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 Non canon couples 2

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Non canon couples 2 - Page 12 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 12 I_icon_minitimeThu May 30, 2013 10:21 am

Bobby: Seems like there's no other way you're going to learn. >.> -grabs her wrist and pulls her close to him- ... Don't worry... once I teach you to be good everything will be perfect... <3 -wraps an arm around her waist- Don't forget that I'm doing this out of love...

Drayna: Oh good... -noms on a strawberry- I hope he can help. :/

Eldrin: Fine. -gets up and goes over, opening up the door for him- ... -frowns a little and looks him over-


Jinn: X3 M'not... really. I just worried about you a little. If you don't mind then neither do I...

Lulu: >C -huffs a bit and just growls at him- ...

???: D: I-I don't know... >.<

Lulu: ... -glances down at Jason and slowly kneels by his side, scooping him up- He's coming with me... >C -snarls and bares her fangs- So is the girl...

Eccaia: I think she said they didn't like her... they probably wouldn't...


Blade: Your arm won't take long to heal.

???: -bites her lip and shivers a little- Sad P-please...

Harold: >/ I'm going to make sure the lesson actually sinks in this time. Don't make me ask you again... stand against the wall. -crosses over to the other side of the room and picks up a wooden cane- ... <.< I don't usually like to resort to using the cane on you girls but you've given me no other option...

Marco: ... -blushes a little- Don't you think that might be pushing it...? I don't think your parents would like that...

William: D< Oh Eloisa it is nothing! This isn't a big deal, you're just making it out to be a problem! -runs a hand through his hair and huffs a bit- ... You know... fine. >/ I'm not gonna beg for anything. I did all of this for you. I bought this house and asked you to marry me to protect you from my father... I took you away from all of that abuse and this is the thanks I get?! Then fine, get out you damn ungrateful bitch! >/ Just pack your things, take your horse and find somewhere else if it's that much of a problem...


G: -cuddles her gently- I was going to be put on death row... your friends broke me out. -gently tucks some hair behind her ear and sighs a little- I thought I was going to die before I could see my family again... -kisses her forehead softy- <3


Silver: No I'm fine. -looks past her- ... Laetri should be back soon right? He's been out for a while.

Drayna: -looks them over- ... They do concern me a little... :/ -goes over and gently strokes Latias' neck- How long as it been since they were last outside and got some exercise?

Reese: Never minded the last few times I stayed... -follows her in-

Daryl: >.> ... -watches her for a moment- There's nobody out here my dear... -flicks his wand- Imperio.... -pulls her back to him- It's ok, we're all alone... -wraps an arm around her waist- <3

Persian: o.o;; -looks up- Dragons? How can you forget to mention something like that?

Benoni: -looks around- <No Jaakrufus that I can see... that grumpy cat creature and his friends look pretty safe for now.> -looks over at Eleanor and Persian- .... <Now that's different...>


Adam: =^= Hm? -snorts a bit and starts to wake- I'm up... -rubs his eyes and yawns a bit- D| What time is it?


Kinak: >C -ears flatten and growls- Oh? And what does it mean, hm?

Damien I: >.> That man out there is looking for you. You're really sure you want to go out there?

Thrall: ... -follows her down- Zara what... what is this? You keep showing me these displays of affection, and...

???: Sad ... I-I thought he was gonna kill you... >.< I didn't know what to do...

(Oh nuh uh. I got back to Shawn and Rose you better reply. >:U)

Kali: >/ Damn right... -pulls them back inside- There is no way we're ever helping you. I hope she destroys you...

Gaileth: D: No mummah... -pulls away from her and runs over to Isaac- He needs our help! >.< -hugs his leg-

Kali: o.o; ... -ears flatten and glares at him- >C Get away from her... right now...


Ama: -ears perk- o.o Really? Very Happy They became Mihans?

???: o.o This is fantastic! >w< We have to prepare the festivities!

Baldor: >w> -cuddles her- Awh but we have the cutest little tiara for you.


Nathe: ... -slowly appears sitting on the edge of the bed and takes her hand- Nightshade... :/ You're in such trouble...

Silver: >.> That won't be a problem... everyone who was ever a threat is now out of the way...

Kali: Well that's great to hear. <.< C'mon then... -sinks down into the castle-

Seth: -laid up in bed and all bandaged and that, looking a little better-

Alassea: o.o !! Daddy! >.< -tears up a little and races over to his bedside, hugging him tight-

Seth: o.o Alassea... >.< Oh Elune... -hugs her tight- You're ok, you're safe...

Abigail: >.> ... Ehh still. I'm good with couples and I just don't see you guys together.

G: It will be ok... Baldor will come to terms with it eventually. If this is what you want, then... we can try something...


Vlad: It is where the dark lord lives... he is the most powerful wizard here... and there are all sorts of things set in place to kill anyone coming near the riddle house.
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Non canon couples 2 - Page 12 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 12 I_icon_minitimeThu May 30, 2013 10:59 am

Chelsea: >.< Bobby no... This isnt right... There is no love in this...  

Xavier: Oh hello little one ... Smile you must be Eldrin. It's nice to finally meet you. 


Zara: ... -smiles a bit and kisses her neck- Mmn... Good... <3 

Isaac: >/ She is not going anywhere... -holds Lexi close- ...


???: ..: right of course... So what can i do...? 

???: o.o;; ... No! >.< No I cannot take a punishment like that sir!

Eloisa: ... I am appreciative... -tears fall down her cheeks- I just wanted a relationship like Lucy's ... I won't bother packing my things... Sell it... -goes to her drawer and rummages around, pulling out a knife- I'm going back to ...


Aurora: -closes her eyes and sighs- ... Now you're even more of a wanted criminal... But... Im just glad you're back... <3  


Tani: :/ He enjoys playing with Alassea... 

Lily: ... A long time :/ Since I first found out I was pregnant...

Elle: -makes up a bed next to hers- I just wanted to make sure... Ill make it extra comfortable dont worry...  

Aurora: o.o!! -squirms- >.< Let me go! Please! 

Eleanor: ^^;; heh... Sorry. We need to hide from then. 

Elean: o.o... They look like humans... They dress weird...  


Madeline: Its not early in the morning... About nine... :/ -rubs his chest gently- 


Ganondorf: >.>... nothing small man. Nothing at all.

Nabooru: ... Well we cant stay here forever... 

Zara: ... If they make you uncomfortable ill stop ...

Shawn: -sitting under a tree with Rose in his lap- |3 Today has been good...

Celestia:'>/ Gaileth you come back here right now!


???: Very Happy Oh I bet our new queen would like a makeover :3

Chelsea: <.<... Don't push it Baldor.


Nightshade: o.o... Nathe... Sad this man... He is sick in the head... He has taken me from my family... |c 

Celestia: |3 now just sit and let me do the work okay? 

Zelda: Oh it's good to see you safe... :/ 

Laetri: -ears perk and looks at Damien- Surprised its always so interesting to see you sir... 

Lily: <.< Oh? Then who would i be good with? 

Aurora: ... Yeah... -takes his hand gently- This is what i want... <3


???: <.<... You sound so scared... Just wait for my signs -walks ahead- ill deal with this kid... 
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Non canon couples 2 - Page 12 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 12 I_icon_minitimeThu May 30, 2013 11:49 am

Bobby: No Chelsea... I love you. I'll make you see that... -runs a hand up her shirt and starts to pull it off-

Eldrin: >.> ... You must be the one that thinks there's something wrong with our family. >/


Jinn: Mmn... -tilts her head back a bit- Ah Zara... <3 I forgot how good you were at this...

Lexi: |c -hugs his arm and looks at the ground-

Lulu: D< SHE WILL COME! -snarls viciously and knocks him to the ground, pinning him there-


Blade: -glances at Tess- Who is in need of extra hands at the moment?

???: o.o; ... D-don't... D:

Harold: >/ -turns back to face them- What... did you say to me girl?

Fox: o.o -ears perk- ... -pulls Alejandro away from the door- Al she's going back to that bloody fucking village because of this douche. >/ Now we step in.

William: >/ -folds his arms- Back to where? The demon world? There's nothing for you there.


G: I know... but it's going to be ok. This home is safe... they won't find us as long as nobody gives us away again... -strokes her hair-


Silver: I know he does, I just get worried about him. He's a smart kid but he's still pretty young to be out on his own like that all the time.
(Hrrm. >.> While I was writing this I got the fleeting urge to have Laetri and Alassea taken away by the Masked Man.)

Slate: So they've been inside this whole time?

Drayna: That would explain a lot... -kneels down and pulls some various herbs and berries out of her bag, along with a mortar and pestle- :/ They'll be ok eventually, I don't see any signs of serious illness. Some sunlight will do them some good... and this will make them feel a little more energised. -starts to grind up the ingredients-

Reese: Thanks... I appreciate it... -looks her over for a moment- ... -kneels down beside her and gently kisses her cheek- <3

Daryl: Oh of course... -strokes her hair- You want to see the inside, don't you? Come on then... you'll love it. -holds onto her hand and drags her inside- And I have a big surprise for you in here as well my darling... <3 -kisses her hand-

Persian: D< You think? -takes her wrist and ducks under the cover of some trees-

Benoni: >.> -ear flicks- ... <They're trying to hide from us.>

Clayton: -flies over the elven colony on Aiki- .... Come on girl, I have to talk to him... -sighs a bit and lands down by Eshwin's house-


Adam: =.= Feels early... -sits up a bit- It was a big day yesterday... -looks her over- :/ Hey are you feeling alright?


Kinak: D< What are you trying to say? I am not so small! -snarls- You cannot be here! Get off that damn throne or else!

Damien I: -shrugs and sits down, pulling her into his lap- We can try. If he kills all the guards and doesn't find anything of us he'll probably just leave and look elsewhere. >.>

Thrall: No, I just...

Mishka: -takes them down into a small underground town- >.> Welcome to the resistance. Come with me you two so we can get you tested.

Rose: -rests her head against his chest (or his stomach, whatever she can reach)- It has... I feel so much better after staying here actually... |3 -sighs a little- You are a good friend Shawn sir...

Kali: D< -hisses- We mean it you get away from that man or you'll be in big trouble young lady!

Gaileth: o.o;; -ears flatten and tears up a little, looking frightened- B-but he needs us... Sad He's in big trouble too... He needs us mummah... -cuddles him-


Ama: ^^' Oh she's not really the type...

???: o.o Oh you've met her? Very Happy What's she like?

Baldor: X3 -laughs a little and cuddles up to her- Yes'm...


Nathe: Sad I've seen... -squeezes her hand gently- Don't worry, your family are safe and well for the time being... and I will do what I can do help you....

Kali: >.> -whispers to her- I'll go get a nice cell set up for him... -walks past them and downstairs to the dungeons-

Silver: ... -looks her over- Alright... >.> -slowly sits down-

Damien: -ears flatten and glances down at him- >.> ... Oh. An elven child. -sniffs at him a bit-

Alassea: -looks up at Zelda- Can he come back with us soon? Sad Is he well enough?

Abigail: -shrugs- I dunno. >.> Maybe someone who wouldn't give their life for the thing you seem to hate the most.

G: Well then we can give it a try... -kisses her hand gently- Would you like to go and get a drink?


Vlad: o.o ... -looks around a bit and hesitantly follows him- Uh... alright. Do you know what you're doing?
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 12 I_icon_minitimeFri May 31, 2013 8:47 am

Chelsea: >.< No... -squirms and tries to pull her top back down- Bobby stop!

Xavier: o.o... No of course not. I'm just here to visit and make sure everything really is alright.


Zara: Mmn... -nips at her neck a little- well... I should give you a reminder... <3 -pushes Jinn gently onto her back, moving on top of her- 

Isaac: o.o!! -hisses and sinks into the ground- D< No! -comes back up- You'll suffer for what you've done! -charges at her-


Tess: ... You know i think the gatherers will need some help.

???: Oh uh... Isnt there anything else?

???: >.<... -whimpers a little and goes quiet-

Maria: Its just a bath... Its nithing that big... -rubs her arm- Besides we are getting married... It shouldnt be that much of a crime... 

Maria: ... I'm going back to my village.  There's nothing for me anywhere...

Alejandro: o.o;; no! D< -storms in- Eloisa I forbid you to go back! 


Aurora: ... -sighs and rests her head on his chest- I really didnt think Toby or Baldor would have their father... o.o... Oh they'd be so happy to see you... -goes over to Baldor- Baldor dear... Wake up sweetheart...

Toby: ... Ehh... >.< starts to squirm in his sleep- 


(Yessssss! :O ) 
Tani: I know. And I'm always making sure he is safe ... He just likes exploring this world...

Lily: Thank you Drayna... Sad I feel like such a horrible trainer... |c 

Elle: o///o... -looks at him- ... what ... What was that for? 

Aurora: ... Daryl this is very nice of you but I do not want this... 

Elean: <.< -sighs- Okay land and try to be gentle. 

Eshwin: -looking through parchments and sorting out his work in his office- 


Madeline: ... A little... Im just very tired... -rubs her eyes- 


Ganondorf: >.>... And what exactly do you plan on doing you small thing? 

Nabooru: ... -sighs and looks down- You really dont know what he is capable of...  

Zara: o.o;; tested? What are we being tested for? 

Shea: ... hey it's okay... You don't have to be scared... -gently wipes away her tears and blood- I really do thank you...

Shawn: Yeah... You're a good friend too... You're so sweet like-- ... -sighs a bit-  

Isaac: ... L-Look i really dont want to hurt you... I just want to get away from my mother... I-ill do anything... 


???: Very Happy Please do tell!

Chelsea: X3 -kisses his cheek- So Ama ditched you? I thought she didn't want to leave your side. 


Nightshade: Sad ... -sighs- I'm so glad I have you watching over me... 

Celestia: Now what exactly is it do you want Silver? >.> Anything particular. 

Laetri: ... I know I'm suppose to hate you guys but you look so awesome. 

Zelda: He'll need to rest up a bit more dear. Your father could've died :/ 

Lily: Look he just... -sighs- Look never mind. I'm going to call him.  

Aurora: ... -blushes and smiles faintly- I would like that... Thank you... <3 


???: >.>... of course... I have my ways... -shows his dark mark- 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 12 I_icon_minitimeFri May 31, 2013 9:40 am

Bobby: >/ Just be quiet Chelsea! -rams her into a wall- You have to take it...

Drayna: Xavier is a friend of our family sweetheart... there's no need to be upset with him...

Eldrin: >/ ... -looks him over a bit and moves out of the way- Fine.

Drayna: :/ Thankyou for coming Xavier...


Jinn: |3 Mmn... ah! Ah please do... <3

Lulu: D< -hisses viciously and whips around to face him again, slashing her claws across his neck-

Lexi: D: !! -backs away into a wall and tears up a little- >.<


Blade: .... There may be others. Is there some reason you don't want to help gather food?

???: >.< -tears up a little and squeezes her hand- D-don't fight... -stands up against the wall with her- It'll be ok... Sad

Harold: >/ That's what I thought... -walks over to them and pulls up her skirt-

Marco: Well... if you think it will be alright... -starts to unbutton his shirt-

William: o.o Your village? D< Are you kidding?!

Fox: >/ Nuh uh. You're not going. -folds her arms- ... And... if you aren't going to change your mind, then you're not going alone. >/ That's for damn sure.


Baldor: =^= Mmn...? -shifts a little-

G: o.o -glances down at him- ... Oh Toby... ssh now... -leans down and gently scoops him up- Don't cry now...


Silver: -sighs a little- I know... I know, I do trust you. ... -looks over at his bag- What...? o.o -goes over and takes out his ringing pokedex- Nobody's called me in forever... -looks over at tani-

Alassea: -wandering around with Laetri- :3 It's so cool exploring like this... do you know where we are?

Drayna: I'm sure they will forgive you if you show them love and that you regret your decisions... :/ -gets to her feet and holds out some berries for her pokemon- Here darlings... the medicine will be a little longer, eat these.

Reese: Just... returning the favour... :/

Daryl: You will... trust me. ^//^ -kisses her cheek- We'll have such wonderful lives together...

Benoni: >.> <I can try.> -swoops down and sniffs around a bit-

Clayton: ... -goes over and opens the door, looking around a bit- Eshwin?


Adam: Yeah I can imagine... :/ You want some breakfast?


Kinak: -hisses- D< I'll kill you, that's what!

Damien I: >.> Then if he is such a threat why do you want to go out there and face him?

Mishka: >.> Your loyalty... you do not think we will let just anyone in, do you? Spies are everywhere... and we need to keep ourselves protected.

Thrall: -ears flatten- ...

???: |c -sniffles a bit- I'm sorry he hurt you...

Rose: o.o ... -looks up at him- Like who, sir? Sad Are you ok...?

Kali: >/ You will do nothing! After what you've done... what makes you think we should even consider it?! D< Just how stupid are you anyway?! You'll be no safer here, this is where she took you! We are not putting out throats out there for you, of all people!


Ama: She is Pool's daughter. X3 Also human... she's very different. Unique.

Baldor: X3 Yeah what happened? She seemed pretty stuck on you.


Nathe: I'm always watching over you... -smiles warmly- Your family did so much for me... Smile

Trent: -comes inside- >.> ... I'm back now my darling, you're allowed out of your room now...

Silver: >.> Just power...

Damien: -raises an eyebrow- >.> ... Is that so?

Alassea: Sad H-he could have? What happened to him...?

Seth: I took a lot of iron sweetie... :/

Abigail: >.> -shrugs- Hey your grave honey.

G: Great... -looks over at an elven bar- ... It might be an interesting experience.


Vlad: o.o ... How long have you had that?
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Non canon couples 2 - Page 12 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 12 I_icon_minitimeFri May 31, 2013 11:04 am

Chelsea: >.<!! Ah! Bobby you're hurting me! Please stop! 

Xavier: Oh it's okay. I hope you don't mind but I brought my daughter Marianna along. 

Marianna: ... -peeks out from behind Xavier's legs- o^o


Zara: -finishes up afterwars- Ahhh... Oh... <3 that ... That was good... <3 

Isaac: O.O!! >.< -holds onto his bleeding neck- Ni! Ugh! 


???: Well... Uhh... I feel there could he more helpful jobs... 

???: >.< -squirms at his touch- D-Don't let it hurt so muh air...

Maria: ... -blushes a little and watches him, getting intk thw bath- w-wow... <3 

Alejandro: no one is going back there anyway! D<

Eloisa. Look Ill go if I damn well want to ...


Aurora: -picks him up- Daddy is home... -kisses the top of his head- 

Toby: Mmn... >.< -slowly starts to settle and cuddles up in his arms-  


Tani: o.o... Well answer it... It could be someone important... :/

Laetri: Iunno. I'm not sure where we are exactly... But we're okay.

Lily: :/ eat up guys... Youll need your strength...  

Elle: ... -smiles daintly- Thank you ^///^ -hugs his aem gently- 

Aurora: ... Look Daryl... What if we're not meant to be... 

Eleanor: o.o... W-What do we do now? D:

Eshwin: ... I Uhh.... Im busy right now... 


Madeline: -shakes her head/ Mnot hungry.. 


Ganondorf: >.> Go ahead I'm waiting. 

Nabooru: I dont want innocent people getting hurt ... 

Zara: Oh uh... Okay... I'll give it a go... 

Shea: Hey don't be sorry... We're alive now right? l

Shawn: ... Yeah you just... Remind me of someone... 

Celestia: ... Gaileth come on. Ill ask one last time ...


???: Can we meet her? :3

Paul: oh she just wanted to hang out with her friends. That's all :/


Nightshade: o.o... Please ... Help him out ...

Celestia: >.>... anything else?

Laetri: Well yeah. You have a wonderius anatomy and a great history... Smile

Zelda: Just give him some rest and see how it goes :/

Lily : ... <Cameron. Are you there?>

Aurora: >.> I heard bad things about eld bars...


???: -walks though the house- >.> A while.. now find this girl...
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 12 I_icon_minitimeFri May 31, 2013 11:51 am

Bobby: D< I said be quiet! -strikes her across the face again- Learn to take it... >/ That's what good girls do Chelsea...

Drayna: owo -ears perk- No of course not... X3 -waves- Hello there little darling... Very Happy There's no need to hide, come on out.


Jinn: Ahh.... -huffs a bit- |3 So good... -cuddles up to her- Oh you're so good Zara... <3

???: o.o !! Master! D8

Lulu: D< -hisses at him- Don't fight! ... -moves away and kneels down by Jason, gently scooping him up-


Blade: The gatherers are the ones that need help right now. -ears flatten- ... I suppose maybe you could speak to Mapiya... she is down two fighters now, but you do not strike me as the type who can even defend herself, given that arm. You are certainly not a fighter.

Harold: >/ Be quiet. -raises the cane and strikes her hard across the backside-

Marco: -looks up at her and flicks some hair out of his eyes- ... Wow? X3 -laughs a little and pulls his shirt off- Do you like what you see?

Fox: >/ Either we come with you or you don't go at all. This is no time to be a melodramatic little bitch Eloisa, running off to that dumbass village does nobody any good except seek attention for yourself.


Baldor: -rubs his eyes and cuddles up to her, still half asleep- ... He is...? =^=

G: There you go... ssh... -cuddles him close and kisses the top of his head- I've got you...


Silver: ... -looks it over for a moment- I'll put it on speaker. -sets it down on the table and answers it- ... Who is it?

Green: o.o Silver! Thank god I got hold of you... look I know it's been a while but this is really important. >.> -leans against a wall and plays with some of her hair- Word around the street is there's little kids being snatched away from their families... people have sighted large pokemon flying around and... a strange figure lurking in forests.

Silver: .... -just stares at the pokedex for a while- Laetri...

Alassea: :3 Oh I know. -holds onto his hand- I know I'm always safe with you Laetri. ^^ -gently kisses his cheek-

Latias: -gingerly eats a few berries from her hand- ...

Slate:Good to see they're eating at least. :/

Reese: X3 -gently wraps an arm around her- You're blushing...

Daryl: -tightens his grip around her- We are... I know we are.

Persian: >/ -backs away a bit- i don't know... you're not a trainer are you?

Clayton: It's important.


Adam: You haven't eaten in a while... :/ Please have some breakfast.


Kinak: >/ -snatches a sword from one of the nearby guards- Just watch me... D< -snarls and leaps forward, slashing at his head-

Damien I: >.> They'll be fine. The guards are disposable.

Mishka: >.> Oh good, come then we'll take you to our testers. It's just a simple mind reading exercise...

Thrall: No. I won't take any mind reading. >/

???: -slowly nods- ... Miss shea... I... |c I don't want to have to go... you make me feel better. -hugs her arm- But sir says he's selling me soon...

Rose: :/ Who was it...?

Gaileth: >.< -shakes her head- Let him stay... Sad


Ama: X3 Maybe later... I think she just wanted to relax with Baldor for now.

Baldor: Oh so that's why she went running off to the bar. <.<


Nathe: I will do what I can...

Trent: -unlocks and opens her bedroom door- Now we can-- ... o.o How did you get in here...? What are you? >/

Silver: >/ No, just make it happen.

Kali: <Cell's all set up darling. >.> Cross and everything, just bring him down here.>

Damien: >.> ... Hm. -straightens up- You're not bad for an elven child. -ruffles his hair-

Cameron: o.o; -looks around- Lily? ... Where are you? D:

G: Oh how bad can it really be? >.>


Vlad: -nods and looks around a bit- >/ <Elle. Where are you girl...?>
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 12 I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 01, 2013 6:43 am

Chelsea: >.<!! -cried louder and shrinks back a bit- ... H-How can you do this...? Sad 

Marianna: o^o... -holds onto Xavier's leg and hides her face-

Xavier: X3 She'll be a bit better once she gets to know you all... -holds her hand and heads inside-

Malladus: <.<... If you're thinking about more children, forget it. 


Zara: |3 ... -sighs and cuddles Jinn, rubbing her chest- Its been such a long time since ive done that with someone special... <3 

 Jason: Mnn... Lulu... Lexi ... |c


???: Oh uh... Maybe i can help her... Clean weapons or something >.>;;  

???: Ah! >.< -cries out in pain- M-master please! 

Maria: X3 I am enjoying the show... I really do like what i am seeing... <3 

Eloisa: D< Fuck you! Since when do you have the fucking right to tell me what to do you little fucking clone?! ... Maybe there dad'll take me back in. -pushes her out of the way and heads downstairs-   


Aurora: -looks over at G and smiles, watching him- Yeah... He really is. <3 

Toby: -smiles a bit in his sleep and holds onto one of his fingers- <3 


Tani: ... No... -quickly races downstairs and out of the house-

Laetri: ^///^ ... Heh... Yeah... -squeezes her hand gently- 

Lily: ... -strokes her head- Yeah... Im so glad... -sighs a bit-

Haunter: <.<... -looks Slate over and frowns- >C 

Elle: X3 Shush. I am not~ 

Aurora: o.o;; D-Daryl you're hurting me... 

Eleanor: No. I didnt train pokemon because i feared that Team Rocket mightve taken them for testing D: 

Elean: >.> -has snuck up behind them and is standing with them- Geez. If only there was someone here who could tame the dragon.

Eshwin: Well I'm in the middle of sorting out things with the army... That's more important...


Madeline: Really Adam i just... I just don't feel right in the stomach... Maybe ill have something later... 


Din: -appears between them and puts a protective shield around her and Ganondorf- ... |c

Ganondorf: >w> You know it's so nice to have a goddess by your side |3 

Nabooru: ... -frowns a bit- Thats horrible... You and Ganondorf could be friends...

Zara: Thrall if you cant go through this then you cant stay here... Sad 

Shea: Well we'll make a stand... If you have to go I will come with you. And if I have to stay here you'll stay with me... 

Shawn: ... This werewolf girl... She ... Really didnt love me back in the end... Course i went a bit crazy... But... I never felt that way about someone before... 

Celestia: ... >/ Okay... No okay... Come inside.

Isaac: ... -slowly heads inside- ... Thank you child...


???: Awh D: But the celebrations will be on soon and she has to look her best. 

Paul: ... She went there...? :/ -sighs- I think maybe starting this thing with Ama wasnt a good idea... 


Nightshade: ... -slowly stands- Trent she is a friend... She is here to help you... 

Celestia: >.>... okay. Follow me. -walks off- 

Laetri: X3 Would it be alright if i used you for my studies sir? Very Happy 

Lily: X3 <Heh. Calm down. Im not there, I'm talking to you telepathically.> 

Aurora: Well the elves are horny 24/7 right? Imagine that under the influence of very strong alcohol .___. 


Elle: o.o!! -sits up quickly- Shit... -stands and gets her wand out- ... <You're here aren't you?> 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 12 I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 01, 2013 7:27 am

Bobby: I'm helping you Chelsea... >/ This is what my doctor did for me. Now you just be a good girl and take it... -pins her there and starts to pull off her clothes-

Drayna: >.> Oh no. My uterus can't take any more of that, if there's gonna be anymore children it'll be you that's carrying them.


Jinn: You think I'm that special, huh...? -wraps an arm around her and gently kisses her cheek- <3

Lulu: -sighs a little and kisses the top of his head, starting to calm down- We're safe... -looks over at Lexi- Come.

Lexi: o.o;; .... -slowly steps away from the wall and moves over to her-


Blade: >.> Well we'll go talk to her first, see if she actually needs the help. If not I think Xavier needs extra hands with his work... you'll probably be able to see Shea and Tyrel there.

???: Sad S-sir you're being to harsh on her...

Harold: >/ Just be quiet and wait your damn turn. -doesn't stop-

Marco: X3 I guess we both got lucky... -pulls off the rest of his clothes and slowly stands, stepping into the bath-

Fox: o.o !! ... -looks stunned for a moment- ... >/ How fucking dare you... -growls and races downstairs after her- D< I don't care if you are family! I'm just fucking looking out for you, you whiny little whore! -strikes her hard across the face-


Baldor: -sleepily rests his head against her arm- Is he gonna be staying this time...? =^=

G: -doesn't notice aurora and just looks him over, smiling faintly- Heh... <3


Silver: -quickly picks up the pokedex and follows Tani- Look I'll call you back another time! -races outside with her and holds onto a pokeball- Do you know where he is?

Alassea: -stays close to him- We should have brought the pups with us at least though... there might be wild pokemon around here... :/ -looks around carefully-

Slate: <.< -looks over at him- ... What?

Reese: X3 Oh you are, don't even try.

Daryl: Ssh now... -kisses the top of her head- Do you want to see your room?

Benoni: >w> ... -grins a little and bares his bangs- |3

Persian: o.o;; -backs away more and looks over at Elean- D< Who are you kid? what do you want?

Clayton: ... Are you going to do this t me every time I come to see you Eshwin?


Adam: Alright well... we should still get up. :/ You want a shower?


Kinak: o.o; ... -ears flatten and growls a little- I'm no fool. >/ There are no damn goddesses, how are you doing that?

Damien I: >.> I didn't ask you for tips on ruling my people, girl. Just sit down and wait, we'll leave later.

Mishka: Oh no you're staying. >.> You know our location already... you can't leave. -folds her arms and frowns a bit- You were given a chance, and you came with us. >/ So if you won't go through a simple mind reading task you'll be held as our prisoner.

Thrall: >/ Lock me up for the rest of my damn life if you have to. My mind is a safe place and it is the only thing I will not give up to you people.

???: But what if he beats us again...? Sad

Rose: Sad That's so sad sir... -holds onto his hand- I understand how much it hurts...

Gaileth: -holds onto his hand and follows him in- It's ok mister... :/

Kali: >/ -snatches her away from him and cuddles her close- You just keep your distance now Gaileth... -backs away from them- Right you bloody scum if you're staying here you gotta do as we say, or you're kicked right back out there to be at Correntine's mercy. You got that?


Ama: I'm sure king Baldor is more than capable of taking care of that. :/ Besides... it is not our place.

???: >.> With all due respect to king Baldor... he is blind.

Baldor: :/ If i may ask... what makes you regret it sir?


Trent: .... -backs away- >/ I don't need help...

Nathe: -rises to her feet- Nightshade will be returning to her real family... you have to respect her wishes if you truly love her...

Trent: D< I love her more than anything! You wouldn't understand!

Silver: Thankyou. >.> -follows her- You say this won't take long?

Damien: >.> Used me? -flicks his tail a bit-

Cameron: o.o; .... <Oh...must be one of those elf things... So you're reading my thoughts and everything?>

G: Well for the moment I don't know my way back from here, so it's really our only option. Don't worry, the elves only just got back here anyway, I'm sure it will take them a while to get intoxicated enough to be a threat to us. >.>


Vlad: >.> <I might be... >/ You keep thinking you can get away from me bitch but you can't... you're going to get what's coming to you...> -heads down to her room-
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 12 I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 01, 2013 11:10 am

Chelsea: -crying and holding onto him afterwards- >.< ... -trembles and slowly lets go-  

Malladus: ... I'll make sure that day never comes.

Marianna: ... -looks over Eldrin curiously- 


Zara: Yeah... I do. -looks up at her- So uh... What does this make us? Casual sex buddies? 

Isaac: -holding onto his bleeding throat- >.< N-no... Get back here Lexi... 


???: oh! Well i dont mind that... I would like to talk to that girl... Say im sorry for what i was like before...  

???:  >.< N-No! D< -grabs the cane and pulls it away- E-Enough! 

Maria: Yes... ^///^ -slowly moves closer to him and rests her head against his chest- This is nice... <3 

Eloisa: o.o!! -stumbles back a bit- ... >8C -growls and punches Fox hard in the nose, swearing in Spanish-  


Aurora: ... Yes. For certain. -moves over and kisses G's cheek- We'll be a proper family... <3


Tani: He said he wanted to explore the forests with Alassea D: 

Laetri: Hey we're powerful elves. Who would try to attack us?  

Haunter: >C ... <You better hope Lucky comes back...because if he doesn't I will blame you.> 

Elle: >w< -hides her face- Shut up! 

Aurora: -shakes her head- No. I dont want to say >.< 

(I love these two XD I need to draw Elean.) 
Elean: im Elean. I live in the forests. I don't really want anything im just curious why two humans in such strange clothing has come here >.> 

Eleanor: o.o;; -tries to back away from Benoni a bit-

Eshwin: No. Look you just got me at a bad time alright? >/ 


Madeline: Yeah... Guess i could really use one... 


Din: ... I am the goddess Din. I created Hyrule... Ganondorf has my powers after stealing the triforce of power...

Ganondorf: >J You see? She is real... 

Nabooru: >/ -folds her arms- Sorry. Im a girl who takes a bit of action here, considering I ruled over my girls.

Zara: ... Look isn't there some other way? What if I read his mind to make sure...?  

???: I'll be there to protect you again... Dont worry... 

Shawn: ... yeah... Its nice to know that there is someone out there who understands me... -kisses the top of her head- 

Isaac: o.o; ... Y-Yes'm...

Celestia: And you keep your distance with Gaileth... Dont you dare touch her...  


???: >.> I'm sure he'll need help.

Paul: Look I think she is wonderful... It's just your way of living here is something I'm not used to. Don't get me wrong, I'm not hating it. You guys have the right to live the way you live ... But an old human like me is so used to my ways... I want to see her but her running off to these places to have random fun like that... I'm just not fond of it. And I don't want to make her change her ways into something she doesn't particularly know and even like...


Nightshade: ... <Nathe I have an idea. Please knock him out for a moment...> 

Celestia: Course not... You can get back to work and to Tani who is all better now >.> -heads to the dungeons- 

Laetri: -gets out a notepad and pencil, scribbling some things down- Of course. You're a perfect example. A well fit Jirin who has an interesting past. And being a royal you wouldve certainly been educated on your city's past and what not. 

Impa: <.< Congrats. You should feel special that Laetri has picked you. 

Lily: >w> <Well not everything... But its quick and easy communication... And really I just wanted to know... When would you like to see each other again...?> 

Aurora: X3 Okay... Lets go then. -holds onto his hand-  


Elle: ... -goes to the window and opens it up- >/ <I swear ill kill you all over again if you come near me.> 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 12 I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 01, 2013 11:38 am

Bobby: >.> .... Ssh... no more crying now, love.... -holds her close and strokes her hair- Now it wasn't that bad...

Drayna: Yes I think some form of contraceptive is in order... ^^'

Eldrin: -folds his arms and glances at her- ... What're you looking at?

Drayna: :/ Oh now Eldrin... don't be so rude. She's curious...


Jinn: -shrugs- Yeah I guess so, not that much different from what we were before.

Lexi: -looks him over- ... You're weak now... I don't know how she did it but she really hurt you. I'm going... -holds onto her scarf and goes over to Lulu-

Lulu: <.< C'mon. -takes them outside-

???: D: Master... master she could have killed you! >.< Are you ok?


Blade: Well they'll be making regular trips to the healing tent, so you probably will run into them. We'll go talk to Xavier then... -heads outside-

???: o.o; W-what are you doing? D:

Harold: >/ -scowls- ... Let that go right now girl... D<

Marco: It is... -strokes her hair gently and sighs a bit- ... To think... we'll be married in just a week or two... <3

Fox: DX !! Agh! -falls back and holds onto her bleeding nose- F-fuck... >.<

William: -comes down and holds otno her arm- Eloisa really now, just calm down. >/ You've gotten yourself enough attention, now let's just be civilised for a minute.


G: -gently wraps an arm around her- Of course, I'm not leaving you guys ever again...


Silver: Fuck...

Drayna: o.o -ears perk and looks up as they come out- ... What's going on?

Silver: -snatches a pokeball from her as they go past- I need to borrow this. Tani go out to the forest now and find them as fast as you can. -opens the pokeball and lets out her charizard- I have to see if there are any large birds around.

Alassea: :/ Hunters... people from the market.

Slate: Oh what. -.-' How does Lucky not coming back here have anything to do with me? I've got no control over the whiny little shit.

Reese: >w> I'm so right. -shoves her playfully- Admit it.

Daryl: You will when you see everything... just wait until you see your surprise. -takes her to the base of a tower- ... Your room is right up there, see? Where my girl can protect you and nobody can take you away from me... <3

Benoni: >.> -flicks his tail- <You better answer the kid instead of focusing so much on me...>

Persian: >C W-we're not from here! What does our clothing have to do with anything?

Clayton: >/ It's always a bad time now... look if you don't want to talk to me you could at least say it. -grumbles a bit and sighs, turning to leave- At least I'm trying to fix things... it's not like you to just hide away from your problems like this Eshwin. >/


Adam: There you go... c'mon I'll help you with everything... -gently helps her out of bed-


Kinak: >/ -snorts- Bloody coward... in a real fight I could kill you. D< but you just want to hide behind your magic and fake goddess.

Damien I: >.> You're in a different world now. You and your girls have no place of power in my city.

Mishka: We do not even trust you yet. <.< No... if you will not subject to the test, then you will be locked away.

Thrall: >/ Fine... -flicks his tail a bit and growls, just looking at the ground- ...

???: ... Thanks miss Shea... |c -gently cuddles up to her- I wish you could be my mummy... -sniffles a bit- I miss her...

Rose: .. X3 -giggles a bit and blushes- Y-yeah... <3

Kali: D< Don't even look at her. -glances at Gaileth- You stay away from him too young lady. >/ I don't want you anywhere near him. -grabs his wrist and drags him downstairs- C'mon, you can stay in a dungeon cell.

Gaileth: Sad ... Mummah why do I have too stay away from him?


Ama: >.> He'll be fine. C'mon, you girls were supposed to show me some fun. X3 Let's get these festivities going!

Baldor: :/ I see... That is fair enough, and I'm sure if you explain it to her that way she will understand as well...


Nathe: -glances at her and nods- ... -shuts her eyes and sets a sleeping spell on Trent-

Trent: ... Uhh... D| -slowly starts to black out and collapses, falling asleep on the floor-

Damien: >.> Special huh? -watches him for a moment- ... Yes I know of my family's and my city's history, but I am not the royal type. I spent my time training in the army instead of learning to rule.

Cameron: <It's a little soon don't you think? You just left.>

G: -looks her over- ... You seem quite eager. -takes her inside the bar-


Vlad: >.> -teleports outside her window and leans against it- >3 Is that so love? -bares his fangs- Both me and my friend?
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 12 I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 02, 2013 6:36 am

Chelsea: >.< -flinches and moves away from him- D-Don't ... that was horrible...

Xavier: Why don't you two go and play while I talk to Drayna and Malladus?


Zara: ... Yeah... I guess. -kisses her chest-

Isaac: >.< Just help me before I bleed out all my fucking blood! D<

Jason: Mmn... |c I feel... feel weak...


Tess: -heads out with him- I'm not sure about Xavier really wanting some help. I mean I stilll have to settle things with Slate...

???: >.< No! Sir you have become insane!

Maria: Yes... -looks up at him- And we'll spend time together right...? It won't be you busy with work...

Eloisa: No. You made it clear. -takes off her ring- ... I gave up a lot to be with you. Even got rid of such a caring girl... -tears up and hands it back to him- I really thought you were caring... and I was appreciative of you helping me from your father... but... you're still a rude man... -turns around and walks out of the house-


Aurora: -smiles and looks down at Baldor- We better tuck these two in... X3


Tani: Drayna I'm sorry we'll return it but Laetri could be in danger! D: -goes shadow and speeds off into the forest-

Laetri: Awh I can beat... -ear flicks- ... Stay close to me...

Haunter: >/ <He looked after Lily and you come waltzing in.>

Elle: >w> ... -pounces on him again- You really wanna start something again?

Aurora: ... -looks up at the stairs- Uh... That dragon has to watch me?

Elean: Well I haven't seen anyone wear such short pants in my life. >.>

Eleanor: o///o ... -tries to cover herself up a bit- Look it's what we wear in our world...

Eshwin: D< Look will you stop it! -stands up- Why do you care so much about this?!


Madeline: You know you don't have to fuss over me... -brushes some hair behind her ear-


Ganondorf: >.>... Din dispose of this waste.

Din: ... -sighs and teleports him to earth- |c

Nabooru: Pfft. Typical men. >/ -stands up- I'm going home. I rather bump into Ganondorf than stay here and hear another word from you.

Zara: D: Thrall no... Sad Please... -takes his hand and looks at Mishka- Isn't there another way?

Shea: ... What happened to your mummy kiddo? :/ -strokes her hair-

Shawn: ... -smiles a bit- X3 You're adorable kid.

Celestia: ... -sighs- That man did a lot of horrible things to me and my family Gaileth... you cannot trust him...


Paul: ... Yeah you're right. I just don't want her to get upset again like she did before :/ She got really hurt...


Nightshade: ... -sighs and helps him up onto the bed- ... :/ You know I really think he just needs some love... I wanted to change his memory so he'd forget about me... but I think that'd be the wrong way to go... -looks up at her- ... I need a clone of me...

Laetri: Well I can tell by your good figure. X3 -starts to scribble down some things-

Impa: -nods- Laetri is considered a child genius.

Lily: <Well ... not straight away... when it's a good time for you I guess.>

Aurora: ^^ Well to be honest... this is really a first thing for me... I've never been on a date before... never went out for drinks... Sounds silly really...


Elle: o.o!! D< Go away Vlad! I already had to deal with Vivian and I don't want to have to deal with you.
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 12 I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 02, 2013 7:37 am

Bobby: >.> It won't be so bad eventually Chelsea... -watches her- You'll get used to it. You have to.

Eldrin: Fine... -.-' C'mon. -goes outside and tries to ignore Marianna-

Drayna: :/ ... I'm sorry Xavier... -scoops up Vikke- We really are trying to teach him to have better manners...


Jinn: ... Why? Did you not want that? -plays with some of her hair-

???: >.< S-sorry master! -helps him lay down and starts to heal his wounds- I'm sorry... Sad

Lulu: -gently sets him down- Relax... Sad You were bleeding everywhere, and you haven't had a feed since your transfer. You just need to drink something...

Lexi: -sits down and looks him over, looking very concerned- Sad B-bite me... please Jason...


Blade: I didn't think he would but he was the only other I could think of, seeing as she's too picky to help out the gatherers... >.>

Harold: D< How dare you keep this kind of bad attitude going with me! That is it! -pulls the cane away- You're fired! >C Get out of my home, the both of you!

Marco: Of course I will have to work... but I will always try and spend time with you my dear... <3

William: o.o .. -looks down at the ring- >/ Fine... get going then. And don't come back.

Fox: -shakily wipes from blood from her nose- >/ Fucking hell... -follows her out- I was serious you know! You're not going back there alone... look I know you're hurt kid but that's no reason to put yourself back into a situation like that on your own.


G: Yeah they look pretty tired... X3 -gently sets Toby back down in his bed and tucks him back in- This is so fantastic... I never thought I would see them again... -gently strokes his hair-


Drayna: o.o; -ears flatten and gets to her feet- ... Oh dear... D:

Silver: >/ -quickly gets up onto its back and takes off into the air- ... >.< Fuck... -hangs onto it tight- <Let me know right away if you see them Tani...>

Alassea: o.o ... What is it? -holds onto his arm-

Slate: <I'm sorry for thinking coming back and taking care of her might actually do some good.> >/ ... -looks around- Hey what's going on with these guys Lily? o.o

Reese: XD -laughs a bit- If you're gonna keep pouncing me like this? Maybe I do.

Daryl: Of course... she'll keep you safe from any intruders. Don't want anybody snatching you away from me... <3

Persian: >/ What does it matter to you?

Clayton: D< Because I thought we were friends Eshwin! I didn't want to lose that! I came here to-- ... -stops himself and grumbles darkly- It doesn't even matter. >/ It wasn't worth it. If this is how you're going to be, then... I'll just leave. You won't hear from me again. >C


Adam: After everything that's happened? :/ I think I'd be a pretty bad guy if i didn't...


Kinak: o.o;; ... -looks around- D< Fuck.

Sandrin: D: !! Hey! -runs over- >.< That was my husband! What did you do with him?!

Damien I: It was your own choice to come here and now you're stuck. >/ You're not going anywhere, so just sit back down.

Mishka: >.> No. We would be especially wary of someone who was as loyal to the throne as he was... am not taking any chances. -looks over at a few guards- Lock him up.

???: |c She had to sell me... -rests her head against Shea's chest- Cause we didn't have any money. I wish I could go back home...

Rose: ^//^ Am I?

Gaileth: Sad But he didn't seem so bad...

Kali: >/ -shoves him into a cell and slams the door- You don't fucking move from this cell now, you got it? You stay away from my Mihan, and you especially stay away from my daughter. If you slip up even in the slightest... -growls and her eyes glow red- You'll be wishing you could get away from me and back to your mother. You got it? D<


Baldor: She seems to care about you a lot, but I'm sure she'll recognise what is best for her, and that is what you are trying to do... :/


Nathe: ... -sits down on the bed- Do you think that is the wise thing to do? :/ In the short run, yes he will have some company... but you do not yet know the long term effects it may have on the double.

(Forgot Celestia)

Damien: >.> Yes i can see... -looks him over- Kid why are you so fascinated by my species?

Cameron: -shrugs- <I don't have any days off for a while. >.> And I didnt figure you'd be too keen on coming back here.>

G: -glances down at her- ... Heh. And yet you were all excited about this?


Vlad: >3 You act like you have a choice...
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 12 I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 02, 2013 9:39 am

Chelsea: ... -slowly sits up a bit- ... I'm... going back out again...

Marianna: -follows him out- ... -plays with her fingers- So uh... is it nice living out here...? In a house...?

Xavier: It's alright. You get used to this when working with patients :/ And I can see Eldrin will be a bit difficult :/


Zara: -looks up- Well... if you wanted something more... I know you're not fond of that...

Isaac: -growls a bit- That stupid slut... >C That shit will pay for this...

Jason: Nn... L-Lexi... I can't... |c


Tess: That is true... :/ -sighs- You know it'd be nice to just have a day off... D|

???: ... F-Fine. >C I know a place that would take us in... they need maids there too...

Maria: Thank you... -plays with his hair gently- X3 Will you give me personal tours? <3

Alejandro: D: Eloisa come back! ... They'll abuse you again... -looks at William- >/ What did I tell you!? HUH!? D<

Eloisa: Leave me alone would you?! D<


Aurora: -tucks Baldor back into bed- I really thought they wouldn't have their father... I feared that Toby would've never got to know you...


Tani: <I will...> Laetri! D: Laetri where are you?!

Laetri: ... I sense... something wrong... We need to go back home.

Lily: I don't know... D: Shit. What else could go wrong?

Elle: X3 -nuzzles his face- >.> You know I'm not going to let you up now.

Aurora: ... -rubs her arm- Shit... -sighs- So what we stay here forever...?

Elean: Just curious is all. Especially with this war going on we can't be too careful >.>

Eshwin: ... We are friends... -sighs- See? I said from the start this whole thing would've ruined our friendship...


Madeline: Awh... you could never be a bad guy... never...


???: o.o... -looks him over with a few other people- ... -walks over- Uh... cool costume there?

Ganondorf: >.> Sent him away. Probably will teach him to shut up |3

Nabooru: >/ Make me. -goes to the door and starts to open it-

???: >/ -goes over and grabs him-

Zara: No! D: Please don't >.< Please!

Shea: ... You know what? If we get out of this we can look for her :/

Shawn: Yeah... you really are. X3 -cuddles her close-

Celestia: Please believe me... -sighs and closes her eyes- He really has... done so many horrible things...

Isaac: o.o... Y-Yeah... just keep me away from my mother...


Paul: Of course... Okay... I think I'll go out and see her now... -heads out of the treehouse and looks for her-

Chelsea: ... Why do I have a bad feeling about this?


Nightshade: It's all I can think of... Sad Imagine him being all so lonely... Give it a try...

Celestia: >.>... Now come on... >/ -pushes him into the cell-

Laetri: o.o... You guys seem interesting. That's all. And it'd be great to learn more about you guys. If I tried to ask anyone else from your city well... i'd be killed.

Lily: <Well you are an interesting fellow... I wouldn't mind coming back to see you...>

Aurora: -blushes more and looks away- I really didn't think this would happen... ^///^


Elle: >/ I do have a choice. Now piss off.
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 12 I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 02, 2013 11:09 am

Bobby: >.> ... No... I think you should stay inside for a while. Let your lesson sink in. You can go outside again when I know you can behave.

Eldrin: Yeah I guess. <.< Where else am I gonna live, in some tent?

Drayna: He is... :/ And we try to be patient with him, but he just keeps getting worse... -sighs a little and cuddles Vikke- I worry so much... little Vikke idolises him so, she must get so crushed whenever he turns her away.


Jinn: Well... I guess things are different out here, you know? I mean... I normally wouldn't have liked the idea of leaving home to go... travelling with a girl, but... this has been nice.

???: Sad S-she almost killed you sir... she was so scary...

Lexi: >.< -tears up- Please Jason you have to.... y-you're gonna die... Crying or Very sad


Blade: -licks her cheek- Once we find her something to do we'll go lay down in your tent...

Harold: Nobody would ever take you little scum in.... >/ You'll starve without me.

Marco: X3 Tours...? -holds onto her hand and smiles a bit- If that is what you want, my love.

William: D< Oh fuck off. This isn't my fault, she fucking lost it. And good riddance, ungrateful little bitch... >/ -huffs and throws the ring to the floor, turning away from alejandro- Get out. >C -heads back upstairs-

Fox: >/ No I'm coming with you. -goes over to the stables and unties Pedro-

Perdo: o.o -ears perk- ... Very Happy -whinnies and nuzzles Eloisa- <3


G: ... -sighs a little- You know we'll have to hide here. We'll never be able to go back...


Silver: -looks around- ... <I can't see anything right now...>

Alassea: o.o; But you said you didn't know where we are... >.< -squints a little as the forest fills with fog- A-and I can't see anything...

Slate: Geez I don't know. D:

Drayna: I think something's happening with your brother Lily... D: They were concerned for Laetri when they ran off like that.

Reese: >.> You'll have to eventually.

Daryl: Forever... -gently kisses her cheek- My beautiful princess... <3

Benoni: |3 <So can I eat them?>

Persian: D< No! We have something to take care of and we don't need you two freaks getting in our way.

Clayton: I didn't have a problem with it until you started avoiding me Eshwin... you're the only one here making a big deal out of nothing.


Adam: Which is exactly why I'm gonna be taking care of you. :/ -helps her to the bathroom and turns the shower on-


Kinak: >/ ... -straightens up and looks him over- What are you talking about, strange creature?

Sandrin: D: But you have to bring him back! >.< I need him!

Damien I: >/ Hmph. -growls a little and pulls her away from the door- You arrogant little creature. You need to learn some manners.

Thrall: -growls a little and doesn't fight them- >/ Forget about it Zara... just go take your damn test.

???: o.o -ears perk- Really? And you think she would take me back in?

Rose: -giggles a bit and cuddles up to him- X3 Thanks Shawn sir....

Gaileth: Sad But... people can change...

Kali: >/ Yeah we'll just see... -growls and heads back upstairs-


Baldor: D| Because unfortunately, bad things usually happen around us...

Ama: X3 -sitting up in the trees setting up lights and decorations with her friends-

???: >w> You know girl, after we're done setting up we should all head to the bath house.


Nathe: ... -sighs a little and nods, closing her eyes- Alright... -her starry markings glow for a moment and another Nightshade appears sitting on the edge of the bed-

Silver: o.o;; Hey what--

Kali: >.> -shuts the door- Sorry brother. But we gotta protect family.

Silver: >/ How dare you.... let me out! D<

Damien: >.> Yes you would. Fine, what else do you want to know?

Cameron: <Really? ... Well... that does sound like an alright idea...>

G: -laughs a bit and moves her face back up to look at him- Now there's no need to be shy like that. I won't hurt you.


Vlad: |3 Yeah? What if I told you I brought a friend to make sure you don't pull any dumb tricks this time? >J
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 12 I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 02, 2013 1:21 pm

Chelsea: Look if I stay here any longer I'll get sick...

Marianna: ... -plays with the ends of her hair- My people live in huge tents...

Vikke: ... Sad Eldrin...

Xavier: Awh... :/ -strokes Vikke's hair- Poor darling... Maybe I think a few lessons of us talking might get through to him... It's always a hard thing for kids who recently get younger brothers or sisters. They seem to get jealous. Now before I do talk I need to know about what it was like disciplining him before...

Malladus: D| Talk to Drayna. I've tried but she has always stopped me.


Zara: ... -smiles- It really has... normally I wouldn't stay with anyone this long... but it has been nice... X3

Isaac: I don't care! D< I want her dead! -straightens up-

Jason: Lexi... I-I'm already dead you silly goose... -tries to smile- I'll probably just appear somewhere else...


Tess: -looks him over and nuzzles him gently- Thank you... I'd like that. Smile

???: >/ Rather starve than be near you...

Maria: X3 -looks him over to a moment and bites her lip- I know we broke the rules a little by sharing a bath together... but would it be a crime to kiss you...?

Alejandro: ... -sighs and heads outside- Fox!

Eloisa: D< I told you no! Get it through your thick skull you idiotic elf! Even if you tried to come with me the others wouldn't let you in. -pushes her away-


Aurora: ... In all honesty... I wouldn't mind that... -looks up at him- I rather bring the boys up here Giovanni... it's hidden, there is a backyard for them to play in and they don't have to deal with rude grunts... :/ Together we can really be a proper family.


Tani: o.o;; ... <You can't. All this fog is coming up...> D: <Shit Silver what is going on?>

Laetri: ... Come on. We have to try and get out of here... -holds her close and tries to move- Just hang onto me.

Elle: Nah uh >.> Make me. -pokes her tongue out-

Aurora: ... Please don't call me that...

Elean: >.> Well... suit yourself. -climbs on Benoni's back- Let's go see the new creatures again... I think they'd like to hear some news...

Eshwin: ... -runs a hand through his hair- I just... I got upset when you said you had to get going...


Madeline: ... -slowly takes her clothes off, blushing a bit- Thank you... <3


???: Well dude I don't think you can actually be a real creature. Why are you dressing up for?

Ganondorf: >.> Why?

Nabooru: o.o!! ... >/ -pulls her arm away- Listen here fat boy I can keep you pinned down with one hand. So don't even think about trying to control me.

Zara: >.< NO! -holds onto him- No I'm not going to take the test if I cannot be with you. I want to stop the king but I don't want to stay down here with you locked up in a cell...

Shea: Well... I'm not sure about that :/ It might be hard for her if she doesn't have that much money... But we can figure something out...

Shawn: ... Man. I still can't believe how tiny you are. I know that Fox was small and so was Drayna... but you're really tiny o.o

Celestia: Sweetheart he will never change... I can tell you that...


Chelsea: Well nothing is going to ruin this day. -wraps her arms around him- <3

Paul: -looks up at the trees- Ama? Can I talk to you?

???: >.> Awh no. He isn't going to spoil our fun now?


[Nightshade]: ...

Nightshade: ... Take care of this man. Be his love... :/

[Nightshade]: ... -nods and lays down next to him-

Nightshade: ... Take me back to Seth and Alassea please Nathe...

Celestia: Oh no >/ We're going to fix you up.

Laetri: Anything :3 -looks up at him in awe-

Lily: X3 <So, when would you like to meet up?>

Aurora: Oh... I-I know... ^///^ -plays with the ends of her hair-


Elle: ... Oh yeah? Where is this friend of yours huh? >/ -folds her arms-
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 12 I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 02, 2013 2:33 pm

Bobby: >.> That doesn't make any sense Chelsea, you're not going to catch an illness from staying in the apartment. -picks up a pack of smokes- If you behave we'll go out and see the gang later on. See if we can find Scruff even.

Eldrin: Well that's dumb. What do you do if it rains? <.<

Drayna: -ears flatten and rubs her arm- I-I... I couldn't... ever lay a hand on him... -looks at the ground- Usually I just have him spend time in his room or take away his toys for a short time...


Jinn: Likewise... X3 -sits up a bit- Ah... T^T Sorry love, all of that on the hard ground in this form isn't doing wonders for my back... -morphs back to her demon form-

???: B-but... Sad But she would definitely kill us if we went after her master... W-we wouldn't know what to do...

Lexi: O-oh... right... -shakily tucks some hair behind her ear- Y-you just looked so hurt... and...


Blade: ... -nods and heads over to the healer's tent- ... Brother, are you busy?

Harold: >/ Then get out. Go, now! D< Get out of my sight! -strikes her hard across the face-

???: o.o !! -tugs on her arm- >.<; C-c'mon let's just go... -tears up a little-

Marco: ... -smiles a bit- I would be lying if I said I didn't want that... -gently strokes her cheek- Don't worry, we won't tell anyone... -leans in and gently kisses her- <3

Fox: >.<; -stumbles back a bit- Fuck! D< I'm trying to help you, you whiny fucking drama queen!


G: That's true... -watches Toby- I never thought that would be a proper place for them, this is so much better.... it... -sighs a little- It's awful growing up there. I just never thought we would have this kind of opportunity...


Silver: D< <You don't think I can't see the damn fog?!> -looks around desperately- ... <H-he's here.>

Pryce: -standing in his mask and that a little way away from them- .... <.<

Alassea: -squints a little- ... L-laetri I think I see something...

Reese: X3 -laughs a bit- I can be patient. Besides I don't think you can sleep here.

Daryl: >.> ... Why not....?

Benoni: -.-' <Yes that cat thing is constantly worried about the safety of the area...>

Persian: o.o ... Cat creature, you say?

Clayton: Well I'm here now, there's no reason for you to turn me away. ... -sighs a little and looks up at him- Eshwin, since... since then, I haven't been able to... think properly. It's all that's been on my mind... -runs a hand through his hair, looking confused- I-I don't know what you're doing to me...


Adam: No worries... you need me to join you, or...?


Kinak: >/ Oh because I just love the feel of the costume against my skin in the moonlight. -hisses at him-

???: Very Happy Hey me too man.

Sandrin: Sad B-because I can't be on my own... w-without my husband. I-I wouldn't know what to do... -looks around- I-If he's gone and daddy's gone... I'm the only one left to be in charge a-and I dunno what to do... >.<

Damien: >.> I think you overestimate your abilities girl... no one like you can be so great.

Mishka: >/ If you won't take the test either then that just leaves it so the both of you will be locked up. It does not change his fate.

???: I hope she does... I-I really miss her...

Rose: o.o ... Well... you're really huge, sir. I knew I was small compared to most, but...

Gaileth: ... -ears droop a little- Yes mummah... |c


Baldor: No of course not... -cuddles her and sighs happily- What would you like to do now, my sweet queen...? <3

???: <.< Yeah tell him if he's not interested in the orgy he can go home.

Ama: X3 -giggles a bit and jumps down- :3 What is it, Pooolll, sir?


Nathe: ... -nods and teleports her to Hyrule castle, then disappears-

Trent: |c ... Mmn... -stirs a little and murmurs in his sleep- N-nn... nightshade... -searches the bed for her-

Silver: D< I thought you were on my side!

Damien: >.> -shrugs- I dunno what to tell you kid.

Seth: -ears perk and looks up at Nightshade- ... M-mihan... you're safe... <3

Cameron: <Tonight good for you?>

G: X3 Heh... -hands her a glass- You're cute, girl.


Vlad: -shrugs- I dunno. >.> I'm sure he'll show up. Probably making sure nobody cares that you're gone, he was a death eater and everything.
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 12 I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 03, 2013 10:34 am

Chelsea: You don't fucking understand... -sighs and gets up, putting her bra and undies back on- ... The gang has already gone off to find him. Just haven't had word from them yet...

Marianna: Our tents are strong... we can survive through the rain...

Xavier: Discipline doesn't mean hitting your child :/ A simple tiny tap on the bum doesn't hurt them. It's just to tell them that it's wrong... but usually we do that at a young age... now that he is older it'll be a bit difficult.


Zara: X3 It's alright... -rubs her back gently- Sorry... Me being a bit rough probably didn't help that... T^T

Isaac: D< You really want to defy me right now girl?! -eyes glow red-

Jason: I know... you were worried... Ugh... Can someone just stop the bleeding though... .


Xavier: Oh not at the moment... it's actually the first time I've had a break in a while... -looks at him- What can I do for you?

Blade: ... -nods and heads over to the healer's tent- ... Brother, are you busy?

???: >.< -stumbles back- ... >C G-Glad to... -fixes up her dress and heads out the door-

Maria: Mmn... -closes her eyes and kisses him back gently- ... -pulls away a little and whispers- W-Wow... <3

Eloisa: -gets on Pedro's back and ignores her- C'mon boy let's get going.


Aurora: ... I guess after all this happening... it was a good thing. To show us that this is where we should be... :/ Come on... -rubs his shoulders a bit- Let's get rid of these prison clothes...


Laetri: ... -squints a little and looks over at Pryce- ... -backs away more- It's... a person...

Elle: >.> ... -lays down on top of him and rests her head on his chest- Iunno... I feel pretty comfortable. <3

Aurora: I don't like it alright. >/

Elean: >.> ... -gets on Benoni's back- Come on boy.

Eshwin: ... I'm sorry. But in a way... you can see what it's like with me.... When I think about you...


Madeline: ... -looks at the bruises on the front of her and turns away a bit- No... I'll be okay...


???: Yeah man Very Happy Hey you should totally come to our costume party. The chicks would dig your costume.

Ganondorf: Oh stop your whining. >.> Your father should be in here somewhere.

Nabooru: >/ -grabs him by one horn and holds him up in the air high- You best not question my abilities...

Zara: ... Then I'm staying with him...

Shea: ... I know you do... Here... I'll try and kick down this door so we can have some room...

Shawn: Well I guess but... You're about the size of a kid nearly... o.o But it's cute...

Celestia: Now come on... let's go and see your mother... -holds onto her hand-


Chelsea: -rests her forehead against his- Hmm... I think we should lay down together before the celebrations... <3

Paul: ... Well... I guess... I needed to talk about us again Ama :/


[Nightshade]: -moves closer and holds onto him- I'm here sweetheart... <3

Celestia: >.> Since when have we been on anyone's side?

Laetri: o.o... Hang on. I'll ask questions later. -goes over to Alassea's side-

Zelda: >w> -goes over to Damien- You seem to be popular.

Nightshade: Oh sweetheart you're awake... Sad I thought I'd never see you or Alassea again...

Lily: <Sounds great for me... I'll put on something nice...> <3

Aurora: X3 You're going to make me blush even more... -takes a sip- o.o!! Wow this is strong. x_x


Elle: <.< ... Oh? You think Voldemort wouldn't care that I suddenly disappeared considering part of his soul is in me? ... You know what? I think he'd be interesting in seeing you here again. -pulls up her sleeve-
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 12 I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 03, 2013 11:29 am

Bobby: >.> -shrugs- Fine, we'll just hang out with the gang then. Not my fault Scruff's gone and disappeared.

Eldrin: Well why don't you just do the normal thing and build houses?

Drayna: -shakes her head- Sad Xavier... I-I really don't think I can bring myself to do it... T-there has to be another way...


Jinn: X3 It's ok... -leans back into her arms- I enjoyed it. <3

???: o.o;; -backs away and squeaks a little in fright- N-no sir! >.<; No sir, never!

Lulu: -kneels by his side- Here... just lay still... -gently places a hand over his head and tries to heal him-


Blade: You must be having trouble since Deo left. >.> -swishes his tail- Actually this one here came in seeking help... she'll be staying in the tribe for a while and thinks being here to help is the best idea.

???: Sad -tears up and follows her, fixing up her skirt- W-where... where are we going to go now...?

Marco: -strokes her cheek gently- ... That was... so perfect... <3

Pedro: Sad ... -snorts a little and doesn't move, nuzzling Fox-

Fox: >.> -strokes his snout- ... He knows it's not a good idea for you to go alone.


G: D| -sighs a little- Yes please... and maybe some ice for my bruises too? T^T


Alassea: o.o; -ears flatten- ... I-I don't like this Laetri...

Pryce: -steps closer as they step away- Now don't you go anywhere...

Alassea: -glances behind her seeing spiderwebs blocking their exits- D: ... W-we can't run! -shivers a little-

Reese: |3 Mmkay... I guess I'm getting pretty comfy too.

Daryl: >.> Now I'm only showing you how much I care for you my dear... if this is how you're going to be, then maybe a little time alone in your room will change your mind...

Benoni: >.> ... -nods and moves out into the forest-

Persian: Great... >/ -huffs a bit- The creature's here but he's probably being protected by that great beast.

Clayton: ... I-I know... -sighs deeply- I know...


Adam: ... -frowns a little- They'll go away... Sad


???: o.o There are gonna be chicks there? Very Happy Awesome! >w<

Kinak: >/ -huffs- I have better things to do. Get away from me, humans.

Sandrin: Sad If he hasn't shown himself by now... he won't until the danger is gone. That's what's happened before... -ears droop- P-please... the one you're looking for isn't here, we don't know her... please leave so I can have my husband and my daddy back... >.<

Damien I: o.o !! -yelps a little in surprise- H-how--?! D< Put me down you bitch! Now!

Thrall: -growls a little- You don't have to Zara...

Mishka: >.> She does now. -turns to leave- Lock them up until they agree to the test...

???: Sad But he'll hear... he'll beat you again...

Rose: o//o -blushes a little and plays with her hair- You think i'm cute sir...?

Kali: >/ Hmph. -comes back upstairs- He better not be going anywhere... -looks them over- Neither of you go anywhere near the dungeons alright?


Baldor: That sounds nice... -wraps his arms around her and gently kisses her cheek- <3

Ama: o.o -ears perk- ... Oh...ok, uhm... do you want to go somewhere a little more private?


Trent: |c Mmn... -slowly opens his eyes- Nightshade...? -looks her over-

Silver: You made me what I am... >/ I trusted you, why would you suddenly turn against me like this?! D<

Damien: >.> -flicks his tail- Apparently. The kid better watch his step.

Seth: -tries to sit up- Sad W-what happened Mihan? Are you hurt...?

Cameron: <Great... I'll see you soon then.>

Drayna: -ear flicks and looks over at them- ... You get used to it. <.<

G: ... -sighs a bit and looks away, sipping his drink- Maybe it would have been a good idea to go somewhere else. -.-'


Vlad: -growls- >/ Don't you dare, bitch. -grabs his wand-
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 12 I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 03, 2013 1:43 pm

Chelsea: ... >/ What is wrong with you? There was a point of time where you would've cared... -swipes the packet of cigarettes-

Marianna: Well... to us living in a tent is normal... it's what our people have done for years...

Xavier: :/ I understand... Just calm down dear... I'll figure something out.


Zara: X3 -cuddles her a little- Good... Do you need anything?

Isaac: -gets to his feet- ... >C I'm going up to my room... If you don't have anything to make me happy then you can leave me alone.

Jason: ... -sighs a bit and closes his eyes- Thank you... for saving her...


Xavier: >/ Look Blade don't comment on my decision... It might be nice to get some extra help yes. I'll see what she can do.

???: I do know a place... Master's ex wife... she said we could come over anytime...

Maria: -bites her lip- ... Your lips... they were so nice pressed against mine... It felt so right... -rests her forehead gently against his and closes her eyes-

Eloisa: ... >C Fine. -jumps down- Fine you can stay here. I don't need anyone else... -walks away from them-


Aurora: X3 -kisses his cheek gently- I'll take care of you. -takes off his shirt- Is there anything else you need?

Jane: -sitting back in AJ's lap- X3 Oh it was so exciting. I never thought I'd get a thrill out of breaking out someone.


Laetri: >/ -holds her protectively- Who are you? What do you want?

Elle: |3 -rubs his chest a bit- Fine... <3

Aurora: ... -frowns and looks away- I rather that...

Elean: We better warn them about what's going on. These must be the same humans they were talking about.

Eleanor: And now they've probably gone off to tell them. D| This just keeps getting worse.

Eshwin: ... S-So what do we do?


Madeline: ... I know... they just look so horrible right now... |c


???: X3 C'mon man. -takes his arm and drags him off- Trust me. The girls will be all over you.

Ganondorf: I cannot do that >.> I know Nabooru is here. Din, how about you take care of the whiny girl?

Din: Yes master... -floats over next to her-

Nabooru: -puts him down- >/ That was years of training darling.

???: -drags them to a cell and shoves them in, locking them up- >/

Zara: ... -rubs her arm- Well at least the king won't find us here...

Shea: I'll deal with him. Don't worry. -winces in pain and kicks the door open-

Shawn: X3 Yeah... especially when you blush like that. -laughs a bit-

Celestia: Do I really want to? -sighs and looks her over- How have you been feeling...?


Chelsea: |3 -kisses his shoulder gently- Man... This is just so great... <3

???: :3 -at the window with a few other elves- Awhh... they are so cute. <3

Paul: If that's alright... :/


[Nightshade]: Yes it's me... -smiles a bit- Shh... You go back to sleep...

Celestia: >/ We made you to be a better lover for your Mihan, not kill her and the rest of the fucking family. You've got out of control.

Zelda: >.> Oh? Why?

Nightshade: I'm alright... that cop just wanted me for his own... he didn't want to hurt me... -kisses his cheek- How are you feeling?

Lily: <Yeah... cya.> -smiles a bit- |3 I have a date <3 ... Wait, where the heck is Aurora?

Malladus: <.< Oh no... It's always a pleasure to see you taking an underaged girl into your arms.

Aurora: o.o... Oh... hello Drayna... Malladus...


Elle: >/ Oh? Scared are you?
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 12 I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 03, 2013 3:38 pm

Bobby: >/ Oi! -holds his hand out- Alright give em back, or you'll regret it.

Eldrin: <.< Well that's a dumb way to live. You guys must have no way of dealing with storms or anything.

Drayna: O-ok... I'm sorry... -cuddles Vikke gently- Thankyou so much for doing this for us Xavier... :/


Jinn: X3 Nah... I might get up for some fresh air soon if I can figure out where you put my clothes. >.>

???: Sad W-we'll cheer you up master... anything you want... -gently hugs his arm- |c We're sorry you're upset but we'll make up for it... <3

Lulu: I wanted you to be happy, sir... -sighs a little- ... I can't believe I really did that...


Blade: -ears flatten and snarls a little- >/ Get over yourself, I wasn't making any comment. Quite frankly I don't care what you do with Deo, he's you apprentice. -glances at the girl- Go on then, help him out.

???: Madam Claudia...? o.o Really? H-how incredibly kind of her... Smile This is so amazing...

Marco: -cuddles her close and shuts his eyes- Mmn... I know exactly what you mean, ma peri... <3

Fox: >.> -follows her and pulls Pedro along- ...


G: Nothing... you're taking such good care of me already. -sighs and gently kisses the top of her head- I missed you so much.

Abigail: >w> Awh. -cuddles her- I'll turn you into a bad girl yet.


Pryce: >.> ... You'll see... soon enough.

Ho oh: >C -shrieks and swoops down into the forest, snatching them both up in its claws-

Alassëa: o.o !! -squeaks in fright and struggles- DX Help! Somebody help us!

Silver: -looks around desperately- o.o <Tani where are they?! D< Damn it you have to find them!>

Reese: -blushes and bites his lip- T-that... that feels uhm... p-pretty good.... <3

Daryl: >.> Very well... I'm sure you'll have changed your mind in a few days time... -takes her up through the tower-

Benoni: <Then why didn't we waste the scum right there?> <.<

Persian: No it'll be ok... all we have to do is find them then it'll be easy to being the creature to it's knees... Look we just have to follow them at a distance so we can find out where they're hiding, then come back when they're alone.

Clayton: ... -blushes and looks away from him- I don't know...


Adam: Sad Hey you're gonna be ok... doesn't matter how they look, right? You're still all cute and sweet to me... -gently strokes her cheek-


Kinak: D< -hisses- Let go of me human! I have no wish to go with you. >/

Sandrin: o.o;; -ears flatten and backs away- W-what are you doing? D:

Damien I: >C -huffs and flicks his tail- Don't you ever try something like that again or you'll feel the sting of my hand, do you hear me bitch?

Thrall: -growls- For the sake of our lives I hope not. >/ -turns away from her-

???: D: -crawls out of the cage-

Viktor: >/ -comes back in and looks over at them- ... Last lesson didn't sink in, huh?

Rose: >w< Ohh... -hides her face- I don't mean to, you're just being to kind, sir... <3

Kali: -runs a hand through her hair- Not good... |c And still sore... It never goes away anymore. -rubs her side-


Baldor: -cradles her in his arms- I'm so glad you can be so happy Mihan... I love you so... <3

???: >w< Awh I know... <3 I can't believe Baldor held out on us for so long though. D:

Ama: Mkay... :/ -takes his hand and leads him out onto the forest- What's going on...?


Trent: -smiles weakly- You stayed... you really do love me...

Silver: >/ I am not, they just can't handle my power now. Everything I did was for them, but they didn't want it...

Damien: >.> He could be selling the information he's getting from me to hunters. I'll kill the little whelp if he tries something like that on me. >/

Seth: The healing process is slow... I'll be laid up for a while yet... -gently takes her hand- Have you received word of the others? They were going to be sold, I heard. :/

Alassëa: They're safe... Sad Laetri and I were there. Kali and Celestia are keeping them safe in hell...

Abigail: >.> Yipee for the sellout. -looks around- ... I dunno. o.o She's been gone for about a half hour.

Drayna: Nothing out of the ordinary I see... <.< Hello Aurora dear, do you need me to call the police for you? Just in case?

G: I'm so glad you already know these two... -.-'


Vlad: >/ Of course not... -hisses and rushes at her, pinning her to a wall- ... You will be coming back with us... >3
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 12 I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 03, 2013 10:45 pm

Chelsea: -takes one out and chucks the packet back - Im stealing one for the road.

Marianna: >/ It's how we live alright... We do have ways of dealing with storms. My mummy made our tent and it protects us... 

Vikke: :3 -licks her cheek gently- <3

Xavier: It's no problem :/ you know what I think Eldrin needs to is to learn about a bit of hard work. Maybe he can spend some time in the tribe.  If that's okay with you...


Zara: <.<... -wraps her arms around her waist and cuddles her- They are in a safe and secret place :3 -kisses her shoulder-

Isaac: You better >/ Because I think soon I might need a whole new group of girls...  

Jason: -smiles- See? I told you that you were strong... 


???: o.o;; Yes sir... -heads into the tent

Tess: :/ You shouldn't get too upset with your brother... 

???: She is understanding. When I went shopping I bumped into her and Jessica... -sighs- I think she really understands what he is like...

Maria: -blushes a bit- Heh... ^///^ You're making me get more butterflies... <3

Alejandro: -teleports to her- Fox ... What are we going to do? I just don't know what to do this time... As much as I hate that douche bag I don't want her going there... Sad 


Aurora: -blushes and sighs- I missed you too. It was so hard getting to sleep without you by my side...  

Jane: >.> Hey I'm still better than you. -folds her arms- 


Laetri: o.o!! D< Let us go! -hisses and eyes glow red- >.<

Tani: <Im trying but i cant see--> o.o!! <S-Silver... You're not going to like this but now i can see why you dislike giant birds...> D: LAETRI!

Elle: -looks up at him- ... Now you're blushing... X3 

Aurora: >/ I won't change my mind. I still love Parker. 

Elean: You know how I am with taking lives. I don't see evil in them. I mean the guy is a jerk but that girl well... She is worried about something. I think maybe wherever these guys came from they had a conflict about something.. But both for good reasons... 

Eleanor: ... Iunno Persian this doesn't exactly seem safe. What if we cant? What if there are more dragons?  

Eshwin: o.o... -ear flicks a bit and moves closer to him- ... You're blushing... 


Madeline: -blushes a little- Thank you... You know how to make me feel so much better... <3  


???: -heads into the house- Man you're good at acting too X3

Din: I'm staying by your side madam... In case you need help. Sad Don't worry I won't hurt you... 

Nabooru: >/ Oh yeah? Go ahead. I dare you too you fat fuck. The only reason I had sex with you was because i was a gift from Zelda. I don't see why she would try to make peace with you.  

Zara: Sad ... Thrall... Whats wrong? Why wouldn't you let them read your mind... -takes his hand- I want to understand why... 

Shea: -gets up and keeps the girl behind her- Just having a stretch... >/ 

Shawn: >w> Well it certainly makes me happy... -cuddles her and kisses the top of her head- 

Celestia: Sad Here... We'll take you back to lay down... -takes her hand- 


Chelsea: I love you too... <3 ... o.o -looks at the window- ... Baldor there are elves at the window again D| 

Paul: ... Well... When you said you were going out for fun I didnt think you'd be going out to have sex :/ 


[Nightshade]: Of course... Why would I want to leave? -kisses his cheek gently- 

Celestia: >/ Yeah but it slowly ended up being all about you. Tani was really sick man and you didnt even bother with her. 

Zelda: ... Why would he talk to the people who would probably try to capture him to? 

Nightshade: Oh thank Elune everyone is safe... I never thought Silver would do all this...

Laetri: This is what happens when you get transfers... You can't always control your own powers...

Lily: o.o... So has grandpa... -looks Abigail over- ... AJ... >/ Is there something I don't know about? 

Aurora: Um no Drayna... Im here by my own choice. :/ -hugs Giovanni's arm gently- I feel pretty safe with Giovanni...


Elle: o.o!! Let me go Vlad! >.< -squirms and tries to push him off- I have to stay! D< -spits in his eyes- 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 12 I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 04, 2013 1:35 am

Bobby: You're still not going anywhere Chelsea, not with that attitude. >/

Eldrin: >.> Well your mum's stupid too.

Drayna: -smiles faintly as she does and strokes her hair- That doesn't sound like such a bad idea... I did a similar thing with Baldor, and it worked wonders for him... :/ I just hope in the end it really will improve how he treats his sister...


Jinn: >.> You'll have to show me eventually. |3 Mmn... <3 -sighs a little as she does-

???: o.o !! N-no! D: Master don't get rid of us, please! >.< -tears up and tugs at his shirt- We'll do anything, we swear it! Just d-don't get rid of us... Crying or Very sad We're trying our best for you master and we love you... p-please...

???: Sad -shivers- W-we're sorry we screwed up... c-can we... take a punishment to make you feel better sir? |c

Lulu: I... I really stood up to him... Smile I've never been strong like this before...

Lexi: -kneels down by his side- Do you feel better...?


Blade: >/ Not my fault, he started that shit.

Tyrel: -cuddles Shea- We should probably go get checked over by the healers again soon... they wanted us to visit regularly.

???: She would... -sighs a little- This is so great... I-I didn't think we'd ever find work somewhere where we... we didn't have to... >.< -tears up a little-

Marco: Good... <3 -gently runs a hand through her hair- After what you have been through you deserve something like this... some excitement in your life. -slowly runs a hand down her side and sighs a little- ... Pardon me, if... this is overstepping the boundary my sweet, but... your body is so perfect. <3

Fox: >.> She's not going back to that douche. C'mon let's just follow her, we can keep an eye on her there and make sure she's not hurt.


G: I won't leave your side anymore, I promise... -cuddles her close- ... You know, you're very lucky to have such good friends. You should thank them...

Abigail: >w> We'll see.... -wraps her arms around her- C'mon don't get all grumpy with me, babe... ;3 -kisses her cheek gently- <3


Alassëa: >.< Stop it you can't do this! -tears up- Let us go! DX

Pryce: >.> -climbs up onto its back and glances down at them- Take a good look around children... you'll never see this place again.

Silver: o.o !! -eyes widen- <What is going on Tani?! What's happening down there, help them! >.< Help them I can hear them!>

Reese: Can you blame me...? ^//^

Daryl: You'll change your mind... eventually. >.> -takes her into a small bedroom-

Benoni: <Then what do you suggest we do, oh great and wide Mr. Let's not kill stuff?> -.-'

Persian: We didn't come this far to let that creature continue its plans Eleanor. We'll figure something out, we'll just have to be stealthy.

Clayton: -takes a step back and keeps his face hidden- ... No..


Adam: There we go... Smile -helps her into the shower- You just get yourself all cleaned up now, I'll wait out here.


Kinak: -ears flatten- And you are positively the thickest brand of creature I've ever had the displeasure of having crossed. -.-'

Sandrin: o.o ... Y-you're helping me? Oh... T-Thankyou so much... Sad I was so afraid of being alone, and this invasion is so scary... >.< Thankyou... -goes to hug her and looks up at Ganondorf- Sad You're more understanding than I thought, sir...

Damien I: >/ You are allies with her? I have no intention of making peace with her or my son... and if I had known you for what you are I would have put you to death in an instant! ... -looks her over- >.> Perhaps leaving now would be an excellent choice. >/ -grabs her wrist and heads out of the room-

Thrall: D< I told you. My mind is my only safe place, the only freedom they cannot take away from me.

Viktor: You're really pushing it now. >/ -picks up the stick- Or do you just love being beaten black and blue?

Rose: ^//^ -giggles a bit- ... I... I really like the way you kiss me sir... -plays with the ends of her hair- You're really gentle with me... <3

Kali: Mmn... Mkay... |c

Gaileth: Sad What's wrong mummah?


Baldor: -ears perk- ... X3 Yes I sensed it. Guys... we'll be outside to join the festivities soon, I promise. My Mihan and I would just like a little privacy first...

Ama: o.o But we haven't yet. ... Sir... Sad Do you not like the idea of me just having fun with my friends? I know things must be different for humans, but... it's innocent... -ears droop a little-


Trent: Y-you love me... -smiles faintly and cuddles up to her- I knew you loved me... <3

Silver: D< She was faking it for attention!

Kali: Oh whatever. >.> You wanna start fixing him now or leave him here a while? It'd be a long process.

Damien: -shrugs- >.> Hey I'm just being careful.

Seth: -squeezes her hand- Mihan... what happened before? How did you get away...?

Abigail: >.> I bet there are a lot of things you don't know about.

Drayna: ... Hm. Well as long as it's your choice. -sips her drink-


Vlad: -growls and keeps her pinned there- >C You're coming with us. <Dude where are you? I thought you were helping me!>
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 12 I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 04, 2013 4:50 am

Chelsea: >/ Bite me. Im going to see my stripper friends... -gets dressed- 

Marianna: >C -snarls- my mother is dead... 

Xavier: I'm sure it will :/ I mean most of the kids in the tribe do well with a little bit of responsibility. 


Zara: <.<... okay. But we don't have to find mine right? 

Isaac: ... >/ You know what? Get me that elf girl.

Jason: Yeah... A bit better... -tries to sit up- Fuck that bitch is scary >.< 


Tess: Just please be calm... He is just upset that his child got hurt... 

Shea: Yeah of course... -cuddles him back- How is your leg going? 

???: Shh Sad It's okay sister.. It's all over now... -holds her hands- 

Maria: Oh it's okay... -looks down and watches his hand- Its nice ... To feel your touch... <3  

Alejandro: ... I just... Look what else is she going to have if she doesn't have him?


Aurora: I will... I do love them... They've always been there for me. -rubs his chest gently- 

Jane: >.>... heh. ^^ I couldnt get grumpy at you... -rests her head against her chest- <3 


Laetri: >/ -growls and goes shadow, climbing off to Alassea- Alassea ill get you out of here.

Tani: <im trying!> -heads over and charges at Pryce- >/ Leave the children alone! 

Elle: No i cant... -plays with the ends of his hair and puts her head back down- ... -closes her eyes- Its nice to hear your heartbeat... <3 

Aurora: >/ No I wont. Kidnapping me does not make me want you. 

Elean: Well we can try and sort this out. So the humans can go back and the other creatures stay here. 

Eleanor: ... Alright ... -rubs her arm- I just... Im scared... 

Eshwin: ... -moves forward and moves his head up- You are...


Madeline: Alright ... I will... -smiles faintly gets under the water- 


???: >.> -looks over at him- ... -walks over- Oh dont hate them. The only function they know is to party.

Ganondorf: I only gave her to you so you could shut up >/ 

Nabooru: After sleeping with a fat fuck like you yeah i would want to kill myself >/

Ruto: -teleports there- Nabooru! You're meeting a man and you didnt invite me?! >:T  

Zara: ... But... You're hiding something... Sad 

Shea: >/ You fight like a girl. Come on. Hand to hand combat. I'll fucking mess you up.

Shawn: X3 Well with a sweet girl like you, i wouldn't dare hurt you. <3

Celestia: Sad Your mother's ribs never healed properly... They always hurt her... 


???: D: Awh but your majesty... We wanna get you two ready Very Happy 

Paul: Well... Ama its just something we dont do :/ i dont feel comfortable with that... I know its how you guys live... 


[Nightshade]: ... -smiles and strokes his hair- Can we go to your room?  

Celestia: Eh. Leave him to suffer a bit >.> he deserves it. 

Zelda: >.>... you're scared of a kid. 

Nightshade: Nathe helped me again... He just... He wanted to be with me... The man wasn't right in the head...

Lily: Has my grandfather taken Aurora? D< Don't play any fucking games AJ! 

Malladus: >.> She must be insane...


???: o.o;; <Im.. In a bit of a pickle right now...> -is backed up into a corner-

Scruff: <.< Well Bella... What do we do about this one? 
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PostSubject: Re: Non canon couples 2   Non canon couples 2 - Page 12 I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 04, 2013 6:22 am

Bobby: -grabs her arm- >/ I said you're not going anywhere. You think this is a fucking joke Chelsea? First I gotta deal with your fucking attitude and now you're going off to see strippers?! D< After everything I did to fix myself for you? >C

Eldrin: >.> -shrugs- Guess she's extra stupid then. What happened, did she forget to breathe?

Drayna: Thankyou... how long would he be staying there?


Jinn: |3 Not if you don't want them. -kisses her cheek- Heck you can walk around like this all the time if you like. ;3

???: Sad ... Z-Zara? She escaped with Jinn sir... do you want her back too?

Lexi: Yeah you gotta be careful... -glances at Lulu- .... If there's one thing those girls can't take it's being told that their master doesn't love them. They flip out.

Lulu: ... -plays with her fingers and looks at the ground-


Blade: -flicks his tail- >.> Hmph. I am calm, and he's had plenty of time to get over that anyway.

Tyrel: I'm still getting quite a few phantom pains.... It is strange, but apparently I can still expect it for a while yet...

Bruno: -sits in their camp chewing on some bones- >.> ... <Hey girl, you made any progress?>

???: -smiles weakly, still shaking a little- Y-you're right... we're safe, we're really safe...

Marco: Good... -leans in and kisses her again, caressing her gently- Mmn... <3

Fox: She'll have us, and it's better for her this way. She never should have been with that douche in the first place. -climbs up on Pedro's back- Now get on, we're going with her if she wants it or not.


G: -winces a little as her hands pass over some bruises- Ah... be careful... -gently moves her hand away-

Abigail: |3 There you go love... -strokes her hair- <3


Ho oh: >C -spreads it's wings and takes off, holding onto them tight-

Pryce: >.> -glances down at her for a moment as they leave- ...

Alassëa: -tears run down her face- Tani! >.< -sobs desperately and tries to pull away- Help us please!

Reese: ... -smiles faintly and blushes more- Y-yeah...? -wraps an arm around her and cuddles her close to him- This is pretty nice... <3 -sighs-

Daryl: We'll see. >.> I'm sorry I have to do this to you my love... -looks her over briefly before shutting the door and locking it-

Benoni: <Well that's easy, we'll just scare them back through the portal.>

Persian: D| -rolls his eyes- You family has worked for us for how long... and you choose now to be scared?

Clayton: o//o -looks up at him- ... M-maybe... a bit, but... -mumbles- Doesn't mean anything...


Adam: There you go... -leans against the shower and looks away-


Kinak: Fine. -.-' What is this place? Why was I brought here...? -flicks his tail irritably-

Sandrin: o.o;; -ears flatten- S-sorry... I'll be quiet...

Damien I: And now you get nothing for it. <.< I'll still be going to war and you'll still have to face this man. o.o ... -ears flatten and looks her over- >/ And who are you?

Thrall: Of course I am. >/ Is it unreasonable to ask that I have a few things I do not want to divulge to everyone? -snarls and ears flatten-

Viktor: -hisses and his eyes glow white- Oh shut up. >/ -throws her into the wall with a psychic force-

???: o.o !! Miss Shea! >.<

Viktor: >/ -goes over and strikes her hard in the jaw with his stick- That'll teach you to shut up you dumb fucking mutt.

Rose: Hehe... ^//^ Thanks sir... <3

Gaileth: I mean... Sad Why is she sad?


Baldor: We'll be ready soon... some privacy, please. :/

Ama: -ears flatten- Sad It... it doesn't mean anything. I thought you just wanted me to leave it till later for you... now I can't have fun with my friends? |c -tears up a little- Sir I care for you so much but you are putting so much control on my life already that... may be normal for your people but is crushing me...


Trent: Yes... that would be lovely.... -slowly tries to sit up- I knew you would come around my dear... -looks her over- I love you so much... <3

Kali: >.> Yep. -turns and heads upstairs- Reckon we should tell Tani he's down here?

Damien: Be quiet. >/ I'm not scared of anything.

Seth: Oh Elune... I'm just so glad you're here now and not hurt... you poor thing.

Abigail: Oh my god. D| Calm your tits love, nobody was taken by anybody. Aurora was practically falling over herself to go out with him. >.>

Drayna: Hey I'm not going to judge... <.<

G: You're judging right now. -.-' ... Would you like to go somewhere else Aurora?


Vlad: -growls a bit- You're fucking kidding... -.-

Bellatrix: -laughs and looks him over- >3 Ohhh.... my head is just spinning darling with everything I'd like to do...
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Non canon couples 2
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