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 Non canon couples 2

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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 18 I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 20, 2013 1:36 pm

Kali: >.> -looks them over- .... Who are you? Whatever it is make it damn quick. you're wasting time we could be spending soaking in our blood bath. |3

Bobby: ... W-what... what are you doing here anyway? >/

G: Perhaps... >.> But that was before. Being a demon has its perks, I'm sure you know...

Drayna: -scoffs- Your powers would be nothing to fear, if there were any. >/ Whatever spell you try I have over 200 years of training that can counter it. You wouldn't stand a chance...


???: o.o !! -jumps backs away from the flames- How dare you?! D<

Jinn: Mmn... -stirs a little and opens her eyes, some colour coming back to her face- F.... fire...


Deo: Yeah I guess. Just keeping an eye out...

???: o.o You think there's something to worry about?

Marco: -eventually picks up the phone after a few rings- Oui? Monseir Rosseu.

Harold: Ssh my darling, you fail to understand... I'm making it better... -pulls her over to a van and sets her in the passenger's side- |3 You just relax now. -kisses her forehead gently- <3

Fox: Would you please listen to yourself kid? It's not a good thing that you ignore everything bad he's done to you. It's why you were bloody miserable when you were with him, and it won't do you any favours to run back now. don't you remember seeing your girl with that werewolf? How happy they were? You'll never have that with William.


Abigail: Hmph. >/ Fine. I'll just tell Aurora to get her ass back on this bloody thing when she gets back.

Silver: ... Not from you... >/


Pryce: >.> Such a shame... if you won't listen she's just going to keep being shocked. She'll resent you eventually... it will make it very difficult to put you as partners.

Ebele: >.<; -sobs and trembles- No no! No more-- DX !! -cries out in pain as she's shocked again-

???: o.o !! Mmph! >.< -struggles and tries to pull away-

Reese: -blushes and sighs a bit- It's ok... I really care abut you, I couldn't see you hurt... -leans down and gently kisses her back- <3

Bellatrix: <.< ... Hmph... -pouts a bit-

Slate: >/ The insolent pup's gotta learn respect. You expect me to sit idly by when she tried that shit on me?

Drayna: ... -runs a hand through her hair and sighs a bit- The poor child...

Tyrandes: >3 That is mine to take care of... I don't need your input pale one. Now take your place with the other slaves... -motions to the other yoiufus being rounded up-

Persian: |3 <I did.> -sits down and licks his fur-

Benoni: >/ -snorts a bit- <I do not like her.>


Adam: I dunno. |3 I kinda wanna see if I can beat you at another game of power but i don't have any more clothing to lose. X3

Amber: -shakes a little and quickly dials for emergency- H-how is he doing? Sad


(Messed up Sandra or whoever she is.)

Damien: D< <Well keep him out of Kakariko! What are you doing bringing him here?!> -snarls- Bloody hell we need to speed up the process, my fucking father isn't far.

Damien I: -scoffs- Don't make me laugh. >C you wouldn't be able to fight me.

Sandrin: It.. it isn't a bad idea. I hope he can do it...

Thrall: Mmn... |3 Alright... <3

???: -smiles a little- Thanks miss shea...

Eldora: ... -buries her face in his chest and sobs- This isn't fair... >.< He can't do this... h-he can't...

Rose: Yes of course... you can't take care of the little one all on your own.

Gaileth: Very Happy -reaches out for him- Kitty! ^_^

Tiny: .__.;; -hisses and backs against the wall- D<

Anudor: D| For the love of Elune... Get down from there you great sook.

Kali: -mumbles- I don't wanna be held...


Ama: o.o I thought you did not want to change?

Baldor: -wraps an arm around her shoulder- Well she's getting changed. Come now Mihan. -takes her into their room-

Ama: .__. ... Paul sir... what was happening with his eyes...?


Damien: D< Damn it elf! You think I don't know that?! I don't know where she is! It's a part of the planet i thought was just a legend before!

Kali: >C -holds her firmly against the wall and keeps invading her mind, digging deeper and making it as torturous as possible- No... I warned you...

Silver: Stop! >.< Stop you're fucking hurting her!

G: They're just scars. They don't change anything.
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 18 I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 21, 2013 10:46 am

Scruff: -.- It's me. Scruff. You know that guy that got cursed into becoming a dragon? And this is Vivian, your mother's best friend. We seek your help.

Chelsea: Like it's any of your business. >/ Stay out of my way okay? Go back to your mummah.

Malladus: And you'd be pretty stupid to try anything on the once king of demons >/ I know all the tricks of the trade.


Zara: o.o... D: Jinn? -brushes some hair out of her eyes and strokes her cheek- Are you okay...? Sad


Krista: ... You don't have to keep an eye out :/ If anyone asks I can say that Tess and that helped me...

???: ... Marco. It's me. Look we just got a call from Maria. Did you leave her alone this morning? Did she go out?

Maria: >.< -flinches and moves back- D-Don't...

Eloisa: ... -sighs- But I just... I don't want anyone else Fox. And he did so much for me before. He helped me after his father attacked me, cared for me... gave me a proper home... not like the one here... -looks at the village-


Jane: ... I think I hear the door opening downstairs. Seems like they are back already... :/

Aurora: ... I know it seems hard to trust me. :/ But I do mean it. -looks at his Sneasel and kneels down to its level- But you shouldn't be thinking about yourself. You need to think what's best for your Pokémon too... and this one does seem hungry... -offers some food to it-



Tani: -casts a sleeping spell on them- Shh...

???: >.< M-Master... D| -falls asleep in her arms-

Elle: -smiles a bit- ... Come on. We better hurry and find my parents. Quickly get them to a safe place along with the tribe.

Scruff: -heads over to the door in the ground- Huh. Underground hideout. Why don't we have that for our group? >.>

Lily: You discipline her of course but not in that way! D<

Jane: Hey we're back we-- -gets knocked over by Aurora- >.< Ouch!

Aurora: ... -teleports herself back to Daryl's castle-

Eshwin: ... -glares at her for a moment and heads to the others- I sense this won't last long for you...

Eleanor: >.>... -playfully noms on his ear- >3

Elean: Well we cannot judge. Right now we are in trouble and she has a lot of power... :/

Annette: >.> Come on buddy ol' pal. We can get along |3


Madeline: >w> Well I still have all my clothes |3 <3

Jude: He is still breathing. I'm trying to get some pills out that he hasn't swallowed. Fucking hell I knew I shouldn't have left him alone.


Sandra: -smirks a bit- Try me... |3 Remember what happened to my last boyfriend...

Zelda: -finishes opening up the grave- Quickly. Let's start heading down. -heads down the stairs-

Nabooru: >/ Try me. -races forward and jumps at him, swinging her sword at him- D<

Din: I hope-- o.o!! -looks over her shoulder- D: Oh no. He is fighting Nabooru! And he is so close into the village!

Zara: |3 Mmn... I-- ... -sits up and holds onto her stomach- Ahh... >.<

Shea: ... -smiles a bit- You know if we're lucky maybe we can find a portal back into my world. You can come and stay with me at my tribe.

Reynard: Look Eldora... maybe I can find a way to somehow get the baby back... but right now it's all we can do Sad

Shawn: ... -smiles faintly and kisses the top of her head- Thanks. <3

Derek: Come on now. D| She isn't going to do anything to you...

Celestia: ... -tears up- I wish you were back to normal...


Chelsea: ... -sighs- Look nothing to fancy okay?

Paul: ... -frowns a bit- I think Chelsea has got help from one of her friends from down below. I knew she shouldn't have asked them. -.- Fucking hell.


Nightshade: o.o;; ... I'm sorry. -ears go back- I'm only trying to help okay?

Celestia: ... Look Mihan calm down. This is getting to far. She is just concerned about Silver. It'd be the same if we were in their position.

(Forgot the Jirin child)

Aurora: ... -brushes some hair back behind her ear- Well... thanks... -looks away-
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 18 I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 21, 2013 12:08 pm

Vivian: o.o Kali? You're the queen? D: You've got to help...

Kali: >.> You don't look to be in any danger. What's the problem?

Bobby: D< Tell me!

G: See... You can only keep going like that for so long until I take up that challenge... >.>

Drayna: Don't flatter yourself. >/ You'd never be able to do anything... -holds Vikke close and turns to head back inside-

G: -looks malladus over- ... -eyes glow red and turns him into a teenager-


Jinn: -stares up at her for a moment- .... Master...? >.< Nn... -slowly tries to sit up- Where... where is my... my master...?


Deo: I know. You had better. -ears flatten- I'm making sure nobody saw what happened...

Marco: o.o Oh... yes I left for work this morning. Ma cherie left the home to go shopping... What is the matter?

Harold: -leans in and whispers to her- I wanted to keep it a secret... but I cannot wait to tel you. I'm taking you somewhere where we can be wed... and we'll go and live together where nobody will find us. |3

Fox: Is that what he's taught you to value kiddo? That you had a house better than this place? -folds her arms- Listen... you think I've always dreamed of living in a tiny apartment over a sleazy bar? I live there because Alejandro's there. He treats me with respect and actually listens to me. You'll never get that out of William. -slowly goes over and leans against the fence- Trust me... :/ doesn't matter what he's done for you in the past. whatever you had then will mean nothing when you've got a shitty future...


Abigail: Oh good. c'mon. -holds onto her hand and heads downstairs- Aurora! Hope you're done lazing around at the beach and that. I got something for you to--

G: -glares at her- She'll be back later. >/ Now's not the time...

Sneasel: o.o ... -ears go back and sniffs at her hand, slowly edging closer-

Silver: >/ -glances down at it- Don't.

Sneasel: D: Snea! -slowly reaches out and gratefully takes it from her-


Pryce: >.> Good... |3 That's what I like to hear.

Ebele: -pants and slumps in her chains, looking exhausted and hurt- >.<;; ... -just whimpers a little and shivers-

Pryce: Take them down from there, we'll get them started on their training. >.> ... -glances over at the door-

???: D| Uhh... -slowly passes out and leans against his partner-

Reese: Sure alright... I'll take us there. -pulls out his wand- Where'd you take them?

Vivian: >.> Because it's too obvious. -swoops down and lands next to him, holding misfit by the throat- Look who I found...

Misfit: >.<; -chokes a little and tries to pull away- Let me go! D< Let me go alright? I don't want anything to do with you guys!

Slate: >C -snarls and pushes past her- Whatever. Do what you want with the pup. I'm going out for some air.

Drayna: ... -stands- It's not any of my place to be a part of this, but the last time you said that you left. It's not right to leave a mihan...

Abigail: o.o !! Oi! D< Watch it you idiot! -grumbles and helps her up- Here I got you...

Daryl: -sitting on his own in the library slowly writing something in a diary- ....

Tyrandes: >3 Sense whatever you wish darling. -leaps into a tree-

Persian: XD <Hey hey! I'm cleaning myself here!>

Benoni: -hisses- >/ <She had better be able to help...>


Adam: >.> I noticed... |3 If only there were something I could do about that.

Amber: W-well there's an ambulance on the way. Sad Sandy too. Oh dear... -trembles a little and just watches them-


Kinak: >/ I don't know what happened nor do I care to know... -growls, baring his teeth and flicks his tail-

Damien: Hope this works. Who's gonna be taking the triforce of power then if we get it from Ganondorf?

Damien I: >.< !! -blocks it and stumbles back- You are unnaturally strong. D< No woman should be that way.

Sandrin: o.o;; -ears flatten- We have to find them and quickly! They have to be warned! D:

Thrall: ... -sitts up a bit- What's the problem?

???: What's your tribe like miss shea? :/

Eldora: I... I.... -chokes up a bit- >.< I know.... -sniffles and just holds onto him-

Rose: |3 -sighs happily and rests her head against his chest- Wow that'll be an adventure... taking care of a child...

Anudor: -reaches up and pulls him down from the shelf- >:T C'mon now stop being a sook.

Tiny: D8 <Ehhh! Put me down!> >:U

Kali: -pulls the covers over herself- There's no use crying about it... not like you're the one with white hair...


Baldor: Don't be picky. In fact it may not be a bad idea to put you in traditional royal robes... you are a queen now. -pulls out some intricate white and gold elven robes from a closet-

Ama: o.o Down where? -tilts her head-


Damien: >/ Well if you are going to try then at least offer me something useful!

Kali: I don't care. >/ She shouldn't have pushed me... now keep an eye on Silver. Soon might be a good idea to take more blood.

???: D: But you're gonna be executed!

G: ... -looks her over- Are you sure you still want to go ahead with this now?
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 18 I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 22, 2013 10:32 am

Scruff: When Vivian died she was cursed to have this demon abuse her. We just escaped it. This wasn't a ruling by the queen, someone else did this.

Celestia: Well that's helpful to me >.> now I don't have to think of punishments.

Chelsea: No! Get stuffed alright, you mummah's boy! D< 

Malladus: o.o!! Hey what the?!

Vikke: O.O!! D: Ehh! -paws at Drayna again- >.< 


Zara: ... I am your master.

Isaac: o.o... What? D< You little...

Zara: It is me... -strokes her hair-


Krista: We were near the forest. No one is around there... :/ 

???: ... -runs a hand through his hair- I fear something is wrong. My wife got a call from her not too long ago. It was Maria ... And she acted like she was talking to you saying the wedding is off. 

Maria: o.o;; no! No I'm not going to marry you! D< You're nothing but a filthy man whore!  

Eloisa: ... Mmn. -gets on Pedro's back- Open the gate please. I'm going out for a bit of a ride...


Jane: o.o... What's going on? You sound so upset D: 

Aurora: -smiles- There's plenty more little dear Smile -strokes it's head and looks up at Silver- See? Surely if your Sneasel can trust me you should give me a chance... 


Laetri: >C ... I hope you suffer... You'll pay for hurting her!

Tani: >.> -takes the cattle prods- Now we're talking |3 -races inside-

Elle: When our tribe is in danger we go into an underground hiding place further away from my tribe. They should be there. 

Hanson: <w< Oh it's the little boyf-- oh never mind. It's ex now isn't it? |3 

Lily: ... Slate you better not leave. You promised you would stay this time. You can't just keep running away. 

Jane: Ah >.< Thanks... -holds onto her- Who was that? 

Aurora: ... -walks around and slowly heads up to the library- H-Hello...? 

Eleanor: >w> <Im helping...> |3 

Annette: -looks down at the colony- ... Hm. Aerisan drows... -conjures an iron rod- Too fucking easy |3

Elean: o.o... A rod? You're going to fight with just a rod?! D: 


Madeline: Yes |3 but there isn't now is there? -kisses his cheek- 

Jude: -lets just skip till the hospital- How is he doc?

Sandy: Sad -sitting by Gordon's bedside, holding his hand-


Sandra: <.<... well long story short... I sold him to a nice little place. |3 truth is he was a jirin too... And ... Now he is a nice little rug in my bedroom... -giggles a bit-

Zelda: We need someone who we can trust and is willing to take the responsibility. :/ we can't just give it to anyone...  But the problem right now is how will we get to Ganondorf...

Nabooru: >J Years of tough training does pay off. -winks and kicks his hooves, knocking him down- 

Din: D: Quickly to the graveyard! -takes her hand and races off-

Zara: >.< M-My stomach... It really hurts... 

Shea: ... Not bad. I will admit it's tough to live in when the club wolves are around... But the rest are nice. They helped us... Took us in after we were rescued... 

Reynard: ... -kisses her cheek- It's not the end of the world Sad I promise it'll be okay... 

Shawn: X3 A giant child... -laughs and strokes her hair- 

Derek: >.> -shakes his head- Now whatcha wanna do first kiddo? -cuddles Gaileth- 

Celestia: >.< Im trying to help you! And it may not look like it but I'm just as upset! If i was an elf my hair would be white too! 


Chelsea: o.o... You have got to be kidding me D:

Paul: Oh uh... On our planet when the bad die, they get sent to an underground place known as hell... Or the demon world. Thats where all the demons and evil creatures live :/ and there they punish bad souls... Chelsea has made some friends there.


Nightshade: ... -frowns- We can go and search the planet. I can try and sense where Zelda's location is. 

Celestia: ... No. Mihan stop this now. You're letting your anger get the better of you >/ 

Zelda: ... -sighs- Do you think there would be a way for me to leave if I come stay with your family? 

Aurora: ... -plays with one of her curls and looks up at him- Y-Yes I do... <3 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 18 I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 22, 2013 12:33 pm

Kali: >.> Yeah we're not gonna complain about that... besides Vivian was meant to be tortured after death anyway.

Vivian: Kali you can't do this... you've known me since you were a child! This thing is out of control!

Kali: Well.... -leans back in the chair- >.> I suppose we can assign someone else to your case. |3 Actually we just got someone new...

Bobby: >/ How dare you... you have no idea what I went through to make things better for us. I can't believe I actually missed you...

Drayna: o.o -ears perk and glances over at Malladus- What is it Mihan-- o.o !! Malladus?! D: What did you do to him? D<


???: -hisses- D< You cannot!

Jinn: M-master... -cuddles up to her, still shivering a little- <3


Deo: ... -stares out the door for a moment, then turns and walks back inside- I suppose you're right...

Marco: o.o ... She... she really said that...? Sad -takes in a deep breath and just stares ahead- Why would she... she seemed so happy before, I saw her just moments ago... </3

Harold: >.> Hush. -drives her away- You'll warm up to it. |3

Fox: -.- Sure. -opens the gate for her- Great chat. Glad you could listen.


G: It's none of your concern. >/

Abigail: >.> Calm your tits... where's Aurora?

G: Watch your mouth around my children. I don't have to let you stay here. -frowns and pushes past them, ignoring her question-

Silver: -folds his arms- It should know better. >/ Hmph... -looks away quickly-


Pryce: >.> Watch your tone while talking to me boy. Now get ready for your training...

???: o.o -reaches for a pokeball- Master someone's gotten inside!

Reese: Got it. -flicks his wand and teleports them there-

fawn: o.o;; ... Oh Elle! D: It's you! >.< -races over and pulls her away from reese, hugging her tight- Baby I was so worried about you....

Misfit: >C Shut up.

Vivian: <.< Awfully cocky for someone in his position... |3 But I know the girl will still care for him enough to not want him hurt. -throws him to the ground and draws her want- >3 Let's give her a reason to come out of hiding...

Slate: -growls- Stay out of this elf. >/ This is my business and none of yours.

Drayna: Lily and Thana need you. You have to put their needs above what you want Slate. That's what a family does for each other.

Slate: D< Enough! Out of my way before I really hurt you!

Abigail: o.o Dunno, all I saw was this pink streak. Mighta been Aurora.

Daryl: -quickly gets up and looks around- o.o ... You came back? Aurora is that you my love?

Persian: <.< <You are not.>

Benoni: -growls- >/ <I knew she was no good.>

Tyrandes: -looks up as they fly overhead- There you are my pet... |3 -aims and shoots at him with a dart-

Benoni: >.< !! -growls a bit as it pierces his wing- <Ah! D< what was that?!>


Adam: >.> -cuddles her close- Don't tempt me... |3 -runs his hands up the back of her shirt- <3

Doctor: He's stable for now... we're not sure when he might wake, it will take a while for the drugs to get out of his system. You should have brought him here sooner.

Amber: Sad Well we did the best we could!


Kinak: o.o;; -ears flatten and steps away- Hunter.... D<

Damien: ... -tries to think- That's a good question. I wonder where my sister went... she had that goddess with her. Maybe she'll have some sort of connection to Ganondorf.

Damien I: >.< !! -yelps in surprise and falls over on his back- Ah!

Sandrin: -holds onto her hand and follows her- Sad Please hurry brother, I hope you can do this soon...

Thrall: o.o ... -looks her over- How badly?

???: That's really nice of them... I wonder if they'd take me as well...

Eldora: -sniffles and nods, trying to take deep breaths- O-ok... ok... |c

Rose: o.o How giant?

Gaileth: Very Happy Can you show me around? I wanna see! ^^ It's such a pretty place!

Kali: ... Then quit your whining and come lay down with me...


Baldor: Try it on. -pushes it into her hands-

ama: D: That sounds awful.... why would she have been there at all?


Damien: -runs a hand through his hair- ... You could...?

Silver: D< Leave her alone! You can't do this to her just leave her alone!

Kali: >C ... -growls and eventually lets her down-

???: :O I dunno... Why would you wanna leave? I want you to stay, you're really interesting!
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 18 I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 23, 2013 11:13 am

Scruff: Oh no >/ i know who you are thinking of. Not Bellatrix. She'd put the same level of torture just like that beast.

Chelsea: ... Funny... I said the same exact thing... -fixes up her sunglasses- Enjoy your new life...  

Malladus: D: M-My muscles... My facial hair! -checks his ass- ... Wow... |3 Not too bad. ;3 


Zara: >/ -scoops her up and stands- So much for your plan... We shall be leaving now.


Krista: :/ Just relax okay? ... -hesitantly strokes his head- I'm really thankful. That's the most important thing right? 

???: She said it like she was speaking to you. Even when my wife said it was us she continued to talk... Marco i don't think she meant it. There is something wrong and we need to find her.  

Maria: D< I will not! I love Marco! I don't love a horrible person like you! You used me! 

Eloisa: ... -jumps down and moves over to her, pulling her into a hug- ... Thanks for being there. You've been such a good person to me... Kind of like the mother i never really had... 


Jane: o.o... We best not bug him... Clearly something is wrong... But I find it odd that she is gone...

Aurora: :/ Silver... I know it's hard to imagine that your father is Giovanni... It's the main reason you're upset. But ever since you went missing he hasn't stopped searching for you... It's probably asking for too much but... Maybe you should give him a chance. I did... And look where we are now. Married with two beautiful children... I couldn't be happier... And we'd make sure you'd be a part of this happy family... 


Tani: >/ -comes in- Pryce ... Let these children go. -eyes glow red, charging the prods-

Laetri: D: Mum! 

Elle: -hugs her back- Im okay mum... But we can't talk. We need to move fast to get you away from the death eaters. They're close by. 

Hanson: >.> Iunno. What if he pissed her off so bad?

Thana: >.< -covers her ears and starts to cry- Daddy just stay please! Im sorry i hurt you! Dont leave again! -trembles- Don't leave... 

Jane: D: Why is she bloody running out again!? She'll be taken away for sure! 

Aurora: ... Y-Yes... -wipes her eyes- I-It's me... |c

Eleanor: >w> <Am too.> |3

Gardevoir: -looks over at them in the distance- o.o... There are a couple of Persians Mewtwo...

Annette: o.o ... Shit it's a dart! D< You're going to fall out of the fucking sky! -lands on his back- Hold on kid.

Elean: D: Benoni you gotta land!


Madeline: o///o ... -squirms a bit- Y-Your hands are cold... >///< 

Jude: We did try... We went as fast as we could... D| -sighs and rubs his forehead-

Sandy: ... Can you two please just go?


Sandra: |3 Now are you going to be a good boy? <3 

Zelda: -gets rhe ocarina out of a chest- We can try. But if he senses something and comes to her it'll be even mire difficult... :/

Nabooru: >/ -holds her sword out at him- Done old man...? 

Zara: Really badly... >.< ah... -tears up a bit-

Shea: Course they will. Either way you'll stay with me. You won't be leaving my side. 

Reynard: ... We'll go and talk to him soon :/

Shawn: ... Probably the size of my hand o.o rough estimate. 

Derek: X3 Well sure. Maybe we can find some PG places >.>;; 

Celestia: ... -lays down and goes to hold her but moves back- ... Kay... 


Chelsea: ... fine >/ -puts them down and starts to get undressed- but wearing white is just... A sin. 

Paul: They have bike gangs down there :/ besides ... Humans and all that disgust her. She finds better people in hell.


Nightshade: -nods- I couldnt leave her out there... :/ let's get going. 

Tani: -leans against the bars- >.< Sh-Shit...

Zelda: Well I have my own kingdom to run. I'm a princess. :/ not to mention I miss my husband... You know I would try and visit...

(Forgot G.)
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Kali: >/ You're not meant to agree with it. It's torture. Besides... |3 We don't need your approval. You should have counted yourself lucky having that beast. It would have needed a day of rest every now and then. >w> Bellatrix would probably never stop.

Bellatrix: -laughs a bit and grins cruelly- Anything to please you my queens... >3 -bows to them-

Vivian: This is wrong... >/ We were practically family.

Bobby: ... How could I? -runs a hand through his hair- I don't have anything in my life anymore...

???: >/ That's nonsense. Now come along, I'll take you home and we can have this trashy little thing out of our hair.

Drayna: -rubs her forehead- Elune help me... come inside, I'll fix you up Mihan. D| -cuddles Vikke gently- And you. >/ Get out of our village.

G: >.> Of course... you don't need to tell me twice. |3 And don't expect to see me come back either. -sinks into the ground-


???: D< -hisses- You'll go nowhere! She belongs to master Isaac, as do you!


Deo: -flinches at her touch a bit and growls- ... Yes. -draws away a bit- I have to warn you for as long as you are to stay here, I do not respond well to touch. The fight clubs will do that to you...

Marco: Y-yes... yes of course, you're right... this doesn't sound like her. I will be there in moments.

Harold: >/ Don't use that tone on me. You should be grateful... you have no idea what I've done to make this possible.

Fox: o.o; -ears go back- ... Hey... what else am I here for, kiddo? -slowly wraps an arm around her and hugs her back- Just try and take care of yourself alright? I don't want you to keep hurting yourself like this...


Abigail: Yeah she hasn't stayed very far from them for a while. o.o Reckon we should go out to look for her?

Silver: You just assume that's what I want. >/ Go ahead and settle down, spend all day in that mansion for all I care with your family. Family doesn't mean anything to me... I have things to do.


Ebele: -ears perk a little and slowly looks over at her- ... She... she came...

Pryce: <.< ... -looks over at her- Interesting that you should track us down. |3 Even more interesting that you're all alone this time... what makes you think you stand a chance at all?

Fawn: o.o;; How are we going to get out? D: They could see us leaving! Do you even have another safe place to go?

Vivian: >.> The girl strikes me as one of those that would never let someone innocent get all hurt. |3 Quit your whining Hanson, I figured you'd never miss a chance to torture this one.

Misfit: D< -gets up and backs away- I don't want any part of this! Leave me out of it!

Drayna: -ears flatten- ... Listen to your little one...

Slate: -turns to her and face softens a bit- ... Look, I wasn't.... cut the tears alright? i wasn't gonna leave.

Abigail: -shrugs- Beats the shit out of me. What makes you so sure she'll be snatched up?

Daryl: -goes over to her- Oh Aurora my sweet... -holds her at arms length and gently wipes her eyes- My poor dear, now don't you cry... it's ok... -slowly pulls her in close and cuddles her gently- I know they took you away and it was scary... but you're home now. <3 -gently kisses the top of her head- I've got you...

Persian: <w< -paws at her- <Nuh uh.>

Mewtwo: -flicks his tail- ... They must be lost. Wandered through a portal perhaps.

Benoni: >.<;; -growls and struggles to stay aloft- <I.... I want to... sleep....> -eyes roll back in his head and wings go limp, plummeting-


Adam: o.o ... You want me to stop?

Amber: D: ... Sure... Sad -holds onto his arm- Let's go Jude honey... -gets up and leaves the room-


Kinak: >C You cannot be this way... you have no right to treat me like this. Like a woman...

Damien: It's about the only chance we have of locating him. -glances down at the ocarina- What'll happen to him when we take it?

Damien I: o.o;; -ears flatten and freezes- ... Do not be so cocky... >/ You got lucky, woman.

Thrall: Calm down. We'll have to ask around and find a doctor in this place. Can you stand?

???: -smiles a bit- Smile Really? X3 -cuddles her tight- You're the best, miss Shea.

Eldora: We're... we're going to have to give the baby away... give the poor little thing away to him... -shakes her head- >.< I have to talk to Marigold first. It seems too selfish.

Rose: o.o -holds onto his hand and looks it over- You do have a large hand...

Anudor: X3 Good luck. :3 Ooh maybe we could take her to the ruins of Ellesmera. It's really pretty there during the daytime.

Gaileth: :O What's that?

Kali: ... -doesn't pay attention and just keeps her back turned to her-

Correntine: -looks up at the building- ... Lowered your defenses have you...? >3 -grins and strides up to the castle doors, knocking them in with ease-


Baldor: You have lived your entire life sinfully. I'm sure one garment should not put much of a blemish on your record. >.>

Ama: :O But all the bad people would be there.


Damien: ... -nods- Yes of course... -hesitates- ... Thankyou.

Kali: >/ -huffs and moves away from her-

Silver: -comes to the bars and tries to help hold her up- Sad Mihan you shouldn't have done that... how bad did she hurt you?

???: -ears flatten- You wouldn't come back though... -idly plays with some of the sand and looks away-

G: There's my girl... -leans in and kisses her gently-
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Non canon couples 2 - Page 18 Empty
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Non canon couples 2
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