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 Non canon couples 2

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Non canon couples 2 - Page 16 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 16 I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 24, 2013 11:15 am

Vivian: o.o ... -looks over at the back room- Whats going on...?

???: >/ Oh that fucking prick... -growls a bit and steps in- Get off her alright? D< We're taking care of the human girl not fucking molesting her! -grabs him by the back of the shirt and lifts him off her-

???: >.> Geez calm your tits. -just dangles in the air- She's not hurt.

Eldrin: D< Nuh uh. They'd waste you.


Jinn: >.< !! -yelps a bit and holds the side of her face- Ah... -looks back up at Zara for a moment- ... Shit. >/ You know what? -laughs a bit and takes a step back- This isn't even fucking worth it. I dunno what I thought I was doing hanging out with some bloody elf.

Lulu: Jason the both of us are going to struggle as it is making sure we don't all starve. We both need to be doing some kind of work. Lexi's just gonna need to learn how to care for herself.


Deo: >C -twists her arm- Fucking talk girl, or I'll snap your arm right now.

Tyrel: >.<; -coughs a bit and holds onto her- Shea...? D: What just... -looks over at Krista- ... I can't believe this. >/ I trusted you and gave you a chance...

Marco: Calm down ma cherie... we will sort this out. Come I'll help you pack and I'll make a few phone calls... we'll be safe in Europe by the end of the day, ok...? -gently strokes her cheek- <3

William: Oh they have? Great... no good for them. I haven't really seen my father since I came out here though... -steps in with her- ... The wedding...? Uh Eloisa's left me. There won't be a wedding...


Abigail: ... -sighs a bit and runs a hand through her hair- She hasn't made a whole lot of progress since she got knocked up and married. :/

(Christ alright. D| Not sure how I'll do that but I'll figure it out.)
G: Alright alright I'll go in the water. >.> Just no more pouting... -ruffles Baldor's hair and takes off his jacket before heading outside with them-


Alassea: D: Well c'mon we better hurry then.

Pryce: o.o; What are you doing? D< This is no battle, you cannot cheat like this!

Alassea: -opens the doors and races in, looking around- Laetri! Laetri we're coming to help you! >:T

Pryce: -looks over at her- ... You... >/

Ebele: I wish they would help... our tribe is at war with the blue enemies... we lose more and more fighters all the time. :(Our people have prayed but they do not aid us...

Reese: Thankyou... I love you too... Sad-quickly backs away a bit and teleports away from the tribe-

Morgan: >C -looks her over- Oh it's you... I can't imagine why Reese would be anywhere near you, but my mark brought me here to look for him. If you don't fucking show me where he is I'll waste this whole pathetic tribe! D<

Daryl: I won't understand it Aurora.... I refuse to. -holds her close- I know we're meant for each other... I'll keep you here until you can see that.

Drayna: -nods- I hope they can... from the sounds of it Aurora could be in real danger. Call them, I'll do what I can to speak with Aurora.

Parker: -sits up and rubs his head- o.o Guys what's going on?

Clayton: D| Thankyou... -leans against him- ... -sighs a bit and wraps his arms around him- <3

Mewtwo: -ears flatten and stares up at her- Thankyou... <3

Persian: >.<; Fine. >/ ... o.o -ears flatten and looks her over- <I... I didn't know it could do that.>


Adam: D| Alright alright.... christ this is so embarrassing... -slowly gets up and pulls his underwear off- >//<

Amber: :(Of course... I'll try Jude, honey. -leans up and kisses his cheek gently-


Kinak: -conjures a couple of bottles- >.> Of course. My wife and mistresses are there. It's my kingdom. -.-' Maybe if I'm really lucky I might even get the throne back. -grumbles a bit and starts to mix her drink-

Sandrin: :(But it has to be better than what you're stuck with now... don't you think?

Thrall: ... Well... I was taught differently when I was a boy. They sort of drill that thing in.

Viktor: That's better. >/ -tugs on her leash and heads outside- Don't you fucking dare embarrass me either. You behave or you're really gonna get it.

Eldora: ... You're right... -fakes a smile- You're right let's just go get these tests done... -squeezes his hand gently- <3

Gaileth: :(Mmn... -mumbles a bit and closes her eyes- |c Can we just go lay back down with mummah now...?


Ama: It's ok... I can see where you're coming from now. It's just... nice to settle down a bit.

Baldor: -squints a bit and looks her over- I... I can sort of... -slowly reaches out and strokes her cheek- Oh Elune that's you... -tears up a bit- <3


Kali: >.> ... what we did really wasn't that bad was it?

Damien: >/ You just watch it boy. I did nothing wrong and besides which I do not need to explain myself, much less to someone your age.

Tiriaq: -hisses and moves out of the way for them- Yeah you're in for it now... D<

???: >C -growls and steps over to her, holding his weapon to her throat- Surrender yourself girl and we'll spare your miserable life... -flicks his tail-

Cameron: -shrugs- Yeah sure, maybe. It was fun, we can probably do this again.

G: ... -opens it up a bit- No really, are you just messing around, or...? o.o; ... This is a lot bigger on the inside.
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Non canon couples 2 - Page 16 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 16 I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 25, 2013 11:51 am

Chelsea: >.< Fuck! I'm sick of all this-- o.o... Scruff? Vivian? D: -looks at the demon- Y-You found them...? 

Mapiya: >.> I'm shaking. Really. But now you're living in my tribe. They can't do anything. 


Zara: ... >C Yeah... -conjures her bag and fixes up her clothes- This always fucking happens. I end up getting close to someone ... And they end up being the same. Well fuck it. I'm going back to the surface. 

Jason: And what if Isaac comes and kidnaps her again? She is only human. :/  


Krista: >.< -tears up and cries- L-look I had to! H-He is going to kill me if I don't... 

Maria: Yes... That sounds good. -sighs and heads upstairs- ... What if he does follow...?

Jess: o.o She left you? You've got to be joking... 


Jane: ... She might be busier with the kids now... -sighs- |c 

Aurora: >.> -flicks her wand and changes him into beachwear- |3 There. Now you look better. 


Tani: o.o... -looks over at them- Shit... -whistles- Balto get the kids! >/

Balto: o.o!! >/ -jumps out and races off, putting the kids on his back- 

Laetri: ... -sighs- I wish they could to... We nearly lost everyone... 

Elle: He isn't here! D< open your eyes and see that he isn't here! 

Aurora: I don't want to stay! I don't! >.< -pushes him away- Just... Stop... 

Lily: .. -looks him over- Nothing man. Just lay down... <Hey AJ. This is Lily. We have a problem.> 

Eshwin: ... -smiles faintly and takes him inside- You're cute X3 -kisses the top of his head-

Gardevoir: Now you just rest... We can head out when you're better... <3

Eleanor: D: <Its not meant to! Its glitching!> >.< -tries to paw it off- 


Madeline: -blushes amd looks him over- ... Heh... -plays with her hair- I-I do like what i see... <3 

Jude: ... -sighs and holds her close- I did miss you so much... <3 


Sandra: ... You'd go back to a place where no one appreciates you? 

Din: ... I guess... I don't know Sandrin... How is he going to take it from him? 

Zara: ... -sighs and cuddled him close, gently kissing his shoulder- I do like you Thrall... You're the only man I've met who has treated me right... 

Shea: >C You do anything to humiliate me and ill kill you.  

Reynard: -kisses her cheek and heads outside- ... I think... Everything right now is good. Nothing could change it... <3 

Celestia: Okay... Mummah would like to see you... Sad -takes her to the bedroom- 


Paul: ... -kisses her cheek gently- it is... Especially with someone as special as you... <3 

Chelsea: -tears up- Oh Mihan... <3 -cuddles up to him- This is wonderful... 


Celestia: ... Iunno Kali. I think we really pushed it this time... :/ 

Tani: Laetri! -goes over and scoops him up- Thank god you're okay... >.< 

Zelda: o.o;; Please I don't want to fight you... D: 

Lily: ... -ears go back- Yeah well... I really do like you... Just thought it'd be nice...

Aurora: <w< -giggles a bit- See? |3 i fit everything i own in there. 
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Non canon couples 2 - Page 16 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 16 I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 25, 2013 12:33 pm

???: :/ Yeah. Told you I'd figure something out for you kiddo...

Vivian: Sounds like you've had it just about as rough as we have... :(Are you ok Chelsea?

Eldrin: >/ Hmph. -folds his arms and pouts-


Jinn: >/ Then go, stop making a big fucking deal about it. Nobody's stopping you. -huffs a bit and some smoke comes from her nose-Oh and don't count on me fucking saving your ass the next time someone comes after you. You're on your own.

Lulu: We'll just teach you to set up protection spells. With the both of us protecting the building she might stand a chance of staying hidden.


Deo: >/ ... Who?

Tyrel: Oh I'm sure she's referring to Shark and Bruno. >/ But why should we believe that? You already had a chance to redeem yourself and you tried to kill me. No... I'm not believing anything you say girl.

Marco: He won't know where we're going darling... -leads her upstairs- We'll do everything in secret and have the police keep an eye on you...

William: No she's gone... run off with her uncle and that. -pulls the ring out of his pocket- See? :/ Wedding's off...


Abigail: Yeah... it's hard work apparently. She's gonna have her hands full. -cuddles her close and thinks for a moment- ... You know where all her research and that is?

G: o.o ... -looks himself over- I feel oddly exposed...


Alassea: D: !! That's him! >.< That's him Tani! He's the bad man that took Laetri! You're gonna stop him, right?

Pryce: >C ... -returns his pokemon- I see what's happening here. Clearly... we won't be letting you leave now.

Ebele: :(You did too?

Morgan: ... -pauses and looks around a bit- He's moved... >C What'd you do with him, mutt?

Daryl: -looks her over- ... Please just go to your room again Aurora.

Drayna: -sits down and runs a hand through her hair- <Aurora? Can you hear me?>

Abigail: >.> ... <I'm a little busy man. Is it life threatening? I'm kind of in the middle of drowning in pussy right now.>

Clayton: -blushes- Are you going to lay down with me...?

Mewtwo: I'll be alright soon... they did not hurt me as bad as I would have thought, and the child is good with healing...

Persian: ... <Least it didn't glitch up on me.> -goes over and sniffs at her- <Well how are you supposed to get it off?>


Adam: >///> This is really embarrassing you know... -rubs the back of his head and looks away- How long are you gonna stare at me? ^//^'

Amber: I missed you too... -sighs a bit- I'd better get going. :/ I'll be back later Jude honey. -heads outside and over to Sandy's place-


Kinak: -ears flatten and snorts- >/ I'd make them appreciate me. -hands her the glass- >.> There. Give that a try.

Sandrin: o.o Uhm... -looks up at Damien-

Damien I: Don't look at me girl. >/ I don't know how this thing works.

Thrall: -leans in and gently kisses her neck- Mmn... well I gave up my life on the surface to stay here with you... I think it's safe to say I like you too...

Viktor: Shut up. You'll do nothing. -heads over to the brothel and steps in- >.> My good man. |3 Just coming to check up on my little one. How's she treating you?

Eldora: -smiles and cuddles up to him- Yeah... everything is so perfect... <3

Gaileth: :(Is mummah gonna be ok...?


Ama: ^//^ I so love that you think I'm special sir... I'm just a servant girl, like anyone else...

Baldor: -tears up a bit and ears flatten- Oh Elune... -wraps his arms around her and hugs her tight- It's really you... <3


Kali: Oh they'll be alright. >.> It wasn't that bad, was it?

Silver: >C -eyes glow red- That bad? D< Did you even see what you did to your own fucking family?! -hisses-

Damien: >.> -flicks his tail- Hmph... never thought I'd be glad to see another one of your kind. Get him away from here... and teach him some fucking manners while you're at it. -walks past them-

???: D< -hisses- Silence! You won't need to fight... surrender!

Cameron: Yeah babe we might be able to figure something out. You were good. -kisses her cheek and gets up-

G: I've lived to be an old man and yet I can't understand the way your world works. >.> -hands it back to her-
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Non canon couples 2 - Page 16 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 16 I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 26, 2013 9:40 am

Chelsea: I'm fine... -sighs and brushes some hair behind her ear- ... -looks at the demon- Can you get him out of here? >/

Mapiya: >/ Now -puts him down- Get something to eat then sleep. I'm going to be in charge of you while you're here. You may live with Mika and Blade but after your little comment I want to teach you a lesson.


Zara: I can take care of myself. >/ And you know what? I hope the vampires fucking come back for you!

Jason: ... -looks at Lexi and brush some hair out of her eyes- You going to be okay?


Krista: It's true! >.< I was told to lure you two away! They were going to take Shea and if I didn't do all of this they were going to kill me and eat me! I don't want to be eaten!

Maria: ... -takes his hands- Thank you Marco... I really don't know what I woulud do without you... and when you first came I was so horrible to you... I only did that because I thought well... you wouldn't want me after this...

Jess: ... It's just strange to me... I mean we've been talking over the phone. She never shuts up about you... Sad What made her change her mind...?


Jane: It's probably in the study or something... :/ Why?

Aurora: >w> ... -cuddles up to him and walks outside- I don't mind that. <3 -giggles a bit-


Tani: Just get them out of here! D<

Balto: o.o!! -turns the kids shadow and sinks into the ground, speeding off outside-

Maddie: D: Wait! We gotta help them! And what about the bird?!

Tani: Pryce, give me back my son now and free the other children! D<

Laetri: Yeah-- o.o!! -ears perk- ... That's my mother. D: She is in here now!

Elle: >/ Why would I mingle with death eaters? Just go. You're embarrassing yourself.

Aurora: ... Fine... -wipes her eyes and quickly heads upstairs, going into her room and locking the door- <Drayna? Look you shouldn't be calling me...>

Lily: <Of course it's bloody well serious... and stop saying that every time I'm trying to talk to you. We found Parker on Mt Silver burned and bleeding. He can't remember the fact that he has been dating Aurora for months. Now she has gone missing and we think she is in big danger, by someone who wanted to separate them. We need you and Jane here now.>

Eshwin: X3 if that's what you want then of course... -helps him onto the bed and lays down with him-

Gardevoir: I know but I want to make sure. -kisses his cheek and cuddles him gently- <3

Eleanor: <I don't know. I suppose I'll have to find someone who has thumbs> D| <Fucking hell. It feels weird being a pokemon.>


Madeline: Sorry... ^///^ I just... like what I see... <3 -looks away- You know you have to go outside still.

Jude: ... -sighs and heads upstairs- Gordon?

Sandy: -back at home, washing the dishes- >/ ...


Sandra: -takes a small sip- o.e... -coughs a little and puts it down on the table- Ugh... How much did you put in there?! It's burning my throat!

Din: Look the triforce is stuck onto him 24/7. He isn't going to let it go that easy. >/ If you plan on doing this you better have a good idea on how you will do it.

Zara: -blushes and closes her eyes- ... -pulls away a little and looks up- You'd never leave me right...?

???: >/ She is still being a brat. There was a customer and she bit his hand. I had to put her in her cage for a bit. I thought you said she was broken.

Xavier: -looks up as they come into the tent- Eldora. :/ Please sit on the bed... We have to do a few tests... That are a bit out of my league. There is something there that we're... not exactly used to...

Celestia: ... I'm not sure kiddo... -tears up a little- I'm really not sure anymore...


Paul: Hey you're more than just a servant girl... and in all honesty what does that have to do with anything? To me you are so very special... heck you are a princess to me. <3

Chelsea: Awh sweetheart... -smiles and gently wipes his eyes- It's okay... Things are okay now... <3


Celestia: Kali I think you really should stop talking if we want Silver to calm down >.>

Tani: >/ Maybe he could learn some manners if someone could watch their mouth. -scoops Laetri up and kisses the top of his head-

Zelda: -ears go back and looks at the portal- ... -quickly runs off towards it-

Lily: ... -smiles a bit- I really glad I met you... -puts the covers on herself and lays down- Hope work will be alright for you.

Aurora: X3 -takes off her jacket and lays back on the bed- Trust me, it took me a while to get used to it when I first found out I was a witch.
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Non canon couples 2 - Page 16 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 16 I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 26, 2013 10:59 am

???: >.> Yeah I'm on it. Besides we really should be out there dancing right now. -heads back out into the bar-

Vivian: -slowly sits down- ... Is it true what happened?

Blade: >.> You and me both. Put the boy to work, that'll fix him.

Eldrin: >/ I don't want to work.


Jinn: >/ You know what? They might! But I'd actually be able to defend myself! -hisses and eyes glow red- Just get out of my sight... >C

Lexi: Sad-holds onto his hand- ... I will be sir, for you... I won't go anywhere when you're gone.


Tyrel: >/ I should have listened to you in the first place Shea... :(I'm so sorry.

Deo: I'll take her back out there... you guys just try and relax. -drags her back outside- >/ You just get back to the human cities. We don't want you here.

Marco: That's so silly... Maria none of this was your fault. You couldn't prevent it. -kisses the top of her head- I cannot blame you for any of this...

William: D| I dunno... it all happened so damn fast. -runs a hand through his hair-


Abigail: -shrugs and gets up- I dunno. I figure it couldn't hurt to take a look.

G: X3 -laughs a bit and cuddles her close- Alright you just sit down and relax... enjoy some time with Toby. I'll go and teach Baldor to swim.

Baldor: :DYeah! C'mon let's go! >w<

(Don't worry. Now I'm about to bring in Silver.)


Alassea: o.o ... -looks up, seeing Silver and that fly by on Drayna's charizard- ... I think she's got a fighting chance.

Pryce: Now I wouldn't get very far at all if I just gave in to people like you... >.> Now would I? You wouldn't understand... your child is far more useful with me.

Ho oh: >C -shrieks and tears the roof open, swooping down and pinning Tani to the floor-

Ebele: D: -ears perk and looks up at the door- She's come to help us? >.< -struggles a bit against her chains-

???: >/ -looks over at another masked child- Master would want us to take them away from here.

Morgan: ... -steps closer- >.> Oh but then again... I can't leave yet The dark lord is looking for you after all. Funny how Reese would lead me here to find you. >3 Guess he's not completely useless after all...

Drayna: <Tell me what's going on Aurora. Are you in danger? Listen... there's a problem with Parker. We need to know the extent of what's going on.>

Abigail: >.> ... -sighs a bit and sits up- <Alright alright but only cause it's for Aurora. Just hang tight.>

Clayton: -smiles a bit and cuddles up to him- Thankyou... this is nice...

Mewtwo: -gently wraps an arm around her- <3 .... Are our friends safe...?

Persian: <It won't matter. D| Anyone with thumbs won't be able to understand us.>


Adam: D| I know... but... T^T For that I gotta go downstairs and actually pass Missy and Annette.

Gordon: ... -comes out of a guest room and looks up at him- Yes...?

Amber: :O -knocks on the door- Hellloooo~? Anybody home?


Kinak: >.> Hey I gave you fair warning. That's a standard drink. You said you could handle it.

Damien I: I would but you're not making it easy. >/ Just tell me what I need to do and I'll bloody get the tri force from him or whatever it is.

Thrall: After everything we've already gone through to be here? i'm not throwing it away. -plays with the ends of her hair- No... I'm not leaving.

Viktor: She was broken when I had her. >/ You must just not be able to handle her properly, she's never bitten me in her whole fucking life. ... -pauses and glances down at shea- >C Would you have anything to do with this? -growls-

Eldora: o.o Xavier... uhm... -looks between them- Sure, thankyou... -goes over and gingerly sits down- What's going on...?

Gaileth: Sad-ears droop a bit- ... D-don't cry mummah... please... -reaches up and gently wipes away her tears-


Ama: -blushes and ears flatten- Sir you're very kind... ^///^ -plays with the ends of her hair and giggles a bit- I'm not sure what to say... <3

Baldor: Thankyou so much Mihan... I can't believe this is really happening. I'm sorry I doubted your friend..


Kali: >.> Fine fine. -folds her arms and looks him over- What are we gonna do about this then?

Damien: >/ I can see where he gets the arrogance from. I suppose I can hardly blame the boy any more. It's clearly all he's ever been taught.

Tiriaq: D< Don't let her go!

???: >C -hisses and races after her-

Cameron: Ah hey it'll be great. I love my job. -pulls his shirt on and straightens u- I'll catch you later alright?

G: Oh? I figured people knew about this sort of thing all their lives. >.>
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Non canon couples 2 - Page 16 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 16 I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 26, 2013 11:53 am

Chelsea: ... Not good... |c Bobby got brainwashed into becoming a man again...

Scruff: you're kidding? D: Fucking hell... And he did all this to you? ... Look it was best that he left... 

Mapiya: We don't always get what we fucking want. >/

Mika: Hey language alright? >/ -looks at Eldrin- Look we do need some help :/ we all work together here... Think you can try for me?


Zara: ... I really thought you were better... -steps into the portal and goes back to the surface- 

Jason: ... -sighs and kisses her forehead- Just be careful... And call if you need me Sad 


Shea: It's okay... I'm just glad you're okay. -hugs him gently- I shouldn't have left like that... Sad 

Krista: >.< N-No! He is coming back here! If he finds out I'll be ripped apart! Please! -tries to pull away-

Maria: ... I know... -sighs a bit- Ill go get changed and pack up my things... Smile 

Jess: :/ Well tell me what happened... Take it slow okay? 


Jane: Iunno... Wont she be mad if we went through her things? 

Aurora: Alright. :)You two have fun. And remember Baldor, you listen to your father. We don't want you getting hurt. -kisses his cheek and sets up a beach chair, sitting in it and putting Toby's carrier next to her-  


Balto: D: Silver! -rises up and barks- Hurry! 

Tani: O.O!! >.< -squirms and goes shadow, sinking into the ground- D< You already did this to my husband! You will not do it to my child! -appears behind Pryce-

Laetri: >.> ... Psh. He wouldn't want you to let us out of these chains. He'd be so mad. 

???: D< You don't know our master...

Elle: >.>... -kicks the wand out of her hand- Sorry Morgan. -puts her in an armlock, tackling her to the ground- You're just a girly girl. |3 a weak one. Even if you tried you would still fail.  

Aurora: D: <You got him to safety? Oh thank god... Is he okay? What's wrong?> 

Lily: <Thanks. Ill see you soon.>

Jane: -sits up- Whats going on? Why did you stop?

Eshwin: -wraps an arm around him and cuddles him- It is... -sighs a bit- Just to relax like this... <3 

Gardevoir: Of course. Baerthim came and is keeping guard after he heard the attacks... 

Eleanor: <So im stuck like this forever!?> T^T <Great. This is just fucking great.> 


Madeline: <.<... this... Will  be even more entertaining X3 

Jude: :(Im really sorry what happened out there man. But we're tying to fix it. 

Sandy: ... -groans- For fuck sake... -.- -opens the door- What do you want now? 


Sandra: D| I was wrong. Jeez. I cannot imagine a strong one. -stands up and stretches a bit- 

Din: ... You need to play the song of time. It should slowly shine out of his hand. In that time, you will have the ability to pull it away from his hand. Once you pull it out, it will shoot into your hand.

Zara: ... -hugs him tight and buries her face in his chest- Thank you... You don't know how much that means to me... <3 

Shea: -.- Oh sorry. I have to keep quiet. -looks away-  

Xavier: ... We have reason to believe that there is something... Demonic about this child...

Reynard: ... W-What...? 

Celestia: ... -sighs and cuddles her close- You are such a sweet child... I'm sorry... Its just... There's so much you don't understand...


Paul: X3 You dont have to say anything. -strokes her hair- Now is there anything I can get you? <3

Chelsea: It doesn't matter. Really... :)You think you'll be okay to go out to watch the festivities?


Celestia: I guess watch him. If he starts acting up remove some blood again. Repeat until its all gone.

Tani: Look if Laetri has done something Ill talk to him, but it takes two to tango. He usually doesn't act up unless someone has said something else. 

Zelda: >.< -quickly races but trips over- o.o!! D: -tries to crawl to the portal- 

Lily: ... Yeah... Catch you soon. <3 

Aurora: Depends really. I mean if you lived my situation or you had both muggle parents of course it'd be a shocker. <.< You going to come and lay down?
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 16 I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 26, 2013 2:26 pm

Vivian: -nods- You're lucky he's left... you're safe now, and there probably wasn't a lot that could be done for him anyway.

Eldrin: >.> Fine... whatever.

Blade: ... -ears flatten and gets up- Mapiya let's talk outside. -steps out of the tent and looks over his shoulder at her- >.> What kind of work do you have lined up for the boy?


Jinn: >C -huffs a bit and turns away from the portal- Bloody bitch... -looks over at the burned house- ... >/ Hmph. Wonder if any of those damn vampire bitched burned to death.

Lexi: Sad I will... -quickly nods- I will... |c -wraps her arms around him and cuddles him- <3


Tyrel: Well I'm just glad you came back when you did... she really might have actually killed me if it weren't for you. Sad

Deo: D< Shut up! -shoves her out towards the forest- >C Don't even think about trying to come back... -morphs back to his wolf form and snarls threateningly- Go on now. D< Get going!

Marco: -takes her hand and kisses it gently- I'll help you... <3

William: -sighs deeply and paces a bit- She was going on about how I didn't appreciate her or listen to her and that....


Abigail: >.> She'd better not be. I've got a good enough reason. -leans over and gently kisses her cheek- I want my girl to be able to see... if Aurora's not gonna get off her ass and do something about that then I will.

Baldor: >w< Mkay I will!

G: X3 -scoops him up- C'mon kiddo. -heads out to the water with him-

Silver: -sits up in some trees overhead with his sneasel, looking down at Aurora- ... -whispers to it quietly- Go down there and scare them a bit... I think they've got food.

Sneasel: >/ -nods seriously and slowly climbs down the branch-


Silver: >/ Fuck Green do you think you could be serious this time?

Green: >.> -sighs and pouts a bit, reaching for a pokeball- I suppose so...

Pryce: o.o; -turns around to face her- ... So you're the same as that child... >/ His abilities are going to be quite useful... but it won't save you here.

Silver: -jumps down by her side with Green- >/ Don't count on it. You're a coward... I know you won't fight all of us.

G: -lands with Charizard and slowly stands- He knows he couldn't... >/ -glares at him-

???: >C You don't know... -goes over and takes the chains down from the wall- Take the other one. -holds onto Laetri tight and pulls a bag over his head-

Ebele: o.o; -ears flatten- Laetri! >.<

Morgan: o.o !! Shit! >.< -yelps a bit as she hits the ground- Ah...

Drayna: :/ ... <You're avoiding my question. Listen hes safe... he's stable and I've healed him. But I think he's had a concussion.>

Abigail: Sorry babe. Something's come up... I think Aurora needs help. We gotta go talk to her friend Lily.

Clayton: ... I wish you had told me a while ago... if I'd known it was this nice, I would have said yes so much sooner...

Mewtwo: Good... -sighs and slowly sits up a bit- Good... -looks over at Elean for a moment- ... Thankyou for healing me, boy. -nods once-

Persian: -flicks his tail- ... -.-' <Is being a pokemon really that horrible? Please tell me more.>


Adam: T^T No... -sighs a bit and looks over at the door- ... Alright exactly how long do I have to be outside?

Gordon: ... Please don't. Look I can handle this on my own... Sandy's already upset and she doesn't need any more pressure to do something she doesn't want.

Amber: D: Please don't slam the door in my face again... I just wanna talk to you about your husband.


Kinak: >.> I'm sure you couldn't. -takes it back and takes a sip-

Sandrin: Well that sounds easy enough doesn't it daddy? :/ It shouldn't be that hard to learn a song.

Damien I: >.> Yeah that sounds simple. How come nobody else has overthrown this guy yet?

Thrall: -smiles faintly and gently hugs her back- Hey it's nothing... you should just get some rest.

Viktor: Don't get smart with me you little bitch. >C -strikes her hard across the face- It was you, wasn't it? You taught that little wench to be bad! D<

Eldora: o.o;; -goes very pale- No... no no... t-there has to be a mistake... D: W-what... what reasons...? How can it be demonic?

Gaileth: -looks up at her, starting to look a little older again- How can I understand...? Sad


Ama: -shakes her head- ^//^ No thanks... I'd just like to relax for a few minutes after putting the festivities and uh... after... -giggles a bit and blushes more- I'm just so tired... <3

Baldor: I think I can... I just... Smile -places his hands on her cheeks- I just want to be able to look at you for a little while longer. I can't believe this is really you... <3


Kali: That's the thing though, he's not gonna be acting up that much when he's just sitting there in a prison cell. If anything he'll just get calmer.

Damien: Oh yeah I'd get pissed off if someone saved my fucking life too. -.- -grumbles a bit and walks away from them-

???: >C -races over and grabs her by her hair, holding a knife to her throat- Don't make another move... D<

Cameron: ;3 Yeah see you... -heads outside and shuts the door behind him-

G: Yeah sure. >.> -sits on the edge of the bed and wraps an arm around her- What was your situation again?
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Chelsea: ... |c I miss him so much... I hate what he has done but... fuck. >.< -tears up and starts to cry-

Scruff: D: Awh Chels calm down...

Mika: Thank you. :/ Now come on. Help with the beds...

Mapiya: >.> Iunno yet. Maybe some young army training. Get him to gather shit from the worst places. Why?


Isaac: -appears behind her, all burned and covered in ash- >C Iunno... Why don't you fucking ask one?! D<

Jason: -kisses the top of her head- I'll be right back. -fixes up her scarf- And I'll make sure you have the best kinds of food... <3


Shea: Sad -hugs him gently- I really am sorry... I'm so glad you're safe. If I lost you I don't think I could've handled it.

Krista: o.o;; >.< No! Please try and listen to me! Please! -falls to her knees and begs- Please...

Maria: Oh but you have to get yourself ready... I'll be okay... <3

Jess: ... -sighs and looks away, mumbling a little- That makes a little sense...


Jane: ... Look... AJ no offence but you didn't do too well in potions...

Aurora: X3 -gets out a picnic basket- Here Toby sweetie. Let get the boys something nice.

Toby: o.o... -looks over at Sneasel- ... Very Happy Ehh! -reaches out-

Aurora: o.o What is it sweetheart?


Tani: -looks over at Silver and frowns, looking back at Pryce- Give me my son! D<

Laetri: o.o!! >.< Let me go! MUM! WE'RE OVER HERE! IN HERE!

Elle: Now are you going to leave? >/

Aurora: Sad ... <N-No... The poor thing...> ... -sighs- <Look Drayna I cannot leave otherwise he will... he will hurt you all...>

Jane: o.o Oh my D: -stands up- Help me fix up my clothes and we can get going... Why does all this happen to Aurora? Sad

Eshwin: ... I know... I'm just thankful that it's happening now... -strokes his hair-

Elean: Smile It's no problem... If you like Benoni and I can help make sure your journey is safe...

Eleanor: <Look I'm not used to it alright?> -tries to walk on her paws and falls over- O.O!! >.< <Ouch!>


Madeline: Just thirty seconds. It's not that long. X3

Jude: Well if she isn't going to listen to you, then she might listen to someone else...

Sandy: I don't. >/ Alright? I got a lot on my plate right now and I don't need this.


Sandra: Well I'm bored now... <.< What do you want to do?

Din: ... No one knows it's that easy. I've tried to tell Zelda but Ganondorf stops me... And everyone else fears him... |c

Zara: ... -plays with some of his chest hair- Well... I uhh... I'm not that tired yet... <3

Shea: >.< !! -moves back- I didn't teach her anything! D< -snarls and bites his hand again-

Reynard: ... It's not mine... It's his...

Celestia: ... -sits down and strokes her hair- I think now is the time I need to talk about how special you are Gaileth...


Paul: <w< Was I really that good? >3 -scoops her up gently- <3

Chelsea: -blushes and looks up at him- Heh.. I mean... I'm not that special... ^///^


Celestia: It's the solitary confinement thing Mihan. Him just sitting and thinking can drive anyone insane...

Tani: ... D| -sighs- Bloody hell... -heads into the healing room-

Zelda: o.o;; -ears go back- Let me go home... Please...

Lily: ... |3 -sighs happily- <Hey grandpa? I need to talk to someone about how I had the best sex ever.>

Aurora: Well having no parents. No one told me anything and without my magical parents I got taught nothing... -cuddles up to him- <3
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Vivian: o.o; Hey... D: Chelsea look don't cry about this, he's a lost cause.

Eldrin: -grumbles a bit and starts to help her- How long do I have to be here? -.-'

Blade: -shrugs- I was just curious. >.> Kid could stand to learn some humility.


Jinn: o.o !! -jumps a little and turns to face him- Oh fuck! D< How are you fucking alive?! -quickly backs away-

Lexi: -smiles a bit as he fixes her scarf- Thankyou... ^//^ <3


Tyrel: It's ok... it's ok we're both safe now. |c She's gone... -cuddles her close- <3

Deo: >/ -flicks his tail irritably- Just how dumb do you think I am?! D< -barks at her viciously-

Marco: Let me... this is a big change for you, I want to help, make sure everything is perfect...

Willaim: -pauses and looks her over- ... What?


Abigail: >.> Oh come on. It's mixing shit n a bowl and following instructions. How hard can that really be?

Sneasel: D< -hisses and jumps down, swiping at Aurora-


Silver: -looks over at the back door- o.o Laetri's back in there! D<

Pryce: ... -grins a bit and backs away, sending out his gastly- So sorry... I would love to catch up with all of you. >3 But I have much more important things to do.

Silver: >.<; -coughs a bit and covers his mouth as the room fills with gas and fog- I-I can't see!

Ebele: >.< -cries a bit and struggles as they're both dragged outside- Help! Help us please!

Morgan: -growls- Never... >C

Drayna: .... -nods- <I understand. Stay where you are.> -looks over at Lily- I know where she is.

Abigail: -.-' -grumbles a bit and helps her fix up her dress- I think a better question is why this always happens when we're having fun?

Clayton: -sighs- ... Would it be ok if I stayed here? In your colony...?

Mewtwo: -thinks- ... Yes... thankyou. That would be appreciated.

Persian: -.- <Christ.> -goes over and helps her up- <Be careful.>


Adam: D8 Thirty seconds? T^T Awh man... -carefully peers around the corner of the door- Alright Ill see if I can make it downstairs without getting seen by Missy or Annette... ;>.>

Gordon: ... She's made up her mind. I don't think she will.

Amber: Sad But he misses you so much... it's so sad.


Kinak: Well I could have shown yo around my kingdom, but somebody didn't want that. >.>

Sandrin: Sad -holds onto her hands- Hey its ok... we'll figure this out then. It won't be hard. Now we can go tell Zelda and she can help us...

Thrall: -raises an eyebrow- ... Oh? Is there... something else you had on your mind?

Viktor: >.< !! -yelps in pain and draws his hand away- Argh! You fucking little... >C -huffs a bit- Yeah. >C It's this bitch's fault.

Eldora: No... no this can't be happening... -holds onto her stomach-

Gaileth: -ears flatten- ... Ok... Why am I so special mummah?


Ama: o//o -gasps a bit- Oh Paul! ^///^ -giggles and holds onto him- Y-yeah.... It was wonderful... <3

Baldor: It's my first time seeing you... you're... you're amazing Mihan... <3


Kali: D| Ugh. Fine but this is gonna take forever.

Alassea: o.o -ears perk and looks over at them- D: You're back! where did you go?

???: >C How can we trust you? No... you're not leaving now. -pulls her to her feet and quickly ties her wrists behind her back-

G: Oh that's right. You lived on the streets didn't-- .... o.e ... Excuse me... -slowly gets p- <And you thought I needed to know this... why...?>
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Chelsea: >.< ... I just... I just want to be loved... 

Mika: About two weeks I think :/ 

Mapiya: >.> Iunno how he turned out this bad at such a young age. 


Isaac: >C Magic... Now fucking come here... -grins manically- Come to me! >3 

Jason: -looks at Lulu- Okay lets get some spells up and lets get going.


Shea: -sighs- ... What if Bruno is coming back... Sad 

Krista: Juat look out there! They should be coming! 

Maria: ... -smiles- Okay... Okay thank you. Ill help pack for you... Smile 

Jess: -looks up- ... Will dont be upset... But I can see where she is coming from. Most women don't get a lot of respect from men... :/ 


Jane: ... There are no instructions to this. Aurora is creating this from scratch. D: 

Aurora: o.o!! -gets out her wand, making the Sneasel stop in the air- Woah now. <.<... Why are you trying to attack us little guy? 


Tani: >/ -goes shadow and sinks down, following them- You think that can stop me?

Elle: -twists her arm- >.> Answer that again? 

Lily: o.o... Great! D: Where is she? 

Jane: It's not always... I mean we managed to have an orgasm a few hours ago. >.>  

Eshwin: Well of course... You know you are always welcomed here X3 -kisses the top of his head- <3

Elean: Okay. We'll go as soon as you're ready.

Eleanor: <Look I'm fine. I don't need your help. I-> o.o!! -falls over again- ... T^T 


Madeline: <w< -giggles- Oh i should record this X3  

Jude: Sad Look... Just give me a chance... 

Sandy: And what he has puts us through isn't sad huh? >C 


Sandra: I still like having my rights >.> I'm sure other men would've wanted to put their grubby hands on me. 

Din: ... Yes... Look we just need to get to her. Your father won't need to do anything. 

Zara: ... Yeah...-leans in and kisses him gently- <3 

???: <.< Well now. You can't even control a fucking dog.

Shea: -snarls- >C He doesn't control me... 

Xavier: ... I'm sorry Eldora... But tests are showing that there are ... Worse problems. 

Celestia: ... When your mother was pregnant with you she got hurt... And there was a chance we would lose you... The goddess Elune came in our time of need, blessed and saved you... 


Paul: Good... -kisses her gently- Now lets get you into bed so you can rest <3 

Chelsea: Baldor you're making me blush... <3 -cuddles up to him- 


Celestia: Not really when it comes to demon blood >w> and you know we can pass the time <3 

Laetri: To the beaches of Aeris. You will not believe it! There are more Jirin tribes out there :O

Zelda: >.< -tries to pull away- Let me go!

???: >/ What shall we do with her? 

Aurora: ... Uh okay o.o

Lily: <Hey this is pay back for screwing around with my friend. Besides, i wanna know why you didn't tell me about this sweetheart before.> >.>... 
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Vivian: :/ Yeah well... -glances over at the door- ... That demon seemed to like you. Just cause Bobby's gone doesn't mean you're alone.

Eldrin: D| -groans a bit- Man... this sucks. >C -pouts-

Blade: >.> Shitty parents, obviously.


Jinn: o.o;; No fucking way! D< -backs away more and sets her palms on fire- You're nuts!

Lulu: -nods and casts some spells around the building- Don't attract attention to yourself and you should be fine.

Lexi: I won't... -sits down in a corner and hugs her knees-


Tyrel: The whole tribe is alert to the danger he poses... they wouldn't let him get very far.

Deo: >C -huffs a bit and turns away from her, heading back into the tribe-

(Ok do you want to just skip till they've made the trip and that so we can bring in creepy ass Harold?)

William: >/ Well nothing bloody changed from when she first met me.


Abigail: D| Christ... well I hope her notes and all that shit are extremely detailed.

Sneasel: o.o !! -squirms a bit in the air- D: Sneeaaa.... >.<;

Silver: o.o; ... -backs a bit further back into the tree-


Green: >C -puts her weird goggles on and follows her- Yeah you're not stopping me or the crazy jealous housewife!

G: -sends out a nidoking behind pryce to block his exit- >.> You know it's rather rude to just run off like that. >/ We out such an effort into coming here to see you...

Pryce: o.o;- glances up at the rhydon- ... >.> Hm... -looks among them- You're determined to have a fight then, are you? |J

Morgan: >.< !! Ah! D< Get off me you stupid mutt! -tries to throw her off-

Drayna: -picks up her bag- She's being held somewhere... a secret place. She's afraid we'll get hurt coming to look for her. Stay here and take care of Parker.

Abigail: |3 Yeah... <3

Clayton: Thankyou... X3 -cuddles up close to him- Though I was that boy's dragon wold leave us be. -.-;

Mewtwo: I'm ready. -gets to his feet and leans against Gardevoir a little-

Persian: >.> ... <Would you like some help now? Or do ou need to fall over again?>


Adam: <.< Aren't you already getting enough cruel amusement out of this? T^T

Gordon: No Jude I'm serious. Just don't get involved anymore... please. -backs away into the bedroom again and shuts the door-

Amber: He didn't mean to! D: He loves you guys... l-listen Sandy.... Sad Jude's afraid he might not have anything else to live for. Gordon might... -trails off and plays with the ends of her hair-


Kinak: >.> Nah they know who I am. |3 They won't touch you as long as I've got my arm around you.

Damien I: No you caught my interest. >.> I wouldn't mind having extra power. |3 C'mon show me where this princess is Sandrin.

Sandrin: ... -ears flatten and looks between them- Yes daddy... -teleports them to Hyrule-

Thrall: Mmn... -shuts his eyes and holds onto her, kissing her back gently- <3

Viktor: You just be fucking quiet. >C -looks back up at him- Just bring the girl out here, I'll straighten the little bitch out.

Eldora: Sad -tears up a little- What could be worse?

Gaileth: o.o The goddess? So... I'm alive cause of her?


Ama: Just for a little while... <3 -rests her head against his chest- So I can cuddle up to you...

Baldor: I... I know... Smile Heh, I can tell... -gently brushes his thumb over his cheeks- You're going all red...


Kali: ;3 That we could... -wraps her arms around Celestia's waist- Am I still whipped?

Alassea: o.o; -ears flatten- What were you doing out there? D:

Seth: You're kidding. D: There's more of them?

???: >/ Take her back... she already knows our location and cannot escape. It must be decided if she is imprisoned or executed.

G: >.> <Well I didn't know about her until just recently. She just seemed like a good match for you.>
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 16 I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 28, 2013 10:12 am

Chelsea: |c mmn... Im glad you two are okay...

Scruff: Yeah for now ^^;; ...

Mika: <.<... Hey come on. Cheer up. -scoops him up- I bet we can have heaps of fun. Smile 

Mapiya: Son of a demon king >.> you'd think he'd be hit into place. 


Isaac: >3 Heh... No one can save you... And i think my girls would like a little revenge on your friend... Heh... >D -goes shadow and sinks into the ground- 

Jason: Sad Christ she looks terrible... 


Shea: I hope so... -sighs and kisses his forehead- Oh... I hope you don't mind but would it be alright if Deo stayed here? Sad I found him in the forest sick and alone... 

Krista: >.< No... -slowly tries to come back in- Please he--

Shark: -comes to the edge of the tribe- <.< Oh now don't bother the boy... He isn't interested... 

(Yeah just skip. I really want the creepy wedding >3)

Jess: She obviously thought you were different ... :/ You know I'm sure she still cares about you... And i have a feeling you still care about her... 


Jane: Really... Maybe we shouldn't do this :/ I mean I can wait a bit... 

Aurora: ... -gently places Sneasel back on the ground- ... -kneels down to it's level- Now why on earth would you try to attack us? :/ 


Tani: -.-' Im just going to ignore it and punch you later. -looks at Pryce- we only want the children free. If we have to fight you then we shall. 

Elle: Hm. Have you heard an arm dislocate before Morgan? >.> Its pretty gross... |3 -holds her down-

Lily: o.o Yeah of course... D:

Thana: :O I wanna go! I wanna!

Jane: -teleports them over- Alright we're here. What exactly is going on?

Eshwin: >.> You know he only does this to get a reaction out of you. Maybe you just need to calm down and ignore it... :/ 

Elean: ... If you're sure. -whistles for Benoni-

Eleanor: ... T^T <Please help me...> 


Madeline: Look tell you what? You do this and then ill do my punishment. Okay? -kisses his cheek- 

Jude: ... -frowns and opens the door- Look i just dont want you doing anything stupid. 

Sandy: ... -looks away- He wouldn't do anything so foolish. >/ That's not Gordon. 


Sandra: -looks him over- ... So what happens when the arm isn't around me anymore? 

Zelda: -training in the grounds with Damien- >/ ... -kicks down the dummy- I swear I need a cold bath after all this. 

Din: ... This won't end well. D|

Zara: ... -slowly runs her hands up his shirt- Mmn... -pulls away a little and whispers- Now ill finally please you... <3 

???: >.> I dont want to take her out. Her cage is back here. -walks into another room-

Shea: -growls- >C i hope she manages to rip off your hand. 

Xavier: ... Well it's the child's size. We've calculated that the baby is only a few weeks but... It's at least getting into the size of a baby that's at least a month... Maybe two months... :/

Celestia: ... -nods- You're the purest child we know... But... -sighs- Darling you need to realise that you were only born... Well yesterday. You cannot stop growing... 


Paul: -enters the house and goes into his room- Well we can certainly do that... <3 

Chelsea: Heh... ^///^ -sighs happily- Nothing can ruin this happiness... <3 


Celestia: >w> -grabs her ass- Damn right you are <3

Laetri: Exploring... But it's like... They are so much different to the normal Jirins... They look more tribal... They have spears and all that... :/ 

Zelda: ... Please be imprisonment... 

??: >J -nods and drags her back to the colony- 

Lily: <She? The fuck? I'm talking about Cameron. The guy who has been working with Team Rocket.> 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 16 I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 28, 2013 10:55 am

Vivian: |c -tucks some hair behind her ear- Well we don't know for sure... what happened was so strange. Sad

Eldrin: -folds his arms- What? Do you have more cleaning? >/

Blade: I'd bet it's the mother. >.> You know how those elves are. Probably too soft to see a child struck.


Jinn: o.o;; No no. >.<; Shit! Leave me alone!

???: -slowly rises out of the ground, looking half burned and maddened- >3 We may get her now, master...? -grins and reaches out for Jinn-

Jinn: D< Fuck off! -shoots a fireball in her face-

???: -shuts her eyes and turns away a bit, but otherwise isn't affected-

Lulu: It's just gonna take a while to get her back to the way she was before. Isaac must have been tough on her.


Tyrel: Sad Of course... him I know we can trust. What happened? Why was he out there...?

Deo: -steps back inside and looks over at them- ... You know how it is after leaving the fight clubs. Sometimes you just snap... -ears flatten and looks away-

Bruno: >.> -circles her- Well girl...? We gave you plenty of time to do what we asked...

(Right I'm just gonna skip a few weeks and that so she's starting to feel more secure. >3)
Marco: -comes downstairs all dressed for work and that- Ma cherie I really must leave for work now, will you be staying in the house again?

William: ... If I do I've just made a really big mistake... ^^' -rubs the back of his head-


Abigail: Hey I know how much this means for you babe. >.> And besides, the minute you can start seeing shit, the better you'll be able to find everything when we're doing it. C'mon. -holds onto her hand and goes to find Aurora's work-
(AJ. Always the classy bitch.)

Sneasel: >/ -growls a bit and backs away- ...

Silver: ... -jumps down from the tree and steps over to sneasel- I don't know what you are... but I know you're defenseless anyway. >/ -picks up their basket- So just don't say anything and I won't have my pokemon do anything to your kid. -backs away again-


Pryce: |J I'm very sorry it won't be much of a fight...

Ho oh: >C -screeches and knocks the nidoking out of the way with ease-

Pryce: -holds onto its talons- Don't worry. >3 I'll be making far more use out of your child than you ever could.

Ho oh: D< -takes off into the sky and blows flames over the torn open gym-

???: o.o !! -looks up as they come out into the air- Come! >/ -holds onto laetri and jumps up, holding onto ho oh's foot as well-

Morgan: >.<;; Ah fine! Let me up!

Drayna: X3 Oh no sweetie... it's going to be dangerous work. Maybe we can go on adventures when you're older. -grabs a pokeball and heads outside-

Abigail: >.> -folds her arms- Yeah this better be important for interrupting sexy time.

Clayton: -.-; I'll calm down when he stops.

Benoni: >.> -ears perk and goes over to him- |3 <I totally wasn't messing with the grumpy old man.>

Persian: -noses her to get her up on her feet- <Don't try to move yet. -.- You're too clumsy. Just try not to fall over at this rate.>


Adam: <.< Well that'd be great but I never figured anything out for you. D| -sighs- Here goes... -quickly tries to head downstairs-

Gordon: Would you please just leave me alone? -frowns a bit-

Amber: Sad I don't think he's in his right mind right now... he could do anything.


Kinak: >.> Well any guy on the street would try to pick you up. -wraps an arm around her waist- And you wouldn't be allowed to say no.

Damien: -wipes his forehead- Tell me about it. -.-' I just hope Nabooru did her bloody job right.

Sandrin: -ears flatten- Maybe it's best if we don't get involved... :/

Damien I: >.> .... Well well... |3 -smirks a bit and goes over to them- This is where you went to hide from me, now is it?

Thrall: Good... -pushes her so she's laying on her back and moves on top of her- Show me what you can do girl... <3

Viktor: You just be quiet and fucking behave while I handle your mess. >C You'll be punished when we get home. -goes up to her cage-

???: ... -draws away and frown a bit- W-what are you doing back here? >/

Eldora: o.o; ... Well... D: That's a good thing isn't it? Won't the little one just... just grow and be out faster that way?

Gaileth: Sad ... And... and mummah's sad cause of that?


Ama: ^//^ -cddles up to him- Thankyou sir... <3

???: :3 -sitting on their bed with the other elves- We waited for you to come back! Very Happy

Baldor: Nothing... -sighs and kisses her cheek gently- And just think Mihan, soon it will be even better when you have our child... <3


Kali: -goes red and bites her lip- Heh... I love it when you get like this with me... <3 -squirms a bit-

Silver: -.-; For the love of Arceus... could you at least take that somewhere where I don't have to see it? >/

Alassea: o.o I didn't know there were anymore... were they as mean as the other Jirins? D:

???: <.< -flicks his tail- If you want not to be executed... you had better hope you can be of some use.

G: ... <What are you--?> -sighs a bit and runs a hand through his hair- -.-' <You were supposed to take the other one home. The witch. Why did you go and screw a damn agent?> >/
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 16 I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 29, 2013 10:23 am

Scruff: ... I wish I could go back to the surface and kill Hanson >/ 

Mika: Well no. But it's nice to explore the forest... It's full of wonderful creatures. Smile 

Mapiya: >.>... you might want to keep an eye on Mika. She is a softie. 


Isaac: >3 Heh... Get her now...

???: >D -grins and pins Jinn down- What's wrong? >3 Can't fight us now? Have no one to help you... |J -laughs cruelly- 

Jason: ... Yeah... -sighs- Thanks again for helping us back there :/ I am proud of you. 


Shea: Because of what happened to Marianna everyone has started to hate him Sad I want them to see he is a good guy... 

Krista: ... Look... They had a lot of guards. Im only one girl... Just give me some time okay? 

Maria: No... I think I might go out today. -smiles faintly and fixes up his collar- Go to the market and get some groceries... Make you a nice dinner. <3 

Jess: What do you mean?

Chelsea: -opens the door- Hey babe... |3 I'm here. <3 


Jane: ... I just... Ive got a bad feeling... D| I really do... 

Aurora: <.< ... -flicks her wand, making the basket come back to her- You know if you wanted some food all you had to do was ask. There was no need to attack me or my baby. :/

Toby: owo ... -looks at Sneasel with curiosity-  


Tani: o.o!! D: Shit! -dodges some of the rubble falling- We gotta get out!

Laetri: >.< Mum! Dad! 

Elle: <.< ... -helps her up- >/ Attack my village again and ill attack you. Got it? 

Thana: Pfft. No one is fun >:T -folds her arms-

Lily: Apparently Aurora has been taken by someone :/ Would you know anyone who would've done that? 

Eshwin: >.> Then he wont stop for a long time. 

Elean: ... Bullshit. -.- Now come on. We are going on a trip.

Eleanor: <Im not that clumsy. You were tripping over when you started to walk on two feet.> T^T 


Annette: ... -doesn't look at him- Kid, isn't it a bit cold to be going outside like that? >.> 

Jude: >/ ... -sighs- Look I promise you. Sandy will take you back. 

Sandy: ... -sighs- Amber you are all new to this. But this isn't the first time Gordon has been caught up in Jude's shit. He has put me and my family in danger before and this was the final straw. 


Sandra: Yeah see it really just makes me want to stay here... <.< -plays with his hair- 

Zelda: o.o... -frowns- What are you doing in the royal grounds? >/ Get out of my kingdom unless you're here to talk about making peace. 

Zara: -holds onto him after it- Ohh... Its been so long since someone has made me feel this way... <3 

Shea: -looks her over- D: Kid... -moves closer- Shit. Are you okay? Sad 

Xavier: No... I'm afraid that when it feels ready to come out... It'll be the size of a five year old child... Even bigger :/ 

Celestia: ... -sighs- We only recently got your brother back. We never got to see him grow up Sad And your mother thought we'd get that chance with you... 


Paul: o.o!! What but... You... How did you get in here?! D:  

Chelsea: ... Yeah. But that won't be for a while right? We said we would wait... -cuddles up to him- 


Celestia: >.> Nah uh. This should be your punishment >/ 

Laetri: Well... This kid was nice up until I told him I was part elf... :/ -sighs- If only we could stop this bitterness between each other... 

Zelda: ... -ears go back- I don't think you'd want me for anything... 

Lily: <Supposed to?> -frowns a bit- <Look I like this guy. He really is something.>  >/
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 16 I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 29, 2013 1:10 pm

Vivian: >.<;; -shivers a little- I'm just glad we'll never see him again...

Eldrin: >.> I guess that's not so bad...

Blade: Yeah I know I can handle it. >.> Believe me I'm not going to put up with the child's arrogance for much longer.


Jinn: >.< !! No! -hisses and struggles against them- Get off me you fucking sluts! D< Why can't you go for that bloody elf instead?!

???: >3 Because you're right here... <3

Lulu: Well I suppose I owe you thanks as well. I might have been fighting you guys back there if you hadn't slapped some sense into me...


Tyrel: :/ I see... well you can stay here until you are welcomed by the rest of the tribe again, it will be no trouble.

Deo: -nods once- Thankyou... -moves to the back of the tent and curls up on the ground-

Bruno: >.> We gave you plenty of time... >/ -snarls a bit and bares his teeth- We warned you... Now get back to the camp. Now...

Marco: -smiles a bit and wraps his arms around her waist- That sounds lovely... thankyou ma cherie... <3 -leans down and kisses her gently- I will see you soon. -strokes her cheek and pulls away-

William: ^^' Hey... hey babe... D| -sighs deeply- Uh this is my friend Jess...


Abigail: Calm down would you? What's the worst that could happen? -steps into Aurora's study- >w> Aha.

Silver: o.o; Anyone with any sort of common sense wouldn't have stuck around to let themselves be attacked. >/ I wasn't going to let him hurt you, just scare you off. Now give it to me. -reaches for another pokeball-


Ebele: >.<; -struggles a bit- Let us go!

Silver: o.o !! Laetri no! Tani we'll never catch up to them! That pokemon flies too fast!

Morgan: >/ -pulls away and holds her hand out- Just give me my wand.

Drayna: -gets on the back of her pokemon and flies off to Daryl's castle- <Aurora I know where you are and I'm coming to help... now tell me who is keeping you there?>

Abigail: o.o Well shit. I can't think of anyone that'd wanna do that to her.... 'cept maybe that creepy fucking potions teacher. >.> He always hated her.

Clayton: -.-; Hmph... figures.

Benoni: >.> <Hey hey hey. You just watch your mouth kiddo.>

Persian: <There's no excuse for you to not be able to stand. -.-' You've got two more feet, you should be more stable.>


Adam: .___.; -freezes- Uh... >//<

Missy: o.o;; ... Oh dear... -shields her eyes- ^///^;; Uh sweetheart... maybe you should listen to Annette...

Gordon: >/ How can you promise that?

Amber: Sad It was the final straw for them as well... look Sandy, Jude really scared me with all of this as well but I can tell he's not doing that sort of thing anymore. Neither is your husband...


Kinak: >.> Oh now don't be such a bore, love... it'll be fun... |3

Damien: >C -growls and flicks his tail- Why did you bring him here Sandrin? No... don't come into our kingdom, period. I'm not interested in anything you have to say.

Damien I: >.> Well... I would have thought you'd love to hear that I am due to gain even more power... |3 But I'll gladly be on my way if you don't wish to hear it.

Thrall: |3 -sighs and purrs a bit- You were good, girl... mmn... <3 -holds her close to him-

???: D: Miss Shea... Sad -comes up and holds onto the bars-

Viktor: >/ Out of the way, mutt. -pushes her aside and opens the cage- Now you just come here you little shit... >C -grabs her by her shirt and pulls her close- I guess you're just gonna need another lesson in fucking obedience aren't you?

Eldora: D: ... -covers her mouth- O-oh my gosh... Sad -looks up at reynard- W-what are we going to do? That's... that's so big, how will I even live through the pregnancy? >.<; -tears up a little-

Gaileth: So... so it is my fault mummah's sad... |c -ears droop and sighs-


Ama: o.o;; ... -ears flatten- Ok guys even I want to know how you did that. D:

???: What? o.o -tilts her head a bit- You guys took forever to get here! ^_^ Plenty of time to climb in through the window.

Baldor: Well we'll give it a few days so we can settle into being Mihans but people are going to want an heir soon sweetheart... <3 -kisses the top of her head-


Silver: -.-; Nobody... no matter what the crime... deserves to see their sister getting fucking screwed right in front of them! >/

Kali: <.< Eh, well there's nothing you can do about it anyway.

Seth: :/ Well little one the rivalry has raged between the two races since before the great war... that was hundreds of generations ago.

???:: >.> Well... you're in a spot of trouble then, aren't you? |3 -laughs a bit and chucks her into a cage in the tribe-

G: ... <Alright so tell me about him then. >.> If he really is something there must be a lot you have to say about the guy.>
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 16 I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 30, 2013 7:59 am

Chelsea: I dont know... What if this thing tells Hanson you're gone? :/ 

Mika: There see? X3 -cuddles him- It'll be fun.

Mapiya: >.> Good. Heh. You thankful that you wont have kids with Mika? |3  


Isaac: >3 You will pay for ruining my beautiful-- o.o!! -gets knocked to the ground-

Zara: -has kicked him down- >/ Man you're fucking annoying. 

Jason: Yeah... :/ -sighs a bit and puts an arm around her- You know hopefully we can get a better home. I suppose we need to find some jobs while we're out. 


Shea: Sad -sighs and strokes Tyrel's hair- Can I get you anything sweetheart?

Krista: ... -frowns a bit- Did you end up getting Shea? 

Maria: -sighs and kisses him back- See you soon my love... <3 Please come home as soon as you can. Smile 

Chelsea: >w> Oh... Well she better hurry up and leave |3

Jess: ... -frowns and looks at William- What the hell is wrong with you? 


Jane: ... I can think of fifty things already... D| Look what if you set something on fire? Or you get turned into a cat?

Aurora: >/ -flicks her wand, pushing him back with a force- You stay away from my child. 

Toby: D: Ehhhh! >.< -cries out-


Tani: -let's out Lily's Mandibuzz- Follow them! D< Find out where they have gone! You don't have to be right next to them. Stay hidden.

Mandibuzz: >C -screeches and flies off behind them- 

Elle: Iunno <.< I don't think I can trust you... 

Aurora: <Drayna no... Look his name is Daryl. He was a student in my year... He is very sick.> Sad  

Jane: Now I know Professor Snape is a bit of a git... But he always lives at Hogwarts. I doubt he'd have anywhere to hide her.  

Eshwin: <w< Stop pouting. -playfully pinches his cheeks- 

Elean: Cmon. This is no time to be annoying those two. :/ 

Eleanor: <It's the paws. They just feel weird and seem to slip on the ground.> T^T 


Annette: -smirks- Heh X3 You lost that bet i take it?  

Jude: ... Because I owe you so much... And I will make sure she comes back... 

Sandy: ... -sighs and runs a hand through her hair- But he has probably made so many enemies already...  What if they come after my boys? 


Sandra: <.< No. -kisses him- And that's final. 

Zelda: More power? >/ What exactly are you talking about? 

Zara: X3 -giggles and cuddles up to him- Your purring is tickling me. <3 

Shea: ... -snarls and pounces on him- D< You let her go right now!

Reynard: ... Shh Sad -holds her hands- Don't cry Eldora... We need to find a way to slow down it's growth... We might need to talk to a demon... 

Celestia: It's not your fault sweetie Sad None of this is... I'm thankful that I still have my little girl... -cuddles her-


Paul: ... You do realise that is called breaking in. That's illegal.

Chelsea: Few days? No Baldor... I want to wait a few months... At least a year. :/ 


Celestia: >.> Fine. But later we're coming in to poke you with something. Got it? 

Tani: Look don't worry about this now... Things are getting better. :/ Your dad might be getting back to normal...  

Zelda: Ah! >.< Please let me go! D<

Lily: <Look he is cute, got a good body, dedicated and is lovely to talk to... So have you preyed on the baby yet if you get my drift?> -.- 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 16 I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 30, 2013 10:44 am

Vivian: ... -swallows nervously- She was asleep, and... besides... Hanson wouldn't be able to do anything now.

Eldrin: -looks up at her- You're very cuddly. o.o

Blade: Very. -.-; The last thing I want is any more pups.


???: o.o !! Master! D< -whips around and hisses at Zara- How dare you?!

Jinn: -looks up at her- Fuck off! D< What made you come back?!

Lulu: -watches his hand carefully- ... Yeah we will. What'd you do to get by before you were killed?


Tyrel: -smiles a bit and holds onto her hand- No, thankyou... -sighs- I'm just glad I've alive...

Bruno: >/ No... because somebody failed at what she was told to do. Now I said... get back to the camp girl... -ears flatten and snarls threateningly-

Marco: I will of course... you take care my love. Smile -heads outside-

Harold: <.< ... -watches carefully from afar as he leaves the house-

William: >/ Oh don't start. Look I can make my own decisions, and I'm not gonna stand here and let you just shame me. If You've got nothing else to say just go back home to my mother.


Abigail: <.< -shrugs- Well you're a smart witch, you can reverse them right?

Silver: >.< !! -yelps a bit as he hits a tree- Ah!

Sneasel: >C -races over and snatches the basket away before quickly scaling the tree and disappearing again-

G: -looks over at them- ... Hey what's going on over there?


Green: >.< -coughs a bit as smoke fills the gym- C'mon we gotta get out of here! -races outside-

Silver: -watches the mandibuzz- I just hope this actually works... -sighs a bit in irritation and goes to follow Green-

Morgan: >C ... -grumbles darkly and glares at her- Give it to me, or else...

Drayna: <I see... Don't worry, I don't intend to harm him.>

Daryl: >.> ... -comes into her room and looks her over- Who are you talking to Aurora...?

Abigail: It's a big castle. <.< He could have her somewhere in the dungeons or even in the forest. Don't rule it out as a possibility.

clayton: >w< Nyehh... Cut it out. X3 -laughs a bit-

Persian: >.> <Just focus on standing still for a while.>

Tyrandes: -slowly and quietly makes her way through some trees, following elean- >.> ... Hm...


Adam: ... -//- No Annette, I won it. I'm just doing my victory dance!

Gordon: I'm sorry Jude. I'm just having a hard time believing anything you say anymore. -frowns and looks away- Would you just leave me be?

Amber: Sad Well... well they could come after you if you're with him or not.
(Good going. Bright girl this one is.)


Kinak: >.> -folds his arms- Well I want to go back. I get the final say. -holds onto her wrist- C'mon it'll be fun.

Damien I: I don't know what your people call it. >.> The tri-something or other.

Damien: -hisses- D< Impossible. You couldn't get a part of the triforce.

Thrall: |3 Mmn? -nuzzles her a bit and purrs more- Is that so?

Viktor: o.o !! Hey! >.< -tries to push her off- D< Get the fuck off me!

???: o.o; -ears flatten and quickly moves away- ... Yeah! >/ Get him!

Eldora: Oh gosh... >.<; -shakes her head quickly- I don't want to go to the demon world again...

Gaileth: -cuddles up to her and sighs a bit, tears falling down her cheeks- Thanks mummah... |c


???: o.o ... Well what silly person made that illegal? D: Everybody does it.

Baldor: ... Chelsea.... no, that's too long. Why would you want to wait so long? We need an heir soon...


Silver: -.-; Well that sounds perfectly reasonable.

Alassea: Sad What happened? Is your Mihan gonna be ok miss Tani?

???: >/ Be quiet. It will just put you closer to death. -snarls-

???: o.o ... -tugs on a jirin woman's skirt- Mummah... mummah what is that thing? :O -points at Zelda-

G: >.> <I see...> -glances over at Aurora- <No. -.- Unlike yourself I tend to take someone out for drinks and get to know them first.>
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 16 I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 01, 2013 7:07 am

Scruff: Look it'll be okay... -places an arm around her- 

Chelsea: ... -frowns and gets up- I need a drink... 

Mika: o.o;; Oh sorry... ^^;; I guess I really do like taking care of children... I really want my own someday...

Mapiya: Alright. >.> Ill be back in the morning. Take care. 


Zara: They are on the surface too! D< I can't fucking go anywhere. 

Jason: Eh. Must've pissed off some gang... :/ I got into a bad crowd...


Shea: Smile Well you just rest... -kisses him gently- <3 

Krista: But she went out into the forest on her own! D< You could've got her!

Shark: >/ -growls- Quiet!  

Maria: ... Smile -sighs happily and gets herself ready, heading outside to the markets- 

Jess: >/ Oh yes. Go with the one who tried to kill Eloisa and screw you while you were injured.

Chelsea: >.> He needed to learn who the right person was |3 -stretches a bit- Cmon babe. Lets hit the town.  


Jane: Well its a bit hard when I really can't see D| 

Aurora: -looks at him- There is a kid taking our things with his pokemon. He threatened to hurt Toby!  


Tani: ... -follows them out- ... All we can do is wait... -looks away- 

Elle: <.<... -chucks her wand back- Now get out of here. >/ 

Aurora: ...-looks away- No one... Please leave me alone...

Jane: Well maybe we should go and check it out. He could have her hidden somewhere else and be at the castle working... I'm still not sure he would do this...

Eshwin: <w< Oh no. If you're going to make that cute sound again... X3 

Eleanor: <Right...> ... <You think you could try and bite off the collar?> 

Elean: -stays on Benoni's back- ... You get the feeling someone is watching us? o.o;


Annette: Hey I don't understand kids these days >.> Thought you knew that by now. 

Jude: ... no. Im sorry. I don't trust you. 

Sandy: ... Look why do you have to interfere with my personal business? >/ what right do you have? 


Sandra: <.< No. -pulls her wrist away- I have other things to do. If you want to see me then come here. -heads to her bedroom- 

Zelda: >/ You cannot take the triforce away. Not to mention that you wouldn't be able to handle the power. Now get out.

Zara: ^///^ -giggles and squirms a bit- Heh! Thrall! <3 

Shea: >/ -puts the girl onto her back- Come on. -races out of the house-

???: D< You get back here! 

Reynard: Eldora it might be the only way ... D: ... We might ... Even have to ask... 

Celestia: ... -goes to Kali- Mihan... Gaileth is here Sad


Paul: ... D| Ama... Help me please... 

Chelsea: I just want to spend time with you... We haven't been together long... Sad 


Celestia: Hey this is hell. You need a punishment >.> 

Tani: I hope so... I got some of his demon blood out... He seems like he is back to normal but we are keeping him in hell for a bit... :/ :

Zelda: ... -shrinks back into her cage- 

???: o.o ... It looks like some strange creature... Like an elf... Don't go near it my child...

Lily: <.< <we got to know each other in HQ. Welp. Enjoy being a predator.>

Aurora: :/ Are you okay? -holds his hands- 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 16 I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 01, 2013 8:49 am

Vivian: -cuddles up to him a bit- Alright... :/ Take it easy, those demons could still hurt you out there.

Eldrin: >.> ... With the scarred wolf? He doesn't look like he wants kids.

Blade: You too. <.< Good luck with the boy. -heads back to Mika's tent-


Jinn: >/ -gets to her feet and backs away- Then fuck off somewhere else. you don't have to be here.

???: D< -hisses- You were the one that hurt our sisters up there! You'll pay! -races forward and goes for her neck-

Lulu: -raises an eyebrow- And that's how you got money for food?


Tyrel: -smiles a bit- Come... will you lay down with me? Smile

Bruno: >C -ears flatten and quickly knocks her to the ground with a swipe of his paw- YOU SHOULD HAVE TOLD US SHE WAS THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE! D< -barks viciously at her-

Harold: ... |3 -grins a bit- There you are... -slowly follows her-

William: >/ It's none of your business, alright? -pulls a jacket on- C'mon Chelsea. -heads outside-


Abigail: Eh. -sits down and goes through her notes- Aurora won't be long at the beach. >.> Worse comes to worst, we just wait for her to get back.

Silver: o.o !! Shut up! D< -backs away more and quickly climbs the tree again with this sneasel- Shit... >.< -takes the basket and returns sneasel-

Baldor: D: We gotta go help! >:U

G: What? >/ Baldor stay at the shore. -goes over- Where'd the kid go? -picks up a pokeball-


Green: >:T I don't like this... >.> We should go after them.

G: Not wise. He'll be looking out for us now. Laetri will just have to wait a while longer...

Morgan: >C -catches it- ... Fine... -backs away a bit- I'll leave...

Daryl: >.> ... -sighs- Aurora... I'd really appreciate it if you didn't lie to me.

Drayna: -lands at the castle and looks around a bit- ... Now let's see...

Abigail: There, see? It's totally plausible. >w> And hey... we'll be alone again. -wraps an arm around jane's shoulder- <3

Clayton: You shouldn't make a fool out of an old man you know. <.<

Persian: ... -flicks his tail- <I could try but my teeth aren't as sharp as you'd think.> -steps over and tries to chew at her collar-

Mewtwo: -nods- I sense it too... -looks around- They are trying to hide themselves.

Benoni: >.> -shrugs and flicks his tail- <Whoever it is, nobody could be stupid enough to mess with a mother fucking dragon.> |3

Tyrandes: ... Hm... >3 -pulls some poisoned darts from her pouch-


Adam: T^T Can you just let me be humiliated in peace? I have to go outside now...

Gordon: You don't trust me to be alone? >/

Amber: Sad Well I... I don't, but...


Kinak: >.> .... -follows her- I wasn't asking.

Damien I: You'll regret this. >.> I already know... how... -steps away- We're leaving now Sandrin, show me where I can learn this song.

Sandrin: D: -looks between them- .... Y-yes daddy...

Thrall: |3 Do you want me to stop?

Viktor: D< Fuck! Stop!

???: o.o; -holds onto her- We did it! Very Happy We got away miss shea! >w< -hugs her tight-

Eldora: -shakes a little- ... N-no... no Reynard please... I... Crying or Very sad I couldn't face him... please there has to be another way...

Kali: -ear flicks a bit- ... How old is she now? -doesn't move from where she's laying-


Ama: Sad Can't you give us some alone time guys? Please?

???: >:T He's acting like he owns you Ama! Who does he think he is, you Mihan?

Baldor: But wouldn't our lives be so wonderful with a child? It would bring us even closer.


Silver: -.-' And the way you're going to do that is by... poking me.

Kali: >.> You want it to be worse?

Seth: Well good... that could be a lot worse for him. :/ I really thought he might have been beyond help.

Damien: -paces a bit- ... <Zelda you're taking a long time. What's going on out there?>

???: o.o But it's so strange... -sniffs at her a bit-

G: -.-' Fine. I'm just starting to remember why I was never too fond of my granddaughter.
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Chelsea: ... Whatever. -sighs and heads out to the bar-

Scruff: ... D| She will worry me until... Well cant exactly say till the day i die .___. 

Mika: ... He doesn't... -sighs- I guess it doesn't matter ... 


Zara: look just shut up would-- o.o!! -hits their pressure point- D< God damn it! 

Jason: >.> Yep... Hey living on the streets is tough. I got jobs before... They just never lasted. 


Shea: Of course... I wouldn't want to leave your side... <3 -lays down next to him- 

Krista: o.o!! Let me go! I did warn you! >.< 

Tess: ...-opens her eyes and looks up at Blade- Do you hear screaming?

Maria: -walks around the market places for a bit- ... -looks over at some vegetables, looking up a bit- o.o!! -drops her basket- N-No... D: 

Chelsea: ;3 Bye girly. -walks out with him- 

Jess: ... >/ You're making a huge mistake! 


Jane: D| I don't know how you can be so cool and calm about this... 

Aurora: He is in the tree... -slowly moves over to it- Kid please come down... Look there is a reason why you need this food... Maybe we can help you out.


Tani: Look if we show up the same thing would happen again. Besides which we don't know where the hell they are yet. >/ so just be patient. 

Elle: Good >/ And if you come back ill snap your fucking wand and shove it up your nostrils. Got it?

Aurora: Im not lying okay? >/ -lays down on her bed- Just piss off.

???: ... -slowly moves closer to Drayna- >/ <Master... We have a visitor... An unwanted one...>

Lily: D| No having sex okay? Important mission yeah? 

Eshwin: <.< What? Going to get the cane? -kisses the top of his head- Id like to see that X3 

Eleanor: o.o!! <Heh..> >w< -ears go back- <It... It tickles!> 

Elean: -ear flicks and looks up- o.o!! It's that drow elf! D: 


Madeline: X3 Iunno... I quite like this. -giggles a bit- 

Jude: No I don't >/ I think you'll do something fucking foolish.

Sandy: Then why keep coming back here? >/ 


Sandra: <.<... Remember dear. Our worlds are different... I can say no here... And just... Do anything with ease.. -gets the gun from her bedside table-

Din: D: Sandrin no... Please...

Zelda: >.>... now hold on... What song is this? 

Zara: Mmn... No... Just keep doing it... <3 -cuddles him and strokes his cheek- 

Shea: We're not safe yet kid, now we just have to make sure we have escaped them properly and that'll take a while...

Reynard: But who else have we got Eldora...? Sad : -p

Celestia: ... She is still young... Only five or so... Sad 


Paul: D| Look i just want to spend some alone time with Ama. That isn't too much to ask right?

Chelsea: Look Baldor I need some time. I'm still a young woman. We will have a child bit in good time. 


Celestia: >.> Fine. Back to the sex watching punishment. I mean i really dont care. 

Tani: No... I knew there was still some good in him. See if you remove the blood, anyone can turn back to normal. Sad I just have to mend things up with the family... 

Zelda: ... <Just talking to them... You know... Just things out....>

???: Dearest come on. Don't sniff the disgusting creature... Now let's get going.

Aurora: :/ Lily was always a spunky one... That's in her nature... But just don't worry about her.
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 16 I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 01, 2013 10:43 am

Vivian: Sad -sighs a bit- We've got out own things to worry about... >.< Ngh... -winces a bit as his arm grazes the cuts on her back-

???: -looks up at her as she comes out- o.o ... Back out here already? I thought you'd want to stay with your friend now that you've got him back.

Blade: -steps back in- >.> Is the boy done with his work?


Tyrel: -wraps an arm around her- Thankyou... <3 -gently kisses her cheek and sighs a bit- I still can't believe you agreed to stay with me... Smile

Bruno: >C -growls ad bites down into her arm- Shut up. -snarls and drags her back into the woods- We warned you too girl... about what would happen if this didn't work.

Blade: =.= Mm? -ears perk and raises his head a bit- I didn't hear anything... D| I was sleeping. -rubs his eyes with his paws-

Harold: ... -grins and slowly steps closer- I'm sure you're surprised to see me... aren't you? |3

William: Well it's my mistake to make. >/ Just get out of my damn house! Hmph... can you believe the nerve of that girl?


Abigail: ;3 Babe I'm always cool. -flicks through some notes- .__. Man this is complicated stuff.

G: >/ Get down and agree not to harm my family anymore and maybe we can agree to not kill you.

Silver: o.o;; ... -looks them over- ... No. -frowns a bit- I need this food more than you do. >/ I can see your house from here, you've got plenty...


Green: >:T You know I don't like your tone. I didn't have to come out here to help your freak child you know. >.>

Morgan: >C Oh I understand... -backs away more and quickly holds the wand to our dark mark- But I'm sure you understand that I'm obliged to call my lord... >J -grins and looks up as the sky goes dark-

Daryl: >.> -shuts the door behind him- I don't appreciate the language either... you're being very rude to me. -glances out the window- ... <Yes I know. Kill it.>

Drayna: -smiles a bit and straightens up- Oh there you are. ^_^ I was wondering where you might have been. -looks her over- The human's world has such beautiful creatures.

Abigail: >.> Yeah yeah yeah. Leave it to captain buzz kill. Let's go babe.

Clayton: -blushes a bit- I'm sure you would... >//>

Persian: >:T <Hold still you're making this very difficult.>

Tyrandes: >3 Sorry love. I'd just like my dragon back. -shoots at them-

Mewtwo: >/ -raises a glowing paw and deflects it- Get going back to your village.


Missy: ^//^' Uh Adam sweetheart... if you're really going ahead with this just be careful ok?

Adam: D| Yeah... -sighs a bit and slowly heads outside- >//<; Can't believe this...

Gordon: Oh I'm sorry. >/ I forgot you were an expert on fucking foolish things.

Amber: Cause I know you're sad too... Sad I just wanna make things better.


Kinak: -doesn't notice and takes her wrist again- >.> Well it's a good thing we'll be in my world again soon...

Sandrin: |c -ears droop a bit-

Damien I: <.< Oh I don't know. -motions to Din- Ask that thing.

Thrall: |3 That's what I thought... -nuzzles her more- Mmn, you're so good when you're like this. Don't ever change back... <3

???: -glances over her shoulder- Where are we gonna hide? D:

Eldora: -shakes her head and tears spill down her cheeks- I... I... I don't know... >.<;

Kali: ... Mmn...

Gaileth: Sad Mummah... -reaches out for her- I'm sorry you're upset cause of me...


???: >:T You don't own her.

Baldor: ... This isn't the end of this conversation, alright?


Kali: |3 Mmn, me neither... -holds onto her- ;3 So where were we, love?

Silver: -grumbles and looks away- -.-' Fantastic...

Seth: Wait doesn't removing demon blood make them really weak? Sad I thought it could even kill them.

???: :O But I wanna watch it mummah.

G: Yes I know... but I'm inclined to worry about her. D| You know she didn't go off with your friend either? She took someone else home.
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 16 I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 02, 2013 6:23 am

Scruff: D: Shit... Sorry. -moves his arm away- Lets get you healed up first... 

Chelsea: I need a drink... -sighs- And them being all cuddly was making me sick. 

Mika: He has helped me with the beds yes... -smiles a bit- We can get something to eat then rest... 


Shea: -smiles faintly- You're the only one who has really cared for me... <3 

Krista: >.<!! no! Please don't do this! -bashes his snout- Let me go!! Help! 

Tess: it sounds like someone screaming in the forest... -looks at him- You want to check it out? 

Maria: D: N-No! >.< No you're not suppose to be here... Stay away from me. 

Chelsea: >.> Pfft. Don't worry about her. What would she know? Besides Eloisa was just a stupid spanish bitch |3


Jane: <.< Maybe you should've paid attention in class like Aurora did.

Aurora: Calm down both of you... -looks up- you can have the food... But you seem like you need help. Thats all I want to do... I've been on the streets and in need of food before.


Tani: D< I never wanted your help anyway! And how dare you call him a freak! You're just an annoying woman who seems to take light of every horrible situation! It's not right and it definitely doesn't help anyone! If anyone is the freak it's you. >/ 

Elle: o.o... You fucking bitch. D< -growls- I should fucking kill you... 

Aurora: I really do not want to speak to you... Don't you get it?

???: >C -growls and tries to swipe at her- <Leave this place!> 

Jane: -teleports to the castle- ... Man you'd think he'd retire by now >.> 

Eshwin: -smiles faintly- You're so cute blushing like that... <3 

Eleanor: ^///^ <I really can't help it! It's really ticklish!> >w< -purrs a bit- 

Elean: D: But--

Gardevoir: Go! >/ We will hold her off. 


Annette: <.< We should record this on the mobile phone.

Jude: >/ For gods sake i know I've messed up but i've been trying to make things up. 

Sandy: ... Look I just... I cant even look at him right now. Everytime I see him I get... I get so mad... He put our child in that car Amber. He could've been killed.


Sandra: ... -aims the gun at his neck- ... No. -digs the end of it in- Now let go before I have to shoot you handsome <.<

Din: ... W-We need the ocarina. Sad

Zelda: ... Thats how we free you Din? >.> Well that solves everything. |3 no power for you. 

Zara: ... -sighs and plays with some of his hair- I might have to stay like this so I can blend in... -looks at him- ... What are we now...? 

Shea: We can't hide in the slums. His scent is around there... So clearly he goes there a lot... You know of any places? 

Reynard: I'll be there with you. He won't hurt you... -sighs and wipes away her tears- 

Celestia: Sad Mihan don't be like this... She wants a hug... 


Paul: I know I don't. :/ But it's her choice to be here. 

Chelsea: ... Look Baldor I thought we had an agreement... -sighs- Look let's just go to the festival...


Tani: He is better... I only got some of it out. We might have to do the process again... 

???: Now child come on. The men will have to sort her out >.>...

Aurora: :/ Well she liked that guy... Look I know he is bad. But you know she has to learn that for herself. She'll probably get hurt but she will learn.
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 16 I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 02, 2013 7:11 am

Vivian: You need to be healed too, but... I didn't think there were any healers in hell.

???: :/ You miss your guy, huh? -goes over to the bar and pours her a drink-

Blade: >.> Alright. Well don't get too comfortable yet boy. In the morning Mapiya will probably have you up early with some real work.

Eldrin: >:T Nyehh. -pokes his tongue out-


Tyrel: Well of course I care about you... I always have. <3 -cuddles her gently-

Bruno: >.< !! -yelps a bit and pulls away, rubbing his snout- Bloody bitch! D< -pins her down firmly- Fine... >C We'll just deal with you here. -snarls viciously and bites down hard into her shoulder, crushing bone and tearing away flesh-

Blade: -yawns a bit- Fine... =.= It better be worth it though. -slowly gets up- Stay put Pip.

Harold: You couldn't keep me away forever... and you know Maria, I never did forget everything you told people. >.> You had me ran out of town you know...

William: -frowns a bit- Look I didn't call you here so you could talk bad about my ex-fiance.


Abigail: >:T Maybe you should be quiet and make me a sandwich. Now let's see... -opens up a vial of potion nearby and sniffs at it-

G: Aurora we're not showing the child sympathy. >/ He might have hurt you or Toby.

Silver: I don't need your sympathy... >/ -jumps down and goes to run-


Green: >:T Least I can find fun in any situation. <.< Dunno why Silver settled for a stuffy old prude like you.

Morgan: >J -grins- Go ahead. Kill me. It won't fix anything... -laughs and turns to run off into the forest-

Fawn: o.o; -comes out of their tent and looks up at the sky- D: Elle what's happening?

Daryl: >.> No. Because I've been kind to you, took you somewhere you should have loved... I did all of this for you.

Drayna: -ducks out of the way quickly- Ssh ssh... calm down. -glances up at the tower- I know you're meant to kill me, you're very loyal... you'd do anything that human says, wouldn't you? He raised you and taught you everything...

Abigail: >.> Nah, it's sad really. He hasn't got anything else in his life.

Clayton: X3 -laughs a bit and tries to cover his face- I can't help it...

Persian: D| -sighs a bit- <It's too tough to get through.> ... >.> -nuzzles her a bit- |3

Tyrandes: >3 -jumps down- Hold me off? That's adorable...

Benoni: o.o; -ears flatten- <C'mon kid we better hurry.> -races back to the colony-


Missy: Oh that would be cruel... X3

Gordon: No I don't want you doing anything else. >/ Can I please just have some time to myself Jude? I'm not a fucking child, I don't need to be supervised!

Amber: -sighs a bit and plays with the ends of her hair- Sad Can you please just think about it?


Kinak: o.o; ... -ears flatten and looks her over- You see... ;>.> This is why where I come from... women are not allowed to own guns. -slowly moves away-

Damien: |3 Well that is easy enough... we should speak with Link.

Damien I: >.> Do not be so confident, it is equally as simple for me to gain that power. >/ And when I do, I promise you'll regret it...

Thrall: ... What are we? -pulls away a bit and raises an eybrow-

???: Sad -shakes her head- Nowhere outside the slums... -looks over at the exit- ... We could go outside... nobody ever goes out there.

Eldora: >.<; -still shaking a bit- .... |c -sighs and eventually nods- O-ok...

Kali: ... Fine... -frowns a bit and sits up-

Gaileth: Sad ... -draws away a bit- You're still upset with me... -ears droop a little-


???: <.< ... Fine... We'll see you at the festivals Ama... -climbs back down through the window-

Baldor: Yes let's just go. There's no point in speaking about this now, there's no convincing you at the moment.


Seth: It can't be a pleasant process... if Kali and Celestia aren't very careful this might even madden him further... -ears flatten-

???: <.< Move along child. The creature is dangerous and planned to be executed.

G: -looks her over- ... I'm sure she's thinking the same for you.
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 16 I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 02, 2013 12:45 pm

Scruff: >.> Only ones are at the demo  queen's castle. 

Chelsea: ... I do... -sighs a bit- I am glad I have my mate but it's not the same... I feel so lost without Bobby. I mean he never left my side ever since we first started dating... 

Mika: Come now. What would you like to eat? Smile  


Shea: -rests her head on his chest- Im really sorry I got mad at you... 

Krista: DX AHHH!! -cries in pain and tries to pull away- Somebody help me! 

Pip: Okay dad... :/

Tess: -heads outside- o.o!! D< Blade it's Bruno and Shark!  

Maria: ... -frowns a bit- G-Good... >/ You deserve it... -backs away-  

Chelsea: <.< Why do you care? Its not like you care about her anymore.


Jane: <.< A last meal... You would need it... 

Aurora: -grabs his arm- Stop okay? You can get more help if you just calm down...


Tani: -tears up- That is it! Just get out of here would you?! D< Go back to the place you came from you selfish little cow! 

Elle: mum get everyone to the underground safe house now! D< 

Aurora: >.< Its like talking to a brick wall. I don't care. I love Parker.

???: o.o... -growls- <master took care of me... I know what you are trying to do and I won't fall for it> >C 

Jane: I guess... :/ Man he must be so lonely... 

Eshwin: X3 I know... -strokes his hair- You cute old man you <3 

Eleanor: >w< <Ehh stop!> -licks his cheek- 

Gardevoir: >/ Do not question our powers... 

Elean: D: What if she takes you away Benoni? Sad


Annette: <.<... -starts recording it- X3

Madeline: You okay out there babe? <w< 

Jude: ... Fine. Fine ill leave buy ill still be keeping an eye on you. -heads out of the room-

Sandy: ... -sighs- Ill think about it... -looks away- 


Sandra: <.< Because you know with them we are more powerful... |3 Why so scared babe...? Its okay. <3 

Zelda: I have the ocarina. You'll never get it >.> And with your fat fingers i doubt you could play it. 

Zara: ... Well... Am i still a servant to you... Or... 

Shea: I thought people can't survive out there... That's what they said right? It'd be foolish to go out there...

Reynard: -helps her up gently- Will you be okay to move around? 

Celestia: Sad Look just... Hug... It might cheer her up properly... 


Paul: ... D| They will be coming back won't they?

Chelsea: ... -frowns- What's the matter with you? Why all of a sudden have you become so bitter? 


Tani: ... -sighs- Maybe I should go back down... 

???: What exactly did it do? >.>

Aurora: ... You know I trust you... :/ -kisses his cheek- I don't think you would hurt me...
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 16 I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 02, 2013 1:47 pm

Vivian: We don't even know the demon queens, would they even let us see the healers there...?

???: Dunno how else to tell you kiddo that you're better off without him. :/ He'd have no problem with just continuing to hurt you. -hands her the drink-

Eldrin: >.> Depends. Are you gonna let me eat meat?


???: o.o !! -yelps a bit and falls to the ground- Ah! >.<

Jinn: >C Would you just go back to your own damn world?!

???: >.> Ohh... master, look how they quarrel. >3

Lulu: And what, are we going to have to do that again to get by?


Tyrel: It's ok dear... I can understand now. :(I just wish I'd listened to you. You could have been really hurt...

Blade: D< Hey! -barks- You can't be here!

Bruno: o.o !! -ears perk- D< Fuck! -blood drips down his mouth and fur- I hate this guy!

Harold: >.> Where are you going Maria? I think I'd like to catch up a bit... it's been a while... -slowly steps closer-

William: >/ Just watch it alright? -sighs and runs a hand through his hair- Look... It's just been a big couple of days for me, alright?


Abigail: Oi I'm doing this for you. <.<

Silver: D< Let me go alright! -pulls away- I don't want help from you! -carefully takes a step back and looks between her and G-


Green: >:U Fine! I don't have to help you!

Silver: D| Green, Tani don't... we don't need this now, alright? Dad would you please speak to them?

G: I am not getting in the middle of those two. >.>

Fawn: D: ... -quickly nods and races away with the others-

Voldemort: -appears at the edge of the tribe with other death eaters- Ah Elle... >.> It was so good of Morgan and Reese to bring us to you... |J

Reese: Sad ... -slowly looks up at her, shaking a bit and looking very guilty- Elle I...

Daryl: >.> Why? You know... I bet he doesn't even remember you. You don't mean near as much to Parker as you do to me...

Drayna: Oh of course... I know he took good care of you. You wouldn't love him without reason. Smile -slowly goes up to her and strokes her snout- You want to impress him don't you? Show him how much you appreciate that he took good care of you?

Abigail: >.> Who cares? He's a miserable bastard.

Clayton: >//> You know you're an old man too...

Persian: X3 -laughs a bit- <Maybe you should keep it on. I like you this way.>

Tyrandes: >3 I'll take you filthy beasts down with ease, I don't need to question you. -shoots another dart at her-

Benoni: <That's probably exactly why she's here.> D:


Missy: X3 -laughs a bit- This almost makes up for not having baby photos to embarrass him with. >w>

Adam: T^T It's cold...

Gordon: >/ Thankyou. -quickly shuts the door behind him-

Amber: I... thanks... I guess I better leave you be then.


Kinak: >/ -growls- I'm not scared of you. And if we were on my planet, I would have given you a real reason to start behaving like a woman should. -flicks his tail irritably- Arrogant creatures you humans are...

Damien I: >.> ... Sandrin, go and get me that thing. You've been in there before, I know you know where it is. >/

Sandrin: D: Daddy, I... I'm not sure. Sad

Thrall: Well... you're better than a servant now I suppose. -kisses her cheek- You're different. <3

???: There's nowhere else we're allowed to go. Sad

Eldora: I... I think so... -gets to her feet and leans against him- |c

Gaileth: ... Sad -slowly moves forward and cuddles up to Kali- I'm sorry mummy... |c I didn't mean to ruin your life...

Kali: ... -slowly wraps an arm around her and stays silent-


Seth: :/ We'd be more than happy to keep an eye on little Laetri this time...

???: >/ It brought outsiders to the location of the tribe. If let free, it could bring more. That would only mean death for our people.

???: D: No I wanna keep it alive!

G: I know... but they're still concerned for you.
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Non canon couples 2
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