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 Mchawi (For later use in the story)

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Mchawi (For later use in the story) Empty
PostSubject: Mchawi (For later use in the story)   Mchawi (For later use in the story) I_icon_minitimeFri Dec 07, 2012 7:17 am

Name: Mchawi (Means witch in swahili)
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Hair: Sooty black
Eyes: Green
Skin: Dark
Alignment: Neutral evil
Nationality: Earth Kingdom (Swamps)
Element: Water bender (Combat/Blood bending)
Appearance: Somewhat stocky and fat. Has long, messy hair that comes down to her waist, is uneven and unkempt. She often keeps it done up with feathers and other found objects. Her face is freckled, has large lips and nose and a square jawline. Wears traditional swamp clothing and some jewelry.
Personality: Somewhat selfish and doesn't have many allies of her own, typically only caring about her own goals. She is an individualist and free spirit, hating when she is told by others what to do or think.
Main weapon: Water bending and her resurrected animals
Skills: Developed from blood bending the ability to manipulate the remains of dead animals to her will. She often uses this in a fight instead of regular bending.
Weaknesses: Has never left the swamp and is over sensitive to light.
Other: Carries the skull of a vulture wasp on her belt and the rest of its body in a bag in case of an emergency. Because of this, she is often called 'the witch with the stench of death'.

Mchawi (For later use in the story) Mchawi12
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Mchawi (For later use in the story)
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