So what would you like? <3

Aurora: Well... life hasn't exactly been that kind to me over the years...


Elle: -slams the door behind them- >/ Fucking death eaters.

Scruff: <.< Ah well Bella. She is a stick in the mud. We have a new guy to bother. |3
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 14 I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 12, 2013 11:08 am

???: Hey I'm legitimately concerned for her. >/ We're gonna help, she doesn't have anyone else to help her.

Vivian: ... Mmn... |c -slowly looks up at him- ... She... she stopped...

Eldrin: >/ She's the one that's being too sensitive. She said she wanted to eat me!


???: >.<; -tears up a little and quickly flees the building-

Jinn: D< -pushes him up against a wall- Oh no! don't you dare think you're escaping with your little sluts!

Lulu: Better than nothing, can you show us where it is? :/


Tyrel: :/ What do you want from me Shea? Just turn her away? All that happened was she was caught up in the same bad situation we were... you saw how hurt she was when she came in...

Bruno: >.> She's getting there... apparently Shea and the old man are fighting now because of her. She'll be all alone...

Harold: -shuts the door behind him- >.> ... That's very rude of you Maria... -slowly steps over to her-

Fox: D< Least I was fucking smart enough to see him for the asshole he is!


Baldor: Very Happy Kay! -quickly finishes his food and races upstairs-

G: >.> We'll wash this up then, shall we? -gets up and takes his plate- ... X3 Heh... I really did miss you guys. -leans down and gently kisses her cheek- <3

Abigail: ... -leans forward a bit- >/ Sickening?


G: ... Fine. But leave it at that Tani, I don't want any bloody unneeded drama. -pulls out a phone and quickly dials something, then hand it to her- Hold onto this and put it on speaker. Walk with me.

???: Well that is unfortunate for you...

Reese: Mmn.... -sighs a bit and shuts his eyes- <3 ... -slowly wraps an arm around her-

Parker: |c -unconscious on the rocks, badly burned and bleeding-

Latias: o.o !! -quickly swoops down and lands by his body- D: <What happened?>

Slate: >.> ... You're quite a piece of work, kid. -scoops her up again- You gotta get your sleep.

Daryl: |3 Thankyou my darling... -leans down and softly kisses her cheek- Come on now, I've got a big surprise for you. -holds his hand out for her-

Persian: >C -slowly moves over to eleanor- <How do you expect me to go anywhere now when you've knocked her out? Just piss off...>

Clayton: Yeah that sounds nice... -squeezes his hand gently- <3


Adam: ... Mkay. -gently kisses her back and sighs a bit- :/ What do you wanna do as long as we're stuck inside today?

Amber: ^///^ -giggles a bit and blushes- I missed you so much... <3


Kinak: >w> Oh? You mean like this? |3 -leans in and kisses her neck gently, purring a little and nipping her with his fangs-

Sandrin: Oh... Sad -looks over at Damien- ... T-that's not good... daddy is already so mad with the people of Hyrule...

Thrall: >/ You were the one that dragged us down here Zara. What did you think might happen?

Viktor: ... >/ Is that how you're going to be? Fine... you still have so much to learn. -takes his cigarette and pushes the end into her chest-

???: >.<; -sniffles and holds onto his hand, following him out- Y-yes sir... |c -ears droop a little-

???: 8C ... -ears droop a little and pouts-

Rose: -sits down in the bath and looks around- .__. You certainly attracted a lot of attention sir...

Gaileth: Sad Did she do that to you...? -motions to the cuts and bruises-

Correntine: >/ ... -paces a little at the door of the castle- We'll just see...


Ama: You're so good to me sir... ^//^ <3

Baldor: X3 -laughs a little- That would be funny...


Silver: -shivers a little and starts to drink it, blood pooling on the ground under him- ... W-why Mihan...? -stares up at her-

Damien: I've never seen anything like it.... -looks down at the sand and kicks some of it with his hoof- ... It's incredible.

Tiriaq: ... <Our people have been here since the beginning.>

Cameron: -shrugs and follows him- Up to you babe.

G: -looks her over- ... How so?


Vlad: >/ You fucking stay away from me. I'm going. -growls a bit-
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 14 I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 13, 2013 8:43 am

???: okay okay. Calm your junk. >.>

Scruff: Finally... She seems weaker ... Maybe this is our chance... 

Mika: She won't eat you. X3 we don't eat other people. 


Zara: D: Jinn! >.< Jinn come on! Let's just go!

Isaac: o.o!! Let me go! D< You filthy scrag!

Jason: Yeah its a bit of a walk... :/ Come on... -starts to walk off- 


Shea: ... She hurt me terribly. >/ and you don't seem to care. 

Shark: <.< Good luck to her... |3 Heh. What are you going to do to her when she comes back?  

Maria: ... -backs away- Look... Just leave okay? You're scaring me...

Eloisa: >.< Look just shut up alright! 


Aurora: <w< No. -flicks her wand, making the dishes clean themselves- I've missed you too... -wraps her arms around him and kisses him gently- <3  

Jane: ... People just treated you as some sex toy... Of course it was sickening... 


Tani: ... -nods and puts it on speaker, following him- Who are you calling...?  

Laetri: >C -keeps trying to pull away- 

Elle: -gently moves on top of him and looks him over- You're okay with this right...? 

Lily: -jumps down and helps him up- He's badly burned... D: -helps him on Latias- We must take him back. 

Thana: D: Cmon daddy... -paws at him- Cant we have fun? I don't wanna sleep... 

Aurora: ... -shakes her head- No... |c -looks away- 

Elean: ... Cmon Benoni. -heads back into the forest- 

Eshwin: -heads out into the forest- ... >.> You know if you had this nice attitude with Elean you'd be good friends. 


Madeline: Im not sure. -looks at him- <.< You know how to play poker? 

Jude: X3 Ive missed you too... <3 -cuddles her from behind- And i promise we'll spend more time together from now on. <3


Sandra: Ohh... <3 Kinak... Ah! -giggles a bit- Mmn. Please ... Come in and take me now... <3 -opens the door to her house- 

Din: And I fear if they come he might use me against them :(I do not want that... 

Zara: I didn't think they'd do this! I-i dont know what they would've done... D: 

Shea: DX Ahh! -squirms a bit- Get it off! -slaps him hard across the face- 

Shawn: -gets in- Yeah D| Its really Shawn Jr that attracts it all... 

Isaac: Yeah... She can do a lot worse believe me.

Celestia: -hisses and looks at Kali- Mihan she is out there... We have to make sure she doesn't get in... 


Paul: -kisses the top of her head and smiles- ... -plays with some of her hair- You know I might be ready... 

Chelsea: >.> Shut up. -folds her arms- That'd be horrible. 


Tani: -heals his wound and stops the bleeding- ... It was the only way we could help you Sad 

Zelda: You know i know of a beach near where we live. After helping Laetri and things settle we can visit it. Smile 

Laetri: <Really?> o.o... <Sorry this is just so fascinating. To know of another Jirin tribe... And many more!> Very Happy... ^^;; <Sorry... I must look so strange.> 

Lily: <.<... -kisses his cheek gently- Well i don't mind skipping the dinner ... <3 

Aurora: ... -plays with one of her curls- Well... When i was born my mother was killed and my father had left us... So i was sent straight to an orphanage. I never got adopted because they didn't think couples could handle me being magical. So after I graduated I was sent out of the orphanage and I was homeless for a while... Until I got this job. :/


Scruff: <.< You're not going anywhere. You're one of us. 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 14 I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 13, 2013 9:34 am

???: I'm calm. >.> I just want to bloody take this seriously, alright? This girl needs help. -heads out to the new souls building-

Vivian: Oh t-thank god... -tries to pull away from her cuffs- We need to go... we need to run...

Eldrin: >.> ... What about him? He looks pretty scary.

Blade: Good. I'm meant to look intimidating.


Jinn: >C ... -growls a bit and throws him to the ground- I fucking hope you burn. -holds onto Zara's wrist and races outside- C'mon.

Lexi: -hugs his arm and stays silent for a while- ... I can't believe you're really a vampire now...


Tyrel: No of course I care... :/ Just tell me, how did she hurt you so badly?

Bruno: I'll make her bloody wish she were never born... >/

Harold: >.> Calm down... you've got no reason to be scared Maria. But you shouldn't have left me like that. So I'll give you a chance to apologise...

Fox: ... -sighs a bit- Look kid, this is difficult for you, I know that. M'sorry this keeps turning into an argument, we really do just want to be here to support you. Just calm down alright?


G: X3 Mmn.. -gently kisses her back- <3 Are you sure you're feeling up to going to the beach?

Abigail: ... I wasn't used.


G: -doesn't say anything and watches it carefully- ...

Pryce: .... -eventually picks up- Yes? Who is it? >.>

???: >.> ... -charges it up again- You are a stubborn one, aren't you?

Reese: -goes very red and slowly moves a hand down her side- ... I... I could never say no... <3

Parker: |c ... -limply lays against her and doesn't respond-

Latias: D: <But... I can't carry more than one person.>

Slate: Your sleep is important. >.> And what's not fun about sleep?

Daryl: ... -frowns a little and takes her hand- Come on now Aurora.

Benoni: -follows him back out and carries mewtwo- <What do we do about him? He's pretty hurt.>

Persian: >/ ... -paws at Eleanor- <Wake up kid.>


Adam: >.> ..... No... and I'm not surprised in the east that you do.

Amber: Very Happy-smiles a bit- Really? X3 -wraps her arms around him- Like we can go out on those holidays we were talking about and have fun together? <3


Kinak: -wraps his arms around her waist and scoops her up- >3 Oh I plan to... <3 -takes her inside and sets her down on a couch-

Sandrin: Sad-looks over her shoulder- T-than... then he can't know how significant you are. -holds onto her hand- We'll take you away from the palace before anything bad happens... you can hide for right now. Ok?

Thrall: >/ Well you bloody know now! -growls and flicks his tail irritably- ... We don't even have a fucking home here.

Viktor: That's better. >3 Scream you bitch. You deserve-- >.< !! -yelps a bit and drops it- .... >C You... -growls and grabs her by her hair-

Rose: .__. I'm not very surprised. It's.... it's so...

Gaileth: Sad... I'm really glad we could hide you here mister. I don't want her hurting you any more... |c -gently hugs him through the bars-

Kali: It's only cause of Gaileth. You heard what Drayna said... she's purer than anything. Correntine is stronger than anything and she should have been able to knock down those doors. Gaileth has made the palace like those temples are on Aeris... she can't touch us.


Ama: -rests her head against his chest and stares up at him- ... Ready for what, sir? Smile

Baldor: X3 Ok I'm sorry... -helps her slip her clothes back on-


Silver: >.< Ngh... I feel weak...

Damien: That'd be nice. I... really like this place...

Tiriaq: o.o -tilts his head a bit- <You are a strange creature...> -thinks for a moment- <Would you like to see our tribe?>

Cameron: |3 Oh...? That doesn't sound like a bad idea... <3

G: .... -pauses and looks her over for a moment- Homeless... were you? That's quite a shame... it's never easy.


Vlad: >/ you can't stop me you know. -growls a bit and heads outside-
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 14 I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 13, 2013 11:16 am

???: -looks up from his desk- >.>... Can I help you men?

Scruff: B-But how will we escape...? |c 

Mika: Dear most of the wolves have come from fight clubs. :/ those places like scary solve. 


Zara: >.< Oh god... I thought you were going tk kill us all Sad 

Jason: Yeah it feels so strange... But it really helped me get through hell easier.


Shea: She didn't try to help. She laughed while I was on the ground, hurt and covered with piss. I can never forget that. 

Shark: |3 that id like to see. 

Maria: ... No. I have no reason to apologise to you. >/ Now get out of my home. This is over and that's final.

Eloisa: ... -tears up- I... I still love him Fox. |c i really do... 


Aurora: ill be okay X3 Ill just need somewhere to rest and lay down. <3

Jane: Oh? Then what would you call it all? 


Tani: o.o... Is... This Pryce the gym leader?

Pryce: .... -eventually picks up- Yes? Who is it? >.>

Laetri: >.< S-Strong believer... 

Elle: ... -smiles a bit- Itll be lovely ... Trust me. <3 -kisses him again and removes his shirt-

Lily: ... Okay. Take him and get to Drayna so he can be healed properly. I'll follow you guys. 

Thana: <.< You just lay down in a boring old cot. i could be out hunting by now! >:U 

Aurora: -pulls her hand away- I want to be left in my room... 

Elean: Ill take him back to the colony and we can heal him up. Ill need you to go find his friend and tell her what's going on. :/ 

Eleanor: ... Mmn... |c -shuffles a bit- Where... Am i... 


Madeline: <.< Awh. Now we cant go and play strip poker. You're no fun. X3 

Jude: Yep. X3 Just like i promised. And nothing will ever go wrong. I promise. <3 


Sandra: ;3 Mmn... >3 -grabs his shirt and rips it open- You are the perfect image of a true Jirin... <3

Din: But... I want to stay with you :(you are so kind...  

Zara: Surely they have somewhere for us to go. They oppose the homeless way on the surface right? :/ they are sure to help... 

Shea: >.< -growls- Let me go!  

Shawn: Yeah i know ^^;; I wish it was a normal seize though... 

Isaac: o.o;; ... -looks down at her for a moment then looks away- Yeah... No problem kiddo... -sighs a bit-  

Celestia: ... -sighs- Our child is such a wonder...  


Paul: ... This... -gently pushes her down on the grass and moves on top of her- <3 

Chelsea: ... -smiles a bit- So what do you want to do at the celebrations first? <3 


Tani: The potion will help you... -strokes his hair- :(I had to take that demon blood away Mihan... It was taking over you.. 

Zelda: X3 -kisses his hand and walks down the beach- You're so sweet. 

Laetri: <Oh id love to!> Very Happy... <... But... Im not sure.> -looks him over- <Do you guys hate elves as much as the other ones do?> 

Lily: |J -kisses his neck gently and takes his hands, guiding him to the bedroom- Don't worry... Lucky has gone to stay with his mother... So we can make as much noise as we want to <3 

Aurora: No... But i guess it's taught me to be thankful for the little things. -tries to smile- 


Elle: -teleports in front of him- You're not going. >C Imperio. -pushes him back into the house- 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 14 I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 13, 2013 12:17 pm

???: We wanna know what happened a while ago when Vivian Riddle died. do you have any information on her?

Vivian: |c I don't know... -sighs deeply- It hurts so much to move...

Eldrin: >.> ... Is he gonna eat me?

Blade: -snarls- >/ I might if you keep asking stupid questions.


Jinn: -huffs a bit- I wanted to destroy him. That's all I wanted... -glances over her shoulder at the burning house- .... Sorry I didn't listen... -rubs her forehead- I guess I'm fading faster than I thought...

Lulu: You should have done it sooner. Hell doesn't cater to humans.... it's not supposed to. It amazes me that Lexi even survived being kept down there.


Tyrel: Alright ssh... just take a deep breath Shea. :(Calm down. You saw she was apologetic... she wants to make things better.

Bruno: |3 -goes back to chewing on a bone- When I'm done with her she won't dare run away again...

Harold: >.> I see... well... -steps away- You've made your decision then. But I'm still going to be helping with the planning. and I'll be seeing you at the wedding. Plenty of time for you to... change your mind...

Fox: D| Christ... alright calm down, no tears. -goes over and wipes her eyes- Look he's not worth this... look at how he treated you. You saw it in Lucy and he did the same thing here...


G: Well we can have that arranged. -kisses her cheek- We should go and feed Toby.

Abigail: D< Just fucking having fun. Screw this, I knew you wouldn't understand. -gets up-


Pryce: >.> ... Yes... who may I ask is speaking? Are you a challenger?

G: A challenger, yes. She's a friend of mine.

Pryce: ... -smirks a bit- |J Oh yes of course... Giovanni, what can I do for you?

G: -glares at the phone- >/ I'm sure you're more than busy right now but I'd like to ask a favour... this one is particularly interested in your method of training and would like a more private match.

???: >.> ... I hope you are also smart. You'll need to start learning quickly. -shoves it into his chest again and shocks him-

Reese: -shuts his eyes and kisses her back- Mmn... <3 Oh Elle...

Latias: -nods quickly and takes off, heading back to the daycare-

Slate: Don't be getting ahead of yourself. >.> If you're not gonna sleep play with your toys or something.

Daryl: -takes her hand back and holds onto it tight- ... Trust me... you'll like it. -drags her out of her room-

Benoni: -nods- >/ <And then I'll chase those two away from here.>

Persian: <Still in the forest, you took a shadowball.>


Adam: >.> That... has got to be the dumbest response to hearing someone say they're bad at poker. X3

Amber: ^///^ That's a big promise... Smile


Kinak: -grins a bit and moves down on top of her- You like what you see love? >3 -leans down and whispers in her ear- You haven't even seen the rest of me yet... <3
(And boy is she gonna be disappointed.)

Sandrin: :(Ill stay with you... don't worry. I wouldn't leave you alone. Come on... -squeezes her hand gently and heads outside- We can stay with some of the children I take care of.

Thrall: >/ Well did you see any of them offering anything for us?

Viktor: D< No! -snarls and strikes her hard across the face- You have to learn! >C -continues to strike her over and over-

Rose: o///o Why...?

Gaileth: ... -looks up at him- :(Did I make you feel better mister?

Kali: ... Where is she?


Ama: o///o -lays back and watches him- ... O-oh... oh Paul sir... :)Really...? <3

Baldor: X3 We'll go see what they've set up. Probably drink and eat... watch the performers. ... At least... I've heard they are worth seeing. :/ You would probably enjoy it.


Silver: ... My demon blood... -sighs a bit and watches her for a moment- I really hurt you, didn't I...?

Damien: X3 C'mon, we gotta see if we can find this kid.

Tiriaq: >/ -snorts and flicks his tail- <The elves? Of course! They slaughtered our ancestors!> -growls and tightens his grip on the little spear- <I have never seen one... But I would kill it if I did.>

Cameron: |3 Sounds like fun. I didn't know you were the kinda girl that did this on the first date... <3

G: ... Yes I suppose that is true. -strokes her cheek gently- ... Do try harder to smile, you're so lovely when you're smiling.


Vlad: o.o !! Would you fucking stop?! D< -tries to pull away from it- >.<; I'm not staying!
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 14 I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 14, 2013 9:03 am

???: o.o;; Vivian Riddle? ... Look we know nothing and it's best that you know nothing too. 

Scruff: Just stay still... We need to distract her so she can leave... 

Mika: Don't push it dear :/ Now come on. Would you like to help me out with a few things? 


Zara: :(Its okay... Im just glad you're here... -holds onto her- |c  

Jason: Well she either had me or Isaac. :/ She was somehow protected... 


Shea: ... >C I don't believe it. And I'll never believe it. -pulls away- I'm going for a walk... 

Maria: >/ No. You will not have any part of it. And i will not change my mind. Now get off before I call the police.   

Eloisa: But i saw something else. He was terrible to Lucy but there was ... This other side... |c only i saw it...  


Aurora: I'll be fine. Baldor has been cooped up for so long, I want him to get some fresh air... Smile

Jane: But ... Help me understand. I just can't...


Tani: ... Yes. That is correct. -frowns a bit-

Elle: -finishes up afterwards and lays on top of him- Ooh... <3 -breathes heavily- R-Reese... That was ... That was good... 

Thana: -looks up at him- ... -ears droop- I thought daddy was suppose to be cool...

Aurora: >.< ... -sighs and follows him- Daryl I really dont want all of this. Why cant you understand? 

Elean: Yep. >/ Man... I never thought I'd be so mad at a human...

Eleanor: ... -slowly tries to get up- Nghhh... >.< -holds onto her stomach- It hurts so bad...  


Madeline: <.<... You're just mad that you would lose. 

Jude: But i know i can keep it... <3 -looks up out of the window- o.o.. Hey thats Sandy... Walking down the path... 


Sandra: ;3 Well please so me ... <3 -giggles and undoes her dress-  

Din: ... -smiles- Thank you child... You are a blessing... It's a wonder where you got it from... 

Zara: ... No... -sighs- Look i can set something up. Lets just find an empty space... 

Shea: -cries and curls up- Please! Stop it! >.< -starts to crawl away- 

Shawn: Well every time i have sex i end up destroying the ladies :/ 

Isaac: ... Yeah... A little. -clears his throat- Thanks kiddo... 

Celestia: Im... Im not sure. She wanted to go back to her room... 


Paul: -smiles and kisses her gently- Really... <3 -runs a hand down her side- 

Chelsea: ... -frowns- Baldor I have to do something first okay? I'll be right back. -kisses his cheek- 


Tani: ... You hurt everyone Silver... You nearly sold our son... Our friends and family... Sad 

Zelda: -looks in the distance- o.o;; D: We have a problem... 

Laetri: ... <I think I should go...> 

Lily: |3 You know I'm part of a sex loving race... <3 

Aurora: ... -blushes and places a hand on his- ... -smiles faintly- So where exactly are you staying? 


Elle: -gets the cross out again and holds it close- ... Isn't it so ... Frustrating... When someone ignores what you are saying... >C[/size]
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 14 I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 14, 2013 9:58 am

???: ... -frowns a bit- Tell us what you know. >/ What does it matter to you if we go out any find her?

Vivian: -looks over at her- ... She's asleep, I don't think it would matter if she's here or not...

Eldrin: >.> Help with what?


Jinn: -hugs her tight and sighs a bit- ... I hope I didn't hurt any of those girls in there... I just wanted you safe.

Lexi: -nods and cuddles up to him- I'm really grateful I have you sir... <3 -sighs a bit-


Tyrel: o.o ... Where? Shea we have to stay in the tribe... D: It's still not safe out there.

Harold: We'll just see... >.> -turns and leaves the room-

???: >/ -lecturing marco- And you just start exercising some self control from now on. You could have waited just a week or two, couldn't you?

Marco: Yes of course sir, I am sorry. :/

Fox: ... Yeah, but do you really think you'd see it again?


G: ... Yes it can't be healthy for him with his elven side. But he has to get used to the idea that we can't be going out in public.

Abigail: You just wouldn't, alright? >/ I wasn't treated badly like some fucking little sex toy! I can take care of myself you know! I don't need yours or anyone else's fucking help!

Baldor: o.o; ... -slowly comes back downstairs- Mummah your friend's saying bad words. D:


Pryce: |3 Oh well then... I'm sure I can arrange something for your friend. That won't be a problem. Though I'm afraid I'm... rather busy at the moment. It will have to be later. Let me call you back. -hangs up-

G: ... -snatches it back from her- The bastard. >/ I can't believe all these fucking years he could look me in the eye and disrespect me the way he did...

Pryce: -heads back to where he took Laetri and heads inside- |3 How has the boy been doing...?

???: ... He is stubborn, master. He will require much more training.

Pryce: >.> Hm. Well take care of that. And have this one chained up with him while you're at it. He may as well come to know his new partner. |3 -shoves a young girl over to them-

???: >.<;; -has her hands bound with a bag over her head- ...

Reese: -huffs a bit- Elle... -relaxes a bit and wraps one arm around her- It was incredible... I-I've never... <3

Slate: -rolls his eyes- D| C'mon now kid don't be like this. Go on just go downstairs and play there. Play with Drayna or the pokemon or something.

Daryl: You just haven't given me a chance Aurora.... I can be better than him, just trust me. <3

Benoni: >/ <What more do you expect of them?> -sets mewtwo on the ground once they arrive in the colony- ... >.> <Actually i dunno. I think you've been madder with Clayton before.>

Persian: <Take it easy. Look if you have the strength, give me my collar and I can help you.>


Adam: >.> Hey I bet I could learn quickly.

Amber: o.o Oh, so it is.

Gordon: What? o.o -gets up- ... What's she doing here? D: -quickly heads outside- .... -swallows nervously and steps over to her- Sandy? Sad


Kinak: ;3 With pleasure my dear. -pins her down on the lounge and pulls off his pants- So... do you like the rest of me? |3 -kisses along her collarbone gently- Mmn... <3

Sandrin: -smiles sweetly- ^^ You really think so? Smile-takes her into a small building in town-

???: o.o -ears perk and looks over at her with other children- :DPrincess Sandrin! >w< -races over and hugs her legs- <3

Thrall: I suppose that's our only option... -looks around-

Viktor: >C Don't you dare cry you little scrag. You're worthless, you deserve it. Just like that other little bitch... she had the same thing coming to her. You both deserve to suffer...

Rose: .__. I can imagine... isn't there... magic that can change it?

Gaileth: -smiles a bit and looks up at him- :)It's ok mister, I'm just glad I could help! ^^

Kali: ... She better not have fucking gone to see Isaac.


Ama: Ohh... -bites her lip and shuts her eyes- You have such a lovely touch... <3

Baldor: o.o ... Oh ok, try not to be gone too long... -gently kisses the top of her head- I love you Mihan. <3


Silver: I... I know... I remember... -rubs his forehead and slowly tries to sit up- I can't believe I'd ever do anything like that...

Damien: o.o ... -ears flatten- Is that... a Jirin child?

Tiriaq: -looks him over- ... <You... You are one of them?> o.o

Cameron: |3 Oh I know. I've heard all about you Aerisians. -wraps an arm around her waist and holds her close- <3

G: I stay in the demon world. I only came up here earlier to help my family... I don't have anywhere to stay here.


Vlad: >C -hisses and bares his fangs- Fuck off Elle...
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 14 I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 14, 2013 10:57 am

???: ... look we've tried searching. This beast is killing is all. We all don't want to go back up there...

Scruff: ... I just gotta break these chains. The  we'll have our chance... 

Mika: Well we need to set up some dinner, then get some beds ready to sleep on tonight... Smile 


Zara: Theyve escaped... Look let's just go... -plays with the ends of her hair- |c 

Jason: D| Lexi please stop calling me sir... 


Shea: I'll be okay. Just go back to the apologetic one >/ 

Maria: -goes to Marco- Mother, father this was my fault. :/ don't blame Marco...  

Eloisa: ... No... After all i said to him... |c he hates me...


Jane: AJ is this about the whole not ferling helpless thing again? This is not it. Its about have self respect. Its about being respected by others without sucking a cock!  

Aurora:b... D| If he stays he'll learn a whole new vocabulary. 


Tani: ... Look we have to hurry and go now. I cant imagine what he is doing to Laetri.  

Laetri: -ear perk and looks up- o.o... Don't you have better things to do? >/ tell me why i am here!  

Elle: ... -smiles a bit and buries her face in his chest- ... No one ever made me feel like this... This felt right... <3

Thana: -turns human- :(daddy don't you like me...?  

Aurora: ... -looks away and mumbles- No you're not... 

Elean: >.> Yeah well he-- -ears perk and looks into the forest- ... Is holding hands with Eshwin? o.o  

Eleanor: K-Kay... -shakily puts the collar on, falling back to the ground- Ah... >.< 


Madeline: <.< Bet you couldn't. 

Sandy: -looks up- o.o... >C -turns the other way and quickly walks off- 


Sandra: o.o;; ... Of course dear... -closes her eyes and runs a hand up his back-

???: >w< We missed you Sandrin!

Din: Oh my... They are so sweet... Smile

Zara: ... Here. -takes his hand and walks around- We can make a real home... Itll just take time. We can survive in a tent until its all sorted. -stops at an empty space, making her tent supplies appear- 

Shea: ... -shakes her head- You're wrong... |c 

Shawn: Ive tried. Nothing seems to work. Who knows there might be someone here who could help but i feel that the elves wouldn't want to change it... 

Isaac: ... Kid this is all too weird. No one is this nice in hell... Especially the demon queens kid.

Celestia: Ill go and  check... You just rest okay? 


Paul: ... I bet yours is more gentle... Please... Touch me like you did before... <3 -strokes her hair-

Chelsea: I love you too... More than anything. <3 -quickly heads outside and into a portal- 


Tani: ... The important thing is that you're back... But... We have to still run Team Rocket... >.< god Silver... I knew this vampire thing was a bad idea... 

Zelda: o.o... It... Looks like its all... Tribal...

Laetri: ... <Only a little. My grandfather is an Aerisan... But... I know what has happened in the past was horrible. And my people have lost so many... But i dont want to continue fighting. Especially upon meeting you... But your people wouldnt like that... And i dont want to cause trouble...> 

Lily: |3 -plays with his uniform- Hmm... You know it'd be fun for you to pin me down... Tie me up... As if you were almost capturing me <3

Aurora: ... Would you like to get a place here to stay? Just until this whole thing is sorted out.


Elle: No! D< You still need to fucking pay. -places the cross on his chest- >.< You need to pay... -tears fall down her cheeks- Why should i not do this to? How can i fucking forget?! 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 14 I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 14, 2013 11:38 am

???: Up where? >/ Speak already! Where is that damn beast?! -hisses and eyes glow red-

Vivian: I... I would but... |c Ngh... I don't have my powers anymore. Can't you transform into a dragon again...? :(Something like that to break us free?

Eldrin: >.> Mkay, then do it. -shrugs- I'm the guest, I don't have to do any of that stuff.

Blade: -snarls at him- >/ We all work here, boy. Mika might be soft on you but I won't be and if you're gonna keep up this smart ass shit you're gonna find it hard to sit down while you're staying here.


Jinn: |c But we're not safe anywhere... where can we go?

Lexi: :(I'm sorry, s-- ... I'm sorry, I just... I don't know what else to call you.


Tyrel: :(I can't in good conscience let you go out there by yourself. What if you were hurt again? Nobody would know...

???: >/ -glances over at her- Yes I know. We'll get around to you. -folds his arms- Did mister Blackmore straighten you out?

Fox: Then you'll move on eventually, you will... :/ -sighs a bit and holds her arms out- cm'here kiddo.


Abigail: D< I'm not fucking helpless! ... -huffs a bit- >C I'm not...

G: -glances up at the ceiling- ... How long are they staying with us again? >.>


G: -nods- We'll have to head to his gym now, there we can confront him.

Silver: -swoops down on Charizard next to them- Got everything sorted out?

Green: .__. -clings to him tight- Can we walk the rest of the way? >.<;;

Pryce: >.> ... You're right, the boy could use more training. Take care of that while I am gone... I will see to the both of them once I return. -heads back outside-

???: -nods and chains the little girl to the wall beside him and takes the bag off her head-

Ebele (Yay a name~): >.< -squirms and cries a bit- Let me go home! :(Please! I-I just a kitt! Don't know to fight...

Slate: -groans a bit and sighs- Kid that's a stupid question. D| Why d'you think that?

Latias: -lands down by the daycare and looks over at Lily- Sad<He feels so weak...>

Benoni: o.o -ears perk and looks over at them- ... -snorts and starts to laugh a bit- X3 <He is. C'mon let's go make fun of the old man.> >3

Persian: -transforms to his human self and helps her back up- Easy... easy now. Just lean against me.


Adam: >.> Is that a challenge?

Gordon: D: Sandy please! -follows her- :(Please babe don't be like this...


Kinak: ... -sits up a bit and looks her over- Is something wrong?

Sandrin: ^^ They are...

???: :O Did you bring us something to eat princess Sandrin?

Sandrin: :/ Oh dears... I'm sorry I didn't think to bring anything this time. I had to hide a friend. I'm sorry... -strokes their hair gently-

Thrall: -mumbles a bit- Guess that's nothing new...

Viktor: >/ Don't you dare speak to me like that. -pulls her head back by her hair- You'll fucking regret it.

???: D8 -jaw drops- You want to CHANGE IT? 8C

Rose: ^^' No I don't think you'd get a lot of help there... oh... wel I suppose it can't be that bad. -tries to smile comfortingly-

Gaileth: o.o ... What's wrong with being nice, mister?

Kali: ... Mkay. -rubs her forehead and heads back to the bedroom- |c Let me know if she's a teenager when you find her.


Ama: -rubs his chest gently- Mmn... yes Paul sir... <3 -slowly runs her hands down into his pants-

Baldor: -smiles faintly and heads outside-


Silver: I can still do that... I can... -sighs a bit and strokes her cheek- Oh god Tani, please don't be upset... :(It's over... I'm so sorry... but it's over...

Damien: o.o I've never seen one of our kind that's anything like this one... maybe you were right...

Tiriaq: -hisses and ears flatten- D< <You caused trouble by coming here, elf!>

Cameron: Ohh? ;3 I didn't know you were into that sorta thing. Well... -steps over to a table and picks up some rope- I think we can arrange something like that. >3

G: What, with the elves? >.> That might be a bad idea... they're not fond of me.


Vlad: DX !! Ahh! -cries out in desperate pain and tries to pull away from her- Get it off me! You're fucking nuts, get it off! -tears up a bit- >.<;;
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Non canon couples 2
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