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 Shadowborne story

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PostSubject: Re: Shadowborne story   Shadowborne story - Page 3 I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 09, 2012 12:54 am

Original response by Sara

Caol: ... -sighs- Alright... |c I'll do it. -hugs him- Sorry she got mad at you guys.

Zara: Come on. Please let him out... :/

Dark: Well if we can get into contact with the gods in that time... Maybe they will speak to the elves and we can get them back here. Thats the only thing I can think of...

Aridrim: ... What if they don't agree with us back then?

James: D: -races after them- If you were a little nicer... -huffs- We could've got a ride...

Mika: Its a big mill but we can try and take down whoever is running it. Once we get rid of them we can get everyone out there... :/ It'll be tough but I think we can do it.

Elle: Well with death eaters and everything chasing after me I'm always sleeping with one eye open. -sighs- I really wish I could just go home.

Cassius: ... Yes. But you can understand what I've been through its a little hard for me to trust people... But I will give it a chance...

Eleanor: ... Erina go get the bags with Lupus... :/ -goes over to Reese- Are you alright?

Quinn: <.< I'm not... I've stepped away from it. But I am proud of myself for doing this Very Happy So he won't be all upset at your wedding and all that jazz.

Aurora: ^^;; Thanks Quinn. Well we have to go and see my dad.

Quinn: Mkay. I'm going to go and explore for a bit. -walks out of the treehouse-

Aurora: ... Oh man that can't be good D|

Tai: -smiles a little- You know you've really made my life so much better... I still think its somehow crazy... but I love it <3

[Tai]: ... Look... something happened a long time ago and today is one of the days I've feared would come. -looks at her- I have to go to the surface. -kisses her cheek gently- You'll be alright here?

Spike: Mkay. :/ You call if you need anything... -goes over to another bed and sits down-

Chelsea: My girlfriend got hit in the head... D: You have to help her!

Nabooru: ... -buries her face in his shoulder and mumbles- M'sorry... |c -holds onto him tight-

Eloisa: I don't know D: He might've gone down into hell in the wastelands or something... Sad Look Ruth come with me. We'll go find him. Kali you should probably check on Celestia. -heads out of the house-

Derek: >w< Mihan please... -looks at Adam- Nah. I have a Mihan. Hes my life partner. I don't want to be with anyone else. >w> Although when I first went to Aeris I had a harem. Thats how I first met Anudor <3

Honiahaka: Sad -sighs and cuddles him close- I'm so sorry... |c

Imaxle: ... |c -sighs and tears up a bit- Goodbye Aldiira... You're a beautiful person...

??: -huffs- Fine >C Then maybe I can go back when its all sorted out.

??: :/ Just try and calm down you two... -heads out of the treehouse-

Nightshade: Hopefully one day sweetheart :/ Shes a sweet person... but shes been hurt a lot in her life...
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowborne story   Shadowborne story - Page 3 I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 09, 2012 12:54 am

Eli: It's alright my little one.... -hugs him back and holds him close- ... I'm very proud of you for doing this though... :/ Part of being a man means sometimes making difficult decisions like this.

Guard: -grumbles and unlocks his cell door-

??: -steps out- Ah... Thankyou your majesty.

Drayna: I'm not sure little one... :/ Plus, it is not so easy to come into contact with the gods. We would have to have another option in case it doesn't work.

Nim: o.o <But they always listen to us.>

Jessie: D< Don't pin this on me you big idiot! >/ Besides, you could use the exercise.

Kihja: ^_^ <Hey Tani.... are you busy right now sweetheart?> Very Happy

Blade: But that's still not addressing the key issue where we simply don't have room for all those people. :/

Vlad: The sooner you finish this task, the sooner you can return home. -takes her into his dorm- I don't particularly want to hear of all your misfortunes and all your whining. I just want to get this over with.

Voldemort: Good.... you may stay here while we train you. -looks him over- .... First you will have to learn to access a human form. You attract too much attention this way...

Erina: .... Yes Eleanor... -leaves the room with Lupus-

Reese: Hm? -starts to clear the table- Yeah I'm fine.... why do you ask? :/

Baldor: o.o; .... Quinn exploring the colony filled with elves that want to do it with him? Yeah that's bad.. ^^' I feel we shone go out and let him know what he's in for...

??: -sitting in the grass outside, playing with a small orb of water in her hands-

Parker: Likewise... I've never met anyone like you Tai... You're just amazing. <3

Eccaia: D: Do I have to stay...? Sad I don't wanna be by myself... -hugs his arm- <3

Violet: Well I... -stops- ... Nevermind. It's silly.... -rests her head on the pillow and pulls the covers over herself-

??: o.o !! Oh my. D: Is she conscious?

Kyle: It's ok.... I'm sorry too... -kisses the top of her head- I love you so much... -moves her face up to look at him- You know that... right? :/

Kali: -nod- Be careful, call me if you need me. -heads outside and over to Celestia- D: Are you ok Mihan?

Ruth: -follows Eloisa- I can't believe I let this happen to her...-growls in frustration- It should have been me.... >.<

Adam: X3 Alright alright... I don't wanna hear about your nasty man harem Derek...

Anudor: Very Happy But it wasn't nasty! ^^ It was the best! <3

Tyrel: It's alright... -sighs- It's not your fault. Let's just... get thinking about our tribe. Smile -tries to smile-

Aldiira: -tears up- Please don't do this... Imaxle I...

Tyrandes: -ignores her and takes him outside- Heh... >3 You caused quite a lot of trouble, didn't you? Such a bad boy... -strokes his cheek- Hm... how am I to deal with you? |J

??: -follows her out- He seemed pretty upset about that... I wonder if general Seth really is playing favourites with his soldiers.... :/

G: ... -nods- Yeah... she seems really hurt...

Alassëa: -comes into the room- ... -.- You know I can hear you guys.
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowborne story   Shadowborne story - Page 3 I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 09, 2012 12:55 am

Original response by Sara

Caol: Yeah... I know...

Kurina: ... -holds his hand gently- Come on. We'll all go together. :/

Zara: Come back with me to the palace... I have to check on my husband. And decide how to clean up the guards... -sighs- Those poor souls... Sad -heads back to the palace-

Aridrim: ... -thinks for a moment- I'll be right back. I'll see if one of the gods can come along with us. :/ Hopefully we can get a serious one ^^;; -heads off to the temple-

Dark: o.o... -follows her- You think this'll work?

Laetri: Guys stop complaining! :/ Christ...

Tani: -ears perk- <... No. What is it? Do you need me to come over?> :/

Mika: -sighs- Then maybe we have to set up a new tribe somewhere...

Elle: ... Yeah. Sure -.- -goes over to the spare bed and chucks her stuff down- Wouldn't have expected you to show some sort of sympathy.

Cassius: ... I cannot. My siblings and I were created to have human and anthro forms... But I cannot change into it. If I do it could kill me... Thats why I stay like this...

Eleanor: Well... you just seemed really upset when I mentioned Elle... whats up with that? :/

Aurora: >.> ... Nah. I want him to learn his lesson. Lets go and see my dad.

Quinn: <.<... -goes over to her- Hello |3 What are you doing?

Tai: -smiles and cuddles up to him- ... Nnn. >_< -holds her head again- I better... get those pain killers... -heads to the bathroom-

[Tai]: Well I have to go to the human world... :/ I just don't want anyone trying to take you away... Think you can disguise yourself?

Spike: ... -sits up a bit- No. What is it?

Chelsea: No D: Just please help her! >_< -tears up-

Nabooru: -stares at him for a moment- ... I know... I love you too... -rests her forehead gently against his-

Celestia: -sitting down against the house- Nn.. >_< I'm... I'm fine... Ugh... D| That took a lot out of me.

Eloisa: Just calm down alright. D: -teleports them both into hell- We'll stop him before he does anything else to your mother.

Derek: X3 Alright... You just rest okay man?

Honiahaka: ... -wipes away his tears gently- Alright :/ If you're sure... It might be best to talk to Mika about this to plan it out properly... she could help out...

Imaxle: ... -moves his head away- ... -ears go back- I guess I'm not going to have an easy punishment...

??: I don't know... hes never been like this. Like I said, I guess we just have to see both sides of the story. -heads over to the training grounds-

Nightshade: I'm sure you can... :/ -sighs- Come on sweetheart. You have some breakfast. You need all your energy today.
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowborne story   Shadowborne story - Page 3 I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 09, 2012 12:55 am

Eli: Yeah we'll be there for you little one... c'mon... -takes them outside- I'm sorry it has to be this way Caol. :/ But you know... maybe if you spoke with her without arguing... you'd find she's probably more understanding than you thought....

??: >.> -follows her- Guess you lost a lot of them to Kinak's attack. ... -thinks for a moment- If you are lacking a palace guard... I can get in contact with some of my friends. We are all in need of a stable job...

Akarui: -floating by the door of the temple and follows her in- >w> Am I serious enough for you my dear? ^w^

Drayna: ... Judging by the goddess floating by Aridrim over there... I think so. o.o -ears flatten-

Darunia: Besides... we're not far from the market. Laetri.. are you sure about this? You're putting yourself and Balto at risk to teach those two a lesson... :/

Kihja: <Well if you wouldn't mind sweetheart. X3 Come to Aeris alright? There's someone I really want you to meet.>

Blade: Maybe you're right... but I don't know who would be up for that sort of responsibility...

Eldora: -takes them into the healers tent- :/ Abeda's just over there... -goes over to her- Abeda... I brought princess Mika. She's going to try and help you.

Vlad: You should count yourself lucky I've taken you in at all, given what you've done to me. >/

Voldemort: Well I am not going to tolerate that kind of weakness when you are working with me... our first training sessions then will get you your ability to transform, and we shall work from there...

Reese: Look it's really... not something I should be upset about.. -sighs and tries not to tear up- I was being an idiot anyway... thinking that she'd actually care about me... |c

Baldor: ^^; Oh... yay. Can't wait. -teleports to hogwarts- You think one day he might stop hating me...?

??: Hm? o.o -ears perk and looks up at him- ^^ I am just practicing what my professor recently taught me. -flicks the water into the ground and stands, looking him over- ... A human? We do not see many of you around here... >w> -goes over and plays with some of his hair-

Parker: o.o; Tai... geez it sounds really bad. Are you sure you're gonna be alright? D:

Eccaia: ... -nods and transforms herself into a human- :/ Like this?

Violet: Well I just... since my master left me and Gypsy hated me... it's been a long time since I've been able to just lay down and cuddle someone. It helps me sleep, but... I wouldn't ask that of you...

??: -quickly nods- I need a gurney over here! D: -races over and helps her support Bobby-

Kyle: -strokes her cheek- ... I'm sorry I was too scared to do anything... it must've been difficult for you... -sighs a bit- And I shouldn't have left you like that...

Kali: Christ... -helps her stand up- It's alright, I've got you... :/ You wanna go back down to the palace and rest for a while?

Ruth: -nod- Good. -looks around a bit- You think he would have gone back to his old apartment? >/

Adam: I will... but I reckon I'm almost right to go back home. -sits up a bit- :/ You think you could help me and Missy get back to the surface soon?

Tyrel: -looks out into the forest- ... Great, a trip to the mountain tribe. No that could work.... :/

Tyrandes: Oh no... >J You're really in for it this time. -takes him inside- Slaves! Go fetch me my favourite instruments. |J I'm gonna be having some fun with this one...

Seth: -looks over at them- ... Yes, can I help you? :/

Alassea: Mmn... -sits at the end of the table and starts eating-

G: -glances at her briefly- ... -sighs a bit and finishes his food- Thankyou for making us breakfast mummy...

(Ok We forgot Oiryn and Nidawi, and we still gotta get back to Whitney and Aridrim.)
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowborne story   Shadowborne story - Page 3 I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 09, 2012 12:56 am

Original response by Sara

Caol: I didn't try to argue... she just gets easily upset because of her big bloody ego...

Zara: That might be hepful. But I have to check them over first... I'm sure your friends and that are nice... its just with all this happening and all the assassin attacks... I just have to be careful.

Aridrim: o.o... Well this is a very serious thing... We need someone to help convince everyone in Ellesmera to come with us... so we can bring them back here.

Laetri: I can handle this. Besides if worse comes to worst Jessie and James can pretend that they have bought be as a servant.

Tani: o.o... <Oh alright...> -teleports right next to Kihja- Who am I meeting?

Abeda: ... -lifts her head up weakly- Thank you for coming...

Mika: Its alright sweetheart. Sad -sits down next to the bed- Its amazing that you've managed to escape...

Elle: Did what? Not go with you to that stupid ball? I'm sorry about that alright but suck it up! There are more important things to mope and worry about. -puts her bag off and lays down on her bed- >C

Cassius: ... -frowns- I'm not weak. I don't even need to be turn into a human. I am fine how I am >C

Eleanor: D: Awh Reese... Sad -hugs him gently- I am so sorry... I don't know how anyone couldn't care about you...

Aurora: He doesn't hate you... :/ -sighs- I'm sure he will be a bit nicer to you...

Emily: <w< ... -waiting in their room- Sevvv~ Are you coming back? <3

Quinn: <.< ... Well I just made a brief visit to see my friend... ;3 But I wanted to do some exploring. I'm glad I decided to do that. -takes her hand and kisses it gently-

Tai: Yeah I'm sure... I'm... >_< Ugh... its hurting my eyes as well... -opens her eyes a little which have now turned red-

[Tai]: -nods- Thats good. -kisses her cheek and stands up- Now this might be a bit of a scary thing. If anything goes wrong stay close to me. -teleports them into Azalea-

Spike: ... -rubs the back of his head- Uhh... sure... I guess I could try that... -goes over to her bed-

??: -brings over a gurney and helps Bobby onto it-

Chelsea: Oh god... Sad -tears run down her cheeks- >_<

Nabooru: ... I know you were trying to help me...but I didn't want you to be stuck there... Sad

Celestia: What about Joseph...? Did you get him... -holds onto her-

Eloisa: He could have... -sighs- Alright we have to make a plan. Hes got shadow powers so I'll have to distract him while you try and take away your mum...

Derek: Course I can -smiles a little and stands up- I'll get Missy and we can help you back to the house soon.

Honiahaka: -holds his hand gently- Its alright :/ We'll make sure that we won't bump into them...

Imaxle: o.o;; -ears go back- I rather get a whipping that play with those toys...

??: We want to talk about why our son just decided to leave because of you... :/

Nightshade: Its no problem sweetheart. -stands up- I have to go and get dressed for the day. You two just stay here and when Alassea has finished eating we'll go out. :/

Oiryn: -fixing up Nidawi's clothes- There. Does that look better? -smiles faintly-

Whitney: -sitting in the library, reading a book- ... -rubs her stomach gently- Man I never thought I'd feel so sick through this...

(Well we can start with Aridrim soon. I can try and pull her away so only Dark and Drayna go.)
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowborne story   Shadowborne story - Page 3 I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 09, 2012 12:57 am

Eli: You did sort of insult her when you disrespected her ability as a soldier... :/ She has worked very hard to get where she is. But let's not worry about that ok? You two need to get along... -goes up to her house-

??: >.> Understandable... all guards must pass long test and background check anyway. They will not take it personally. -glances down at her- My apologies for not mentioning before... my name is Luka.

Akarui: Oh. >.> Well that doesn't sound very fun. You should take Chisei, he's the most serious, boring guy I know.

Drayna: ... -nods- That could work. The people will listen to Chisei's wisdom.

Darunia: Right... -stops in front of the massive warehouse used for the market- ...

Jessie: -catches up with them and huffs a bit- D| Man... your dogs can run fast...

Rolim: -looks her over- That's her? Very Happy She's adorable... X3

Kihja: X3 I know... -goes over and pinches her cheek- She's just the sweetest. <3 Very Happy Mkay Tani, I want you to meet Rolim and Retril... They're my parents! ^w^

Eldora: -nods- Jacob really hates to let anyone escape his mill... Sad How are you feeling? Any better...?

Vlad: -turns and glares at her- ... >C If you are going to be this way the whole time... I'll have to show you to be more respectful to the one who took you in... -steps closer to her, eyes glowing red-

Mew: o.o; -backs away a little ad morphs to her normal form- <Hey.... what are you doing?> D:

Voldemort: Your current form is fine for combat... but you have to understand your own flaws Cassius... -circles him, looking him over- You will be a threat to yourself if you travel like this... you draw attention we do not need. Strange... I wouldn't think someone like you would be afraid of going through a little pain to extend your abilities...

Reese: Yeah well apparently she cares more about the guy that hurt her... |c The choice was pretty obvious. Nice guys like me never get a chance...

Baldor: It's been a while though. :/ You'd think he'd stop being to protective, but...

Snape: -steps into their room- >.> Yeah I'm here... -goes over and plays with some of her hair- You can be so impatient Emily... <3 -leans down and kisses her gently-

??: -blushes a little- Hehe... ;3 Why aren't you the charmer...? You know if you wanna explore a little, maybe I should let you come back to my place. You can meet some of my friends if you'd like... <3

Parker: -looks her over- Well you-- o.o;; -backs away a bit- Your eyes are... they're turned red. D: Tai what's going on?!

Eccaia: -nods and holds onto his arm- I will... -looks up at him- Can you tell me what's going on at least? :/

Violet: o.o You will? :/ Oh you don't have to.. you've already done so much for me...

??: -watches them wheel Bobby off, then looks back at Chelsea- Ma'am please calm down. :/ I need you to tell me what happened.

Kyle: It's alright now... Sad -cuddles her close- They fixed it... Ruto's not a sage anymore.

Kali: He got away again... it's alright, Eloisa and Ruth have gone after him. You gotta rest. -teleports down to the palace-

Ruth: You think you can fight him properly without getting hurt? ... -shakes her head- No... no just get my mother back to the surface and call for Celestia. >/ I'm standing up to him this time...

Adam: Thanks man... I appreciate it.

Tyrel: ... Alright... -squeezes her hand gently and sighs a little- Let's just go then... -heads into the woods and up to the mountain tribe-

Tyrandes: >/ Did I ask what you wanted you miserable little worm?! -throws him hard to the ground-

??: o.o; -hesitantly moves over to her and hands her her box of favourite sex toys- Here you are madam Tyrandes...

Tyrandes: -takes it and looks over at him- Don't worry... you will be whipped though. -stands over him and plays with some of his hair- Whipped... beaten... humiliated and dominated... >J Mmn... such a turn on just to think about... now... -undoes the ropes around his wrists and tugs on his leash- Undress, boy.

Seth: Oh... you're his mothers? :/

??: That's right. -folds her arms- He seemed very upset at having to leave.

Seth: Ma'am please, I assure you... there is a very reasonable explanation for this..

Alassea: Take your time getting dressed... I'm pretty hungry.

Nidawi: -glances down and looks herself over- ... Yeah... I look like I belong to the tribe again... -plays with the edge of her skirt- Feels weird though...

Mewtwo: -steps into the library and looks over at her- ... You're still feeling unwell? -walks over and kisses her cheek gently- <3
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowborne story   Shadowborne story - Page 3 I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 09, 2012 12:58 am

Original response by Sara

Caol: ... -sighs- -.- She better not be rubbing it in my face. -knocks on the door-

Zara: -smiles a little and looks up at him- Its a nice name. Smile Thanks again for this... I really do appreciate it... -heads into the palace- Thrall? Sweetheart?

Aridrim: Thats kinda who I was hoping for ^^;; You think you can call him?

James: D| We could've had a ride but you didn't want to be nice...

Laetri: -slides off of Darunia- ... Follow me. >C -heads inside-

Tani: Ow! Dad m'not a little kid anymore.. o.o... -ears go back- Your parents...? But you said that they died... .___. Wait a minute, let me guess. Dad went off into this big magical journey, probably involving Drayna somehow and has brought them back?

Abeda: A bit... |c -sighs- Are you going to go help the others? I don't know how many more pups we could lose...

Elle: o.o... -sits up in her bed a bit and shuffles back- Wait... w-what are you doing? D: Vlad stop...

Cassius: ... I'm not afraid with going through pain... its instant death that gets me scared... >C And I've travelled fine... humans are so stupid they hardly seem to notice me... its only when I make a big entrance...

Eleanor: Sad Hey for what its worth I would totally give you a chance. -hugs him- Look... maybe shes just not the right one... Don't get so hung up about it but it'd be better than her being with you and not really having true feelings and ending up hurting you...

Aurora: Its hard... hes lost a lot of people in his life... :/ Losing mum and then all the times hes upset me during my time at Hogwarts... Hes just trying to be a good father...

Emily: Mmn... <3 -kisses him back gently- I'm sorry. I just can't help it... ;3 I miss you a lot when you're off working.

Quinn: Oh I would love that a lot... |3 Please show me the way <3

Tai: o.o;; -looks in the mirror and backs away- I... I don't know >_< -blood starts to drip from her mouth- W-Whats happening to me?! -holds onto her head-

[Tai]: ... -heads to the house- I'll tell you when we get there. There might be a few others that I need to explain this too...

Spike: -shrugs- Its cool :/ I don't mind helping out. Its nothing big. -lays down with her and cuddles her gently-

Chelsea: Sh-She got thrown into a wall and hurt her head... she had another head injury before and got fixed up... and... >_< -chokes on her words-

Nabooru: Yeah I heard the message... we sages always stay connected... -sighs- I really am sorry you had to be caught up like that... Sad I shouldn't have left you alone...

Celestia: Ugh... D| Alright... Fucking hell why can't we have a calm day in hell where we just spend our days naked in bed?

Eloisa: o.o... You're a nut case! Did you see what he did before?! He easily tricked you D<

Derek: Its no problem. And hey hopefully Robert will come out soon. -looks out into the hall- Missy! Can you come here?

Honiahaka: -walks with him- ... -looks up at him- Do you still really like her in that way...?

Imaxle: Agh! >_< ... -sighs and starts to take off his clothing- Yes madam... |c

??: o.o... -whispers to the others- Jeez... I feel really bad for him now Sad

??: Well we would like to hear it. I hope you're really not playing favourites like he says.

Nightshade: Alright just be good okay? -kisses the top of her head and heads out into her bedroom, getting dressed-

Oiryn: You'll feel a bit more comfortable after a few days... :/ -kisses her cheek- What would you like to do now?

Whitney: Yeah... must be the pregnancy... Morning sickness is just terrible...
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowborne story   Shadowborne story - Page 3 I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 09, 2012 1:11 am

Nikita: >.> -opens the door and looks them over- Ohh.. It is the boy who is too good for my training. -flicks her tail indignantly-

Eli: :/ Nikita... Caol has something he'd like to say to you...

Luka: ... -just nods and follows her in-

Thrall: -sitting down getting the last of his wounds healed by the fairy- ... -ears perk- Zara? Hey you're back... -slowly stands- .... Who is this? -looks him over carefully-

Akarui: -rolls her eyes- Fine... >.> But I woulda been more fun to take on an adventure. -disappears-

Drayna: .... It's amazing how childlike she can be. It's like Silvia with a massive sex drive...

Chisei: -appears in front of Aridrim and bows- ... Messiah... you require my assistance..?

Jessie: -huffs- Can we just... D| Have a minute...?

Darunia: Probably best if you don't. -nudges them with her snout and pushes then inside with Laetri-

Kihja: X3 -giggles a bit- Hehe... yeah! Very Happy He went through time to her them for me. Isn't your father the best? <3

Retril: -steps over to her- ... It is wonderful to finally meet our dearest granddaughter, Tani...

Rolim: X3 -hugs her gently- Oh Kihja was telling us all about you sweetheart. <3

Blade: We can try, but the thing is at the moment... we have no room to house everyone in our own tribe right now. Unfortunate as it may be, to give them the best future, we will have to wait until we figure out a place for them all to stay....

Vlad: -stands over her- You really should be more grateful for what you have, Elle... >/ -grabs her by her arms and bites down hard into her neck-

Mew: o.o !! -squeaks in terror- D: <Elle! Hey leave her alone! >.< Leave her alone you big bully!>

Voldemort: You have to understand that with what you will be doing for me... you will need to be human. Enough of this nonsense Cassius... I grow impatient. >/ Now death is not a threat to you here... you have no reason not to do this....

Reese: I guess you're right... -tears spill down his cheeks- I just can' believe after... after I was there for her and looked after her and everything... I-I can't believe she lead me on like that and just ended up with the one that hurt her... >.<

Baldor: I know, I understand it's been really tough for him. I dunno, I guess I just want him to see that I'd never try to hurt you... -cuddles her gently- You're my whole world Mihan.... <3

Snape: Well I'm here now... let me make it up to you... <3 -gently runs a hand down her side and plays with the edge of her shirt-

??: ^^ -takes his hand- Wow... you're so eager. |3 I've never met a human like you before... -takes him back to her treehouse- <w< I'm home girls~

-four other elven women are just sitting around half dressed-

??: Oh welcome home dearest! ^w^ -immediately goes over and kisses her- <3 ... Mmn.. -glances at Quinn- >.> And who's this...? ;3

Parker: D8 Oh my god... w-we gotta get you to a doctor!

Eccaia: Oh... alright then... -looks up at the house- This is it...? I thought humans lived in big cities...

Violet: ... Thankyou... you're so kind... -cuddles up to him and rests her head on his chest- .... I'm sorry... this probably doesn't help with how weak I must look right now...

??: Please calm down ma'am... we're going to do everything we can for her trauma. Please just take a seat and wait here. We'll let you know what's going on soon...

Kyle: That's not your fault, I shouldn't have left you... -strokes her hair gently- ... You know, your guards probably like me even less now, watching me be all sweet on you and all... ^^'

Kali: Yeah... I swear we should just let people take care of themselves from now on. That way we'll have more time for naked days... -kisses her cheek- And blood baths... <3

Ruth: I am obviously wiser now! D< Do you think we have the luxury of time here, demon?! I have to help my mother! .... C'mon, just hurry up and come help me or don't come at all. >/ I could care less. -heads off to his apartment-

Missy: o.o -walks in and looks over at them- Yes? What is it sweetheart?

Tyrel: I... I don't know... I really care for her, and I hate to see her get hurt... but I know she loves him. For whatever reason... |c I just want her to be happy...

Tyrandes: |J Oh look who learns quickly... <3 -pinches his cheeks- I just don't understand... you're such a good boy when you're with me... -plays with his hair gently- So why do you think, with Aldiira... you'd even have a chance at freedom? >3 -grins cruelly, showing her fangs-

??: :/ Yeah poor guy...

??: Because if it's true... we could make a very legitimate complaint to your commanding officer.

Seth: D| Please don't... I haven't been playing favourites... :/ I was only defending my little one from the vicious bullying that's been going on within our ranks. Your son I'm afraid left upon me confronting him about it.

Alassëa: ... -waits until she's left and stands up- ... >/ -whispers- Now you listen to me, you home wrecking, spineless little shit... -pulls out her training sword and presses it to his throat

G: O.O;; -swallows nervously and quickly nods- I-I'm listening... Sad -trembles a bit-

Alassëa: I'm not putting up with this much longer... >C Either you get out of this family real quick or we're gonna have to start having more little... talks like this... only I won't be keeping such good control of my sword. You got it?

G: >.< -tears up a little and quickly nods, not saying anything-

Alassëa: >C Good. -whacks him in the stomach so he falls to the floor- And not a word of this to either of them... or you're dead. >/

Nidawi: I guess I just wanna walk around the colony and get reacquainted with everything... It's been a long time.

Mewtwo: I'm sorry you're feeling unwell.... how far along ate you in your pregnancy...?
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Original response by Sara

Caol: ... -ears go back- I'm sorry for being rude to you -.-...

Dark Fairy: o.o... -goes over to Luka and looks him over- ... |3 <3 -hugs his face gently-

Zara: -goes over to Thrall- This is Luka. He helped me escape so I could come and help you...

Dark: And you let her hang around a young girl like Aridrim because...?

Aridrim: -bows back- Yes thank you. :/ We are heading back to collect and rescue all the other elves before the massacre. We've tested out how to get them, by bringing back Retril and Rolim back... But we feel that we need a bit of help getting all those elves to trust us. And I believe if they hear word from one of the gods then maybe they would follow along...

James: o.o... -enters and looks around- ... Man this place gives me the creeps T^T

Laetri: No. Look around and see what happens to these creatures... Treated like a lower class. >C

Tani: -hugs him back- Yeah that sounds like dad... X3 Its finally great to meet you guys. I've always wanted grandparents... Smile -ears go back- M'sorry. I can't really stay to long. I have to get back to work at the cafe ^^;; Not to mention I've gotta look after my little boy. But you know maybe you can call Lily over dad. I think she needs some time to relax here before she starts her job.

Abeda: But we cannot wait! >_< -tries to move up on the bed- There are werewolves who are sick and dying in there... If we wait they shall be gone forever!

Elle: -yelps in pain- Argh! >_< W-What is... is wrong with you... D| -goes limp in his arms-

Cassius: And how is it not a threat here? >/ Everyone and everything dies one way or another...

Eleanor: D: Oh Reese... Sad -wipes away his tears gently- I... I guess she just needed some support... With what I've heard shes going through it must be hard... She probably didn't mean to lead you on... Please don't cry... It breaks my heart to see you like that...-hugs him gently-

Aurora: -smiles faintly and cuddles him back- Same with you <3 You've made my life so much better... -kisses his cheek gently-

Emily: Mm.. I love it when you make it up to me... you always know what I want <3 -slowly starts to undo his robes-
(And only now has it hit me that having a sexual Snape is just weird. .__.)

??: Surprised Oooh. He looks so cute. <3 -goes over to them- ;3 Where did you find this one?

Quinn: ... -looks up- <Thank you...> Ahem -looks back at them- Well ladies my name is Quinn... I'm a human lawyer.

[Tai]: Some do, but others tend to move around to quiet spaces... -enters the house and looks around- ... -frowns as he sees Parker- You fucked her didn't you? >C

Tai: o.o;; -looks up- W-Who are you? D: ... And why do you look like a boy version of me?

Spike: ... Nah. Its alright... -cuddles her gently- You're not weak... you're scared and you've been hurt... I can understand... You just get some rest alright...

Chelsea: >_< Alright... -sniffles and sits down- Oh god Bobby please pull through Sad

Nabooru: X3 Nah... I think they might be happy knowing that there is one nice guy out there that is taking care of their leader... They might even get jealous...

Eloisa: ... D| Give me strength... -follows her to the apartment-

Derek: We'll take you and Adam back home soon if you like Smile You get yourself all ready.

Honiahaka: Sad ... Who knows. Maybe you two are meant to be together... it might take her some time to realise that...

Imaxle: ... I never thought I had a proper chance of freedom. At least with her she treated me like a proper person... >C -growls- Shes kind and I hate seeing her hurt and upset...

??: Bullying? I doubt that my son would do that... how bad has it got?

Nightshade: -standing behind her- And you really think lying to a mind reader is a good idea? You should know better Alassea >/ -takes her sword away- You blew it. When your father comes home we're going to talk about your punishment.

Oiryn: Alright. -stands up- Would you like me to take you around the tribe?

Whitney: Its difficult to say really... I mean its gone far... but I look so huge... I have a bad feeling that we're not going to have just one baby...
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Nikita: >.> ... -straightens up and steps closer, circling him- Hm... you're really sorry? And you wish for me to train you to get into my ranks...?

Luka: o.o ... -ears flatten and pulls her away from his face- >.> And what exactly are you supposed to be... small one? -holds her in front of his face and looks her over-

Thrall: Oh. -gets up and looks over at him- Thank you very much for helping my dear Zara....

Drayna: o.o It's not my choice as to who the gods decide to spend their time with...

Chisei: -ears flatten and thinks for a moment- ... Hm... in order to save them from the attack made by my people... -walks past her, flicking his tail a little- ... Very well... I will assist you. The massacre on Ellesmera and Sirelle was a tragedy, and nothing less...

Jessie: Well I don't see any elves around here. All I see are rare and powerful creatures that can be useful for people like us. >.>

-a pixie pup perks its ears and slowly lifts its head to look at them as they go by- Sad ... -whimpers a little and chews on the bars of his cage with the rest of his litter-

Kihja: D: Oh I'm so sorry... I thought you said you weren't busy.

Retril: Shame on you Kihja for keeping her from her family. -ruffles Tani's hair gently- You go ahead my dear... It was lovely to meet you.

Blade: -gently pushes her back down- Stay. You are not well yet... the fact of the matter is, they will continue to be sick and hurt if we cannot look after them anyway. Just stay and get your rest while we figure this out.

Vlad: -holds her close and licks the blood from her neck- Mmn... you should not have been so ungrateful...

Mew: -arches her back and hisses at him- D< <Stop it! Leave her alone, you're hurting her!>

Voldemort: ... -laughs a bit and grins- Not us... no... you can be shielded from death here... >J

Reese: ... -hesitantly hugs her back and wipes his eyes- Sorry... I-I'll stop... -draws away and gets up- I guess we... we better get going. |c

Baldor: X3 -laughs a little and kisses the top of her head- You know if we keep this up, we'll never get around to talking with your father...

Snape: Well I have to... I want to be able to make my sweet Emily happy, don't I? -strokes her hair gently and kisses her neck- <3 Mmn...

??: -giggles a bit- Would you believe I just found him wandering around in the forest? ;3 He's so cute isn't he...? -holds onto his arm- <3

??: Oh he is... -plays with the edge of his shirt- So Quinn... I guess you haven't seen a lot of our colony, have you? ^w^

??: Yeah there's so many places you should see... Very Happy Hey girls, I've got an idea! We should take him out to the bath house... >w>

Eccaia: o.o; -looks past Tai and over at Parker- ...

Parker: What? D: What the hell are you doing here? D< Stop being creepy and get out!

Violet: I will... thankyou so much Spike... -shuts her eyes and starts to doze off-

Doctor: -comes out after a while and looks over at her- ... You're Chelsea? Bobby's partner?

Kyle: Heh... X3 Well you deserve to be taken care of... -wraps his arms around her waist and leans in, kissing her gently- <3

Ruth: -stops outside and stands against the wall, trying to listen in- .... -glances over at Eloisa and whispers- Alright we're going to have to knock the door down... be prepared to fight.

Missy: o.o Oh wonderful. Very Happy Yes I'll get ready to go... ^^ Can you take us back to the hospital where Robert is please? I want to make sure he's alright still...

Tyrel: I doubt it.... even if she does, Bruno is quite controlling... he might hurt her if she tries to leave him. Sad That's why I don't want to bother her about leaving him anymore... it could be dangerous.

Tyrandes: -grins a little- Oh do you? >J That's so funny... because once you're weak enough to be chained up in here... I'm going to go back to her... and remind her how much she loves me. -laughs a bit-

Seth: :/ To a physical point. At times they will often abuse her with weapons beyond that of regular sparring... even throw rocks at her. We were worried she was suffering from a concussion at one point.

??: That doesn't sound like our boy...

Seth: And this is an ongoing thing... :/ It's really crushing her, and I'm not attempting to play favourites. I just want everyone in my ranks to have a fair chance...

Alassea: o.o; -ears perk and turns to face her-

G: >.< Ugh... -holds onto his stomach and coughs up a little blood-

Alassea: This isn't fair! D< -reaches out for it- Gimme my sword back! ... -growls darkly- You just like him better don't you?! You've been mean to me ever since he came here!

Nidawi: Yes please... -smiles faintly and holds onto his arm-

Mewtwo: -ears flatten- ... Twins...? That will be an... interesting experience, in the least...
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowborne story   Shadowborne story - Page 3 I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 09, 2012 1:13 am

Original response by Sara

Caol: ... -sighs- Yes. If thats the only way I will be able to get there.

Zara: o.o... Oh thats a dark fairy. X3 Shes my little buddy. Kinak always seems to have trouble fighting her... And I think think shes taken a liking to you. Which is strange since she really doesn't like that many people. ^^;;

Dark Fairy: ;3 -waves to him and giggles a bit- <3

Dark: I just mean all the elves in general. D|

Aridrim: Thank you... And hopefully soon we can somehow sort out the differences between your people and the elves... :/ It may take a while, but with their leader being an elf now.. this could be a good thing. -looks at Dark and Drayna- All set to go?

Laetri: You see? -kneels down- These guys are from Aeris... they're meant to be out in the wild, free and enjoying life... and now they're caged up. You know most of them aren't even sold... >C -straightens up- I'm going to show you what they do with animals they only use for parts... -heads off there-

Balto: >.> -pushes Jessie with his snout- Can you at least show some respect? >/

Tani: X3 It was lovely meeting you guys. I'll come back to catch up with you guys later and I'll definately bring my Mihan and son. -teleports back to the cafe-

Abeda: -growls and lays back- Some help you turned out to be... >/

Elle: Nnn... D| S-Stop... l-let me go... why are you doing this Vlad...?

Cassius: ... Then why worry about a little girl who has the chance to kill you right now? <.<

Eleanor: Sad Just don't let this get to you... You'll find the right one someday... -heads to the door- Erina? Lupus? You ready?

Aurora: >.> Well lets go... unless you're still scared |3 -heads to their bedroom door and knocks on it-

Emily: Ohh... <3 ...o.o I think thats someone who is going to spoil the mood <.<

??: Oh yes he wold love the bath house so much Very Happy .. <w< I know I do |3 <3

Quinn: ^^ I have to admit I really haven't spent that much time here... I'm glad I have you beautiful ladies to help me out ;3

[Tai]: No. Because I'm going to explain whats happening with her >/ -takes Tai's arm and takes her to the lounge, sitting her down. Sits down himself and starts to clean away the blood- Its alright... your fangs are just coming through...

Tai: o.o;; ... I'm... sorry but who are you guys?

Chelsea: o.o.. -stands up- Yes... Sad Is she alright?

Nabooru: -kisses him back gently- Mmn... Now I have missed this. <3

Eloisa: -.- ... -goes shadow and just walks through the door, unlocking it and opening it up-

Joseph: -sitting in the bedroom, with Mary tied up on the bed- ... -gets out a knife- You seem to always be in the way now...

Derek: X3 Of course. He would be glad to see you.

Honiahaka: ... -sighs- I'll never understand it... -heads into the tribe- Right... where were do you think Mika will be?

Shea: -heads into the training grounds- ...

Imaxle: o.o... D< NO! NO! You promised you wouldn't do that! -tears up- Don't touch her!

??: o.o... -ears go back- ... -looks at the others- Guys... I'll be right back...

??: ... -sighs- I do understand. :/ I'm sorry to hear about this... -runs a hand through her hair- I guess we will talk to him about this.

Nightshade: That is not true and you know it! D< I love you so much. You're my beautiful baby girl and I was so happy to have you... You mean so much to me. But I cannot tolerate what you are doing right now! Look at yourself Alassea! You hit him and now hes coughing up blood! -scoops him up- I have been patient and have been trying to be nice to you about this whole situation but you're turning out to be so terrible. I know my little girl would never do this sort of stuff! Now go to your room.

Oiryn: X3 -walks out into the tribe- I have missed your smile little one.... It brings me so much happiness...

Whitney: Interesting for you... I can't imagine having two babies at once D|
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Nikita: ... -nods seriously- Very well, I forgive you. If you are willing to continue with a humble attitude, I will have no problem training you. <.< ... But do not expect me to go easy on you because you are a little boy.

Eli: Eheh... ^^; She's joking... she's just joking Caol... Thankyou very much Nikita. Smile When can he begin with his training?

Nikita: His test is presently set for 5:00 am tomorrow morning. >.> Given the time we have wasted, it is wise if he begins now.

Thrall: ... It is indeed odd to see her so... friendly towards a stranger.

Luka: -looks her over- ... I see... -lets her go and pets her head gently- Well... you be on your way now little one.

Chisei: Hm.. such a goal to aspire to. -nods in approval- You have my best wishes for your success...

Drayna: -ears perk- Hm? Yes, we're ready. -glances at Dark- Take us back please...

Jessie: >/ Respect for what? It's not my fault they're here. If they didn't want to be caged up so badly, they should've tried harder to get away.

??: -doesn't notice as Laetri goes by, and picks up an adult pixie pup by the scruff of their neck-

Pixie pup: D: -whines and struggles in his grip- >.<

??: -doesn't pay much attention to this and pins it down on a cutting board nearby, picking up a knife-

Jessie: .__. -goes pale- ... He's not really going to...?

Silver: -making cakes and shit like that in the kitchen- ... -glances up as she comes back- o.o Huh? Oh Tani... :/ You're back...

Eldora: -sits down by her bedside- Abeda I'm sorry... Sad I want to help them as much as you do... but we have to be realistic...

Vlad: .... -lets her go and steps away from her- You came to me for help Elle. The least you could do is be gracious.

Mew: D< <You're the one that's not being gracious you big meanie!>

Vlad: -glares at her- Be quiet, you annoying little pest. >/ -swats her away-

Mew: >C -huffs and floats over to Elle- ... <Are you alright...?> Sad

Voldemort: .... >/ -steps closer, pulling out his wand and presses it to the tip of Cassius' throat- ... You creatures are not that bright... are you? If you continue to question me, there will be no reward for you... and I will simply take what I need from you. -digs his wand in a little and casts the torture curse- Are we clear... Cassius...?

Erina: -holding onto their bags with Lupus- Yep! :3 Let's get going!

Reese: -looks between them- ... Where are we headed...?

Baldor: No I... I'm not afraid of your dad... ^^; That'd be silly...

Snape: -glances at the door- ... Evidently... >/ -does his robes back up and goes over, opening the door- What?! >C What is so important that you must interrupt?

Baldor: .__. ... -draws away a little- Not that that... isn't a little intimidating however...

??: -giggles a bit and takes his hand- Well let's go show him... ;3

??: -wraps her arms around his waist- Oh Quinn you'll love it there... -runs a hand down his chest- ;3 I work afternoons there... so I can give you a very nice massage... <3

Parker: ... >/ -frowns a bit and sits down next to her- Yeah start explaining. Who are you and what's going on?

Eccaia: -sits down with [Tai]- o.o Well apparently Tai's the only one that knows...

Doctor: -sighs and looks over their clipboard- I'm afraid her injuries were very serious... Bobby's suffered significant head trauma. We're afraid she might not be able to wake up. :/

Kyle: -smiles a bit and strokes her cheek gently- Me too... X3 C'mon, you wanna go back to my place...?

Ruth: o.o ... Right, thankyou. -quietly steps inside and looks around- ... <In there. We have to act quickly. Once my mother is free I need you to take her somewhere safe.> >/ ... -slowly steps up behind him, carefully wiping her dagger with a sleeping toxin-

Missy: X3 Thanks sweetheart... -goes over and kisses his cheek- Very Happy I'll go get ready! -leaves the room-

Adam: ... He sure seems to make her happy.

Tyrel: I'm not sure, it's been a while since I've been here. I guess we better just ask around. :/

Bruno: -in his human form, practicing on a training dummy- .... -doesn't seem to notice her come in-

??: ... Right. We'll cover for you man.

Tyrandes: Oh I forgot to mention... I do lie sometimes. >J -grabs him by his hair and pushes him onto the bed, tying his hands- Now bend over, boy...

Seth: Thankyou for being so understanding... :/ I really appreciate this.

??: Well I suppose any parent would want their child to feel safe. :/ I'm sorry he's been causing your daughter trouble.

Seth: It's alright... just please try to figure something out so it doesn't continue. -bows- Elune be with you.

G: -holds onto her and shakily wipes some blood from his mouth- >.< ... P-please stop... I-I didn't do anything...

Alassea: -looks between them- .... >C Well... well... -tears up a bit- I-If they can get away with doing that to me then... then why shouldn't I be able to?! I-It's not fair! >.< -growls darkly and turns away, going into her room and slamming the door behind her-

Nidawi: Really...? I missed being with you daddy... -holds onto him- You really make me feel so safe...

Mewtwo: -kisses the top of her head gently- You are strong, I'm sure it will not be too difficult.
(And that's how mewtwo really died.)
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowborne story   Shadowborne story - Page 3 I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 09, 2012 1:14 am

Original response by Sara

Kurina: Sweetheart it'd be best to start training now with her. :/ How about you stay here and we'll come to pick you up later.

Caol: Mkay mum. >.>... -hugs her legs-

Dark Fairy: o.o... -sits on his shoulder- ^_^ <3

Zara: X3 Its a good thing she likes you. She comes in handy when there is a fight on. -looks at Thrall- Luka and his friends want to help become new guards for the palace...

Dark: Alright here we go guys. :/ -plays the song and teleports back with the ocarina, just before the massacre-

Balto: You think they didn't try at all? >/

James: o.o;; ... -quickly goes over and swipes it away from him- What do you think you're doing?! D<

Laetri: o.o... <.< Good... A distraction...-whispers in Darunia's ear- Make sure James keeps arguing with that guy. I have a plan. Make sure everyone around is listening in on it.

Tani: ... Yeah. I went over to Aeris... -ties her hair up and goes into the kitchen- Dark managed to get Kihja's parents back... So i want the kids to meet their great grandparents...

Abeda: Yeah well right now a few of those werewolves could be punished for helping me escape D<

Elle: -lays back on the bed- I'm... I'm fine... D| I just feel so tired... like I can't do anything...

Cassius: Arghh! >_< ... Heh... -grins a little and chuckles- Oh... |3 Thats cute. Talking like that won't certainly gain my help. And even if you tried I was trained to deal with stupid magical creatures like you...-grabs his arm and moves the wand away- Now I suggest you be a bit more friendly... -tightens his grip- Or I will instantly wipe out your whole army...

Eleanor: Well we need to see where Cassius might be going so we can try and stop him... and then after that we are headed back to the pokemon world. But we want to also help find you your own place to stay.

Aurora: o.o;; S-Sorry. ^^;; Did we interrupt something important dad?

Quinn: Oh thats just what this tired lawyer needs ;3

??: -plays with the end of his hair gently- Oh his hair is so soft <3 I would love to wash it...

Tai: But I know nothing D:

[Tai]: ... I'm Tai too. -sighs- Alright the reason we look alike and that... is because you're my clone. You were made by a bunch of scientists who wanted to use you for their own evil plans.

Tai: o.o;; So... I'm a clone of a vampire...

Chelsea: D: N-No... No she has to wake up >_< Come on you have to do something!

Nabooru: -smiles faintly- Yeah I'd like that... Smile

Joseph: ... -grins and sinks down into the ground- So you've come to see me again my sweet daughter? |3

Mary: o.o;; Ruth? Ruth get out of here! >_<

Derek: Yeah. Robert has been such a wonderful person to Missy. I'm glad she found him. Smile Its been a long time since I've seen her get this giddy over something X3

Honiahaka: Alright... -looks around- You'd think it'd be easy to find her with those wings she has...

Shea: ... -goes up to him- I can honestly say watching you train is more fun than training with you. X3 I get to watch you move about with your shirt off... <3

Imaxle: o.o;; -growls- No! D< No! I'm not doing anything to you, you fucking liar!

??: ... -sneaks out of the house and looks around- ... -heads off to Aldiira's treehouse, knocking on the door-

??: -bows- Same to you... -sighs and heads back to the treehouse- I can't believe our little boy has been doing this...

Nightshade: Alassea! ... -sighs and tears up a bit- ... The poor thing. |c -sits down and starts to clean away some of G's blood- I'm sorry about this...

Oiryn: -smiles faintly and hugs her gently- Well I want to make sure you do feel safe.

Whitney: ... Have you really ever seen childbirth for humans Mewtwo? >.>...
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Eli: :/ Have fun kiddo... and be nice alright? Don't ruin this new opportunity. -hugs him tight- We'll be back in a few hours to check up on you.

Luka: <.< -glances at her- ... And I suppose I will have to put up with the over affectionate fairy, won't I? I don't want my eyes to be gouged out like Kinak's...

Thrall: Luka and his friends... from prison.. are wanting to rebuild our entire guard? Are you serious Zara?

Drayna: -looks around when they get there- .... Yes, this looks about right. The massacre should only be a few days away.

Chisei: -glances at Aridrim- There will not be much I ask of you for this task, just that you can take me somewhere where I will have their attention...

Nim: -ears perk and looks over at the palace- <Well what about that place? I bet if you got up on a balcony or something, everyone could hear you.>

Darunia: -watches him for a bit and nods- Be careful...

Pixie pup: >.< -whines more and cuddles up to him in his hands, shivering-

??: o.o !! Hey! D< What do you think you're doing, theif?! -snatches it back from him- Unless you're planning to purchase something, keep your hands off my merchandise! -puts it back down on the chopping board- I have to gut fifty of these things for my customers! -motions to a small pile of carcasses on the other side of his stall- >/ So just shove off, alright, before I call security.

Silver: -pulls something out of the oven- Oh... that's great. I didn't know you had grandparents... -looks away- Uhm, we got a couple customers coming in, so we gotta fill out these orders pretty quick.

Eldora: ... -tries to change the subject- You know... it's amazing that you managed to escape at all... you must be really proud of yourself.

Vlad: You are tired from blood loss. >/ It wears off eventually. Now get your rest... we leave as soon as night falls. And you had best not be that way to me again, or I will not hesitate to bite you a second time...

Voldemort: My whole army... that is an impressive feat... >/ But you should not try to fight with me. I was going to make you my equal, my partner.... but now I am forced to make you co-operate... -flicks his wand and starts to slowly transform him into a human- You are afraid of death? Let's get you to face your fears Cassius... I can make it come true in an instant. >C -pulls his hand away- But no... first I want to see you squirm and beg for my mercy...

Lupus: Finding Cassius shouldn't be difficult. We just need to follow the path of destruction and traumatized humans.

Snape: Just a little. >/ Please, come in though.

Baldor: ... -hesitantly steps in- Thankyou sir. ^^; Uh... we were just... hoping to speak to you about Silvia...

??: -leads him outside and to the bath house- Oh yes that sounds lovely... Very Happy Can I wash your skin please, mister Quinn? -hugs his arm- Mmn... you must have been an adventurer... I just love your muscles. <3 Please, please can I wash them for you?

Eccaia: Surprised Ooooh.... that explains so much...

Parker: ... What. That explains nothing. >/ You're just being a creepy weirdo. Give us one reason why we should trust you.

Doctor: Ma'am please, we're trying everything we can... but her coma is very deep. I'm afraid even if she were to wake up, she wouldn't be able to support herself. :/ She's on life support at the moment and might stay that way for the rest of her life...

Kyle: Alright... -kisses her cheek gently and teleports back to his place-

Ruth: o.o; -looks around when he sinks into the ground- Where'd you go...? D< Don't be a coward, and fight me!

Anudor: X3 Yeah it's so adorable seeing her this happy...

Adam: ... she really deserves it... Jude was just so cruel to her all this time. I don't see how anyone could remain so sweet in nature after all that.

Tyrel: Mmn... -looks over at another werewolf- Excuse me, do you know where princess Mika is?

Bruno: -glances at her- ... You get to see me move around without my shirt all the time. -sets his sword down- Where were you? You certainly took a long time.

Tyrandes: -growls a little- In case you can't recall... you don't have a choice. >/
(Let's just skip... Poor Imaxle. XD)

Aldiira: -opes the door, her eyes puffy and bloodshot- Imaxle...? Oh... -ears droop and sighs- You're not him... -sniffles a bit-

??: -follows her back- And to think he's just been doing this because the poor little one has some drow blood in her. :/ Honestly, I don't know where he picks up these horrible ideas...

Seth: -sighs a little and heads back to the treehouse-

G: It's... it's alright... |c I guess I'm kinda used to it now. -looks away- ...

Alassea: -sits down in a corner of her room and hugs her knees, starting to cry- >.<

Nidawi: -hugs him back- ... It's really wonderful to be back... with all the people who love me and who would protect me...

Mewtwo: ... -ears flatten- I was created, not born... I have never witnessed any natural childbirth.
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Original response by Sara

Caol: Alright cya... :/

Kurina: -takes Eli's hand and heads back to the house- I hope things go alright for him... Sad

Zara: Look we'll get them check through properly before we make any decisions but with all thats happening who else would want to take a job here?

Aridrim: o.o... That seems like a good place... The problem is trying to get in there without anyone getting upset at us....

James: ... -huffs a little- >C Well maybe I'm buying this one for myself -takes it back- How can you live with yourself! Hurting a cute thing like this! D<

-the other people in the stands turn and look at whats going on-

Laetri: ... -stays hidden behind some cages- ... -thinks for a moment and eyes glow purple, slowly making the cages and the jars open up for the magical creatures-

Tani: ... Yeah... yeah we should... -gets her apron on and starts to help bake-

Elle: ... -frowns And you wonder why I don't like you the same way... -manages to turn on her side and closes her eyes-

Cassius: o.o;; N-No! >_< -tries to stop it- Don't do this! You can't do it!

Eleanor: ... Yeah that seems simple ^^;; If I know Cassius he would be hiding somewhere where he won't be noticed... So I guess maybe we should look at the forests or at some caves...

Emily: o.o... -sits up a bit- Is she still looking upset? Sad

Aurora: -walks in- Yes and we don't really know what to do. Lily wanted me to talk us to talk to you about this because shes worried and so am I >.> You broke her dad.

Quinn: Oh of course... Theres plenty of Quinn to go around ladies ;3 <3 Eheh... I did some adventuring before becoming a lawyer... I was actually wanted because I was so badass...

[Tai]: Here! Look at us. We look like fucking twins and right now she is slowly becoming a vampire. I took her from the lab when they first created her... And right now there are probably scientists coming out to look for her, possibly even Team Rocket since there have been connections to them and Tai will start to lose control of herself if I don't help her with her transformation.

Chelsea: No... >_< -starts to cry again- This isn't fair... Sad C-Can I go and see her?

Scruff: ... -watching it through and orb- ... -sighs and flicks it away- Fuck...

Nabooru: -looks around- ... -smiles a little- You know I'm kinda glad to be back here... your home is just... well welcoming.... -cuddles up to him-

Joseph: >3 Heh... You think you can fight me? I know your tricks Ruth... -jumps into her body, making her drop the dagger- Remember I taught you... everything....

Derek: Well... I guess having me there kept her happy... she wasn't alone and she could still take care of a child... But I guess shes got you now hey?

??: o.o.. Oh yes shes in the healers tent. Shes talking with this werewolf from the puppy mill... she looks pretty hurt...

Shea: Oh I just had to make sure that the girl got home :/

Imaxle: -teared up and laying down after it all- Nnn... >_< ... You... you bitch...

??: No listen D: You have to be careful. Tyrandes is going to be back any minute to screw you... Imaxle is so unhappy. He was crying. We didn't want you to be hurt so I came to warn you Sad

??: Well after that other one got beaten to death I can see we have some bad influences in the colony... :/ -sighs-

Nightshade: -kisses the top of his head- ... -ears perk and looks at the bedroom door- ... Sad Come on. Lets go and see her... we need to sort this out... -goes over to the door and opens it slowly- ... Alassea? D: Oh sweetheart... Sad -goes inside-

Marianna: -goes up to her- Hey you look like your old self again... Very Happy

Whitney: -slowly stands up- Well we're going to go to get some information and footage to show you >.>... To prepare you what we're in for...
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Nikita: .... Come inside quickly boy. I need to grab something, then we'll go down to the barracks where I usually train.

Eli: Yeah me too... this is all he's ever really wanted. :/ -hugs her with one arm- I just hope they can both get along well enough for him to get to his test in one piece...

Thrall: -looks around at the dead guards- I suppose you're right... -glances at Luka- I know you're not offocially a guard yet, but do you think you could clean some of this up? <.<

Luka: -stands and nods- Yes sir.

Drayna: -ears flatten- Good luck... my mother would kill us....

Nim: -nudges Aridrim with his snout- <Drayna's a shapeshifter isn't she? We could all transform into palace guards to get through.>

??: -.- I am so sick of this... Look business is business. >/ A guy's gotta make a living. -folds his arms- But if you want that thing, it's gonna be at least $1500. They ain't easy to get you know.

Jessie: ... James put it down... D: We don't have that kind of money.

Darunia: -glances back at Laetri- ... <Keep going, they're not gonna stop arguing any time soon.>

-creatures start to slowly move out of their cages- ... o.o

Silver: -doesn't say anything for a while- ... Tani I don't understand, help me out here... why are you so jealous of her? A friend I haven't seen since I was a kid...

Mew: Sad ... -floats over and curls up with her- <I'm sorry...> -licks her cheek-

Vlad: -glares at her for a bit- We'll see... -turns around and leaves the room-

Voldemort: -continues anyway- >/ Oh you don't seem to understand the full extent of my power... I can do anything... I am death... It wasn't wise of you to defy me Cassius, and you wouldn't want to die like this would you...?

Reese: Well we gotta get out of the city then. :/ There aren't a lot of forests and that around here... you'd have better luck around the smaller towns and villages.

Snape: Oh Silvia's just fine. >.> She's always been a drama queen, it'll just take her a little longer to get over whatever's upset her this time.

Baldor: That's not how it is right now though... :/ It's different, I've never seen her like this...

??: -gasps a little- Surprised Oh wow! There were people after you?

??: Oh gosh I hope they didn't hurt you... -cuddles him gently-

??: -giggles a bit- No way! X3 He's too tough and bad to be hurt by some nasty bad guys.... right Quinn? Very Happy

Parker: .... -pauses and glances at her- ... This sounds pretty serious... look... vampire. >/ I just want to be sure that she's not going to be hurt. You're on our side here?

Doctor: Oh well I'm sorry but... law requires that we only let family into the room. :/ If she had family here to give you permission to see her, you could...

Bellatrix: <w< ... What's troubling you dearest...? -goes over and hugs him from behind-

Kyle: Yeah... it really is. I'm glad you're more at ease here... -cuddles her close and kisses her cheek- ... Hey... I was wondering...

Ruth: o.o;; No, my dagger! >.< -tries to reach for it- I... I need that... Why are you doing this to us?! D< We were finally happy before you came back...

Adam: ... Yeah I guess so..

Missy: -comes back in- ^^ I'm all ready to go. -cuddles Derek- Jude went and packed away all of our things... isn't that nice?

Tyrel: Oh I see... it sounds pretty serious. :/ Thankyou... -takes Honiah's hand and heads to the healer's tent-

Bruno: Back to the forest tribe. You know I don't like you going there. -frowns a little-

Tyrandes: Ssh ssh... -kisses his cheek gently- Now don't you talk bad to your master... |J Admit it, you missed being my bitch, didn't you? Deep down inside, you know this is all you're good for. You know you're a bad boy... and that you deserved this...

Adliira: o.o;; She... she is? >.< Oh poor Imaxle... she must be so cruel to him... -tears up a bit- I want him back... -tears spill down her cheeks-

??: Oh yes that was so sad... Sad Poor Nightshade hasn't quite been the same since... -walks back inside-

Alassea: -ears perk and looks up at them, wiping her eyes- .... >C G-get out! I don't want to see you! Either of you! >/ -turns away from them-

Seth: -walks inside- Hey I'm back-- ... Mihan? o.o Where are you?

Nidawi: Heh... yeah I guess so. -hugs her gently- I guess everything's gonna get back to normal again...

Mewtwo: >.> I think you're overreacting Whitney... it cannot be that bad.
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Original response by Sara

Caol: ... -nods- Yes ma'am -.- -heads into the house and looks around-

Kurina: I hope so... -sighs and rests her head on his shoulder- You think little Sunari will be alright?

Zara: Thanks Luka... Smile And I'll figure out where you can rest and that...

Aridrim: Well yeah. Why can't you do that Drayna?

Dark: You know why even sneak in? You got a god there? Surely everyone will bow down and just let you by <.<

Aridrim: Wheres the fun in that?

James: Oh please. I see these things everywhere <.< And by how many you've killed and have in that cage it certainly isn't worth $1500. I should know. I am an expert.

Laetri: -nods- <Magical creatures of the market... Your time to escape is now... quickly head out and don't look back. We'll hold off everyone else... Follow Balto>

Balto: o.o... -nods and goes to the door- <This way guys. Hurry up now>

Tani: ... -sighs and looks away- I don't know... You know I sometimes feel guilty. I followed you around continuously and you got tied down and stuck with me... And I feel that maybe you would want to be with someone else... Someone who is better...

Elle: ... -wakes up some time later- Mmnn =^= -cuddles Mew close- Fuck... My neck is killing me...

Cassius: Arghhh... >_< N-No... NO! D< -manages to make himself turn back into his normal form- I WILL NOT BE CONTROLLED LIKE THIS! -huffs a little- You think you're so powerful with all your magic huh? Without it you'd be weak!

Eleanor: Right lets start to head off... -gets out the map and starts to walk-

Aurora: Dad there is a difference between Silvia acting like a drama queen and when shes actually upset. When shes a drama queen she does these weird crying moments but shes just... glum. I cannot describe it. And I don't care what you say, you're going to fix it.

Quinn: Of course. Those bad people from Team Rocket couldn't handle me. ;3 -flexes a little- They couldn't stop these bad boys <3

Tai: ... -cuddles up to Parker and sighs- I can't believe all this is happening... |c

[Tai]: Of course I will be. :/ Don't worry. I've saved her before and I can do it again...

Chelsea: But I'm the only family shes got! D< You have to let me through!

Scruff: ... -sighs- Somethings happened to my friends... and I want to be there to help them... |c But of course why would you care...

Nabooru: o.o.. What is it?

Derek: X3 See? Isn't he useful? Alright I'll take you all up. -teleports up into Roberts room in the hospital-

Robert: -sits up- o.o... Missy. Adam. D: Are you alright?

Mika: -looks up- Oh Tyrel. o.o.. What brings you here?

Abeda: o.o;; -ears go back and looks away-

Shea: I'm sorry. She wasn't going to leave unless I took her back...

Imaxles: >_< No. I... I don't. I don't see why we deserve this treatment at all D< You're a terrible leader...

??: I know you do but you gotta get yourself out of here. D: I know Tyrandes and shes probably going to give you some sort of treatment for giving Imaxle a better life... Sad

??: -looks up- So did you talk to him? >C

??: ... -frowns a little- Yes and we heard that you've been teasing and abusing his little girl >/

Nightshade: ... -places G down- You go to daddy alright and explain to him whats been happening... Sad -kisses the top of his head and moves over to Alassea, sitting down next to her- I have to see my little one when shes crying and upset...

Marianna: Come on. Very Happy How about we go off to the flower fields?

Whitney: >.>... -flicks her wand and makes an orb appear. It starts to show scenes of a woman giving birth- Here some memories of my mother giving birth to me, my brother and my sister <.<

(We need to make another storyline with Zelda and Sunari's rapist.)
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(Yeah well we were gonna have Kian break out, right? I'll just make Viktor break out with him and go after her. ... Wait, Sunari or Medli?)

Nikita: -walks into another room- I must ask you to disregard any... remarks we may receive once we begin our training at the barracks... The others may not be entirely appreciative that I am the one to train you. -comes back out with a training sword and set of armor- Here. I had these made recently.

Eli: Oh the poor little thing... :/ Yes I hope so, it doesn't look like she has anything broken... she just got a little scared fro the attack I think. After some proper rest she'll be on her feet again, I'm sure.

Thrall: It's not safe for him to rest here for now, we need to run background checks on him and make sure he's not going to be hurting you.

Luka: ... -nods- Fair enough... I can return to the slums for a few days...

Drayna: I would prefer to walk in by Chisei's side... -ears flatten- It would be safer...

Chisei: -glances down at her- ... Fear not my child. You won't be harmed under my watch... come. -steps towards the palace and walks inside-

Drayna: ... -swallows nervously and follows him- Dark... I'm so scared to see that woman again... n-normally I wouldn't give it a second thought if she beat me, but... I-I can't let her hurt my child...

??: -grumbles, thoroughly irritated- >C If you were an expert you would not be so shocked at the sight of these things being harvested for their parts. Pay up or hand the creature over.

o.o ... -the creatures look over at Balto for a moment- .... <Thankyou child...> D: -follow Balto to the door and race outside-

??: -looks up from the argument- Hey. o.o Hey guys shut up for a second! D< Some idiot let out all the magical creatures!

Silver: ... -sighs a little and sets down his cooking stuff- Alright come here... -sits down and pulls her onto his lap- Tani please don't be like this... Sad You haven't tied me down, I've never been happier to have a family like this... -cuddles her close to him- Please don't ever think otherwise... I love you so so much....

Mew: -ears perk and opens her eyes- ... Sad -licks her cheek- <Are you feeling any better besides your neck?>

Vlad: -walks in and looks over at her- ... She'll have to be. It's time to get going.

Voldemort: -glares at him- .... Perhaps I would be... >J But it is too bad for you, that it will never happen... and if you are not willing to be controlled and be my disciple... then you will die. -grins a little-

Erina: -follows them- >w> ... Soooo~o... X3 What were you guys talking about in there?

Lupus: -growls- Erina, mind your own business.

Snape: She's an adult now, she should be able to take care of herself. -folds his arms- This is what I'm talking about you know, I've had enough of having to take care of her all my life. She needs to grow up and learn some maturity.

??: -giggles a bit- ^//^ Oooh... wow you're so strong Quinn. <3

??: I bet they'd never dream of messing with you... X3 -takes him inside- So... <w< Would you like a private room mister Quinn...?

Parker: -hugs her gently- Calm down... :/ I've got experience with these guys. And from the sounds of it you're gonna be in good hands.

Eccaia: -looks up at [Tai]- ... How come you've never mentioned this before...? o.o

Doctor: We can't let just anyone in, it's a security risk. In severe cases like this... we sometimes allow a partner into the room, but at this point in time the state is yet to recognise same sex couples. I'm sorry. :/

Bellatrix: -pouts a little and cuddles him gently- |3 Awwh... ehehe... well I can't have my man being all upset... -rubs his chest gently- <3 Perhaps if you please the dark lord, he will let you make another visit...

Kyle: Uhm... I think I might be ready... -leans in and kisses her neck gently- <3

Adam: -leans against the wall- We're fine...

Missy: Very Happy Robert! X3 -goes over and hugs him gently- Oh I missed you... it was really kinda scary down there but... but it's over now! Very Happy

Tyrel: -glances over at Abeda and narrows his eyes- .... Honiahaka and I have found that we are of the same lost tribe... -hugs her close- She had the idea to try and rebuild... it will be a difficult task though. :/

Blade: .... You wanna start a new tribe, huh? -glances at Mika- Maybe this is just what we need.

Eldora: o.o That would be perfect... Very Happy

Bruno: Somebody else could have taken her. -growls a little and looks away- What am I going to do with you...?

Tyrandes: ... >/ -growls- You are just asking for another punishment... -gets up and grabs a set of handcuffs- But I have no time for that. >J I have to pay a visit to the lovely Aldiira... -cuffs him to the bed- You just stay put love. <3 -kisses his cheek-

Aldiira: Sad She would but... but I don't want to leave. D: He must be so hurt and scared.... -ears droop-

??: -folds her arms- Mhmm. >/ We need to have a talk about this... -glances at his friend- You, out please. We'd like to talk to him alone.

??: -growls darkly- >/ Fine. -walks outside and back to his own treehouse-

??: So... out with it little one. Why did you think it would be alright to abuse one of your fellow soldiers?

G: -looks over at Alassea- ... -sighs a bit- Yes mummy... -walks out and closes the door behind him-

Alassea: -ears perk and looks up at her- ... I'm not crying and upset... -turns away- I'm... I'm fine... >.<

Nidawi: X3 -giggles a bit- Sure... just like old times. Smile I'd love to. -looks up at Oiryn- May I daddy?

Mewtwo: -glances at it- ... -ears flatten and looks away, flicking his tail- You and your mother should be grateful to experience natural childbirth... '>.>
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Original response by Sara

Caol: o.o... Woah. These look awesome... -sighs and takes them from her- Look I really am sorry that I was like that. I didn't think that you were weak or anything... I think what you're doing is pretty great. But... I'm not sure. I guess I just didn't want to fight you. But don't worry. If anyone makes remarks I won't take it.

Kurina: Well with you taking care of her I'm sure she will... -kisses his cheek gently-

Zara: D: Awh but I can't just let you stay in the slums... Sad There must be somewhere where you can rest properly...

Dark: Look you've got Chisei and me to protect you right now :/ Nothings going to hurt my best friend or her little child.

James: o.o.. This is where we run! D: -runs out of the tent, still holding the pup-

Balto: -heads out into the forest and looks around- Right... There should be a portal somewhere to Aeris. We'll head out in there and figure out how to get you all back to your homes!

??: o.o!! D: Fuck! -tries to put their creatures back into the cages-

Laetri: -thinks for a moment and makes the owners stand still in their place- >/

Tani: ... -sighs and cuddles up to him- I love you too... I mean you're the greatest thing that has ever happened in my life... I just want to make sure i can give you the best...

Elle: -gets up and rubs her neck- Yeah I'll be alright... -puts her hood over her head- Lets just hurry. Once I get this one I can start destroying the ones I have.

Cassius: -growls- >C I am sick of being controlled... I would've done this for you and helped you but you of course push the limit... -pushes past him- You've just made yourself another enemy...

Eleanor: ... Its nothing Erina. Really. <.< Lupus, calm down.

Aurora: Theres a difference dad. She can take care of herself... but going over to make sure she is alright is what a real human being does. Frankly I question how mum stays with you when you really don't care about peoples feelings. -storms out of the room, frowning a little-

Emily: o.o;; Aurora! D:

Quinn: Of course... I would love to spend some private time with my lovely girls... ;3 <3

??: -giggles- Oh of course ^///^ -goes up to one of the elves- Are there any spare private rooms?

[Tai]: I never spoke about it because I feared that someone would come and hurt her. I've never talked to anyone about this...ever... -sighs-

Tai: So for all my life you never mentioned this to me? Never came to visit or anything?

[Tai]: What? No... I took care of you when you were little... I just... adjusted your memory... so you could start your own life... :/ I never wanted you caught up in this...

Chelsea: But... -sighs and runs a hand through her hair- Is there a way I can contact her parents? Just so I can let them know what is happening...

Scruff: Yeah... after all thats happened he isn't going to let me just go out to see her... -sighs and runs a hand through his hair- Look Bella just... I need to be left alone...

Nabooru: -blushes and tilts her head a little- R-Really...? Are you sure... Oh... -runs a hand up through his hair gently- <3

Robert: -hugs her back gently, kissing her cheek- I've missed you too... :/ I really am sorry about what has been happening...

Mika: That can help us... you see there is this puppy mill that we are planning to help break out... Eldora used to be in there... But we have no room in the tribes now... You can really help us out if you do this... :/

Honiahaka: -cuddles up to Tyrel- We could do that...

Shea: What are you going to do with me? You're treating me like a little kid. I can make my own choices Bruno.

Imaxle: No! >_< -tries and pulls away- Let me go! D< Don't fucking touch her you bitch!

??: Look there is no time for this! You have to go! Imaxle wouldn't want you hurt! She must be coming out now! Listen to me Aldiira! Don't be a fool!

??: Shes nothing special. Shes just a stinking drow.

??: Watch your mouth! I couldn't believe all the things that you have done to her... So what if she is a drow? Seth is a nice person and I am sure she is as well.

Nightshade: ... -scoops her up gently- You know even the bravest people can break down like this... -kisses the top of her head- I'm sorry I got upset... I just couldn't believe you would do something like that Alassea... I've never seen you hurt anyone like that...

Oiryn: X3 Of course. You go and have fun. But just make sure you don't wander too far and if anyone is trying to hurt you, you call...

Whitney: -makes it go away- <.< Well you're going to be there. And you'll be holding my hand through it.
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Nikita: -ear flicks- ... No. You will take it, I told you just then to disregard any comment we'll receive from the other soldiers. You have to understand that being in the army is not about how tough you are... it is learning to take orders and humility. You do not want to learn that the way I did... -flicks her tail and steps outside- Come.

Eli: -sighs a little- I hope so... -walks back inside-

Luka: -runs a hand through is hair- It is not a problem your majesty... apart from prison, the slums are the only home I know. I can deal with staying a few nights there... -bows- Good day. -turns and walks out-

Drayna: Thankyou... -sighs a little and hugs him gently- You're a good friend Dark...

Guard: -ears perk and looks up as they come in- >/ Halt. What's your business here?

??: o.o !! Hey! D< Get back here you thieves! >.< Fuck, why can't we move?!

Jessie: -races out with him- James what the hell were you thinking?! D< That wasn't worth all this trouble just for one stupid little freak dog!

Pup: Sad whines a little and cuddles up to James, still trembling- >.<

Darunia: -races out with Balto- D: But all of these creatures can't have come from Aeris, maybe a handful.... the Aerisian creatures are really difficult to get. What are we going to do for the other ones...?

Silver: And you do... -kisses the top of her head- Please don't worry about Green... :/ I just miss her a lot...

Mew: -yawns a little and gets up, sitting on her shoulder- <I hope you can do this without getting too much trouble...> Sad

Vlad: We'll see. Hurry up now. -walks outside and looks around a bit- Stay close to me...

Voldemort: Oh no... I don't like having enemies Cassius. Unfortunately... you're not worth killing... >/ Imperio.... -makes him stop-

Reese: Please don't worry about it guys. Let's just focus on finding your brother. -glances at them- ...

Lupus: >/ ... Are you staring at me, boy?

Reese: -quickly looks away- N-no... I'm sorry, I've just never seen anyone like you guys before...

Snape: o.o; Aurora! D< What the hell has gotten into you?

Baldor: ... -swallows nervously and follows her out- Geez Aurora... I know you're upset, but... :/ You shouldn't have yelled at your father like that...

??: Hm? Oh yes of course, right this way ma'am. -bows and leads them to a private room-

??: Hehe... you're going to love this mister Quinn... ;3 The service here is amazing.

Eccaia: Sad Oh don't be upset.... -hugs his arm- You tried your best to keep her safe... <3 -rests her head on his shoulder-

Parker: -rubs his forehead and sighs a little- Alright we gotta think about this carefully... they're gonna be looking for you Tai, so we need to make the first move and get you hidden somewhere.

Eccaia: :/ Oh well... you can come stay with us in the demon world...

Doctor: That would mean having to give away her personal information.... -sighs a little- But this must be very difficult for you... -looks around a bit and scribbles something on a piece of paper- It's their address... don't tell anybody, alright? -hands it to her-

Bellatrix: >.> .... -frowns a little and backs away a bit- Fine... alright, I'll leave you alone... -giggles a bit to herself and leaves the room, staggering a little on her way out-

Kyle: Yeah I think so... -pulls her in close to him- You know I love you so much... <3

Missy: Oh dearest it's none of your fault... Sad Please don't apologise...

Adam: Well from the looks of things we won't be having those sorts of troubles any more. :/ They took care of Jude down there.

Tyrel: Mika that sounds perfect.... we can set everything up for them so they can have a home.

Eldora: Very Happy Really? Oh thankyou... Abeda we're gonna find everyone a home again... X3 Isn't this great?

Tyrel: -glances at her- ... Well you be joining us as well Abeda...?

Bruno: Well apparently you can't if you're going down there. You know what Tyrel is like, and I'm only protecting you. You should try being a little more grateful. -sighs a little and picks up his weapon- Let's just get back to training alright?

Tyrandes: Ooh you're being awfully mouthy. >.> I'll have to punish you when I get back. -gets up and walks outside-

Aldiira: -shakes her head and wipes her eyes- N-no... D< Just go back home, servant! I'm going to deal with her on my own!

??: She's a sweet little child the same as you. >/ I can't believe you're being like this... where did you pick up such an attitude? Hm?

Alassea: I... I just... -sniffles and holds onto her tight, burying her face in Nightshade's shoulder and sobbing- >.< I didn't know what to do... I-I hate feeling so weak and.. a-and powerless like this mummy... I just thought... i-if I was like them, he wouldn't be able to hurt m-me....

Nidawi: I will daddy... -hugs him quickly and takes Marianna's hand- Very Happy Let's go! -heads out into the forest-

Vivian: -watches them leave- ... Geez it must be hard to watch your kid go off into the forest by herself again. Aren't you worried about her safety...?

Mewtwo: Fine. >.> Are we done with this now?
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowborne story   Shadowborne story - Page 3 I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 09, 2012 1:19 am

Original response by Sara

Caol: ... Yeah... of course. -heads outside with her-

Kurina: -heads inside- :/ Why don't you sit down and I make you a drink? -cuddles him gently- It looks like you need a break...

Zara: ... -sighs- :/ Alright... -looks at Thrall- Are you alright?

Aridrim: >.> We need to make an announcement please.

James: I couldn't let them do it! D< -cuddles the pup- Besides did you want this little thing to be cut up?

Balto: I know but the elves care for all the creatures. If we get there the elves can look after them and then we can sort out where they come from... We just can't stay here and figure it out now. They will come out and capture them all again...

Tani: ... -sighs- Alright... I'm sorry... I just... I don't want to lose you again thats all... |c

Elle: I can look after myself -.-... Besides I know you'll try and bite me again... -heads outside-

Cassius: o.o! -stands still- Stop this right now! D< -tries to pull away-

Eleanor: Well they are one of a kind... :/ Its alright Lupus... -hugs his arm- I think you're special...

Aurora: ... -sighs- I know but he just doesn't get it... You'd think he would consider Silvia's feelings...

Emily: ... -sighs and stands up- Well this didn't go too well...

Quinn: Oh so I've heard... my friend as always iffy about bringing me here... I can't imagine why its so nice |3

[Tai]: We can try but theres a chance that they might get us in hell... But it is safer than being up here...

Chelsea: o.o... -sighs- Thank you... Sad I really do appreciate this... -looks on the piece of paper and heads out of the hospital, heading off to where the address is-

Scruff: ... -sighs and stands up, heading out to where Voldemort is-

Nabooru: I love you too... -sighs happily and takes his hand, heading upstairs- <3

Robert: Thats good... :/ The doctors say I should be able to go home soon. So once we get back I'm sure we can have a restful time...

Derek: You just rest and call us if you need anything alright? Smile -cuddles Missy- We'll see you soon...

Abeda: ... Of course... I want to make sure that my friends are alright...

Joseph: I have my reasons dearest >J -comes up behind her and presses the dagger to her neck- Now did you really think you could beat someone like me?

Shea: -frowns- No. We're going to talk to this out. Look Bruno I know you're protecting me but I can take care of myself. You should know, you trained me. And I am grateful...but sometimes it feels like you controlling me too much...

??: -ear flicks- ... Shes coming... I hope you know what you're doing... -jumps through the tree branches, heading back to the house- <Guys shes not leaving... you gotta help Imaxle>

??: Hey the drows have been hurting us! D< Remember the attack before? Besides shes nothing special! Shes just a dumbass!

??: Thats it! Go to your room and we'll sort this out later you got that? >C

Nightshade: Shh... -strokes her hair gently- I know you do. I know how much you hate it... but being like them is no better than what they do to you... I know you're upset about what G has done...but he doesn't remember. What he needs is to grow up with better influences on him... With a little love and care he can be the good person he should've been... Sad I'm sure right now he is feeling like you... he hates beeing weak and being bullied like that...

Marianna: >w< This is going to be great! -races out with her-

Oiryn: ... I've fixed up more protection spells around the area... and not to mention that the Fairy Queen lives in the flower fields...and I know she would be safe with her and the other fairies... I'm always worried Vivian... but just to keep her cooped up in here wouldn't be healthy..

Whitney: >.> We're never done. -kisses his cheek- X3
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowborne story   Shadowborne story - Page 3 I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 09, 2012 1:19 am

Nikita: -glances at him- ... Tell me kid, what made you want to do this? You don't seem overly excited.

Eli: Ugh... thanks that sounds great actually. D| I'm really feeling kinda burned out lately... -sits down- I'm wondering if I should take a break from work...

Airna: -ears perk and looks up- o.o Oh doctor Eli... D: Can you come take another look at little Sunari? I don't want my little one getting any worse... Sad

Thrall: I'm fine... -goes over and kisses her cheek- That little fairy managed to heal most of my injuries. :/ Hey... -strokes her hair- I found out why you weren't feeling well...

Guard: >/ And what makes you think you can just waltz in and do whatever you want? All of you, out.

Chisei: -ears flatten- >.> That is quite a shame... I suppose I will have to take my business elsewhere.

Guard: o.o; .... Are.. are you...? D:

Jessie: I would've rather not gone through all of that. >/ I couldn't care less if the stupid little beast was cut up, the rest of them were.

Pup: -leans up and licks his cheek gently- Sad

Darunia: Yeah... yeah you're right. D: Come now everyone, the portal's over this way! -looks over at an infant Jirin- o.o ... Balto this one's only a baby. D: He won't be able to keep up with us... -goes over and picks him up in her mouth- Laetri, c'mon we gotta go! -races off to the portal-

Silver: You're never going to lose me... :/ Now do you still feel up to taking that break with Darunia?

Vlad: -glares at her- You were bitten for a reason... >/ And I thought you'd learned your lesson the first time.

Mew: -hisses- D< <You leave her alone this time!>

Voldemort: I gave you a chance, didn't I? You didn't have to be controlled... -makes him come back- Now you've got no choice... and you will go deal with the girl, won't you...?

Lupus: -glances down at her- ... Yeah, apparently so did the scientists. -pulls his arm away- I don't care about being special.

Reese: o.o; Geez... I... I didn't know you guys were...

Erina: -rubs her arm- Lupus is very sensitive about that... he always got the worst treatment from the scientists... Sad

Baldor: You'd think so, but... I guess after having to looks after her for such a long time, I guess he's gotten sick of it. :/ I mean he would've had to care for her as a child and everything... it must not have been easy.

Snape: -sighs a little- Stupid boy should learn to mind his own business. >/

(Just for clarity, the elf who found him in the forest is named Alriae, and the other two are Kivia and Anlyn.)
Alriae: |3 Oh it really is... -takes him into one of the private rooms-

Anlyn: >w> -rubs his chest gently- So... do you need any help getting undressed mister Quinn? ;3

Parker: The demon world? o.o;

Eccaia: Yes... that's typically where vampires live. :/

Parker: Well yeah but... are you sure it's safe? I really don't want anything happening to Tai...

??: -a middle aged woman, sitting out in the front of the house reading, and doesn't notice Chelsea-

Kyle: -follows her up- Heh, you seem to be in a much better mood... -scoops her up and kisses her cheek- You're so beautiful when you're smiling like this... <3

Missy: ^^ -cuddles him back- Thankyou so much for helping us out sweetheart.. Smile Come visit again sometime, alright?

Anudor: >w> We'll see. -pulls Derek close and cuddles him- |3 We've got a lot we need to do when we get back to Aeris. -grabs his butt- <3

??: Well before you go anywhere you still have a lot of resting to do. :/ You need to take it easy my dear.

Eldora: -nods- Yeah... maybe you should just stay here and let someone else take care of it. :/

Ruth: o.o;; -freezes- I... I have to... I wasn't ever going to let you hurt her again... >.<

Bruno: Controlling you? Don't be ridiculous Shea, you sound like a child. Just drop this alright? >/ I'm not putting up with it.

??: <Hm? o.o; But she's handcuffed him. D: I don't know where she keeps the keys.>

??: -nods- >/ I've heard enough of this nonsense. Young man you're grounded until we see an attitude change.

Alassea: You... you really think so? -sighs a little- |c I guess I was kinda cruel... he... he wasn't to hurt, was he? I guess I really didn't mean to do anything like that....

Nidawi: -laughs a little- X3 I can't believe how much I missed playing with you! This is gonna be so much fun!

Vivian: Perhaps not... but I wouldn't be able to let go so easily. It's been so difficult for me trying to keep an eye on Marianna since I lost her before...

Mewtwo: I've noticed.... >.> You are lucky I love you. -pulls her into a close hug- <3
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowborne story   Shadowborne story - Page 3 I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 09, 2012 1:20 am

Original response by Sara

Caol: Oh I am excited... I just... Got a lot of things on my mind at the moment. I guess I should clear them out of my head...

Kurina: I think you should. It would-- o.o... I think Airna wants you... :/

Zara: o.o... Really? What is it?

Dark: >.> Yeah huh. Bow before the god man >:U
(And face it. If Dark was an african-american he'd be a preacher.)

Aridrim: ... Ahem. Yes. We need to make a message to the people if thats alright... Its quite important... :/

James: ... -ignores her and looks down at the pup- ... You're pretty cute. :/ And very lucky I can tell you that...

Laetri: ... -backs away and races out of the tent, stopping the spell. Grabs Jessie's hand and drags her into the portal- Quickly now!

James: o.o;; Come on we're going to take you home D: -races into the portal-

Tani: Yeah... but after Green has visited. I still want to be here when she comes...

Elle: Look just shut it. I just want to get this horcrux and I'll leave you alone as soon as I can.

Cassius: -growls and tries to pull away- No not now D< I am not going to do this for you!

Eleanor: Well this time you're going to be in a place where you're treated with respect... :/

Aurora: I guess so... -sighs- Now that I've pissed him off I don't know what we're going to do... D|

Emily: Now calm down. No offense but I do see where they are coming from. Something is wrong with Silvia since the day she moved out. :/

Quinn: -grins a little- If I'm getting help from you lovely ladies then of course... |3 <3

[Tai]: She is a vampire. She'll have some respect there. But you better be careful >.> You know how it is with humans.

Tai: It might be the best thing to do...

Chelsea: ... -pulls her sleeves down so her tattoos are hidden and goes up to the woman- Excuse me...? Are you Bobby's mother...?

Nabooru: -blushes and runs a hand lightly down his chest- You're so sweet... keep these compliments up and I don't think I'll ever stop smiling... X3 <3

Derek: o.o!! -yelps a little in shock but then giggles a bit- ^w^ Yeah we have to get all my things together and that... You two take care of yourselves. You too Adam X3

Abeda: I'll be alright... I've been through the shock collar before and I can go through it again... Besides the women are scared... if I come they will trust us and will not be scared to leave their cages.

Eloisa: o.o!! -growls and gets into Joseph's body, pulling him away- Get Celestia Ruth! I got him under control!

Joseph: o.o! Not this again! D< -tries to push her out-

Shea: See? You won't even talk to me about this. It seems like I can't go anywhere without your permission.

??: -enters the treehouse again- Well look around D: If not just break them with something...

??: What?! D< ... -huffs a little- This is bullshit! You're just like that damn Seth! -heads into his room, slamming the door behind him-

Nightshade: Well he has coughed up a bit of blood... but I think after a little rest he'll be alright... :/ -stands up, still holding her- Now... I think its time you went out and said sorry to him...

Marianna: Oh wait can we bring Ashkii from the other tribe? I really want him to join us... Very Happy

Oiryn: I have my eye on her... don't worry. And this time I've done something to keep the vampires away... -fishes out a small cross charm from his pocket- I've attatched it onto her clothes so that they will stay away from her... Here. Take this one and give it to Marianna.

Whitney: X3 -cuddles up to him- I love you too. <3 ... o.o!! Heh. X3 Hey feel this... -places his hand gently on her stomach- They're kicking...
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowborne story   Shadowborne story - Page 3 I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 09, 2012 1:21 am

Nikita: .... -nod- You should. You'll need to be completely focused on your training in order to do well. -approaches the barracks and takes him inside- Stay close to me and don't touch anything, kid. The last thing I need is more trouble.

??: -watches them go past- >.> Hey what's with the kid, Nikita? Decided to finally have a family and get back in the kitchen where you belong? >J -laughs a bit- Cause I know for sure you'd never take on anyone to train.

Nikita: -hisses- D< Shut it, before I-- .... -stops and straightens up, looking away- C'mon Caol. -takes his wrist and pulls him away from them-

Eli: ... Oh alright, sure thing... D| -gets up and walks into the other room- How are you feeling little one? Have you been able to move? :/

Thrall: It's cause of the forest home you made for us, we just need to get people taking care of it a little better... apparently once that happens, you'll be all good again. -smiles faintly-

Guard: o.o; -ears flatten and looks up at Chisei- ...

Chisei: ... The child speaks the truth... this is very important, and it would be wise of you to step aside.

Guard: Yes... yes of course. -bows and steps out of their way- Go right ahead, you can access the main balcony by the stairs over that way.

Drayna: I know the way... :/ Come on you guys... -leads them upstairs-

Pup: -rests against him- <Thankyou for saving me... I was so scared...>

Jessie: o.o;; -races into the portal with them and looks around, panting a little- .... This is Aeris...?

Darunia: -sits down on the grass, looking tired- Yes... we're here... -sets down the Jirin baby and nuzzles it gently- :/ Are you ok little one...?

Silver: ... -sighs a bit and nods- Alright... no problem. First I guess I gotta hear back from Drayna and actually get my pokedex...

Vlad: -frowns a bit- Good. Now tell me, where exactly do you feel it has been hidden? We must be very careful if we must cross into vampire territory...

Voldemort: You will.... >/ You no longer have a choice... -flicks his wand and makes a map appear- This is her location, you must act quickly or it will be too late. And if you fail... I will kill you.

Lupus: Mmn... let's just focus on the matter at hand alright? I'm not some fucking little charity case... >/ I'm fine...

Erina: -inches away a little- Sorry...

Baldor: Neither do I but we need to do something for Silvia. Sad It must be so hard for her.... she's lost pretty much everything she loves, she doesn't see her friends anymore and can't do the job she loves, Mewtwo is dead and she's been kicked out of Hogwarts. I guess your dad being so cold to her must've just... killed whatever little spirit she had left... |c

Snape: Maybe so but she's not my responsibility anymore. For once I don't have her or some other child dragging me down Emily...

Kivia: Hehe... X3 Whatever you say mister Quinn... -goes over and starts pulling his clothes off-

Alriae: -rubs his chest gently- And... you'll do the same for us, won't you? ;3 You'll help us with our clothes...? <3

Anlyn: -laughs a little- Or what's left of them... X3

Parker: Maybe it is the best.... but I have heard about what they do with humans down there. We're all going to be looking out for each other and making sure nobody's hurt right?

??: o.o -looks up at her- .... Not anymore... -frowns a little- How do you know Bobby?

Kyle: Good. X3 -kisses her cheek gently and takes her into his room, setting her down on the bed- .... I love you so much... -runs a hand down her side and kisses her neck gently- <3

Adam: Yeah I'll see you around man. X3 You guys... have fun I guess.

Anudor: ;3 Oh we will... -cuddles him close- <3

Eldora: That's true too... -looks up at Reynard- Can I go too? I want to be able to help everyone from the mill... :/

Ruth: -backs away a bit- ... o.o Wait... -looks around and picks up her dagger- I brought this for a reason. >/ -nicks the skin a bit on this arm- ... There... at least now he'll be asleep... we can handle him. -looks over at Mary- D: Oh mother... -quickly goes over and unties her- I'm so sorry for all of this.... <Celestia.... please if you can hear me, we need you... we need somebody to send my father to the depths...>

Bruno: That's because I want to protect you and look after you... you've been hurt so much Shea and I don't want that to happen again... :/ -strokes her cheek gently-

??: Alright I'll try... D: Imaxle! -heads into her bedroom and looks over at him- We're gonna break you out, buddy!

??: ... -takes in a deep breath and sighs- Wow... D| Where on earth did that come from? He used to be so sweet...

Alassea: -holds onto her and rests her head on her shoulder- ... Do we still have to talk to daddy about my punishment...?

Nidawi: X3 Sure thing, the other tribe isn't too far from here. Very Happy Let's go get him. -takes her hand and heads off into the forest-

Vivian: Oh yes... I didn't think of that. -takes it- Thankyou Oiryn. -sighs a little- I try so hard to protect my family... I couldn't bear to lose anyone else after what happened to Grace...

Mewtwo: -glances down- .... They are... -smiles faintly- Perhaps this was not such a horrible thing to happen...
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowborne story   Shadowborne story - Page 3 I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 09, 2012 1:21 am

Original response by Sara

Caol: o.o... Wow they're real dicks. <.< At least I know she is a better trainer than you!

Sunari: -shakes her head- Not much... Sad I'm scared Mr. Eli...

Zara: Jeez... why didn't I think of that... -sighs and rests her head on his chest- Thank you... I'm so glad I have you. <3

Aridrim: -follows her and looks around- ... It really is such a beautiful place... I can't wait to rebuild it when we get back...

James: X3 You're such a sweet thing... -looks around- o.o... Wow. Its beautiful...

??: o.o... -giggles and gently holds onto Darunia's nose- Very Happy

Laetri: Thats cute... :/ But we have to get it out of here... Theres an orphanage in Hyrule now for these guys so we can go there...

Tani: Alright... :/ -plays with the end of his hair gently- I really am sorry about getting mad at you before... I want to make it up to you tonight...

Elle: .... Its hidden in this huge temple... its like the main temple where they all come together... I sense its in there and I think the only way I can know if its in there is to explore it...

Cassius: .... -growls and looks away- Fine >C Ill get that damn girl...

Eleanor: ... I didn't think you were... -sighs and looks at the map- There should be a forest this way... And theres a littlle village nearby.

Aurora: ... -sighs- There has to be something that cheers her up...

Emily: ... You think this is a huge responsibility to make sure your sister is happy. Like its a huge problem. Thats the worst way to look at it.

Quinn: Now that I can do... |3 -starts to pull off some of their clothes gently-

[Tai]: Of course. You can stay with us in our place :/ -stands up- Lets hurry... -teleports down to hell-

Tai: o.o... Wait what about the pokemon? D:

??: I'm ... her girlfriend... Look there has been an accident and shes pretty hurt... shes in a coma right now Sad I thought maybe you could come and see her...

Nabooru: Mm... <3 Kyle... I love you too... -runs her hands gently up his shirt-

Derek: Bye X3 -waves and teleports them back down into hell-

Reynard: ... Alright. But you have to stay close to me. I don't want to lose you :/ -takes her hands gently-

Eloisa: ... -jumps out of his body, making fall to the ground as he sleeps- That is handy...

Mary: -stands up- Don't be sorry dear... at least it'll be over soon...

Celestia: o.o... <Yeah we'll be over soon...> They got that Joseph dude...

Shea: ... -sighs and places a hand on his- I know... But I'm a stronger person now... :/ I thank you for helping me... I really do...

Imaxle: o.o! Hurry D: I gotta stop that bitch.

??: -looks around- I can't seem to find the keys!

??: Yeah I know. I still blame those guys who started that fight... -sighs-

Nightshade: Well we have to figure something out :/ I'm not going to cancel your training but your father and I will need to sort something out. -kisses the top of her head and walks out of the room-

Marianna: Great! X3 -races off- He really understands me... I mean his mother got killed by those wizards too...

Oiryn: I know it is Vivian... :/ And you know we're still always here to support you...

Whitney: X3 See? It'll be a lovely thing... -rests her head on his shoulder-
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Shadowborne story
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