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 Patient no. 633

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Patient no. 633 Empty
PostSubject: Patient no. 633   Patient no. 633 I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 06, 2013 10:19 am

Patient No. 663


Cell number/block:
434 M block (Metamorphosis)

Special ability/Mutation tested: Tangible human illusions

Side effects: Low blood count, resulting in fainting and hallucinations.
Pre frontal cortex has failed resulting in lack of noticeable emotions.

Field test: Successful

Results: Limited use

Blood cell results: Rejection, more serum is needed for long term sustainability.

Can create multiple copies of herself at will,
but still hasn't mastered the ability of sustaining the forms for long periods of time. This is caused by the
rejection of the blood cells, we believe with further tests she shall be able to sustain the illusions for the normal length of ten minutes with multiple copies till then the limits are:
(Approximately five minutes max. of illusion) (Illusions limit: 2)
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Patient no. 633
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