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Kali profile Kali_sprite_by_drayna-d5lk3rj


Name: Kali Nyhad
Nicknames(s): None
Alias(es): None
Gender: Female
Race: Human/Elven hybrid
Sexuality: Asexual
Age: 16 (Appears to be in her mid twenties)
Birthday: 20th of September 2009
Star Sign: Virgo

Physical/Material Facts

Hair: Long, shiny and black with a short bit that sticks up
Eyes: Silver
Build: Thin with some curves and small breasts
Clothes: Wears dark clothing, most often a simple pair of jeans, button up short and a long jacket/cloak.
Notable Features: Short, pointed ears. Has a black marking on her shoulder signifying her curse.
Accessories: None
Other/Etc: Excellent mind reading abilities and often fights using only dark/psychic powers, or even just with her ability to manipulate people's mind with words.


Likes: Power, mind reading, dark magic, pokemon training.
Dislikes: Her mother, being controlled/manipulated, shadow creatures.
Favourite Food: Meat
Favourite Possession: A collection of pokeballs that can capture another trainer's pokemon.
Favourite Pokemon: Charmander
Hobbies: Only focuses on training her pokemon and developing her magical abilities.
Dreams: To kick Tani's ass.
Personality: Though highly intelligent, she is also cunning, arrogant and selfish. she is typically blind to the needs of others and only focuses on her own aspirations, and even seems to enjoy toying with others. Very manipulative.


Friends: Vivian
Family: Mother: Drayna
Father: Giovanni
Sister: Lily (dead).
Brother(s): Baldor, Silver (half)
Childhood: Had a very short childhood as a result of being cursed by the elven gods, as her growth was accelerated. During this short period of childhood, she was raised by her father and as such learned to be manipulative and cunning.

Pokemon Related

Starter: Murkrow (No longer in her possession)
Team: Granbull, Charmander, Haunter, Dusknoir, Cloyster and Hydreigon
Back-Up Pokemon: Mismagius, Cacturne
Box: Drapion, Rhydon, Crobat
Favoured Type: Dark
Battle Style/Strategy: Uses her mind abilities to communicate with her pokemon instead of talking. Also abuses this ability to toy with her opponent's mind to force them into making bad battle decisions.

Team (Main)

(M) Charmander Kali profile Spr_4h_004
Dragon Claw
Notes: Recieved from professor oak's lab.

(M) Granbull Kali profile Spr_5b_210
Close Combat
Sludge Bomb
Notes: None

(F) Hydreigon Kali profile Spr_5b_635
Head Smash
Thunder Fang
Notes: None.

(M) Cloyster Kali profile Spr_4h_091
Razor Shell
Notes: None

(F) Dusknoir Kali profile Spr_4p_477
Ice Punch
Future Sight
Shadow Ball
Notes: None

(M) Haunter Kali profile Spr_4p_093
Shadow Claw
Notes: None

History/Back story: Due to a mistake made by her mother before her birth, is a result of a curse set by the gods. She was planned by them to have turned against her mother, and to do this she was made to grow faster than normal, learn of her own accord at the same rate as her growth and be the combined traits of cunning, intelligence and strength of her parents. When she was grown past her child stage, she decided to leave home to travel the pokemon world, and defeated the indigo league at the biological age of three.
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