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 Patient no. 477

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Patient no. 477 Empty
PostSubject: Patient no. 477   Patient no. 477 I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 06, 2013 10:22 am

Patient No. 477


Cell number/Block:
103MM 4 Block (Mixed mutation batch)

Special ability/Mutation tested: Venom generation

Can generate various toxins, and can be manifested through touch or as a spray.
Venom pouches were generated under the skin of the forearms and throat. A paralysing poison seeps through slits in the fingers. A fatal poison is shot as a spray through the mouth and fangs.
The venom is dangerous in ingestion, corrosion of the skin and inhalation of the fumes.

Side effects: Toxic fumes have rendered eyesight to 60% of normal capability. Can cause stumbling while walking and subject has reported hallucinations. Venom sacs in throat have made speech difficult.

Subject is unstable and dangerous. Safety precautions were made in regards to her fatal venom sacs in the throat and her mouth was sewn up until further notice.
The subject makes multiple attempts to rip open stitches again. Approach with cation using full body protection.

Field test: Successful

Blood cell count: 80%

Subject performed well in field tests however expresses a keen dislike for her doctors. Often refuses to cooperate and may not be useful for future operations.
Requires more training.
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Patient no. 477
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