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 Non canon couples 2

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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 17 I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 03, 2013 9:58 am

Scruff: >.> Well I sorta do know them... And understanding our situation maybe they can help us. 

Chelsea: I know... -looks up at him- Thanks... You know you've really been good to me...

Mika: o.o Well we really only eat meat here. 


Zara: I can't! D< They'll just follow! 

Isaac: >3 Heh... So much for their bond... Grab the elf. It's clear the demon won't care and help her now...

Jason: Well unless we can find a good job it'll be our next option. :/ 


Shea: Yeah... We both could have. -sighs and kisses him gently- I couldn't lose you after only just starting this relationship...

Tess: D: There is a girl hurt there. -races over- Get away!

Shark: Cmon lets go. >/ We'll get her another time. 

Maria: Stay away or I will scream >/ Ill make sure you get sent to jail! 

Chelsea: I know. But hey you're free now. You should be celebrating. 


Jane: >.> I know. And i love you for it dear. 

Aurora: :/ Come on... You seem like you need it. We can give you somewhere to stay... -looks him over- You kind of... Sorta look a little familiar... 


Tani: >C Good. Get going. -walks away from them going shadow- Fucking stupid girl...  

Elle: >/ What are you talking about? It was just Morgan. 

Aurora: He does remember >C I know he does...

???: -growls and tries to bite her- <Enough!> D< <Do not talk down to me like I'm just a pathetic creature! Now get OUT!> -shoots fire at her-

Jane: -heads down into the dungeons- Well yes, but he doesn't have a lot in his life. I can feel sorry for him- 

Eshwin: <.< Im not a cute one like you...

Eleanor: <Really? ... Iunno. I mean I am comfortable being a human...>

Gardevoir: >/ -reflects the dart- Yeah right. There is only one of you. 

Elean: >.< What are we going to do? We gotta get out. If we hide in the colony she will hurt everyone.


Madeline: X3 It's okay babe! Only ten more seconds! 

Jude: ... -sighs a bit and moves away- 

Sandy: .. Thanks. -sighs and shuts the door- ... -looks over at the phone and starts to call Gordon's mobile- 


Sandra: Yeah well we aren't on your planet. -puts the gun away and moves closer to him- Now... <.< Im staying. If you want to go back then go... -rubs his arms gently and kisses his neck- If you want to stay then stay... <3 

Zelda: >/ She has no clue. Now leave before i force you out. 

Zara: -blushes a bit- ... You really mean that? <3 

Shea: ... it looks like our only option then... -sighs- C'mon. -heads towards the gates- 

Reynard: |c It'll be okay... -holds her close and teleports to where Shawn is-

Celestia: You didn't ruin our lives Gaileth Sad Don't say that... 


Tani: Thank you... -looks at Laetri- Will you be okay here?

Laetri: Yeah mum :/ ill be okay... 

???: Shh little one. Why in the world would you want her alive? 

Aurora: :/ I know. They've been worried ever since I had surgery. But it'll be okay... -cuddles up to him- 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 17 I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 03, 2013 10:54 am

Vivian: o.o Really? Even hide us from that terrible demon? D: Scruff that would be fantastic! -quickly stands, and winces a bit in pain- >.<; Agh... We have to talk to them as soon as we can...

???: Hey well not all us demons are bad. :/ And you look like you've had it hard lately...

Eldrin: D: You guys are way better than my mum! >:U


Jinn: D< Yeah! Fucking go ahead and take her! Get her out of my hair!

??? >3 With pleasure, master... -hisses and grabs a hold of Zara, gripping her by the neck- Don't fight darling or I'll snap that pretty little neck of yours... >J

???: <.< ... -looks over at Jinn for a moment, then leans in and whispers to another vampire girl- If we can get a bite in on her and make her one of us... the elf girl will never have a chance to escape. >3

Lulu: Fine... -runs a hand through her hair- Is there anything I should be worried about with that then? We're just kids... I don't see how we'd survive in a gang. :/


Tyrel: -smiles- Yeah... yeah, I... I'm sorry. I just can't help but smile when you do that... Smile

Bruno: >C -growls in frustration- ... I can't fight him yet. Fine. -races back off into the forest-

Blade: >/ ... -steps over to Krista- They were smart to run... -sniffs at her a bit- .... We can't move her. Fetch my brother, quickly now.

Harold: >.> Ssh ssh... now there's no need for that. I think if you want your dear Marco to come home from work unharmed today... you'll just step into that alley over there and stay nice and quiet... |3

William: Yeah of course. >.> Let's go get drunk.


Abigail: |3 Goddamn right babe. -pulls out a note and looks it over- ... 'AJ, stop touching my stuff. Jane, I can't believe you let her drag you into this.' -.-; She might be onto us.

Silver: o.o; -quickly hides his face- >/ You're nuts...

G: ... No you're right Aurora, it's like... -looks him over carefully- ...


Silver: ... D| Jesus... C'mon Tani don't be like this! -follows her- Why do you hate Green so much? We need to work with her, she's my friend!

Voldemort: >.> Oh no... |3 If he were never here we would have never found you... -steps closer- You're all alone Elle. >J Where did your family go...?

Daryl: No I made sure... >.> He was meant to sustain head injuries. He wouldn't have remembered... |3

Drayna: o.o; -ears flatten and conjures a shield in front of her- Wow ok, hey just calm down. I've only wanted to talk things out... -tries to smile comfortingly- I know you are only doing what you've been asked, I don't want to hurt you.

Abigail: >.> If he wanted something in his life he shouldn't have been a miserable bastard. -looks around- ... Aurora? You in here?

Clayton: I think so... X3 -blushes a bit more-

Persian: <Well...> -looks her over for a bit- ... <I don't think we'll be able to get it off for a while.>

Tyrandes: >w> Is that what you think? -glances up at the treetops-

???: >3 -shoots some darts at gardevoir with some other hidden drows-

Mewtwo: o.o !! Leave her! D< -eyes glow and swats the darts away- >C I won't let you hurt-- o.o !! -ears flatten and yelps a bit as another hits him in the back of the neck-

Benoni: <Get on my back then quickly kiddo.> -helps him up and takes off into the sky-


Missy: X3 What are we going to do with the film?

Amber: -sighs a bit and heads back to Jude's home-

Gordon: ... -looks at it for a moment and eventually picks it up- Yes...?


Kinak: >C How dare you... -backs away a bit and snarls- You are not allowed to treat me in such a way.

Damien I: >.> ... -looks them over a moment before walking away- Come Sandrin.

Sandrin: Sad ... I'm sorry Damien... -sighs a little and goes to follow him-

Damien: -huffs a bit and watches them leave- >C He'll never get it.

Thrall: I wouldn't say it if I didn't... <3

???: We might be able to survive long enough for him to lose us... D: -look out towards the gates- ... I've never seen the surface before.

Rose: -sitting in his lap- o.o -ears perk- .... Who are you?

Eldora: Sad ... -shivers a bit and just holds onto Reynard-

Gaileth: |c But you guys are so sad cause of me... -sniffles a bit- I'm sorry mummah... I-I'll try to be better, so you can be proud of me...


Ama: Almost certainly... D| It's so hard to believe I've probably looked like that before...

Baldor: I'm not being bitter Mihan, how do you see that? I'm only looking out for what's best for us.


Alassea: Sad Yeah we'll take care of you Laetri... -goes over and cuddles him gently-

???: :O It's such an interesting creature mummah!

???: -hisses at them- You move away from the elf creature now child, or it's a lashing for you. >C

G: -wraps an arm around her- If you're sure... -gently kisses the top of her head-
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 17 I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 05, 2013 9:55 am

Scruff: Shit... -gently scoops her up- It's okay... Looks like ill have to carry you there... Sad  

Chelsea: I know... After living here for so long I've realised it... Just recently I thought there wasn't a good soul left... -hugs his arm gently- 

Mika: X3 -giggles a bit- You'll still have some fruit and that to eat. We promised your mother to give you some. But you can enjoy the food that has been hunted. Smile


Zara: o.o!! >.< Let me go you scrags! Let me go! 

???: <.< ... that sounds like a lovely idea... But her blood will burn up my fangs... 

Jason: Look all you have to do is follow and listen to me... And just don't question any bosses... :/  


Shea: X3 Yeah? well... I best keep doing it to see your lovely smile... <3 -kisses him again- 

Tess: D: -nods and races off to get Xavier-

Krista: Sh-Shit... -trembles- He's... He's going to come back... 

Maria: >.< No. Ill scream and the police will come! They already know about you! 

Chelsea: |3 See? Thats the William i know. Forget everything about your life and worries. 


Jane: <.< -giggles a bit- I guess she already knew about this. |3 

Aurora: ... -gently takes his hands away- ... o.o You... 


Tani: Silver we don't need an immature girl helping us! And some friend she is if she calls our child a freak! >/

Elle: >/ Keep them out of this okay? This business is between you and me. Just get on with what you want. 

Aurora: ... -tears fall down her cheeks- You... Bastard! D< -punches him hard in the face- 

???: >C -huffs a bit- <Then leave and never come back! Go on now!> 

Jane: ... Well she isn't responding. But remember she has been kidnapped. She could be gagged. 

Eshwin: X3 Heh... So cute. <3 -leans in and kisses him gently- 

Eleanor: ... <Spose ill have to get used to it...> :/ 

Gardevoir: D: !! Mewtwo! -pulls the dart out and holds  him- Oh dear... Sad   

Elean: -holds on tight- ... -looks down at the forest- Theres probably more of her own kind down there... 


Madeline: <w< Ill keep it for my own purposes ... >3 

Sandy: ... -mumbles a bit- I-It''s me... 


Sandra: Don't act like you don't enjoy it. -pushes him up against the walk, grinding up to him- You crave my touch... -slides her hand down into his pants, grabbing him- <3

Din: Sad ... -follows- Sandrin i don't like this... 

Zelda: >.> He shouldn't... -kisses his cheek- He is too much of an idiot. 

Zara: -purrs a bit and plays with his chest hairs- So now what...? <3

Shea: Don'r worry... -heads to the gates, looking ahead- let's go... -quicklys races-

Reynard: ... >/ -growls- I'm Reynard.

Shawn: >.> ... You came back with Eldora? Hm... This is interesting. 

Celestia: ... |c -sighs- We are so proud of you... Never forget that... 


Paul: :/ I dont want to make you lose your friends Ama... Ive been so nice with this whole thing... But they are so cruel back... 

Chelsea: But you were find about it before. What changed?


Laetri: -blushes and cuddles her back- <3

Tani: Okay... I'll be back soon... -teleports back down to hell- |c

???: Hush child... You don't want to be in trouble... -holds them close- 

Aurora: -smiles and rubs his chest gently- Can i get you anything? <3 
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Non canon couples 2 - Page 17 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 17 I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 05, 2013 2:42 pm

Vivian: Ngh... >.<; -sighs a bit and cuddles up to him- Thanks Scruff... -rests her head against his shoulder- Sad I probably would have lost my mind by now if it weren't for you...

???: -glances down at her for a while- ... So what are you gonna be doing with yourself now girl? Staying here, or...?

Eldrin: >:T you guys are the best! -hugs her tight-

Drayna: >.> Malladus would you stop being such a baby and eat? Look, Vikke's enjoying it.


???: >3 Ssh ssh... -holds her tight- Save all your crying and struggling for master...

???: >.> Oh that is an easy fix sister... she just needs to be cooled down. Have her tied down in a bathtub and fill it with ice... she will be weak, and cooled enough to bite. |3

Jinn: >/ -huffs a bit and ignores them entirely, pushing them out of the way and going to leave-

Lulu: ... Yeah I'll try.


Tyrel: ^//^ -sighs happily and wraps his arms around her- Thankyou... <3

Blade: Save your energy, human girl. -sits down by her side and looks her over carefully- ... Is that the only place he got you? -sniffs at her shoulder-

Deo: -looks up from inside the tent, ears perked- ... What's going on out there? -steps outside and looks over at Tess-

Harold: >.> Oh but you want him safe... I know that much. Trust my word... the moment you scream, I'll set the bomb to go off. Now... the alley Maria. Move it...

William: Yeah yeah, c'mon. I wanna get drunk enough so that I don't feel bad about having sex with you.


Abigail: >.> ... -crumples it up and throws it to the side- Big deal. A bloody note's not gonna stop me.

Silver: D< -swats her hand away and backs off- Don't!

G: ... Oh my god... D:


Silver: It's been years... look she just doesn't understand, alright? Mihan... this isn't what we need right now. What we need is to do what's best for Laetri.

Voldemort: |3 Oh but you know very well what I want... there's no avoiding it girl. You're far outnumbered and all alone... >3

Reese: Sad -looks between them, looking very torn and upset-

Daryl: >.< !! Ah! -stumbles and holds onto his jaw- ... A-aurora... >/ How could you?

Drayna:... I see. -sighs a bit- I'm sorry, I was really hoping to do this diplomatically. You are a gorgeous creature. -opens a pokeball and lets out her lugia- Try not to hurt my friend too much. -teleports behind her and begins to climb the tower-

Lugia: >C -huffs a bit and lunges at her, biting at her neck-

Abigail: Could be. >.> If Snape isn't who did it I hope we meet the kinky kidnapper. |3 -pokes her head in a few of the rooms- Aurooorraa~?

Clayton: -shuts his eyes and kisses him back- Mmn... <3 This is so much nicer than I thought it would be...

Persian: <Look there are those elves nearby aren't there? Maybe they'll be able to understand us.>

Mewtwo: >.<; -ears flatten and leans against her- Gardevoir... -starts to go limp and blacks out- D|

Tyrandes: -grins a bit- The other one is not so powerful. >3 Come, I want my pet back. -leaps back into the trees with the other drows-

Benoni: <Master wants me back... if we land for even a moment she'll find us for sure and take me back to her tribe.>


Adam: >///<; -quickly comes back inside- There! Done!

Gordon: Look I don't really want to-- ... o.o; Sandy? D: Sandy you... I thought...


Kinak: o.o !! -looks very surprised- D< Don't! You cannot-- >//< Nn... -blushes and ears flatten- Ah... you have no right... -squirms a bit-

Sandrin: Sad ... I... I know. I don't think I like this idea anymore either. Daddy...

Damien I: >.> Quiet now Sandrin. I don't want to hear it.

Sandrin: But you were meant to be helping my friend.... not waging war against--

Damien I: >C I said to be quiet child! -whips around and strikes her hard across the face-

Sandrin: o.o !! Ah! DX -cries out and stumbles back a bit, holding onto her cheek-

Damien: <.< Yes I know... still. We should hurry.

Thrall: -sighs a bit- As much as I enjoy being here I need to find work in this place...

Viktor: -comes out and looks over at them- o.o ... Idiots! D< Come back!

???: o.o;; Run faster! D:

Rose: You know them Shawn sir...? o.o

Eldora: -looks at the ground and swallows nervously- W-we... we just... just needed to... uhm... -bites her lip and plays with her hair-

Gaileth: Sad -ears perk and looks up at her- ... Thanks mummah. -moves over and hugs her instead- I love you... <3

Kali: ... -lays down and hugs her pillow again-


Ama: I'll try and talk with them in private later. :/ I'll be sterner this time and make sure they understand this is what we both want...

Baldor: This is just what needs to happen alright. Chelsea I'm not talking about this here, we need to be at the festivities.


Alassea: ^//^ I really missed you. -gently kisses his cheek- <3

Kali: o.o -ears perk and quickly pulls her clothes back on- You're back quickly... ;>.>

???: Sad Yes mummah.... -keeps staring at Zelda-

G: No I don't think so. >.> I believe we already have everything we need in that little bag of yours.
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 17 I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 06, 2013 10:41 am

Scruff: ... I could say the same about you back at the riddle house kiddo... -sighs a bit- We'll be together now... Nothing will separate us...  

Chelsea: I should probably go... I have to look after my place. Not to mention I'm sure your boss wouldn't want me living here for free... :/ 

Mika: X3 Awh. You're so sweet. <3 -cuddles him back- 

Malladus: -.- That's because she is a baby. She likes eating mooshy poo.

Vikke: -noms on her dinner, food all over her face- ^w^ <3

Malladus: ... I'm sick of beans -.-' -folds his arms-


Zara: >.< -spits in her face- Fucking slut!

???: >.> -grabs Jinn and puts her in an arm lock- Not so fast... |3 Don't move or ill stab you with an ice knife... 


Shea: -smiles and strokes his cheek- You're so adorable when you blush X3 

Krista. Y-Yes... He didn't get me anywhere... Else... >.< He will come back... I swear he will... 

Tess: -looks around and at Deo- D: Deo have you seen Xavier nearby?! We need his help! 

Maria: o.o;; b-Bomb? D: You... You can't be serious... -tears up-

Chelsea: ... -frowns a bit- Thats a bit harsh. 


Willow: >.> -jumps up onto the table and hisses at her- >C

Jane: <.< Oh hey. She got Willow back.

Aurora: ... No... Look we know you D: You're Silver... Your name is Silver right?


Tani: Oh don't Mihan me... -ears go back- What we need is someone who is going to take shit seriously for once. Otherwise more mistakes can happen...  

Elle: ... -tears up and looks down- Fine... Ill come if you leave my people alone... >C 

Aurora: D< -punches him again- Leave me alone! 

???: DX -screeches out in pain and claws Lugia away- <Master she is coming! Her creature... It's hurting me!> 

Jane: ... You just want to sleep on the couch forever don't you? -stops for a moment- ... I think i hear moping in this room. Could be him? 

Eshwin: Yeah...? What did you think it'd be so scary...? <.< 

Eleanor: <Yeah okay...> ... >:T -slowly moves her paws, trying to walk- 

Gardevoir: D8 Wake up! -shakes him a little- >.< Oh no... I-I gotta warn the colony... 

Elean: >.< I don't want you to go. -hugs him tight- She can't do this... Someone should send her to the Jaakrufu.


Madeline: -hands him his boxers- X3 Heh. You did well babe. -kisses his cheek- Don't question my poker skills again. 

Sandy: ... Look I don't know why Im calling. I really don't want to... But after talking to Amber... I felt like I should... 


Sandra: |3 Heh... You love it... Admit it... <3 -gropes him- 

Din: O.O!! D< Hey! -floats between them- Don't hurt her! She is your daughter!

Zelda: Come... Let's head off to the graveyard before they get any ideas... 

Zara: ... You cant stay a little longer...? Sad -strokes his cheek gently- 

Shea: D: Shit! -run faster- D< OPEN THE GATES! -howls-

???: o.o;; Run faster! D:

Shawn: ... This is the girl... >/ Look spit it out. What is it?

Celestia: -cuddles her gently- ... I love you too my darling... -strokes her hair- Hey how about we call your brother down?


Paul: :/ Are you sure you still want this...? -kisses her cheek- 

Chelsea: ... -moves back a bit- Fine... I'll be out in a second... 


Laetri: Heh... ^///^ Im sorry I ran off before... 

Tani: o.o!! You were fucking in front of Silver?! D<

Celestia: -hides behind Kail- >.>;; no of course not... -whispers in Kali's ear- Where are my clothes? D: 

Zelda: ... -looks over at the child and smiles quickly-

???: Come on. Let's just leave the men be... -tugs his arm gently-

Aurora: Are you sure..? <3 -plays with the collar of his shirt- 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 17 I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 06, 2013 11:39 am

Vivian: I just hope Hanson really isn't that interested in us anymore... I don't want anything ruining this for us... -cuddles up to him and shuts her eyes-

???: -shrugs- Eh... I could probably cover the cost with my tips, but you do what makes you comfortable girl. Just take it easy, alright?

Blade: >.> Don't go too soft on the boy. He's here as a punishment, remember?

Drayna: D| Oh Mihan please... :/ You know I work hard to make nice meals for you guys... -gently wipes Vikke's face clean- I'd appreciate it if you didn't act like such a child...


???: >.< !! Bitch! >C Just you wait until master deals with you...

Jinn: o.o;; Hey! D< Let go! -tries to pull away- >C You wouldn't fucking dare...


Tyrel: X3 -laughs a bit- I don't mean to... you just have that effect on me. Smile

Blade: <.< I'll keep an eye out for them. Bruno's scared of me. -flicks his tail a bit and looks her over- ... You've got a broken bone there, so this is gonna hurt... -morphs to his human form- But if I don't put pressure on it, you're gonna bleed out. So try not to waste your breath screaming too much. -leans forward and presses his palm down on the wound-

Deo: -ears flatten- ... No. I'm meant to stay away from him. >/ Why don't you check the damn healing tent?

Harold: >.> Well if you are going to call the police and send me to prison anyhow... I may as well cause some damage. |3 Now dry up the tears Maria, quickly. >.> Don't be causing a scene. Just get moving. >/

William: Do you want this or not Chelsea?


Abigail: >.> Oh great. I really did want another cat around the place. Buzz off kitty. -tries to swat her away- I'm busy.

Silver: >/ I'm sure you know me don't you? What do you work with police? You're not gonna take me away...

G: Calm down child, we're not with police. ... Silver you were taken away years ago... don't you remember?


Silver: I know... -sighs a bit- Look I haven't seen her in years, I didn't know what she was going to be like. But she's one of our best options... she probably remembers more than I do. And if it weren't for her I would still be under his control.... give her a chance.

Reese: ... >/ No. I can't watch this. -quickly moves between them and holds his wand out- Elle doesn't belong to you...

???: o.o; Reese. D: What are you doing?

Voldemort: >.> ... -thinks for a moment and looks him over- Now Reese... I'm disappointed...

Daryl: >.< !! Aurora stop! -blood drips from his mouth and backs into a wall- <Look... look just kill it! I'm having enough troubles of my own!>

Drayna: -quickly jumps in the window- o.o Aurora. Hey calm down, let's get you back home.

Lugia: >/ -swoops into the air and fires sharp blasts of water at her-

Abigail: >.> I'll ignore the couch comment. It probably is him. -cracks her knuckles- We'll just ask him a few questions. >3 I've always wanted to do this.

Clayton: I don't know, it just didn't... seem right...

Persian: >.> ... <This is entertaining.>

Benoni: <Take it easy kiddo. Nobody deserves to be sent to those bastards.> >.> -looks around- ... <There's gotta be somewhere I can land that's safe from her.>


Adam: T^T Promise... -quickly pulls them on-

Gordon: W-well I... I appreciate it... -sighs deeply and sits down- It's really good to hear your voice again. |c


Kinak: >//< Nn... no I... you can't... -bites his lip and stops fighting her- ... <3

Sandrin: Sad -tears up a little and goes very quiet, just rubbing her cheek- ...

Damien I: Quiet. >/ I can do whatever I damn well want with her. And soon enough I can do the same with you when I retrieve the triforce of power.

Damien: Of course... -.- it's a damn shame my sister has to go along with that damn idiot. -.-

???: o.o -ears perk- D: What the hell is that thing?! >.< -quickly moves out of the way of the gate-

Eldora: >.<;; -whimpers a little in fright- I-I... I just... I'm afraid that.... u-uhm... Sad I'm... I'm pregnant. I'm afraid it might... it might be... -trembles a little and trails off-

Gaileth: -rubs her eyes- My brother...?


Ama: Yes Paul sir... I really do love you... -cuddles up to him- This human idea of staying with one person, it really sounds so special....

Baldor: Why? Where are you going?


Alassea: D: You should be! I was really worried about you!

Kali: >.> Hey well he needed to be punished.

Silver: .___. Mihan... I've seen some things...

???: .... Yes mummah... -looks over at Zelda- <I'll be back later in the night. :O I really wanna know about you.> -hugs his mother's arm-

G: Pretty sure.... -plays with the ends of her hair- >.> Why? Did you have something in mind? |3
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 17 I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 07, 2013 10:02 am

Scruff: ... There might be another problem though... 

Chelsea: Yeah I will... I'll come and see you. And you can stop by whenever... -tries to smile- 

Mika: >.> Cuddles aren't that bad... He'll still be doing work.

Malladus: -.- I just want a steak for once in my life.

Vikke: o.o Steeaaaakkk :O 


Isaac: >3 -teleports them all back to one of his houses- Get Jinn in the ice... And give Zara a little welcome back present.


Shea: Heh... -strokes his hair and rests her forehead against his- I hope you feel better soon... 

Krista: DX AH! Fuck! -tears up- Shit that... That fucking kills...   

Tess: I have and he isn't there D: There is a girl who is bleeding out near the edge of the forest and I need help.

Maria: ... -trembles and slowly moves into the alley- >.< Oh please... Why cant uou leave us alone?  

Chelsea: Well i do but it sounds like I'm just going to be a shit fuck to you. 


Willow: >:T -bites Abigail's hand- Reoorr... 

Aurora: :/ Look we're actually hiding from the police too... But we've been looking for you... You got taken from your father and he wants you back... 


Tani: ... -frowns- You can but Im going on my own.  You can stay with her and act like she is the greatest thing. I want to save our son...

Elle: o.o D: Reese -stands next to him- Don't do it please! You'll get killed Sad 

Aurora: -looks up- D: Drayna? Oh thank god >.<...  

Jane: ... -grabs at the door and pushes inside- 

Emily: -sitting in a chair, sobbing to herself- |c  

Eshwin: Well it feels good right  know... <3 

Eleanor: T^T <I'm making progress!> -paws at him-

Elean: Well what place would she hate? 


Madeline: X3 Wanna go get under a blanket? 

Sandy: ... Gordon... I really do not know what to do in this situation..


Sandra: |3 -gently whispers in his ear- Now... Shall you stay here or will you... Go away <3

Din: I still have some power! Im not under your control yet! D< ill never be! -huffs a bit and pushes him hard-  

Zelda: She is so innocent sometimes. :/ She obviously cares about your father. 

(Forgot Thrall.)

Shea: -pushes through the gates and heads outside- o.o;; -slowly stops- D: Shit 

Shawn: o.o... That the... The baby could me mins? Sad 

Celestia: Yeah... I'm sure Derek really does miss you.. Smile


Paul: -smiles and cuddles her- You have made me suh a happy man.. <3 

Chelsea: No where. I'm just getting myself ready okay?


Laetri: I didn't mean to... I just needed time on my own.... :/

Tani: D: Oh Mihan... -goes to the bars- Oh Mihan I'm here now... Sad I'm so sorry...

Zelda: ... <Alright... I won't tell anyone... You just listen to your mummah for the time being...> 

Aurora: -smiles a bit- Mmn... I think you know |3'<3 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 17 I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 07, 2013 10:45 am

Vivian: o.o ... What is it? Sad

???: Sure thing. X3 -ruffles her hair- I'll tell your friends you went home.

Eldrin: >:T Meat first.

Drayna: ... -sighs a bit and smiles faintly- Yes sweetheart, very good... X3 -looks back up at Malladus- Mihan I've said before, I'm tired of having to cook innocent animals... if you were able to do it yourself it would be a different matter.


Jinn: >.< No you can't! Don't you fucking dare! -tries to pull away from them-

???: >3 -holds Zara close and runs a hand down her side- Yes of course master... we'll put on a good show for you... <3 -gently nips at her neck-


Tyrel: I will... she didn't hurt me too badly.

Blade: -.-' I told you not to waste your breath. -holds his paw there- Look just don't move and you'll be fine.

Deo: ... -looks her over- Shit Tess... -runs a hand through his hair and glances over at the healing tent- They'll put me to death for this. Go back to the forest and make sure she stays awake. I'll be right there. -races to the healing tent and picks up some bandages and medicines and that-

Harold: >3 -follows her- Don't fret my dear... -presses her against a wall and stands over her- Just do as I say and he won't be harmed... -pulls a gun from his pocket and holds it to her neck- Are we understanding of each other now?


Abigail: o.o !! Ow hey! D< -swats her head away- Fuck you little piece of shit!

Silver: -pauses- ... You...?

G: Yes. Try and remember...

Silver: No, you can't... -drops the basket and backs away more- >/ Don't think I don't know who you are, you... you can't be...


Silver: >/ -grabs her arm- And what do you think I want? In case you might have forgotten he's my son as well and you're not the only one that's concerned. Laetri's my priority before anything else... especially now. Don't insult me Tani by suggesting Green comes anywhere close to how much I care about our son. Don't you dare.

Voldemort: >.> The boy has already made his decision... he can't turn back from being a traitor now...

Reese: >/ Like I care... -holds onto her hand- I'm not letting you do anything to her.

Drayna: -holds onto her hand- C'mon. D:

Daryl: o.o -looks up at them, wiping some blood from his mouth- Don't you dare!

Drayna: -returns her Lugia and teleports back to the daycare-

Abigail: ... -tilts her head a bit and looks her over- Hm. Mopey as Snape, but not what we were looking for... >.> -leans against the doorframe- Oi. You look like someone we know... who are you?

Clayton: -nods and rests his head against Eshwin's chest- It does... <3

Persian: X3 <I can see that.> -walks ahead of her-

Benoni: D| <I don't know. The woman's a fucking machine. She'd follow us anywhere.>


Adam: T^T Yes please... -cuddles up to her-

Gordon: I... I never meant to put you or the kids at risk... I... I promise, I was going to quit for good before they put me away. I don't know what else to tell you. I'm really sorry I deceived you Sandy...


Kinak: I... I'll... S-stay... -squirms under her- >//<

Sandrin: Sad Stop! Stop please, don't!

Damien I: D< !! -stumbles back a bit- Just you wait... >C You don't have long. Then you'll be mine. And I'll level this land. You won't be able to do a thing... -walks past her- Sandrin! Come! >/ -growls a bit-

Damien: Cause she fees she has to. -ears flatten and narrows his eyes a bit- I used to be the same when I was a stupid and naive child.

Thrall: ... -nods once- I can stay for a while longer...

Viktor: -stops and growls- ... >C Hmph. They won't live long out there...

???: o.o; ... -ears droop a little- This is the outside...? -squints and shields her eyes from the sun- >.<; It's so hot.

Eldora: Sad ... -sniffles a bit and nods- >.< They say it.... it could be really bad when it grows... Crying or Very sad I-I'm scared...

Gaileth: o.o Brother Derek! Very Happy I remember brother Derek!


Ama: ^//^ -cuddles up to him and rests her head against his chest- Well you have been so wonderful to me Paul sir... I want to make you happy. Smile

Baldor: .... Alright. Don't take long. -heads outside-


Alassea: Sad Mkay... m'sorry about your dad Laetri...

Silver: D| It's ok Mihan... -leans against the bars- What are you doing back? Sad

???: ... -nods and follows her back to their tent-

???: >.> Get some sleep elven creature. You're gonna need it. >3 -grins a bit and walks away from her cage-

G: Well... -kisses the top of her head gently- We might be able to arrange something then. |3
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 17 I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 08, 2013 10:36 pm

Scruff: Well... I know we haven't seen her yet but... Bellatrix might be down here after she was killed... And she is probably not too happy with us. 

Chelsea: X3 Heh. Okay. -kisses his cheek- Have fun shaking your junk around. -heads outside- 

Mika: <.< Only people who say the magic nice words get it. 

Malladus: Well I can't help it if I was designed to have giant paws that can't hold pans properly T^T 


Isaac; >3 Good. -looks at Jinn- Ill get the ice bath ready myself. I want this to be a great moment. 

Zara: >.< Stop! -pulls hr neck away- Can't you just fucking leave us alone?! 


Shea: I know but... I just worry. -kisses his cheek-

Krista: Im trying not to... >.< Shit... Bruno is not happy... 

Tess: ... Thank you Deo. -races back to Blade- Look i couldnt find your brother. Deo is coming to help.   

Maria: >.< -tears fall down her cheeks and trembles- Please Harold... Please don't do anything stupid...


Willow: >/ -lays down on top of the papers-

Jane: <.< I have a feeling she is winning. 

Aurora: D: Silver please! I know you'd get a bad idea at the first impression of your father... But really he is a loving and caring person for his family...


Tani: >/ -pulls her arm away- ... Could've fooled me. -walks away again- 

Elle: Reese please... I don't want you hurt... Sad -squeezes his hand gently-

???: >.< ... -lays down and tears up- <M-Master...>

Aurora: >.< Oh Drayna! Thank you! -hugs her- I thought I was going to be trapped there forever...

Thana: -plays with Lily's hair- Mummah... I miss Lucky. Can I go and see him? 

Emily: -looks them over- Y-You're Aurora's friends right?

Eshwin: -runs a hand gently down his side- I love you... So much. <3 

Eleanor: >.>... >:T -holds onto his tail with her mouth, pulling him back gently so he falls- 

Elean: o.o... Machine... Benoni I have an idea. Go land in the human town thats not too far from here. We need to go to a bar. 


Madeline: X3 Okay you big sook. -helps him upstairs- 

Sandy: ... Gordon this isn't the first time though. You've been doing so many stupid things with Jude, putting our family at risk. I still fear that one day someone is going to come looking for us. Not to mention now you're going to probably lose your job. What are we suppose to do then?


Sandra: -moves her hand away- Awh. |3 You're so sweet. <3 -kisses him gently- Now can I get my big man anything? 

Din: >C Sandrin don't do this. You don't have to take crap from a fat bastard like him! Remember how he hurt others? How he hurt that elf? 

Zelda: ... At least now you are wiser. :/ come on. Lets just get going. -quickly sneaks out of the kingdom, toward Kakariko Village- 

Zara: Thank you... -smiles a bit and kisses him gently- I just feel safe with you here. <3 

Shea: >.< Shit... It's so fucking hot... Iunno how long we can stay out here for...

Shawn: ... So why come to me?

Reynard: Are you fucking kidding? D< You did this to my fiancé! I want you to help her you selfish bastard!

Celestia: -smiles faintly- There you go. He will be coming down soon. 


Paul: X3 -scoops her up and places her onto the bed, laying down with her- And you know I'd do anything to make you happy. <3

Chelsea: ... Shit. -runs a hand through her hair- What the hell have I done? 


Laetri: Hey it's okay... He'll be better. I'm just sorry all this happened to your family... Sad 

Tani: The others said i should stay down here. They feel Kali and Celestia will push it too far... :/ 

Zelda: ... -lays down and tries to get comfortable- ... |c

Aurora: -giggles a bit and starts to undo his blazer- This is crazy... But it feels right... <3 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 17 I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 09, 2013 4:24 am

Vivian: o.o I didn't even think about that. -looks around carefully- D: She could be really dangerous down here... and she's always been bloody obsessed with you.

???: >.> I always do. X3

Eldrin: Pleeeaaase? 83 -puts on a fake pouty face-

Blade: -rolls his eyes- >.> Wipe the look off your face boy.

Drayna: Honestly... D| -picks at her food- You can be such a child sometimes Mihan. -gets up- ... I think I need some fresh air. :/


Jinn: o.o;; -looks up at him for a bit- N-no... no please! >.<

???: >C Hush. -bites down hard into her neck and sucks some blood- We never did get a chance to play around with you little elf... >3 -licks some blood from her neck- It'll be fun... <3


Tyrel: You don't need to... just relax...

Blade: -looks up at her- ... Deo isn't allowed to practice medicine anymore. He could be banished from the tribe completely.

Deo: -comes back and kneels down by Krista's side- Well her condition looks bad. She needs the attention now.

Harold: Oh don't worry... no none of this is stupid. -gently strokes her cheek- We're gonna fix this. |3 Don't you worry. -kisses the top of her head- You'll never have to see him again.

William: Look you knew what you were getting into, do you want this or not? Cause I can just as soon go home without you.


Abigail: I'm not losing to a damn cat. >/ -picks her up and drops her on the floor- Go on, get lost.

Silver: What do you expect of me? >/ Hm? You want me to drop everything and join some stupid little family? I don't even know you...

G: You said you had trouble with police. We can help you, we can hide you from them.


Silver: o.o ... Tani! D< -watches her leave- ... Fine. >/ Fucking be that way.

Ebele: -being chained up in the new hidy place- .... Sad Do you think your parents will find us...? -sniffles a bit-

Reese: >C I'll be fine... -quickly flicks his wand and teleports them both elsewhere-

Voldemort: -looks over the empty tribe for a moment- ... Find them.

Daryl: -shakily wipes some blood from his mouth- F-fuck... >.< -sighs a bit and straightens up- ... <What is it? You better have been damn hurt to have let them through...>

Drayna: Hey hey it's alright... -smiles faintly and gently hugs her back- You're safe now.

Slate: No you need to stay here kid. Lucky and your mother aren't on good terms.

Abigail: Maybe. >.> Depends on who's asking.

Clayton: -looks up at him for a moment- ... You love me?

Persian: o.o; -falls over and lands on his back- <Hey! X3 What was that for?> -slowly gets up and brushes himself off-

Benoni: <Sure.> o.o -swoops in over the human town- <What've you got in mind kid?>


Adam: -looks over at Annette- >:U You better not say a damn word about this!

Gordon: I... I know... I'd find something. I'd still support you Sandy, I'd do whatever it takes... but...


Kinak: -frowns a bit- Just get off me...

Sandrin: Sad -quickly looks between them, looking torn- I-I... >.<; Please... -swallows nervously and backs away a bit-

Damien I: >/ So help me Sandrin... -grabs her by her hair and pulls her back- You're coming with me or you'll fucking regret it.

Sandrin: -tears up a little- Ow daddy! >.< Please you're hurting me!

Damien: -nods and follows her-

Thrall: ... you have to promise me you'll stay hidden away in here when I'm gone. I don't know how safe it is here in the resistance. But it looks like the slums... and they're a bad place. I don't want you hurt.

???: >.<;; -crawls down from her back and looks around- T-there's gotta be shade somewhere...

Eldora: Please! Please you have to help! -starts to cry- >.< I don't know what to do this could kill me...

Rose: .... -hugs Shawn's arm- she's really scared, if you did this, can't you help her?

Gaileth: ^w^ Yay. -cuddles up to her. <3


Ama: Hehe. ^//^ You're so strong sir... -lays down and cuddles up to him- <3


Seth: :/ We're all ok kiddo... your father couldn't control what he did, and we can give him our forgiveness.

Kali: >.> We know exactly what we're doing.

Silver: D< -hisses- Nobody should EVER have to see what I just saw!

???: -slowly sneaks out of his little tent late in the night and makes his way over to the cage- o.o ... -sniffs at her a bit- Elf creature... are you awake?

G: Hey well if this is what you want it can't be that crazy... -runs a hand down her side and plays with the edge of her shirt-
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 17 I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 09, 2013 12:18 pm

Scruff: -puts his hood over his head- We'll have to be sneaky. If we see her we must avoid her.  

Chelsea: -laughs a bit and calls out- I'll have to see your show one time! X3 

Mika: owo... Awh. X3 -kisses the top of his head- You're so cute! <3 

Vikke: D: Ehhh! -reaches out- 


Isaac: Shut it. -grabs her by her hair and drags her upstairs- 

Zara: DX Ahhh! -goes limp in her arms- N-No... 


Shea: ... Okay. -lays down and rests her head against his shoulder- <3

Tess: Ill keep watch. But if we dont di anything Blade she could die. And right now she has a lot of information about Bruno... 

Krista: o.o;; ... Y-You're going to help me...? -looks up at Deo- 

Maria: o.o;; N-No... Sad Please I love him... He has cared about me more than you have... 

Chelsea: No I thought you actually cared. Im not a fucking slut y'know 


Williow: <.< -moves over and pees on AJ's shoe- |3 -purrs happily- 

Aurora: We're in the same books as you are... Our home is hidden away. :/ Plus we can give you a bed and food... Im sure you'd like that. 


Tani: ... -tears up and sinks into the ground, speeding off- 

Laetri: They have a plan. I sense it. Besides, he cannot run for long with all these kids. >/ 

Elle: D: Reese no! >.< Now he is going to go after my family! 

Hanson: >w> With pleasure my lord |3 -walks around the tribe-

Rayurn: Right. The door should keep us protected... Its tough and it will take a lot to break it down... I just hope Elle is okay... 

???: >.< <I am hurt... P-Please master... There is blood...> 

Aurora: Look where is Parker... I-I have to see him Sad 

Lily: |c -sighs- I miss him so much...

Thana: D: Cant we do something?

Emily: ... Im her mother. 

Eshwin: ... I-- o.o -ears perk- What the... -gets up and looks outside- D: There are intruders! 

Eleanor: >.> <For making fun.> |3 -walks ahead of him- 

Elean: -jumps down- I know a bounty hunter thats been described as a ... Maachinnnee. Maybe she can help us. 


Annette: >.> -saves the video- Of course not. |3 you have my word.

Sandy: ... -sighs- Gordon... I just... I don't know... I'm too tired of this... 


Sandra: Mkay |3 -moves away- I'm just going to go get changed. 

Din: D< Enough! Let her go!

Nabooru: -standing behind him- >J well well well... What do we have here...

Zara: I promise... At least now we'll be safe from the king... :/ -kisses his cheek- 

Shea: ... There's nothing out here. Christ... We might have to go back in... 

Shawn: ... Right. I'll help. >.> But... For this to work... I must ask for something...

Reynard: For gods sake what do you want?

Shawn: ... The child.

Derek: -teleports down- Now where is my-- o.o... Baby sister? 


Chelsea: -walks out in all her tough biker gear- ... -comes up to Baldor- Hey.


Laetri: Yeah. Its nice to know that you are all so forgiving... -sighs a bit-

Tani: Look just calm down! D| Please don't do this anymore in front of him. 

Zelda: ... -sits up- I'm not an elf child. I'm a Hylian. We are very different species...

Aurora: I know but... I know what I'm doing... But... Its strange because I've never done this... 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 17 I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 09, 2013 2:29 pm

Vivian: -nods and holds onto him- We'll be safe once we get to that castle, I'm sure...

Blade: ... Mika. -.- Mika the kid's faking it.

Drayna: o.o -ears perk and looks over at her- You want to come with me little darling? X3 -laughs a little- Sure... I won't say no to that. Smile -scoops her up and cuddles her close- <3


Jinn: Ah! >.< -tries to pull away- Fucking hell, let me go!

???: >3 -pins her down on the ground- Let's have some fun girls... <3


Tyrel: -strokes her hair gently- Thankyou... I love you. <3

Blade: ... -nods and steps away from Krista-

Deo: -starts to clean away some blood and clean the wound with medicine- Yes, you're going to be alright. Just try and stay still for me. -starts to bandage it-

Harold: >.> ... Don't Maria... >/ Or I will have him dead. Now... you're going to tell him you're leaving. You won't say where or why. Just that the marriage is off between you two...

William: -looks her over- <.< Could have fooled me.


Abigail: o.o !! Oi! D< Fucking hell! -kicks her- Jane would you shut the damn thing out of the room? >/

Silver: ... And how do I know I can trust you? >/ Don't think I don't know what you're like. Nothing but a thief and a criminal.

G: That's what you don't understand silver, you are the very same. We're not as different as you keep saying.

Silver: D< DON'T! Don't you dare! Stealing and hiding from the law was the only option I had! >.< You don't understand!


Ebele: Sad I hope so...

Pryce: <.< I wish you would have more faith in me child... I have been doing this, and getting away with it... >3 For a very long time... -moves over in front of them and looks them over- you two will be my best project yet, once you learn to obey...

Reese: You hid your family, they won't be able to find them ... -sighs a bit- I just had to make sure you were safe. Sad

Bellatrix: Ehe... >3 -pulls her wand out- My lord, we should make them both suffer when they're found...

Vivian: >.> -swoops down and lands by Voldemort, morphing to her human form- You won't find them here. They've gone further away. But... leverage isn't too far from here. |3

Fawn: Sad Oh the poor baby.... >.< How does she keep getting involved in trouble like this?

Daryl: <Alright.> -frowns a bit and quickly heads outside, looking her over- I didn't expect her to have a dragon too. Where are you hurt? -pulls out his wand-

Parker: o.o -sits up- I'm here. Hey are you alright, I heard you got snatched up.

Drayna: Listen Aurora, there's something you should know before you speak with him...

Slate: <.< No. He was an asshole to your mother and i don't want him back here unless he's gonna apologise.

Abigail: o.o ... No fooling.

(I'm guessing that's the drows?)
Clayton: What? o.o -sits up-

Aiki: D< -hisses- <They are invading colony!>

Clayton: Shit. -frowns a bit and quickly gets up- Who's intruding?

Persian: >.> <Hmph. And I was going easy on you.>

Benoni: <Alright but be quick finding her kiddo. I can't go into those pubs and that, and the moment old master finds me she'll take me back. :/ I won't be able to stop her.>


Adam: -.-' That scares me even more.

Missy: X3 -giggles a bit- I can't imagine how you would have handled raising young children.

Gordon: .... -sighs deeply- I understand. That's ok... I... just take care of the kids. Tell them I love them...


Kinak: >C -growls and flicks his tail indignantly- Fine... -runs a hand through his hair, looking thoroughly pissed- That better be the last fucking time you pull that kind of shit woman. D<

Sandrin: Sad -sniffles and pulls away, backing behind Din to hide-

Damien I: >/ -turns to face her- ... What do you want?

Thrall: Yes... but now this is the only place we'll be safe. We'll have to spend a long time here before anyone forgets about us on the surface...

???: Sad B-but he's waiting for us in there... we'll be caught and punished...

Eldora: o.o;; -looks very stunned and goes pale- I... -trembles a little and goes weak in the legs, leaning against Reynard for support- Oh god... >.< I need a moment...

Anudor: Very Happy Hey little-- o.o ... Not so little... Gaileth... oh my. .__.

Gaileth: Brother Derek! Very Happy -runs over and hugs his legs- >w< <3


Baldor: -looks her over- .... o.o -glances over at some of the elves- You're not exactly dressed for the occasion Chelsea, what is this?


Alassea: Sad please cheer up... it's gonna be ok.

Kali: <.< Love we know what we're doing when it comes to torture and punishment. You don't.

???: o.o -tilts his head and sits down at the bars- Hyyyyliann? :O Never heard of them. What kind of creature is Hylian?

G: Is that so? Well you are young.... but i could show you a thing or two.
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 17 I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 10, 2013 1:00 pm

Scruff: Hopefully. Just keep your hood on too. -kisses her cheek and sneaks off to the castle- 

Mika: o.o... Eldrin why are you faking a pouty face? :/ 

Vikke: ^w^ -holds onto her and nuzzles her- <3 

Malladus: ... -sighs a bit and gets up- You be careful out there... You want me to come? -kisses her cheek- 


Isaac: -takes her into the bathroom, conjuring some ice in the bathtub- >J ... Now... you will be mine. -shoves her into the bath- 


Shea: I love you too... More than anything. <3 

Krista: -whimpers a bit in pain- >.< th-thanks... 

Maria: What? But I.. -thinks for a moment- ... M-May i do it... Over the phone...? 

Chelsea: >/ Im not a slut okay? I care about you a lot Will.


Willow: >.< -hisses and climbs back onto the table- >C

Jane: <.< And get pee on my shoe? Nuh uh.

Aurora: And we aren't judging you... We do understand what you went through was hard. And whether by choice or not... You had to do a lot of things. :/ things you didn't like. But we want to help... I'm sure you can give us a chance. You would like others to give you a chance right? 


Laetri: >C No one controls me. We will be your first failed and final project.  

Elle: Yes but only for a short time Sad they'll be searching for them... -tears up- They're no match for them... 

Scruff: ... Look really, maybe we should leave them. Find the girl first.  

Rayurn: Sadly trouble just always seems to follow Elle... Sad 

???: ... -lifts her head up, showing her huge gash- <Sh-She tried to act nice to me.. Talked all sweet and that...> 

Aurora: -ignores her and moves over to Parker, holding his hand- Im okay... Sad Are you okay? I was so worried

Thana: >:T how do we know that if we don't talk to him? 

Emily: Sad -nods- Look I know about the kidnapping. Snape hasn't done it... 

 Eshwin: It's another race of elves. >/ -heads out- We must hurry.

Eleanor: >w> <Don't get upset now.> |3 

Elean: She should be coming out. :/

Annette: -comes out of the bar, counting up some cash- Pfft. Capture some elves and this is all i get -.-  


Annette: >.> Not too well my dear. 

Madeline: X3 Cmon babe. <3  

Sandy: ... Ill... Talk to you soon I guess... 


Sandra: Calm down babe. -gets into a dress- I won't have to do that stuff if you try not to control me. >.> 

Nabooru: >/ I heard you've been bugging Zelda. Im tellinf you to piss off. 

Zara: I know... -plays with his chest hair- ... -smiles a bit- You really are more hairy than I thought >w>  

Shea: We just have to be sneaky... :/ I'm sorry... But we'll die out here. 

Reynard: D: -holds her close and looks at Shawn- You cant be serious?! D<

Shawn: Im dead serious >/ 

Derek: o.o... -picks her up- Hey kiddo. -cuddles her- We've missed you... Jeez. You've grown so much.


Chelsea: ... It's what I always wear. Even still it's all I have. What's wrong with it? 


Laetri: ... I'm trying. -takes her hand-

Nightshade: :/ -kisses Seth's forehead- Hopefully we can go home soon. 

Tani: >/ I am the daughter of the most feared shadow creature. I think i do know a lot more: 

Zelda: Well... We are just our own thing I guess... You seem so curious little one.

Aurora: -kisses his cheek- Please teach me... <3 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 17 I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 10, 2013 2:09 pm

Vivian: ... -nods and pulls her hood over her head-

Kali: -sitting in Celestia's lap- >.> Hm... she's nuts. But I gotta say I really love her. She'd be good to torture other fallen souls.

Bellatrix: >3 -grins and laughs a little- It would be my pleasure...

Eldrin: o.o ... -ears go back- So you'd give me more meat... 8C

Drayna: -looks up at him- :/ Well I can't imagine why I'd need to be careful, it's just out the front for some fresh air. But you're welcome to come with me.


Jinn: >.<;; No no! -tears up- Please you can't-- DX !! -screams out in desperate pain- AAAHHH! -falls back in the bath and quickly goes very limp and pale-


Tyrel: -sighs- And to think... Bruno almost kept you all to himself. I couldn't have let that happen... -cuddles her gently-

Deo: -works for a while and gets it patched up and splinted- There... you wont be able to move your shoulder for a while but you can sit up now and the pain should start to fade soon.

Harold: |3 Good girl. By all means... -hands her a cellphone-

Will: ... You do?


Abigail: -grumbles a bit- You're a real help, love. -.- Get off the damn table cat. >/

Persian: -walks in and looks over at them- >.> .... -ears flatten and hisses at her- >C

Silver: I wouldn't trust anyone... >/ Just leave me alone. -backs away a bit before turning and running away-

G: o.o Silver! D:


Pryce: >.> We'll just see boy... you should really be thanking me. |3 I will allow you to see your full potential. Working for me under my training program... you couldn't have become a better fighter otherwise. Trust me... you'll be like the others. You'll thank me in the end.

Ebele: You... you won't get away with it! >/ You'll get caught!

Reese: We can get them somewhere safer then... we'll fix this.

Vivian: >.> The girl... is a long way from here.

Fawn: Sad It isn't fair... >.< Oh I knew that magic school was a bad idea!

Daryl: >/ You shouldn't have trusted her. I told you to kill her, not make friends. You let Aurora get away...

Parker: o.o ... I'm fine. Bit of a headache but the dragon didn't hurt me that bad. -draws his hand away-

Slate: -frowns- We're not talking with him and that's final. >/

Abigail: >.> Oh. That's disappointing, I wanted to have a reason to bitch him out. Then enlighten us.

Tyrandes: -climbs to a thick branch on a nearby tree- >w> What a nice little town. I might take it. >3 Surround them, sisters. Question them.

Aiki: D< -hisses and lands down in the colony, swiping at a few drows-

Persian: ... >3 -crouches a little and pounces on her-

Benoni: >.> ... -sniffs at her- <What is this thing?>


Adam: D| Yeah I just wanna hide in my room in shame for the rest of my life now...

Gordon: ... -picks up a few pills- Yeah I guess...


Kinak: >/ -snarls- You shouldn't be doing it at all. You have no right.

Damien I: I'm nowhere near the fucking princess. >C and don't tell me what to do, wench. i'm hardly in the mood to humour orders from some woman.

Thrall: >.> I should hope so. Only real men have this much hair. |3

???: -huffs a bit and nods- Y-yeah.... >.< It's really bad out here miss Shea...

Rose: ... -just leans back in Shawn's lap and watches them-

Eldora: How could you ask for something like that...? Crying or Very sad You can't...

Gaileth: Very Happy Really?

Anudor: o.o; Yeah.... ^^' Look how big you've gotten.


Baldor: There are more suitable clothes in the treehouse. This is a celebration Chelsea, you're expected to dress up at least a little.


Alassea: -squeezes his hand gently and cuddles up to him- <3

Seth: Yes I'm starting to feel better, but I really would like to thank the queen Zelda first. :/ It was very kind of her to house us here...

Kali: >.> You'd think that, but no. He's your Mihan, you're going to be soft on him. So bugger off and let us torture him.

???: o.o Just cause you're so different... :O Our people have never seen anythig like you...

G: Of course... <3 -leans in and kisses her gently, holding her close and running his hands up her shirt-
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 17 I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 10, 2013 10:38 pm

Scruff: -reaches the castle- ... Well... That was too easy... 

Celestia: >.> Iunno... Didn't your mother say stay away from death eaters? 

Chelsea: -comes up to the surface one day, heading into town for bike parts- ...

Mika: But I really hate liars Eldrin. Sad it makes me so upset... 

Malladus: I know I just... Get worried. Bad things always happen to us... :/ you know that... 


Isaac: -pulls her out and bites down hard into her neck- Mmm... Finally... I get to taste you... <3 


Shea: Yeah... I don't think I would've survived long if I had stayed there... 

Krista: -slowly sits up- ... Thanks.

Tess: You'll need to stay here for a while. For your own protection and to let that heal up- 

Maria: ... -dials her parents hotel room number instead of Marco's- ... -tries to hold back her tears-

???: Sweetheart can you get that? I think that might be Maria. She said she wanted to make some plans today.

Chelsea: Yeah I did. But you know what? You can go to hell. >/ I can fucking see why Eloisa left you. I don't know how she dealt with your bullshit for so long.  


Willow: >w> ... Reowwr. |3 -swishes her tail-

Jane: o.o... Hey -kneels down- Is that my cute cuddle buddy? -searches for him- 

Aurora: D: Giovanni, take the kids back inside. Ill go and follow him.


Laetri: >/ I fight for only good causes. I do not wish to reach my full potential under the influence of an evil man.
I'll never say thank you for what you are doing... You did all this to my father long ago... >C

Elle: ... -holds onto him- I can't believe you did that...

Scruff: Well if you know where she is lets not waste time here >/ She'll obviously give herself up no matter what. 

Rayurn: Shh calm down... Sad it'll be okay... -holds her close-

???: -snarls- <I didn't trust her! I attacked when i was suppose to attack!> D< <How dare you say I would disobey you...> 

Aurora: Oh thank god... >.< Look we can go back to your gym and heal you up. I think your training should be held off... 

Thana: >C Why are you so meanie poo for? 

Emily: I came here to ask him to help her... I thought he would but... After finding out the truth he left... |c He is her father...

Jane: o.o;; No way... 

Eshwin: >C -races out and draws his sword- Get out of our colony now! 

Eleanor: O.O!! <Hey!> XD -squirms underneath him- <Get off of me!> 

Annette: o.o;; -looks at Benoni- ... You just enjoy sniffing at random people Hm?

Elean: She is a vampire who apparently ripped out her fangs... :/ But she has a special arm because she lost it.

Annette: -.- Good to know you two are observant. Look what do you want? I'm a busy woman. 


Madeline: Well hardly anyone saw. -wraps an arm around his waist- And I like what I saw. <3  

Sandy: ... -sighs- I love you Gordon... Even after all of this that'll never stop... 


Sandra: And yet here we are. Look I like you a lot... You're a strong and handsome Jirin... |3 who is good in the sack. But I just can't go to your kingdom. I like having freedom. 

Nabooru: >/ Well welcome to Hyrule where a lot of women have power. You know maybe I should fucking send you to Ruto's kingdom. There you can be the king of other freaky blue things. 

Din: ... -whispers to Sandrin- Come... Your brother is close to the ocarina. Let's just hurry off then we can be safe...

Zara: -giggles- ^///^ It really is a turn on... <3 

Shea: ... Here stay underneath me kiddo. I guess I'm the only one who can provide some shade... 

Shawn: Its my child too. I have a right don't I? Look if you don't want the help then fine. 

Derek: ^^;; wow... So uh you wanna stay at our home for a bit? 


Chelsea: But this is what I wear on celebrations. Look what do you expect me to wear? A dress? Because I'm not doing that and you cannot make me. -.-  we've been through that.


Nightshade: Same... But I'm not sure where she is. She just vanished when Laetri left. o.o

Tani: >/ No. No more torture okay? You're having too much fun with this. 

Zelda: ... Heh. -tries to smile- I do admit it's nice to talk to one of your kind without being threatened... But you know that I have met another group of your people before. Out in this desert... 

Aurora: Mmn... <3 -kisses him back and blushes a little, squirming a bit at his touch- 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 17 I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 11, 2013 1:48 am

Vivian: -looks around- I know... it shouldn't have gone that smoothly... We have to be careful.

Kali: >.> Oh I know but how can you resist? |3 Look at her she's bloody perfect. I've never seen anyone so deranged in my life.

Bobby: -walking around town with his mother- ...

???: >.> You see dearest? You really didn't need that awful woman in the first place. You've gotten so much better since you got rid of her. |3

Eldrin: Hey it's not lying. >:T

Drayna: Yes that's true... -cuddles Vikke close- I wouldn't want anything happening to the little one.


Jinn: >.<; Ah... -whimpers very weakly and doesn't resist- Nn.... -trembles from the cold and tears run down her face- |c

???: -grins a bit and sits up, looking up at the bathroom- >3 Do you hear that little blood slave? She is ours now...


Tyrel: Sad It must have been horrible for you...

Blade: We'll find a place where you can stay here. I'm sure there are others who would be willing to take you in.

Deo: :/ I'll take her in, if my tent here is still empty. I'll need to keep an eye on her progress anyhow. -gets to his feet-

Harold: >.> -watches her carefully- ...

???: Oh yes of course. -goes over and picks it up- Hello?

William: >/ Oh I'm very sorry for not being able to tell that after you killed Eloisa, beat the shit out of me and fucking kidnapped me.


Abigail: -.-' Are all the cats just fucking against me today? -grumbles and slumps in her chair-

Persian: |3 -goes over and nuzzles her hand- <3

G: ... -nods and scoops up Toby- Yeah, thanks. Good luck... c'mon Baldor.

Baldor: o.o Wait who was that? D: -tugs on Aurora's sleeve- Who was that mummah?


Pryce: ... -frowns a bit- Silver was a lost cause. >/ It surprised me that he even managed to survive on his own.

Reese: -sighs- I'd do anything for you Elle... you don't deserve everything they're doing to you. It isn't fair... -gently kisses the top of her head-

Vivian: >/ Let's not forget she has the traitor on her side now. She'll be reluctant... we need to take advantage of everything we can to get her to obey completely.

Fawn: >.< B-but it won't... she's going to get hurt out there Rayurn. Sad

Daryl: D< Quiet! Don't talk back to me... the point is you failed and they snatched my love away... -grumbles a bit and turns away, heading back into the castle-

Parker: Well I'm pretty much healed, but uh... o.o I reckon I'll go back to the gym on my own. Thanks anyway. -gets up and moves away from her-

Drayna: Aurora... Sad

Slate: Watch your mouth kid. >/ Don't talk back.

Abigail: o.o .... Shiiiit.... D: That's huge, does Aurora know? Cause he was a massive fucking dickhead to her in school. >.>

Tyrandes: -looks him over- ... >3 No no, I like it here. I think I'll keep it. -grins and jumps down, pulling her hookblades from her belt and swipes at him-

Persian: >w> <Nuh uh. I don't want you getting too cocky.>

Benoni: >/ -flicks his tail- <I don't like this one.> .... -looks her over a bit more- <Can I eat it?> >.>


Adam: -blushes a little and pulls her close to him- Yeah? |3 -leans in and kisses her gently- <3

Gordon: ... You shouldn't. You were right... I've done some stupid things. You really shouldn't... -goes quiet and hesitates for a moment before taking the pills-


Kinak: Going there would obviously do you a lot of good. >/

Damien I: Enough of this. >C I'm not going to stand here and let you speak to me this way, besides which... I am busy. I do not have the time to deal with an arrogant bitch like yourself. -growls- But you would do well to watch your mouth... soon enough I will have more power than you can imagine...

Sandrin: Sad -looks over at Damien- ... -swallows nervously and quickly nods-

Thrall: |3 Good. -holds her close to him and gently kisses her neck, nipping at her a bit- Mmn... <3 I don't want to leave...

???: Sad -stays in her shadow- What about you miss Shea?

Eldora: B-but... but this isn't... Crying or Very sad This isn't fair... I want the child to... t-to be taken care of....

Rose: <.< Who says we couldn't care for a child?

Gaileth: Very Happy Yeah yeah!


Baldor: I want you to take this seriously and wear something more appropriate. It's a special occasion Chelsea, the elves have put together a celebration for us. You should show your appreciation a little more.


Seth: How odd. o.o Laetri do you know where she may be?

Kali: >/ It's not your decision. Look you wanted us so fix this so we're bloody well fixing it.

???: o.o -tilts his head a bit- There are more of us? :O We haven't seen other tribes for generations. We thought they were all killed in the great war.

G: -leans in close to her- Why don't you go lay down...? <3
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 17 I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 17, 2013 10:04 am

Scruff: At least we are here now... whatever danger comes, at least we will have protection. -heads into the castle-

Celestia: Well you haven't lived in hell long enough <.<

Chelsea: -looks over at them- Oh jesus christ... -puts her sunglasses on and tries to walk past them without being noticed-

Mika: Then what is it? :/

Vikke: :3 -paws at her face- <3

Malladus: Heh. X3 Yeah... I want to make sure she doesn't go through anything... -heads outside-


Zara: Nghh... >.< -sits up- J-Jinn? -manages to pull away from the vampires and gets up, heading upstairs-

Isaac: |3 -pulls away- ... You're finally broken... -steps away from her-

Zara: -heads into the room- ... N-No... Sad -kneels down besides her- Shit... -ears go back and conjures a blanket, quickly wrapping it around her-


Shea: ... -shudders a little- >.< I can feel his horrible touch sometimes...

Krista: I don't want to be a burden... but thanks... again... Sad -slowly gets up-

Maria: ... -sighs and shuts her eyes- Marco, it is Maria. Something has come up... we cannot do this wedding anymore.

Chelsea: Well in the end I got sick of you always fucking ignoring me! D< I had to get your attention somehow!


Jane: X3 You just have to get on the cat's good side. -cuddles him and strokes his fur- <3

Toby: o.o... -holds onto Giovanni-

Aurora: We'll explain it all later little one. Mummy has to go out and see where he is. -kisses the top of his head- You go home with daddy.


Laetri: >/ So much for being better off with you eh? Face it old man, you cannot continue this... Oh god I sound like Eldrin D|

Elle: ... He's not going to stop... I have a part of his soul in me... |c

Scruff: ... -frowns- I still this it's a waste of time >/

Rayurn: I'm sure Elle has support. She always does... Sad

???: ... -frowns- <I care about you more master... and without me you wouldn't have had her in the first place...>

Aurora: o.o... P-Parker what's wrong? Sad Don't you remember... about us...

Lily: Slate would you calm down please?

Thana: >:T -pokes her tongue out at him- NYEH!

Emily: Of course she doesn't know... least I don't think so... No one has dared to even say that to her. Severus always wanted to keep that secret.

Eshwin: o.o!! -blocks them with his sword, moving away a bit- >/ We've dealt with elves like you before and we can do it again. -swings at her-

Eleanor: >w< <Awh come on!> -paws at him-

Elean: D| She is here to help us...

Annette: <.< And trust me. I'd be chewing off your bones before you could get a bite out of me. |3


Madeline: -giggles and kisses him back gently- ... >w< You're fogging up my glasses. <3

Sandy: ... Gordon... don't go quiet on me please... Sad


Sandra: Keeping you here will do you some good <.<

Nabooru: You don't scare me... >/ -flicks his nose- It's sad that you need ultimate power to actually get control of a woman. Pathetic.

Din: Come... -takes her hand and quickly heads off to Kakariko-

Zara: -blushes and tilts her head back- Mmn... >w> But you have to go and get a job~

Shea: I'll be alright kiddo. My old master used to shove me in the sun on those hot days as a punishment... it's nothing new.

Shawn: >/ I might be a demon but I would care for my own child. You think I'd be that cruel?

Derek: X3 Come on cutie. Anudor can braid your hair if you like.


Chelsea: Fine -.- Then pick something out for me because I wouldn't have a fucking clue.


Laetri: I'm not sure... Zelda said she was going to make sure the Jirins didn't follow... You don't think she'd be caught? I mean she is powerful.

Tani: Yes but in the wrong way. No one in the world should see your vagina >/

Celestia: >.> Well that was harsh.

Zelda: ... Technically speaking the Jirins almost wiped out a lot of the elves in the forest... The only ones who survived well... were the ones who weren't on the planet at the time. My husband actually was the prince there...

Aurora: -blushes and slowly leans back on the bed- ... What are you going to do first...? <3
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 17 I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 17, 2013 11:49 am

Vivian: The queens will really protect you here...? -follows him in-

Kali: Evidently not but I still think she's a good choice. >.> -ear flicks and glances over at the door- ... Who's just come in?

Bellatrix: -grins a little and sways- I can go and see... >3

Bobby: Yeah I guess. I didn't mean to scare her off though...

???: >.> Nonsense. She was bad news. -doesn't notice her- Now come on, I'd like to buy you some nicer clothes.

Blade: It's lying. >/ And now he's trying to bloody weasel out of it. -snarls a little- I don't know what your parents put up with before but we're not putting it up with it here boy.

Drayna: -laughs a little and steps outside- Vikke... X3 Sweetheart that tickles.


???: -laughs a little and just lets her go- >3

Jinn: |c Mmn... -staggers a little and falls forward, hitting the ground as he steps away- >.<;; -whimpers a little in pain and slowly looks up at Zara- ...


Tyrel: Ssh, calm down... -gently kisses the top of her head- <3

Deo: -helps her up- It is no trouble. Just... try not to broadcast that I was the one to heal you. -looks her over briefly before morphing to his wolf form and heading back into the tribe-

???: o.o ... Maria? What is... D: What is going on? Sweetheart you haven't called Marco, it's your parents. -frowns a bit- What is this about the wedding being off? Explain yourself young lady.

William: D< I was engaged! How much attention did you fucking want?!


Abigail: -.- I don't want the thing's damn good side. I want to be able to make any sense of these damn notes without getting growled at or pissed on. >/

G: C'mon kiddo... -holds onto Toby and takes him back to the house-

Baldor: o.o ... Mkay mummah... -frowns a little, seeming hesitant, and follows them-


Pryce: >/ Enough. Your insolence will only get you so far boy...

Ebele: o.o; -ears flatten- >.<; No don't hurt him anymore! Don't!

Reese: You're his horcrux... I knew something was really wrong. -sighs and holds her close- ... I... I don't know how to remove it Elle...

Vivian: Nobody gives a damn what you think. >/ Find them. All of you.

Fawn: Sad She had Misfit before but who does she have now? She's all alone...

Daryl: >/ -ignores her and slams the door shut behind him-

Parker: o.o Us? Sorry kiddo, but... we were never really that close to begin with. I dunno what you're talking about.

Slate: >C -snarls and leans in close to her- Don't... push it child...

Abigail: Well... -rubs her forehead- Shit this still doesn't help us find her any faster. Do you know where she is?

Tyrandes: -ducks with ease and leaps over close to him, grabbing him by his shirt- >3 You men are adorable... thinking you have a chance against me. It is almost entertaining.... -frowns a bit and eyes glow red- Almost... >C

Persian: -laughs a little- X3 <Nuh. I got you right where I want you.>

Benoni: >C .... -growls and snaps at her, missing, and just as a warning-


Adam: |3 I know. It's really cute. >w>

Gordon: ... S-sorry... I... -chokes a little- I don't have a whole lot of... t-talk left.... -drops the phone- >.<;


Kinak: -hisses- Enough! -strikes her across the face- D< Insolent bitch!

Damien I: o.o !! -snarls viciously and steps back, rubbing his nose- D< HOW DARE YOU?!

Sandrin: Sad -holds onto her hand and follows her- Where are we going?

Thrall: >.> That I do. |3 -pulls away and gets up- Guess I better get going then.

???: Sad ... Your master sounds really mean... was he worse than master Viktor?

Eldora: YES! -cries and shakily wipes her eyes- >.<; Y-yes... -chokes up a little- Y-you... you said you would never hurt me! And I trusted you! I trusted you never to hurt me Shawn sir, a-and... and you snatched me away from the man I love and hurt me more than anyone else has! How can I believe you can care for a baby?! HOW?

Anudor: >w> And then we'll braid Derek's. -teleports them to his treehouse-

Kali: ... -ear flicks a bit- Are they gone...?


Baldor: ... -slowly steps over to her and moves her chin up to look at him- What's with the attitude?


Seth: Those jirins are something that none of us have ever dealt with before... we don't know what they're capable of.

Alassea: Sad But if there was something wrong wouldn't she call for help?

Kali: >C -hisses and ears flatten- Don't... disrespect me any further. Get out.

???: ... -thinks for a moment to process this- But.... elves and jirins can't marry. o.o

G: Well... I'd love to see more of you... -sits on the edge of the bed and helps her undress-
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 17 I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 18, 2013 4:42 pm

Scruff: I'm sure of it. Don't you worry... -kisses the top of her head- 

Celestia: >.> Sure. I don't plan on getting off my ass anytime soon. -cuddles Kali- 

Chelsea: -stops and looks over at them- ... -lingers around a bit to listen- 

Mika: Please stop these lies Eldrin :/ they hurt a lot of people...  

Vikke: :3 -licks her cheek and cuddles up to her, closing her eyes- |3 <3 


Zara: ... -holds her close and strokes her hair- I'm sorry... >.<


Krista: But... But why? You helped me out so much... You should be praised... -follows him-   

Maria: Look don't be upset Marco... I think this is for the best... Especially with Harold around... He could come up at any time... Even right now. I just want you safe. 

Chelsea: Ugh! Just forget it! D< Im out of here! -walks away from him- 


Jane: <.< ... -scratches behind his ears- You think we can get to the notes kitty? 

Aurora: ... -quickly heads out into the forest- Silver? Silver where are you? 


Laetri: >/ By the time my family is done with you, yiu will be needing that wheelchair. 

Elle: I don't want it removed... Not yet anyway. I figure it can help me destroy him. Get rid of the others first. 

Scruff: ... -frowns and heads out into the forest, looking around for them- 

Rayurn: Well doesn't she have her friend Reese...? Sad 

???: ... -sighs and lays her head down- |c 

Aurora: ... Y-You don't remember...? Sad Parker you ... We were together... It's true... 

Lily: Slate... D:

Thana: >/ -turns into her wolf form and bites his nose- 

Emily: She is safe... Back at that elf's place.. But keep and eye on her... 

Eshwin: o.o;; ... >/ isn't it just? Our women fighters could take you down... -pulls away-

Eleanor: <.<... -licks his cheek- <You know we'll never stop Mewtwo like this.> 

Annette: <.< Cute. So what do you need help with? 

Elean: Our colony is being attacked by these purple elves D:

Annette: o.o Drows? Out here? ... Yeah I'll help. Let's get going.


Madeline: >w< Nu. Just... Shut up. <3 

Sandy: o.o!! Gordon?! GORDON! Answer me! D:

Jude: -opens the door- Look man Amber just-- o.o What the hell did you do?! -goes over to him- 


Sandra: o.o!! -stumbles and holds the side of her face- H-How dare you?! D< 

Nabooru: |3 -folds her arms- What are you going to do? Eh? 

Din: They have gone to the graveyard to get the ocarina. We can meet them there. :/ 

Zara: >.>... -pulls him back down and moves on top of him- |3 No. <3 

Shea: ... No one can be worse than Viktor... My master was cruel but I'm sure somewhere he wouldn't agree to what Viktor does.

Shawn: If you didn't get all upset you would've seen that I could take care of you >/

Reynard: Look enough! ... We will think this over...  

Derek: >.> With this short hair. I don't think so. -flicks his fringe- 

Celestia: -look at her- ... Yes they are... Sad 


Chelsea: ... -looks away again- I'm not trying to have any attitude... 


Laetri: She is stubborn. She could be in trouble but just wouldn't want anyone's help... :/  

Tani: >/ ... No. 

Zelda: But I'm not an elf... My husband and I love each other. That's all that matters in a marriage right? 

Aurora: ... -keeps her top on- Please don't take that off... 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 17 I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 19, 2013 12:43 am

Vivian: -sighs and rests her head against his shoulder-

Bellatrix: >3 Thankyou... -bows to them and sways a little before stumbling out to where Scruff and Vivian are- >w> Ooohhh... -grins and looks them over- Aren't I lucky today...? >3 -giggles a bit-

Bobby: But I miss her. :/

???: >.> Ssh now. -frowns a bit- If I can't convince you then I'm sure another trip to your doctor will put your mind at ease... >/

Eldrin: o.o; -ears flatten and looks between her and blade- ... F-fine... only cause he's being all snarly though... D:

Drayna: X3 -strokes her fur- You're such a sweet little thing... -ears flatten and stops for a moment, ears flattened- ... Can't be... -looks around carefully-

G: -sitting up on top of someone's roof, looking down at them- >.> Well fancy seeing you here... -looks them over- If I'd known you and your furry little family lived here I might have dropped by so much sooner. |3

Drayna: o.o !! -jumps a little and steps back- You! D< How dare you be here?! you should be in the demon world... >/


Jinn: .... -whimpers a little in response and rests her head against Zara, just closing her eyes again- |c

???: -comes upstairs with some other vampire girls- >3 No use feeling sorry for her little blood slave... She'll be better soon. But she'll be ours. She'll listen and obey without a second thought... you stand no chance of leaving us now. -grins and shows her fangs-


Deo: I'm not allowed to practice healing any more. I'm supposed to stay away from patients... so for what I did I could be banished for real. -noses open the door to his tent and steps inside-

???: What are you talking about? Maria you're not making any sense!

Harold: -frowns and takes it from her- >/ Now that's enough... -hangs it up and pockets it-

William: Fine by me! D< -grumbles and heads back to his estate- >C


Persian: |3 -purrs and shakes his head- ... <3

Silver: -doesn't hear her yet- .... -sitting by a tree with his sneasel, feeding it some small scraps of food- We need to get to the nearest town and hide somewhere there...


Pryce: >/ That's enough out of you. -glances up at one of the masked children-

???: ... -nods and picks up a cattle prod- You'll learn eventually...

Pryce: Both of them this time. Maybe that way the boy will learn his lesson... >.>

Ebele: o.o;; -goes pale and eyes widen a bit- N-no! >.< -quickly shakes her head- no thunder sticks! Keep them away!

Reese: That's... o.o That's a dangerous task Elle. You couldn't possibly...

Bellatrix: >w> ... -grins a little and goes after him- Don't be so upset... |3 -holds onto his arm- It's not so bad~ We're all alone... out in the forest... ;3 <3

Fawn: That's... that's true... -sighs- |c I hope the poor dears are doing ok...

Parker: o.o Sorry to disappoint. But really... I think I'd remember if that happened. -walks past her- Look I really do need to get back going to the gym and tell them what's happened. Thanks for healing me up guys. -heads outside-

Drayna: Sad ... Aurora I tried to warn you... he's suffered from memory loss.

Slate: >.< !! -yelps a bit and holds onto his nose- You little shit! D< -grabs her by the scruff of her neck-

Abigail: Yeah sure... o.o Thanks.

Tyrandes: >3 I don't think so... -lets him go but steps closer to him- Look around. My sisters are efficient. Half of your worthless kind are already sleeping from our poison.... -looks over her shoulder- Even your worthless lover. |3

Aiki: D: -sitting by Clayton's side, whining and sniffing at him a bit- <Master... wake up! We have to fight!> -nudges him with her snout-

Clayton: |c -stays knocked out- ...

Persian: -flicks his tail and purrs a bit- |3 <Eh... maybe someone else can handle it.>

Benoni: -ears flatten and flicks his tail a bit- <You know I bet Baerthim isn't doing a damn thing to help out there.> -.-' -crouches down for Elean to get on his back-


Adam: X3 Never. You're just too cute. -kisses her cheek gently- <3

Gordon: >.< Ugh... -glances up at Jude for a moment before passing out and collapsing on the ground- D|

Amber: o.o -follows him in- Listen I talked to Sandy, and-- D8 Oh my god! >.<; What's happening to him?!


Kinak: You better fucking think twice next time you think you can control me the way you did... -growls and pushes her against the wall- You had no right... >/

Damien I: >C -growls darkly and draws a dagger- I guess I have enough time to destroy an insolent bitch like you...

Sandrin: O-ok... |c -sighs- I'm sorry. I really did want to help you...

Thrall: >.> -raises an eyebrow- ... No?

???: ... -just nods a little and looks around- o.o .... -ears flatten and squints- M-miss Shea... what are those things in the distance? D: -points to the forest where the colony is-

Rose: Fine just get somewhere else to think about it. You're giving me a headache.

Eldora: -still shaking, leans against Reynard- F-f....fine.... >.< -sniffles and wipes her eyes-

Anudor: Very Happy Which is why I'll make it longer!

Gaileth: X3 -giggles- You guys are funny.

Kali: ... Great. -hugs her pillow and shuts her eyes-


Baldor: Well you are. Try and keep that in check. -pulls her face up to look at him again, eyes glowing red- And look at me... while I'm talking to you...


Seth: Perhaps it would be wise to alert her Mihan. :/

Kali: >/ ... -steps over to her- Do not... try and pull this shit with me Tani. I don't know who you think you are... but this is my domain. I can have you put away in a demon brothel for a thousand years just as a warning... it's not worth your eternity. Now fucking move it.

Silver: Tani... just.... she's right. It's not worth it.

???: o.o -tilts his head- I've never heard that...

G: -looks a little confused- ... Why?
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 17 I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 19, 2013 6:24 am

Scruff: o.o !! Shit! What the hell are you doing in the castle?! -holds Vivian protectively- 

Chelsea: ... -frowns and moves in front of him- Well I don't fucking miss you one bit. >/ 

Mika: Well to avoid that it's best to get on his good side :/ 

Malladus: -snarls and holds Drayna and Vikke- You stay the fuck away from us! D<


Zara: -frowns- She won't follow you >C We'll leave this place... -strokes her hair-  jinn is strong.


Krista: Sad -follows him in- What did you do to make them stop you from healing others...? 

???: o.o... What is going on? 

Maria: >.< Look please just let me go... 

Eloisa: -strokes Pedro's snout- ... -sighs- I miss him boy Sad


Jane: <.< Awhh... Not even for me? -kisses the top of his head- <3

Aurora: ... -conjures some food and moves closer- You know if you head into the town you could be spotted... :/ 


 Laetri: You leave her alone! D< -tries to pull away from his chains-

Elle: Well if I don't do it who else will Reese? 

Scruff: -.- Stop touching me. It's making me want to vomit. -pulls away- 

Aurora: ... B-But... But isn't there a way for him to remember? Just somehow... Sad 

Lily: D: !! Slate no! Let her go please!

Thana: >.< -whimpers and tried to squirm out of this hand-

Emily: ... Its... Probably best that you keep quiet about all of this. Just be there for her. 

Eshwin: D: Clayton! D< You heartless monster! How could you?! 

Eleanor: >.> ... <You're such a lazy ass.> X3 -laughs and puts her head in her paws- 

Elean: -gets on his back- He has probably stayed to keep an eye on Mewtwo and Gardevoir... 

Annette: >.> -jumps on- Now hurry up. 


Madeline: ^///^ I can't believe i have the best boyfriend in the world...  <3

Jude: Shit Amber call a fucking ambulance! -helps him up onto the bed- He's fucking taken some sort of pill! 


Sandra: o.o .. >C You better let me go right now...

Nabooru: <.< You couldn't even run that fast |3 -walks off to Kakariko Village- 

Din: look its okay... I might have a chance now... -smiles faintly- Thank you... 

Zara: >w> -kisses his cheek and whispers in his ear- Im not done with you... <3 

Shea: -looks up and squints- ... It looks like a forest... Those are trees kiddo... But they are so far away... 

Reynard: ... -sighs and teleports back to the tribe-

Shawn: ... Fucking pregnant... She is fucking pregnant... 

Derek >.> No. Anudor is a meanie poo. 

Celestia: ... -lays down with her and holds her close- Mihan this is scaring me... You being like this Sad 


Chelsea: ... B-Baldor what is going on? Whats with you...? 


Nightshade: Ill go and see him. You just rest. -kisses his cheek and searches for Damien- 

Tani: ... -frowns- Im still staying here >/  

Zelda: Well you were taught different things... :/ -sighs- I do want to get back to him... 

Aurora: Its just... My scars from my surgery. They look gross...
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 17 I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 19, 2013 10:49 am

Vivian: o.o !! B-bellatrix! >.<; -buries her face in Scruff's shoulder and holds onto him tight- No...

Bellatrix: Fancy seeing you two here... >3 -laughs a little, then starts to frown- ... >/ Hmph... Well what's this? You're holding her quite close there...

Bobby: o.o ... C-chelsea? D: What... what are you...?

???: >C Oh please... get back to the trashcan you came from you little scrag. You're not wanted here.

G: >.> Get over yourselves... I have no interest in you. Being dead is dreadfully boring... I'm exploring and learning some of these new places I could never see when I was alive...

Drayna: >C Kakariko is a peaceful village. We don't need you here ruining that.


???: >3 Our master is stronger... -laughs a little and hugs his arm- <3


Deo: -ears flatten- ... Nothing that concerns you.

???: D: I wouldn't know. It was Maria... she started going on about this nonsense about leaving her fiance... she thought she was speaking to him and then just hung up!

Harold: No no... -pulls her close to him and wraps an arm around her waist- Don't you want to see everything I've planned out for you? <3

Pedro: -nuzzles her gently- :c ...

Fox: -leans against a fence and watches her- ... What's on your mind?


Persian: |3 <No.>

Abigail: <.< ... M'glad it's not just me then. But I think that cat hates everything.

Silver: o.o !! I thought I told you to get away from me... >C -quickly gets to his feet-

Sneasel: >/ -growls a little at her-


???: >/ -jabs her with it in the ribs-

Ebele: DX -ears flatten and cries out in desperate pain, convulsing in her chains-

Reese: ... You shouldn't have to though... you could be killed...

Bellatrix: >w> -pulls him back and gently rubs his chest- Don't say such things.... you know how much you want me... ;3

Drayna: It would be an incredibly lengthy process of therapy... trying to jog his memory and even then there's only a chance. Sad

Slate: >C -snarls and holds her up to his face- You better fucking learn a better attitude real quick... -drops her-

Abigail: ... -nods and teleports them back to the daycare-

Tyrandes: >3 I didn't... my sisters did. Now surrender your colony to us or he will suffer a terrible fate.

Persian: <You know it.> |3 -nuzzles her a bit and lets her up-

Benoni: D< -hisses and bucks, trying to throw her off- <I ride with Elean ONLY!>


Adam: Awh now I can't be the best, can I? X3

Amber: D8 O-of course... >.< -quickly picks up Gordon's mobile- E-emergency? Please, send an ambulance! Our friend has overdosed or something!


Kinak: After the shit you pulled on me? >/ No... you need a proper fucking lesson.

Damien I: D< -hisses- Don't you DARE turn your back on me! -races forward and lunges at her-

Sandrin: But... if daddy won't take it from that awful man, then who will? Sad

Thrall: |3 Hm... -wraps an arm around her- I think that really should be my decision to make.

???: Sad It's better than staying out here or going back... w-we gotta try...

Eldora: >.< -slowly looks up at him- ... W-what... what are we going to do...? Crying or Very sad

Rose: Didn't you want the child two seconds ago?

Anudor: <w< But you loooovvee me~ |3

Kali: M'just laying down... what's wrong with that...?


Baldor: Nothing. There's nothing.... I feel great.


Damien: -pacing a bit, running a hand through his hair and doesn't notice her- ...

Kali: D< Don't... push... me...

???: ... Are they really gonna execute you? D:

G: I'm sure they can't be that bad...
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 17 I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 19, 2013 11:43 am

Scruff: >/ That I am... I'm protecting her from a bitch like you... We came to see the queens. Step out of our way. 

Chelsea: -ignores her- How can you be like this after you hurt me so much? How can you fucking act like you still care about me? >C After everything I did... 

Malladus: >/ Look let's just go home. -looks at G- Now get going. This village is no place for a scumbag like you. 


Isaac: >3 Now... Let's get you two separated...

Zara: No! >.< I stay with her! -holds her close- 


Krista: ... Okay... Im sorry I asked... 

???:  what in the world... -thinks for a moment- What exactly did she say? What were her exact words?

Maria: -shakes her head- N-No... And please stop touching me >.< 

Eloisa: ... -sighs- Who else? He hasn't left my mind ... |c 


Jane: Yeah sure seems like it. Takes after his owner >.> 

Aurora: ... I got worried. :/ And besides I know you are hungry... I bought you food. 


Laetri: D: Ebele! >.<

Mandibuzz: -swoops around the hiding place- >/ -screeches-

Tani: -rises up- ... Thanks girl. >/

Elle: ... I have to try. Besides they can't kill me... He wouldn't allow it. 

Scruff: -.- Yeah like a hole in the head... Just find these god damn parents. 

Aurora: ... -slowly sits down- S-So... So there might be no hope? Sad 

Lily: -catches her- What is your problem?! D< You cant treat a child like that! 

Eshwin: >C You heartless... -sighs- Ill only surrender if none of my people and Clayton will be hurt... And thats including his dragon. 

Eleanor: -stands up- X3 <You're very nuzzly at the moment.> 

Annette: >.> ... -jumps down- Fine... -spreads her wings out- I can make my own way.

Elean: o.o... Woah. 


Madeline: No... I really mean it..  Smile I don't think I could love anyone else as much as I love you... 

Sandy: o.o!! Overdose?! Amber is he okay?! D8 -tears up-  


Sandra: Do anything to me and I'll send you to the fucking markets >C 

Nabooru: <.< Awh just-- O.O!! -moves out of the way- Fuck! D< You're a crazy fucking old man! <Damien? We got a problem.>

Din: We'll just have to find someone who would want to help us... And is good... 

Zara: >w> Oh please. After I'm done with you, you'll be too weak in the legs. <3

Shea: ... Okay. Hop on my back. We better hurry and make some ground. -looks up- Its almost night time. The desert will be easier to travel ...

Reynard: ... I-I don't know... Seems like we only have one option... And it's a horrible one... We have to give him the child. 

Shawn: Yeah but she wont want to give it up... -sighs- I wanted it with someone else... 

Derek: X3 That I do. -kisses his cheek- Hey where is Tiny? 

Celestia: ... Kali you wont talk or do anything... And your hair is so white Sad


Chelsea: ... But... -sighs- I'll just go and take some of my gear off.


Nightshade: Damien, have you got any word from Zelda? :/ 

Tani: >C Dont push me. Besides you're only doing the queen. You have no real power... 

Zelda: It seems like it unless they can give me to someone... Make myself useful... 

Aurora: ... -looks away- They are to me... |c 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 17 I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 20, 2013 1:20 am

Bellatrix: >.> How funny.... |3 I came to see them too...

Vivian: -shivers- H-how... how would you even know the queens? You're as dead as we are... you should be being tortured. >/

Bobby: I wouldn't expect you to understand. Everything I did was because I care about you.

G: >.> That's a little harsh. I haven't done anything to hurt anyone here.

Drayna: >/ -ears flatten- Let's just go back inside... it doesn't matter, he's just a dead human. He wouldn't be able to do anything anyway.

G: ... -grins a bit and jumps down from the roof- Just a dead human? I'm hurt... you really think I wouldn't be able to do anything? >.>


???: ... -steps over and circles her- >.> Evidently you haven't learned a lot... >/ You should never say no to our master. -hisses- Perhaps you need to be punished again...


Deo: Good. Lay down, you need to rest. -sits down at the door to the tent and looks outside carefully, not paying her attention-

???: She.... she said that the wedding was off and she thought it to be the best, something about being worried about Mr. Blackmore being around. It's ridiculous, she's speaking nothing but nonsense!

Harold: Ssh, now come on... don't make too much of a fuss now, or you know what happens... >.> -holds onto her wrist and drags her down the alley- If you're lucky... |3 You'll never see him again.

Fox: That doesn't sound good kid. You gotta put him out of your mind... -steps over to her- Don't tell me you actually wanna go back to him? After the way he treated you?


Abigail: -snorts a bit and laughs- Heh. X3 Poor cat.

Silver: ... -looks at her hand for a moment- >/ I don't need your help. I get by fine on my own.


Ebele: >.<; -slumps against her chains and cries a little in pain- ...

Pryce: You'll learn, child. One way or another... >.>

???: -standing guard outside with a second masked child- o.o; You again... >/ -reaches for a pokeball-

Reese: ... -sighs and runs a hand through his hair- T-then... I won't let you do it alone.

Bellatrix: >w> -plays with some of his hair- It could take a while... we might get bored being all alone out here... <3

Drayna: -ear flicks and glances over at Lily for a moment- ... -sighs and turns back to Aurora- I hate to see you this way... Sad I'm sorry, but I have to be realistic. He may never remember what happened between you two...

Slate: >/ I've had more pups than you. I know what I'm doing.

Tyrandes: -laughs- Ha! >3 You are amusing, pale one... your people will be slaves to my sisters. But... I can promise none will be killed. -steps closer and plays with some of his hair- I have no interest in the frail one's pet... I am looking for my own. |3 -strokes his cheek and grins- You would make a fine slave.... >3

Persian: >.> <You started it.>

Benoni: >C <Good.> -growls a little and takes off-


Adam: Awh... -wraps an arm around her and cuddles her close- Same here babe. <3 -kisses the top of her head-

Amber: o.o;; Sandy? D: You're not ambulance people! >.< Hang up! Gordon's in real trouble!


Kinak: -ears flatten and growls- You wouldn't dare... >C

Damien I: >C -growls and flicks his tail- You should not have been so bold... -swipes at her again-

Damien: <What is it? Nabooru? We're a little busy trying to keep my father from becoming the high point of power in Hyrule. What do you want?>

Sandrin: ... -plays with the ends of her hair- It would be so wonderful if Damien could do it... he has gotten so kind since he arrived here.

Thrall: Mmn... |3 Normally I'd put a stop to this sort of behaviour, but... -wraps his arms around her waist- <3

???: ... -quickly nods and climbs up onto her back, holding on tight- I'm scared of the dark miss Shea... >.< Horrible things happen in the dark...

Eldora: N-no... Sad No he would be awful to a child... I couldn't... >.<

Rose: ... -cuddles up to him- You did...?

Anudor: o.o ... -ears flatten and looks up at the top of a bookshelf- Well... where else...?

Tiny: >8C -flicks his tail- <Keep that grubby thing away from me.>

Anudor: What are you doing up there? D|

Kali: ... Just leave me alone... -tries to pull away from her-


Baldor: Good. That's better. We'll get you dressed properly. -takes er back to their treehouse-

Ama: -making some tea in the kitchen- o.o ... -looks them over- Your majesty... -bows- What's the matter? D: You seem upset.


Damien: -ears perk and looks over at her- ... No. -snarls- I've heard nothing...

Silver: Tani don't!

Kali; D< -hisses and throws her against the wall with a psychic force, holding her there- I have MORE POWER... than you could imagine... >C -eyes glow and forces herself into Tani's mind-

???: :O -ears perk- You could serve my family! Very Happy My daddy leads the tribe! He could take you! -flicks his tail excitedly- Then I could learn more about you!

G: ... -gently slips off her shirt and looks her over- Aurora they're fine...
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 17 I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 20, 2013 10:38 am

Scruff: >/ You just stay away from us. -pushes past her and heads to the throne room- 

Chelsea: ... Could've fooled me. -tears up and pushes past him- 

Malladus: >/ Like you could ever do anything? You always hid behind your goons and Pokemon. You're pathetic. 


Zara: D< I said BACK OFF! -turns into her fire demon form and places a circle of fire around her and Jinn- >C


Krista: ... You seem distracted... 

???: ... No. Something is wrong. -gets the phone and rings up Marco- We need to find out what.

Maria: >.< Mr. Blackmore please...  Why do you continue to ruin my life...? 

Eloisa: ... You don't understand. When you care about someone so much... You seem to forget the bad things... I miss William... And maybe if i talk to him we can sort things out...  


Jane: >.> Well looks like you cant make the potion. 

Aurora: :/ ... I was just like you... I went on the streets on my own at a young age... Never asked for anyone's help... But i needed it... And I'm sure you do too.


Laetri: >C -growls and keeps trying to pull the chains- Fight me you coward! Don't hurt an innocent girl! 

Tani: >/ -races forward and pins them to the wall, covering their mouths- Not a word.... Now where is my child? 

Elle: -looks up at him- ... -kisses his cheek gently- You're so rbave... Thank you. <3 

Scruff: >.>;; Oh look! Something... In the distance! -quickly moves away from her- 

Lily: But this is wrong! You can't do it! Besides which most of your pups got taken away! How do you know how to be a father? You don't! You said yourself you needed my help!

Aurora: ... -trembles- >.< I have to go... -gets up and races out of the house-

Eshwin: >/ If you're talking about Benoni he belongs to another now... And they are close. 

Eleanor: <.< <You continued it.> 

Annette: >.> -takes off and follows him- 

Elean: Benoni please be nice D: She is going to help us... 


Madeline: ^///^ So what would you like to do now? <3

Sandy: ... -hangs up quickly- Oh god >.< -quickly gets up, going out and getting into her car. Speeds off to Jude's- 


Kinak: -ears flatten and growls- You wouldn't dare... >C

Nabooru: <Yeah... About that. He sorta followed me to Kakariko and is trying to kill me.> -dodges again- D< Fuck! -gets out her sword- Stay back! Out of the village with you!

Din: ... And it would be good considering Zelda has my sister. Hyrule would be protected so well...

Zara: |3 -leans in and kisses him gently- You'll enjoy it... Trust me... <3

Shea: Hey you don't have to be scared... I'm here. And you know I'll protect you... -nuzzles her hand gently- 

Reynard: But you will be killed... And so will the child Sad I can't let that happen ... 

Shawn: ... Yeah. -looks down at her- So you're going to help me with this child? 

Derek: o.o;; ... You're scared of a little girl? Come on. Gaileth isn't dirty. She is fine.... Smells pretty actually o__O

Celestia: But mihan i miss holding you... Sad 


Chelsea: ... Just... Need new clothes for the celebration...

Paul: o.o... But why? You look fine to me. 


Nightshade: ... Then we best start to look for her. If she is with Jirins she could be in big trouble.  

Tani: o.o!! argh! >.< G-Get out of there! -pushes her out- Fuck! 

Zelda: ... I'm not sure little one. I have my own kingdom to get to... And Jirin men are quite... Well... Some can be cruel... 

Aurora: >///< -quickly covers herself up- ... -sighs and slowly moves her hands away- ... You mean it? 
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Non canon couples 2
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